Betsy is humming to herself as she pours two glasses of wine. Two lines of blood stream down from her forehead from her tumble down the stairs, but she doesn’t seem fazed by it.

She picks up both glasses, “On a night like tonight, we should have a drink.”

Thaddeus is still stunned by what he’s learned tonight. His wife was behind the entire fiasco of the past few days. He realizes that she has the upper hand. All he can do is stand there as she approaches him with two glasses of wine.

He watches as she clinks the two glasses together, “Until death do us part,” Betsy says to him. “What a ridiculous contract.” She laughs. Then she looks up at him, “But, what can do we? The promise was made.” She steps closer, looking up at Thaddeus’s face. “Do you know what? Revenge is a poison you drink when you wish the other person would die. I just realized we’ve both already taken the poison.”

Thaddeus is trying to figure out what she’s talking about.

“Til death do us part,” she repeats. Then she grins, “Let’s celebrate!”

When Thad just stands there, she reaches down and raises his hand, putting the glass in it, and she clinks the glasses together again.

“To our new beginning,” she tells him. She clinks the glasses together again. “Cheers.”

Thaddeus just stands there, stunned.

Betsy laughs, “What’s wrong with you? I told you this wine wasn’t poisoned.” She cackles and then takes a drink from her glass as Thaddeus watches on in horror as if he has no idea who this woman really is. This woman he married so long ago. She has suddenly changed into someone else entirely.

He watches her drink the wine, emptying her glass completely.

She slowly lifts his glass up, “Drink,” she commands.

He watches her for a long moment and then lifts the glass and drinks it all down.

“How was it?” Betsy asks, but Thaddeus just stares at her. “Answer me.”

Suddenly, Thaddeus laughs.

Betsy laughs with him.

Thaddeus’s laugh looks like it might turn into crying.

“I knew you’d like it,” she tells him.

The next morning, the fire at Jerry’s art studio has been contained, but the studio itself has been left as charred ruins.

Workers are carrying rubble out from the building as JC uses a flashlight to look for any sort of clues.

Alex comes inside, “JC, the investigator says the interior was doused in gasoline.”

“What about our suspect?” he asks.

Alex shakes her head, “It looks like he wasn’t home.”

“So, now we add arson to our caseload. Great.” JC mutters under his breath as he begins to sweep his flashlight around again.

One of the firemen yells out, “Detectives. I’ve found something.”

JC and Alex move to where the fireman stands. There was a fake wall there that got burned down from the fire and behind it was a metal door. “There was a bookshelf here, blocking the way to this door,” the fireman explains. “If you were to move the bookshelf, you’d have access to the door.”

JC reaches for the knob, and it opens right up. There’s a small set of cement steps that lead down to another metal door. This is getting even more curious by the moment.

Slowly, JC and Alex start walking down the stairs, and JC opens the second door. This time, there are metal stairs that lead down into an underground bunker.

They see it immediately.

On the far wall of the bunker, a giant portrait of Betsy Pride. Her back is facing the artist, but her head is turned to look back so we can see her face. Most of her back is exposed, but her front is covered by a blanket. The portrait must be twelve feet tall and ten feet wide. There is a table nearby with assorted paints and painting tools.

“Why do I suddenly feel so nervous,” Alex ponders out loud as the two detectives just stare at the painting.

JC nods his head, “It’s like he worships her as his God or something. It’s rather creepy. It seems like a shrine.”

It’s a dream similar to those he’s been having the past few nights.

After finishing their wedding bows, the minister is about to introduce them as man and wife when Betsy interrupts. “Before we finish, it’s your turn now,” she tells him.

Thaddeus seems confused as he looks down at her hand to see her fingernail missing and blood dripping from the finger.  The white lights inside the chapel turn red, and thunder is heard.

Betsy reaches over for a pair of pliers, clicking them together a couple of times as she grins at him.

She moves the pliers towards his hand, and he pulls back, his eyes fearful now. She just laughs and continues to try and capture one of his fingernails in the mouth of that tool.

Thaddeus screams out as he wakes up. He immediately checks his finger to make sure it’s still intact. As he tries to catch his breath, he sees his work clothes have already been laid out for him as if what happened last night didn’t exist.

He scoffs and reaches over with his foot and kicks it all onto the floor. “Crazy bitch,” he mutters under his breath. She’s going to try and make things normal, but that’ll never happen.

Meanwhile, Betsy is downstairs making the morning oatmeal as she stirs the cooking food in the pan. Thaddeus walks out all dressed and pauses, looking over the railing to his wife making breakfast downstairs. He rolls his eyes.

As she lifts the pan up and turns towards the sink, she begins to lay out some fruit. Thaddeus tries to slip downstairs without being noticed. He begins to look around for something, occasionally looking back at her to make sure she doesn’t see him.

He gives up and moves to the door, but the moment he turns the handle and slowly pulls the door open, she says, “You’re up early.”

He freezes.

“Ah, yes, I am expecting an early delivery….”

She interrupts him. “I’m just about finished. Wait.” She’s acting as if last night never happened.

Just as slowly as he opened the door, he closed it. Annoyed, he walks over to the table where the newspaper headline reads, “Arson Connected to Pride Kidnapping According to Police.”

Thaddeus’s eyes go wide, and he reaches for the paper. As he reads through the article, he thinks to himself, “It wasn’t her. She was here all night. It doesn’t say anything about finding the five million dollars, so where is the money?”

Betsy is still chopping some fruit for Thaddeus’s oatmeal when Thaddeus’s phone lights up with Mary’s name splashed across the front. As if she already knows who’s calling, suddenly Betsy’s chopping becomes louder and more violent as she glares angrily at Thaddeus, who suddenly looks very nervous.

Slowly, he walks over to the kitchen counter and unplugs his phone. “I charged it for you,” Betsy tells him. “It seems like an important call. You should answer it. There have been text messages all morning.”




Thaddeus watches as she decapitates an apple, violently slashing the knife through the center of the fruit.

Mary is pacing back and forth in her living room, phone to her ear as she dials Thaddeus’s phone.

When he doesn’t answer, she mutters, “This motherfucker….”

Thaddeus casually walks over and sits down, keeping his phone underneath the table as he opens Mary’s texts.

“It’s important! Please call me right away!”

He starts to respond to the text, but when he looks up, Betsy is staring right at him. She casually reaches down and flips on the blender, and the contents inside begin to stir up in a blood-red concoction.

As Thaddeus watches in horror, something crosses his mind. “Did she get rid of his body? Is that why they couldn’t find him?

