Jackson has some sort of gadget in his hand, and he appears to be sweeping the Pride home.  Thaddeus is walking behind him. As they walk through the hallway towards the bedroom, there’ve been no results so far.

“Is this really going to help?” Thaddeus asks.

Jackson ignores him but as he gets into the bedroom, the numbers start to spike. He looks back at Thaddeus and shoes him the meter.

“You mean…” Thaddeus starts to ask but Jackson immediately shushes him.

Jackson sweeps the gadget and then finally ends up pointing it at the outlet as he kneels down in front of it. The meter is all the way to the right now, almost on 10.

Thaddeus starts to speak again, but Jackson rises up and pushes Thaddeus out of the room.

“Who would put a bug in my bedroom?” asks Thaddeus.

Jackson looks at Thaddeus, “I think you know.”

Thaddeus does have a thought, but he brushes it aside, “It can’t possibly be.”

But there was only one way to know for sure.

Betsy gets up from the bed and kneels down at the outlet, using her screwdriver to remove the cover.

She plucks the bug from it’s location and sets it on the floor and then begins to attach the cover back to the outlet, humming to herself happily.

The door to the bedroom opens and Thaddeus looks in and watches her for a moment, before stepping all the way into the room.


Betsy freezes.

“Was is you all along?” he asks.

That’s what should have happened.

Instead, Thaddeus watches her reattach the outlet cover and then he slowly closes the door. He starts to walk away from the door.

Thaddeus: I felt like someone punched me in the gut.

He starts to turn around when suddenly the door opens and he screams out, “You scared me!” he tells Betsy. “I thought you were going to rest?”

Betsy suddenly rushes into his arms and wraps her arms around his neck, a frightened look on her face. “I can’t stay in that room alone. I’m so scared!”

“What happened?”  he asks her.

She pulls back and looks up into his eyes, fear spread across her face. “I found the socket was partially removed. I tried to fix it, but I saw something strange inside.” She opens her hands up and inside is the bug with a red blinking light. She looks up at Thaddeus and asks, “Do you know what this is?”

Thaddeus has no idea what to think now. She couldn’t have known he had spied on her just now. He reaches for the bug and holds it up, “Who would put a bug in here?”

A tear starts to roll down Betsy’s face, “Honey, I’m afraid. The kidnapper is still out there. What if he tries to come back for me? Maybe we should leave the house. I’m so scared.”

Thaddeus is trying to process this as he puts his arm around her protectively. Now, for him, nothing makes sense. Maybe his hunch was wrong. “Don’t worry. I’m here to protect you. I’ll make sure the police get this for their investigation.”

He starts to walk down the hall to call the detectives when Betsy runs up behind him and wraps her arms around him. She leans his head against his back and murmurs, “Thank you.” All the while, she grins like the Cheshire cat. “You’re the only one I trust.”

Darkness has come and Emmy is standing at the window, looking out into the neighborhood. She has a glass of vodka in her hand, and she takes a drink. It’s obvious that there’s something on her mind as she just stands there.

From where she is, she can see into the Pride home and into their living room, but everything is dark inside the home. The couple must have gone to sleep.

Emmy isn’t the only one watching the Pride house as Mary stands across the street, just staring at the home.

She’s angry.

Her fist is clenched tightly as she lifts it up and slowly opens her palm to reveal the bug she found in the clock at her house.

She’s going to find out who fucked with her, and she already has a pretty good idea who that was.

Thaddeus dreams that night.

The wedding ceremony between himself and Betsy progresses just as he remembers. But when it’s time to place the wedding ring on her finger, Betsy’s fingernail is missing and dripping blood onto the floor of the church. She looks up at him with a grin.

Thaddeus’s eyes snap open and it’s morning. He turns his head to the side to see that Betsy is not in her bed. It’s been made up and the ritual has resumed. His clothing is laid out on the bench at the foot of his bed.

He grabs his head and moans.

Soon, he is downstairs, stirring fruit into his oatmeal. It’s as if nothing has changed. It’s almost as if the kidnapping never happened. They’ve fallen right back into their normal routine.

As he stirs his food, he finds himself staring at the bandage on Betsy’s finger. She sees it and asks, “It’s ugly, right?”

Thaddeus snaps out of his gaze and looks up at her, shaking his head. “Not at all. I was just thinking that had to be very painful.”

Betsy puts her spoon down and shakes her head, “I don’t care if they had removed all ten of my fingernails. I only wanted to get back to you.” She smiles brightly at him and takes a drink of her orange juice before going back to her meal.

Thaddeus just stares at her.

Thaddeus: Is she really the same Betsy that I married?

“You should eat it while it’s warm,” Betsy tells him, once again, snapping him out of his thoughts.

As she smiles at him, he returns the smile and comes to a decision.

Thaddeus: I’m going to trust my wife.

Of course, everything has to return to normal at some point. Betsy escorts Thaddeus down the stairs to see him off to work. He leans in and kisses her on the cheek and tells her, “You are to relax. Don’t overdo anything.”

