We left our trio in a literal tug of war as Eric wants Tish to stay and protect him, while Jake wants to take Tish so he can protect her.

Tish is not amused right about now. She knows she could just kick both of their asses and be done with it, but she doesn’t want Jake to know about her powers, and she doesn’t want to get fired.

Neither of the males has even asked her what she wants.

Eric looks at Jake, “Do you have a warrant, officer? I don’t believe you can just take her out of here without a warrant.”

Jake shakes his head, “I’m not going to let her stay here with a man she just met.”

Eric considers that and says, “Then just stay over as well.”

Tish shakes her head, “No. That’s not at all necessary. I can take care of myself.” She turns to Jake, “You don’t need to stay here. Let me walk you out.”

“Let’s go, Tish,” Jake says as he starts to pull her out of the living room.

“You should learn how to keep your private life and your personal feelings away from each other,” says Eric.

That stops Jake as he turns around, “I bet the Department of Labor would be very interested in knowing that you require a female employee to spend the night at your personal residence.”

“So you want to arrest me now?” Eric says. He holds out both wrists. “Go ahead, take me away, officer.”

Tish finally gets in between the two and looks at Jake, “I didn’t want to say anything, but there’s something important that I need to do here today, but I can’t explain it without violating my non-disclosure agreement.”

“What is it?”

Eric snaps, “She said she can’t tell you. If she does, I’ll sue her in court for violating her agreement.”

Jake doesn’t look amused, “Did you tell your brother you were here?”

Tish looks very demure, “I was just about to call him.”

Jake pulls out his cell phone, “I’ll call him. If he agrees, then she can stay. Otherwise, I’m taking her out of here.”  He dials Parish’s number.

Parish is at home, eating dinner when his phone rings. “Hello?”

“Parish, it’s Jake.”

“What’s up, Jake?”

“I’m currently at the residence of Tish’s new boss. He says he requires her at his home this evening for work-related purposes. I thought I would call to ensure you had no problem with it.”

Parish looks at his phone for a moment, confused. “I mean, she’s an adult. She can do whatever she wants, Jake. She’s obviously a dedicated worker, is she’s going to work so much overtime for him. Let her do what she wants. Aren’t you investigating some murders in our neighborhood? She can take care of herself, don’t worry. Let me talk to her.”

Parish hangs up, and Jake just stares at his phone. He hands it to Tish.

Tish looks at them both and turns around, taking a few steps away. “Hello?”

Parish is chuckling, “Just take care of yourself. I mean, you don’t want to have to explain to mom how you got pregnant before getting married…”

“Parish!” she yells, then lowers her voice. “Just shut up. I’m hanging up.”

A few minutes later, the three are all sitting in Eric’s living room. Jake asks, “So, what exactly is the nature of Tish’s work that she does for you?”

Eric turns to Tish, “This is why I hate cops. Always asking questions as if they have the right to interrogate you.

Jake puts away his notebook, “Look, there have been some incidents in Tish’s neighborhood. She heard the criminal’s voice, and he saw her face. We sent an officer to protect her, and he was attacked.

“In broad daylight too,” says Eric.

“I’m well aware of that,” Jake says, annoyed. “You were with her when the officer got attacked. I can’t leave her here with you.”

Tish interject, “All of that was just coincidental, Jake. There’s someone also threatening my boss, and that’s what that was about.”

Jake looks at her, “So, you’re a cop now? You’ve done a proper investigation?”

“Well, no, but I’m sure those two incidents are totally unrelated,” she says.

Jake sighs and turns to Eric, “All the more reason for her not to stay here.” He stands up, “I think you should come with me.”

Eric looks up at him like he’s crazy, “Why should I?”

“I need to ask you a few questions about the incident.”

Eric points to the chair, “Sit down and ask all the questions you like.”

“I think we should do it at the police station,” says Jake.

“I don’t think I need to do that. I’m come by tomorrow.”



“Tish, let’s go,” Eric says.

Tish seems surprised, “What? Where?”

“Well, I’m going to bed.” Eric looks at Jake before turning back to Tish, “There’s a bathroom there if you’d like to wash up.”

Eric walks out of the room.

Jake turns to Tish, “Tell me again why you have to stay here?”

Tish shakes her head, “I told you that I can’t. It’s just part of my job. There’s nothing shady going on, I promise.”

She grabs his hand and leads him to the door. At the door, he reaches into his pocket, “Give me your arm.”

She holds it out, and he places something around her wrist. “Look, if something happens, hit the button. Cops will come running.”

“Okay,” she says.

“Make sure you bring that jerk down to the precinct tomorrow,” he says.

She nods again, “Okay.”

He leans down, “Make sure to press the button if he tries anything. All men are dogs.”

“Don’t look down on dogs,” she says.

“I’m going,” Jake says as he walks out of the house as Tish closes the door behind him and locks it.

Tish looks at the pager around her wrist again, then yells, “He’s gone now!” She starts walking around the house looking for Eric, but he doesn’t seem to be around anywhere.

“Sheesh! Where did he go?”

She walks through his bedroom and into his massive walk-in closet. She starts looking at all his clothing, jewelry, and watches. “Holy crap! Look at all of this.” She raises her voice, “I don’t want to play hide and seek. Where are you?”

She turns around and sees a closet. On the back wall of the cabinet is a painting of a girl in a pink rain jacket. “What’s this here for?”

She pushes a coat to the side, and suddenly the painting slides to the side, revealing a passageway, “Whoa! What is this?” she asks as she steps through the closet into a small space. A few seconds after she steps in, the floor begins to lower. “It’s a secret room! This is crazy!”

Then it comes to a stop. She opens the door and steps into a huge room. The shelves on the wall are decorated with classic toys. There are old school video games lined up. In the center is a desk with a computer. The chair spins around, and Jake is sitting in it, “It’s my dungeon. This is where I create all my video game characters. Welcome to my playground.”

Tish looks around the room and mutters under her breath, “Rich people do the darnedest things.”

“Did you just insult me?”

She spins around to face him with an innocent look on her face, “Me? No. Not at all.”

She turns around, “He has a victim complex too.”

He snaps his fingers, “Look here.” On his computer screen is a photo of a man. “This guy is the one who owns the motorcycle.”

“Let’s go get him,” she starts to leave when he leaps out of his chair and runs in front of her, “Wait. Let’s just stay here and protect each other, like we originally agreed on.”

She seems disappointed, “Well, sure. Alright, then.”

“Good,” he says. “Let’s go to bed.”


“I just mean, we could sleep in the same room,” he raises an eyebrow, “I told you not to get your hopes up.”

“And how will that work?” she asks, ignoring his jab.

He leads her towards the other end of his ‘dungeon,’ where there are several couches.

“We have to sleep on couches when you have a bunch of beds upstairs?” she asks.

Eric nods, “This is the safest place in the whole house.” He reaches for a blanket at the end of the couch and places it in her lap, “You sleep here. I’ll sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag.”

