The theme for the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament, “Seize the Power” by YONAKA, begins to play. Images of all the participants in the tournament today are shown taking their chances at the slot machines, roulette wheel, poker, and other casino favorites. As the music fades out, we see the inside of the Sullivan Arena as 8,000 fans have gathered to watch the (Un)Lucky 16 tournament.

We fade to the interview area, where Shelly Marks and Elaine Bryant are standing.

Elaine Bryant: Welcome to the Unlucky 16 Tournament! We are live on Splat with the pre-show. Shelly Marks is joining me again this year for this Splat event.

Shelly Marks: We do go back a long way, don’t we?

Elaine Bryant: Since 1996. It’s already great working with you.

Shelly Marks: We are here in Anchorage, Alaska’s Sullivan Arena for the Unlucky 16 Tournament. Everything, except for the actual wrestling, is decided by sheer luck. We have 16 competitors itching to get into that ring for a beautiful trophy and a shot at the Multiuniversal Championship.

Elaine Bryant: Speaking of which, we have a Multiuniversal Championship match scheduled for tonight as the current champion, Lash Donohue, will take on both Mariah Lopez-Robinson and former champ Sierra Silver.  They will meet tonight in an Unholy Trinity Effect match. The match itself will take place inside a cell, but there will be a penalty box in one corner.  Splat is adamant that the champion should never lose their title without being involved in the finish. The only way the match is over is if Lash pins either Mariah or Sierra or Mariah or Sierra pin Lash.

Shelly Marks: That’s correct. However, if Mariah pins Sierra or vice versa, the person pinned will go into the penalty box for 3 minutes, making this match a one-on-one and giving the challenger a better shot at winning the championship.

Elaine Bryant: It could also favor Lash Donohue. He’ll only have one opponent to deal with for those three minutes rather than two. The match will continue until Lash is involved in the decision, either pinning one of his opponents or being pinned. Let’s hear from the competitors in this match.


We fade into the studio, with the walls covered in purple, same color as the Ninja suit she wore when she returned to wrestling on April 2nd. Seated on a chair is Mariah Lopez, one of three competitors in this upcoming match for the Splat! MultiUniversal Championship bout.

Mariah Lopez: Hello everybody, I am Mariah Lopez, and I am professional wrestling’s resident Ninja. It’s not much longer until your girl gets her shot at the MultiUniversal Championship. I’ve seen how the title works when Veronica Taylor somehow received a championship match over in my place of employment, but that was then, and this is now. I’m also familiar with Splat as a brand, and not to brag or anything, but Season One of The Question is one of the highest-rated shows in history, and I was the star on that show. I haven’t even mentioned my wrestling prowess yet. But no time like the present, right?

She was waiting for a response, but she knows this is a solo promo.

Mariah Lopez: I’m going to give you guys a little history lesson because I am going to be seen by a whole new audience when it comes to pro wrestling. There’s probably a good portion of people who haven’t checked out what I have done in the nearly ten years I have been putting my body through hell just for the entertainment of the consumers, and this isn’t going to be a teardown session of my opponents because A, I don’t know either of you on a personal level. And B, we don’t have any hostility towards one another as far as I am aware. This isn’t me against my two dumb sisters. No, for the first time since January, I’m fighting for a championship belt.

Mariah lets out a smile as the last two words left her lips.

Mariah Lopez: Being a champion, regardless of what the division is and what the championship is called, is a high honor. It means the place has put their faith in YOU to elevate their championship to a whole different level than it is at in the present, and for those who are aware of who I am and what my reputation holds to, you know I like to represent the championship to the HIGHEST degree, and I am fully aware that I will have to travel to defend this title which is no problem for me. Whether one likes it or not, Morgan Payne, Sierra Silver, and Lash Donohue have set the table for what the standard of this championship should be held to, and anything less than that is unacceptable.

A brief pause occurs.

Mariah Lopez: The match I get this championship opportunity in is an Unholy Trinity Effect Match. From what I gather, all three competitors are locked inside of the cell. However, if one competitor pins the other, then the pinned competitor will go into the penalty box for approximately three minutes, making the match a one-on-one. After three minutes, the penalized challenger goes back into the match, which continues until there is a proper decision. It’s simple enough, I have been locked inside of a cell/cage before, and I’m almost certain this won’t be my last time either. The wrestling side of Splat is home to very unconventional match types, but I wouldn’t have it any other way if we are going, to be honest with ourselves.

Mariah nods before continuing.

Mariah Lopez: Two of those names I mentioned earlier are my opponents in this match. I’m going to be honest, I originally wasn’t booked for this. This was supposed to be a three-way between the first three holders of the MultiUniversal Championship, but other commitments and injuries occur, and here I am. Like I said before, I’m not going to cut either Lash or Sierra down but don’t think for one second that I am a pushover. Nobody pushes me around, and I’m not going to start now. That being said, I didn’t come into this one without research. I’ve watched the tapes, the footage that is still on YouTube. Both of you are very skilled inside the ropes, both are either champions or have held championship gold in the past. I know I’m up for a challenge, but…

I like it like that.

I’ll get into Sierra first. Bubbly as all can be, super friendly, has a few pets that Splat and two other promotions feed, and from what I’ve seen, she’s a phenomenal person to be around. The thing is though, she is one of two competitors I have to overcome to win the championship. I admire the happy-go-lucky attitude, I like the whole “sunshines and rainbows” outlook you have on life. I was there once upon a time, but if it works for you, then that’s your prerogative. I like to believe that you will turn on the switch once the bell rings and be all business in-between these ropes. Actually, I’m counting on that.

Then there’s the champ himself.

Again I don’t know you on a personal level, but you do attract a lot of attention, both positive and negative. That’s what a champion does, and he seems to get it from numerous ways. You beat Payne to win the belt, congrats. She’s a hell of a competitor, and you have to have talent in order to defeat somebody of that caliber. You have it, and with what you’ve accomplished so far in a very young but promising career, you can certainly back up your claims of being a very good competitor. I’m impressed, really I am.

But as good as both Lash and Sierra are, the thing they lack is experience. Now I know some people will say that experience can only take you so far, and those with not much experience can get the dub, no lies are being told. I have been there, done that, and wrote the damn book over and over again throughout the last ten years. Anything you are thinking of, I did it. And come May 10th at the (Un)Lucky Sixteen Tournament, the “Latina Ninja” will do everything she can to make sure she etches her name into the Splat record books as not only one of the biggest television stars in the production’s history but also as your NEW MultiUniversal Champion.

Good luck and salutations to everybody else participating at this show.

See you all there.


The Unlucky 16 Tournament cuts to backstage, where Elaine Bryant is standing, smiling into the camera.

Elaine Bryant: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest. She is challenging for the MultiUniversal championship later tonight, former champion… Sister Sin, Sierra Silver!

Bryant turns to face her guest, only to find her not standing next to her. She looks around for a moment, trying to find Silver, all to no avail. Soon something behind her gets her attention…

That something is someone humming the Mission Impossible theme.

Bryant turns around and looks down on the floor. The camera follows her gaze to find Sierra, who is army crawling on the floor while “singing” the tune. Once she reaches the interviewer, she bounces up onto her feet and gives Bryant a huge, vibrant smile, and waves enthusiastically.

Sierra Silver: Henlo, Elaine! It is I, your master! Here at the Unlucky 16 tourney to ONCE AGAIN claim my MultiUniversaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal championship!

Sierra wildly punches the air with every word.

Sierra Silver: Sierra! HECKIN! Silver!!!!!

Bryant takes a step back, surprised at her guest’s excitement. She clears her throat before continuing.

Elaine Bryant: Um… Hi, Sierra. How are you doing tonight?

Sierra Silver: Fit as a fiddle and ready to play, Elaine, just name your tune!

Elaine Bryant: Um… What?

Sierra Silver: Yes!

Elaine Bryant: …All right. Anyway… Sierra, tonight is an important night for you. Tonight you get a shot at the MultiUniversal championship, the title you won previously in Splat’s Tournament of Mystery. How are you feeling about your chances tonight?

Sierra Silver: I feel good! See, E, Si’s first takeover of the Multiverse was super duper fun, and I’m very happy with it! But it wasn’t everything it could’ve been!

