The theme for the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament, “Seize the Power” by YONAKA, begins to play as images of all the participants in the show today are shown taking their chances at the slot machines, roulette wheel, poker, and other casino favorites. As the music fades out, we see the inside of the Sullivan Arena as 8,000 fans have gathered to watch the (Un)Lucky 16 tournament.

We fade to the interview area, where Christine Donahue and Biff Franklin are standing at ringside. The Alaskan crowd is going insane as the show opens, and several times, Christine tries to start the show, but the crowd is so loud. Finally, the noise subsides, and Christine can speak.

Christine Donahue: Welcome to the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament. We are live in Anchorage, Alaska, and it’s still daylight outside, but that didn’t stop nearly 8,000 action-hungry wrestling fans from coming out to see 16 competitors compete in this tournament. I’m Christine Donahue, and along with me as always, “The Voice” Biff Franklin.

Biff Franklin: You know, I was expecting a lot of Eskimos. I have to say, I’m disappointed to have not seen one igloo so far.

Christine Donahue: You’ll have to travel further north, I believe, for something like that. All the tournament participants have drawn their entry into the first round of the tournament, as you saw in the pre-show. All we’re waiting on now is the start of this tournament.

Biff Franklin: Don’t forget we have a hellacious triple threat match for the Multiuniversal Championship.

Christine Donahue: Correct. In an Unholy Trinity Effect match, Lash Donohue, the current reigning Multiuniversal Champion, has not one but two challengers. One of those challengers is a former champion, Sierra Silver, the first Multiuniversal Champion. The other is the multi-time champ, Mariah Lopez-Robinson, who is a dark horse in this contest. It was supposed to be all former champions, but due to a scheduling conflict, Mariah has snuck in here, and she may very well walk out as the new Multiuniversal Champion. This crowd is itching to start this tournament so let’s get this started. Let’s go down to ringside with our ring announcer, Madoka Kawada!

The bell rings.

Madoka Kawada: Welcome to the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament! All matches are standard one-fall matches with no time limit. There are no countouts. Matches are determined by pinfall, submission, disqualification, or referee’s discretion. Let’s meet who drew number one.

Bury Tomorrow’s “No Less Violent” begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: From Brooklyn, NY. Entrant number one is Adrianna Salvatore! And her opponent.

Cold Kingdom’s “A New Disaster” begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: Drawing number two, Amelia Hearts!


The rabid Alaskan fans are as the bell rings for the first match of the tournament. The first two wrestlers to appear for the tournament stand there and soak in the activity that roars around them. The two lock up, and the action picks up right away as Adrianna clobbers Amelia across the back. The action spills to the floor, but the announcers quickly remind the viewers that there are no countouts in Splat matches. Amelia finally gets the upper hand as she pushes Adrianna into the steel post. Amelia takes control, and the action spills back into the ring. Amelia goes for her pump kick finisher. Instead, Adrianna just catches her, lifts her up, and powerbombs her onto the mat, getting the pinfall.

Winner of the Match (10:43): Adrianna Salvatore

Elaine Bryant enters the ring, giving Adrianna a moment to catch her breath. Elaine hands her the coin, and Adrianna flips it into the air. It lands on the mat, bouncing about before coming to rest, and the camera pans in close to reveal:


Adrianna Salvatore advances to the next round.

“Higher Ground” from Red Hot Chili Peppers begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: Drawing number three, from Point-Aux-Chenes, Louisiana, this is Trey Bouchet! And drawing number four…

“Ace of Spades” from Motorhead begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: From Helsinki, Finland, Don Tirri!


Don has 80 pounds on Trey, so Trey tries to be quick and looks to wind Don by avoiding any sort of grab. Trey can get Don with a back suplex and goes for a quick pin, but Don easily kicks out. As the match progresses, Trey’s cat and mouse game seems to wear Don down, but Trey gets a little cocky and finds himself trapped in Don’s bearhug, and then Don runs him into the corner. Don finishes Trey off with running big boot and covers for the pinfall.

Winner (9:34): Don Tirri

Shelly Marks enters the ring as Trey is helped from the ring. Don is handed the coin, and he flips it.


Don Tirri advances to the next round.

Madoka Kawada: This is the third match in the first round of the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament.

“War is the Answer” from Five Finger Death Punch plays.

Madoka Kawada: From Tokyo, Japan, this is Dokueki!

“W Face” from Kumi Koda begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: And from Laguna Beach, California. Her opponent is Cali-Kate!


This match was back and forth for several moments. Dokueki would battle, then Kate would find a sneaky way to gain the advantage. Finally, Dokueki had enough of Kate’s shenanigans and attempted the Poison Mist, but Kate ducked, and the referee got sprayed. This allowed Kate to hit a tilt-a-whirl DDT and as a replacement ref ran in, Kate covered and got the three count, putting her feet on the ropes to keep Dokueki pinned.

Winner (8:21): Cali-Kate

Elaine Bryant climbs up into the ring and offers Cali-Kate the coin. She accepts it and gives it a toss, and the camera zooms in.


Cali-Kate advances to the next round.

Biff Franklin: Someone might wanna check out that coin. Something’s fishy around here.

Madoka Kawada: The tournament continues.

“VIP” from Manic Drive featuring Manwell begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: From Las Vegas, Nevada. This is Chris Mosh!

Metallica’s “Unforgiven” begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: From St. Louis, Missouri. Welcome, Josie Wales!


As the bell rings, Chris doesn’t seem to be taking Josie very seriously, pointing out how much smaller she is than he. When he pokes her on the forehead, she slaps him and then takes him down, and he slides out of the ring. The match progresses as the two tangle inside, going back and forth. The finish comes when Chris goes for the Vertabreaker, but Josie flips over onto her feet, rolls him up, holds the tights, and gets the pinfall. She slides out of the ring as Chris is dumbfounded and tries to complain to the referee, but is eventually escorted out of the ring as Josie looks on with a grin before sliding back into the ring for the coin toss.

Winner (6:55): Josie Wales

Shelly Marks enters the ring, and Josie flips a coin.


Josie Wales advances to the next round.

Biff Franklin: Oh! C’mon!

Christine Donahue: I’m starting to think that coin has heads on both sides.

*OOC Commentary: At this point, I thought there was something off with my coin flip generator. But we trekked on.

“Unchained” by James Brown and Tupac begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: Coming to the ring, hailing from Washington, D.C. This is Brittani Helms!

The Struts’s “Roll Up” starts to play.

Madoka Kawada: And her opponent, from Tokyo, Japan. Welcome, Minoru Tanahashi!


This match started off quick with some chain wrestling that saw both competitors very evenly matched. Brittani would get an advantage, then Minoru would take over, then Brittani would recover and take charge. This one ended very quickly as Minoru charges in. Brittani nails him with a spinning back kick out of nowhere and gets the pinfall.

