The doors to the warehouse are closed.

Kal takes a seat in the corner, and he looks at his men, “Well, what are you waiting for? Finish this up so we can get out of here.”

Three men start towards Tish as she stands there waiting for them. As soon as the lead man gets within range, she punches him in the stomach, sending him flying into some wooden crates, splintering them.

Kal winces.

The two remaining decide to go at her together, but she catches both of their hands, pulls them close, and cracks their heads together, knocking them out on their feet. She steps between them and pushes them away from her, sending them flying across the warehouse.

As she stares at Kal, she reaches behind her head and pulls on her hood.  Kal sends another group after her.  The first man takes a swing, which she sidesteps, and then another, which she dodges as well. He goes for a kick, but she catches his leg and snaps it.  Two men come at her, but she just gives them a push, and they go flying off to the side. 

The final man of that group takes a swing, but she catches his arm and just wallops him in the chest, sending him to the ground, and then she takes his arm and twists it as he yells out in pain. We hear the bones cracking.

Kal actually looks impressed. He motions for the next group of seven to go in next.

One by one, she takes them all down as well. Some with tosses, some with punches, one dude gets a knee to the face. Soon, all seven are lying on the ground.  She walks towards Kal and pauses, and then motions for him to bring it on.

Kal has seen enough. “Everyone else, go get her.”

About a dozen guys are remaining, and they all charge at her.  She starts punching them down. One of the men grabs her around her waist from behind, while another tries to punch, but she ducks, and he hits his own man, and she takes him down as well. 

Eric pulls up to the warehouse and hurries out of his SUV.  He rushes into the building and stops immediately as he sees bodies lying around everywhere, and Tish is knocking dudes down left and right. 

As she dispatches the final man, she blows a puff of air. She’s starting to get winded. A draft blows through, and Tish’s hoodie starts to fall backward, and Eric suddenly has a flashback to the day years ago on the bus. The girl that saved him, her hoodie fell back the same way, and he suddenly remembers what she looked like.

It was definitely Tish.

Eric stares at her for a moment.

Jake runs into the building next. He is confused as he looks around, seeing bodies scattered all over the warehouse. He stands next to Eric.

Four of Kal’s top men are left. They walk towards her, and as they get close, Tish is ready to fight, but they suddenly fall to their knees, “Please don’t hurt us!” one of them cries out.

“He made us do this,” another pleads.

They latch onto her arm and beg with her to spare their lives when she suddenly lifts them all into the air and throws them past Kal as they all four slam into the wall behind him.

Jake’s eyes are wide as saucers as he stares at Tish, seeing her power for the first time.

Meanwhile, Eric looks very impressed at how well she did.

Tish walks up to Kal, but his sidekick steps in front of him, “Where should I hit you first?” he asks her. He does a few karate chops, but she grabs his finger and snaps it as he screams out in pain. He dances around as she hangs onto the finger, and she jabs him with her other fist right in the face, one and then again. She finally just grabs him by the face and throws him to the ground.

She grabs the edge of the table in front of Kal and sends it flying across the warehouse, where it almost crashes into Edgar, who’s been hiding behind some boxes.

Kal sits there stoically as she stands in front of him. “Tish Weathersphere,” he says to her. He actually looks terrified and doesn’t bother to look her in the eyes.  His hand is shaking hard, and he reaches over with his other hand to try and stop it.

Tish is watching him, but she doesn’t see Edgar, who thinks this is his time as he pulls a large knife from its sheath and steps out from behind the boxes he was hiding behind. Of course, he doesn’t see Eric and Jake behind him, who both see him and both charge towards him simultaneously.

They both shout out her name, and she slowly turns around. Eric manages to reach her first, and as Edgar goes to stab her, Eric shields her and takes the knife in her place. 

Jake punches Edgar in the face, sending him down, and then he begins to just pummel the guy. 

Tish watches as Eric slowly falls to the floor of the warehouse. Kal leaps to his feet, knowing this has all gone to shit. He honestly didn’t realize that Edgar was gonna pull a fool stunt like that.

Tish holds Eric’s head and begins to cry as Eric tries to reassure her that he will be okay.

