The scene opens up in an outdoor corridor. Tish is dressed up in a very fancy dress, wearing a tiara. Eric is wearing an expensive suit and wearing a masquerade mask. They are dancing. Tish looks up into Eric’s eyes and softly says, “Romeo.”  Eric, in turn, looks down at her and softly whispers, “Juliet.” They dance along the corridor until we hear a crunch sound, and Eric begins to scream. We see that Tish has stepped on his toe while they were dancing. Eric releases her and begins to limp away as Tish shouts after him, “Romeo! Romeo!”

Suddenly, Tish wakes up from her dream just as someone was about to enter her room. 

“What a dream!” she says, holding her heart as she catches her breath. She leans over and picks up a bottle of water and takes a drink, but there’s very little left in the bottle. “Damn it,” she says as she pulls the covers back and crawls out of bed. “I’m so thirsty.”

She opens her door and rubs at her eyes sleepily as she makes her way down the hall to the kitchen. As she opens the refrigerator door, she doesn’t see the intruder slip by her.  She grabs a bottle of water and takes a drink before returning the cap.  As she closes the door, she screams when she sees a man in a ski mask right behind the door wielding a frying pan. The intruder swings the frying pan at her, and she uses her fist to block it, making a huge fist-shaped dent in the pan. The intruder’s eyes go wide. 

“Who are you?” demands Tish as the intruder shakes his head, “What in the hell are you?”

Meanwhile, a second intruder is with Eric, holding a knife to his throat. When he hears the commotion out in the other room, he’s distracted, and Eric grabs the arm with the knife and tries to twist it away from him. The knife falls to the floor. Eric tries to get him into an arm lock, but the intruder climbs on top and is about to pound him when the intruder suddenly falls over. 

Tish is standing at the foot of the bed with the frying pan from before, having konked the second intruder in the head.

Eric just looks at her as she holds the pan in her hand. As if it’s no big deal, Tish tells him, “Well, get up.” Eric struggles to push the man off of him and sits up, and just stares at Tish, once again amazed at what she can do.

Kal is in the passenger seat, obviously having some dream, when he suddenly wakes up. 

“You okay, boss?” asks the sidekick who’s driving the car.

Kal just looks at him to shut him up. “We need to figure out what to do with Tish Weathersphere and Eric Aames when our men capture them. Hopefully, everything is going okay with that.”

The sidekick shakes his head, “Don’t you worry about a thing, boss. I sent our top fighters over there to grab them. They are experts in MMA. We probably didn’t even need to send them both. It’s a waste of money.”

Kal stares out the window, “I’m feeling uneasy about this for some reason. That woman, there’s something about her.”

Tish has tied up Kal’s men in Eric’s basement. “There,” she says as she finishes up. Both men are lying on the floor, knocked out, both with black eyes.

Eric walks in and looks down. “Hey,” he says. “That’s the guy who stabbed the police officer in the bathroom.”

Tish tilts her head to look, but she didn’t get a look at the guy from before. “The floor’s kind of hard. Should we get them something to lay on?”

Eric just looks at her. 

She looks away and rushes off to bring a couple of pillows and lays them under their heads, “Sorry, I gave you a black eye,” she whispers to them.  She gives them one more look to make sure they’re not going anywhere and then leaves the basement. 

Upstairs, Tish has crashed on the couch, while Eric is on the floor. Groggily, Tish asks, “Shouldn’t we report this to the police?”

“I hate the police,” says Eric, just as tired. “I’ll interrogate them myself in the morning.”

Tish lets out a little chuckle, “I finally caught the blackmailer,” she mumbles. “Hurray,” she says as she lazily raises her arms over her head as she lays on the couch before falling right asleep and begins to snore.

As night becomes day, Tish is awoken by the sound of her cell phone ringing. She reaches down to grab it from the floor and answers with a scratchy voice, “Hello?”

Anything happen last night?” asks Jake.


“All right. I was worried, so I thought I’d call.” Tish hangs up.

Just then, Eric’s phones begin to ring, and he brings his hands up to cover his ears.  He finally sits up as he notices that one of the intruder’s cell phones are ringing.  Tish just covers up her face with her pillow.

Annoyed, Eric picks up and answers it.

Did you capture Tish Weathersphere?” comes the voice over the phone. “She’s important.

“Why?” asks Eric.

Kal is on the other end of the line. He glances over at his sidekick with an angry look. 

“I guess I wasn’t the voice you were expecting to hear when you called,” Eric says. “Your men tried to do their work, but in the end, Tish Weathersphere was just too good at her job. They are now my prisoners. If you want to avoid me calling the police, tell me who you are. I’m pretty certain you don’t want the police nosing around in your business. I won’t wait long.”

Eric hangs up. 

Kal lowers the phone from his ear as he glares at his sidekick.

“You should have told me you were coming, Grandma Sophie,” says Parish as he walks into the kitchen and sees that the elderly woman from before has made quite a breakfast. 

She walks over, removing her apron and setting it on a counter, “I know you can’t cook for shit, and since your sister isn’t around, I figured I outta go ahead and make sure you had something good for you before you ran off to work.”  She grabs him by the cheek and drags him to the table, “Now, sit and eat.”

Parish does take a seat, rubbing his cheek. Sophie begins to dish him up some food, “So where is that granddaughter of mine?” she asks.