Winner (8:15): Brittani Helms

Elaine Bryant walks into the ring, but is interrupted by the voice of Biff Franklin coming across the arena.

Biff Franklin: Just one flipping minute. I want to see that coin.

Biff steps out from behind the commentator’s booth and walks over to the ring. Elaine leans through the ropes and shows him the coin does have a head side and a tail side. Satisfied, he waves her to continue and walks back.

Elaine hands it off and Brittani flips the coin.


Brittani looks disappointed and tired.

Biff Franklin: There you go. Never doubted it for a second. Let’s see what Helms got. Who’s gonna be her opponent?

“Moonlight Sonata” begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: Brittani Helms’s next opponent. From Los Angeles, California. Here is Erick St. John!


After having already wrestled one match, Brittani struggled as Erick came in fresh and was very dominant over the 5BW superstar. This would be the longest match in the first round as Brittani was able to make a comeback and take charge of the match, sending Erick reeling. Erick caught her a jumping cutter, but as Brittani rebounded off the ropes, she hit him with a spinning heel kick and just fell on top of him for the three count.

Winner (17:33): Brittani Helms

An exhausted Helms gets to her feet as Shelly Marks entered the ring with the coin. Giving Brittani a moment to catch her breath, she finally flips the coin, knowing she could have to wrestle another match.


Brittani seems relieved as she exits the ring and heads to the back.

Brittani Helms advances to the next round.

“I Wanna Rock” from Twisted Sister begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: Now residing in Los Angeles, California! Welcome to the ring, Vinnie Lane!

Emanuel Vo Williams’s “Born Legendary” begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: And his opponent, from Lexington, Kentucky. This is J. C. Keeton!


Vinnie comes in happy-go-lucky, while JC has a more serious air about him. Vinnie offers a handshake, and JC glances at it for a long moment before finally shaking hands, and then he just drills Vinnie in the jaw, dropping the man to the mat. JC is all over him for a while until Vinnie is able to grab him and pull JC face-first into the middle turnbuckle, stunning him. The match continues, shifting back and forth until the finish when Vinnie seems to have it under control as he attempts a vertebreaker, but JC flips over, bounces off the ropes, and nails him with a leaping leg lariat, and gets the pinfall.

Winner (11:27): JC Keeton

Elaine Bryant enters the ring, and JC flips the coin.


JC Keeton advances to the next round.

Christine Donahue: It should be pointed out there are only three competitors left. Whoever drew #16 could get a bye into the next round without having to step foot into the ring if the winner of this next match flips heads.

Biff Franklin: I’m all for working smarter, not harder.

“Fukai Mori” by Do As Infinity plays across the arena.

Madoka Kawada: Introducing, from Kyoto, Japan. This is Kairi Higurashi!

“Warrior” by Steve James featuring Lights plays.

Madoka Kawada: And from Chicago, Illinois, please welcome, Kasey Winterborn!

Christine Donohue: That means Mary Ellen Harrison has drawn the lucky #16 for this round.

Biff Franklin: She wrestles next regardless. Whether it’s part of Round 1 or Round 2, this match will tell that story.


The match starts out quick, with a lot of fast-paced moves. Kairi takes advantage with a spear that folds Kasey in half, and Kairi nearly gets a pinfall. Kairi dominates for a few minutes until Kasey responds with a combination of kicks, putting Kairi on the mat. The finish comes when Kasey rolls up Kairi, but Kairi reverses it, then Kasey reverses the reversal. The referee drops down and counts, but Kairi lifts her shoulders, and the ref counts the final count.  After some confusion, the referee talks to Madoka, who finally announces Kairi as the match winner.

Biff Franklin: Is that referee blind?

Christine Donahue: The replay is cueing up. You can see both competitor’s shoulders are on the mat, but at the last minute, Kairi manages to shift enough that her shoulder lifts off the mat.

Winner (13:45): Kairi Higurashi

Biff Franklin: We have ourselves a situation here. If Higurashi flips heads, both her and Mary Ellen Harrison advance to the next round. If she flips tails, we have another fight, and only one will advance.

Shelly Marks enters the ring and, after giving Kairi a moment to catch her breath, offers her the coin. Kairi flips the coin.


Biff Franklin: Damn.

Kairi isn’t happy with that coin toss. Still, she retreats to a corner to prepare for the next match when “Night of the Ravens” performed by Leaves’ Eye begins to play across the arena and the number 16 draw, Mary Ellen Harrison, appears on the stage.

Madoka Kawada: This is the final match in the first round. Kairi’s next opponent, from Belfast in Northern Ireland. The final competitor in the first round is Mary Ellen Harrison!


Having wrestled a near 15-minute match, Kairi was winded, but she fought valiantly against the babyface Harrison who took it to Kairi. However, the fresh Mary Ellen was able to pin the young wrestler with the Raven’s Lock.

Winner (6:55): Mary Ellen Harrison

Christine Donahue: With that, the end of the first round has concluded. Advancing to the next round are:

As the wrestlers draw their numbers for the next round, we’ll take a quick break.


Madoka Kawada: Welcome back to the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament! We are about to begin the second round of the tournament. The advancing wrestlers have all drawn new entry numbers, otherwise, the rules remain the same. Introducing the person who drew number one.

“Ace of Spades” begins to play again.

Madoka Kawada: Welcome back to the ring, Don Tirri!

“Night of the Ravens” begins to play once again.

Biff Franklin: She didn’t get much of a rest.

Madoka Kawada: This is Mary Ellen Harrison!


Tirri, who wrestled towards the beginning of the last round, looks well-rested, while Harrison was still sweating from her previous match just a few minutes ago. Tirri spends the first few minutes of the match just manhandling Harrison, who is much smaller than he is. As frustration starts to set in for Harrison, she manages to take the lead when Tirri misses a corner avalanche, and she steps to the side, and he crashes into the corner. However, even as Harrison gets Tirri down, every pinfall attempt, he just throws her off him.  Towards the end of the match, a sunset flip attempt by Harrison is stopped as Tirri tries to punch her in the head, but she moves, and he punches the mat, and she is finally able to flip him over and get the pinfall.

Winner (12:33): Mary Ellen Harrison.

Shelly Marks enters the ring and hands the coin over to Mary Ellen, who flips it for the first time tonight.


Mary Ellen looks relieved.

Christine Donahue: She would have been the first tonight to wrestle three matches in a row had she flipped tails.

Mary Ellen Harrison advances to the next round.

“W Face” by Kumi Koda begins to play across the arena.

Madoka Kawada: Introducing the wrestler who drew number three in this round of tournament action. Welcome to the ring, Cali-Kate!

“Born Legendary” from Emanuel Vo Williams begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: And her opponent, drawing number four, JC Keeton!