He walks over and opens a cabinet and pulls out a sleeping bag and a pillow, and walks back over to where she is still sitting there, looking angry.  He starts to step into the bag when he sees her giving him the death glare, “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to sleep,” she snaps at him as she lies down on the couch and pulls the blanket over herself.

A couple of times, Eric hops, pulling up the bag, then sits down on the floor and lies back.

“This is going to be so uncomfortable,” mutters Tish.

“Don’t complain,” explains Eric, “I paid an arm and a leg for that couch. It’s so comfortable. Good night.”

“Good night,” says Tish.

Eric grabs a remote control and clicks it, and all the lights go out.

In the dark, Tish’s eyes go wide as she looks up. On the ceiling, it looks like you’re looking into the sky at night with a bunch of stars slowly moving.

“Wooooooow,” says Tish softly.

“I read a book once,” explains Eric, “That when people die, they become stars. So I believed it for a long time.”

“Huh,” says Tish, “I read a book that said that people became ghosts when they died and liked to appear in front of people. How could a person become a star?”

“I believed it because it was the only way I could see my mom every night,” Eric says.

Tish turns her head towards him, “She passed away?”

“When I was six, she brought me to my father’s house right before she passed away. My half brothers would tease me and lock me in the wardrobe closet. The only one who would comfort me was my half-sister, Feather.”

“Why did you build the entrance to your dungeon into your closet?” Tish asks.

“Even though my brothers locked me in the closet, I actually starting becoming comfortable in there,” he says. “No one would bother me, and I could actually fall asleep. Plus, it would be hard to find the entrance here in the closet, so the bad guys can’t find me here, and the cops can’t find me here.”

Tish scoffs, “Seems you hate cops more than criminals.”

“My dad was a criminal,” he explains. “He would earn money beating people up. He then used his money to pay off cops. He even paid off prosecutors. He was into all sorts of shady shit, but he never ended up in jail. I’ve never met a cop who wasn’t on the take.”

Tish yawns and then pulls the cover up around her neck, “There are plenty of good cops out there.”

“Why do you like cops so much?” he asks, “Perhaps I should be more clear. Why do you like that cop so much?”

Tish grins, “Jake?”


“The thing about Jake is,” she starts, then she had a change of heart, “Oh, never mind.”

“How long have you been clinging to your one-sided love?”

“I met him for the first time in fifth grade.”

“Break time is over, everyone. Back to your seats,” says the fifth-grade teacher. “We have a new student transferring in from out of state.”

There’s a murmuring among the students as a boy stands in front of the class. “My name is Jake Buckingham,” he says. “It’s nice to meet you all.”

Everyone applauds. Well, everyone except a young girl with her head on the desk, fast asleep. At least until the clapping starts and she wakes up, slowly lifting her head up to see what the commotion is all about.

“Jake was top of his class at his previous school,” the teacher explains.

Tish blinks her eyes open as she sees Jake.

“There’s an empty seat next to Tish,” says the teacher, and as Jake looks over there, they make eye contact.  She watches him, constantly blinking as he heads in her direction. He slides into a seat next to her, and he looks at her. She immediately turns away.

Jake points to his mouth as he looks at her, “You have some drool,” he explains as everyone snickers around them.

Embarrassed now, Tish wipes at her mouth with her hand.

Later on, Tish is spying on him as he plays the piano in the music room.

Time jumps to high school, Jake is still playing the piano while Tish is cleaning the music room. There is a gathering of girls in the hallway, peeking through the window, obviously part of his fan club. Tish notices and immediately walks over and begins to wash the windows so they can’t see inside.

As the girls yell at her to move, she gives up and turns around to face him as he continues to play with a forlorn look in her eyes.

“He is my only weakness,” she says softly, still lying on the couch. “That jerk.”

Unsympathetic, Eric shrugs, “It’s not like he asked you to have feelings for him. Why is he the jerk?”

She continues to pout but doesn’t respond.

Finally, Eric gets out of his bag and to his feet. “Get up. Let’s do it.”

Her eyes go wide, “What?”

Moments later, they both have on VR goggles and are shooting zombies. Tish is doing her own sound effects as she ‘pew, pew, pews’ as she fires her weapon, killing the undead.

Finally, she whips off her VR set and cheers as she appears to have won the match. “Yes! The winner!”

Eric seems surprised that he lost as he sits down in disappointment while Tish continues to gloat.  She points at him, “You’re a loser! Nyah!”

She hurries over to the couch and sits as he runs after her. “Good game, boss. The couch is mine, right?”

He grabs her arm and pulls her up, “One more round,” he demands, holding up one finger.

She folds down his finger, “I said, good game!” Then she plops back down on the couch and pulls her cover over the top of her as Eric stands there frustrated.  After a moment, he turns to her, “Hey, I…”

Tish is fast asleep, even snoring a little bit.

“Are you really asleep?” he asks softly. She doesn’t respond, so he sighs, “Unbelievable.”

The light shines in on Tish’s face as she slowly wakes up, still on the couch. Her eyes squint a little as she slowly turns on her side, only to find Eric fast asleep right next to her.

She screams and pushes him off the couch as he crashes onto the floor with a thud, “What are you doing up here?” she asks, eyes now wide open. Even though she’s fully clothed, she has the cover pulled up to her neck as she sits up.

“The floor was cold!” he says. “I was terrified to have to sleep there!”

“Why?” she asks.

“I was afraid you’d jump my bones!” he snaps at her!

She looks appalled.

He looks at her grumpily, “Can you make breakfast? We will be out all day, so can you make something hearty?”

Moments later, there are eggs, bacon, pancakes, and hash browns on the table. Eric walks in, and immediately, his hand goes to his mouth in shock.

Tish doesn’t seem amused. “Stop acting like you’re surprised. I’ve had to cook quite a bit since my mother passed. So, I got pretty good at it.”

“I wasn’t surprised that you could cook. I was shocked at all these carbs,” he says as he takes a seat.

An angry look crosses Tish’s face.

“But, since you worked so hard to make it for me, I’ll go ahead and eat it for your sake,” he says.

Tish snaps at him, “Don’t eat it, I don’t care!”

Eric reaches for a pancake, “You’re feisty in the morning.”

Tish shakes her head, “Whatever woman marries you will be driven crazy.”

“And whatever man marries you…”

She grabs a butter knife and angrily stabs it right through the counter as Eric looks on with terrified eyes.  He begins to cough and choke.

Tish immediately looks embarrassed, “Why’d you have to go and say something like that?”

He looks up at her and swallows nervously.

They are mostly silent as Eric drives. Tish finally turns to ask, “What are you going to do when we catch him?”

Eric shrugs, “I need to find out why he’s doing this.”

“By torture?” Tish seems excited by that prospect.

He looks at her, “I’ll have to do it. If I ask you to do it, you’ll ask for a raise.”

She grins, “Of course. Torture isn’t in my contract.”