Elaine Bryant: How so?

Sierra Silver: Well! During my first run, I wasn’t yet the super smart, super devious, SUPER EVIL GENIUS you see before you today! I won the Tournament of Mystery with the awesome power of The Lion Sin of Pride, Escanor, but I didn’t know how to hold onto such power for very long. But now? Now I have the ultimate evil plot to conquer the Splat Multiverse once again and become a two-time two-time two-time MU champ!!!

Elaine Bryant: Well, that does sound… interesting… Would you mind sharing some of your… um, “evil” plot?

Sierra Silver: A good villainess never reveals her secrets! Or is that a magician? Anyways! The point is, I can’t reveal my plan because I know my opponents are super-duper smart, and they’re definitely watching right now, waiting for me to tip my hand! Y’know, it seems to me that YOU’RE being the villainous one, Elaine! Trying to deceive me into revealing my plan! Are you working for my opponents? Did they put you up to this?? Why didn’t I think of that?? I will say, though, that my plan does involve kittens, cupcakes, and many handfuls of confetti! Very sneaky attempt, though! I’m so proud!

Bryant stays quiet for a moment, trying to piece together everything Sierra just said. Eventually, she shakes her head of the confusion and continues on.

Elaine Bryant: All right, anyway, Sierra, you mentioned your opponents. How do you feel going up against the reigning champion, Lash Donohue, and a recent new addition to this match, Mariah Lopez-Robinson?

Sierra’s face lights up, somehow even brighter than it already was.

Sierra Silver: I’m so so SO excited to do the wrestles with them! Lash is a super good champion, and Mariah is a wicked cool challenger! The three of us are going to do good wrestle things in this Unholy Trinity Effect match of DOOM! I added the doom part. Cool, huh??

Elaine Bryant: Sure is.

Sierra Silver: Yes! And I know that win, lose, or draw, it’s going to be tons of fun to watch and even more fun to compete in! And no matter who wins, it’s going to be a fun time for everyone! It’s going to be me, though, I’m gonna win!

Elaine Bryant: Okay! Well, thank you for your time, Sierra. Allow me to wish you the best of luck in your match. It sure will be… interesting.

Sierra Silver: Yes, it will! Thank you, Elaine, I promise you that I will do the best of villain things! But for now, I must go! Sierra! Away! WHOOSH!

Silver runs off the screen, striking a comic book-esque pose as she does so, leaving Bryant looking utterly confused at what she just witnessed…

Elaine Bryant: Of course, beyond the Multiuniversal Championship match scheduled for tonight, we will have the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament. For those who have been hiding under a rock, the rules of the tournament are as follows.

Shelly Marks: In addition to the beautiful trophy, the tournament winner will receive a Multiuniversal Championship shot in September. Let’s hear from some of the competitors who earlier drew their order into the first round.


The view opens on the interview set of the (Un)Lucky 16 event, with interviewer Shelly Marks standing by.

Shelly Marks: Ladies and Gentlemen, with me at this time, is the oldest participant on the tournament, from UPRISING, “Old School Cool” Don Tirri!

The Big 6’5″ Finn walks into the view and stares down at the interviewer. There is a hint of annoyance on his features, and before Marks can start speaking, he intervenes.

Don Tirri: Sorry, lady, but I don’t do interviews. I do promos. Now gimme the mic and get off the shot.

The interviewer’s features harden. She is clearly of the type who doesn’t take shit from anyone, but being stared down by a man of Don’s size eventually leads her to conclude that discretion is the better part of valor. She rolls her eyes, handing the microphone to Don. The big man takes it and turns his attention to the camera.

Don Tirri: So. (Un)Lucky 16 tournament. You know. I am a huge fan of SplatTV’s endeavor of cross-promotional events. It reminds me of the old days when promotions across the country and the world would work together to bring the fans the best product possible. So when I saw the tournament, I signed up in a heartbeat. Now, the funny thing is, there was a chance that I woulda been ineligible for this tournament since not too long ago I had my shot at the Multiuniversal title. I fell short there, but that was no shame as the current champion Lash Donohue is for real. But enough about that, let’s talk about this tournament.

Tirri reaches into his pocket and fishes out a cigarette, staring down a staff member who tries to get him to put it out.

Don Tirri: So. 16 guys n gals enter, only one walks out as the winner. Plenty of new faces in the tourney, and a few ones I know. From what I’ve seen, nobody of my opponents have stood out as a Defcon five-level threat. But the luck of the draw means that wrestling ability is only one part of the deal. And speaking of the draw, I just got handed my entry number. And told I shouldn’t mention it on air as not to spoil the fun for the fans. And I get that, this tournament is as much for the fans as it is for us wrestlers. But I will say this: I ain’t really happy. I got an early one.

He takes a few deep drags from his smoke and lets it billow out of his nose

Don Tirri: Sure, anyone can win. But having an early one means you got your work cut out for you. Not that I can’t beat the odds and finish on top but quite frankly? My luck as of late hasn’t been what that great. So knowing that, I’m gonna have to take the long road to win. And with that in mind… I feel bad for every single one of the sorry motherfuckers who stand in my way. Except Mosh. Fuck Mosh and everything he stands for. It’ll be a pleasure to knock his teeth out.

He chuckles a bit.

Don Tirri: Bottom line is, I’m in it to win it. And after this tournament is done, nobody can forget the name… Don Tirri.


Backstage at the Sullivan Arena, we see Shelly Marks standing alongside a short, sturdily built man wearing a Deus’ Plex Machina tee shirt over a pair of gold trunks.  

Shelly Marks:  I’m here with “The Cajun Catapult” Trey Bouchet, who just moments ago learned his placement in the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament.  Are you happy with your spot, Trey?

Bouchet gives an apprehensive smile

Trey Bouchet:  I guess.  Like, I am stoked to be part of the tournament, and it’s good to know my place in the queue, but I’m not sure if it helps or hurts.  

He pauses before sheepishly confessing-

Trey Bouchet: I don’t, ahm, plexactly understand the rules.  

Shelly Marks:  Well, Trey, it’s really quite simple.  Each entrant is given a number that determines their order of entry.  After each match, the winner flips a coin.  If it lands on heads, he or she advances to the next round automatically.  If the coin comes up tails, they must wrestle against whoever is slotted to come out next.  This continues until all sixteen participants have had their turn.  The process is repeated until the final round, where the match will be fought inside a steel cage.

The Cajun Catapult nods, but it’s clear by his vacant plexpression he hasn’t fully grasped the stips.

Trey Bouchet:  Cool. Tossing things is my jam.  Even before I became a wrestler, I was chucking stuff around.  I think it’s coded into my D.N.A.  Like, I got the gene that allowed [i]homo habilis[/i] to figure out if you wanted that sabertooth tiger to leave you alone hurling a rock at it worked better than running.  

Shelly Marks: Has the randomness of the tournament made it difficult for you to prepare?

He shrugs.

Trey Bouchet:  Nah.  I mean, I’ve done my due diligence and scouted the opposition.  That’s always fun.  We’ve got some real suplayers in the (Un)lucky 16, and I’m champing at the bit to square off with them!

Shelly Marks:  Care to name names?

Bouchet’s eyes light up as the subject of the interview turns to his chosen area of suplexpertise.

Trey Bouchet:  Sure!  JC Keeton is a guy I’ve fought both with and against.  He’s a blue-chipper; very strong and fast, though his stamina ain’t all that great.  A bit immature, but given some of the hardships he’s gone through, I get it.  I’m impressed with his deadlift German suplex; really shows off his power!  You can’t sandbag him to avoid it.  Better to just try and float over so you can land on your feet.

Trey Bouchet:  Chris Mosh is another one who uses a lot of suplexes.  His MoshPlex looks solid.  It’s a fisherman, so the trick to countering it is keeping him from hooking the leg.  That takes away the plextra leverage and puts them in position for a reversal.

Trey Bouchet:  Kairi Higurashi’s See of Fire is really cool.  I love it when a wrestler subverts plexpectations, whether it’s a big dude taking to the top rope or someone who’s, uh, not so big busting out a power move.  Normally I wouldn’t give Higurashi much of a chance to catch me with it because I got almost eighty pounds on her, but man, the tape I saw has me hoping she’ll risk it!

