Jake is beating the crap out of Edgar, and Tish jumps in and shoves Jake off of Edgar, sending him ten feet away.  Tish looks at Jake and shakes her head, “What are you doing?” she asks him, with a bit of disappointment in her voice as she leans down to check on Edgar.

Meanwhile, Eric is watching from afar. 

A little bit later, two patrol officers are on the scene. “I’m sorry I pressed the panic button,” Tish says, pointing to the smartwatch on her wrist. 

Jake nods to the officers, “I’ll go ahead and take care of this from here.” He motions to Edgar.

Edgar is sitting up against a pillar as the two officers agree and walk off.  Jake turns to her, “Are you alright?”

Tish nods her head, “I’m fine.”

Jake looks over at Edgar and then back to Tish, “I should have driven you home tonight.”

Shaking her head, Tish says, “It’s fine. Really. Are you okay?”

It hasn’t sunk in to Jake that Tish was able to push him off of Edgar, “What do you mean?”

“I pushed you kinda hard,” she tells him.

Jake smirks, not going to let his manly pride go down too quickly, “So what? You worry too much. Go on home.”  Tish watches as Jake walks over to Edgar.

“I’m the one that got beat up!” says Edgar as he spits out some blood.

Jake leans down, “All I did was stop a crime.” He reaches down to pull Edgar up, “You’re coming with me to the police station.”

“You assaulted me!” cries Edgar.

Tish sees his cane and grabs it, “Mister!” she runs over.

“Don’t talk to me like that!” yells Edgar.

Tish just smiles, “I guess you don’t want this?” She leans close so Jake can’t see, and she sticks out her tongue at him.

Edgar’s eyes go wide as Jake starts to drag him off. He continues to look back at Tish, who just playfully waves goodbye to him.

Eric has seen enough as he walks down the stairs, “Crazy jerk.” He looks down, “Tish!”

As they get near Tish’s house, Eric asks, “Can’t you please stop causing trouble?”

Tish looks back at him, “That wasn’t my fault! I didn’t do anything! He tried to attack me first!”

Eric sighs, “I can’t ever feel at ease because of you.”

Tish stops walking and looks at him, “Why were you even here?”

Eric just shrugs, “I was in the neighborhood.”

“Why is the world such a dangerous place?” Tish asks.”It makes it hard for the weak to survive.”


Tish looks up at him, “I’m not holding back anymore.” She turns and starts to walk off.

“Tish! Make sure you come to my office for work tomorrow.”

She takes a step and then stops. She spins around angrily and marches over to him, “I’m going to report you to the Department of Labor!”

“Me?” asks Eric.

“Yes, you,” says Tish. “You promised I could start with the game development department once your stalker was caught! You made a promise to me, and how you’ve gone back on your word!”

“When did I promise you to work…” Eric starts to say, then he remembers, “I did tell you that, didn’t I?”


“I’m not telling you I won’t keep my word! Even though the blackmailer is caught, the culprit after you hasn’t, right? Once that culprit is caught, you can go work in game development. I’ll stay close to your side until then.”

Tish is annoyed, “One has nothing to do with the other! I knew this would happen! You were never going to let me work for game development! Just admit it!”

“I swear I’m going to let you…”

Tish steps up to him, causing him to take a step back in fear that she’ll murder him, “You know what? If you’re not going to let me work in game development, then I’ll just quit.”

She starts to walk away, “You’re very emotional right now. I’m on your side! I’m just trying to help you,” he tells her as she stops to turn around. “I mean it, Tish.”

“Do you?” she asks.


“So, I can work in game development?” she asks.

Eric nods, “Of course.”

“You won’t change your mind tomorrow?”

Eric shakes his head, “I won’t.”

Tish nods, “Good. I’ll be going then.”  She turns around and walks off as Eric just watches her walk off. 

“How did that turn around on me so quickly?” he asks himself, scratching his head.

At the police station, Jake is dealing with the Edgar situation. 

“I should have sent you to jail, but the victim withdrew the charges,” Jake tells him. “Why would you attack such a weak person anyway?”

Edgar stammers and stutters, “Weak person?”  He calms himself and finally says, “Look, I’ve been in the hospital. I have to wear false teeth.” As he points them out, they fall right out of his mouth onto the table causing Jake to wince.

“Just put those back in there,” Jake says.

Edgar grabs the teeth and pushes them back into his mouth. Edgar begins to cry, “My whole body is a shell of what it was thanks to that woman. I can barely move my arm. If people knew that a woman beat me up, my reputation would be ruined. It’s so upsetting.”

Jake looks at him, “So, what you’re trying to tell me is that you got beaten up by Ms. Weathersphere. She broke seven ribs, knocked out many teeth, and you can barely function?”

Edgar, still crying, just nods his head.

“Poor you,” says Jake with lots of sarcasm. 

“That woman is no woman,” weeps Edgar. 

Jake slams his fist on the table, “Is that why you tried to attack her tonight?”

“I just wanted a fair fight! I didn’t attack her! I approached her because I wanted to redeem myself!”