Parish takes his fork, “She’s staying at her boss’s place for the time being. There’s been some dangerous stuff going on in the neighborhood.”

Sophie takes a seat across from him, “Her boss, hm? It’s like that?”

Parish is about to eat when she says this and nearly chokes, “No,” he says, grabbing some water. “She’s just acting as his bodyguard.”

“I bet she is,” grins Sophie. “Call her later and tell her to come to the house tonight. I want to see her.”

Tish walks into the basement with a tray of food for their captives, who are still sleeping.

She starts to give them food, then realize that they can’t eat all tied up.  She grabs a cue stick and taps one of the men on the backside. When she gets no response, she walks around to the other side and gives that guy a poke as well. 

“Wake up!” she snaps.

Upstairs, rather than his usual casual attire, Eric is wearing a dress shirt with a tie. He attaches a fancy clip and then pulls on a jacket. 

The shareholder’s meeting for the company that Eric may inherit is about to begin.  Some animated discussions are going on, but Eric’s father is only concerned about one thing as he motions Feather over to him. “Where is Eric?”

“I tried calling, father, but he’s not picking up his phone,” she tells him.

Eric’s father shakes his head, “What’s wrong with that boy.”

Father glances towards the door, then back to her father, “I don’t think he’s coming. I think you’re going to have to begin the meeting.”

Her father nods his head, “Fine,” he says, waving her off, “Go ahead and get it started.”

Feather nods before walking up to the podium and addresses the group, “We apologize for making you wait. As we announced earlier, today’s meeting is to address whether or not Eric Aames was qualified to become CEO of Oglevine.”

Franklin and Jefferson just smirk at each other, knowing Eric hasn’t bothered to show up. 

Feather continues, “Unfortunately, my brother Eric couldn’t be here with us today.”

There’s an uproar as board members begin to talk amongst themselves about the fact that the heir couldn’t even be bothered to show up to this meeting.

One of the board members rises to his feet, “If he didn’t show, it must mean he’s not interested in the position.”

There’s a murmuring of agreement around the room. 

However, it all fades out as Eric walks into the room and moves to the podium, “I apologize for my lateness. I had uninvited guests. Let me show you what’s happening at my home today.”  He grabs the clicker and puts something on the screen. 

Tish answers the phone, “Yeah?”  Her face is suddenly on the big screen as she takes a big bite out of an apple.

“Can you hear me, Tish?”

“I can hear you.”

“Can you show me our guests?”

Tish nods, “One moment,” she says as she gets up from her seat and walks around with her phone, and holds it out so everyone can see the two intruders that were apprehended. They are still tied up and lying on the floor.

Eric continues, “These two men trespassed into my home last night.”

More murmuring continues around the room.

Eric’s father is suddenly very attentive as Eric turns off the feed.

“Actually,” Eric says, “Someone has been trying to blackmail me for the past few months. Threatening me to give up my position as the next chairman of this company.”  Eric’s brothers exchange looks with each other.

“I was shadowed and even shot with a pellet by someone who doesn’t want me to become the next CEO of this company,” Eric explains. “It’s also the same person who has defamed me and spread false rumors about me.”

“As you all know, I run my own company, Aamessoft. For the past six years, it has seen record profits. I believe I can do the same for Oglevine. However, I will not allow this company to fall into the hands of a blackmailer and a criminal. You see, the person who is trying to blackmail me is in this very room.”

A hush falls over the conference room.

“You know that I know who you are. I want to reschedule the shareholders’ meeting until I can prove the identity of the blackmailer. I will force them to stand in front of you at that meeting and apologize for their actions. Anyone opposed to this idea, please raise your hands now.”

The room is quiet, though no one raises their hand.

“This meeting is adjourned,” says Eric as he turns and walks out of the room as more discussion among the shareholders picks up again.

This is why you can’t be more than a thug. I hope you understand that. You screwed this up,” the voice comes over Kal’s phone as he sits in his car. “I paid you, so at least do the god damned job! Answer me!

Kal lets the phone lower from his ear as he’s getting heated being talked to this way, “How dare this kid talk to me this way!”

The sidekick rushes over, “Boss, the three guys you sent to patrol last night. They’re in the hospital.”

Kal looks up at him, “What? Why?”

“Well, they got kind of beat up.”

Kal just can’t believe it. “By who? Who is it this time?”

The sidekick murmurs something under his breath.

“What?!” shouts Kal, “Speak louder!”

“Some old lady beat them up,” the sidekick finally says.

Kal just blinks at him for a moment. “You’re telling me someone’s grammy beat up our big, strong men?”

“Yes, boss.”

Kal looks forward and then slams his fist on the dashboard, “Shit!”

“Do you have someone in mind?” 

Eric is sitting in his father’s office. “You remember that asshole, Kal? I know he’s involved somehow. Those were his men that we captured last night.”

“What? Kal?”

“It’s one of the brothers,” Eric finally says. “Kal used to hang out with them a while back.”

“I’ll wring his damned neck, this Kal!”

Eric shakes his head, “Don’t. I’m going to try and do this quietly. I’ll take care of it.”

Meanwhile, in his office, Kal is standing in front of his desk, drinking down a glass of ice water. As the camera pans back, we see there are about a dozen rough-looking dudes behind him. Kal sets the glass down on the desk and yells, “This is humiliating!” He turns around to fast his gang, “First, it was a weak little girl. Now, someone’s grandma? 