Trey Bouchet:  Don Tirri is the big man of the tournament, weighing in at 280 pounds.  I’ve suplexed heavier, though those guys didn’t have his yeoman’s plexerience.  I’d love to try and literally hoist ‘Old School Cool’ on his own petard with a stalling suplex.  Guess it all depends on the luck of the draw and the toss of the coin, though. Fingers crossed.

Bouchet does just that, holding up two pair of entwined digits.

Trey Bouchet:  Dokueki’s knowledge of suplexes is plexhaustive. None of them are her featured moves, her match enders, but they all look devastating with her power and pedigree.  And  I really dig Josie Wales’s Sundance-Plex.  She sets it up like an overdrive but then transitions it into a back suplex and just launches ya!  Super innovative! Imma have to crib off her and add it to my own plexicon!

Trey Bouchet:  On that note, there’s a few wrestlers who don’t seem to have the suplex in their toolbox. Kasey Winterborn. Brittani Helms.  Mary Ellen Harrison.  Cai-Kate. I’ll try not to hold that against them too much.  Hopefully, my performance in the tourney will give them a better appreciation of the move, maybe persuade them to add it to their offense.  Representing and respecting the ‘plex is VERY important to me.  

Trey Bouchet:  But I got to say, if I could guarantee meeting up with one opponent in the (Un)Lucky 16, it would be Adrianna Salvatore. Her Ground Zero is freakin’ S-Tier!  She really pops those hips to herk you up, and the way she can flip a body to get them in position for a powerbomb- yeah, it’s crisp.  I really hope me and Salvatore’s paths do cross because plextricating myself from Ground Zero is on my bucket list.

Marks appears dubious.

Shelly Marks:  So, what you’re most looking forward to in the (Un)Lucky 16 is the suplexes?

Trey Bouchet: Mais, yeah! I mean, I want to win.  I’m getting married in September so the prize money would help with plexpenses.  And, um-

The swarthy little suplex machine’s countenance becomes solemn.

Trey Bouchet: The (Un)Lucky 16 will be my first match since my injury. Last time I was in the ring, I got seriously stomped on. This tournament is going to be a major test for me. But ultimately, I gotta dance with the one that brung me, and what got me here, what I am all about, is the suplex.  

Shelly Marks:  And you’re confident that’ll be enough?

Trey Bouchet:  You plexpect to win any fight you’re going into; otherwise, you’ve already lost.  The coin tosses are a definite pleX-factor in determining how tough it’s going to be.  I may have to beat just a couple wrestlers or the whole field, but it’s not going to be Fortune’s favor that gets me through the (Un)Lucky 16 tournament; it’s the greatest offensive move in the sport.

Shelly Marks: Trey Bouchet, thank you for your time.


Shelly Marks stands outside of the room where the sixteen contestants for the tournament are drawing their entry numbers. The next one to walk out of the room is N.F.W. exclusive, Adrianna Salvatore. While mostly cold and silent, she has an odd little satisfactory smirk on her face. Shelly looks intrigued.

Shelly Marks: Oh! Adrianna Salvatore, hello. I was hoping I could get a couple of words, maybe your thoughts going into tonight’s event. You’ve just drawn your entry number. Would you say you feel yourself to be at an advantage or disadvantage?

Adrianna turns, standing over the interviewer with no real sign of aggression in her body language. She’s just a big, mean-looking bitch. However, she smirks and cracks her neck to the side, rolling her shoulders.

Adrianna Salvatore: This is gonna be fun.

Shelly nods, keeping the microphone up as if waiting for Adrianna to elaborate, but the big woman just steps around her and walks away. Shelly turns with the mic, throwing up her other hand in a shrug as if to say, “that’s it?!” Adrianna keeps walking, moving out of the frame and down the hall. Shelly turns to the camera then, shrugging her shoulders and shaking her head.

Shelly Marks: Hey, I tried. Stay tuned for more, folks.


Cali-Kate walks into view of the camera after getting her number. Her lips are pursed in some kind of cross between aloof and a scowl. She looks up at the camera as she continues walking.

Cali-Kate: Do you know what this is?

She holds up the paper to the camera, although she has held it up with the number still facing herself.

Cali-Kate: This is completely irrelevant shit.

Kate crumples the paper and tosses it in a recycle bin.

Cali-Kate: It was never really gonna matter. Do you know why? Because I’m not going into this fuckery with any thought other than winning. 1 in 16 chance, they say. What the fuck ever! It’s only about getting the win when it comes to the final match, whatever fucking form that takes. But here’s one thing to know, I’m gonna be in that final match, and I’m going to win that final match.

Kate stops and stares at the camera.

Cali-Kate: You know what else? I’m gonna win that and get my damn shot at Splat’s MultiUniversal championship because that is destiny. My destiny. To show that no matter where the fuck you’re from anywhere in this business, I am still the standard. I set the bar for the Pinnacle title, I’m setting the bar for the Perseverance title, and then I’ll raise the bar for the MultiUniversal championship. And that, my captive audience, is how the Lady does her business.

Kate smiles and blows a kiss.

Cali-Kate: Every last person who has entered this tournament can just pucker up…

Kate slaps her hand on her butt.

Cali-Kate: … and kiss my ass over it too. That’s the game we’re gonna be playing. “Kate Wins.” Think I can’t? Watch me. Game Start, bitches!

Kate gives one last smirk before she walks off-camera, and the scene changes.

Elaine Bryant: Let’s head down to ringside. Billy and Chris with Action Wrestling and our first match of the night!


The arena lights go completely black, and after a moment, “Get Got” by Death Grips plays over the P.A. The audience, sensing what’s coming, cheers wildly. Through the pitch blackness of the unlit arena, the lights start strobing throughout the house. Suddenly, Dandy DiVito is standing in the middle of the ring with his title slung over his right shoulder, jawing at the audience as he stands confidently.

The music stops, and the house lights immediately come back up. Dandy stands firm, bathing in the attention of the crowd finally in full light. Dandy kisses his title belt and tosses it to the timekeeper at ringside.

Billy: This is the first match for the pre-show of Splat’s Unlucky 16 Tournament!

Chris Avery: This is very interesting!

Retaliation hits, and Bam Beefer comes out immediately from behind the curtain, screaming and yelling, throwing his hands up. He spins around slowly, taking a look at his video on the Action Tron as he’s walking down the ramp. He doesn’t high-five any fans as he yells into the camera as his nameplate shows up on the screen.

Bam rolls into the ring under the ropes, gets up, runs against the ropes two times, stops in the middle of the ring, and taunts the crowd. Bam leans in the corner, wiping the sweat off his head and getting ready for the match to begin.

Billy: They look ready to go!

Chris Avery: This should be good!


Dandy grabs Beefer and hits a few chops before sending him back into the turnbuckle with a boot to the gut and a huge right hand. He whips Beefer out of the corner into the opposite turnbuckle and lets Beefer stumble out and hits a scoop slam! Dandy stomps on Beefer and lifts him back up, hitting a suplex! Dandy goes for a cover!



Beefer kicks out. Dandy grabs Beefer, hits a few chops, sends him to the ropes, and goes for a clothesline! Beefer ducks and lets Dandy turn around and hits a dropkick! Dandy goes down to the canvas before rolling to his knees, where Beefer meets him with a kick to the head! Beefer pins Dandy!



Dandy gets a shoulder out and rolls to the corner where Beefer helps him to his feet just to whip him out of the corner into the other turnbuckles hitting a powerslam! Beefer pins Dandy!



Dandy gets another shoulder up.

Billy: It was almost over!

Chris Avery: I thought it was!

This time Beefer picks up Dandy and goes for a suplex, but Dandy gets out of it and hits a headbutt on Beefer! Both men stumble, but Dandy hits another headbutt on Beefer, and down he goes! Beefer is out! Dandy covers!





Billy: Beefer GETS A SHOULDER UP!!


Dandy whips Beefer to the ropes and goes for a kick, but Beefer catches the boot and whips Dandy around and hits a spinning spinebuster!! Beefer has him down for the count!






Beefer lifts Dandy to his feet and goes for another suplex, but Dandy gets out of it one more time! Dandy whips Beefer to the ropes, but both superstars hit a clothesline sending the other one down!