The sound of the blender serves an opportune time to get the fuck out of that house as he grabs his things and slips into the foyer, grabs his shoes, and begins to fumble with them, trying to get them on his feet.

“What are you doing?” she asks him, standing in the doorway. Her voice causes him to scream out! He manages to compose himself long enough to tell her, “I thought I should shine these up a bit before work.”

Betsy casually sets his keys on the bench next to him and tells him. “Breakfast is ready.”

All he can say to her at this point is, “Okay.”

Betsy walks off, and he stares at his shoes.

Moments later, the two are sitting across from each other. Thaddeus is staring down at the table but otherwise not moving.


He lifts his eyes to his wife’s eyes.

“You should eat the oatmeal before it gets cold,” she tells him.

Thaddeus clears his throat, “Oh, right.” He slowly reaches for his spoon.

To be honest, I hate oatmeal. Every single day, she makes oatmeal. I hate oatmeal, and Betsy, I hate you too!”

Of course, those words never leave his mouth, just bounce around inside his head.

“Honey, really, it’s going to get cold,” Betsy reminds him.

He nods his head and places a bit on his spoon, and eats it. “It’s good,” he lies.

Betsy just smiles. They sit in silence, each eating their oatmeal, but it’s not so quiet inside Thaddeus’s head.

I should never have tried to find out more about my wife,” he thinks to himself. “My wife is more dangerous than I thought.

He watches as Betsy brings the blood-red smoothie to her lips and takes a drink.

Thaddeus suddenly begins to choke, lifting his hand to cough into it as Betsy lowers the drink, leaving red liquid over her lips.

Betsy reaches for his drink and offers it to him, “Here. Try it. It’s a new recipe.”

Thaddeus’s eyes grow fearful as he stares at the red contents in the glass presented to him.

Moments later, he’s rushing to the bathroom, spewing the contents of his stomach into the toilet.

Then he brushes his teeth again.

Betsy is right there to hand him a nicely folded towel to wipe his mouth.

Do I have to live in fear like this for the rest of my life?” he asks himself.

As the words bounce around in his head, he uses the towel to clean up after himself, wiping down the sink and the counters.

“That was for your face,” Betsy tells him, and Thaddeus just closes his eyes. He’s losing his shit right now. He knows it.

He wipes his face with the towel.

Betsy watches with concern as he uses the towel he just wiped down the sink with on his face and hands him another. “Honey, what is wrong with you today?”

“I need to wash my face again,” he tells her. He turns on the faucet and washes his face, using the clean towel to dry it this time as he turns to face her.

Suddenly, their doorbell rings.

Looking at the screen by the door, Thaddeus sees Alex and JC looking in.

Did you try and call them?” JC asks her.

Alex is staring into the camera, “I did, a couple of times.”

“It’s the police,” Thaddeus states the obvious. “What will you do now?” he asks his wife.

She turns to him, “What do you mean? The two of us need to overcome this obstacle together. We are married, after all.”

A few minutes later, Thaddeus and Betsy sit on one couch, and JC and Alex sit on another. JC holds out his hand towards Alex, and she places a photo in it. JC places the photo on the table in front of the couple. “You know this man?”

Betsy nods her head. “I do.”

“His studio was destroyed last night. It was arson,” JC continues.

Betsy nods her head again. “I saw that on the news last night.”

Alex asks, “Have you had any contact with him recently?”

“Once or twice, I think,” Betsy tells them. Thaddeus just sits there, keeping his mouth shut.

“What was the purpose of meeting him?” JC asks.

Betsy becomes a little uncomfortable, “I asked him for some advice regarding my husband’s affair.” Slowly, Thaddeus turns his head to look at her.

JC notices that too.

Alex looks at her notes, “Have you ever been to his studio?”

Betsy shakes her head, “No.”

“So you didn’t know about the hidden basement in the studio?” JC asks her.

“Hidden basement?” Betsy seems confused.

JC places another photo on the table. This one is the portrait they found in that basement. “Does this remind you of anyone?” Seems like a dumb question, but JC is looking for a reaction to the photo rather than an actual answer.

Betsy shows shock and grabs the photo, looking closely at it, “Oh, my! This… this is me!” This one even surprises Thaddeus as he looks from the photo to his wife.

“Have you modeled for him recently?” Alex asks.

With concern in her voice, Betsy answers, “No. I haven’t.”

JC gives her a questioning look.

“I did model for him once in college, but that was the one and only time,” she explains further.

Thaddeus takes the photo, “But honey, this looks like a recent painting of you.” He looks at the detectives, “Is it possible he drew this from memory after seeing her a couple of times recently?”

Betsy looks at Thaddeus. It actually looks like he’s protecting her, and that confuses her. She thought he might find a way to be rid of her, but now he’s coming up with ideas to clear her of the arson.

JC takes the painting. “It’s possible. All we know is that the entire building was burned, except for whatever was in that basement, including this portrait. To me, that means he either cared a lot about this piece of art to protect it down there, or he cared about the subject of this portrait.” His eyes fall on Betsy.

Feigning fear, Betsy clutches Thaddeus’s arm and leans in close. “That’s so scary,” she whispers.

Alex points to the photo of Jerry. “Is it possible that this man was your kidnapper?”

Betsy shakes her head, “Oh, heavens no. He would never do such a thing.”

“Is he a suspect?” asks Thaddeus.

JC nods his head, “At the moment, yes, he is. We also believe he may have had an accomplice.”

This intrigues Thaddeus, “An accomplice?” He slowly turns his head to look at his wife, who’s still selling fear.

“I wish we could go back to before this happened and just avoid it altogether,” Betsy says, a tear starting to roll down her cheek as she leans her head against Thaddeus’s shoulder.

“We’ll find him,” JC tells her. “Don’t worry.”

Betsy shakes her head, “But, what if he comes for me again?”

JC smiles and motions to Thaddeus, “You have a very good protector right here.”

Betsy smiles and places her hands over Thaddeus, “Of course, I do.”

As if she just remembered, Alex interrupts. “Oh, one more question. Where were you both last night?”

They both know exactly where they were last night. Fighting down the stairs over a bottle of wine. Of course, they’re not going to mention that.

Thaddeus just smiles, “We stayed in and enjoyed a bottle of wine.”

Betsy nods her head, “Last night was a very special night.”

Alex smiles, “I’m glad you’ve returned safely.”

Thaddeus has a question and interrupts, “Why do you think he burned his whole studio down, leaving behind only a single painting? Wouldn’t that put suspicion on him as the suspect?”

JC shrugs, “Perhaps he was trying to get her attention.”

“My wife’s attention?”

