Tish #7

The doors to the warehouse are closed. Kal takes a seat in the corner, and he looks at his men, “Well, what are you waiting

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Tish #6

Jake is beating the crap out of Edgar, and Tish jumps in and shoves Jake off of Edgar, sending him ten feet away.  Tish looks

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Tish #5

The scene opens up in an outdoor corridor. Tish is dressed up in a very fancy dress, wearing a tiara. Eric is wearing an expensive

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Tish #3 & #4

Rain is pouring down heavily as thunder and lightning dance across the sky.  The masked man carries the unconscious woman back to the car and

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Tish #2

We left our trio in a literal tug of war as Eric wants Tish to stay and protect him, while Jake wants to take Tish

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Tish #1

A bus drives down the street. It makes a stop, allowing some riders to board before moving out again. A young Eric sits in the

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Tish has a secret. The females of her family are all born with super strength that is handed down from generation to generation. The power last as long as it’s not used for selfish gain. Her parents have both passed and she is trying to make it into the world of computer gaming with a concept based on her power. Eric is a programmer who happens upon Tish when she uses her power and offers her a job. However, long time crush, Jake is not pleased. He is unaware of Tish’s crush on him and considers her like a sister.