“I’ve rested enough,” she protests. “I really need to get back to my work.”

Thaddeus knows not to argue with her. “Let me know if I can do anything to help.” His eyes look past his wife as Emmy and Sierra walks up to them.

Emmy immediately takes Betsy’s hands in hers, “I was so afraid for you! You don’t even know how scared I was when I heard about what happened.”

Betsy smiles at the women, “Thank you for all your support.”

Emmy shakes her head, still holding both of Betsy’s hands, “I should be apologizing. I really shouldn’t have said anything to the press. I was so afraid something worse would happen to you and I just wanted to help.”

“No. Thanks to you,” Betsy looks back at Thaddeus for a moment then turns back to Emmy, “We have decided to start over fresh. No secrets.”

“You both have been through a lot,” Sierra says. “I can’t even imagine being in your position and going through all of this. And here you are, as if nothing has happened at all. You are both so very brave.”

Thaddeus nods, “It was hard, but look at the two of you. I think you guys are an amazing couple. Always out doing things together. You both seem very happy.”

Betsy leans in to Emmy, “I rather envy you, getting to spend so much time with your wife.”

As Thaddeus drives to the restaurant, he glances up on the dash where he placed the bug.

Thaddeus: Trust is not an issue about choice. It’s just that you can pretend to trust.

Suddenly, he makes a sharp turn.

Moments later, he’s back in Jackson’s pawn shop, sitting across from him. Jackson cracks a sunflower seed and asks, “Did she take the bait?”

Thaddeus has the bug in his pocket and considers producing it and having Jackson look at it but he’s struggling with the trust issue. “It’s not my wife,” he tells the detective.

Jackson looks surprised. “I never said it was your wife.”

Thaddeus seems confused.

Jackson brushes his hand from the sunflower residue and finally asks, “What is it I can help you with then?”

Thaddeus leans forward, “I need you to dig up everything you can about my wife. To be honest, and the more I think about it, I really don’t know too much about her. I want to find a way to improve our relationship.”

Dramatically, Jackson gets up out of his chair, “Isn’t that interesting?” he laughs. “You don’t ask me to find the kidnapper. You want me to investigate your wife behind her back.”

“Not investigate, so much,” Thaddeus tries to explain. “I would just like to know a bit more about her.”

“Men who pay me money to investigate their wives belong to one of two groups,” Jackson explains. “Innocent men wanting to confirm things that aren’t true and practical men hoping things are true.” He points to Thad, “Which one are you?”

Thaddeus doesn’t answer. In fact, he seems a little annoyed.

Jackson sits on the table in front of Thad, “Let me ask you once more. What is it that you need? Let’s not bullshit one another. What the fuck do you want me to look for?” Before Thaddeus can answer, Jackson just waves him off, “Better yet, let me ask you something else. What if she staged the entire kidnapping?”

That’s exactly what Thaddeus wants to know, but he’s not sure he’s ready to believe that happened. “What if she did?”

Jackson gets all animated again as he leaps back to his feet, “If she did, then we have to start from square one in this investigation. We have to find out why.”

“I don’t know why,” Thaddeus responds.

Jackson nods his head, “Of course you don’t. But I’ll tell you, in most cases it all boils down to money. But!” Jackson says with a flair. “She has a shit load of money, so that’s not it. So, she wants something that’s not money.” He snaps his fingers and points to Thaddeus.


Thaddeus stares at the crazy old man in front of him. Then he laughs. “How could she go through all of this for revenge? Because I cheated on her? She would commit all these crimes because I cheated?”

“People don’t usually try this hard,” Jackson explains. “Typically, they’ll eat a piece of humble pie and forgive, or walk away. That means there’s some other reason.”

Suddenly, Thaddeus remembers Jerry.

“Wait a minute,” Thaddeus looks up at Jackson, “That Jerry guy from her school.”

“Exactly!” Jackson exclaims. “A common housewife can’t plan something as elaborate as all this. Except maybe for love.”

Thaddeus knows this makes sense, but wouldn’t she just go with Jerry then? “No. That’s not right either.”

“What’s wrong with you, man?” Jackson yells at him. “You think you can cheat but your wife can’t cheat?”

“That’s not the point!” Thaddeus yells back. He calms down and leans back against the couch, “If it’s true…” but he can’t seem to finish the sentence.

Jackson just nods his head. “You said ‘if’, so part of you believes that it’s possible. Here’s what you need to do. Do not let her find out that you know anything. Look, she knows you far better than you know her, it seems. You need to act calm. I’ll see what I can do.”

Thaddeus gets up and starts for the door when he stops, turns around and asks, “Do you really think she staged all of this?”

“I know you don’t want to believe it. But the time to take the initiative is at hand.”

Thaddeus parks a few blocks away from his house and he walks down to the house.

He pushes on the gate only to find it locked. The gate is hardly ever locked. But, considering what his wife has gone through, he isn’t surprised that it’s locked.

He climbs up the side and hopes over the railing, landing on the steps and walks up toward the house and the goes around to the side.