The two heels heel it up for the crowd as neither got much in the way of cheers. They trade pokes in the eyes, and then Kate takes over as she drives a knee into the gut of Keeton. She would maintain control until Keeton stops himself by grabbing the ropes while Kate is in mid-air for a  move and crashes to the mat, and Keeton jumps right in to take advantage. The ending comes when Kate tries to roll up Keeton using his trunks, but Keeton rolls through, grabbing at Kate’s tights and is able to hold her down for the one, two, three.

Winner (16:41): JC Keeton

JC and Kate exchange words as Kate walks backwards up the ramp. Elaine Bryant enters the ring and hands JC the coin, and he flips it.


JC Keeton advances to the next round.

“No Less Violent” begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: Drawing number five in this round, Adrianna Salvatore!

Metallica’s “Unforgiven” begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: And number six, Josie Wales!

Christine Donahue: That means Brittani Helms is in the coveted bye spot depending on how the winner of this match flips at the end.


This match was a very even contest. The battle between these two shifted back and forth several times. Adrianna showing off her power, and Josie countering with her technical ability. This match would be the longest so far in the tournament as it passed the twenty-minute mark, and both wrestlers were starting to get fatigued. Josie attempts a Rio Lobo Driver, but Adrianna slips free, lifts up Josie in a vertical suplex, drops her with a powerbomb, and gets the pinfall.

Winner (22:01): Adrianna Salvatore

Biff Franklin: Either Salvatore wrestles again, or Helms gets a bye. What’s it gonna be?

Shelly Marks steps into the ring and walks over, waiting while Adrianna catches her breath. Finally, Adrianna accepts the coin and just tosses it. It bounces across the mat and out of the ring and onto the ringside floor. The cameraman scurries over to look down at it and sees that it’s…


Both Adrianna Salvatore and Brittani Helms advance to the next round.

Christine Donahue: This ends the second round of action. Advancing to the third round:

Christine Donahue: It looks as if it’s shaping out to be one more round before the finals of the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament, plus our Multiuniversal Championship will be decided inside the Unholy Trinity Effect match. But first, the first teaser for next year’s big Splat event.

Madoka Kawada: Welcome to the third round of the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament! The four competitors have all drawn new numbers for this round. Let’s meet the first entrant.

“Night of the Ravens” begins to play once again.

Madoka Kawada: Welcome back to the tournament, Mary Ellen Harrison!

“Born Legendary” from Emanuel Vo Williams begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: And this is J. C. Keeton!

Biff Franklin: This competition is taking its toll on these competitors. They’re gonna feel it for the next few days.

Christine Donahue: We are told no more coin tosses. The winners of the next two matches will be in the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament finals.


With fatigue starting to settle in on these competitors, this match started off a bit slow and then picked up as time went on. JC Keeton dominated the initial portion of this match, putting on a wrestling clinic and frustrating the hell out of Mary Ellen. Every time she came back with something, Keeton was there with a counter to put her down. However, he gets a little cocky and is surprised by a roll-up and bridge by Harrison, who gets the three count.

Winner of the match (15:33): Mary Ellen Harrison

Christine Donahue: No secret who these last two competitors are. Who will meet Mary Ellen Harrison in the finale of the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament? We’re going to find out right now.

“Unchained” by James Brown and Tupac begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: Entering the ring, Brittani Helms!

“No Less Violent” begins to play.

Madoka Kawada: Coming to the ring, this is Adrianna Salvatore!


With her bye, Brittani has had more time to rest than Adrianna, but from the start, Adrianna charges Brittani and just delivers an onslaught to the 5BW competitor. However, Adrianna misses a charge and nails her shoulder on the corner post, allowing Brittani to take over, getting several near falls. The finish came when the two charge each other, collide head to head and both collapse to the mat with Adrianna’s arm draped over Brittani’s, and Salvatore gets the three count.

Winner of the match (22:12): Adrianna Salvatore.

Christine Donahue: We are down to two. Who will win the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament? Will it be Adrianna Salvatore, or will it be Mary Ellen Harrison? Don’t you dare go away. As we get the cell set up for the Multiuniversal Championship match, we’re going to take a brief intermission.


As we come back from break, the cell has been assembled.

Madoka Kawada: The next match is one fall. It is the Unholy Trinity Effect match, and it is for the Splat Multiuniversal Championship. Even though it’s a triple threat match, the champion must part of the finish. Meaning Lash Donohue must pin a challenger or be pinned by a challenger for the match to end. However, suppose either challenger pins the other challenger. In that case, the pinned challenger will spend three minutes in the penalty box in the corner of the cell, and the match will continue in their absence. Introducing the first challenger…

“Never Enough” by Five Finger Death Punch plays, and the crowd gives a big ovation as Mariah Lopez walks out from the back with an aluminum baseball bat in her hand. She looks around the arena before making her way down the aisle.

Madoka Kawada: She is “The Latina Ninja,” Mariah! Lopez! Robinson!

She high-fives the hands of a few fans before stopping at the cell structure and glances at it for a long moment. She finally steps through the door. Mariah raises her bat in the air before laying it down in the corner and waits for her opponents.

Madoka Kawada: And the other challenger…

As “Reckless and the Brave” from All Time Low hits, Sierra Silver bursts from backstage like a cannon firing. She stands at the top of the stage and strikes a villainous pose, pointing her diamond sword out into the crowd and striking a bright, enthusiastic smile.

Madoka Kawada: Making her way to the ring, she is a former Splat Multiuniversal Champion. She is “Sister Sin”! Sierra Silver!

Sierra bounces down the ramp, high-fiving every member of the crowd she can on her way to the ring.  She stops as she gets to the cell.  She points towards Mariah already inside before stepping through the door. She hops up on the apron and points her sword high into the air again before jumping over the top rope, scaling the turnbuckle, and striking another villainous pose.

Silver jumps down and takes to her corner, removing her sweatshirt and dropping it to ringside. She bounces on her heels and toes in excitement as she awaits her match.

The arena plunges into darkness apart from a shimmering red strobe on the stage, which moves in tune to the beat of “Seventeen Girls in a Row,” and there is a sudden explosion of fiery pyro. Lash gets a mixed reaction as he strolls out with a stiff upper lip and looks around, scanning the crowd.

Madoka Kawada: And introducing the current Splat Champion of the Multiverse! This is his third title defense. Welcome, Lash Donohue!

Lash Donohue strides down the ramp confidently, his arms stretched out, slapping the hands which reach out. The fans seem to be a little nonplussed as Lash spits his gum into their zone and then gives them a smile as if he did something kind.

Lash reaches the cell and sees his challengers waiting inside for him. Instead of going right inside, he unhooks the Multiuniversal Championship from around his waist and raises it high in the air in defiance. He finally hands it off to the referee before entering the caged structure and turns around quickly as the cell door is shut and locked with a thick chain and padlock. He grabs onto the door and gives it a little shake, then looks around the cell as the bell rings to begin the match.