Billy: Wow! What a match!

Beefer stirs to his feet, but it’s Dandy who kips up and charges up! The crowd pops as Beefer goes for a right-hand strike, but Dandy blocks it and comes back with another right strike of his own!

Beefer stumbles back, and Dandy jumps with a clothesline sending him down!

Beefer gets right back up and charges towards Dandy, but he sidesteps and throws Beefer chest first into the turnbuckles!

Beefer stumbles back and turns around, and Dandy hits THE CARNAGE STUNNER!!

Dandy covers as the crowd goes crazy!!





Dandy jumps up and is victorious!

Billy: What a match! Action Wrestling superstars are truly the most competitive when it comes to professional wrestling!

Chris Avery: It’s no doubt that Dandy DiVito is one of the all-time greats! He’s currently the Tag Team Champion, but he’s a former World Champion and U.S. Champion too!!

Billy: What a match! The pre-show of Unlucky 16 continues!

Dandy keeps celebrating as Beefer rolls out of the ring.

Elaine Bryant: Special thanks to Action Wrestling for participating in our (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament pre-show. You can catch all the Action Wrestling news on Twitter at @ADubWrestle. Let’s hear from some more of our tournament participants, starting with Brittani Helms.


Shelly Marks: Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve heard from most of our competitors in the Unlucky Sixteen. Let me introduce you to the next participant. Coming out of Five Boroughs Wrestling in New York City, she is the “DC Savage” Brittani Helms!! 

Brittani Helms comes up, wearing a black version of her “DC Savage T-Shirt” from Her blue hair is done straight with the bandana over her forehead as a headband to push her hand back. Brittani smirks and looks at Shelly. 

Brittani Helms: What’s up, fam? 

Shelly Marks smirks as she looks at her. 

Shelly Marks: Brittani Helms, I want to welcome you to the Unlucky Sixteen tournament. I want to know things about you and why you decided to do something like this? 

Brittani looks at Shelly with a smirk on her face. 

Brittani Helms: Fam, you just told everyone at home that’s watching that I do wrestle out of Five Boroughs Wrestling, which yet again, you will see compete tonight when four of our own compete in a fatal four-way, but I am not here to talk about that, I am here to talk about me and WHY I did this.

Brittani takes a deep breath. 

Brittani Helms: You see, I am called the “DC Savage” for a reason. I am fearless, tough, and I don’t take shit from anyone. They want to mess around with me, then they will fall flat on their ass. You can ask many people who I faced off against in the ring. As for the second question, it’s pretty simple. 

She eyes her. 

Brittani Helms: You see, fam, I see a lot of people who are here to get their name known, want to add to their long list of accomplishments, and to boast about it online. Me? I am here because I want to win. For many, many, many years, I was told that coming from a rough background with no father, having no mother in my life, and being raised by my grandmother, even though I didn’t listen to her half the time, that I was not going to be ANYTHING or anyone. 

Shelly opens her eyes. 

Brittani Helms: I’ve been on the unfortunate side of luck. I know what it’s like not having anything and almost not having your own damn life. I know that I could be unlucky in this whole entire thing, but for once, I need to have luck on my side. That’s why I signed up for this because I want to have luck on my side, despite knowing the possible chances of what could go down. 

Shelly Marks: Speaking of “not knowing,” you could be possibly going to competitors you haven’t faced before. What are your thoughts? 

Brittani Helms: I am used to challenges, and I look forward to facing off against anyone that comes in my way, though I want it to be known that I am here to win it where nobody plans on stopping me! 

Shelly Marks: Now, what about facing off against Mary Ellen Harrison, who is also representing 5BW? 

Brittani smirks and smiles as she looks at Shelly. 

Brittani Helms: If that is the case, then you guys are in for a huge treat. Mary Ellen and I are one of the original two who started the promotion and competed in the first-ever main event. We have teamed with each other and went against each other. I am glad she is in this, but at the same time, I want her to know that this is MY TIME to get that shine. She’s shining as the FIGHT Champion already. Let me have my moment in the light for once! 

Shelly keeps her eyes on her. 

Shelly Marks: Final thoughts? 

Brittani Helms: I don’t have final thoughts. The time for talking is over for me. It’s time to go out there and show what I am made of, yo. 

Brittani walks away as Shelly looks at the camera 

Shelly Marks: Strong words from Brittani Helms. Will she finally get her shot? Find out! 


We backstage where Shelly Marks is standing beside Minoru Tanahashi, still clad in his pre-show gear showing his rather unique sense of style. He stands there in white moccasins, pink dress slacks with white pinstriping, and a simple black t-shirt with a pink moon and cherry blossom tree.

Shelley Marks: Ladies and gentlemen, right now I have one of the more intriguing and interesting participants in the Unlucky sixteen tournament, a man who has wrestled all over the world, competed in many tournaments, some no doubt with strange stipulations. He’s been a champion, and a few people have him as a potential dark horse to win this whole thing.

Minoru Tanahashi: Which is ridiculous, by the way. People still think that my glimpse into the future was some kind of joke. They think I had some photoshop wizard make that image just a few days after the tournament announcements. You saw the picture, correct, Miss Marks?

Shelley Marks: I did, and it was very clearly photoshopped. It was also very poorly done. They just slapped the word winner over the word participant.

Minoru takes a step back and raises both hands towards his mouth in mock shock. He then starts laughing a little and nods his head.

Minoru Tanahashi: Alright, you got me. I took the image, threw it in photoshop, slapped that on there, and had a little bit of fun with it. Things have been a little serious for me as of late, so I decided this was one thing I could have a little bit of fun with, and maybe it would rile a few people up. If I can throw a potential opponent or two off their game by getting them a little angry, that just benefits me.

Shelley Marks: So you think this tournament is a joke?

Minoru stops smiling at that question and shakes his head.

Minoru Tanahashi: Absolutely not. I wouldn’t be here if I thought this tournament was a joke or something easily won. I wanted to take part because of the unique challenge it presents. You could have to only win two matches, or you could have to win fifteen matches. You could have three, four, five matches in a row, or have one and then go rest for an hour.

Shelley Marks: That’s a very good point. Is there a specific number you would like? Do you already know your number?

Minoru Tanahashi: No, and yes. The number really doesn’t matter. One, sixteen, lucky number seven, any of the unlucky numbers, you know, four, nine, or thirteen, or any other number in the tournament. It’s simply a starting point. You could be going in against someone who is completely fresh or someone who has been through multiple battles. A double-digit number definitely lessens your chances of having to go through multiple matches if the coin doesn’t flip your way, and of course, you could get one of them nice byes if you draw number sixteen, but honestly, I haven’t even looked at my number yet. When I go to change into my gear, that’s when I’ll look at it, and then I’ll watch to see who I’ll be up against.

Shelley Marks: Is there anyone, in particular, you’re looking to fight?

Minoru smirks and chuckles at that one.

Minoru Tanahashi: Lots of people. There are people I know well and people I have never interacted with. There are friends, enemies, legends, and rookies in this field. There’s brawlers, high fliers, powerhouses, technical marvels, craft veterans, and kids full of piss and vinegar just looking for their breakout moment. There’s a few people I’ve faced off against, a few I’ve teamed up with, a decent amount from one of my home federations. My goal in this tournament is very, very simple. It’s the exact same goal that I hope all the other people in this tournament have.

Shelley Marks: Win it?

Minoru smiles, nods, and gives the thumbs up to Shelley.

Minoru Tanahashi: Smart, ballsy and pretty. I like that in a reporter—especially the cougar ones.

Shelley looks at Minoru with an almost murderous expression.

Shelley Marks: Did you just call me old?

Minoru looks startled, glances around, and points off to the left.

Minoru Tanahashi: Oh look, bundt cake.

Minoru scurries off, putting an abrupt end to the interview.


Chris Mosh walks up to the ball tumbler and gives it a few spins. Chris then opens the ball tumbler and grabs a ball; he opens it and smirks as Elaine Bryant walks up to Chris.

Elaine Bryant: Well, Chris, it looks like you got a good number. Care to share.

Chris smirks.