Betsy has her tablet and is sitting at the table. Her phone rings and she answers, “Oh! I’m just leaving now.”

Moments later, she’s got her jacket on and heading down the steps to the sidewalk. Thaddeus trying not to be seen by her is almost comical as he tries to find a position where can see her, but her not see him.

Shortly, an Uber pulls up and she gets into the back seat, and it drives off.

Thaddeus hurries down the stairs and rushes to his car and is soon following the Uber in his own car.

In the Uber, Betsy is touching up her make up.

When she arrives at her destination, Thaddeus follows her inside and watches as she gets onto an elevator, that stops at the fourth floor. He glances at the board that says the yoga class is on the fourth floor.

He heads to the stairs.

He watches as everyone oos and ahhs over Betsy’s incident and then as the yoga class begins, he stands there, watching. He finds himself wondering what the hell he’s doing. Didn’t he just decide he was going to trust her?

Slowly, he walks down the stairs back to the lobby floor.

He just misses Jerry getting into the elevator. Jerry did not miss seeing Thaddeus walk by as the elevator door closes.

“It’s obvious that this is a case of lost love,” Alex says as she drives the car.

JC turns to look at her, “You’re telling me he waited all this time to get his revenge?” JC is definitely thinking about something, “No, this case is about something else. We’re just getting started.”

Thaddeus went back home and is on the laptop. He’s pulled up Jerry’s Instagram page and scrolling through some of his artwork he posted there.

Suddenly, he stops.

He glances over at the display where his wedding photo sits and looks back at the screen. Jerry painted that same picture and display. A little further down, there’s another familiar piece. Thaddeus glances up and sees it’s the same piece of art on another table.

And another.

And another.

Jerry has been inside his house.

Then he stops on one particular portrait. Two mugs on the table. It might not seem distinct, except for the centerpiece that is painted behind the two mugs.

Thaddeus looks up, seeing that same centerpiece on his dining room table.

Thaddeus’s is suddenly filled with images of Jerry and Betsy sitting at the dining room table, drinking cocoa and enjoying each other’s computer. It progresses to them staging the crime scene together, laughing as they smear blood all over the floor.

Jerry putting on Thaddeus’s shoes and walking through the blood. All the while, they are laughing like this is the greatest thing.

Thaddeus even imagines them high fiving each other with bloody gloves on their hands.

Thaddeus rises from the couch and walks towards the dining room. He remembers Jackson’s advice.

Only give them what you want to give them.

Thaddeus walks upstairs and begins to remove the cover to the outlet where the bug was placed before. This time, he removes the casing and places the bug back behind there, so it’s not easily seen if someone removes the cover and then reassembles the device.

After that, we’ll decide what our plan is next.

Jerry and Betsy are in the elevator after the yoga class.

Jerry has already taken note of the video camera in the upper corner of the elevator so, while facing forward, he sets a bag on the floor.

“Here are the cell phone and receiver,” he mutters.

Betsy doesn’t acknowledge him other than to tell him, “I no longer need them. Get rid of them.”

As the elevator doors open, Betsy walks out, and Jerry watches her.  As people start to enter, he reaches down and picks up the bag and hurries out.

JC and Alex are at the baseball stadium. They hold up their badges, “We’re from the police department.”

The stadium manager seems confused, “Someone from the police department came by already.”

The manager leads the two detectives into the surveillance room where Jackson is looking through some footage.

“Are you from the department?” JC asks him.

Fuck. Jackson knows he’s busted.

He slowly lifts his head up, “Detectives. Fancy meeting you both here like this. It’s been a while, JC.” Jackson holds out his hand for a shake which goes unshook.

“You know this guy?” Alex asks.

“This is Jackson. He’s a former cop. Got busted out for taking bribes,” JC explains.

“Allegedly taking bribes,” Jackson corrects him.

JC doesn’t acknowledge that piece of trivia. “Why are you here?”

Jackson is trying to seem very casual about this, “You know, a guy has to make a living.”

“Find anything?”

Jackson nods, “So, it appears the kidnapper knew which camera was defective and used that location on purpose.” He glances up at the detectives, “This guy is brilliant. But I might have something.”

The two detectives walk around so they can see the monitor, “Look here,” Jackson points on the screen. “Have you found this cooler yet?” They watch as someone walks down the corridor, pulling a large wheeled cooler behind them.

“We haven’t found anything,” Alex blurts out. JC turns and looks at Alex, who looks apologetic.

“Looks like they distracted you with the UAV so they could get the money out of the stadium,” Jackson says.

“Who are you representing in this?” JC asks.

“Ah, she’s family,” Jackson explains. “Remember when we used to be friends, JC?”

JC takes control of the video and stops.

Alex looks closely, “That’s not Mary. Mary wore a darker jacket and different sunglasses.”

Jackson nods, “But whoever this is, sure does look like her.”

Mary watches as Thaddeus backs into a parking spot and as he stops the car, she rushes over and gets into the passenger side.

Thaddeus knew this day was coming, but he was hoping to delay it a bit.