“I’ll do it,” he says.

“So, all I have to do is help you catch him, right?” Tish asks.


“Then you’ll report him to the police once you know his motive, right?” she asks.

Eric shakes his head, “I’ll take care of it all myself.”

Tish frowns, “You are an incredibly, ridiculously, amazingly stubborn person.”


Tish turns to face him, “So, you’re not going to mention any of this when we go to the police station today?”

Eric shakes his head, “There’s no reason for me to talk about my personal life with them.”

Jake is speaking with the officer who was stabbed in the restroom.

“He wasn’t experienced using that knife,” explains the officer as Jake takes notes. “He was a little clumsy, so I think that he wasn’t trying to kill me more than he was trying to scare me. In fact, after he stabbed me and saw all the blood, he actually looked surprised.”

“Did you get a good look at his face?” Jake asks.

The officer nods, “Absolutely.”

Jake pulls some photos from the hospital incident from his pocket and hands them to the cop, “This guy?”

The officer looks through them, then shakes his head, “Not this guy. The guy who stabbed me was much older.”

Jake isn’t too sure, “How can you be certain? They both were wearing masks.”

The officer explains, “The guy who stabbed me had a rough-looking face.”

The door of an apartment opens up, and Tish’s cheerful face fills the doorway, “Hello!” she singsongs. “I live next door. You used your washing machine yesterday, didn’t you? I could barely sleep because it was so noisy!”

The man looks at her, “No. I didn’t do laundry.” He starts to close the door when Tish’s face becomes serious, and she grabs the door handle, and he cannot even budge it.

“Why was it so loud last night?” she asks as he tries to pull the door shut.

“What’s with you?” the man asks as Eric watches from down the hallway, amused.

Tish continues to hold the door open, “How about you let me come in and check? Hm?”

“You crazy bitch,” he says as she pulls the door all the way open, sending him flying into the hallway, and she steps inside.

“What’s your problem,” the man yells at her and follows her in.

“Oh shit, she just forced her way inside,” says Eric to himself as he watches.

Tish steps inside and just casually walks around. The man runs around in front of her, “Whoa! Whoa! Who are you? Are you really my neighbor?”

She laughs, shaking her head, “Nah. I’m Tish. And you are the owner of the motorcycle with the license plate that says SLC 4458, right?” She leans in close, “You’re Jeffrey Tamer, right?”

His eyes go wide, “Who the hell are you?”

Tish beams, “So it is you! Can you come with me for a moment,” she says as she reaches for his wrist, but he snaps it away. “I need to discuss your motorcycle with you.”

Jeffery shakes his head, “I’m not going anywhere with you. You bust into here and talk some shit. I should call the police.”

Tish seems offended. “So you won’t come with me?”

Suddenly, Jeffrey seems to have something else in mind, “You must be pretty crazy to come to a man’s home all alone.” He reaches over and touches his finger to her cheek, “Perhaps we should get better acquainted.”

She reaches up and slaps his hand away. It flies up and hits him in the face as his eyes go cross-eyed. He falls backward onto the floor, knocked out as she watches him with her mouth open and eyes wide, obviously not meaning to hit him that hard.

“Oh no!” she cries as she moves to kneel down next to him to make sure he’s at least still alive. “Oh, thank God he’s still breathing. Okay, let’s try and wake him up.”

A few moments later, she walks out of the apartment, not looking happy at all. Eric looks at her, “Did he say anything?” He then looks down as she is pulling the guy across the floor by his arm.

“I didn’t even hit him that hard! He’s probably faking!” she explains. Tish looks up at Eric, “It was an accident. But seriously, I don’t think you’re paying me enough for this job.” She looks down at the man she’s dragging, “Just understand, I didn’t want it to go down like this.”

Eric is just watching, mouth open in shock. “What did you do?”

“You should have waited in the car. We’re taking him back to the dungeon, right?”

“Oh, yeah,” he says. He runs to get the car when he stops at the doorway, seeing a family walking towards the apartment. He rushes over and pushes the elevator button, and the door opens, and Tish drags him into it.

Moments later, they are on the roof of the building. The man is still knocked out.

Eric looks at him, “You didn’t kill him, did you?”

Tish shakes her head, “He’s still breathing.”

Eric takes a closer look. “It doesn’t look like he is.”

Tish is adamant, “He is breathing!”

Eric bends down to get a closer look, “His face is all swollen.” He turns to her, “You hit him, didn’t you?” he asks accusingly.

She waves him off, “I didn’t hit him!”

Eric points down to the man, “It’s obvious you hit this man.”

Tish insists, “I didn’t hit him. He hit himself with his own hand, like this,” she demonstrates how the man slapped himself in the face.

Skeptical, Eric asks, “So, he knocked himself out with his own hand? There must have been something else.”

Tish tries very hard to look innocent, “He actually he hurt himself,” she starts to say, and then she points, “He moved! I think he’s awake.” She pulls out her taser.

Eric points at her, “Stay there. He can only answer questions if he’s awake.”

The man’s eyes slowly open as he groans. There’s a red handprint on the side of his face.

Tish groans, “I told you I didn’t hit him.”

“Who are you people?” the man asks.

Tish rushes across the rooftop and acquires some rope. She runs back over, “Give me your hands, mister,” she says as she begins to tie him up.

“What are you doing?” Eric asks.

She looks at him, “Don’t just stand there. Find this man a chair or something! Do I have to do everything around here? Sheesh!”

The man just lays there, “I have a relative who’s a cop,” he mumbles.

“Oh, do you now?” says Tish.

“And my ex-girlfriend’s uncle’s friend works at the prosecutor’s office,” he says, continuing to mumble on.

Tish continues to secure his hands, “Cool story, dude.” She places the taser in his tied hands, “Hold this for one moment.  Now hold your legs together like this,” she says, bringing his feet together, and she begins to tie them together. When she draws the strings together, he begins to yell, “Ow! Ow! That hurts!”

She lifts her head up, bumping the bottom of the taser, and it begins to spark as he accidentally brings it to his face. He begins to electrocute himself with the taser as Tish’s eyes go wide, and she begins to yell, “Whoa! Whoa! Oh my!” and back away from the man as he lights up.

Eric looks up, “What’s wrong?”  He leaps up and runs over as the man passes out again.

Tish begins to plead her case before he even said anything, “It wasn’t me! I swear, it wasn’t me! Oh, my God!”

Eric whips around with an angry look.

“He went like this,” she begins as she demonstrates what the man supposedly did. “And then this, all by himself. What is wrong with this man?” she asks Eric.

Eric stares at her, “You sure know how to do your job.”

“I do?”

He glares at her, “Don’t you understand sarcasm?”

A good while later, they have him propped up on a chair as he starts to come to.

Tish starts to walk away, “I think I’m going to go now. I’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty today.” She starts to hurry away before she can cause any more damage.

“Hey!” he yells, and she stops.

Eric waves her back, “Just come on back here.”