Jake leaps out of his chair and tries to reach him over the desk, but Edgar leans back as other officers leap up to hold Jake back.

As Jake calms down, the officers have to drag Edgar to a holding cell, where along the way, he drops his teeth again.

Jake starts to go to the holding cell, but the chief yells at him, “Just go back to your desk, Buckingham!”

Jake angrily marches over and sits down hard in his chair and winces, realizing his lower back hurt. It’s then he remembers being shoved off of Edgar by Tish. 

The next morning, Tish walks towards the bus stop when we see that Jackson is following behind her, watching closely. 

As she walks into Aamessoft, Rob sees her and asks, “Is it true they postponed your transfer to game development?”

Tish turns around as she walks and makes a face, “Yes,” she growls.

Rob shakes his head, “Sounds like the boss, alright.  You know, I’m truly amazed that you caught the blackmailer.”

Tish looks up at him as they continue to walk side by side, “I get the job done,” she says confidently. 

Rob nods, “I was surprised when he told me it was someone he never even met before.”  He leans down and whispers, “I just assumed it was one of his siblings.” Rob shrugs and walks off as Tish looks on, confused.

Tish walks into Eric’s office, noticing first that he hasn’t arrived to work yet.

Secondly, she notices the brand new laptop on her desk. “What’s this?” she asks as she walks over to sit down.  She flips open the lid, and the first thing that she sees is that Eric set the wallpaper to a picture of himself and that startles her.  She closes the cover, “I guess this isn’t mine,” she says with wide-eyes. 

Suddenly the door bursts open, and Eric walks in, “Good morning!” 

“Good morning,” says Tish.

“Did you sleep well?” he asks, very cheerful this morning.

Tish is not used to him being like this, so she nods her head, “Sure. But, is this laptop for me?”

Eric nods, “You can do your work with the game development team from here,” he tells her. “Your final task before I can transfer you is to come up with a game concept and prepare a presentation. Everything you need is on the laptop.”

Tish’s eyes go wide, “I can make whatever game I want?”

Eric nods, “Sure. Have at it.”

“Thank you,” she says.

“Go ahead and open it,” he tells her, not knowing she already opened it.

“I will,” she tells him as she sits down. He walks to his desk but watches her to see what her reaction is to seeing his face on her laptop.

She opens the lid, and his face appears again. She takes a deep breath.

Jake slams his hands on the holding cell door, “If you go near her again, I’ll make sure it’s painful even to drink water,” he threatens Edgar. “You won’t be able to walk. You won’t be able to crawl. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

Edgar closes his eyes and nods.

The clerk walks over, opens the door, and hands Edgar his cane and the rest of his possessions in a baggie. Edgar steps out of the cell and pauses to look at Jake. It seems like he will say something but decides against it and limps out of the police station. 

Jackson is sitting at the junkyard, looking over the latest news on the kidnapping case. 

On her laptop, Tish has created a character image of herself holding a gun. Then she changes it to a spear. Suddenly, she gets up and walks out of the room as Eric watches.  He gets up from his desk and walks over to her desk to see what she’s working on.

The first thing he notices is that she changed her wallpaper to a famous pop singer. “That’s her type?” he says to himself as he quickly changes the wallpaper back to his picture. 

Rob bursts into the office, and Jake spins around, “You startled me!” 

“Sorry, sir! Your father is asking for you.”

“Right now?” asks Eric.

A little later, Eric is walking side by side with his father, who tells him, “I hope the shareholder’s meeting won’t be as chaotic as last time.”

Eric shrugs, “I’ll just ignore it.”

His father nods, “I trust you and respect whatever decision you make about this. If the shareholders believe there is in-fighting in the family, we may have some issues. Oh,” his father adds, “You should announce your engagement at the meeting as well. It’ll squash some of the rumors if they hear you’re settling down.”

Eric clears his throat and nods.

“And bring her by the house again so I can get a better look at her. The sooner, the better.”

Eric starts to look concerned as his father walks off. 

Tish walks back into the office, “He’s gone?” she says, noticing Eric isn’t around. But she stops in her tracks as she sees Eric’s picture on her laptop again.

“Stop scaring me!” she tells the picture!

She sits down and quickly changes the picture back to the one she had.

“So much better,” she says to herself. “Let’s take a little break,” Tish says as she pulls up the latest news about the kidnapping.

Tish grits her teeth, “That jerk,” she says about the kidnapper. 

We see a brief montage of the neighborhood ladies getting together to talk about the kidnappings in the area.

The police are meeting about the kidnapping.

The scenes go back and forth as the police talk about the facts of the case while the ladies talk about gossip about the issue.

Finally, the police commissioner announces, “I want this case transferred to Special Crimes.”

The police chief walks in and slams some paperwork on his desk, “The commissioner is bringing in Special Crimes!” 

Jake shakes his head, “We’re all over this case, chief.  This case belongs to us!”

The chief nods his head, “We’re going to catch him. You’re damn right we are. I won’t let them take this case away from us.”  He turns to the team, “We have to catch him before Special Crimes.”

