Opens on an exterior shot of the ol’ house on 210 Kramer Street. We cut inside where we see a dressed up Atara is cleaning up the living room with a duster. She seems in a hurry trying to get everything clean. This is when Adi walks in with a white trash bag full of Alligator poop.

Adi: I still don’t know how I am on the poop duty.

~Laugh Track~

Atara: Because you lost the coin toss.

Adi: But it was a two headed coin…

~Laugh Track~

Atara: But you knew it was two headed and still picked TAILS!

~Laugh Track~

Adi: Fair enough… but why are we cleaning this place anyway? What’s so dog darn important?

Atara: My boss, Mr. Ronald, is coming for dinner… and if i fail to impress I won’t get the big account…

Adi: What’s the big account…

Atara: It’s such a major account and the office firm. I can’t even describe it in detail or I’d sound stupid…

Adi: Too late… plus it sounds something out of a bad script…

~Laugh Track~

Atara: Just get rid of Allie’s poop… and put on something nice. We can’t be looking like a couple of hay seeds…

~Laugh Track~

Adi: What’s wrong with what I’m wearing now?

Atara: You are wearing a raggedy old Blossom t-shirt covered in pickle stains…

~Laugh Track~

Adi: Okay, good point. I’ll throw on a dress for tonight… but can I borrow a pair of your pantyhose, Atara?

Atara: What is wrong with YOUR pantyhose, Adi?

Adi: Well… I’m in the middle of making a human sized dummy made out of newspaper and whatever i can find… all stuffed into a bunch of pantyhose… duh! For that life like look…

~Laugh Track~

Atara: And WHY are you making a dummy?

Adi: You never know when a dummy might come in handy…

Atara: Well there’s only one dummy around here, Adi. And I’m looking right at her… now go get dressed…

~Laugh Track~

Adi runs upstairs carrying the bag of alligator poop with her. Atara, now using pledge, sprays the dining room table and wipes it down.


Atara: That must be him!

Atara tosses the pledge and paper towel into a closet. Briefly checks herself out in the mirror. Adjusting her breasts and fixing her hair. She winks at herself and rushes to the door.

~Laugh Track~

Atara opening the door to reveal Mr. Ronald. A good looking man in a striped suit. He enters the house.

Mr. Ronald: Hello Miss Themis. Thanks for having me over for dinner. We can discuss the BIG account later as it smells delicious in here. Is that a pot roast I smell?

Atara: Yes, it is sir… best for the best… ha-ha… have a seat…

~Laugh Track~

Mr. Ronald: So where are your two roommates?

Atara: Well Adi is upstairs getting changed… and Allie is…

Atara sees the kitchen where Allie the Alligator is currently tearing apart the roast with its sharp teeth. Atara mouth widens, in shock…

~Laugh Track~

Atara: Um… excuse me for a second sir.

Atara runs into the kitchen and starts giving Allie some angry words.


~Laugh Track~

Atara: Bad, Allie… BAD ALLIE!!!

The gator hisses at Atara swinging her tail in rage.

Atara looks back into the living room where she now sees Adi in a red dress awkwardly dry humping the leg of Mr. Ronald. Atara runs in glaring at Adi.

~Laugh Track~


Adi: Huh? Oh, the humping? I’m just getting my swerve on…

Mr. Ronald: Atara, what is the meaning of this?? How can YOU control the big account at the firm when you can’t even manage a house with a couple of roommates??

Atara: Let me explain…

Mr. Ronald: No let me explain. As long as I am alive you will NEVER get the big account! And… HOLY SHIT IS THAT AN ALLIGATOR!?!?!?

Allie the gator rushes into the living room and begins tearing open Mr. Ronald’s midsection as blood and guts begin to pour out. He falls to his knees, holding his intestines in his hand, spraying blood all over the carpet. But worse yet, he is face to face with Allie. With a fast reaction, the gator wickedly rips off head of Mr. Ronald, killing him instantly. Adi and Atara look at each other and both shrug.

Adi & Atara: NOT AGAIN!!!!???!!!

~Laugh Track~

Atara: Now how am i going to get the big account now, Adi?

Adi puts her arm around the sadden Atara. Adi snaps her fingers…

Adi: I got an idea… a crazy idea but it might just work…

Atara: Oh dear…

~Cut to the Office Firm down town where Atara is in the middle of a meeting with a bunch of executives sitting around a board room table.

Atara: Well I’m sure it was a tough decision for him, but Mr. Ronald has given me the BIG account at the firm. Isn’t that right, Mr. Ronald???

Atara spins the chair around to reveal Adi’s homemade pantyhose dummy wearing Mr. Ronald’s bloody suit. The dummy’s mouth, a phone underneath the mesh, begins to speak. It’s Adi.

~Laugh Track~

Adi as Mr. Ronald: HEY HEY HEY! I’m your boss and Atara is not only in charge of the big account. She is now the boss of you idiots. So… I am going on vacation for ever… good day to you! Hey… Atara did it work…?

~Laugh Track~

The board room members all look at each other and nod. Atara looks out the office window to see Adi sitting on top of a car outdoors holding a chained leash to Allie the Gator. Atara gives her a thumbs up.

~Laugh Track~

Member: Congratulations, Atara… you will do fine… only one thing. What stinks of Alligator shit??

Atara: Ummm…

~Laugh Track~

Just then the homemade pantyhose dummy tears open and a bunch of alligator shit covered newspaper falls out to the floor. Atara looks shocked and embarrassed at the same time.

~Laugh Track~

Member: Classic Mr. Ronald…

~Laugh Track~

Everyone in the board room laughs hysterically… Atara shrugs and joins in the laughter. Outside, Adi begins laughing too for some reason until Allie the gator throws up the lips and eyeballs of Mr. Ronald. Adi pulls Allie from the car and both run away off-screen.




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