The man slowly lifts his head off his lap as Eric leans down and looks him in the eye. “Who sent you?”

The man suddenly begins to weep.

“I, I, I reported my motorcycle stolen,” he finally blubbers out.

Tish suddenly gets this sad, remorseful look on her face as Eric just shakes his head.

“I haven’t heard anything back from the cops,” the man says.

Eric turns to Tish, “See? I told you cops were worthless.”

Tish ignores him, “Your motorcycle was stolen?” she asks the man.

“Yes!” he manages to sob out. Tish begins to tear up as the man continues his story, “I worked overtime for six months straight to buy that motorcycle,” he cries, and Tish cries along with him now.

Eric looks from one to the other and just walks away at this point.

“Let me untie you, mister! I’m so sorry,” Tish says as she walks over to him. The man gets all scared, but she gently takes the rope and unties them for him. After, she whips her head around to Eric, “What are you going to do about this? We captured an innocent person! I don’t use my power for just anything, and you didn’t even know what this situation was! Look at this huge mess you made!”

Eric leans against the side of the rooftop as she turns back to the man, “I’m so sorry. You can go home now,” she says.

He gets up and starts to walk, then realizes he’s going the wrong direction and turns around and goes the other way towards the door.

“She was my fiance,” a man says as he’s being interrogated. 

Behind the glass, Jake turns to the chief and Gibson, “He’s got motive. The kidnapped woman dumped him on their wedding day.”

Gibson shakes his head, “It’s not him.”

Jake asks, “Did you record his voice?”

The police chief points to the man on the other side of the glass, “Ignore everything else. Look at his eyes. He’s sincerely concerned for her well being.”

The door opens, “Jake. You got a visitor.”

Jake is taking the report from Eric and Tish. Eric turns to look at Tish, and she’s staring all starry-eyed at Jake. He rolls his eyes.

“Mr. Aames,” says Jake. “Any idea why the officer guarding Tish was attacked? Did he say anything to you?”

“Look, Jake, is it?” he says.

“Detective Buckingham.”

“Jake. I have a right to solve my own problems, ain’t that right? You let me handle my business, and you can stay out of it,” Eric says.

“Look here!”

“I’m looking right at you.”

Tish gives Eric a scowl.

Jake slams his hand on the desk, “From now on, I’ll be taking care of Tish Weathershere’s protection.”

Tish starts to smile wide.

Eric rolls his eyes, “Fine. Whatever.”

Tish finally interjects, “Jake. As Mr. Aames secretary, let me clarify. You realize he’s a bit of a psycho– I mean, he has a unique personality. He tends to have a lot of enemies for obvious reasons–”

“Tish,” says Eric, as if she’s said quite enough. “Why are you assassinating my character right in front of me?”

“You’re still alive, aren’t you?’ she asks him before turning back to Jake, “At any rate, his enemies mistook the officer for his bodyguard, and that’s why he was attacked.”

Eric is appalled to be talked about in this manner.

Jake turns to Eric, “Why don’t you hire a proper bodyguard?!”

“I did! She’s my,” he starts to point to Tish, but she brings her foot down on his, “Augh!” he screams.

“What’s wrong?” asks Jake.

Tish holds her foot there as she smiles at Jake, “Please. I’m quite fine. You don’t need to worry so much about me.”  She finally releases her foot from Eric’s.

Jake shakes his head as Eric groans in pain, reaching down to hold his foot.

“I understand, but you’re a witness in this ongoing case. So I will be in charge of keeping you protected,” Jake says, then turns to Eric, who’s still bent over in his chair. “And if you are going to keep employing her, you need to hire her protection as well to watch over her as she works during the day. If a single hair on her head is harmed, I will make sure you pay.”

Eric finally leans up, “Wait. You want me to protect her?”

“Jake,” Tish interrupts. “You still haven’t found your suspect?”

“Not yet.”

Eric tries to get to his feet but sits right back down, “It hurts,” he whines.

“Get yourself together,” says Tish as she helps him to his feet as they leave.

Eric limps out of the building, “I think it’s broken. It’s completely numb.”

Tish bats her eyes up at him, “Are you hurt? I’m so sorry.”

Eric doesn’t believe her, “Not only does it hurt. I’m embarrassed.”

Tish motions towards the car, “Let me take you to the hospital.”

Eric takes a step down and screams out in pain. Tish grabs him to keep him from falling over.

“Damn it!” he snaps. “You’re a disaster waiting to happen. Just go away!”

“It wasn’t personal!”

Eric whips his head around at her.

Jake and Sarah are at the hospital, talking to the doctor.

“It wouldn’t have been that hard to find out that I wasn’t in the office. Everything we do is online these days.  But, I was able to track down the video footage you asked for,” the doc says as he hands the USB drive to Gibson.

Tish and Eric are at the same hospital. The doctor is pointing out something on the X-ray.

“If you look real close, you can see this teeny tiny fracture,” he points to the screen.

Eric leans in to look. “A fracture, you say?” He turns to glare at Tish, who turns away and stares at the wall.

“We will give you a boot. Wear it and don’t overwork it,” says the doctor.

As Eric looks back at the screen, Tish looks back at the monitor, but as the doc says not to overwork it, he stares back at Tish, who quickly looks away.

Soon, Eric is limping out of the room with Tish behind him when Parish sees them and walks over. “What are you doing here?” he asks her.

Tish just sort of points in the general direction of Eric, “That’s my boss.”

“How are you?” Parish says as Eric continues to limp.

“As you can see, I’m not doing too well. Not well at all.”

Parish turns to whisper to Tish, “You stepped on his foot, hm?”

Tish snaps her head up at him, “It wasn’t that hard.”

Eric tries to sit down and groans in pain. “Hey, I think I’ll check in to the hospital.”

“What?” asks Tish. “It’s a fractured toe. Why do you need to stay at the hospital?”

“Oh, it’s not your toe, so you don’t care. It hurts so much, I might just die!” he says with such exaggeration. Besides, limping around the office will totally ruin my image.”

Parish chimes in, “I can escort you to a VIP suite.”

Eric shakes his head, “That place is boring.” He turns to Tish, “How’s Rob’s tailbone?”

She purses her lips at the mention of Assistant Rob’s tailbone.

Gibson and Jake are walking down the hospital hallway, “I know we haven’t a lot of quality time together since this case started, but once it’s over, let’s find time to get away.”

Sarah looks up at him and nods, “That sounds great.” Then she suddenly winces and holds her side.

“What’s going on?” Jake asks.

Sarah winces as she leans over a little, “I’m not sure. Sudden pain.”

“Good thing we’re in the hospital. Let’s get you looked at before we leave.”

Eric is being pushed down the hospital hallway by Tish. He has an ice cream cone in his hand, and she looks like she’d rather be anywhere else than with him.

“I can’t believe you are using a wheelchair with a broken toe.”

“My toe is a very important thing,” he says back to her.