“If that’s not the reason, there must be another motive that we haven’t determined,” JC continues. “It’s also possible that someone is trying to steer us to him as the suspect to lead us astray.”

Betsy asks, “Who would do such a thing?”

Alex tries to comfort the woman, “Don’t you worry. We’ll find whoever did this, no matter what. But, please, if you hear from Jerry, make sure you call us right away.”

The Prides escort the police out to the curb. Thaddeus suddenly asks, “What if Jerry has died?”

JC is surprised by the question. “I suppose we’ll have to investigate his cause of death.”

Emmy and Sierra walk up, “Was that man on the news last night the kidnapper?” Emmy asks.

JC turns to see the other couple walking up.

“We’re investigating now,” Alex explains.

Betsy looks at Emmy, “I’m sorry to make you worry.”

Emmy smiles at the woman, “No need for you to apologize.” She turns to the officers, “Just so you know, I’ve seen him hanging around here. Starting right after the kidnapping. I thought he looked suspicious, but there were so many people around. I probably should have reported him, but it was hard to know who was supposed to be hanging around here.”

Sierra puts her arm around her wife, then looks at the detectives, “You’re going to catch this asshole soon, right?”

“With everyone’s cooperation, we’ll definitely catch him,” JC tells her. “We’ll be going now.”

The detectives excuse themselves, then Emmy and Sierra excuse themselves, leaving Thaddeus and Betsy on the sidewalk by themselves.

Betsy hands Thaddeus his briefcase, “Have a good day.”

“I’ll be back later,” he tells her. He catches Emmy and Sierra looking back at them, so he leans in and kisses Betsy on the cheek.

He starts to walk off when Betsy grabs him and leans in close, pulling his collar back a little. “Look at that. Your allergy seems to be gone,” she whispers into his ear.

“Oh, right,” in all of this, he had completely forgotten about that allergy. He heads to his car. He pulls the collar away and looks into the rearview. She was right. There is no rash. “My allergy is even afraid of my wife,” he says to himself.

He grips the steering wheel, “She must have killed that Jerry guy and got rid of his body. How could I have married a monster like her? Get a grip on yourself, Thaddeus. Wait. Five million dollars. In all of this, I’d completely forgotten about the five million dollars. Wait a minute. Does this mean she still has the money?”

A grin slowly spreads across his face, “If I find the money, I can use it to get the fuck away from here forever.”

“It’s my only hope.”

Emmy is back home. She dials the phone, “Mr. Kim? The money I asked for….”

The phone goes dead.


She doesn’t know Sierra is watching from the stairs. She walks up and touches Emmy gently on the back, “Honey?”

Emmy is startled, not knowing that Sierra is nearby. “You scared me.”

“Is there something going on?” Sierra asks.

Emmy is still trying to catch her breath. “No. Nothing at all. Everything is perfectly fine.”

For Emmy, everything is not perfectly fine. She needs money. She needs it now.

She walks over and sits on the couch. Sierra walks over as well, sitting behind her on the back of the couch.

Emmy scrolls through the news feed about the fire. “This is horrifying.”

“I’m sure he won’t come after you just because you tipped off the police,” Sierra tells her.

“You don’t think….” Emmy starts to say. “You don’t think he burned the five million dollars, do you?”

Sierra grins, “If it were me? I’d never do that.”

Emmy seems confused, “What? Kidnapping?”

“No,” Sierra explains. “Burn the five million dollars.”

Betsy is all dolled up as she leaves the house and starts to walk down the sidewalk.

Lurking nearby, spying, Thaddeus is wearing sunglasses. It’s the perfect disguise.

He notices the large black bag that Betsy is carrying. “I’ve never seen that bag before. Maybe she has the money in it.”

He follows her for a long time before she walks into a public restroom.

Thaddeus rushes up and tries to peek through the blurry windows when two ladies come out of the room and gasps as they see him trying to peep, “It’s not what you think,” he explains.


He finds a place to hide where he can watch the entrance.

A few moments later, Betsy comes out. Her entire outfit has been changed to something black, including a large black hat and, yes, sunglasses.

“Where is she going that she had to put on a disguise?” Thaddeus asks himself.

From there, she hails a cab.

As the cab drives off, Thaddeus rushes to the curb and hails himself a cab. “Follow that taxi,” he instructs the driver.

The cab stops curbside downtown, and Betsy gets out and starts to walk.

Thaddeus stays a block or so behind her as he follows her for a good while before his phone vibrates. He reaches for it, “Hello?”

Betsy isn’t answering her phone. Is she okay?” asks Tamika.

Thaddeus continues to follow Betsy, “She’s fine. I’ll tell her to call you later. I’m having up now. Bye.” Betsy turns a corner, and Thaddeus rushes to try and make sure he doesn’t lose her.

Betsy stops in front of a shop that sells coffee beans. “Hello,” she addresses the shop owner.

He glances up, “Oh! Welcome! We just got a shipment of coffee beans from Kenya in today.”

“These right here?” she asks as she motions towards a display.

The owner nods his head, “Yes.”

Thaddeus peeks around the corner, “Coffee beans? What is she doing?”

Betsy scoops up a handful of the beans and smells them.

“I promise you’ll regret it if you don’t buy some,” the owner tells her.

Betsy smiles as she inhales the scent of the beans. “These smell gorgeous.” There’s a sound that catches her attention as she turns to see Jerry coming up the street, rolling a cooler behind him. He stops right next to her.

Of course, Thaddeus sees him too. “I guess she didn’t kill him. I guess that means they’re still working together.

Betsy steps into the shop, and Jerry follows her inside.

Thaddeus comes out from around the corner now that they are out of sight. He peeks into a window.

Betsy takes off her sunglasses and asks Jerry, “Why did you start the fire?”

“Your fingerprints are all over the studio. They’ve been coming to it every day looking for me, and I didn’t want them to find them, so the best thing to do was burn the place down,” he explains.

Of course, Thaddeus can’t hear a thing from where he’s trying to peek. “What are they saying?” he mutters to himself.

“It was better to be safe than sorry. I don’t want anything to get in your way,” Jerry tells her. “It was for the best.”

Betsy seems a little annoyed at Jerry. “I appreciate you looking out for me, but you can’t go and do things like this without first discussing it with me.”

Jerry looks like a scolded puppy, but he answers, “I promised to protect you in all of this. If I feel like I need to do something to make that happen, I will.”

“And that painting?” she asks.

Jerry knows that was a fuck up, “The police came to see you?”

“If you’re going to burn the place down, why leave the painting?” Betsy asks again.