Eric is wheeled into the hospital by paramedics, with Tish and Jake rushing in right behind. Tish is in tears as Parish shows up to check the wound.  He pulls up Eric’s sweatshirt and takes a look, “It’s really not that bad. You stopped the bleeding, and it doesn’t look deep at all.”  The gash is on Eric’s side. 

Eric is still unconscious, and Tish is still looking very panicky. Parish places a hand on her shoulder, “We’ll get a scan just to be sure, but I think he’s going to be okay.”  Tish looks up at him and acknowledges what he said by nodding her head.

Jake looks on, concerned for Tish.

All of Kal’s men are being treated at the warehouse. Some with broken limbs, others with tape wrapped around their head.  Kal is looking on, “Perhaps we should stop pursuing Tish Weathersphere. Get on an ocean liner and start over in another country.”

His sidekick, head bandaged and leaning on a crutch, looks at Kal with all seriousness and said, “I get seasick.”

Kal looks at him for a moment, then almost looks like he’s gonna pound him but decides it isn’t worth it as he turns to look back at the devastation Tish caused.

Tish is sitting at Eric’s bedside, hands together as if in prayer. “Please let him wake up. Please let him wake up,” she says softly with her eyes closed. “If he wakes up, I promise to follow all of his orders. I won’t even say anything if he’s mean to me. I’ll endure it all. I won’t talk back or be annoying…”

Eric groans.

Tish’s eyes pop open, “Are you okay?”

Eric’s eyes also open, and he slowly turns his head to look at her. “I’m glad it wasn’t you that got stabbed.”

Tish almost cries when Eric adds, “Isn’t that what you were hoping I would say? Look at me. Aren’t you supposed to be my bodyguard?”

Tish leans back. 

“I can’t think of a single day that has gone by since I hired you that I’ve had any peace,” he tells her.  How long has it been since we met?” He asks. “It seems like years. You’re so exhausting!” Eric lifts his gown and looks down at his wound, “How many stitches do I have?”

Tish says softly, “12 stitches.”

Eric gasps.

“You told the doctor to make sure that you were stitched thoroughly,” she tells him.

“I did?” Eric sighs as he leans back against his pillow, “I can’t believe my body has been sewed up like this. I worked so hard to make it perfect.”

“I’m sorry,” she says quietly.

He stops whining and turns to look at her, “Are you okay?”

Tish nods her head, “Yes, thanks to you.”

“Well, now you owe me one,” he tells her.

“What?” she asks, and then he lets out a loud whine.

“Oh my God!” he says as he looks down at his wound, “Did they remove an organ or something from me? Why does this hurt so much?”

“Why would they remove an organ?” asks Tish.

He feels around where the stitches are and turns to look at her, “I think they took out a vital organ. This feels empty right here. Isn’t a kidney supposed to be here?” he asks her.  She starts to respond when he begins to yell loudly.

“Mr. Aames,” says Rob as he walks into the hospital room. 

Eric stops screaming as he sees Rob has entered the room. Rob begins to tear up as he sees Eric lying on the hospital bed. “What on Earth happened to you?” he says with tears running down his face. “How could you have been stabbed?”

“Stop your blubbering,” says Eric.  Tish moves off to the side, already feeling lousy about this. Eric looks at Rob, “I’m not in the clear. I could possibly die from tetanus or some other complication.”

Rob begins to weep again, but Eric says, “Don’t cry yet. Save your tears for the funeral,” he tells his assistant as he looks at Tish, who is avoiding his gaze now.  Eric looks back at Rob, “I said to stop crying.”

As Rob tries to calm himself, Eric looks at Tish, “You should go get something to eat. Then you can come back and take care of me. I think I’m starting to hallucinate,” Eric exaggerates, then suddenly adds, “What did you say?”

Tish and Rob look at each other, and then Rob says, “We didn’t say anything, sir.”

“I’m hearing things now,” Eric says overdramatically. “Go eat and come back,” he tells Tish.

Tish nods her head, “If that’s what you want, I will,” she says, still feeling very responsible for his injury.

As soon as Tish is out of the room, Eric is all of a sudden very perky, “I’m fine,” he tells Rob. “I’ll spend a few days here and then be back to work. I need you to cover down for me until then.”