Jake looks around, “Has anyone seen Sarah?”

Sarah is standing in front of the police commissioner’s desk. He looks up at her, “I’m transferring you to Special Crimes. Get them up to speed on this case.”

Tish is standing in front of the window, looking into Game Development like a peeper with those dreamy eyes. “It’s almost mine,” she whispers to herself when Eric walks around the corner and sees her standing there.

“Hey!” he shouts, scaring the crap out of her as she holds her chest.

“What?” she asks.

“What are you doing?” he asks her.

After she catches her breath, Tish tells him, “Nothing. Let’s go!” She waves at him to follow her.

“Where are we going?” he asks.

Tish walks up to him and holds up a finger, “I’m going to catch this asshole. I am not going to wait around for the police to do it.”

Eric starts to talk her out of it when she turns on her heel and marches off, “Let’s go!” she yells. “I need to be trained!”

At Eric’s gym, they are inside his MMA cage. 

“Today, we will work on defense. What’s the best type of defense?” Eric asks her. They have changed into gym clothing.

“Offense,” Tish responds.

“Correct. Come at me,” Eric tells her. “I’ll show you some defense techniques.”

Tish takes a swing at Eric, who avoids it and uses a knife-edge chop that stops just short of her neck. “If I’d hit you, your neck would probably be broken,” he tells a wide-eyed Tish. She’s well aware that while she has super strength, she is not invulnerable. 

“Again,” he tells her.

Tish moves in on him, but he quickly avoids her and uses three punches that stop just short of her face. Tish’s mouth drops open at how quick he is. She might have super strength, but she doesn’t have super speed. 

“I could have knocked you out right there,” he tells her.

“Oh yeah? I can just do this!” Tish brings up her arm, but he locks his arm around hers and traps it.

“Now you can’t use that arm.”

Tish uses her free arm to swing, and he grabs that, trapping it as well. “And now?” he asks her.

She whines a little as she’s trapped. Eric releases her, and she falls to the mat with a groan. “Seriously?” She throws a little tantrum while lying on the mat, kicking her feet. 

“Get up,” Eric tells her.

Tish gets to her feet, and Eric says, “This time, I’ll attack, and you defend.”

Tish nods, “Alright.”

Eric dances around a bit and then throws a punch that Tish stops with her hand as Eric’s eyes go wide.  She places a hand on his chest and drops him with a uranage style move, planting him on the mat and knocking the air right out of him.

She steps over his arm and locks it in, and drops back as she clamps on an armbar, and Eric taps out furiously as he wails in pain.

Tish smirks as she gets to her feet, and Eric moves up to his feet as well. “Let’s try this again,” he tells her, and she gets ready.

Eric moves in, and they do a pro-wrestling style lock up. Eric tries to sweep his arm down to grab a leg, but she pulls her leg back, sweeps it around to lock behind his, and takes him down with a leg trip, once again planting him on the mat. She rolls over the top of his back and locks her arm around his neck, and pulls back.

“Hey! Let me go!” Eric yells as he finds himself trapped in a headlock as he slaps his hand on the mat several times.

Tish lets him go as he struggles to catch his breath while she raises her hands in the air victoriously.  She pats him on the back as Eric coughs and sputters. 

A few minutes later, Eric is sitting on the outside edge of the cage when Tish brings him over a bottle of water, “Replenish your fluids,” she tells him as he takes the bottle from her. He tries to open it but realizes he’s too sore, and he hands it back to her, “Open this.”

Tish twists off the cap and hands it back to him.

“One, two, one, two,” Eric counts as they run along the river. Tish pulls ahead of him, and he yells out to her, “So you can run now?”

“Of course!” she yells back and increases the distance.

“Good!” he yells back and struggles to catch up to her.

Next, he has her hitting the punching back and dodging side to side when it springs back at her.

“That’s right. Hit and move.”

We see her skipping rope next as he watches on.

Then hitting the heavy bag again, this time, she’s got better control of her punches.

“I was given this power for a reason,” she thinks to herself. “There are people out there who abuse their power, and I’ll use mine to break those jerks. I am Tish Weathersphere, the strongest woman in the world.”

Mikey and his crew were picking up trash in the neighborhood. Well, to be fair, Mikey is directing his crew to clean up the community while he points out pieces of trash here and there for them to pick up.

“Dammit!” he says when he sees one of Kal’s guys dropping a gum wrapper on the ground. “Can’t you see we’re cleaning up here? Don’t drop your trash on the ground. There are trash cans everywhere!”

Kal’s guy looks at him and points, “Well, pick it up then.”

“Why should I pick it up for you when you dropped it?” Mikey says.

As tension escalates, Kal’s guy gets up in his face, “Rude punk. Get lost. What a nice group of little boys picking up trash. Are you being punished?”

Mikey smirks at him, “We’re just cleaning our neighborhood.”

Another one of Kal’s men pulls out a nightstick, “How about if I fix your eyes, you little twerp.” He then gives Mikey a slap across the face.