She turns to him, “What in the fuck, Thad? I haven’t heard jack shit from you in days. You don’t call me. I’m over in my apartment sweating. The police interrogated me! And you don’t call me.”

“It’s not the right time,” he explains.

“Bullshit!” She leans over and pulls his collar away, “Did you really try and hang yourself because of that bitch?”

Thaddeus sighs, “This would be so much easier if I had just died that night.”

Mary pulls out the bug and holds it up to him, “I found this in my goddamned apartment. It could only have been one person. She heard us talking about it and called the police. That’s how they knew about the wine.”

Thaddeus shakes his head, “There’s no proof it was her.”

Mary looks at him with some confusion, “Where is your head right now? Are you going back her?”

“I never said that,” he sighs. “Even if she did all of this, what now? What’s the point? It’s all over now. Go back to your life and pretend nothing happened between us.”

“Fuck, no!” Mary shouts at him. “You only have one choice here. I know too much.”

She leans in to kiss him, but he pushes her back.  Mary looks at him like he’s lost his mind.

Thaddeus opens the car door and gets out of the car and Mary hurries out as well, “Are you fucking kidding me right now?”

He turns to her, “Don’t come to the restaurant for a few days. I’ll call you when you can come back.”

“Goddammit! What in the hell is going on?!” she screams at him.

Thaddeus glances at his watch, “I need to get to the restaurant. Enjoy your time off.”

As he turns his back on her and walks off, she screams at him, “This isn’t over yet, Thaddeus Pride!”

The restaurant has picked up business since everything went public. Thaddeus has come out the hero for saving his wife and now they can’t keep up with the traffic coming in.

Thaddeus walks in and Kasey is there to greet him, “We were starting to get worried, boss.”

“Sorry to make you worry,” Thaddeus tells her. “Listen, until everything dies down and the fake news goes away, I’ve asked Mary to stay away from the restaurant. I’ll handle her duties while she’s gone.”

“Gone? I’m not gone,” Mary says as she walks in with a big smile on her face. “People will be more suspicious if I just disappear.”

Thaddeus is not happy, “I told you to take a few days.”

Everyone has stopped working, not sure what’s going on. Mary glances around, “Get back to work.”

As everyone goes back to what they were doing, Mary and Thaddeus stare at each other and they aren’t exchange pleasant looks either.

Thaddeus walks down to the cellar. He can feel a headache coming on, so he sits down and just closes his eyes.

“Boss!” Kasey yells down the stairs, then rushes down. “You better get up here.”

Tamika is sitting at one of the tables. Every plate that Mary has served her, she has sent back without even touch it. There have been five so far. Mary sets the plate down, Tamika immediately slides it away from her and tells her to “Take it back.”

Mary is starting to lose her patience, “Ma’am, you’ve sent six plates back already.”

“It’s not my fault they smell weird,” Tamika tells her.

Thaddeus rushes in and stops when he sees his sister.

Tamika turns her face up at Mary, “I don’t prefer my food to be served my immoral people.”

“Well, perhaps you can just starve then,” Mary tells her.

Tamika grabs the plate and looks like she’s going to throw the pasta at Mary, when Thaddeus gracefully retrieves the plate from his sister.

Tamika turns to her brother, “Keep your employees under control. I’m leaving.” She storms out of the restaurant, having caused quite enough of a scene.

Kasey is not happy. That was her food that kept getting returned. She’s never had a plate returned, ever.

Mary turns to Thaddeus, “Fine. I’m going home.” She walks off.

Thaddeus turns to the other patrons, “I apologize for the incident. Please, enjoy your meal on me today.”  He walks by a server, “Clean up that table.”

Mary grabs her jacket from her locker and puts it on. Then she just pauses and sits down. She almost starts to cry but she won’t give anyone the satisfaction. She composes herself, stands back up and grabs her purse and walks out of the room, but nearly bumps right into Kasey.

“You might want to leave through the back door,” Kasey tells her.

Mary seems confused, but then the reason dawns on her, “Oh no she is not…”

Indeed, Betsy has shown up at the restaurant.

“What are you doing here?” Thaddeus is completely taken off guard by her sudden arrival.

Betsy just smiles at him, “Surprise!” Betsy’s face has been all over the news of late, so it’s almost like a celebrity has walked into the restaurant. Those enjoying their meal stop and look at the woman.

“The timing couldn’t be more perfect,” Mary says as she walks into the room. Mary’s presence nearly knocks Thaddeus over. It’s probably his worst case scenario being played out right in front of his eyes. He stands there with his mouth hanging over.

“I am heading home, which leaves us short staffed,” Mary explains. “Perhaps you can fill in for me while I’m out.”

Betsy smiles at Mary, “I’d be delighted. Don’t worry about a thing.”

Mary returns the fake smile with one of her own, “Well, I think you are responsible for all the extra customers we’ve been having lately, so this is probably for the best.”

Thaddeus gets even more nervous as Betsy walks up to Mary and whispers something into her ear before moving on by her. Whatever it was that Betsy said, causes Mary to almost drop her smile, but she’s not going to let that woman get to her. She refocuses on her smile and walks out of the restaurant, head held high.