She leans down to him, “You could try moving around in this wheelchair on your own.”

He ignores it and points out someone, “Where are the cops when you need them? What that guy is wearing is a crime of fashion.”

She lifts the wheelchair slightly off the ground and lets it drop, and he drops the ice cream in his lap. “Hey!”

“Sorry, Rob’s room is this way.”

She wheels him into the room, “Rob! How are you doing?” he says as he picks up the ice cream from his lap.

“Boss!” says Rob. He’s still on his stomach as his tailbone heals. His neck is in a brace as well, so he can’t really face Eric as he is brought inside. “What brings you here?”

As Eric gets within his peripheral, Rob sees that Eric is in a wheelchair. “What happened?”

Eric waves it off, “I fractured my toe.” Tish leaves the two to talk, stepping out of the room just as two hoodlums from the other day see her. One is pushing the other in a wheelchair, and they both turn away, hoping she doesn’t see them.

Inside the hoodlums’ ward, two try to help Edgar chew his foot by placing it in his mouth and telling him to chew.

“You can do it. Just chew like you used to do!”

Edgar is holding the sides of his face with his hands and trying to push up on his jaw as if that will help. Instead, the piece of food just falls back onto the plate.

“This won’t do,” says one of them.

“You have to eat if you want to live! Try again!”

Edgar just makes a bunch of moaning sounds.

The two other guys from the hallway rush inside, “Tish Weathershere is here!”

Edgar’s eyes go wide, and he begins to groan as his urine pouch slowly begins to fill.

“Somebody call the cops!”

Edgar falls back onto his bed, passing out.

“How long are you going to have to lie on your stomach?” asks Eric.

Rob laughs uncomfortably, “Well, they said it’s gotten a lot better. They’re going to try and put me on my side tomorrow.”

“It still hurts?” Eric asks as he reaches across and smacks him on the tailbone as Rob shrieks out.

Rob trembles, “It still hurts to just cough.”

Eric shakes his head, “That’s awful.”

“Do you know what’s funny about all of this?” Rob says. “The thugs who got beat up by Miss Weathersphere are just a couple of rooms down. Also, did you know her brother is a resident here? It’s almost as if she is the center of the universe and everything revolves around her.”

Eric thinks about it and nods, “So, the sister brings the pain, and the brother brings the cure.”

Parish walks up to Tish, “What’s going on with you lately? You were trying to lay low, and now half the hospital’s patients are a direct result of something you did to them. You need to chill out or something.”

Tish whines, “None of this was my fault! Why are you talking to me like this? I’m trying to be careful! My powers have been a little hard to control lately, is all.”

Not wanting to fight with her, Parish nods as his phone chimes.  He checks the message then says to her. “Well, just be careful. I gotta go. I heard Jake is here with his girlfriend.” He starts to walk off when Tish grabs his arm.

“Jake’s girlfriend?” she says with a scowl on her face.


“Sorry,” she says. “But, where are they?” she asks as she follows her brother down the hall.

Parish and Tish walk up to Jake and Sarah, who are sitting down holding hands. Parish says, “I’ve scheduled some tests, but the lab won’t be available for half an hour. If you need to go, I can take care of her from here.”

Jake shakes his head, “I’ll wait.” He reaches down and grabs her hand again as Tish’s eyes immediately lock on the two hands entwined. Her heart is breaking.

Jake sees her and says, “Tish! Why are you at the hospital again?”

Fumbling out of her broken heart, she just kinda points behind her, “My boss broke his toe, so I brought him to get it looked at.”

Jake nods, “Well, Tish, this is my girlfriend, Sarah. Sarah, my friend Tish.”

Sarah smiles, “It’s nice to formally be introduced. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Tish nods, “Hi. Thanks.”

Parish’s beeper goes off, “Oh. The lab is ready. I’ll escort you.”

Sarah nods, “Sounds great.” After the two walk off, Jake grabs Tish by the hand, “Come with me,” and drags her off.

Inside the lab, Parish is asking some questions. “Just the pain in the side? For how long?”

Sarah thinks for a moment, “It’s been a few days now. I only came today because Jake was concerned. I’m sure it’s nothing.”

Parish nods as he listens, “So, I think we’re going to draw blood as well while you’re here. Side pain could be liver-related, so we want to get in there and see the problem before it’s too late. It may be nothing, but we want to go ahead and check. Do you mind if I touch the painful area?”

Sarah shakes her head. “I don’t mind.”  She raises her hand up a little. Parish leans in close and presses different places on her side, and when he touches a particular area, she winces and sucks in some air, “Here?”


Parish slowly draws back, and then their eyes meet. They look at each other silently for a few seconds before Sarah reaches up and brushes the hair from in front of her eyes nervously.

“Oh, right. Let me schedule blood work too.”

Jake finds a quiet spot and looks down at Tish, “Look, don’t go spreading this around that Sara and I are dating. We work together, so we’re trying to keep it a little under the radar.”

Tish just nods her head. “Okey.”

Jake nods. “What’s the deal with your boss? You need to set some boundaries with him.”

“I mean, his secretary is out, so I…”

“Why is that?”

“Because, I mean, I told you about the tailbone.”

Jake puts his hands on his hips, “That doesn’t mean you need to be with him 24/7.”  He starts to walk off, and she grabs his arm.

“Why are you treating me like this?”


“You have a girlfriend, so why are you so overprotective of me?”

Just then, Eric wheels around the corner and stops when he sees them.

Jake seems confused by the question, “What are you talking about?”

Just then, Parish and Sarah walk out of his office, and he sees Jake and Tish. “We’re heading to x-ray,” he points out.

Realizing that Tish is in an awkward situation, Eric yells, “Hey! What are you doing over there? I’ve been looking all over for you,” he says as he wheels himself to her.

Tish stomps her feet as she walks over to Eric and grabs the wheelchair, and pushes it away, leaving Jake confused as heck.

Tish pushes Eric into Rob’s room.

“Is that you again, sir?” asks Rob.

Eric ignores him as he says, “What’s with that look? You act as if you just saw your crush’s girlfriend.”

Outside the room, one of the hoodlums walks by the room and peeks in on them.

Edgar has a walker with wheels, and he slowly makes his way down the hall, taking tiny baby steps.

Tish spins around on her heels, and all the hoodlums scatter, one of them grabbing the edge of the walker and pulling it away from the hallway as Tish bursts out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

The hoodlums watch her walk away. Edgar slowly lifts a finger, pointing, “That’s her! She’s the one!” he manages to mumble in a high pitched voice.

“Am I wrong?” asks Eric. “Why aren’t you answering me?” he asks.

Rob thinks Eric is talking to him, “I’m not…”

“Hey!” Eric says and turns around, but Tish is gone. “Where’d she go?”

Sarah is lying on a table in the x-ray room. The attendant is getting the machine situated over her.  He walks back, and Parish says out loud, “We’re going to take a picture now. Hold still.”

Sarah smiles.