Jerry sighs, “Listen. If anything happens, I’ll take full responsibility and tell them I did it alone. I won’t let you get hurt in this. That’s why I left the painting behind. So you wouldn’t be implicated.”

Betsy’s stern face softens. “Jerry…”

“To be honest,” Jerry interrupts. “I just couldn’t bring myself to burn the painting.”

Betsy can’t help but empathize. “What am I going to do with you?”


Betsy interrupts this time. “Show it to me.”

As the two disappear out of the back of the shop and into the alley, Thaddeus rushes around the block. As he gets into the alley, Jerry is opening the cooler. There’s a garbage bag inside.

Thaddeus sees some stairs and quietly makes his way to higher ground, and as Betsy kneels down and opens the bag, Thaddeus can see it’s filled with cash.

It’s the money! I went through hell for that money,” he thinks to himself.

Betsy looks each direction down the alley to ensure no one is watching them and then ties the bag back up. As she stands back up, her hat falls off. “Take good care of this for me,” she tells him, but Jerry notices the cut on her forehead from the night before.

“What happened?” his eyes go wide.

Betsy places the hat back on her head, “It was nothing. We had an argument. I took a fall.”

Jerry is not happy with that revelation. He slams the lid closed on the cooler and snaps, “I’m going to kill that piece of shit.”

“Calm down, Jerry,” Betsy tells him.

Jerry shakes his head, “We wouldn’t have had to do all of this if it weren’t for him.”

“Listen to me,” Betsy tells him. “This was my idea. I made a choice.”

“I made a choice too,” he reminds her. He grabs the handle of the cooler, pulling it up. “I made a promise to protect you.”

As Betsy watches him go, Jerry pulls the cooler full of money down to the other end of the alley and disappears.

Betsy smirks.

Thaddeus has decided to follow the money as he leaves Betsy and goes after Jerry. He follows Jerry across the street, and when Jerry turns the corner, Thaddeus does as well and nearly collides right into Betsy, who is coming the other way.

Betsy’s eyes go wide at first, and then it turns into a big smile. “What brings you here?”

Thaddeus stammers for a moment, then answers, “I… I come here to buy coffee beans sometimes. What about you?”

“I came here for the coffee beans, too!” she tells him. “I want to be more helpful around the restaurant, so I thought I’d do some research.” She seems so happy to see him, she grabs his arm. “What a great coincidence,” she tells him.

Thaddeus isn’t as pleased as she is, knowing the money is no longer within his sight. She steers him to walk back up the street in the opposite way he wants to go.

As they walk off, Jerry peeks back around the corner, seeing them walk off arm in arm. He’s not pleased.

Thaddeus and Betsy are in a cab. Thaddeus doesn’t look all that happy to be there, while Betsy is very giddy. “It feels like we’re on a date. It’s been a while since our last one,” she tells him with a big smile on her face.

“Shouldn’t you be home resting?” he asks her.

Betsy was ready for that one, “It’s relaxing just being next to you.”

Thaddeus just tries to force a smile.

“Honey!” she gets excited, “Will you teach me about coffee?”

He looks at her, “Coffee?”

She nods at him.

He mutters under his breath, “She could learn about coffee on the internet,” but as she looks at him, he smiles. “Let’s go to the restaurant.”

Betsy giggles with excitement while Thaddeus just leans against the cab window.

Betsy is the first to go down into the cellar. There are already quite a few bags of coffee stacks up on the shelves. As Thaddeus makes his way down, she’s already looking at all the labels. “How long do these have to sit?”

“They’ve still got a ways to go,” he tells her. “I have to wait for just the right moment to roast them.”

Looking at a few more bags, “How long have you had them?”

Thaddeus shrugs, “Long before I opened the restaurant. So, about four years old now.”

“You should have made some coffee for our wedding anniversary,” she says as she continues to walk around the cellar. “I wonder how six-year-old coffee tastes,” she asks.

“It probably tastes like poison,” Thaddeus mutters under his breath. With a little louder voice, he asks, “Do you really want to work here?”

“Yes,” she tells him with a smile, but the smile slowly fades when she sees the look on his face. “You don’t want me to?”

“It’s not that I don’t want you to,” he explains.

Betsy pouts a little, “You don’t seem very enthusiastic about it.” In a lower voice, she mentions, “We have visitors.”

Thaddeus is confused at first, but as he turns around, Kasey comes down the stairs. She seems to find herself in an awkward spot as she hadn’t intended to interrupt the couple’s conversation, but she needed to grab some spices from the cellar. “I just need a few things for the kitchen. Sorry.” She starts grabbing what she needs.

While Kasey does that, Betsy loops her arm into Thaddeus’s arm. “You’re a great husband who takes great care of his wife.” Thaddeus looks back at Kasey. Betsy continues, “Thank you for teaching me about coffee.”

“Well, coffee may look the same when you make it, but each cup holds its own special story,” Thaddeus explains to her, well aware they are putting on a show. Act normal in front of others. That appears to be the plan.

Kasey finishes up and glances at the couple before heading upstairs.

Thaddeus watches the chef head back upstairs and turns to Betsy and, in a hushed tone, tells her, “You can get lost in the black world of coffee. It can be very mysterious.”

Betsy has scooped up some beans, holding them in her hand. “Kind of like marriage,” she adds.

Thaddeus turns back around to her.

She continues, “On the outside, everything might look just fine. But if you look a little deeper, things may very well be different. Just like us.”

Thaddeus just stares at her and thinks to himself, “I’ll endure this only until I get my hands on that money.

“Is Mrs. Pride really going to start working here?” asks one of the busboys.

A server chimes in, “I guess Miss Mary is out for good. Just like we thought.”

Kasey turns around, “Don’t jump to conclusions,” she scolds them.

“We’re not jumping to conclusions! These are the fact,” comes the response from the server.

Kasey just rolls her eyes and goes back to work while the busboy leans in and whispers, “I think Mrs. Pride is just here to keep an eye on Mr. Pride if you ask me.”

Of course, his voice is loud enough that Kasey can hear it. She’s just about tired of all the drama that’s been going on around here. She slams down a pan and turns back around. “Mind your goddamn business and get back to work!”

The sounds of clapping hands are heard as Betsy walks into the room. “Have you all eaten lunch yet?”

All of this is starting to grate on Kasey’s nerves. She just wants to cook. She doesn’t need all of this other stuff.

“Let me make some lunch for everyone,” Betsy tells them.

Peeking into the restaurant through a window, Mary is watching it all.