Kasey is watching this scene unfold as she pretends to wipe down the counters.

Thaddeus catches up to Betsy, “I really wanted you to get some rest. You’re still recovering from your ordeal.”

“Nonsense,” Betsy tells him. “We lost all of our savings because of what happened to me. I need to be here to help you get some of that money back. You shouldn’t suffer because of me.”

“No, no, no. I’m not suffering at all,” Thaddeus tries to tell her. “That money? It doesn’t matter at all,” he lies.

“I’d really feel better being here with you,” Betsy tells him. “I’m a little scared to be at home alone.”

With that, Betsy turns and walks back into the main room, “I’m going to be helping out around here for a few days,” she announces to the others on staff.

“You’ve only just got out of the hospital,” one server says.

Kasey nods her head, “That’s true. You should be home resting.”

“I appreciate everyone’s concern, but this has been decided,” Betsy lets them know. “I wanted to find a way to say thank you for keeping everything going during our difficult times. Excuse me one moment.”

As Betsy disappears, Kasey gets a feeling that this isn’t such a good idea.

Betsy puts on an apron and closes the locker when she spots Mary’s locker.

She reaches up and pulls out Mary’s name tag and looks at it for a moment. With a grin, she tears it in half and drops it into the waste bucket.

Mary hasn’t really gone anywhere. Outside, she’s watching Betsy and Thaddeus interact inside the restaurant. Betsy, in particular, has found every reason in the world to touch Thaddeus and it drives Mary nuts. Especially after what the bitch said to her.

“You’re the reason we have so many customers these days,” Mary had told the woman.

Betsy then walked up and whispers, “Don’t you know? The reason they came is because of you.”

What burns Mary the most is that she’s probably right.

Mary looks for a few more moments and then curses under her breath before she walks away.

Thaddeus is watching his wife interact with the staff. They have all taken to her, she does have that charisma about her.

Betsy happens to catch Mary walking away from the restaurant though the window and grins.

Everything was working perfectly.

Thaddeus also sees that Betsy is watching Mary. For him, something still doesn’t sit right with him about all of this.

The restaurant has closed, the customers are gone, and everyone is working on getting things cleaned when JC and Alex walk into the restaurant.

Betsy is the first to notice as concern crosses her face.

Thaddeus sees him and sighs. He was putting some flowers into a vase, but now he’s annoyed. He stands up and asks, “What now?”

“We just need to confirm something,” JC tells him.

Earlier in the day, after a call from Emmy, the detectives came to her place.

“I’m not trying to start any trouble, but I thought you should see this,” she explains.

Video from her dashcam shows Thaddeus jumping the rail to his house and then spying on his wife as she leaves in an Uber.

“You’re doing the right thing,” JC tells her as Alex rewinds the footage and they watch it again. JC turns his attention to the video, “Things are getting interesting.”

JC looks at Thaddeus, “We need to have a private conversation.”

Thaddeus nods and motions towards the stairs, “We can talk in my office.” As the detectives head up, Thaddeus turns to Betsy, “You can go ahead and go home. I’ll lock up.”

He heads up the stairs very slowly and then stops. He turns around to see Betsy smiling up at him reassuringly. It’s an eerie feeling. He turns and finishes the climb to the second story.

As he turns around, Betsy’s smile fades.

“I didn’t realize your wife helped out at the restaurant,” JC comments.

Thaddeus nods, “She comes down when she wants.”

Alex slowly turns the laptop towards Thaddeus, “Can you explain what’s going on here?” and hits play.

Thaddeus watches himself on the video, hopping the railing to the staircase outside his house. He begins to fidget nervously with his hands.

Slowly, both detectives turn their heads to look at Thaddeus, who gets even more nervous. “I was worried about my wife. I didn’t want her to know I was checking up on her, so I decided to sneak around and make sure she’s alright.”

JC isn’t quite sure he believes this story, “Are you sure it isn’t because you don’t trust her?”

Thaddeus looks shocked at the question.

“We’re trying to find the person who took the five million dollars from the trash can at the ballpark. We think your wife’s friend Jerry is somehow part of this, but the person who retrieved the money from the trash can is a woman, so it must be his accomplice.

Alex cues up the video from the stadium. “Does your wife own an outfit like this?”

Thaddeus glances at the video of the woman in black, dragging a cooler behind her. They play it again and with interest, he leans in closer before turning back to the detectives. “Are you suspecting my wife is involved in her own kidnapping?”

Thaddeus is on his street, but he’s not in front of his house.  He leans over and rings the bell.

Inside, Emmy is reading a magazine when her doorbell rings.

Moments later, she’s standing one the sidewalk with Thaddeus.

Thaddeus seems uncomfortable asking the question, but he has to know. “Could you tell me when my wife told you she suspected I was having an affair?”

Emmy answers the question honestly, “It was about a month ago.”

Thaddeus remembers asking this same question to his niece last week about the key and she also answered that she was given the key one month ago.