Christine Donahue: It’s been a crazy night already, to say the least, and we have two matches left on tonight’s card. The (Un)Lucky 16 finals pitting Adrianna Salvatore against Mary Ellen Harrison and this match for the Multiuniversal Championship.

Mariah and Sierra glance at each other for a moment as Lash stays near the cell door. They drop down and slide out the opposite sides of the ring from each other they sprint towards Lash, and both begin to hammer on the champ.

Biff Franklin: Just like a couple of women, teaming up to beat up a man. Shame on them.

Christine Donahue: The bell has rung, so the match is official. The question is will we have a new Multiuniversal Champion coming out of this match, or will Lash be able to overcome the odds in the first-ever triple threat match for this particular title.

Sierra and Mariah rolls Lash into the ring. He gets up but staggers backward and falls back onto his ass as the two challengers roll back into the ring. Lash tries to beg off as he scoots away from them as they stalk towards him, and he rolls out of the ring. Mariah leans against the ropes and tries to beckon Lash back into the ring when Sierra suddenly rolls up Mariah.




Christine Donahue: What?!

Biff Franklin: Robinson looks shocked.

The referee tells her she needs to get into the penalty box, but Mariah is seething at Sierra, and Lash is laughing outside of the ring. Mariah reluctantly rolls out of the ring, and the referee locks her into the cage, but as attention is on Mariah, Sierra runs off the ropes, dives through between the ropes, and drives Lash back-first right into the steel cage.

Christine Donahue: Sierra knows she’s only got three minutes to try and pin Lash.

Biff Franklin: Good luck with that. The match is barely three minutes old.

Sierra finally rolls Lash back into the ring, scrambles in, and covers, but Lash kicks out immediately. Sierra comes off the ropes, but Lash hits her hard with a clothesline as he tries to get his bearing back with him. The timer on the clock hits the final ten seconds of Mariah’s penalty, and the crowd counts down with it until the referee lets her out of the cage.  As she climbs into the ring, Lash rushes over and drives a knee to the side of her head, and she falls back into the ring.

Biff Franklin: Now the champ will show these challengers what being the Multiuniversal Champion is all about.

Christine Donahue: I didn’t think you liked Lash.

Biff Franklin: I just don’t like that he dresses like a circus clown.

Lash glances between the two and decides to grab Sierra and drops her on her head with a DDT. The crowd counts down the final seconds of Mariah’s penalty time as the referee opens the small cell. Mariah rushes into the ring, only to be pounced on by the champ as he drives a knee to the back of her neck.  He pulls her up and ceremoniously tosses her over the top rope, and watches as she crashes to the floor, hitting the back of her head against the cell wall.

Biff Franklin: That’s gonna leave a mark.

Lash is in full control now, and he knows it as he walks over and grabs Sierra by the legs and positions her neck under the bottom rope, and just falls back, catapulting her neck up into the bottom rope. Sierra grabs at her throat as Lash drags her into the ring and covers.




Mariah is trying to get into the ring, but Lash sees her and rushes over and dropkicks her right in the face, sending her back to the floor.

Biff Franklin: Lash might be a bad dresser, but he’s no dummy. He’s smart to keep one outside of the ring while he works over the other.

Still trying to maintain his dominance, Lash grabs Sierra and plants her back down with a vicious belly-to-back suplex.  Once again, Mariah tries to get into the ring, but Lash cuts her off and sends her back down to the floor.

Christine Donahue: That has to be frustrating for Mariah as she repeatedly tries to get back in this match after getting pinned in the opening few moments of this match.

Biff Franklin: She was kind of an afterthought in this match. She’s certainly being treated as such.

As Lash turns his attention back to Sierra, Sierra drives a weak punch to his gut, and he just drives an elbow down onto the back of her neck and then begins to just stomp on her.  Sierra grabs Lash’s trunks and pulls him through the ropes, but Lash lands on his feet outside. He grabs Sierra’s boot and pulls her from the ring, and she lands hard on the concrete floor. Lash pulls her up and tries to run her face-first into the steel cage, but Sierra gets her arms up and blocks. She drives an elbow into Lash’s stomach. The fans are starting to come to life. When the camera finally shifts, we see that Mariah has climbed up onto the penalty box and dives off onto both Lash and Sierra taking them down.

Biff Franklin: That’s one way to get yourself included in this match. Gotta make your own opportunities. They aren’t just handed out.

Mariah pulls up Sierra first and runs her right into the side of the cage and then rolls Lash back into the ring and goes in after him.

Biff Franklin: Smart move. Gotta pin Lash to win the title. Get rid of Sierra and then focus on the champ.

Mariah whips Lash into the corner and charges in and nails him with double knees and covers, but only gets a one-count before Lash pushes her off. Mariah has Lash up again and grabs him by the hair, and runs across the ring for a facebuster when Sierra dropkicks her right in the face out of nowhere.

Biff Franklin: Damn. Right in the mush.

Sierra tosses Mariah out of the ring and sees that Lash has pulled himself up to the second rope, and she quickly runs off the ropes and nails him with the Si-1-9! The crowd is electric as they feel a title change might be coming as Sierra calls for the finish and climbs the turnbuckle and perches herself up high, and leaps over with her swanton bomb finish, connecting hard with the champion.

Christine Donahue: We’re gonna have a new champion!

Sierra covers!



Three—-Mariah in for the save!

Biff Franklin: We were a millisecond away from having a new champion!

Mariah and Sierra pounding away on each other as Lash crawls towards the edge of the ring and rolls out onto the floor.

Biff Franklin: Safest place for Lash right now. Can’t lose the title if you don’t get into the ring.

Sierra nails Mariah in the corner with a helluva kick, Mariah goes down. Sierra goes up one more time onto the turnbuckle.

Christine Donahue: Maybe she can get Mariah in the penalty box and make this a one-on-one again.

Sierra flips off with a senton bomb, but Mariah rolls out of the way, and Sierra crashes onto the mat. Mariah is quick to her feet as she scoops up Sierra and drops her with a package piledriver.

Christine Donahue: The STFU!




Christine Donahue: Mariah has pinned Sierra. Sierra has to go into the penalty box.

The referee has to help Sierra from the ring, and as Mariah turns around, she eats a superkick from Lash, who snuck back in the ring. Lash grabs one of her legs and begins to turn her over as he clamps on his submission finisher variation of the lion-tamer.

Biff Franklin: The Donohue Deathlock!

Mariah cries out as Lash clamps on the move. Lash is screaming that she’s gonna tap, but Mariah is trying to inch her way to the ropes.

Biff Franklin: Doesn’t matter if she gets to the ropes. No rope breaks in this match.