Mikey glares at him.

“What are you looking at? You better look somewhere else, kid,” says the man.

“Goddammit!” yells Mikey and the man slaps him again, this time a little harder, causing him to stagger back as his crew keeps him from falling.

Suddenly, Mikey charges the man, and the two gangs begin to fight.

A few minutes later, it’s apparent that Kal’s gang was more formidable as Mikey and his crew are laid out. “Who’s your boss?” asks one of the men. “Get them on the phone unless you want another beating.”

One of Mikey’s boys quickly whips out his cell phone and dials.

Tish finishes the phone call and sighs. “All I told them to do was pick up garbage. What have they done now?”

A few minutes later, Tish walks into the park, “What’s going on here?”

Mikey and his crew get to their feet and run over behind Tish. Mikey says, “You’re all dead meat now!”

Kal’s crew smirk as they walk over to Tish. One of the guys nudges the leader, “Isn’t that Tish Weathersphere?”

“Why are you picking on these kids?” asks Tish. “You can’t be beating up kids.”

One of the men finally asks, “Are you Tish Weathersphere?”

Tish looks at him, “Tell you what. Let the kids go, and we can talk.”

The men laugh. Another one says, “We’re here as sort of a security team. We want to make sure no other ladies get abducted around here.”

Tish is getting annoyed, “If you’re protecting the neighborhood, then protect it.” She turns around to Mikey’s gang, “Why are you still here?”  Mike starts to explain when one of Kal’s men hocks up a large amount of spit and spits it onto Tish’s shoe.

Tish looks down at her shoe and then angrily up at the man, “Are you freaking kidding me? Wipe it off, now.”

“You wipe it.”

“You jerk, I’ll ask you one more time to clean that up.”

The men seem amused, “Whatcha gonna do about it? How about you hit me, so I have an excuse to hit you back.”

“You’ll regret it,” she tells them.

“I regret nothing,” the man says, and he takes a swing at her, but she steps to the side. He swings with the other hand, and she avoids that one too. He takes a third swing, and this time she grabs his arm and squeezes as he suddenly begins to yell. She reaches up with her free hand, grabs him by the face, and throws him to the ground.

A second man charges in, and she punches him in the chest, then the stomach, sending him to the ground next. 

She turns to the last man standing, and he takes a swing, but she blocks it and then kicks at his feet, sweeping it out from under him as he drops to his knees.  She grabs him by the collar, and as he screams, she begins to flick out teeth one of a time with her finger, sending the teeth flying across the park, one, then two, then a third and final tooth.

As she surveys the men lying on the ground, she tells them, “Don’t mess with my kids,” as Mikey and his crew cheer on their leader.

Kal is sitting in his office with a disgusted look on his face. The reason for that disgust is that Edgar is trying to eat some oatmeal, which is probably the only thing he can eat because it’s soft. But as he puts a spoonful of it into his mouth, it falls right out onto his lap.

Someone walks in and whispers something into Kal’s ear.

“Tish Weathersphere again?!? Why does she keep messing with us! It’s like she’s targeting us for no reason!”

His sidekick speaks up, “I’ve heard she’s a freelancer. Maybe even from the Russians. I’ve heard she’s a member of the KGB.”

Kal stares at him, “I’m not even sure the KGB is a thing anymore, you idiot!” He slams his fist on the table, “This is embarrassing! You idiots are hurting my pride here. I hereby declare that Tish Weathersphere is the enemy, and I will give anyone who puts her down one hundred thousand dollars!”

Edgar starts to spit and choke on his oatmeal.

“Someone get him out of here. He’s making a damn mess,” Kal says as Edgar gets escorted out.

After Edgar leaves, Kal says, “Now. The question is how to get to her.”

The sidekick nods his head, “It won’t be easy.”

Kal looks at him, then motions him over. The sidekick gets up and walks over and leans down so Kal can whisper something in his ear, but instead, Kal screams, “I KNOW THAT!”

At the hospital, Tish is helping Jessie walk down the hallway. 

“Are you still living at your boss’s house?” asks Jessie. 

Tish shakes her head, “I’m sticking around the neighborhood just in case that asshole decides to try something else. So, when are you getting discharged?” Tish asks.

“Soon, I hope. I’m getting sick of being in the hospital,” Jessie says. 

Tish hugs her friend, “I’m glad you’re recovering so quickly.”

Jessie seems a little confused, “Tish?”


“I can barely feel your strength. When you normally hug me, I feel like you’re crushing me.”

Tish beams with pride, “I’ve learned to control my strength! I’m a whole new Tish than I was before.”

They start walking again when Tish says, “Jessie?”


“Parish keeps seeing Jake’s girlfriend. What do I do?” Tish asks.

“What?” No way!” says Jessie, surprised. “It’s like a soap opera love triangle.”

“It’s kind of mean of her, right?” Tish asks. “I mean, how can she spend time with Parish when she has Jake?”

Jessie shrugs, “I mean, Parish is pretty handsome. It would be pretty tough to choose between Jake and Parish if I’m telling the truth.”