Tish stands at a gravesite with matching tombstones. One for her mother and one for her father.

“So, Jake has a girlfriend,” she says aloud with a heavy sigh. “Though I guess he’s not supposed to be dating her cause they work together.”

She’s silent for a few moments.

“Oh, and you should be proud. I have a new job. Full time with benefits.” She leans in close, “I have to use my powers on occasion, but it’s for a good cause,” she reassures them. “Though, my boss tests my patience to no limit. I’d wring his neck if I could.”

Her phone begins to ring as “Asshole  Boss” comes up on the screen. “Speaking of Satan, excuse me for a moment,” she says to her parents. “What?” she answers.

“How could you just disappear without saying anything? What if the criminal broke into the hospital and kidnapped me?”

She rolls her eyes, “I’m heading home to change. I’ve been wearing this same thing for over a day now, thanks to you.”

“You have a serious fundamental attitude problem. No common sense.”

She ignores him, “And I’m going to take a long hot shower. Am I not allowed personal hygiene because I’m such a small fry in your ranks?”

“Meanwhile, your boss is on his deathbed, and you’re arguing with me about hygiene.”

She bites back, “So sorry that I want to take care of my personal needs.”

“You get back here as soon as you’ve washed up,” he snaps back. “Don’t even blow dry your hair.”

“How dare–” she starts, but he hangs up.

She grits her teeth, “What the hell is his problem?”

Eric seems very proud of himself as he puts his phone in his pocket. “What to do while I wait.”

He starts to wheel himself in when a group of thugs walks into the hospital, flanking a sharply dressed man in the center.

Eric watches with interest as the entourage heads down the hallway.

One man opens the door as another walks into the hoodlum’s hospital room. All the other hoodlums scramble to their feet, except for Edgar, for apparent reasons. He does crawl to the end of the bed and begins to weep, “Boss! Boss!”

Kal just rolls his eyes. He walks over and lifts Edgar’s chin to inspect the damage. He takes two steps back and asks, “Are you injured?” as if it wasn’t obvious.

Edgar says something, though it is unintelligible.

One man leans over into Kal’s ear. “He says he made a huge mistake.”

Kal nods. “Obviously. Rumors on the street are that a woman did this to all of you? Is that a fact?”

There’s a lot of fumbling of words all around the injured when finally someone speaks up, “It’s true. It was very humiliating, and I know we damaged your reputation. We were truly embarrassed but believe us, it’s true.”

“No one else? Just a woman?” Kal asks.

Everyone around nods.

“Not a gang of women. Just a woman?”

Everyone nods again.

“But, we found out her name. Tish Weathersphere. She currently works for Aamessoft.”

Kal thinks for a moment, “Aamessoft? Don’t they make video games or something?” He turns to the healthy entourage, “Go scout her. Find out if she’s truly as tough as these clowns say. If she’s not, send her straight to hell.”

Edgar begins to wail as subtitles appear underneath him, “I want to be the one to beat the crap out of her!”

The translater leans over to translate, and Kal smacks him, “I heard him, you idiot.” He turns to Edgar, “You shut your mouth. That woman beat your ass. You should be embarrassed. It’s all over town. I’m so ashamed of all of you right now. My name don’t mean shit now, thank to you bastards.”

Edgar begins to howl uncontrollably as drool runs down his chin.

Kal points to him, “At least close your mouth. Goddamn.” Kal walks over and pushes up hard on Edgar’s chin as Edgar’s eyes go wide.

Kal turns around and walks away. Edgar tries to reach into his mouth as he mumbles something, subtitles reading, “I swallowed my tongue.”

Kal ignores him. “Bring me that bitch. I want to see how strong she is with my own eyes. If you don’t bring her to me, I will end you all!”

Tish sits at her dining room table, just out of the shower, her hair wrapped in a towel. She stares into a bowl of walnuts. She picks one up and crushes it into her hand. She walks up to her room and opens her desk drawer, and pulls out her old cell phone, the one damaged by Edgar.

“It has become difficult for me to control my strength,” she thinks to herself. “Now that I think about it, it all began the day after this incident.”

Her phone chimes as she puts the old cell phone back, closes the drawer and walks over to pick up her new phone.

“You’re drying your hair right now, aren’t you?”

“I told you to get your butt over here ASAP!”

“I have somewhere I need to go.”

She reads the messages and takes a deep breath, “At this rate, I’ll end up killing this guy,” she mutters under her breath.

And Kal isn’t the only one interested in Tish, as some neighborhood teenagers drop the torn shoe in front of their leader, Mikey.

Mikey has a sucker in his mouth as he sits on a merry-go-round that’s on a playground. One of the boys looks at him, “We’re not joking, Mikey.”

Mikey hands the sucker to one of the gangsters next to him, “Hold this.” Then he looks up at the other one, “How old was she?”

“She was old.”

“Dammit,” says Mikey. “Was she tough?”

“She looked normal.”

Mikey reaches down and grabs the show and begins hitting the boy with it, “Damn it! Do you have a death wish?” He stops and turns to the others, “Bring her to me!”

Tish is walking down the street when she gets more texts.

“Hurry up. I want to be discharged!”

She’s annoyed, “He’s so demanding!”

“It’s boring here. Hurry up!”

Suddenly, three of the teenagers step out from the shadows, “Uh, ma’am?” They are very polite.

She stops walking and looks.

The boy points to his shoe and motions how she tied them.

She remembers now, “Oh! Right.”

A few moments later, she walks up to Mikey, surrounded by all of his little teenage gang members. They are cheering him on. Mikey raises his hands up, “That’s enough. Quiet.” He pulls the sucker from his mouth and hands it over.  He leaves his hand there, and someone puts the torn shoe in it.  He looks at Tish, “You really did this, girl?”

Tish leans over to get a good look, “I think that’s my work.”

Mikey throws it on the ground at her feet, “Well, fix it! Or I’ll make you look just like that shoe.”

Tish eyeballs him, “How am I supposed to do that, exactly?” She takes a step towards him, and everyone but Mikey takes several steps back.

“Are you out of your damn mind?” asks Mikey. He reaches over and grabs her purse off her shoulder. “I’ll just make you pay for it then.”  He tosses it behind him as someone catches it. “Find some money to pay for the shoe,” he tells them. “You can fix it or pay for it.” Someone hands him her wallet.

Tish just stands there watching him.

He opens the wallet, and there’s little cash in there. “You are some broke bitch, aren’t you?”

Tish peeks into the wallet, “There’s three dollars in there. Go ahead and take it.”

Mikey pulls the three dollars from the wallet and throws it at her. “Are you kidding? I can’t even buy a burger with that, you idiot.”

Tish grits her teeth.

“Are you looking to get hit?” Mikey asks, getting up in her face. He bonks her on the head with her wallet. “Do you have a deathwish?” he asks her again and bonks her again.

“What I don’t like,” she says, “Is getting hit on the head. I also don’t like it when someone else touches my things. Those are the things I don’t like, so how about don’t do them.”