“It won’t be anything fancy like Chef Kasey can make, but I would like to do it as a thank you for all of your hard work during this trying time,” Betsy explains as Mary watches on in anger.

“Welcome back, Betsy Pride,” Mary mutters under her breath. “Now I’m glad you didn’t die. That death would have been way too easy for a bitch like you.”

It also looks like someone may be watching Mary as she stands outside the restaurant, looking in.

Betsy places her apron on and closes the locker door. She places her nametag onto the locker. The one that used to be Mary’s.

Moments later, she’s in the kitchen, cooking up a storm while everyone watches on.

Most are impressed with her cooking skills as they mutter to themselves, while Kasey just watches on rather unimpressed.  Of course, she’s a professional chef.

One of the workers starts taking notes as Betsy adds some spices to the sauce. Another pulls out their phone and begins to record.

Perhaps Kasey is even a little impressed herself as Betsy uses a few things in her cooking that she wouldn’t have thought of but makes complete sense.

“Thank you for the meal,” everyone exclaims as they sit around the tables that have been moved together to make a longer table.

Everyone tastes the food and is complimentary to Betsy for her cooking. Even Kasey.

Thaddeus’s phone vibrates, and he pulls it out to look, keeping it under the table.

Kasey notices him sneaking a peek at the screen.

Come out the back door,” the text reads.

Kasey watches when Thaddeus waits for the opportune time and then slips out the back door.

Mary is hiding behind a bush when Thaddeus walks out. “Over here!” she says as Thaddeus turns to see her.

Staying low, she sneaks around the bush until she reaches him. He grabs her hand and pulls her down low. “What are you doing here? Do you realize how dangerous this is?” he asks her.

“The real danger is inside,” Mary snaps at him.

Thaddeus nods, “I know. I found out last night that she’s behind everything.”

Mary had already come to that conclusion herself. “Darling, are you going to let that bitch win?”

“What do you want me to do?” he snaps right back. “She has the poisoned wine and is using it against me.”

Mary’s eyes go wide, “How did she get that?”

“Somehow, she switched out the wine,” he tells her. “That’s how the poison wasn’t detected. If she gives that wine to the police, we’re done for.”

Mary is stubborn. “I’m not going to let that bitch win.”

Thaddeus has other things in mind, “How about we pick up where we left off? We find the money and get the fuck out of here.”

Mary is intrigued. “You know where the money is?”

“I know where the money is,” he tells her. “My wife’s old college pal, Jerry, he has the money. He was her accomplice in this whole fucking fiasco.”

Mary seems confused, “Isn’t he missing?”

Thaddeus shakes his head, “He’s crazy about my wife. I just saw them together earlier. He has the money. I saw it with my own eyes.”

That’s all she needs to hear. Mary reaches up and gently cups Thaddeus’s cheek. “Welcome back, love.”

Thaddeus nods his head, “I can breathe a little now, thanks to you.”

“Breathe all you want,” she tells him. “We’ll steal the five million dollars and get revenge on that wife of yours.”

“When I was following that Jerry guy, I lost him. We need to find out where he is.” Thaddeus explains.

Mary shakes her head, “Don’t worry. I have a plan.”

A little while later, Mary slips into the locker room, closing the door behind her. She knows there’s one sure-fire way of reaching this Jerry character and drawing him out into the open.

As she starts looking for Betsy’s locker, she finds it. But not where she wanted to find it. There, right on Mary’s old locker, is Betsy’s name.

“Bitch,” Mary mutters under her breath.

She opens the locker and starts digging through Betsy’s things.

“Coffee’s ready,” Thaddeus yells out as Betsy walks over to pick it up and deliver it to the customer.

Thaddeus’s job was to keep Betsy down on the floor, so since she wanted to help out, he put her to work serving customers.

Betsy was happy to do it.

Thaddeus glances down at his phone when the text comes in.

Mission complete. Things will go as planned. Erase this message right away.”

Jackson pops a sunflower seed into his mouth as he stands outside the charred remains of Jerry’s studio.

He patiently waits for a few moments to see if anyone is inside, and then he walks over to the crime scene.

He walks under the yellow tape and heads inside. “Goddamn,” he whistles under his breath as he gets a look at the destruction inside.  He spits out a seed shell and gets in further to see if there’s anything to be found.

Jackson quickly finds the door that leads down into the basement. He nearly slips over the first step, so he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a flashlight, and then carefully makes his way down.

He flashes his light around until he stops, and his mouth drops open when he finds the larger-than-life portrait of Betsy Pride.

“Wow,” he whispers. “He left behind the first thing he should have destroyed.”

An arrest warrant has been issued for the suspect in the kidnapping of Betsy Pride,” the news announcer says into the camera as Jerry watches in his hotel room.

The cooler he was pulling is sitting there next to a dresser, and we see Jerry’s picture up on the television screen.

Jerry points the remote at the television and turns it off. He lets out a big sigh knowing this will all soon come to an end.

His eyes dart to a covered portrait leaning against the wall. He rises up from his spot on the bed and walks to it.

Johnny walks over another martini and places it in front of one of two guests at the bar. “Thank you,” she tells him as he takes the empty martini glass from her and places it in the sink.

They are engrossed, as is most of the city, in this kidnapping story. “I’m an artist too, so I know exactly how he feels,” one of the women says as they stare at the tablet screen. “I don’t know what I’d do if my paintings burnt up. My life’s work.”

Johnny is drying the glass with a towel. He smiles as he looks up at the women, “There’s no limit to what the heart wants.”

“But why did he go so far as to kidnap her? That’s crazy, right?”

Johnny shrugs his shoulders, “I couldn’t answer that, but I imagine he felt like this.” He reaches under the bar and pulls open a book. There’s a bookmark in the pages, and he opens it right up and offers the book to his patrons.

The passage reads:

Loving someone is very grand.
You definitely see the cliff below.
You reach the cliff.
You want to take a step off the cliff.
The end of the cliff

As Johnny’s voice narrates the passage, we go back to Jerry. Tears are streaming down his face. He has uncovered the portrait, and it’s a smaller version of the larger one in the basement of his studio.  He reaches out and gently caresses the image of Betsy Pride he has painted onto the canvas.

Then, through the tears, a more determined look crosses his face.

JC and Alex are looking at the glass board. Jerry’s picture is there, along with the photo of his burned studio.

“So, either Jerry set the fire or someone set the fire trying to kill Jerry.”

Alex nods, “But who is the accomplice?”

JC glances at the board, takes a marker, and draws a line from Jerry to Betsy Pride.

Alex seems confused, then shakes her head. “No way.”