“How dare you,” Tish mutters under her breath.


Tish shakes her head, “It feels like she’s cheating. She’s a two-timer. Once you decide to date someone, you should give your whole heart to them. How could she even think of another man?”

Jessie hugs Tish to her, “Not every love can last forever, Tish. Love is like a see-saw. It goes up and goes down. I mean, right now, you’re crushing on Jake, but you might end up falling in love with someone else. Like that boss of yours.”

“Ew,” mutters Tish.

“It’s true!” says Jessie. “You never know what love is going to do.”

Jake is standing near Sarah’s car when she walks out of the building.

“So, you are at work?” he asks her. “Are you avoiding me?”

Sarah seems surprised to see Jake there. She shakes her head, “I don’t have any reason to avoid you, Jake. I got transferred today.”

Jake looks confused, “Chief didn’t say anything about that.”

Sarah walks over and leans against her car next to Jake, “I don’t think he knows yet. The police commissioner told me directly that I’m being transferred to Special Crimes.”

Jake’s eyes go wide, “Wait. Special Crimes? They’re the ones that are taking our case away from us.”

Sarah nods, “I know. I was briefed on it today.”

Jake looks angry, “That’s our case. We’re not going to let it go that easily, you know?”

“You should just let us do our job, Jake,” she tells him. “This case won’t get solved if we are stepping all over each other’s feet. Just hand it over to us and work on some of your other cases. This is our top priority, according to the commissioner.”

“Us? Hand it over to ‘us’?” says Jake. “Just like that, you’re one of them?”

“You remember that we broke up, right?” asks Sarah. “This transfer? I didn’t request it, but it’s probably the best thing for both of us. It was hard coming in every day and seeing you, knowing you were upset that we broke up.”

“I still did my job,” he tells her. 

Sarah nods, “I know you did, Jake. How’s Jessie? How’s Tish?”

Jake shrugs, “I mean, I guess why I wanted to talk to you about it was that I wanted to apologize. I know I let work get in the way of our relationship. You were right to break up with me. As far as Tish goes, I feel like I’m starting to see her in a whole new light. I always felt like she was the younger sister I never had, but the truth is, perhaps I’m seeing her as something more. I didn’t want you to have any bad feelings about breaking up with me. I understand why you did it.”

Sarah nods as she listens. She’s always felt there was something between them, but it’s the first time Jake has considered it. Sarah thought she might be jealous, but she’s finding that she’s not. If Jake and Tish become a ‘thing,’ she would be happy for them. The fact is, Sarah’s heart is someplace else entirely right now. She finally says, “Follow your heart, Jake.”

Jake nods his head, “I know. I will.”

“But, do us all a favor. Tell the chief to hand over the case to Special Crimes. I promise we will get this guy.”  Sarah pushes herself off her car and unlocks it, opening the passenger door. “I won’t let him get away. Please don’t make this difficult for us. All we want is to get this bastard off the streets and behind bars where he belongs.”

Jake steps back from the car as he watches her pull out and drive away. He knows there’s no way they’re giving this case up to Special Crimes.

The next morning, Tish has Jessie all settled into her room. Jessie is finally glad to be out of the hospital.

Tish places a glass of water on the nightstand, “Hey,” Tish says, “Don’t you dare try and go anywhere until you’re fully recovered. I mean, don’t even think of setting foot outside of this house. Got it?” 

Jessie is all tucked into the bed, “I got it,” she says. Jessie holds up her arm, “See? We got matching bracelets,” she teases, showing off her smartwatch just like Tish has. “The officer gave me this before we left the hospital.”

Tish isn’t in the mood for teasing, “I’m serious. As soon as you’re able to travel, I want to send you home where you’ll be safer, okay?”

Jessie nods her head, “I know. Okay.”

Tish’s phone lights up with a message from Eric. “Are you asleep?”

“Yes,” she writes back.

“Then wake up quickly,” he responds.

“No,” she types back.

“I need you to go somewhere with me.”

Annoyed, Tish answers him, “I’m still asleep.”

“I’ll double your pay!”

The sound of a cash register rings in Tish’s head as she is tempted. 

Eric doesn’t wait for her to answer as he sends another message, “I’ll come to pick you up now. Shower. Wear nice clothes. I’ll be there shortly.”

She responds, “Where are we going?”

“My house.”

“Why would I dress up to go there?”

“I’m on my way. Get ready.”

Tish is starting to regret this already. “Why is he coming now?” she says aloud.

Jessie asks, “Who?”

Tish turns to her, “My boss.”


Sophie walks into the room, “What are your plans, Tish?”

Tish shrugs, “I have to go somewhere?”


Jessie pipes in, “Your future-grandson-in-law is coming to get her.”

Sophie looks between the two while Tish looks appalled at what Jessie just said. “I better get dressed up,” Sophie says, rushing out of the room. 

Tish turns to look at Jessie angrily, “Stop calling him that. Look what you’ve done.”