Thaddeus: Has she been planning this for a month?

When Thaddeus doesn’t respond to her, Emmy clears her throat, “I hope you know she loves you very much.”

“Yeah,” Thaddeus says, though he’s not really listening to her at this point.

Emmy realizes it too, so she says it again. “I said, I hope you know your wife loves you very much.”

This snaps Thad out of his thoughts, “I’m sorry, pardon me?”

“She went on about her business, even though she knew of your affair,” Emmy explains. “That proves just how much she loves you. She stayed with you, even though she knew.”

“Why would she do this?” Thaddeus asks her.

“Because we love our spouses,” Emmy says frankly.

One month ago, Emmy was sitting across from Betsy, and they are having coffee. Betsy has just announced her suspicion.

“Don’t try so hard,” Emmy tells her.

Betsy seems confused, “I’m sorry?”

Emmy smiles at her sympathetically, “I know just how you feel. It happened to me. Your husband comes home later and later. That’s the first sign.

Betsy sighs softly, dejected.

“I’m just sharing my experience. When the feelings are lost, just go your separate ways,” Emmy tells her. “Divorce isn’t so bad these days.”

“Divorce?” Betsy asks. She couldn’t even imagine that.

“I preferred divorce to marriage,” Emmy tells her. “Then I remarried for the better. I’m sure you’ll do the same.”

Betsy shakes her head, “I still prefer marriage.”

“Even though he cheats on you?” Emmy seems surprised. To her Betsy was a strong woman. She’s never seen this side of her neighbor before. “My honest advice? Dump him. The sooner the better.”

Betsy looks at her neighbor, “There’s always another way.”

Emmy watches as Thaddeus walks across the street to his own house. She pulls up her phone and dials Sierra.

Sierra is at a bar, having a drink. When her phone rings, she pulls it out of her purse and sees that it’s Emmy. She lays it on the bar, allowing it to ring until it stops.

Emmy sighs softly as she turns and heads back into her house. Perhaps things are not all rosy as everything might think they are.

JC is lying on the couch while Crystal is watching the news coverage of Betsy’s kidnapping.  She has been completely obsessed with this case.

“What if she never returned?” she asks out loud, but to really no one in particular.

JC was half asleep when she speaks and asks, “Who?”

“That woman,” Crystal tells him. JC has already fallen back asleep, but she doesn’t know that yet. “I’ve seen this woman before.”

When no response comes, she turns around to see her husband has passed out. Under his pillow though, is a baseball. She crawls over and takes it, moving it around in her hand and then she rolls it across the floor as she remembers now where she saw that woman.

It was the baseball stadium.

Crystal was there waiting for her boys to finish practice when she notices the woman sitting a few seats away from her. In fact, she remembers the woman removing her sunglasses with tears streaming down her face.

In the background, we see Thaddeus dragging that garbage bag around.

Crystal grins wondering if this was the first time this mother has come to watch her boy play. “It’s very moving watching how hard they try,” Crystal says to her.

“No,” the crying woman tells her. “It’s my husband.”

Crystal found that an odd thing to say, to be honest.

Crystal is staring at her phone, having found Betsy’s Instagram page and finding the wedding photo. She looks from the phone down to JC who’s still sleeping. “She didn’t want to leave her husband,” she says to him.

Of course, he doesn’t respond.

Betsy is in the shower. We see the water and soap at her ankles.

Thaddeus walks up to the bathroom door and knocks on it gently, “Betsy? I’m home.”

Betsy smiles as she removes the water from her hair, “I’ll be out in a few moments.”

Thaddeus turns around and walks down the length of the hallway, removing his jacket and hanging it up on his side of the hallway closet. Then slowly, he turns around and begins to look through her wardrobe, sliding one outfit then the other to the side.

He’s looking for that dark outfit.

JC turns to him back at the office, “There’s so much about this case we don’t know. Someone reported that you poisoned the wine, but the test result came back negative. Mr. Pride, why did you throw away the bottle of wine?”

Thaddeus looks at the detective.

“You know that wine was poisoned, didn’t you?” JC asks him again.

Thaddeus sighs. He thought they’d put this all to bed. “I told you, I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

Alex glances at JC, then turns to Thaddeus, “Why were you so happy when you found out the test came back negative? You even did a little happy dance.”

Thaddeus hadn’t realized they saw that. “I was relieved that it removed the suspicion from me, that’s all.”

“It’s a bit early to be relieved,” Alex tells him. “If that bottle of wine was swapped, it’s still out there.”

“There are two things that can happen here,” JC explains. “Either you still have the poison bottle of wine, or someone else has it and are waiting for the right moment to bring it forward.”

Thaddeus hadn’t thought about the bottle of wine since that test result came back. He slowly turns to the detectives, “Are you saying my wife might have that bottle of wine?”

“I didn’t say she didn’t have it,” JC tells him.

Thaddeus isn’t sure what to think. “It sure sounds like you think she does.”

“We never said anything about your wife,” Alex says. “You did.”