“We need to proceed cautiously here,” JC tells her. “There’s a connection between Betsy and Jerry. 100%.”

Alex shakes her head, “No way. She’s a housewife. She has tea with the neighbors. She crochets. She cooks and cleans. You’re telling me she’s the mastermind behind this entire operation?”

JC seems surprised, “You’re going to underestimate this woman just because she’s a housewife?”

Alex considers this, then asks. “Do you think your wife would be capable of something like this?”

JC scoffs. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

Alex smirks, “See? I noticed she hasn’t been blowing up your phone lately. She’s probably pissed at you. You should call her.”

“Stop interfering,” JC tells her, looking back at his board.

Alex ignores him and dials his phone, and holds it up. “JC?”

“Goddammit!” JC yells and snatches the phone away from her. However, he seems surprised that she doesn’t answer.

Crystal’s phone is ringing at the apartment, but Crystal doesn’t seem to be there.

A half-hour later, JC is starting to get concerned as he calls her again.

We see inside that Crystal’s phone is on the bookshelf, but no one else seems to be in the apartment.

“She’s probably ignoring you on purpose because you’re an asshole,” Alex tells him. “It’s called revenge.”

JC glances back at her, “I’ve done nothing to get revenge for,” he snaps.

The boys are in school, and with nothing better to do, Crystal finds herself sitting in the empty baseball stadium.

Just sitting there.

Staring off into space.

A custodian is walking between the aisles picking up trash and comes across Crystal just sitting there.

“The game is over. Please leave now,” she tells the wife.

Crystal doesn’t really acknowledge her but begins to chuckle, “One of my favorite authors was watching a baseball game one day. He saw a player hit a home run. Out of the blue, he decided to write an entire novel about it.”

Crystal laughs and closes her eyes.

“I think I saw a home run too.”

In her mind, she hears the hit of a baseball, and it flies up in the air towards her. She holds her hand up, and the ball lands right in her palm. She can hear the applause of the crowd as she keeps her hand held out.

The custodian looks at her, this crazy woman with her hand held out with nothing in it. “We’re closed. Go home!” she yells again.

Crystal pulls down the pretend baseball and just stares at it as she begins to chuckle under her breath.

As night came, the restaurant has closed, and all the clean-up was finished. Thaddeus wishes everyone a good night, and they all file out of the restaurant to head home.

Thaddeus turns around to find Betsy standing there watching him, and he suddenly feels self-conscious. “Did you want to head home too? I have to tend to the coffee for tomorrow, and I have to go through these receipts.”

“I’ll wait,” Betsy tells him. “I wanted to go home together.”

Thaddeus pulls a chair out and takes a seat as he pulls the paper clip from some receipts. “I’ll be a bit.” He starts to go through them.

Betsy slowly walks around the table until she’s standing behind him. She places her hands on his shoulders and begins to give him a massage, which causes him to stiffen up. “I guess you have a lot on your mind,” she says softly as she rubs. “The lack of funds can be very stressful,” she says, pinching a little harder as Thaddeus winces.

“I think I can find a way to take care of our little problem,” Betsy continues as she squeezes down.

“A way?” Thaddeus stammers. “What way?”

She moves around to his side, kneeling down so she can be face to face with him. “To be honest, I have a confession.” She takes a seat in a chair next to him and looks at him, “I know where the five million dollars are.”

Thaddeus isn’t sure what game Betsy is playing right now, but if it gets him closer to the five million, he’ll play right along with her. “What do you mean?”

“I’m being threatened,” she explains. “My old college friend Jerry? He threatened me. He told me he’d give me the money back for your restaurant, but only if I ran away with him. I told him I wouldn’t leave you, but he was insistent. He told me if I ran away with him, he’d give up the money. He’d give it all to you.”

Thaddeus isn’t sure what to make of this story. He couldn’t exactly hear what Jerry and Betsy were talking about earlier. This may be what happened.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. I just didn’t want you to worry,” Betsy continues.

Thaddeus is silent for a moment and then responds, “No. I’m sorry. Did he do anything else?” Maybe we should call the police…” he reaches for his phone.

“No. You can’t,” Betsy snaps. “Even if you report him, there’s no ensuring that we’ll get our money back.”

Thaddeus puts the phone back, “Do you have a plan?”

“I might,” she tells him. “Do you trust me?”

Thaddeus doesn’t respond.

“If you trust me and are patient, I can try to persuade him to return the money.”

Thaddeus seems confused, “Persuade him how?”

Betsy rises back up and moves back around Thaddeus, wrapping her arms around his neck from behind.

Thaddeus immediately feels suffocated.

“I’ll make this work. Just as long as we stick together,” she whispers into his ear. “You’re not coming home late tonight, are you? I don’t know how long I can wait,” she continues as her hands move around his throat.

Thaddeus begins to panic as he pops the lid off his ink pen.

“You need to shave better,” she says, suddenly running her hand across his cheek.

“Excuse me,” comes a voice, and they turn to see JC standing in the doorway.

Thaddeus leaps out of his chair to his feet.

JC smiles at Betsy, “I guess you’re working here more often now.”

She just nods her head and smiles.

“Why are you here?” Thaddeus asks, clearing his throat.

JC gets right to the point. “Would you mind if I escorted Mrs. Pride home this evening?”

Neither Betsy nor Thaddeus are sure of what to make of that.

Betsy is in the passenger seat of JC’s car as he drives down the road.

“Tell me about Jerry. What was he like?” he asks her.

Betsy thinks for a moment, “Well, I really only knew him well in college. He was very much into his art at the time.”

“How did you happen to meet again recently?” JC asks.

Betsy’s eyes remain on the road ahead. “It was just a coincidence.”

“A coincidence?” JC seems skeptical. “It might have been a coincidence for one of you, but perhaps not the other.”

Betsy doesn’t respond to the statement.

“Has he threatened you in any way?”


JC looks over as Betsy answers shortly. “Did you recently model for him?” He’s hoping that maybe questioning her alone without her husband, she’ll be a little more forthcoming.

The question actually has Betsy turning to look at the detective as she asks, “How many times will you ask me the same questions?”

“If I’ve upset you, I’m sorry,” JC relents.

As Betsy’s gaze returns to the road, JC reaches onto the dashboard and picks up an envelope, handing it to her. “Have a look.”

Curious now, Betsy reaches into the envelope and pulls out some photos. The one on top was the same one they showed her earlier at the house.

“Based on our investigation, that painting was complete over the years, not just recently,” JC explains. “We don’t think he was even finished with it yet when the fire was started.”

Betsy pushes the pictures back into the envelope and stares out the window to her right.