Chris Mosh: Well, Elaine, any number I would have got would have been good. See Elaine, I’m the person who is winning this thing. So for the people who might be before me or the people that might come in after me need to be ready because I’m going to make them a V.I.P for a couple of minutes as they may step in the ring with me, so everyone gets ready because I’m taking this win back with me to Uprising.

Chris Mosh smirks and winks at the camera.

Chris Mosh: Mosh Out!

Chris Mosh walks off as he is smiling.


We come in on some various shots of a recording studio and a cattle ranch and stables as we see Josie reclined back against a tree with her hat draped down over her eyes.  The shadow of the camera crew overshadowed her as she tipped her hat up and spoke to them.

Josie Wales: So, you found me… you want me to trash talk like everyone else for ten minutes of an echo chamber everyone else wants to pull?

She said with a scowl on her face, not caring too much about them, as she continued to speak

Josie Wales: See, I never was much of a talker.  I would get in the ring and outperform whoever I came across. But this is different… this Unlucky 16 is more than just a tournament for me.

She said, nodding a bit, before looking up at them.

Josie Wales: I won’t lie, there are some people in this tournament I would love to thump on.  But, I have a legacy to rebuild.  The last place I was at did everything they could to make me look like a fool, and I am not going to stand for it.  I’m entering the Unlucky 16, win or lose, and I am going to remind people that I am one of the best damn wrestlers to ever enter the squared circle, and I don’t give a damn how many people I have to run through to prove it.

She said with a bit of a scowl and malice to her voice.

Josie Wales: This is my time.  It’s my redemption, and it’s my tournament to win…  and I’m not letting any of you get in my way.

She said, tipping her hat back down, letting them know she was done speaking to them, as the cameras fade to black.

Elaine Bryant: We have heard from half of the competitors in the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament. We have more on the pre-show, but let’s head down to ringside to watch the gang from 5BW in action.

Jamey Caresalle: Welcome everyone to the Five Boroughs Wrestling Part of the show. Once again, I am Jamey Caresalle, based in New York City. Last year, we made our mark with the fatal four-way match and we will see how well the next group of girls will do for this one. Let us take it to our announcer Taylor Hudson for the opening statements.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is an Unlucky 16 Showcase match featuring Five Boroughs Wrestling, and it’s a Fatal Four Way Match up. Introducing first….

Neon by Jeff Williams and Casey Lee Williams kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Out comes Jessica Hendrix wearing her elbow pad from a couple of weeks ago when she went against Ian Dream in the Softball Night Academy exams.

Taylor Hudson: From Austin, Texas, Jessica Hendrix!!

Jessica Hendrix is walking to the ring and pointing at the fans. She rolls into the ring and smiles at them while most of them are ready for what is about to go down. Lose It by Kane Brown kicks in with the fans booing. Out comes Natalie Eldredge, smirking as she comes out of the back with the fans booing at her.

Taylor Hudson: From Nashville, Tennessee, Natalie Eldredge.

Natalie walks to the ring as she takes off her cape and throws it at Jessica Hendrix. Jessica goes right after her, but the referee blocks at this. Jessica yells while Rest in Peace by Jim Johnston kicks in as the fans are booing at this. Out comes Jade Valentine, walking slowly and giving Natalie and Jessica some time to cool down.

Taylor Hudson: From The Other Side of Darkness, Jade Valentine!!

Jade Valentine slowly comes to the ring, with Natalie and Jessica still barking at one another. She slowly gets in the ring and stares them down. Finally, Here Comes the Vultures by Delain kicks in as the fans are booing at this. Larissa Johnson, coming out in Rays like Ring Gear, poses at the top of the ramp and walks slower than ever.

Taylor Hudson: From Tampa, Florida, Larissa Joh-

Jessica Hendrix and Natalie Eldredge can no longer wait as both are fighting each other in the ring. Jade Valentine tries to get involved and go right after Jessica, but Jessica hits her in the face and goes again after Natalie as both are going at it again.


Jamey Caresalle: It’s not a 5BW match if hell doesn’t break loose, and that’s what just happened!!

Jessica takes Natalie out. Larissa finally gets into the ring and goes for a spinning wheel kick to her face. Larissa taunts the fans, but Jade Valentine comes up right behind her and goes for a chokeslam, but Jessica comes back in the ring and SWIPES Jade right in the knee. Both Jessica and Larissa DROP kick Jade out of the ring as the fans are in shock with this. An unlikely alliance between Jessica and Larissa is about to happen.

Jamey Caresalle: Jessica and Larissa are working with each other to take out Jade Valentine. I wonder how long this is going to last….

However, it does not last long as Larissa ELBOWS Jessica right in the face. The fans in Anchorage are booing at Larissa as she is mocking the fans. Jessica comes back up and again hits her in the face as the fans are cheering, but Natalie Eldredge comes back in the ring and goes right after Larissa Johnson. She pushes her into the ropes with Larissa coming back at her, but Jade Valentine gets back in the ring and goes for the Big Boot. Jessica sees Jade Valentine and starts battling it down with her, but Natalie comes in the fight again and takes it to her. Jade hits both, but CHOPS Natalie Eldredge. Natalie screams out in pain, with Jade Valentine grabbing her and going for a pump handle slam onto the ground.

Jamey Caresalle: That pumphandle slam may have taken out Natalie Eldredge!

Natalie has landed on the ground with Jade going into her pocket regarding something. She takes a gulp of it as she goes back to Natalie, but Jessica Hendrix comes flying out of nowhere with a crossbody onto Jade, but Jade catches her!

Jamey Caresalle: Jessica flew but was caught!!

Larissa Johnson gets back in the ring and goes to take both down with a dropkick. Larissa yells at both and says that she will win this matchup as the fans are booing at her.

Jamey Caresalle: Larissa is getting cocky like she always does, but will it work for her?

Natalie Eldredge comes back in the ring and turns Larissa Johnson down as she goes for the NSE Stunner, but Larissa pushes her out of it and goes for her spinning wheel kick, and it connects. Larissa grabs Natalie and goes for her finisher as the fans are booing, but Jade Valentine comes up and goes to SPRAY Larissa right in the face with her mist.

Jamey Caresalle: Jade just SPRAYED Larissa right in the face with mist! Could this be the end for her!?!

Larissa wipes her eyes and screams out as Jade comes up and goes for the Tombstone. She pins Larissa in the ring with the referee counting for this.



Jessica Hendrix comes up and CRACKS her in the face with a Superkick!!

Jamey Caresalle: Jessica came out of nowhere with that Superkick! This is aggression we need to see out of her!

Jade falls off her with Jessica running up and going for a Fameasser as it connects, but she looks and sees what is going on and what she could do. She goes up top and puts to her elbow as she goes for an Elbow Drop, but Natalie Eldredge comes up and PUSHES Jessica right off the turnbuckle, causing Jessica to crash hard on the ground.

Jamey Caresalle: Natalie just SHOVED Jessica right off the turnbuckle!!

Natalie sees both Jade and Larissa are out and pins Larissa Johnson as the fans are booing for this.


Jamey Caresalle: This can’t go this way!



Jamey Caresalle: And just like that…Natalie STEALS the win…..


Taylor Hudson: Winner of the match, Natalie Eldredge! Let’s go back to Elaine Bryant!

Elaine Bryant: What an amazing match from the 5BW gang. You can watch every show on Splat! You can reach out to them on Twitter: @BoroughsFive. Let’s get back to talking about the (Un)Lucky 16 tournament that begins at the top of the hour. We will head back and hear from some more of the competitors participating in tonight’s tournament!


(The scene opens up in the backstage of the arena, where an interview area has been set up for the participants of tonight’s UnLucky 16 Tournament. Standing in the camera frame is interviewer Elaine Bryant, holding a microphone up to her face with a small smile.)

Elaine Bryant: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m standing by with one of the competitors in tonight’s tournament. She’s been on the wrestling scene for a decade and has just this past year become a breakout star in her home promotion of Project: Honor, recently capturing their Ascension championship on the Fallout brand. Now, she’s here tonight in the hopes of securing a future shot at the Multiuniversal title. Please welcome my guest at this time, Kasey Winterborn.

(Stepping into the shot from the left side, Kasey Winterborn smiles politely as she shakes Elaine’s hand. The redheaded woman is dressed in full gear, her other hand clutching a piece of paper tightly.)