That doesn’t appear to be what she has in mind as she grabs the ropes and uses them to turn over onto her back and kick Lash off of her. This only serves to piss Lash off as he calls for the Bury Go Round.

Biff Franklin: If he’s gonna do it, he better hurry. The referee is about to open that penalty box.

Lash moves in, but as he does, Mariah NAILS him with a roundhouse kick to the head, and Lash just crumbles to the mat. The referee is opening up the penalty box as Mariah goes for the cover.

Christine Donahue: Potential Brain Damage, but Sierra is about to enter the ring!



Sierra slides into the ring.


The bell rings.

Madoka Kawada: The winner of the match and the NEW Splat Multiuniversal Champion! Mariah! Lopez! Robinson!

As Mariah’s music plays, Christine and Biff walk us through moments of the match, including the ending where Sierra is half of a second away from breaking up the final pinfall.

Christine Donahue: Mariah Lopez has dethroned Lash Donohue! She is the fourth Multiuniversal Champion.

Biff Franklin: I won’t lie. I was certain Lash was gonna retain in this match, but it can be anyone’s match on any day. Mariah Lopez Robinson was ready, and she is the champ.

Mariah gets up on the turnbuckle and holds up the title. Sierra exits the ring, looking back occasionally, knowing just how close she was to breaking up that pin. The referees are helping Lash from the ring as the fans in the Sullivan Arena are cheering the title change.  She gets down, walks to the other side, climbs up on the turnbuckle, and holds up the title.

Christine Donahue: I don’t know if Mariah has ever been to Alaska, but I can promise you that she will remember this trip for the rest of her life.

Biff Franklin: It’s a big win for Lopez, no doubt. When she goes back to the WWA, she’ll be carrying the Multiuniversal Championship with her, as she promised.

Christine Donahue: As much as we want this celebration to continue for the fans at home, we still have the finale of the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament coming up. We have sent Elaine and Shelly back to try and speak to the finalists.

The shot cuts backstage, where the cameras find Shelly Marks coming to get an interview with tournament finalist Adrianna Salvatore. She finds the woman in the locker room, where a stunning, raven-haired woman with tattoos covering her arms and shoulders stands behind Adrianna, who sits in a chair. The woman carefully runs an ice pack across the back of Adrianna’s neck, shoulders, and upper back. Her other hand massages through Salvatore’s hair as the muscular woman just sits there, mentally preparing for her next match. As Shelly Marks reaches them, the tattooed woman looks up with a kind smile.

Sophia Sauer: Oh! Hallo.

She says in a noticeable German accent. Shelly smiles back.

Shelly Marks: Hello there. I don’t mean to bother you ladies, but I was hoping to get a quick word from Adrianna about making it to the finals of the tournament.

Although not as quick as her word she gave at the beginning of the tournament, am I right? Shelly stands, waiting for a response as Adrianna just sits with her head down for a moment. She says nothing at first, and even Sophia smiles again in an almost apologetic manner for her girlfriend’s seemingly dismissive attitude.

Sophia Sauer: Mein leib?

She asks softly, looking down at Adrianna, who finally breaks her silence, her shoulders shaking with a little chuckle.

Adrianna Salvatore: I got her….

Shelly Marks looks at the camera, then to Sophia, back down to Adrianna.

Shelly Marks: I’m sorry, umm…got who?

Adrianna lifts her head, straightening in her seat as she looks up at Shelly. Sophia continues massaging her shoulders with the ice pack.

Adrianna Salvatore: I got me, Josie Wales! Miss Chain Blue Lightning, herself.

Sophia looks a little confused, but there’s an adorableness to it, all the same. Shelly Marks says nothing but clicks her tongue and points to Adrianna as if to say, ‘I understood that reference.’ Adrianna slowly stands up, cracking her neck to the side.

Adrianna Salvatore: Course, I also got Amelia Hearts and Brittani Helms.

She pushes her short hair out of her face, slicking it back as much it can go. Salvatore considers her next words with a pensive expression.

Adrianna Salvatore: Look. I’m not gonna say they weren’t formidable. I’m not gonna say it was an easy sweep, that I cut through them like butter. Like a shockwave tearing through everything in its path. I will, however, say I told you so. From the moment I signed to this tournament, this company has been on a collision course with destruction. Total…utter…absolute…destruction. Astronomers call these instances a global killer. You know, I find it amusing, actually. I’m one of four people who came from the same promotion. All of them had hopes of making it this far. One came in swinging. One thought he was a fortune-teller. The other?

She shrugs with the tiniest hint of a smirk on her face.

Adrianna Salvatore: Game Over, I guess, but I’ll see you back on the homefront.

Shelly Marks: Strong words, indeed. Now, last but not least, you’re preparing for the finals match with Mary Ellen Harrison, which will take place inside a cell structure--

Adrianna Salvatore: Ah yes, the dreaded, feared cell. A structure where people in this profession are supposedly pushed to their limits. Everyone says they come out as a different person. Now, I don’t know if Harrison is familiar with it or not, outside of I’m sure she’s seen them. I’ve wrestled more than a handful of matches, surrounded by a cage. The walls don’t scare me. They can’t hold me. I’ve earned and won title shots inside cages before. I’ve defended titles inside of cages.

She falls silent, starting to slowly turn her index finger over in a circle as she stares at Shelly Marks, waiting for her to pick up.

Adrianna Salvatore: There’s a pattern here.

Shelly Marks: So…you mean to say that inside a cage, or a cell or a chamber is your playground?

Adrianna Salvatore: Chaotic environments are my playground. Anarchy zones are my playground. There is a global killer headed straight for the Multiuniverse. There’s just other little obstacles in the way and that catastrophic force….

She punches her fist into her hand.

Adrianna Salvatore: Will not stop….

She punches it again.

Adrianna Salvatore: Until it has….

And a third time, she punches her hand.

Adrianna Salvatore: Destroyed….

For a fourth and final time, she drives her fist into her hand and holds it there, sneering at this point.

Adrianna Salvatore: Everything.

Shelly Marks brings the microphone back to herself.

Shelly Marks: One more question. I don’t know if you’ve been watching the show on the monitor, but we just crowned a new Multiuniversal Champion in Mariah Lopez-Robinson. Your thoughts?

Adrianna smirks, rolling her shoulders and cracking her neck to the side, loosening up some.

Adrianna Salvatore: Mariah. Yeah, I’ve been paying close attention. She’s something else, definitely—one of the better names of WWA. One of the better of the Lopez family, that’s for damn sure. So, when – not if, *when* – I go out and win this tournament, I hope she brings what she brought tonight to her first defense, otherwise, her reign’ll be even shorter than Lash Donohue’s.

Adrianna raises her eyebrows to Shelly, then to the camera, shrugging her shoulders dismissively and not one bit sorry for her words or insinuations.