Mikey laughs in her face. “You are so scary!” He stops laughing and gets right up on her, “What are you going to do about it?” This time he gently slaps her cheek with his hand. “Hm?” he goes to do it again when she grabs his wrist and takes him right down to the ground as he screams out in pain.

Then she reaches down and grabs him by the belt and lifts him in the air as the others fall back, screaming out in astonishment. “Didn’t I warn you kids last time?” She keeps him up in the air as he screams out. “Hurry up and apologize. My boss wants me to pick him up, so hurry and apologize, or I can make sure you get plenty of fresh air.” She mimics about to throw him into the air.

Mikey begins to whine, “Please spare me!”

She looks at him as she holds him up by the seat of his pants, “People should be kind to each other, don’t you think? Didn’t you learn this in school?”

Mikey yells, “I’ll be a good person! I’ll be a good person!”

Tish lets him go, and he crashes to the ground, then motions to the merry-go-round. “Everyone, get on.”

No one moves, so she repeats it, “You better get on there.”

Suddenly, they all scramble onto the merry-go-round. There’s barely enough room for them all.

“Hold on tight,” she says as she walks over and grabs it, and gives it a spin. As it spins around, you can see their faces as if they were going past the sound barrier. Some look like they will puke. Others are getting dizzy. One does puke, as it sprays into the face of the others.

Tish watches, “Isn’t this fun?” she asks, then suddenly sticks her foot on it, and it suddenly comes to a stop, sending them all flying in different directions.

“Anyone want to do it again?” she asks.

“No! No!” came the response.

“Then get over here.”

They all crawl along the ground towards her. Some try to get to their feet, only to fall over again.

“You have one hour. I want everyone to go around the neighborhood and pick up one pound of trash each. I mean trash that’s on the ground, not trash that’s already in a trash can. When I come back, if you don’t have a pound each, I’ll make you go on another spin, do you hear me?”

Mikey, still in pain, nods, “We’ll pick it up.”

Tish starts to walk away, then pauses and turns back to them, “And study hard in school.” She walks over and picks up her things, and walks off, leaving them to their task.

Tish walks into Rob’s hospital room, and Eric is sitting in his wheelchair, chatting with Rob.

“I’m here.”

Eric looks back, “It’s about time.” He rises from his chair and limps, “Come with me.”  She turns to follow, and he says, “Help me out a little here,” and she moves to help him walk, wondering why he didn’t stay in the wheelchair.

The hoodlums, along with Kal, are standing in the hallway as she and Eric walk out. The hoodlums all back away from her down an adjoining hallway while Kal watches to see what’s so special about her.

As she helps Eric, she turns and sees Kal there but doesn’t pay him any mind as Eric tells her, “Can you go any slower?”

“I’m moving as slow as humanly possible right now,” she responds.

Kal looks back at his broken crew, then back to Tish. “This doesn’t make any sort of sense.

Tish helps Eric into the car’s passenger side as she walks around to get into the driver’s side.

She places her purse in the back and notices Eric doing something on his phone, “I’m trying to determine how much extra I should pay you for all of this,” he says. “So don’t worry.”

She ignores that, “And what is the problem with my etude anyway? I really can’t stand it when you say things like that about me when I’m working…”

“Attitude,” he interrupts.


“At-ti-tude,” he over pronounces. “Say it with me.”

She turns around to face the front, “No.” She must have misheard him because she spends time looking up what ‘etude’ was online.

He leans his chair back, “My mind and body are comfortable. Don’t talk to me for the entire drive.”

She glares at him as she puts her seatbelt on, “But where are we going?”

He doesn’t answer but reaches up and touches the map on his dash screen that screams out, “Shut up and drive!” to her.

She glares at him extra hard now.

He doesn’t see it as he has already closed his eyes.

She pulls out of the parking garage.

Sarah is sitting at home when Jake walks in.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” he says. “How did it go?”

“We are still waiting for the results. He said he would call. He was very nice, your friend,” she says.

Jake recalls earlier, looking at rings at a jewelry store.

A giant gate opens up as Tish drives through, then it closes behind her. She drives around and parks in front of the large house. As they get out, Eric says, “Three of our suspects are here inside. See if you can figure out if it’s any of them.”

They walk inside, and a woman walks up, “We’ve been waiting for you to come.”

Eric motions towards Tish, “My personal secretary.”

Tish smiles to the woman, “I’m Tish. It’s nice to meet you.”

The woman seems a little uncomfortable, “This is a family meeting. I hope you won’t mind waiting out here.”

Eric interrupts, “She’s coming in with me. She’ll be taking notes. I’ve already told her that we are barely family anyway.”

Tish stands there with her mouth open as Eric walks through the next set of doors.

Tish is seated at a dining table, and there’s quite a spread laid out. She is looking at everything, mouth open. “This looks so good,” she whispers to herself.

In addition to Tish and Eric, around the table is his stepmother, who met them at the door.  His father, his two half brothers, and his sister, Feather.  Tish’s phone vibrates, so she looks at the text sent by Eric.

“Don’t get distracted stuffing your face and try and find the suspect!”

She turns to glare at him, and he returns it in kind.

Finally, the father begins to speak. “The reason I called this meeting is to formally announce the heir to my company. I didn’t bring my attorney because this isn’t an issue of inheriting money or shares. I just want to ensure that a clear heir is established tonight in front of everyone, so there are no future questions. It’s come time for me to finally step down.”

His wife scoffs, “Please. What are you saying? You’re still young.”

“Father,” says one of the brothers.

The father interrupts, “I founded this company and made it what it is today. We are a critical point where I need someone who can bring us to the next level. I don’t care who is the oldest. I am looking at who is the most deserving. I’ll pass this down who is the best at managing.” He turns to Eric.

“That’s you, Eric.”

All eyes turn to Eric.

Feather is the first to speak, “A wise decision, father.”  She smiles towards Eric, “Eric will do a fine job.”

One of the brothers turns to the father, “You make this decision without consulting any of us?” The other interrupts, “It’s  his company to do with as he pleases.”

Eric interrupts. “I understand. But I have my own company to run. The only way to make this work is to merge the two companies together.”

Jefferson, one of the brothers, stares at him. “Who the hell do you think you are?”

Tish gets a good look at him. “Super greedy eldest brother. Murderous eyes,” she thinks to herself.

Feather interrupts, “If Aamessoft and Olgovine merge, it could help the image of both companies. It’s not a bad idea.”

Tish eyes Feather, “Supportive sister. Smiles. Good-natured. Intelligent,” she thinks to herself.

Franklin, the other brother, shakes his head, “It’s a horrible idea! All Eric does is take advantage of young kids by making them spend money on his useless video games.”

Tish eyes Franklin, “Cynical brother. Dissatisfied with life,” she makes a mental note to herself then turns her attention to the wife, who hasn’t said a word but just keeps eating. “Wife. Only cares about food.”