Kasey Winterborn: Thank you for having me, Elaine. I’m excited to be here.

Elaine Bryant: Now, as I mentioned, you’ve been wrestling for the better part of ten years now. You’ve traveled all around the world, but it’s only been this past year here in the United States that you’ve begun to see the success that has eluded you thus far in your career. What changed?

Kasey Winterborn: I don’t know that anything really changed, Elaine. I’m still the same driven, focused individual that I’ve been throughout the entirety of my career. But I have found that I seem to have a run of terrible luck when it comes to companies. Either they close down after only a brief time, or they end up being run by some unscrupulous types, and I’ve had to take my leave for obvious reasons. But with Project Honor, I believe I’ve found a place that I can really call my home.

Elaine Bryant: It’s funny that you mention luck, seeing as the name and concept of this tournament revolves entirely around luck. More specifically, the toss of a coin. How are you feeling about this tournament and your odds going into it?

Kasey Winterborn: Well, it’s certainly a very unique concept. When I first heard about it, I was incredibly intrigued. So naturally, I wanted in. My past year has been one of the best of my career, and I want to keep riding that wave. As much as I love working for Project Honor, I also want to branch out and really get my name out there. I want to test myself against the best the wrestling world has to offer, and this tournament certainly isn’t going to disappoint. I see a lot of very established names on this list, and I’m excited to step into the ring with any of them tonight. Not going to lie, there’s certainly a lot of nervous butterflies rioting in my stomach, but I always take that as a good sign. Because the day I don’t get nervous before performing is the day I know I need to hang it up. As far as my odds go? Well, let’s just put it this way – ‘luck be a lady tonight.’

(Kasey gave a cheeky little wink to the camera, as Elaine smiled a bit.)

Elaine Bryant: Now, I see that you have already drawn your entry number for the tournament. Will you be sharing that with everyone right now or keeping it a secret until you actually enter?

Kasey Winterborn: I do love a good surprise, so I think I’ll keep everyone guessing for a little while longer.

Elaine Bryant: Well, thank you very much for your time, Kasey, and all the best to you tonight.

Kasey Winterborn: Thank you very much.

(The two women shake hands again as Kasey walks off the set, whistling a little tune.)


Erick St. John is standing next to Elaine Bryant in front of (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament promotional backdrop. Erick brandishes his signature smirk and exudes his usual confidence. Elaine gets her cue and begins her introduction.

Elaine Bryant: Ladies and gentlemen, representing One Wrestle Movement and OverPowered Wrestling, 3-time World Heavyweight Champion, Erick St. John!

Elaine turns to face Erick and greets him coyly. She’s definitely into the 1WM/OW superstar.

Elaine Bryant: You just got your entrance number for the tournament. Any thoughts going in the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament?

Erick can tell Elaine’s attraction to him, but he plays it cool as she holds the mic close to him with a good view of her cleavage.

Erick St. John: My respect to the creators of this tournament. It’s my first WeAreSplat-sponsored event, and it’s living up to the hype. I look forward to the unpredictability and randomness of the (Un)Lucky 16, but I’m confident enough in myself to manage my end of the deal once in the ring. We have an amazing roster of tournament participants, but nothing I can’t handle. At the end of the night, it’s up to me to make sure the final outcome leads me to a match with the Multiuniversal Champion.

Elaine takes back the mic and places it in front of her chest, deliberately trying to get Erick’s eyes on her plunging neckline.

Elaine Bryant: Any words for your opponents?

Erick smirks at Elaine the directs his attention to the camera.

Erick St. John: I’m a man of few words. So I let my actions speak loudly for me. But if you need words from me, I will give you the following to ponder as you all step into the ring.

Erick pauses for a slightly dramatic effect.

Erick St. John:

You all have a powerful ally on your side.
For Luck can always turn the tide.
To bend Luck to your own free will
All you need is to keep your emotions still.
Listen to these words I speak.
For failure is not what I seek.
First, you fight, and then you speak
And you will, in turn, get what you seek.
Now be careful what you do
For who has accomplished this tourney win but few.
Do this right, and you shall see
How wonderful this power of Luck can be.
Do this wrong, and as I’ve said
You’ll be wishing you were dead.
Fifteen unlucky ones there will be
For the only truly lucky one is me.

Erick turns around and winks at Elaine to get a rise from her. He succeeds but then leaves her with her lust to await his entrance into the tournament.


After drawing her number in the tournament, Kairi Higurashi moved towards the interview area, going over to Elaine Bryant. Both women had smiles on their faces though Kairi tried to exude a sense of calm over herself the situation as a whole. Whether she was successful or not, the young woman was unsure, but it surely didn’t stop her from trying. She lightly swung her arms around, a couple of closed fans swinging from her wrists as she stretched them a bit while looking at the interviewer.

Elaine Bryant: Kairi Higurashi, welcome to the UnLucky 16 Tournament! As I understand it, you haven’t been wrestling, professionally at least, for very long. With that information being known, what made you want to join the tournament?

Kairi Higurashi: Konnichi wa Briant-san! Kangei wo arigatou!

(Hello, Ms. Bryant!  Thank you for the welcome!)

Kairi gave a little bow towards Elaine, a smile still on her face as she did so. While she was Japanese-American, the young woman always made sure to show her respect towards those that deserved it or hadn’t given her a reason to be any other way. The short-haired woman leaned towards the microphone to answer Ms. Bryant’s question.

Kairi Higurashi: Sono daikai wa Twitter de me ni tomatsu ta. Watashi wa sore ga watashi ga doko ni iru ka wo miru tame no yoi houhou da to omotto ta.

(The tournament caught my eye on Twitter. I thought it would a good way to see where I am.)

Kairi smiled brightly as she finished speaking, not feeling overzealous about her role in the tournament. She was looking to hone in her skills as well as she where she was at with those that had been wrestling longer than she. The only thing was that she was wanting to see where she stood when it came to those outside of NFW. The Japanese woman looked towards Elaine again and gave a little laugh when she saw the confusion on the other woman’s face.

Elaine Bryant: Um… I’m sorry, Ms. Higurashi, I don’t speak Japanese. I know some might, but for those that don’t, would you mind speaking in English? I just want everyone to be able to get an understanding of what brings you here tonight, is all.

Kairi Higurashi: Oh, it’s no trouble at all! My apologies to everyone listening and watching. Normally I speak in English only, but my mother prefers speaking in Japanese. I was speaking with her before my turn to draw my number, so I was still in that mindset. I was thanking you for the welcome, Ms. Bryant, and I had said that the tournament caught my eye on Twitter. This is my first year in the professional circuit, that is true, but I’m always looking to hone my skills as well as wanting to see where I stand. New Frontier Wrestling certainly gives me those opportunities, but I want to see where I stand when I’m toe to toe with someone outside of NFW.

Elaine nodded lightly as she listened to the young woman. What Kairi was looking for, hoping to do, would be understandable for anyone newly in the spotlight of an athletic profession. There was the surge of needs that would understandably fill anyone in some form of competition…the need to do better, the need to BE better, the need to be the best out of all of them. The dark-haired beauty began stretching a little more serious, a strange finesse overtaking her as she did. The fans that were hooked on the woman’s wrists seemed to swing in a new rhythm that matched with the movements of the woman’s stretches.

Elaine Bryant: I know you said you want to test yourself against those that aren’t in NFW, but what about the fact that you could end up doing exactly the opposite? A few of your co-workers are signed up for the tournament as well, so there’s easily a chance that you could wrestle one of them.

Kairi Higurashi: Well…if I do end up going against one of them, I’ll welcome the challenge with open arms. I wasn’t blind to them signing up when I did so, and while I have the opportunities to face them as it is, this is a new challenge. This isn’t about something that’s going on or has happened in NFW. This is strictly about earning a chance at the MultiUniversal Championship by beating 15 other people, most from different companies and calibers, compared to what I’m growing accustomed to already. It does me no good to grow accustomed to certain people or styles when I want to enhance my skills and grow what I’m capable of doing.

Elaine Bryant: Well said, Ms. Higurashi, and quite understandable when one thinks about it from your viewpoint. Complacency does nothing to help anyone and can hinder everyone, especially those that are wanting to grow. Now I know you need to finish preparing for the evening, but I have to ask…what number did you draw for tonight?