The camera cuts back to the locker room, where we see Mary Ellen Harrison collecting herself after the tough series of matches she’s already gone through, holding a bag of ice behind her head while stretching out her leg to make sure it’s still good to go. Elaine Bryant walks in.

Elaine Bryant: Excuse me, Mary Ellen, but you’ve been able to fight your way to the final of the Unlucky 16 tournament, where you will now face Adrianna Salvatore inside the cell. What are your thoughts on this?

Mary Ellen looks up at Elaine and takes a moment to take a deep breath before speaking.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Tonight’s been one hell of a ride. I know that this tournament was going to be tough, but I didn’t expect it to be anywhere near as tough as this. Starting off with facing Kairi Higurashi to finish off the first round, who was a really game opponent having already wrestled a match right before me, having to fight through all of the veteran moves of Don Tirri to make it past the second round, and then finally facing JC Keeton in round three, who gave me everything that I could handle to reach the final tonight.

Mary Ellen rotates her shoulder, making sure that it’s not too banged up.

Mary Ellen Harrison: But after all of that, the final is going to be me against Adrianna Salvatore inside the cell?

Mary Ellen stops for a second to think about it, but then a wicked grin shows on her face.

Mary Ellen Harrison: I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mary Ellen stands up off of the bench.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Here’s the thing: I’ve been proving myself that I can push myself to the extreme for the last two years in 5BW. I come from a long line of fighters in my family that had to go through hell, not just in the wrestling ring, but back home in Belfast. I’m not afraid of a big cage surrounding the ring in that match. If anything, I welcome it. Over the last few years, I have been making a name for myself in this business by going through hell and back. Just ask Brittani Helms about the wars that we went through in the early days for 5BW. So, for me to have one more match here inside the cell is going to be nothing. I’ve already gotten past three opponents that I’ve never competed against before, so what’s one more in a match where anything goes?

Mary Ellen can’t help but let out a smile.

Mary Ellen Harrison: I really, really hope Adrianna Salvatore is ready for a war because I know I am.

Mary Ellen starts to turn back to sit down again before Elaine stops her to ask another question.

Elaine Bryant: If you win tonight’s tournament, you’ll be facing the new Multiuniversal Champion in Mariah Lopez-Robinson, who just moments ago won the title inside the same cell you’ll be competing in. Do you have any thoughts on the matter?

Mary Ellen takes a second to think of her answer.

Mary Ellen Harrison: I don’t want to look too far past tonight since I still have a job to do, but if I do happen to leave here tonight as the tournament winner and then face Mariah for the title…

Mary Ellen stops for a second to maintain her composure.

Mary Ellen Harrison: All I’ll say is I hope that she savors her time with that championship because she won’t be having it for long.

Mary Ellen then sits back down, double-checking her boots and pads as Elaine turns back to the camera.

Elaine Bryant: It all comes down to this one final match. And that match will take place right after this short break.


Madoka Kawada: Introducing the guest who will present the trophy to the winner of this final match. She is a two-time former OWA Television Champion. She is a two-time former OWA Tag Team Champion. She is a former OWA World Heavyweight Champion. She is the winner of the first-ever (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament in 1995.

Kashmir - Led Zeppelin

Madoka Kawada: This is the former “Amazon Woman.” Welcome to the 2021 (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament, Trina Bray!

Dressed in a casual business suit, Trina Bray steps out onto the stage as “Kashmir” by Led Zepplin continues to play. She moves from one side of the ramp to the other, shaking hands with the fans until she reaches ringside, where she looks up at the cell. She turns to the camera and says, “I’m glad I’m not going in there tonight.” She walks over to the announce position. Biff stands up to greet her with a handshake as she accepts and takes a seat next to him, putting on pair of headphones.

Trina Bray: Are these on?

Biff Franklin: Sure seems like it.

Christine Donahue: Welcome to the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament.

Trina Bray: Thank you very much. I’m touched to be here tonight.

Madoka Kawada: The first finalist in the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament!

Night of the Ravens

Madoka Kawada: This is the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament finale! This match is one fall and will be held inside this cell. There are no disqualifications, and falls count anywhere inside of the cell. Introducing first, with wins over Kairi Higurashi, Don Tirri, and JC Keeton. Representing 5BW. She is “Raven’s Lock,” Mary Ellen Harrison!

Mary Ellen steps onto the stage for the final time this evening. As her music continues to play, she makes her way down to the ringside area and pauses at the cell. The referee opens the door, and she steps inside, taking the steps up, and ducks between the ropes.

Madoka Kawada: And the other finalist in the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament!

The lights in the arena flicker out. The video wall comes to life with an image of Earth from space as Bury Tomorrow’s “No Less Violent” begins to play. As it does, the vignette depicts a flaming meteor hurtling towards the planet. The vignette switches to various shots of Earth’s population. People from all different regions as a shadow looms over, blocking out the sun. They all look up, eyes widening in horror.

Keep back or remain silent. Why?
Because we’re no less violent

From a bird’s eye view, the meteor SLAMS into the Earth’s surface, just as the chorus hits, causing a fiery flash on the screen and the vignette switches to grainy, black and white images of Adrianna Salvatore’s most brutal match highlights, mixed in with closeups of her rather deranged smile and menacing sneer.

Keep back or remain silent. Why?
Because we’re no less violent
Are you sure you want to try that
Knowing that your life is finite?

In the pitch-black arena, lights on the stage come on, flashing and flickering. They illuminate a silhouette standing calmly in a hooded vest. Due to the lights positioning, all we see is the solid black outline, obscuring the lights behind it. As the first verse hits, the lights switch, coming on to light up the stage and ramp in a soft white but still leaving the arena dark. We see the figure in detail now as Adrianna Salvatore lifts her head and stares down at the ring from under her hood. She has that same sneer on her face as in her vignette. She steps forward, approaching the ring with a calm sense of purpose in her steps.

Madoka Kawada: With wins over Amelia Hearts, Josie Wales, and Brittani Helms. This is Adrianna Salvatore!

Adrianna reaches ringside, steps into the cell, and runs up onto the apron, kneeling upon it on one knee. Now, we see that wicked smile of hers as she licks her teeth. She turns around on the apron skillfully and slides herself in, backward under the bottom rope. Standing to her feet, Adrianna moves to a turnbuckle and climbs up. She throws back her hood and flips back her hair, letting out a roar before casting her gaze upon the audience with a wicked smile forming. Stepping down from the turnbuckle, she removes her vest, folds it, and carefully hands it to the timekeeper before preparing for the match.

Christine Donahue: We’ve been waiting for this moment since the start of tonight’s broadcast. One of these two professional wrestlers will be the winner of the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament.

Trina Bray: I’m excited. I’ve been out of the wrestling business for 20 years.

