The match is held inside of a cell, however, in one corner of the cell is a penalty box.

The match can only end when Lash pins one of his two opponents, or when one of his two opponents pins him. The champion must be involved in the decision.

However, if one challenger pins the other challenger, then the pinned challenger will go into the penalty box for 3 minutes, making the match a one-on-one. After three minutes, the penalized challenger goes back into the match, which continues until there is a proper decision.

The (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament

The (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament is a gauntlet style tournament that has a luck factor built-in. 

A max of 16 competitors.

In the first round, each competitor will draw a number between 1 and 16. (This is the order of entry for round 1.)

#1 and #2 will meet in the ring and do battle

The loser is eliminated.

The winner will then flip a coin.

  •        Heads: The winner advances to the second round.
  •        Tails: The winner must do battle with the next competitor.
  •        Again, the winner of this match will flip a coin and the process repeats until the final competitor has entered the match.

If the original winner flipped heads, the next two entrants will have a match.

If the last competitor in a round has no opponent (due to advancement) then they are awarded a bye in Round 1, however, they will also automatically be given #1 for the following round.


#1 and #2 fight.
#2 wins the match. #1 is eliminated.
#2 flips a coin and it lands on heads. #2 advances to Round 2.
#3 and #4 fight.
#3 wins and flips a coin.
The coin lands tails.
#3 must then fight #5.
#3 wins and flips a coin and it lands tails again, then #3 must fight #6.
#6 wins, then #3 is eliminated despite having won two matches in the first round. A flip of heads is required to go to the next round.
If we get to the match with #15 and the winner of that match advances, leaving #16 without an opponent, #16 will advance to the next round, but will automatically be given the #1 draw for that round.

At the beginning of each round, a new draw will occur with those who advanced to the next round.

The winner will be the last person remaining, regardless of the number of rounds it takes to get there.

Technically, the tournament could end in the first round if every coin flip ends up being tails.

We will start recruiting participants in February and the only requirement is that anyone who has previous competed in a Splat tournament is not eligible to enter.  We want 16 fresh faces. 

There will also be a Multiuniversal Championship defense on this card.

OOC notes:

We will be recruiting match writers for this event.
The number drawings will be shoot for each round. A physical drawing will be held.
The coin toss will be shoot.
There will be Twitter participation judging by a panel for each match and a time frame will be announced. Due to the random factor of the tournament, Twitter participation will have to focus on the tournament as a whole rather than individual matches.
No promo requirement, though we will plan a pre-show with a non-tournament match and pre-tournament promos.

Stay tuned for further details.