On top of that, I sent a couple of the boys over to snatch up Tish Weathersphere and Eric Aames, and they got captured? Do you sorry excuses even value the job I’ve given you? The food I put on your tables? I roof I put over your heads? You make me sick. Get out of my sight! I outta replace every single one of you failures.”

The sidekick walks up, “Here’s the drive you requested.”

Kal picks up the glass, takes another drink, chews the ice, sets the glass back down, and then snatches the USB drive from the sidekick’s hand.

Tish is feeding the hostages, literally feeding them, as she brings a spoonful of soup for them to drink. After a few spoonfuls each, she suddenly pulls back. “I can’t feed you anymore. If I feed you more, you’ll have to use the bathroom. That’s not happening.”

“What?” asks one of the tied-up men.

The other one looks a little embarrassed, “I mean, I do have to pee already.”

The first one nods, “Me too.”

Tish looks down at them and scratches her head, “What to do…?,” she asks herself.

She picks up her phone.

Eric is back at his office, “What? Why did you feed them? They don’t deserve to eat. They tried to kill us or something.”

His door opens, and Rob walks in, “Sir, you have a visitor.”

Eric turns towards the door, and Kal walks into the room. Eric slowly pulls the phone away from his ear and turns towards him.

Kal walks down towards Eric’s desk, reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a USB drive. “There’s no limit to what my boys will do as long as we are reasonably compensated,” he tells Eric.

Eric reaches for the drive, accepting it.

Kal shakes his head, “But from now on, you and your family will need to handle their own business.”

Eric doesn’t seem pleased with this, “Why were you involved in the first place?”

“I did it as a favor for a friend,” Kal says. “I was asked to scare you away from the CEO position. But, I was told strictly not to hurt you in any way because you’re siblings.”

“I’m going to let you slide out of this one, but only because I’m not trying to make this public.”

Kal nods, “I appreciate it. I’ll be on my way then.” Kal takes two steps then suddenly spins around, “Tish Weathersphere!”

Eric raises his eyebrows.

“Is there a way I can recruit her?” asks Kal.

Eric seems intrigued, “How do you know about her?”

“Some of my men were decimated…” he starts to say, then his anger starts to rise. He calms himself, “She deeply humiliated me.”  

When Eric asks nothing else, Kal turns to go then suddenly spins around again, “Where did you find her?” Eric says nothing. Kal asks, “At least tell me what you pay her.”

Eric just stares at him.

“I’ll be going,” says Kal as he finally turns and leaves the office as Eric looks down at the USB drive. He reaches down and plugs it into his computer. As he listens to the voice on the recording, his eyes begin to tear up as he realizes that it’s Feather on the phone with Kal.

This is why you can’t be more than a thug. I hope you understand that. You screwed this up. I paid you, so at least do the god damned job! Answer me!

Eric slaps his hand down on the space bar, pausing the recording as he brings his hands up to his face and stares teary-eyed at the computer screen. It could have been anyone in the world, and he wouldn’t have cared.  But why her? He fights back the tears that threaten to spill down his cheek, but he can’t hold them back as he begins to sob.

Tish walks into the office, but Eric isn’t there. She goes to look for him.

In the company library, Eric is in front of a tall window, staring outside. Tish wanders in, finding him, but can sense something is wrong. She walks over to him, “Boss?”

Eric turns to look at her, “My bodyguard is here,” he says, though it’s not like he would usually say. A little more somber. 

“Are you okay?” she asks.

After a few seconds, he finally answers her, “No. I am not okay.”

Tish nods and stands next to him. “Who was it? The evil stepmother?”


“Your asshole brother?”


“Then it has to be your idiot brother.”

“It wasn’t him, either.”

Tish snaps her fingers, “I told you it was your father all along, didn’t I?”

“You wouldn’t have been able to guess,” he tells her.

Tish nods, and then slowly, her eyes widen, and she gasps. She turns to him, “Are you certain? It was your sister?”

“I wish she would have just talked to me,” he says softly as he stares outside. “I would have done anything for her. Hell, if she had told me she wanted to be the CEO, I would have just given it to her.”  He clears his throat, “So, what do I do now? Who can I trust?”

Tish is silent. Then she gets a determined look on her face and steps in front of him. “Let’s go get some fresh air.” She turns him around and pushes him towards the door.

“Where are we going?”

“Anywhere! Everywhere!” she tells him.

In a little musical montage, we see her drag him across the street. We see them playing bumper cars at a carnival. At first, he sits there in the car, but Tish is squealing, and she runs into him several times, and soon, he’s getting into it.  Then we see him screaming as they ride a roller coaster, while Tish is having the time of her life.  They are walking around eating ice cream, wearing cat ears. They take a boat ride that has them going down a slope and into some water that sprays everywhere, including on them. 

“I’m hungry! Let’s eat!” she tells him as she practically drags him towards one of the fast-food stands.  She drags him up to the counter, “Let’s see. I’ll have a hot dog, no! Two hot dogs. A hamburger with cheese. French fries. Onion rings. Ice cream sundae. And a chicken sandwich!” 

The clerk asks her, “Is that all.”

“Yes,” Tish says.

Eric looks at her, “You’re going to eat all of that?”

Tish nods her head, “Of course.” She looks at him, “Did you want to order something?”

“Wait, none of that is for me?” he asks her.

She just smiles.