Biff Franklin: You don’t look 20 years older, Trina.

Trina Bray: Thank you, Biff.

Biff Franklin: 30 at least.

Christine Donahue: Biff!

Trina Bray: (laughs) Biff and I go way back too. He was calling my matches in the OWA. Just like old times.


The bell rings.

Despite the ferocity in their eyes, both women breathe heavily even before the bell rings to start the match. After three matches each, they are running on fumes, but the tolling echoing through the arena brings them a new life, and they clash ferociously in the middle of the ring. Mary Ellen is quick to unload sharp strikes, throwing kicks to the right thigh of Adrianna and even some stiff chops to the previously injured left shoulder of the larger woman. Salvatore, however, powers through and lands some hard fists and clubbing blows to the back when Harrison starts to buckle under her onslaught.

Biff Franklin: Harrison isn’t gonna be able to go toe to toe with Salvatore in a battle of strength. No way, no how. She’s gonna have to rely on her wrestling and get this mammoth on the ground.

A running knee misses when Harrison rolls backward. She bounds to her feet, charging at Salvatore, bull-rushing her into the corner. Multiple shoulders are thrown to Salvatore’s midsection, but after every shot, she slams down a forearm against the back of Harrison… and eventually, Mary Ellen drops to her hands and knees.

Trina Bray: This Salvatore reminds me of myself in that ring.

Biff Franklin: You were too goody-goody.

Trina Bray: Not always.

Adrianna backs up onto the second rope and leaps off with a stomp to the small of Mary Ellen’s back, rolling her over for a pin attempt that only earns a quick two. Holding on to the ropes, Adrianna gets up and keeps stomping away before kicking a half-limp Mary Ellen out of the ring and to the floor.

Christine Donahue: This isn’t going to go well.

Harrison quickly attempts to create some distance, needing a moment to get some air back in her lungs, but her aching back and ribs are not making this easy. Adrianna takes her time stalking her opponent, eventually catching up to her and grabbing her by the hair and waist, intending to chuck her into the cage. Harrison puts on the brakes, elbowing her way out, then clocks Adrianna with a backfist to the jaw! A snap DDT follows, leaving Salvatore motionless for the moment.

Trina Bray: Don’t count this Harrison out yet. She’s still got some fight left in her.

Mary Ellen rounds the corner of the ring, and when Adrianna rises, Mary Ellen is already in motion. She leaps to the steps, then off with a clothesline, bringing the bigger woman down again. Kicking the top half of the steps away, she picks Adrianna up and cinches her in for a suplex. Knowing something bad is coming, Salvatore blocks once, twice… then reverses! Mary Ellen forces her way back down but ends up in Adrianna’s previous position. A few knees to the midsection back Harrison up a couple of steps, closer to the bottom portion of the steel steps, and Adrianna starts to set up for Ground Zero!

Biff Franklin: This could be over quick.

Mary Ellen fights for dear life to keep Salvatore from getting her up, even throwing a downward knee to the top of the larger woman’s head to try and get her to let go! Swinging back down after a third blocked attempt, Mary Ellen turns her fall into a flatliner and smashes Adrianna’s head against the steel on the way down!

Christine Donahue: Oh my God.

Biff Franklin: I think Harrison has drawn first blood here.

Salvatore is trying to shake off the high-impact blow, but as she lifts her head, a red trickle runs down past her nose from the center of her brow. She is shaky on her feet, not having an immediate answer for a charging Mary Ellen, who bounds along the ring apron and comes off with a front dropkick to knock the bleeding powerhouse into the cage! The structure rattles, and Mary Ellen, spurred on by the crowd, sets up another. Adrianna has other plans, though, catching Harrison around the throat and, adding her other hand, choke-bombing her into the steps!

Trina Bray: Ouch. Been there.

Salvatore lets out a roar and stomps on and past Mary Ellen, grabbing the rest of the steps! She brings them over and looks to slam the whole chunk of metal down on the prone Harrison, who barely rolls away in time!

Biff Franklin: Gonna see Salvatore on America’s Most Wanted in a few years. You just wait.

Unperturbed, Adrianna charges the cage with the steps in hand, clearly intending to plow Mary Ellen into them, but Harrison drops down and kicks the legs from under Salvatore, the larger woman ramming into the steps again, this time of her own accord, colliding with them as they smash into the cage!

Christine Donahue: This isn’t a wrestling match. It’s a demolition derby out there.

Mary Ellen seeks an inverted DDT now, cinching Adrianna in, but the bloody fighter twists and forces her way out, shoving Mary Ellen back-first into the ring post. Shaken but not deterred, Harrison charges in again, hitting another leaping clothesline that, strangely enough, does not knock Salvatore down. The larger woman glowers at her smaller opponent, who, undeterred, looks for another attack, sliding between the legs of Salvatore as the larger woman attempts a big boot. She turns into a crane kick from Harrison but brushes it off and snatches her arm, whipping Harrison hard into the cage on the far side near the separated steps. Rebounding as if she’d hit the ropes, Mary Ellen again bull-rushes Adrianna… and takes a nasty landing from a back body drop that sends her into the penalty box!

Trina Bray: I had completely forgotten that the penalty box was there from the previous match.

Falling on her head, neck, and shoulders, Mary Ellen is fairly loopy as Adrianna, having gone to her hands and knees, tries to shake off the persistent onslaught. She is up before Harrison, grabbing the raven-haired woman by her dark locks. A hard Irish whip into the penalty box exacerbates the damage, but that is not enough for Adrianna… not against a woman who spilled her blood. Wrenching open the door of the box, she whips it shut against the head of Mary Ellen. Grinning fiercely at her work, her eagerness becomes a snarl when Harrison tries to get back up too quickly. Shaking her head, Salvatore whips the door into her head again, then blasts the door with a hard kick just for good measure! Harrison is slumped to the floor at this point, and Adrianna, admiring her work, rolls Harrison into the ring as the woman is nearly dead-weight. A closeup finds Mary Ellen is bleeding profusely from the forehead now.

Biff Franklin: That’s called payback.

Going under the ring, she comes up with a table and a couple chairs, sliding the former into the ring first before tossing in the seating. One lands near Harrison, who reaches out shakily to lay a hand on it. Adrianna rolls in and puts her foot down on that chair, Harrison instead trying to get back up. Salvatore grabs her by the hair, dragging her to her feet… and Harrison shocks her with the Raven’s Lock, dropping the back of Salvatore’s head onto the chair!

Trina Bray: Harrison needs to cover, but that beating at the penalty box has really taken it out of her. Cover! Cover!