Eric is outside of Tish’s home, waiting when Sophie steps outside of the house, “Thank you for coming. Tish will be outside in just a few minutes. She’s still getting ready.” She motions to the door, “Would you like to wait inside?”

“I feel bad calling her in on her day off,” says Eric.

Sophie brushes it off, “Days off are overrated. You call my granddaughter any day you like.” Sophie takes Eric by the wrist and leads him into the home.

As Sophie leads Eric inside, down the stairs in her nightgown comes Tish, brushing her teeth. She lands at the bottom of the stairs right in front of Eric, Tish gasps! “Grandma!” She hurries into the bathroom and slams the door shut.

Eric turns to head back outside when Sophie stands in his path, “Care for some breakfast?”

“I’ll just wait outside,” Eric says as he starts to go by her, but Sophie blocks his path again. 

“Just have a seat,” she tells him. Eric reluctantly walks over and sits down at the table.

A few minutes later, Sophie has cooked up a feast of eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles, fruit, and coffee. Tish is sitting at the table, looking embarrassed. Eric is staring at the meal, and Sophie brushes it off, “You don’t need to worry. The kids eat like this all the time.”

Eric turns to look at Tish, who turns away from him.

Parish walks down the stairs, “Whoa! Who made the feast?” he asks as he walks over and takes a seat. “You trying to spoil us, grandma?”

Sophie glares at him.

“I mean, thank you for the meal,” he says as he digs in.

“Why did you cook so much food, grandma?” asks Tish. “We have to leave soon.”

Sophie shakes her head, “Nonsense. I know you were raised better than that. Eat your breakfast.” There is an ‘or else’ implied in that statement, and Tish begins to dish up her meal before she gets clobbered. She leans over and whispers to Eric, “You better eat, or she’ll never let us leave.”

Eric smiles uncomfortably and begins to dish up some food.

“I just need you to pretend to be my fiancee,” explains Eric on the way over to his father’s house.

“I won’t do it unless you triple my rate for the day,” Tish tells him.

Soon, everyone is seated around the table for breakfast. Tish leans over, “You should have told me we were having breakfast. We just eat a damned feast,” she mutters under her breath.

Eric looks at her apologetically and whispers back, “Not like we had a choice. I didn’t feel like getting pummelled by your grandmother this morning.”

“So what do you like about my son?” asks Eric’s father.

Caught on the spot, Tish considers the question. “He’s, um, very handsome.”

The silence that follows is deafening. 

“And, he has a great personality,” she slowly adds.

Everyone around the table looks at her.

Tish clears her throat. “If you want the truth, I like him because he’s crazy.”

Eric looks at her, but that seems to appease everyone as they begin to eat breakfast.

Eric’s father looks at her, “Crazy?”

Tish nods with a smile, “Not just crazy, but the craziest person I know.”

Everyone stops eating and slowly sets down their utensils.

Eric’s dad stares at her and then suddenly bursts out laughing. He points at Eric and continues to laugh, “He is crazy!”

Tish smiles, “There so many times I have to ask myself if he is in his right mind.”

Eric’s dad laughs even harder, clapping his hands together, “You’re so right!”

Eric fake laughs, and Tish pats his shoulder, “See? Even he knows it’s true.”

After breakfast, Eric’s father leads Tish out onto the porch. “You seem like a bright girl,” he tells her. “I am relieved that he has someone like you in his life. After his mother died, I sent him overseas to a good school to get a quality education. He was always dating, then suddenly, when he came home, he stopped. I thought perhaps someone had broken his heart, but with you here, now I can see he was just tired of playing games.”

Tish isn’t sure what to say to all of that, so she stands next to him, listening.

He turns to her, “Anyway, please take care of my son.

“Where are we going now?” Tish asks as Eric pulls off the road into a side street.

He looks over at her, “Don’t worry, I’m still paying you triple,” he says as he parks the car.

A few minutes later, they are walking down a path in a dense forest, “Where are we going?” she asks again. “You know I was joking about the crazy thing, so if you’re gonna try and kill me and bury me in the middle of nowhere, I’ll kick your ass.”

Eric turns to her as they walk, “We’re going to meet a girl I once loved,” he explains as he carries a bouquet.  After a few more steps, they come out of the forest, and a single tombstone sits in an open area. He kneels and lays the flowers at the base of a grave. 

“Hello, mom,” he says softly. Tish finally realizes what he means, and she remains quiet.

The name “Tina Ann Aames” is carved onto the tombstone and the dates of her lifespan. 

Eric places his hand on the grave, “I wanted you to meet someone,” he whispers to his mother softly enough that Tish can’t hear from where she stands. 

A little later, they are walking down the bank of the river. Eric randomly tells Tish, “There was a movie called ‘When Harry Met Sally.’ It was my mother’s favorite movie. There’s a line that says, ‘No man wants to be friends with a charming woman.’”

Tish smirks at him, “I must not be charming,” she says, thinking of Jake.

Eric turns to her as he stops walking, “I’m not sure I believe that line. Your friend likes you very much,” he tells her. “Jake’s lying to you if he says otherwise. Or maybe he just doesn’t want to lose you as a friend and is afraid to say something.”