Thaddeus didn’t find the dark outfit, but he’s reading the letter she left him in the locked drawer as he sits on his bed when Betsy comes out in her robe. She walks over and sits down next to him, and he holds up the letter.

“Did you write this as a suicide note?” he asks.

Betsy shakes her head, “In this life, you never know what could happen. I didn’t want something to happen to me and you be left without a word. Give me back to me and I’ll hide it again,” she snatches it from his hand playfully.

Thaddeus moves to sit on her bed, across from her and asks, “What else have you hidden for me?”

Betsy seems confused, “What are you talking about?”

When she doesn’t answer his question directly, Thaddeus stands up. “What kind of person do you think I am?” Thaddeus glances over at the outlet where he hid the bug.

“What kind of person do you want to be?” Betsy asks him.

He walks back over to her and takes her hands, pulling her up to her feet. “I want to be the kind of husband who knows you better.” He pulls her into a hug.

Betsy is surprised at first. He’s been far more affectionate lately. “It’s been a long time, Thaddeus,” she tells him.

Thad knows. “I’m sorry. I’ve neglected you for so long.”

“Let’s take it slowly, it’ll come back to us,” Betsy says as they continue to hug.

Thad grins, “What if I don’t want to take it slowly,” he pushes her down onto the bed and climbs over her as she squeals out loud.

So loud, in fact, that outside the home, staring up at the open bedroom window, Jerry doesn’t seem happy. Not happy at all. He still has the receiver that she told him to get rid of and he has heard everything. This was not how this was supposed to happen. He was supposed to get the girl in the end. Thaddeus was supposed to burn in hell.

He removes the earpiece and slams the equipment on the ground, stomping on it angrily.

Sierra staggers into the house pretty drunk, as Emmy unhappily nurses a drink of her own, staring out the window.

“Why is my wife drinking?” Sierra asks as she slumps down into a chair.

Emmy doesn’t even look at Sierra, “Why are you coming home so late these days?” Emmy’s no fool. She knows the signs.

Sierra sighs, “Sorry about that. I’ll start coming home earlier.” She struggles to get out of the chair, nearly falling over when Emmy grabs her by the arm to steady her.

“Why are you so drunk?”

Sierra tries to focus her eyes as she looks at Emmy, “I may be out of a job. The contract is up and I’m not sure the company will get a new contract.”

She starts to walk away from Emmy.

“I’ll make sure to pay you on time this month. Don’t worry.” Emmy turns back to the window.

Slowly, Sierra turns around and walks up behind Emmy and puts her arms around her from behind. “Baby, relax. We’re a couple.”

Emmy glances to the side, “Right. Just a nice, happy couple.”

Sierra slurs, “Exactly. Just like we want everyone to think.” She parts the blinds to look across the street to the Pride house.

Thaddeus walks back into the bedroom with a cup of tea.

Betsy has fallen asleep in his bed after they made love. 

Thaddeus slowly walks over and looks down to make sure she’s really asleep remembering the final piece of the conversation earlier with the two detectives.

“At first we suspected your manager, Mary,” JC explains. “But she has an alibi, and we can’t connect her to Jerry.”

Alex nods her head, “We’re not going to find out anything until we find Jerry. We suspect he may have the wine.”

With his wife asleep, Thaddeus begins a systematic search of the house for that bottle of wine.

He starts in the bedroom hallway and starts looking at every label for each bottle of wine stored there.

Suddenly, the lights come on and Thaddeus turns his head.

Betsy is standing there with a bottle of wine in her hand. “Are you looking for this?”

Fear crosses Thaddeus’s face.

“Why do you look so scared,” she asks him as she approaches.

He doesn’t say a word, completely speechless.

Betsy just smiles at him, “I know what you want. We should have that drink that we missed the other night.”

Thaddeus stammers, but nothing intelligible.

“Why didn’t you trust me yesterday?” she asks him. See, when Thaddeus peeked into the room while Betsy was retrieving the bug from the outlet, she saw the door open from the corner of her eye.

“You always have to choose the hard way, don’t you?” she tells him.

Thaddeus is in shock. “It was you, wasn’t it?” He walks towards her, “Why in the fuck would you do all of this? Revenge? Was all of this really about revenge for my affair?”

“Mmhmm.” Betsy looks at him. “I wanted to see you suffer.”

Thaddeus just cannot believe this. He suspected it, but she’s admitting to everything right there in his face. “I bet you have a good laugh, watching me run around trying to save you.”

Betsy smirks at him, “Wasn’t it you who laughed first?”

“What?” Thaddeus asks with a confused expression. Then he remembered. He laughed when he read the note from the kidnapper. She must have been watching him.

“Putting you through all of this? It was the only way to make you pay,” she tells him.

“Are you fucking insane?” Thaddeus is angry now. “You expect me just to forgive you for everything you’ve done to me?”

“You forgive me?” she snaps right back. “That’s a joke, right?”

Thaddeus has had enough, “I’m calling the police.” He brushes past her, but he only takes a few steps when she says.