There is no cover. The effort, though, leaves Harrison down as well, and both women are slow to stir. Surprisingly, given the damage she has taken, Salvatore is the first to start rising. However, Mary Ellen is not far behind her. Both women come up clutching a chair. Mary Ellen’s face is now covered in blood. Regardless, she comes up ready to swing… but so does Salvatore! The women uncork homerun-level swings, but the only contact is metal on metal! The impact causes Mary Ellen to drop her makeshift weapon. Adrianna swings again, Harrison falling back into the ropes and having to move again quickly to keep the constant swings from Salvatore from hitting home. One such swing brings the steel down against the top rope, and it nearly recoils into Salvatore’s face as a result. Mary Ellen is able to get her own chair back, and she waffles the bigger woman across the back with it!

Biff Franklin: These two are gonna bludgeon each other to death to win this tournament.

Salvatore turns, hurting, and swings again, but Mary Ellen evades and goes for the dome! Adrianna blocks with her own chair, though, and boots the other out of Harrison’s hands before bringing her down in a glancing shot across Harrison’s head! Dropping the chair, she grabs the woozy Mary Ellen and hoists her up for Ground Zero, this time connecting!

Christine Donahue: It’s gotta be over.

Adrianna covers.



Thre—--Mary Ellen gets a shoulder up.

Adrianna is pissed right off! Getting back up, she unfolds her chair and sets it proper in the middle of the ring, then grabs the other and places it in front of its mate! It is clear what is going on in the woman’s head as she picks up a near-limp and bloody Harrison, looking for a second Ground Zero, this time through a steel chair! But Mary Ellen lands on the chair feet first and then hits a Raven’s Lock, sending Adrianna through the chair.

Crowd: This is awesome! This is awesome!

Trina Bray: This is absolutely awesome.

The referee is checking on both competitors as they lie prone on the mat. He especially looks closely at Mary Ellen as he considers whether or not to stop the match with as much blood as she’s lost, but Mary Ellen grabs his hand and tells him not to stop this match. She rolls over onto her stomach, and the blood is literally pouring onto the mat from her forehead. As she gets to her feet, she stumbles back against the ropes, but Adrianna has gotten to her feet and hits a big boot that sends Harrison over the top rope and to the outside of the ring.

Christine Donahue: I feel like the referee should stop this match. I can’t believe how much of Mary Ellen’s blood is all over this mat.

Adrianna is trying to get her bearings about her as she leans against the ropes. Mary Ellen hasn’t moved from where she landed on the outside. Finally, Adrianna drops to the mat and rolls to the outside. She walks over to the dismantled ringsteps and, with some effort, hoists the stairs up into the air and begins to walk around the ring towards Mary Ellen.  As Adrianna round the corner, Mary Ellen suddenly rises up and charges towards Adrianna, spearing her hard. The two, along with the ringsteps, crash against the side of the cell, and the steel mesh gives away, and everyone tumbles outside of the cell.

The Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit!

Christine Donahue: What more can these two do to each other in this tournament?

The referee is beside himself as he checks on the two who haven’t moved since crashing through the side of the fence. The ringsteps were thrown to the side, but both Mary Ellen and Adrianna lay on top of the chain-link that broke free of the cell.

Biff Franklin: He’s going to call this one.

It sure looks like he’s considering stopping this match.

Trina Bray: Like hell, he is.

The crowd pops as Trina removes her headphone and walks towards the referee. The two have a very animated conversation before the referee finally nods his head to her. Satisfied, Trina walks back over and sits down, putting the headphones back on.

Biff Franklin: What in the hell did you do?

Trina Bray: I told him that these two wrestlers didn’t wrestle four matches tonight for him to stop this match with no clear winner. The tournament will have a winner.

Biff Franklin: Who put you in charge?

Trina Bray: If Splat has a problem with it, they can come out and let me know.

While the commentators are going on about Trina’s involvement, the two wrestlers are starting to move. Adrianna pushes Mary Ellen off of her, which gets Mary Ellen moving. Adrianna grabs Mary Ellen’s head, and she tries to force it down onto the chain-link fence that’s underneath them, but Mary Ellen pushes her hands down against the floor, blocking the move.

Biff Franklin: Have you had your face rubbed against chain-link, Trina?

Trina Bray: Yes. It wasn’t fun.

Biff Franklin: You don’t say?

Mary Ellen suddenly headbutts Adrianna, and Salvatore releases her grip, and her hands shoot right for her nose.

Christine Donahue: She may have broken her nose! How much more can these two take?

Trina Bray: They’ll take until one gets their hand raised.

They both crawl towards the open side of the cell as the referee tells them to get it back into the cell.  As they get back inside, they each crawl in different directions and manage to drag themselves back in the ring.

The Crowd: Fight forever! Fight forever!

Biff Franklin: Fuck that.

Christine Donahue: Biff!

Biff Franklin: Slipped out. Sorry.

Wearily, the two wrestlers get to their feet and stagger to the center of the ring. Adrianna’s forehead has stopped bleeding, but Mary Ellen is wearing a crimson mask. As they meet mid-ring, Adrianna takes a swing, but Mary Ellen reaches up to block and takes a swing herself that Adrianna blocks.

Trina Bray: It’s settling in now. That fatigue factor. It’s hitting them both right now.

They just end up leaning against each other for a moment, catching their breath, when suddenly Adrianna wraps her arm around Mary Ellen’s neck and gets her up in the air for a suplex.

Christine Donahue: She’s going for Ground Zero!

However, the fatigue factor kicks in, and Mary Ellen is able to float behind, land on her feet. When Adrianna turns around, she hits the Raven’s Lock!

Trina Bray: Is this it?

With as much effort as she can muster, Mary Ellen rolls Adrianna over and drapes an arm across her opponent’s chest.




Biff Franklin: It’s over!

The bell rings, and “Night of the Ravens” begins to play again as the crowd goes nuts. The two wrestlers remain where they are as the cell begins to rise from the floor.

Trina Bray: I guess that’s my cue.

Madoka Kawada: The winner of the match and the winner of the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament. “Raven’s Lock” Mary Ellen Harrison!

As Christine and Biff run through a few of the moments of the match, Trina waits for the cell to complete rise up before walking underneath and taking the last remaining set of ringsteps, and getting into the ring. As paramedics attend to Adrianna, Trina helps a bloody Harrison to her feet, offers her a towel to clean up. Confetti begins to fall from the ceiling of the Sullivan Arena as Trina motions towards the large crystal trophy.

Biff Franklin: That was a hell of a ride.

Christine Donahue: Absolutely. Congratulations to Mary Ellen Harrison on her win for the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament. And we can forget, congratulations to Mariah Lopez-Robinson for winning the Multiuniversal Championship tonight as well. These two are now on a collision course, more than likely in a 5BW ring. We want to thank everyone for joining us for this event. The next Splat event is called Red Blood Cell and will come to you on May 16, 2022. Details on that event will come. For Biff Franklin, Shelly Marks, Elaine Bryant, Trina Bray, and everyone behind the scenes here at Splat, have a great night!

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