Rob is confused as hell, “Are you sure you’re okay? Just a few moments ago…”

“I said I was fine. It wasn’t a deep stab, so don’t worry. I’ll be fine. But,” Eric says as he looks at Rob, “Don’t tell anyone at the office I was stabbed.”

Rob just stares at him.

“Can you turn on the TV?” Eric asks.

Jake is sitting in the waiting room at the hospital. Images of Tish fighting in the warehouse flash in his brain as he’s trying to figure out what the heck was going on there. Finally, he stands up and walks out of the waiting room and towards Eric’s room. 

As he gets there, the door opens up, and Rob steps through. They look at each other awkwardly for a moment, and then Rob steps around him and disappears down the hallway as Jake walks into the room.

“Are you alright?” Jake asks.

Eric had been thinking about that girl from years ago who saved him on the bus, coming to realize that must have been Tish when Jake interrupted his thoughts. He turns to look up at Jake, “I am.”

“Did you know?” asks Jake.

Eric tries to play dumb, “Know what?”

Jake isn’t having it, “Is that why you hired her?”

Eric just nods his head, “Yeah. She doesn’t want you to know about it. It would be best if you just pretended that you didn’t see any of it.”

Jake looks out the window and, after a moment, asks, “Why did you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Why did you step in front of her?” Jake asks, turning back around to look at Eric.

Eric asks, “Why do you think I did it?”

A few moments later, Jake leaves the room and sits down across the hallway when Parish walks by to drop off a clipboard, and he notices Jake sitting there. Parish walks over and sits down next to Jake.

“I saw everything,” Jake tells him. “I saw what Tish can do. What she did. Now that I think about it, there were so many things I should have noticed long ago about her.”

Parish nods his head, “I’m sorry I kept it from you. It really wasn’t my secret to tell. The truth is that she’s different from everyone else. Special.”

Jake turns to look at him, “How long has she been like this?”

“Since birth.”

Jake just looks shocked.

Parish turns in his chair to face Jake, “Do me a favor. We are literally out of beds because of everyone she’s beaten up. We can’t let people find out about her. Please don’t make a big deal about this and just let it go.”

“I don’t care about those thugs. They deserved that they got from her,” Jake says. “It’s the one with the knife that I’m going to find. I’m going to bring him in no matter what. It could have been your sister that was stabbed.”

“Eric Aames is not pressing charges. The wound isn’t that serious,” says Parish. “If this goes to trial, Tish’s secret will be all over the news.”

Jake has a lot to think about.

“Can you hear me?” says one of the victims locked up in Jackson’s dungeon.

The other two victims immediately answer, “Yes!”

“He’s never here at this time. We should find a way out while he’s gone.”

“He’s got us tied up? What do you think we can do?”

“Do you even know where we are?”

“I don’t know, but there must be people around.”  One of the victims begins to cry. “I heard sounds. Cars.”

“What if we all scream together? Maybe someone will hear us!”

“Let’s try it. I’ll give the signal, and we should all scream at the same time.”


“Let’s do it!”

“On the count of three. One. Two. Three.”

All three women begin to scream as loudly as possible, hoping that someone will hear them and rescue them. 

However, watching them with a smirk on his face is Jackson, his eyes fixated on the monitors that added to each cell so he can see them individually.  All the ruckus his assistant is making up in the junkyard easily drowns out their voices. They continue to yell, and his smirk suddenly fades as he grabs a large crowbar and walks towards the dungeon entrance.

He walks along the upper corridor, where he has more cages, and lets the crowbar rap across the bars. The women begin to cry when they realize their plan isn’t going to work, and then they start to get scared when they hear his crowbar clanking against the cells.  He walks down the stairs, and as they see him, they all move towards the back of their individual cells.

Jackson grabs the keys as he walks by and heads directly to the women. He walks to the furthest one on the left, the cell with the instigator, and opens the door with his key.  The woman cowers against the wall.

“I treat you well though I shouldn’t,” Jackson suddenly smashes the crowbar against the ground as everyone screams. 