Meanwhile, Sophie has out and about in the neighborhood up to no good. We see her take some younger kid’s money after winning a game of dice.

“Double or nothing?” she asks.

Down in Jackson’s dungeon, he has his third kidnap victim on the bed, tied as had all the others before her. She is screaming, and he finally gets pissed about it and yells at her, “Hey!” She stops screaming but continues to sob. He’s no longer wearing his mask in the dungeon.  

He walks over, takes a washcloth from a basin, and wrings it out. He begins to wipe her down, starting with her hands.  She continues to cry, so he tells her, “Stop crying. If you cry, you won’t be able to eat.” He brushes his hand across her cheek, and she begins to panic.

He raises his hand as if to hit her, “I said, shut up!” She winces and tries to be quiet.

He sits down next to her, “My bride needs to look pretty,” he tells her. “You should be honored to be my third bride. After I have seven brides, we will have a nice wedding ceremony.” He stands back up and wrings out the washcloth again. 

He sits back down at her feet, slowly pulls up her pant leg, and begins to clean it. “I love every part of a woman, but your calves are a little too thick, I’m afraid.”

A while later, he locks her in a third cell and walks out of the dungeon as his third victim continues to weep. 

As soon as he’s gone, the first victim picks up the chair from her cell and begins to hit it against the cell door, trying to force it open. “Let me out,” she yells as she hits the door until the chair breaks, and she throws it on the ground. “Can anyone hear me? Maybe we can work together to get out of here!”

“I’m scared,” says the second victim.

“I know. Just go along with whatever he wants. He won’t kill us. If you do as he says, he’ll at least untie you, okay? Do you understand?”

The second victim just weeps but nods her head though the first victim can’t see her.

An older woman walks into the office, “Is this violent crimes division?” she asks.

Jake stands up, “Yes, ma’am. How can I help?”

The woman walks over to Jake’s desk, “My daughter is missing.”

Eric and Tish are riding the bus, and Eric seems amused, “Do you know how long it’s been since I rode public transportation? There’s something that always comes to mind when I rode the bus,” he tells her.

“What’s that?”

Eric thinks for a moment, “It’s been about eight years. I was on my way to my mom’s gravesite. The bus was about to fall over a bridge, but we were somehow miraculously saved.”

This story seems a bit familiar to Tish.

“I always thought it was an angel sent by my mom to protect me,” Eric says.

Eric looks over at Tish, who returns the look. She seems like she’s about to say something when her phone begins to ring.

“Sorry,” she says as she answers. “Hello?” Then she suddenly squeals in glee, “Grandma! Yes, I’m on my way home now! I’ll see you soon!” she practically sings into her phone and hangs up.

Eric looks at her and mimics her, singing, “I’ll see you soon!” He grins at her, “That was your grandmother?”

“Yep,” says Tish with a big smile on her face. “She’s visiting.” She turns to him, “By the way, when do I get to join the gaming department now that we’ve caught the stalker?”

Eric looks at her, “What do you mean? You have to complete your training first!”

“What??” she asks in disbelief. “You’re gonna go back on your promise? How long is the training?” she asks, sounding defeated. 

“Once you learn to blend into a crowd and learn to prevent any kind of danger and reach your full potential as my bodyguard.”

Tish looks at him with a pout, “I want this all written on my contract cause you’re making this stuff up now.”

“Deal,” says Eric.

“I was gonna watch over you tonight, but I need to go home so I can see my grandmother. I’m not sure how long she’ll be able to stay. You’ll be alright by yourself?”

Eric scoffs, “I don’t know why you’re worried about me.” He sighs, “I think I need to go by my father’s house too. It’s time to put this all to rest.”

“How brave of you,” teases Tish.

“You need to behave,” Eric tells her. 

“You need to lighten up, boss,” Tish tells him. “What’s that saying? When life gives you lemonade, you just need to brush it off and laugh about it, okay?”

Eric smirks, knowing she’s has no clue what she’s talking about. “I got it.” He turns to her, seriously, “From now on, you don’t walk through your neighborhood alone at night. Understand?”

Tish gives him a mock salute, “Yes, sir.”

Sophie is walking back, blatantly counting all the cash she won playing dice today, when she hears a squeal as Tish runs over to her, “Grandma!” 

Eric is walking Tish home, so he turns and walks in the direction Tish ran off to. Tish grabs her grandmother Sophie around the waist and lifts her with ease.

“Put me down, you rascal,” Sophie scolds her as Tish sets her back on the ground. 

“I’ve missed you!” squeals Tish. 

Sophie nods towards Eric and whispers, “I see you gotta boyfriend.”

Tish makes a face, “He’s my boss. Don’t get any bright ideas, grandma.” As Eric finally reaches them, Tish introduces them. “Boss, this is my grandma. Grandma, this is my boss, Eric.”

Eric politely shakes her hand, “Nice to meet you, ma’am. I’m Eric Aames. Your granddaughter and I work together.”

Sophie, with a sparkle in her eyes, nods her head, “My future grandson-in-law, hm?”

Tish’s eyes go wide. 

Eric’s eyes go wide.

Sophie just chuckles, “Relax. I’m just messing with ya, kid.”

Eric seems relieved, but Tish is embarrassed.  “Get home safely,” Sophie tells him a few moments later as he starts to walk back to the bus stop.

“Thank you,” says Eric as he disappears around the corner.