Tish doesn’t dare to bring herself to believe that Jake would ever have feelings for her, “We’re just friends. That’s it.”

Eric looks out at the water, “The step from friends to lovers is not that much of a leap if one person dares to take it.” Eric is no longer talking about Jake as he takes a step towards Tish.

They stare at each other for a long moment before Eric says, “It’s a step that changes their relationship forever.”

Eric slowly turns and walks down closer to the river as Tish stands there feeling something entirely new. She watches Eric walk away from her, and then as he turns to look back at her, she thinks to herself, “One step. Perhaps that step wasn’t there between Jake and I. Eric, however…

The chief walks into the Violent Crimes office, “The case has officially been handed over to Special Crimes,” he announces. “However, we will continue to work on this case on an unofficial basis. Do not throw up any flags. Do it carefully and quietly.”

Jake shakes his head, “We won’t get any information from them.”

“And we won’t share our information with them either,” says the chief.

Another officer runs in with a USB, “I got something!”

A little bit later, everyone is huddled around the computer as they watch dashcam footage of the victim’s car. 

“I know exactly where that is,” says Jake. He rushes out of the police station. 

Jake is walking through the junkyard. The air is filled with that asphalt smell that Tish was talking about to him. The same mechanic from before is tinkering with a truck in the middle of the night, and Jake walks over.

“Excuse me. Where is your boss?” Jake asks.

The mechanic looks up from his work, “Oh. I think he said something about a business trip.”

“Do you know where he went?”

The mechanic thinks for a moment, “He said something about looking for some specific parts for a customer. I’m not sure he told me where exactly he was heading.”

Jake pulls out his notepad, “Do you know when he left?”

“Last week, I believe.”

“He must be gone quite a bit,” comments Jake.

“To be honest, we sell most of our parts out of the state. You’d be surprised how much online business we get.”

Jake makes a few notes and nods. “Alright. Thank you.” 

As Jake leaves the junkyard, the mechanic picks up his phone and dials.

Jackson is holed up somewhere, but he has seven televisions, all turned on to different news broadcasts talking about the kidnapping. 

Except for one screen.

One screen is a video of inside the police station.

Earlier that day, Jackson had dressed up and walked into the police station and the violent crimes division office. Everyone was out except for one officer on the phone, so he reaches into his pocket and places a small camera just underneath the television before walking over.

The cop looks up and motions he’ll be with him in just a moment.

Mikey and his crew are watching a video of Tish dispatching Kal’s goons.  One of them asks, “Should we post this online? It’s awesome!”

Mikey shakes his head, “No! Our boss wants to keep a low profile, and we will help her do that!” He begins to mock replay her moves as he dances around, throwing kicks and punches. “But our boss is amazing! Perhaps we should let the whole world know!”

Tish is waiting at the hospital when Parish walks around the corner, “What brings you here?” he asks.

“You’ve been working without any days off, so I wanted to stop by and check in on you,” Tish admits. She reaches into her pocket and hands over an envelope.

“What’s this?” Parish asks.

“My first paycheck. I can finally help with the bills around the house, so I wanted you to have it.”

Parish looks at the check and smiles, “I’m very proud of you.”

Tish smiles to her brother, “Thanks. I’ll get going…”

Parish interrupts, “Wait. I need to say something. I like her too,” he admits. “I want to date her, but it’s probably not the right thing to do. Right?”

Tish looks at him. “Of course, it’s not right. That’s your friend’s girlfriend. It wouldn’t be fair to him, so you shouldn’t do it.”

Parish seems disappointed, but he nods in agreement. “You’re right.”

Tish reaches up and pats his head, “Look at my brother all grown up and involved in a love triangle.”

Parish smirks, “Look at my sister, all grown up and has a real job now.”

Tish scowls at him, “I’m leaving now.”

Parish watches her walk off. “Maybe you should try it sometime.”

Tish turns around, “What?”

“Dating,” he tells her.

Tish rolls her eyes, “Who would I date?”

Parish doesn’t hesitate when he answers, “Eric Aames. He seems like a decent guy.”

Tish starts walking back towards the door, “You’ve been listening to grandma. Bye.”

“Listen up! We are ready for our final battle with Tish Weathersphere!”

Kal is in a warehouse, standing on a crate as his gang surrounds him. “Choose your weapons carefully. This may be our last chance to rid ourselves of this troublemaker. She has caused us embarrassment and pain for the final time. It’s time to take care of this one and for all. Are you ready?”

They all raise their assortment of weapons high in the air and shout, “Yes!”

“Do not take her lightly. Punch, kick, and hit her with your weapons. Do you want to rip her fingernails off? Do it! Do you want to pull her hair out by the roots? Do it! We will leave Tish Weathersphere a weeping puddle of goo by the time we are finished with her. Do you understand?”


Jessie comes into the bathroom, where Tish brushes her teeth, “Your phone is ringing.”

Tish spits out her toothpaste and wipes her face before taking her phone, “Hello?”