The father finally speaks up, “Eric is the only one who started something from nothing and became wildly successful. The rest of you just fell into ranks working at my company. I’m doing this for everyone’s sake.”

Jefferson mutters something unpleasant under his breath.

“You son of a bitch!” yells the father as he leaps from his chair and grabs a golfing wood as Jefferson jumps from his chair and sprints from the room before he gets rocked.

Tish’s eyes go wide as she looks at the father, “Willing to use weapons on family. Whoa,” she says to herself.

The wife gets up, “Please put that down. Sit down. Calm yourself.”

Eric just sits there.

Driving home afterward, Tish says to him, “The longer I think about it, the more I think it might be your father.”

Eric turns to look at her, “Why would it be my father? I–” he pauses and looks at her, “Why did I ever think you would be of any help.”

“Sheesh,” says Tish. “When he leaped up with that golf club, he looked like the villain out of a movie!”

“Shut up and drive to your place.”

Tish looks surprised, “What about you?”

“I can drive myself home. I just injured a toe. It’s not like I can’t drive.”

Tish looks annoyed, “After you made all that fuss at the hospital.”

Eric is looking at his phone, “You know I can hear you.”

A woman walks up to the counter of a used record store with a few albums in her hand as she lays them on the table.

A man walks up, “Is this all for you, ma’am.”

The albums are mostly classical in nature, primarily used as ballet pieces. The woman nods, “That’ll be all, Jackson. Thanks.”

Jackson rings them up, and she pays with her credit card. Jackson slides them into a bag and puts the receipt inside. “Here you are. Enjoy the rest of your evening.”

He watches as she walks out of his shop, the little bell ringing when she opens and closes the door.

Still driving, Tish looks over and sees Eric playing a game on his tablet.

“I’ll put some music on,” she says as she reaches for the radio.

“No, you won’t,” he says, as she stops reaching and just mutters under her breath.

“What did you say?” he asks.

Tish smiles innocently at him, “Nothing.”

He eyeballs her, “Sounds like you were talking crap about me.”

She shakes her head, “Never.”

A little later, the woman from the record shop is putting on one of the records and begins to dance ballet to the music. As she finishes, she takes off her ballet slippers and puts on her tennis shoes. She removes the album from the record player and places it back in the sleep, and slides it on a shelf with the others.

She walks to the doorway and puts on her jacket before stepping outside into the cold and locking up the building.

She immediately brings her phone to her ear as she walks down the sidewalk.

Nearby a car starts up.

The woman walks into a bar where she meets with several of her friends, and they all begin to have some beer.

A figure walks up to the window and takes notice of them.

After, she steps out onto the sidewalk and appears to be looking for an Uber or taxi. A man walks up, “I’m the driver you requested.”

“Oh, okay,” she says as she follows him to his car and gets into the back.

Tish pulls up to the side of the road, “I can walk up from here.”

“This isn’t your place,” he says, looking around.

That’s because you’re stressing me the hell out,” she thinks to herself, but to him, she says, “I have to stop by the pharmacy. It’s right around the corner.” She opens the door and gets out, “Goodbye!”

She starts to walk off, “Tish!” he says. She turns around. “Come straight to my place in the morning. Be there early.”

She’s confused, “Do you need to go back to the hospital?”

He shakes his head, “Why would I go back to the hospital for a mere toe fracture?”

That’s what I was saying earlier, jerk,” she thinks to herself. She forces a smile and nods, “I’ll be there. Good night.”

He drives off.

Parish walks up right after Eric drives off, “He dropped you off, hm?”

Tish jumps, not expecting him to be there. “You scared me!”

“As long as you don’t punch me,” he chuckles. “So what’s with you two?”

Tish makes a face, “He’s the most obnoxious person I’ve ever met in my life.”

Parish looks at her to try and gauge if she’s lying. “If you say so.”

They don’t seem to notice the guy walking behind them as they talk, but going the other way.

The man walks around the corner and gets into his car, dropping a bag on the seat.

He reaches for his mask and pulls it down over his face.

He looks in the back seat to make sure the woman is still passed out before driving off.

As Parish and Tish walk down the steps to their house, Parish’s phone rings. He picks it up, “Hello?”

Hi. It’s Sarah from earlier.

Parish gives Tish a weird look. “Oh, right.”

I wanted to thank you for helping me at the hospital today. Would it be okay to buy you a meal sometime?

Tish is now very curious about this phone call.  Parish responds, “It’s not really necessary.”

If you say no, I’ll feel bad.

“Oh,” says Parish. He seems a little uncomfortable with this but responds, “I work late, so lunch?”

Sounds good. I’ll call you when I’m near the hospital.

He hangs up, and Tish is staring at him, “Who was that?”

“Jake’s girlfriend,” Parish responds. Tish’s eyebrows go up.

“Why did she call you?”

Parish reaches for his keys to open the door, “She wanted to have lunch.”

“Why would you have lunch with Jake’s girlfriend? Even if she’s not that pretty,” asks Tish.

“She’s totally pretty!” says Parish.

“As if,” Tish mutters. “She just smiles with her eyes.”

Parish walks in and removes his jacket, “If you want to snag your boss, perhaps you should start smiling with your eyes,” he teases.

Tish doesn’t want to change the subject yet, “Are you going to meet her?”

Parish shrugs, “It would have felt weird to refuse. Maybe she’ll bring Jake along.”  He opens the fridge. “Dammit. We are out of beer. I should have picked some up.”

Tish hasn’t taken her jacket off, “I’ll run down to the corner store.”

That man from earlier is driving in his car.  The woman suddenly wakes up and realizes she should be home already. “Where are you going?”

The man looks behind with that creepy mask on, and she begins to scream, trying to open the backdoor, but he has the child lock on.

“Let me out,” she begs! “Please!”

He ignores her as he drives down into a little driveway towards a building.  When he stops the car, the child lock clicks open, and she opens the door and starts to run off. He casually steps out of the car to follow her with a monkey wrench in his hand as rain begins to pour down.

Somewhere else, we see Tish walking down the street with an umbrella.

The man continues to stalk the woman. She runs across a road, but the wet ground causes her to slip and fall.

Tish continues to walk, this time with the beer in a plastic bag.

The woman screams as the man reaches her. She screams as he raises the wrench high and brings it down onto her.

Something causes Tish to stop walking as lightning strikes in the sky behind her. The umbrella slowly falls to the ground, as if she may have even heard that scream. As the rain falls down on her, she slowly turns her head backward, looking over the city. The bag of beer falls to the ground, the glass shattering.

She had an uneasy feeling that the time to use her powers would soon come.



Eric Aames   TAPP ADDAMS
Tish Weathersphere   TERESA DUKE
Jake Buckingham   SHAWN WARSTEIN
Parish Weathersphere  AJ JENKYNX
Assistant Rob  JORDAN PARKER
Sarah Gibson   KATELYN STORM


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