Parish is walking down the hall at the hospital when he hears someone calling his name.  As he turns, he recognizes Sarah, who stands up from her seat and walks over to him.

A few minutes later, they are taking a stroll on the sidewalk that surrounds the hospital.

“Jake confessed to me that he has actually been in love with someone for a very long time,” Sarah tells Parish. 

Parish looks confused, “He actually said that to you?”

“He says that there’s a girl so foolish that he always ends up mad at her.” Sarah shrugs, “I kind of had that feeling he wasn’t quite there for me. That his heart wasn’t quite into me. When he admitted it to me, it explained everything.”

“Are you alright?” asks Parish.

Sarah bobs her head a few times, “I had this voice in my head asking myself if this was really love, between Jake and I. Perhaps it was more of a convenience for the both of us.” Sarah spots a bench and leads the way to it, taking a seat. Parish sits down next to her. She turns to look at him, “When I’m with you, it’s different. I don’t have those questions that I had with Jake. I really don’t want to waste time when I know something is right.”

Parish looks apologetic, “Jake and I are friends. I feel it’s more appropriate if we wait a little longer before we start seeing each other, officially, I mean.”

Sarah grins, “Are you sure you want to wait? What if I find another man while you’re taking your sweet time? What if you find someone else? The truth is love is all about timing. Let’s do this. Give me five dates. If after those five dates, it doesn’t feel right, then we can go our separate ways.”

Parish looks at her for a moment, unsure of what to say.  He clears his throat. He is about to answer her when her phone rings.

Jake has left the hospital, and something has been bothering him.  As he drives down the street, he reaches over and hits a button on his phone.

“Hello?” answers Sarah.

“Remember that junkyard? Meet me there,” Jake tells her. 

A sigh can be heard over the phone, “You’re not supposed to be working this case, Jake. Let us handle it.”

“I’m telling you, I think I have something. Can you just meet me there? You can take credit for everything if we find something, but just meet me.”

“Jake, I don’t want to take credit…” Sarah says, but Jake interrupts her. “Please, Sarah. I’m on my way there. Can you come back me up or what?”

There’s a long stretch of silence before Sarah says, “Fine. I’ll be there.”

“Does this hurt?” asks the nurse.

Eric shakes his head, “I’m good.”  The nurse is checking out the wound and putting a new dressing on it. “When can the stitches be taken out?”

“Probably about a week or ten days,” she tells him when suddenly he begins to wail, and a few seconds later, we see why as Tish walks into the room.

“Oh no! Are you okay?” Tish says as she hurries over to his side. 

Eric is really playing it up now as he heavy breathes as he lays back down, “I have sensitive cellular tissue,” he explains. The nurse looks confused, but she grabs all of her supplies and leaves as Tish helps Eric lie down. Eric is overdramatic as he whimpers and whines as she helps him onto his back and then pulls the cover over him. 

Kal finds himself in a familiar place and a moment of deja vu as he walks into the hospital room filled with his men, who were quickly dispatched by Tish Weathersphere. 

He stands there silently looking around the room as ten men are scattered about with various dressings. There are a couple in wheelchairs—a couple on crutches. 

Kal looks like he might say something but then bites his tongue and turns, and walks out of the room. More of his men litter the hallway as there isn’t enough room for them all. Kal stops as he sees them, and he gets a little angrier and spins around and walks away from them. 

He walks into one more room. His sidekick, also bandaged up, immediately rushes to meet him. Kal asks, “Where’s Edgar!?”

The sidekick points, but his finger is in traction, so it’s hard to tell where exactly he’s pointing, but it appears he’s pointing to a man who is bandaged from head to toe.  The man’s eyes are barely visible underneath the bandages. 

Kal stalks over to him and begins to swat him on his bandaged head, “After all of that, you stabbed the wrong person?!” he yells as the man cries out in pain and scoots down on the bed, trying to get away from the beating.

The others rush over to pull Kal off the man.

“What? He deserves it!” screams Kal.

The sidekick shakes his head, “That’s not Edgar. Edgar’s over there.”

Edgar is in the same bed he was before, with both legs and both arms in traction. His eyes go wide as he’s pointed out. Like the other man, his face is all bandaged except for his eyes, so he mumbles and flails.