“It’s your final day of training,” says Eric.

Tish nods, “I know.”

“I’m outside. Come on out. Make it quick,” he tells her.

Tish rolls her eyes, “Fine. Let me finish getting dressed.” She hangs up and walks into her bedroom, closing the door behind her.  She walks over to her dresser and opens the top drawer to find a letter sitting on top of her clothing.  Curiously, she opens it up and reads:

“To my pretty granddaughter, Tish,

My little child has grown up. She has become an adult with a proper job. Your grandmother is so proud of you. I know you can’t live as others do. People would be curious about why we have to hide our strength. But it’s how the world is. People tend to badmouth and bully those who are different. Tish, I have always told you to avoid it, but never be ashamed of your power. This is a gift from God to our people so that when the time comes, you can use it to help the world. I love you very much, my granddaughter.  Your mother would be proud of the person you’ve become.”

Tish’s eyes tear up as she folds the paper and places it back into the envelope. She walks over and reaches for a box that sits on top of her wardrobe and puts it on her desk. She gently removes the top and pulls out a worn journal. She slips the envelope into the journal before places it back in the box and putting the lid back on.

She pulls on her hoodie, and after taking a deep breath to compose herself, she hurries down the steps and grabs a few walnuts from the table, and shoves them into her pocket when her phone starts to ring.

“I’m coming!” she says into the phone without even checking who’s calling.

A female voice comes over the line, “Tish! They have me! You have to come help me!” A male voice comes over the line, “We have captured your grandmother! If you want to see her alive, come to this address we will give you. If you contact the police, it’s over for her.”

As the caller hangs up, Tish panics and rushes to Jessie, “They captured my grandmother! I’m going to find her. Can you try to call her for me?”

Jessie nods, “Yes, of course! Shouldn’t you call the police?”

Tish is practically in tears now, “They told me not to.” She rushes out the door and right by Eric, who is looking the other way.

Inside, Jessie calls Tish’s grandmother, who answers, “Who are you, and why do you keep calling?

“It’s Jessie! Aren’t you kidnapped?” Jessie asks.

Sophie snorts, “What idiot would kidnap me? It would be more of a nuisance for them if they had.

Jessie nods, “I understand. Sorry to bother you.”

She immediately tries to call Tish.

Tish hops out of a taxi after it comes to a stop. She gives the driver some cash and looks around the series of warehouses, and yells out, “Grandma?!”

Her phone rings, “Hello?”

“Why aren’t you coming out?” asks Eric.

“My grandmother was kidnapped,” she tells him. 

“Where are you now?” Eric asks, but Tish has already hung up on him.

“Jake?” says Jessie into the phone. “Something’s up with Tish! She got a call that her grandmother was kidnapped and rushed off to find her, but I just talked to her grandmother, and she’s fine.”

“I’ll look into it right now,” says Jake as he drives down the road. He reaches down and pushes a button on his phone, “I need to the location of Tish Weathersphere. Please track her GPS watch.”

Eric is driving as well. He pushes a button on his phone and says, “Locate Tish.”

Her location pops up on the screen on his car. 

Tish walks up to the warehouse and opens the two sliding doors. 

Everything is quiet as she walks in and looks around. “Grandma!”

Suddenly, two more doors open up, and Kal and about two dozen men stand behind it. Kal marches towards her with his men walking behind.

Tish marches towards them. 

As they meet in the middle, Tish asks. “Look, mister. Where is my grandmother?”

Kal is handed a pair of gloves, and he places them on his hands, “What grandmother?”

Tish’s cell phone rings, and she answers, “Hello?”

Your grandmother is fine, Tish,” says Jessie on the other end. “I think someone set a trap for you.

“I think you’re right,” says Tish with an annoyed expression on her face. “It’ll be just fine. Don’t worry.” She hangs up.

“Tish Weathersphere,” says Kal. “You have caused great harm to my crew. Loss of manpower. Loss of dignity. Loss of reputation. So today, we will have a proper fight, unless you’d like to kneel and apologize to my men.”

Kal and his men begin to laugh.

Tish cracks her knuckles and nods, “Fine. Let’s fight.”

Kal motions for everyone to be quiet, “What was that?”

“I said, let’s fight.”

“Are you for real?” asks Kal.

Tish stares him down, “But in the end, it will be you kneeling and apologizing. Not me.”

“How dare you!” shouts Kal!

Tish takes out two walnuts from her pocket and begins to shuffle them in her hand.

“What’s that?” asks Kal.

She crushes them into dust in her hand.

Every member of Kal’s group slowly places their hand over their junk protectively. 

Tish lets the dust fall onto the ground, and then she waves to Kal, “Let’s go.”

Kal nods, “You’re on.”



Jake Buckingham   SHAWN WARSTEIN
Tish Weathersphere   TERESA DUKE
Eric Aames   TAPP ADDAMS
Sarah Gibson   KATELYN STORM
Jessie   ADI GOLD
Parish Weathersphere  AJ JENKYNX  



Sophie Weathersphere  SIDNEY GREY


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