Her silence causes JC to look at her, watching her demeanor, but Betsy Pride remains stoic as ever.

It isn’t long before JC opens her car door, and Betsy steps out of the detective’s car.

He starts to get back into his car when Betsy asks him, “Detective, do you trust your wife?”

JC seems confused by the question.

Betsy laughs apologetically. “I may have phrased that incorrectly. What I mean to ask is if she’s a trustworthy person.”

JC doesn’t even hesitate when he nods his head. “Yes. She is.”

“And why do you believe that with so much conviction?” she asks.

JC looks at Betsy Pride, “Because I want to believe it. I choose to trust her.”

Betsy smiles brightly. “Isn’t marriage a wonderful thing?”

Moments later, JC is driving away from the house, and as soon as he rounds the corner, Betsy’s smile fades. She realizes she’s become a suspect in her own kidnapping.

On the way back to the station, Betsy’s words are ringing in his brain. He storms in and says to Alex, “Do you have the footage from the baseball stadium?”

“Yes, right here.”

JC sits himself down in a chair in front of the laptop and fires it up.

When the woman with the cooler comes into view, he stops the footage, freezing it.

“We don’t have any good of the trash can. It was just out of view,” Alex tells him, but that’s not what JC is looking for.

“This woman could just be a passerby,” JC says. The woman’s face is just blurry enough that it could really be anyone.

“A mother bringing the children drinks after playing baseball in the heat?” Alex asks.

JC taps a finger on the screen. “This cooler could have drinks in it. Or it could have money in it.”

As Betsy walked by him tonight, he took notice of her back and tried to compare it to the back of the woman in the video, but still, there were so many questions. He turns to Alex, “Try and track down everyone who was in the audience that day at the baseball stadium.”

“Okay,” Alex says, “Oh, what about your wife? Did she see anything suspicious?”

JC freezes for a moment, then slowly turns his head up to Alex. “What are you talking about?”

“Wasn’t she there with the twins that day for practice?” Alex asks. JC doesn’t even know. Alex just shakes her head, “You don’t even talk to your wife? It’s really pathetic.”

JC turns back to the screen and takes a closer look at the woman in the video.

Crystal is at home and washing dishes, putting them in the rack to dry. The twins are loud and obnoxious as usual, and she’s finally had enough.

“Boys!” she turns around and yells, “It’s time for bed!” She wipes her hands on her apron, “Didn’t I tell you to clean up your toys?!”

Here come the complaints.

“I don’t want to!”

“Do we have to?”

Crystal is on her last nerve. “I said do it. Do it now and hurry up!”

The door opens, and JC walks in. The boys squeal. “Dad!” and rush over to hug their father.

Crystal just sighs. Of course, he comes home just when she’s trying to put the kids to bed.

A little while later, the kids are in bed. Crystal puts a plate in front of JC, “Oh, I wasn’t really hungry.”

Crystal glares at him, “Are you saying you won’t eat it?”

JC knows better. “I will absolutely eat it.” He picks up his fork.

“Why are you home so early for once?” Crystal asks.

JC looks at her, “Aren’t you happy to see me home?”

Suddenly, the boys rush out and start grabbing some food from JC’s plate, and he’s looking at them, “Didn’t you have dinner?”

“Of course, we did!” they yell back in unison.

As they munch on his dinner, he pulls them close on either side of him. “Let me ask you two something. The day you went to the baseball stadium, did you see a woman handing out ice cream or drinks?”

One of the twins looks at the other, “Did you have ice cream without me?”

“Did you?”

JC isn’t going to get an answer from either of these two brats, so he shoos them off to bed.

Crystal takes a seat and picks at JC’s food. He asks, “I heard you were there that day.”

Crystal looks at him, “You were supposed to be there that day! But I had to be there instead because you couldn’t go.”

Right. JC clears his throat. “Did you see a woman with a cooler?”

Instead of answering, Crystal gets up and puts hot water in the pan she used for dinner.

Betsy Pride’s words ring in JC’s brain. “Is your wife a trustworthy person?”

Thaddeus is still at the restaurant. He’s gone down into the cellar to roast some coffee beans. He sits down in the chair next to the roaster and lets out a deep sigh when his vibrating phone scares the shit out of him.

He snatches it up and answers, “You scared me!”

“Why would I scare you?” Tamika asks. “What did you do now?”

Thad rolls his eyes, “Now? Am I always doing something wrong? Why do you always take my wife’s side? Are you really my sister? Am I adopted? Are you adopted?”

I’m not taking sides,” Tamika responds. “I just want you two to be happy. Don’t end up like me. Haven’t you gone home yet? You should be home already. Betsy is probably frightened being home all alone.

After each sentence, Thad tries to respond, but Tamika says something else, so he can’t get a word in edgewise, but finally, after all of that, he snaps at his sister, “I’m more scared than she is! I’m hanging up!”

And he does.

Tamika looks at her phone, “What’s wrong with him?!”

Thaddeus finally decides it’s time to go home, and as he starts up his car, Mary sneaks over and opens up the passenger side, causing Thaddeus to scream out in surprise, “Goddammit!” Everyone is fucking sneaking up on him tonight.

Mary looks at him like he’s lost his mind. “What?”

“Can you warn me when you’re coming next time?” he asks.

Mary finally gets into the car, “I thought you’d be expecting me.” She gives him a grin, “Should I stay or should I go?”

Besides being a Ramones’ song, those words ring differently for Thaddeus. Those are the words that started his affair with Mary in the first place.

She looked at him from the passenger seat and asked, “Should I stay or should I go?”

“What?” Thaddeus seems confused.

Mary rolled her eyes, “You leave every night at the same exact time. You arrive home at the same exact time. Isn’t it boring? There’s never any anticipation between you and your wife. It’s enough to make anyone watching you feel suffocated.”

Thaddeus has no idea what Mary is talking about. “I can go home when I choose.”

Mary shrugs, “So? Choose.”

Thaddeus isn’t following this conversation at all.

Finally, Mary leans in close, “Again, I ask, should I stay or should I go?”

Thaddeus remembers that night well. He made a choice, all right.

“We would have been fine,” Mary tells him, “if she would only have cooperated.”

Thaddeus finds her view of events a little simplistic. “You realize we’re lucky to be alive right now, right?”

Mary frowns, “Why are you so scared of her?”

“How could I not be?” he snaps back at her.

Mary shakes her head, “I’m not scared. I’m angry. I want to make her pay for everything she’s put us through! She had five million dollars. Instead of giving it to you, she toyed with you.”