Tish turns to her grandmother, “You embarrassed me! How am I supposed to show my face at work tomorrow?”

Sophie just hushes her, “No harm done. I was just playing with the young man. I don’t know why you’re so worked up about it. Relax.”

The two start to walk home when Sophie asks, “Did you sleep with him?”


Sarah brings the older woman a glass of water and sits down.

Jake waits for her to take a drink and asks, “What can you tell us?”

The distraught woman turns to him, “She went to work, but then never came home.” The woman begins to cry, “I told her not to walk home. To call a taxi or someone she knows to drive her home. I told her how dangerous it’s been in our neighborhood.”  

Jake and Sarah exchange glances as the woman begins to sob.

Tish and her grandmother Sophie are sitting on a bench by a park.

“When a woman is born, she grows up to become a wife. If she’s blessed, she gives birth, and it makes her a mother.  The mother will raise her daughter, and that daughter will get married. If the new wife is lucky, she gives birth to a daughter, and the original mother becomes a grandmother. Then the grandmother will eventually pass on when her time has come.”

Tish reaches over and takes her grandmother’s hand.

Tish continues, “That granddaughter will eventually become a mother, then a grandmother too.”

Sophie nods, “That’s right. That’s the law of this family’s female lineage. In most families, lineage is determined by the males, but it’s different in our family. The females inherit the superpowers. It’s our fate. We need to live our lives as we are destined.”

“Grandma, I’m curious. I understand that our powers are inherited. Can someone lose their powers as my mother did, but regain it back somehow?” Tish asks her.

Sophie shrugs softly, “I couldn’t tell you. It’s never happened to my knowledge, so I imagine that would also be determined by fate. Your mother tried everything to regain her powers, but they never returned before she passed. She eventually learned to be content without them.”

Tish lays her head on Sophie’s shoulder and thinks to herself, “I always wished that when I got married, I would have sons instead of a daughter who could gain this power as I did. But, sitting here with my grandmother, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to have a daughter.

Eric stands in the hallway of his father’s home, staring at a picture of himself and Feather when they were younger. He starts to tear up again as he sighs heavily, then turns and walks out into the yard.

He’s been out there for a bit when Feather sees him and walks outside.

Eric glances up and sees her and says, “I’m glad it’s you.”

Feather seems sad over it as she nods, “I’m sorry.”

“At first, I thought I would kill whoever was doing this: the pellet gun, the phone calls, the computer virus. I asked myself, how could someone who wants to be CEO of my father’s company stoop so low? I didn’t understand it at first.” Eric says, finally turning to look at her. 

“I was always worried for you,” she explains. “I was always protecting you against our brothers. In my mind, you were just the cowardly boy who couldn’t stand up for himself. Anytime I wanted you to stop doing something, all I had to do was scare you.” Feather hasn’t yet looked Eric in the eye. “That’s why I thought, if I scared you off, you’d forfeit the inheritance.”

Eric nods his head slowly as he takes a deep breath, “Let’s not tell anyone. We can call it even for everything you did for me when I was young.”

Now Feather lifts her head to look at him, confused.

“Stop what you’re doing, and we can forget about it,” he tells her, tears in his eyes.

Looking at them from a second-floor window, their father is standing there.

“If you continue, then I’ll have no choice but to take you down,” he says.

She begins to cry, “I’m sorry, Eric. I’m really sorry.”

The next morning, Tish is walking to the subway when Mikey and his crew notice her and scurry over, “Boss!  Boss!”

“It’s a little early for school to be out, isn’t it?” Tish asks them.

Mikey looks confused, “What do you mean? We just came from the school.”

“What?” asks Tish.

“We’re skipping.”

Tish nods, “I see. You’re skipping class.”

“Right!” The crew all laugh.

“Get back to school now,” she tells them.

“Boss!” Mikey says, “There’s nothing more for us to learn from school.”

Tish shrugs, “Then I will have nothing further to do with you.” She starts to turn away.

“Boss!” pleads Mikey.

Tish turns back around, “Are you going to school or not?”

“We’ll go!” Mikey says. The others echo it as well, “We’ll go!”

She shoos them off, and they turn around and head back to the school.

A little while later, she’s at Eric’s gym. She is looking at a thick rope hanging from the ceiling.

Eric walks up behind her. “I want you to climb it, but don’t break it.”

Tish nods, “Okay.”

“Ready? Go!”

Tish zooms up the rope in a couple of seconds as Eric watches with his mouth wide open. 

Tish looks down, “Okay. I’m up. What now? Should I come down?”

Eric is still dumbfounded, “Yeah, come down.” She quickly scales back down. Eric gulps as he watches her and shakes his head. He tries to gain control of the situation, “Strength can only shine if you learn to control it. We need to focus on controlling your power. Understand?”

“Yes,” she says.

Next, they are at a punching bag. Eric lays in a couple of jabs, “So, you need to control your power so as not to do too much damage.” He turns around to her, “Understand?”

Tish nods, “Yes.”

“Then go ahead,” he says, stepping aside.

“What?” she asks.

“Hit the bag as you would hit me,” Eric tells her.

Tish points at the bag, “That one?”

Eric nods. “Right. This one.”

She steps up to the bag, and Eric instructs her, “Hit it lightly. Think about how far away it is and how much power you want to put into it and jab it.”