“I’ll call them first.”

Thaddeus spins around to face her, “Goddamn you…”

“Do you know how anxious I am just looking at you? Waiting for you to make the next mistake?”

“I ran around like a dog for you, doing your bidding. I actually thought I was saving your life. I must be out of my fucking mind!” he turns and storms out of the closet.

Betsy hurries after him.

Thaddeus is halfway down the stairs when Betsy appears at the top of them. “I have your toxin.” She holds up the bottle of wine.

Thaddeus stops on the stairs and turns around.

“You know you poisoned this wine,” Betsy tells him.

Thaddeus shakes his head, “You’re fucking insane. The results came back negative.”

“And why do you think that is?” Betsy asks him.

Betsy is slowly walking down the stairs towards him. “Aren’t you curious?”

Suddenly, Thaddeus’s eyes go wide.

On the day of the kidnapping, Thaddeus went upstairs calling out Betsy’s name while Betsy was outside the house. When she heard him go upstairs, she sprang into action.

She sneaks back into the house, hurries over to the door where the wine bag sits and swaps the two bottles. Then hurries back out again.

Betsy is staring at Thaddeus. “I saved you. Right then and there. You’d be in jail otherwise.”

Thaddeus glares at her.

“You can’t do anything right,” she continues to tell him. “I have to do everything for you. You are nothing without me.” She holds up the bottle, “If I give this to the police, it’s all over for you.”

Thaddeus looks from her to the bottle then back.

“Attempted murder,” she reminds him.

Suddenly, Thaddeus reaches for the wine, and she pulls it out of his way, but he’s able to grab it. They struggle back and forth until Thaddeus is able to snatch it from her grip. He tries to get away, but she trips him and then grabs him in a choke hold from behind.

What he doesn’t know that she knew he was following her to the yoga studio. After he left, she went to her real class. A Brazilian Ju-Jitsu class.

We see a brief montage of Betsy choking out dudes and making them tap.

As we return to the stairs, Betsy has Thaddeus in a nice little chokehold. Thaddeus manages to flip her over and they tumble the rest of the way down the stairs with Betsy landing hard.

After a moment of groaning, Thaddeus reaches over and grabs the bottle, but Betsy hangs on, so Thaddeus has to really pull to snatch it from her. He gets to his feet and stumbles over to the kitchen where he digs through the drawer for a corkscrew and begins to open the bottle.

Betsy sits up, there’s blood coming down her forehead. She pushes herself to her feet and staggers towards him. “You are a special kind of fucking stupid,” she mocks him.

Thaddeus ignores her as he continues to struggle to open this bottle.

“That bottle is for our celebration. Do you think I’m so stupid that I’d leave such a precious bottle of poison wine here in the house where you can find it?”

Thaddeus looks at her.

“I’ve hid it somewhere special.”

Thaddeus looks at her, then down at the bottle and then back up at her.

Betsy is laughing at him. Just laughing. But she suddenly stops. With a trail of blood running down the side of her face, she steps closer to him. “You keep your damn mouth shut and I will too.”

She steps closer and he steps back.

“We will keep each other’s secrets. Take them to our grave. Don’t you think that’ll bring us closer?” she asks him with a big smile on her face.

“You embarrassed me in front of the entire city!” Thaddeus yells at her.

Betsy gives him her most thoughtful expression, “If I tell you I didn’t do it, would you believe me?”

Suddenly, Thaddeus’s look turns from anger to disdain. “Who the fuck are you?”

“Who the fuck am I?” Betsy says to him. “I’m your wife.”

Suddenly, Thaddeus jumps as his cell phone rings. He jerks it out of his pocket and pushes past Betsy to go answer it.

All the while, Betsy just laughs and laughs.

Jackson is outside of Jerry’s studio.

The studio has gone up in flames and the fire department is there trying to put it out, but it’s out of control.

“I think Jerry is dead,” Jackson tells him.

JC and Alex are arriving on the scene and the look on their faces tells the story. Their lead suspect is likely to be dead.

Jackson continues, “Look, whoever Jerry was working with must have the 5 million dollars. We have to find them.”

Someone shouts in the background, “We found a body!”

Thaddeus knows that Jerry was the prime suspect and knew where the money was. He listens to Jackson.

Meanwhile, Betsy has walked over to the counter, pulled the cork out of the bottle of wine and poured herself a glass.

Then she pours a second glass.

She’s humming a happy tune as she carries both glasses over to where Thaddeus is standing and places one in his hand. “Shall we toast to a new beginning?”

Betsy taps her glass against his and says, “Cheer.”

Thaddeus just stands there. Stunned.

“Drink you wine,” she tells him as she takes a drink of hers. “What? Did you think it was poisoned?”



Betsy Granger
Thaddeus Duke
Marilyn Matthews
JC Keeton
Alex Carbajal
Lydia McCarthy
Tamika Strader
Crystal Znudich
Emmy Drew
Sierra Silver
Jerry Watts
Brad Jackson
Kasey Winterborn
Johnny Rich


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