“You realized we planned to kill her. Poison her,” Thaddeus reminds her. “We’re aren’t blameless here.”

Mary is appalled, “That’s completely different. You repented for that and nearly died for it.”

“And we nearly killed her,” Thaddeus reminds her once more. “This is all your fault.”

Well, if she wasn’t mad then, she’s mad now. “Excuse me? Are you fucking losing your nerve again?” She snatches his phone out of his hand.

“What are you doing?” he tries to grab the phone, but she holds it out of his reach.

“Fuck off,” she tells him. “I’m going to settle things once and for all.” She dials Betsy’s phone.

Thaddeus’s eyes go wide, and he finally snatches the phone from her, “What are you doing? You’re going to make this worse!”

However, the call is never answered, and he hangs up.

Mary just laughs. “See, I told you I would take care of it. I disabled her phone earlier. Now, when Jerry tries to reach her, he’s going to flip the fuck out and come looking for her. Then we can follow him to the money.”

Thaddeus is impressed, actually. It’s a good plan. “Women are scary,” he mutters.

Mary looks at him, “Let me make this clear. If you betray me, I’ll fucking kill you.”

“Me? Betray you?” Thaddeus asks. “I’ll likely be dead before that happens. She is cunning and smart. Make sure you don’t underestimate her.”

“Are you reconciling with her?” asks Mary.

Thaddeus shakes his head, “Only long enough to ensure my survival.”

Mary leans over and hugs him to her, “Don’t forget, I’m on your side.”

However, they don’t realize that Jerry is watching them.

Or, perhaps one of them does as Mary catches him from the corner of her eye, “He walked right into my trap,” she whispers to Thad.

“Trap? What trap?” asks Thaddeus.

A few moments later, Thaddeus is driving them out of the parking garage, and as Jerry watches them leave, he knows this will be bad. He’s going to have to tell Betsy, but he has to be sure.

Mary opens the door to her apartment, and she and Thaddeus walk in. Thaddeus reaches for a bottle of water and takes a drink, but Mary has other things on her mind. She removes his jacket, and it falls to the floor.

“So soon?” he asks, but she places a finger to his lips. She motions to the red, blinking device on her dresser and then leans in and whispers, “He’s listening.”

Sitting outside, Jerry has his earpieces in and is definitely listening. He’s confirmed it now, so all he has to do is tell Betsy, and Armageddon will commence.

He dials her number.

Betsy has returned to the restaurant. Seems her phone wasn’t in her purse. She opens her locker and moves a few things around, but her phone isn’t there either.

She closes the locker and leaves the locker room, confused.

A vibrating sound is heard from Thad’s jacket pocket on the floor.

Thad reaches for his phone, but Mary drags him away.

Betsy is on the restaurant phone, trying to reach Thaddeus. She does not look happy.

Mary drags Thaddeus into the bathroom and closes the door. “I kept the bug. I had a feeling it would come in useful.”

Thaddeus has no idea what she’s doing.

“I told you, I’m not going to sit back and do nothing,” she tells him. “Think about it. When he can’t reach her, he’s going to lose his shit.”

Betsy is tapping her fingernail on the countertop as Thaddeus’s phone rings and rings, but there’s no answer.

Slowly, she drops the receiver back into the cradle.

Jerry sighs as Betsy doesn’t pick up again. He’s called her at least six times now, and she hasn’t answered any of his phone calls.

He starts up the car and drives off.

When Thaddeus’s phone lights up again, Mary answers it and hands it to Thaddeus.

Where are you right now?” asks Betsy.

Thaddeus stammers for a moment, then answers, “Oh! I’m still at the restaurant.”

Betsy finds that very interesting. “I guess you didn’t see the number I was calling from.”

Mary has slipped her arms around Thaddeus from behind as he glances at his phone and then becomes very nervous. “Why are you calling from the restaurant?”

I thought I left my phone here, so I came back to find it,” Betsy explains. “But you aren’t here.

Thaddeus removes Mary’s arm from around him. “What I meant to say was that I just left the restaurant.”

I see. Well, can you turn around and come pick me up?” she asks him.

Mary is not impressed as Thaddeus tells her, “I’ll be right there.” He hangs up and grabs his jacket.

“Should I give this back to her?” Mary asks, holding up Betsy’s phone.

Thaddeus sighs and walks over. When he reaches for the phone, Mary drops that hand and holds up a notepad that reads.

We can’t give it back until we know where Jerry is.”

Thaddeus sighs and nods. “You’re going to get me killed,” he whispers to her as he walks out of the apartment.

Betsy is standing outside the restaurant, waiting for Thaddeus as he drives up. He gets out of the car and walks up to meet her, “Did you find your phone?”

Betsy shakes her head, “It must be at home.”

Thaddeus nods and opens the door for her, and she climbs in.

Moments later, Thaddeus is pulling into their garage. He turns off the engine, and Betsy looks over at him. “It’s nice to come home together like this.”

Thaddeus had been sweating bullets, wondering if she smelled Mary’s perfume in his car or if Mary had left something behind. Even a single hair, Betsy might find it. When Betsy says nothing about Mary, he just smiles at her comment. “I agree.”

Betsy gets out of the car and shuts her door, then Thaddeus exits his car. They walk out of the garage. Thaddeus uses his clicker to lower the garage door, but suddenly the hatch of his car goes up. Confused, he stops the garage door and then walks in. “Why did this open? Is it time to get a new car already?”

He goes to close it when Jerry leaps out from behind the car and tries to cut him with a knife.

They struggle over the knife, and Thad manages to get the better of Jerry, but Jerry kicks Thaddeus off of him. Jerry pounces as he tries to drive that knife into Thaddeus.

Outside, Sierra had been asked to bring the Pride’s some dinner by Emmy and just happens to be watching the entire fight going on in the garage.

Inside, the knife is getting closer and closer to Thaddeus’s throat when suddenly, Betsy smashes Jerry in the back of the head with a giant wrench. Jerry falls to the ground.

Thaddeus scoots away from the crazy man, but as Jerry gets up to confront his attacker, he points the knife at Betsy.

Then realizes his attacker was Betsy.

His eyes go wide.

Betsy realizes it’s Jerry and her eyes go wide.

Thaddeus’s eyes were already wide.

Sierra is surprised as she stands there as well with a plate of food in her hand.



Betsy Granger
Thaddeus Duke
Marilyn Matthews
JC Keeton
Alex Carbajal
Lydia McCarthy
Tamika Strader
Crystal Znudich
Emmy Drew
Sierra Silver
Jerry Watts
Brad Jackson
Kasey Winterborn
Johnny Rich


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