Tish pulls her hand back, and it looks like she’s barely going to hit it, but as she touches it, the seam splits, and the filling of the bag pours out of it.

Eric just stares at it as it empties. Tish bites her lip and then gets down on her hands and knees and tries to pick up the mess, “Sorry about that,” she says. She realizes it’s futile and reaches up to try and stop the mess from spilling from the bag, “Damn it,” she mutters.

Eric seems dumbfounded as he just stares at her, “It’s fine. I mean, you didn’t even hit it your hardest, did you?” 

Tish looks up at him and slowly shakes her head.  

Eric gulps again.

They move to another bag, and Eric stands behind it, “This time, let me hold it.”

Tish nods, not too sure about this.

“Just hit it gently. I mean, very gently,” he tells her.


“I mean, as lightly as possible.”


“I’m gonna hold it.”


Tish hits it and immediately grimaces.

“You did it!” Eric says with glee, “I knew you could do it!” he moves around to the front, and that’s when he sees that Tish’s hand went right into the bag.

Eric just stares at her as she looks scolded.

They move into the MMA cage that Eric has in his gym and are doing some striking exercises. Things are going well. Eric tells her to duck, and she does as he swings over her head, and she taps his gloves lightly. “Duck!” he yells, and she does then comes back with three jabs, but the third jab was a little hard as he spins around into the cage. 

“You okay?” she asks.

He gets back out there, “I’m fine, but control. Control your strength.”

A little later, Eric tries a different tactic. 

“I’m gonna grab your arm. I want you to slowly increase your strength until you can pull your arm free.”

She nods at him, “Okay.”

He grabs onto her forearm with both of his hands, “Now pull gently.”

She does, gently pulling back until her arm pops free of his grip.

“You did it!” he shouts! Before she can celebrate, he goes around behind her and grabs her around the waits.

Everything goes into slow motion as Tish blush. He’s not intending anything inappropriate as he tells her, “Now, get free without hurting me.”

“Without hurting you?” she asks.

Eric nods, “That’s the important part.”

She jabs him with her elbows a couple of times until he squirms, and she whips around, grabs his arm, and forces him to the ground. “This didn’t hurt, right?” she asks him as he looks annoyed.

He reaches around with his free arm and trips her leg. As she starts to fall, he catches her in his arms and lowers her to the mat, hovering over her. They look into each others’ eyes for a long, dramatic moment.

“Don’t use your strength,” he tells her. “Stay like this.”

Tish gulps as she nods, “Okay.”

“No one will know,” he says as he stares into her eyes, “Let’s do it.”

She gets confused, “Do what?”

He clears his throat, “This training, of course,” though it’s obvious he wasn’t thinking of that initially. He gets up off of her, and a confused Tish slowly sits up.

He turns to her, “There’s one last test left.”

She looks up at him from her seated position.

“This test requires your utmost focus and strength management,” he informs her.

We are looking down at a checkboard. Eight checkers are lined up at the end of each side of the board, “Checker flicking?” Tish asks him.

Eric demonstrates as he takes his hand and places it in front of one of the checkers on his side of the board. He uses his finger to flick it across the board, and it hits Tish gently before falling to the floor.

Tish looks at him, annoyed.

Eric gulps and nods, “You try.”

Tish nods, “All right then.”

She leans over, places her hand in front of the check, and flicks it. It zooms right past Eric like a bullet and embeds itself into the wall behind him. His eyes go wide as Tish’s mouth drops open. Eric slowly turns around and sees where the checker disappeared into the wall. He turns back around and asks, “You did control your strength, right?”

She slowly nods her head.

Eric places his hand over his heart and tries to catch his breath, “My life flashed before my eyes.”  He looks at her, “You have to try and tone back your strength by at least thirty percent, okay?”

She nods.

“Try again.”

She leans forward again and places her hand in front of the next checker. Eric quickly holds up his hand, “Don’t you dare aim that at me! You trying to kill me?” He suddenly moves all the checkers to the side, so she’s not in front of him. “Sit over there.” 

Tish slides her chair around to the side, annoyed. As she leans down to flick, he reminds her, “Thirty percent, okay?”

She flicks it right into his very large, expensive television.

“Ah! Ah!” he screams as he points. He leans back with a sigh. “Fifty percent, okay?”

She flicks it and gets the same result. 

He pushes another checker in front of her, “Ninety percent!”

She flicks it, and it barely travels a few inches on the board. Tish opens her mouth wide, “I did it!”

Eric gets all excited, slapping his hands together, “There you go! Welcome to the Game Development department of Aamessoft.”

Tish squeals in glee as she gets to her feet, “Yes! Yes!” so happy, she is. She begins to swing her fists up and down, getting all pumped up when she accidentally drives her fist into the gameboard and through the table. 

Eric’s eyes go wide as Tish’s mouth drops.

He waves her off, “I changed my mind,” he says as he gets to his feet and walks off.

Tish gets up, “You can’t do that!”

“I take it back.”

Edgar is getting ready to be discharged from the hospital. He has some fancy new temporary teeth placed in his mouth. The others are also getting discharged. The door opens to their room, and Kal saunters in.

Kal looks at Edgar, “What are your plans?” he asks the man.

Edgar looks at Kal, “I will avenge myself. Let me do this, boss.” However, as he speaks, his teeth fall from his mouth and to the floor. 