Kairi mischievously smiled when the topic of her tournament number was brought up. Of course, she wasn’t going to spoil it by giving it away, but she wasn’t surprised when she was asked. The woman grabbed the bottom of her fans, quickly flicking her wrists to make the objects fly open. Covering part of her face, only showing her eyes which held a knowing glint, she laughed lightly.

Kairi Higurashi: That, Ms. Bryant, is something for only myself and those that need to be informed about it to know. I can say that my number makes me neither lucky nor unlucky from the get-go, however. The only thing that can determine that is the way the tournament goes, as decided by the fates.

Kairi gave Elaine a small bow once more, snapping her fans shut in the process. The woman winked towards the camera before leaving the interview arena heading down the hall to finish preparing herself.


We are once again backstage at the Unlucky 16 Tournament. Elaine Bryant is standing by with a microphone in hand.

Elaine Bryant: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest… JC Keeton.

Keeton steps into the picture in a light blue suit, white shirt, no tie, and black boots. A little black kitten with bright yellow eyes has also followed the second-generation wrestler into the scene and is rubbing its back against JC’s calf and purring.

JC Keeton: Nice to meet you, Elaine. Forgive my little buddy here. I was on my way to the arena tonight, and he ran right in front of my rental car. I thought I’d hit him, and I knew if I didn’t get out and check on him, I wouldn’t be able to focus on the huge opportunity I have here tonight. Turns out he’s okay, I guess I barely missed him, but the poor little guy was scared to death. I’ve never been much of a cat person, but I couldn’t leave him, so I brought him with me. He’s a little clingy, though.

Elaine Bryant: So you’re saying a black cat crossed your path on the way here?

JC laughs.

JC Keeton: Yeah…I heard that’s bad luck or something, but I’ve never been superstitious.

Elaine Bryant: Well, you would think that you’d want as much luck as possible on your side in a tournament of this nature. Moving on though, some people have chosen to reveal the number they drew while others have decided to keep it a secret. Do you want to let the fans watching know, or are you going to surprise them?

Again JC laughs.

JC Keeton: I got 13, I guess that’s supposed to be unlucky too.

He begins running his tongue over his teeth and winces in pain.

JC Keeton: Damn, I think I chipped a tooth right before I came out here on those hard-ass pretzels in catering.

He looks around and notices one of the correspondents holding a small mirror and doing her makeup. He rushes over to her as Elaine follows.

JC Keeton: Excuse me, ma’am, could I borrow your mirror for just a second? I think I chipped a tooth and wanna give it a look.

The lady nods and hands JC her mirror, but as he reaches for it, it slips out of his hand, shattering all over the ground and scaring the kitten, causing it to run off.

JC Keeton: I’m so sorry… I’ll buy you another one.

He starts to run off after the cat.

JC Keeton: Lucky! Come back, buddy!

He sees that the scared kitten has run under a ladder and is hiding in the corner. He gets down and starts to crawl under the ladder, but Elaine, who is now out of breath from all the unexpected action, stops him.

Elaine Bryant: Are you kidding me? You drew the number 13, had a black cat cross your path on the way here, you just broke a mirror, and now you’re about to crawl under a ladder. You’re asking for bad luck, it seems.

Keeton ignores her and crawls under the ladder to get the kitten, he picks him up and pets him.

JC Keeton: You know how many times I’ve been told I’m lucky for this or lucky for that? I survived a rare pediatric cancer TWICE, so I’m lucky to be alive, according to all the doctors. I turned down a chance to be a GUARANTEED lottery pick in the NBA draft to pursue my dream of being a professional wrestler, but I’m lucky my Dad is who he is, or I wouldn’t be where I am. The last championship I held, I defeated a guy to win it that some of the biggest names in the business LOST to, some multiple times, trying to take it from him; I only needed one shot, but I just got lucky. I’ve heard it all, Elaine, but I didn’t sign up for this little shindig cause I’m worried about some bad luck. It’s fun putting fate in the hands of a variable that’s out of my control like the flip of a coin, so let’s just hope with a little luck and a whole lot of skill the next time we talk, you’ll be calling me the winner of the SPLAT! 2021 Unlucky 16 Tournament.

He walks away, petting Lucky and talking to him as Elaine stands there shaking her head.

JC Keeton: You’re a good boy, aren’t you Lucky…

Shelly Marks: We have more (Un)Lucky 16 competitors to talk to, but let’s head down to ringside for our UPRISING feature match on the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament pre-show!


Amber wastes no time, circling Knox the second the bell rings. The crowd noise has barely faded when she charges in, firing off a series of stiff strikes, chops, and kicks that send Knox backing up into the corner even though he’s able to parry and retaliate pretty evenly. The corner turns out to be the worst place to end up as Amber mounts the second rope and starts peppering Knox with a flurry of boxing punches that the crowd is more than happy to count out before she gets a warning from the official for the closed-fist strikes. As she starts to back off, Knox snatches Amber by the head and pulls her in – capture suplex, and she’s spiked off the canvas. She pops back up, and… is she smiling? They both are as they circle again, almost as though they’re having the time of their lives. They collide, and Knox nails a few well-timed shin kicks before pulling her into that Muay Thai plum, connecting with a few knee strikes before Amber punches him in the groin – Knox doesn’t let go, shoving her under his arm for a side headlock. He tries to lift her, looking like he’s planning to hang her up on the ropes, but she slithers out down his back and takes him over with a stunner.

Amber explodes, rushing at Knox, pounding him back into the corner again, this time using a hard spear tackle that drives the wind right out of his lungs. Knox battles back, locks his arms around Amber’s middle, and takes her over with a snap suplex. Amber bounces back to her feet and twists around as Knox grabs hold of her again, slamming her elbow into Knox’s sternum. While he struggles to breathe, she snaps off a quick uppercut that staggers him further and then levels him a shotgun dropkick to the knee! Knox catches a piece of the bottom turnbuckle with his head, flopping over, and then Amber’s on him, peppering him with more punches before she locks on a cross-face hold, wrenching on Knox’s neck before his hand closes over the ropes for a break! Ryan immediately backs off and lets The Raven regain his footing, and the moment she does, she slings him off at the ropes. When Knox comes back, Amber catches him with a diving missile dropkick to the knee, and then she’s up on the ropes while he’s down on all fours – flying fist drop from the top! He crumbles, and she rolls him over, hooking the leg for a deep cover.




Ryan fires a few hard shots into Knox, making sure he’s still grounded before targeting his knee with a few stomps. Back on her feet, she goes to the top rope again, looking for more aerial punishment but somehow, someway, Knox kips up to his feet just as she’s about to launch. She changes direction mid-air and goes for a diving DDT, but Knox dodges in time and catches her – MORBID CORVIDITY AND AMBER RYAN IS DOWN! He makes the cover!



Amber kicks out, and Knox starts firing shots, looking for a Thesz press, but Amber slips out from under him and down the floor. She catches a little breather while Knox staggers back up, clearly feeling the damage from those stomps. Diving back into the ring, she looks like she’s going to headbutt that bad knee. Instead, she waits for him to step back, kips up, and nails him right in the back of that same knee with a hard punch. He goes down to one knee, but the moment Amber tries to underhook his arms and pull him up, Knox explodes in a burst of energy, grabbing Amber’s ankle and rolling her over with a fisherman suplex. Amber struggles to break free.




Knox grabs Amber, hoisting her up, looking for an atomic drop, but Amber twists in the air, nailing him in the back of the head with an elbow strike, and then he’s down thanks to an avalanche spider suplex! She’s fast to her feet, and immediately scoops Knox up, sending him staggering into the corner for an Irish whip. He hooks the ropes, halting himself, and then looks up when the crowd roars, only to get caught with a knee to the face. He staggers away towards the center of the ring, and Amber launches herself off the second rope, looking for a crossbody – NO! SOMEHOW, SOME WAY, KNOX CATCHES HER AND FLIPS HER OVER – THE MERCY, THE MURDER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! Amber’s caught, but Knox’s shoulders are down flat on the canvas, and after checking on Ryan, the referee starts counting the pinfall.


Amber is still trying to break free. The crowd’s going nuts, and Knox is straining, trying to keep the Red Painted Hurricane grounded.