Kal cringes, “That’s disgusting,” he tells Edgar, who leans down and picks up the teeth and places them back into his mouth.

“You have my blessing. Try and avenge the beating you took at her hand.” Kal turns to his sidekick, “Where are the ones who were beaten up the other day?”

“Just next door, for your convenience, boss,” says the sidekick.

Kal leaves one room and moves down to the next door, but the sidekick stops him, “That’s a janitor closet,” he tells him.

Kal looks at him, “Didn’t you tell me they were right next door?”

“I mean the next door after that,” the sidekick says.

Kal looks annoyed now and moves to the next door, and steps inside.  The three men are laid up in beds, and Kal looks at his sidekick, “These are the men who got beat up by a grandmother?”

“Yes, boss.”

Kal looks at each of the men, “It must have been difficult, being mauled by someone’s grandmother.”

One of the men speaks up, “She has punches like superman! I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life.”

“Shut your mouth,” says Kal. He turns to the sidekick, “Are there more?”

The sidekick nods, “The two that Tish Weathersphere beat up with a frying pan.”

Kal sighs and then nods, “Lead the way.”

They get to the door and look inside, but both men are out cold.  Kal just stares and then turns back to the sidekick, “Are there more?”

The sidekick shakes his head, “That’s it for today.”

Kal just looks at him, “That’s it for today? So, then what? There’ll be more tomorrow? Is that what you’re saying?” He turns around, and Edgar is standing right behind him, and it startles him, “My God, man.” He looks at Edgar using his walker, “Get him out of my sight,” says Kal, annoyed as hell right now. 

Kal starts to walk off, and Edgar tries to follow, pushing himself in the walker, “Wait, let me escort you out, boss!”

Sarah and Jake are looking into those limited edition shoes they found at one of the scenes. The store manager hands them some paperwork. “We have both in-store and online purchases. We don’t keep any records for anything paid for in cash in the store, only if they paid with a credit card. I could only find records for three individuals who bought those limited edition shoes you were asking about.”

Jake looks through the paperwork given, with Sarah leaning over to look at the documents as well.

Jake looks up at the manager, “Thank you.”

Sarah snaps a picture of the documents and sends them off. She calls, “I sent over some names. Go ahead and run background checks on them all.”

They begin meeting and eliminating two of the suspects.

As they go their separate ways, Sarah heads to the hospital, where she meets with Parish in the hospital cafeteria. 

Sarah finally says, “Look, you should know that I broke up with Jake. You should also know that it’s because I have feelings for you.”

Parish seems a little uncomfortable with the direction of this conversation. He clears his throat, “You know that Jake and I are friends, right? I don’t think I could do anything that would hurt him.”

Sarah looks down at her coffee, “I know. I expected that. I really did think this through before I said anything to him, and I just can’t control how I feel.”

“I have a sister,” Parish starts.

“I know. Tish.”

“She has had a crush on Jake for a very long time,” Parish tells her. 

They don’t see that Tish has walked into the cafeteria with a meal in a bag for Parish. She stares at the two sitting there talking with a disgusted look on her face, though she can’t hear the conversation. She clears her throat, “Parish!”

Parish turns towards Tish, “Oh, you’re here.” He stands up with a guilty look on his face. “I didn’t know you were coming.”

Sarah rises as well, putting her purse over her arm, “I’ll be going.”

Tish turns to her, “Hold on a moment.” She looks from one to the other, “What’s going on here?” she asks before turning to Sarah, “Aren’t you Jake’s girlfriend?”

Sarah doesn’t answer right away, so Tish continues, “I’m Jake’s friend, and Parish is my brother. If you just give me a moment to say something, I feel that I have that right. I understand that emotions are hard to control. However, you can’t let your emotions hurt other people for no reason. At least be considerate of others.”

Tish turns to Parish, “I’m a little ashamed to see you getting involved like this,” she tells him. “Why are you meeting with someone who has a boyfriend? I feel like you are leading her on when she is already taken.” Tish sets the bag on the table, “I made this for your dinner.” To the both of them, she says, “I know that I’m probably overstepping my boundaries here, but there are times when they should be overstepped. I don’t want to see anyone get hurt.”

Tish turns to Sarah, “Please don’t hurt Jake. He’s a good guy. Please don’t string along my brother.” And like that, Tish turns and walks away.

Even though Sarah split from him, Jake is still obsessed with this investigation. He approaches the police chief about the last suspect, “This guy is a theater actor. He’s currently starring in a play called ‘Bluebeard and the Seven Wives.’”

The police chief nods, “Take someone and go check it out.”

Jake and another officer are sitting in the audience as the play is near its ending. The lead actor carries an unconscious woman down the stairs where six other women, make up done to look like they’ve been beaten, but are tied to six chairs. There is a bed in front of them.  The actor carries the seventh woman and lays her down on the bed.”

The actor begins to laugh. The woman wakes up and begins to scream. 

What they don’t see is that sitting in the back, Jackson is watching the play. It’s fairly obvious, this isn’t his first time watching it.

“You’re my seventh bride,” the actor says. “You will remain my undying wife forever!”

Jackson mouths the words right along with him.

After the play, Jake is in the dressing room, “Can you show us those shoes?” he asks.

The actor looks up at him, “They disappeared. I’m not sure where they are, to be honest. I wore them here before a performance, and when I came back after, they were gone.”

“You only perform at night?” asks Jake.