She looks like she’s starting to fade, in agony with the way she’s landed and the way she’s being contorted now.


Amber taps at the exact same moment the referee’s hand slaps the canvas a third time. The crowd can’t believe it. Matthew Knox releases the hold, staring at the referee in confusion as he realizes what’s just happened – IT’S A TIE!

Shelly Marks: That’s all the action for the pre-show. You can catch UPRISING every other Saturday on Splat! Check them out on Twitter: @UPRISINGFED. The rabid fans here in the Sullivan Arena are anxiously awaiting the start of the tournament. However, let’s hear from the final few contestants in the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament.


Elaine Bryant: We’re here with Mary Ellen Harrison, representing Five Boroughs Wrestling as their current FIGHT Champion. Mary Ellen, tell us your thoughts on what you’ll be expecting in the Unlucky 16 tournament.

Mary Ellen Harrison: This whole thing seems a bit out of the ordinary for me. The location, most of the competitors, even the match concept, all of it is pretty new to me.

Mary Ellen takes in a deep breath to help compose herself and then smiles.

Mary Ellen Harrison: But if there’s one thing that I’ve learned through the years is that you have to be ready for anything to happen, be ready for any event, any opponent, any type of match, all of it.

Mary Ellen Harrison: This place might be new to me, and I might not have faced most of these wrestlers before, but I know that I’ll be ready for anyone and everyone that is put in front of me.

Mary Ellen fixes her FIGHT Championship on her shoulder.

Mary Ellen Harrison: And when this is all over when I walk out as the best of the Unlucky 16, I’ll be more than ready to add some more gold to my collection.


“Hon, do I look good?”

“I mean… you look like a guy in his 40s in glittery silver tights, hot pink boots, and a bedazzled bandanna, so…”

“Rad! So I look awesome then!”

The view opens up to show “Loverboy” Vinnie Lane in the aforementioned ensemble. He stands in front of a makeshift SPLAT! banner created out of what looks like a bedsheet stretched over a chain-link fence, and his toothy grin stretches from ear to ear.

“Just let me know when we’re recording, babe.”

“Oh, we’ve BEEN recording, Vinnie.”

“ROX! I wasn’t ready!”

The hovering Cam-Bot drone spins on its axis and shows Roxy Cotton, the voluptuous bombshell Vinnie’s been engaged to for several years, snickering and trying to hide her laughter behind a manicured hand.

“Sorry, bb… but trust me, you’re as ready as you’re going to get.”

The Bot rotates around again and shows Vinnie once more. He straightens his midriff-cut Saigon Kick tee shirt and fluffs his platinum blond locks, which he’s crimped for the occasion.

“True. I’m always ready to go! All right, babe, hit me with a countdown!”

“Sigh… fine. Ten. Nine. Eight.”

“Babe, from three is fine…”

“Just start!”

“WHAT’s HAPPENIN’ Splat Media! It’s time to ROCK! You know, when I saw this tournament go up on the old Tweeter machine, I knew I had to get in on it! This thing lacks star power, baby! And who better than a LEGEND like me to spice things up? I mean, you can’t depend on nobodies like JC Keeton or Trey Bouchet, which is an AMAZING name, dude, but that’s all you’ve got. I mean, Amelia Hearts? Cali Kate? Come on!”

Vinnie holds his arms out and looks back and forth as if he’s trying to find someone to explain this nonsense to him.

“Like, let’s be honest for a sec okay, dudes? We might as well skip the prelims and go straight to the finals everyone knows are happening. Your winner, “Loverboy” Vinnie Lane… the former Universal Champion! Former Hart Champion! Former X-Treme Champion! Former Trios Champion! A Living Legend! The guy writing checks and snapping necks all over the XWF since 2014? Yeah, him. ME. In the finals, getting my hand raised after a grueling, sweaty, aggressive, physical battle with Kasey Winterborn. I mean, let’s be serious, she and I are gonna roll around the mat for as long as it takes… rolling on top of one another… writhing… mounting… straddling…”


“UH! Until I win, of course, in dominant fashion! Yup. Winterborn, you’re gonna be face down on the mat, with your butt pointed up in the air! I’m gonna get my hands all over you, flip you over, and spank you like you’ve never been spanked! Like, in a wrestling match, I mean. I’m gonna spank you, by which I mean beat you, so, like, not sure why Rox is glaring at me at all.”

“Let’s wrap it up, Vin. You need time to make the couch bed.”

“AW, man! So uncool. Whatever. You know what’s cool? Winning the UNLUCKY Sixteen! I’m about to find my entry number, which is gonna seal the freakin’ deal. Babe. Gimme the bubble thing.”

Roxy walks over in front of the camera view in her high stiletto pumps. Her backside rolls like a pendulum with each step, nearly distracting from the fact that her tight minidress is entirely backless from the waist up.

She hands Vinnie the plastic bubble they drew from the tournament’s raffle drum just before hitting the promo stage. Vinnie opens it and looks at the paper inside, and his eyes widen. He quickly crumples the paper up in a fist as his smile flickers and vanishes for just a moment.

“It’s fine. Totally fine. Plan is ON! Kasey Winterborn, you’re gonna need to put EXTRA body lotion on if you think you’re slipping through my hands! Maybe some perfume too. And glitter? Maybe?”

“Ugh… finish it yourself, Vinnie…”

Roxy walks away, pulling her cell phone to her ear.

“Ang, you busy? I need a drink. Yeah, he did what I thought he would do…”

With Rox out of the shot, Vinnie strikes a pose.

“Watch out, SPLAT! Your new rock n’ roll MEGASTAR has arrived! Aaaaaand cut! Cut! Dang it, Cam-Bot…”

Vinnie rushes over to the lens and reaches a hand out. The final shot is of his palm as it grabs the lens of the drone.


The scene opens in an empty parking lot as the sun is going down, the light casting long shadows across the pavement. The roar of a motorbike can be heard approaching before a violently green Ducati Superleggera comes speeding into the lot, bearing a leather-clad rider with a helmet bearing the face of a black dragon slides to a stop, kicking up loose rocks. The helmeted operator, wearing a black leather kutte and riding pants, reaches up with gloved hands to remove the helmet, revealing none other than the Poison Dragon herself, Hirata Dokueki. The menacing Asian woman puts the kickstand down on her bike before dismounting, turning to look at the camera.

Dokueki: This tournament is labeled the Unlucky 16 and will be the first tournament I have taken part in on North American soil.

The Asian woman pushes her hair out of her face, one deep brown eye blazing with intense ferocity, the other eye white and hazy, motionless in its socket. She licks her lips as a devilish grin appears on her face.

Dokueki: The only thing “unlucky” about this tournament is the fact that I am competing. A mixture of fifteen men and women make up the rest of the field, but that does not matter. They can only hope that I am drawn first and must continue to fight in a series of battles if they have any hope of defeating me. A Dragon is not easily slain, as they say.

Dokueki leans against the bike, crossing her arms over her chest as she looks up at the sky for a moment before turning her gaze back to the camera.

Dokueki: Many would call out specific competitors in the field, praising or insulting them each in kind, but that is not the way Hirata Dokueki does things. No. I am calling out everyone in this tournament. If you are “unlucky” enough to step into the ring with me, your time in this tournament will be brutally short. I plan on nothing less than absolute victory, regardless of the way I must attain it.

She turns now, remounting the motorbike. She puts up the kickstand and takes her helmet in her hands before flashing a toothy smile at the camera that can only be described as terrifying.

Dokueki: The Dragon stands at the apex of the mountain, looking down on all of those below her with intense fury and disdain. Are any of you worthy enough to climb to my height and vanquish me? There is only one way to find out. Come. Test your mettle. And be born again in the fires of my rage and power.

The scene fades to black as Dokueki fires up the superbike and puts her helmet back on, roaring out of the parking lot.

We return to the interview area, where Elaine and Shelly are standing.

Shelly Marks: This is it. What we’ve all been waiting for. The time to find out who will master the (Un)Lucky 16 Tournament is at hand.

Elaine Bryant: If you haven’t yet subscribed to We Are Splat, what are you waiting for? Thank you for watching the (Un)Lucky 16 Pre-Show. The tournament begins momentarily. Sit tight.

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