“That’s when we get the best crowds. Working adults looking to let off a little steam after work,” the actor explains as he pulls on his jacket.

Jake looks at his notes, “What were you doing on the night of the 12th?”

The actor pauses and thinks, “Wasn’t that a Thursday? I was performing.”

As Jake leaves the dressing room, the officer with him comes up with a schedule, “It looks like he’s right. He was performing two shows on the night of the 12th.”

Jake nods, “I’ll have Tish listen to the recording of his voice, just to be sure.”

Outside of Jessie’s hospital room, a small explosion sets first to a garbage can. The officers leap from their chairs and rush to try and put it out.

As they are distracted, Jackson, dressed up as a doctor with a facemask, hurries into Jessie’s room.

He walks up to her bed and pulls a syringe out of his pocket just as Tish walks in with some food for Jessie, who is still sleeping.

As Jackson pulls up Jessie’s sleeve, Tish looks at him, “She’s already had her injection today.”

Annoyed, Jackson looks up at Tish. 

“What is that one for?” she asks.

Tish and Jackson look at each other for a long moment when Tish realizes, “You’re not a doctor, are you?”

Suddenly, Jackson bolts from the room, and Tish runs after him.

Jackson runs down the hall away from the officers trying to extinguish the fire. Tish burst out of the room and yells, “The kidnapper is here!’

The officers run after Jackson and eventually pass Tish.

Jackson bursts into the stairwell and begins to hurry down the steps. The officers and Tish are right behind him. Jackson runs through the doors into another hallway, takes a metal IV stand, and uses it to block the door. 

The officers struggle to open the door, but when they can’t, they run down another flight of stairs.

Tish runs down and jerks that door open with ease, and runs onto the floor. She runs into a wide-open area where there’s plenty of people walking around and runs right by Jackson, who changed out his gown as he watches them run by him.

A little while later, outside of Jessie’s room, the police chief is scolding the heck out of those two officers when Jake walks into the hallway and right into the room where Tish is standing next to Jessie. “Why in the hell did you go after that criminal? Don’t you realize how dangerous and stupid that was? Are you out of your damned mind?”

Tish turns to him, “Why are you yelling at me? I told you not to worry about me. Worry about your damn self, Jake! Take care of yourself and your girlfriend.”

Jessie interrupts, “Hey, that guy was trying to kill me! Why are you two fighting? You should be thinking of me.” Jessie looks up at Tish, “Just go home. The detectives can watch me.”

“Those detectives were right outside when this happened!” Tish says to her friend. 

Jake looks at her, “Aren’t you staying at your boss’s house?”

“No. My grandmother is visiting.”

Jake takes her arm and spins her to look at him, “Why don’t you listen to me? I told you to stay at his house! Do you know how hard this is for me?”

“God damn!” says Jessie. “I told you two to stop fighting.”

Jake sighs, “I’ll take you home.”

Tish shakes her head, “I’ll go by myself.” She storms out of the room.

Jake follows, “Tish! Tish!”

Rob knocks on the door of Eric’s office. “You have a visitor.” He escorts Sophie Weathersphere and closes the door behind him as he leaves.

Eric rises, “How can I help you?”

Sophie walks over and carries a bag and sets it on his desk. “I brought you some muffins.”

Eric is confused, “Thank you,” he says, though.

Sophie looks around his office, “You’re a very impressive man,” she tells him. 

“Thank you,” he says again, still not sure where this is going.

She finally turns back to him, “You need to take care of my granddaughter, do you understand me? She one of the most precious things to me, and I won’t have her broken-hearted.”

Eric clears his throat, “I have no intention of breaking her heart, ma’am. You should know that I care a lot about Tish.”

Sophie nods her head, already knowing. “I’m well aware.”

“I’ll look out for her.”

Sophie nods again, “You better, or you’ll answer to me.”

Eric gulps as he watches her leave.

Tish is leaving the hospital. 

“She’s here,” says the sidekick as he sits in the car watching with Kal when in the back Edgar peeks out. 

“What’s your plan?” Kal asks Edgar.

In a sinister voice, Edgar responds, “I’ll do to her what she did to me.”

Kal looks at him, “Do what you want to do, but do not involve me in any way, do you understand?”

“I understand, boss.”

Edgar gets out of the car, using a cane, he limps towards Tish. 

The sidekick turns to Kal, “You think he’ll be okay?”

Tish walks down the street with Edgar limping behind her. Tish’s mind seems to be on something else, not even realizing she’s being followed.

“Hey, Tish Weatherspere,” Edgar says as Tish stops walking. She turns around to face him, “Who are you?” she asks.

He points his cane at her.

Eric is walking down the street behind them when he notices what’s going on.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Jake flies in, “How dare you try to hurt her!” he yells as he punches Edgar right in the face, knocking him over.

Jake punches him several times, while Eric looks on from a distance, before Tish runs in, “Jake! Get off him!” She gives him a shove that sends Jake sprawling with a little more force than she anticipated.

Jake looks up at Tish, wide-eyed at how easily she threw him.



Tish Weathersphere   TERESA DUKE
Eric Aames   TAPP ADDAMS
Jake Buckingham   SHAWN WARSTEIN
Sarah Gibson   KATELYN STORM
Parish Weathersphere  AJ JENKYNX
Jessie   ADI GOLD


Sophie Weathersphere  SIDNEY GREY


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