Kal’s eyes go wide when he sees Edgar, he turns to the sidekick, “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?!?” he yells.

The sidekick points to Edgar, but his broken fingers actually aim at the other man. Kal, in frustration, grabs the splinted finger and twists it angrily.

He’s about to walk over to Edgar when the door flies open, and standing there is Sophia Weathersphere.  She storms into the room, “Which asshole tried to stab my granddaughter with a knife?”

Kal hurries over, “Ma’am, I’m taking care of this.”

“Oh, it’s you,” she says, wagging a finger at Kal. “This troublesome gang belongs to you? I knew you looked suspicious.” Kal tries to look innocent, though it doesn’t play very well.

“Ma’am, there was a little misunderstanding…”

“Misunderstanding?” yells Sophie. She waves a finger at all the broken men in the room, “One of these thugs stabbed my grandson-in-law. Which one was it?”  She looks right at Kal, “Was it you?”

Kal shakes his head, “It wasn’t me.”

“Then who was it?”

Kal is trying to defuse the situation but failing. “Ma’am, if you’ll just calm down…”

Sophie grabs the sidekick by his hospital gown and lifts him into the air over her head as he shakes and squeals, “I will not calm down. Show me who it is so I can pummel him from head to toe. Tell me now!” she says, dropping the sidekick and letting him fall the floor as Kal’s eyes go wide.

Sophie looks at the first man that Kal beat up, “Is it you?” she brushes past Kal to begin to throttle the man who has already been beaten by mistake once today.

“Ma’am! Ma’am!” yells Kal. “It’s not him!”

Sophie lets the man go and turns back to Kal.

He has no problem pointing out Edgar, “It was him.”

Sophie looks at Edgar, then back to Kal. “You should have told me sooner.”

She turns her eyes to Edgar, and Edgar’s eyes go wide as saucers as he begins to shake. Sophie walks over towards Edgar as he begins to flail in his confined condition. She finally just shakes her head, “I can’t hurt him any more than he already is.”

Kal runs over and stands in between her and Edgar, “You’re right. I apologize on his behalf. He really is a moron.”

Sophie places her hand on her hips, “Should I beat you up instead?”

Kal blinks, “Excuse me?”

She goes to hit him when from behind her, a fist flies through the air and connects with Kal’s face.

Kal goes down, and Feather jumps on top of him, “You had my brother knifed? I outta kill you!” The sound of several fists connecting with Kal’s face is heard as Sophie and everyone else just watch dumbfounded.

Sarah pulls off to the side of the road right behind Jake’s car. She steps out of the vehicle and meets him in the street, “So, what’s the plan? I should have said something to my captain, but I felt like I should hear you out first.”

Jake motions across the street to the junkyard, “In all the interviews I’ve done, it all adds up to here. Quiet neighborhood, oil, gasoline, asphalt. In this neighborhood, this is the only thing that makes sense.”

“So what do you wanna do?” she asks him.

“Can you distract whoever is on duty while I get a good look around?” he asks her.

A few moments later, Sarah drives into the junkyard. She gets out of her car and walks up to Jackson, who is working in the garage, “Are you the owner?” she asks.

“What can I do for you?” Jackson says before actually looking up, but his eyes find themselves fixated on Sarah when he looks up.

“You’re the owner?” she asks.

She now has his undivided attention. “I am,” he responds.

Sarah begins to notice the man and puts them together with everything she knows about the suspect in the case. Height, weight. Black hoodie, which Jackson now wears. “I’m from the police department, Special Crimes.” She pulls out her badge. “Sorry to bother you so late, but I heard you’ve been out of town, so I wanted to come by and see if you’d returned.”

Jackson reaches for a rag to wipe off his hands, “Not too long ago. Any luck catching that creep that’s running around?”

Sarah shakes her head, “Not yet. But we’re getting very close.”

As she talks to Jackson, Jake sneaks behind some cars and begins to nose around. He’s confident this junkyard has something to do with this case.

“So, what can I do for you?” Jackson asks. “Did you have more questions?”

Sarah shakes her head, “I was wondering if you did repairs? My car is making a weird noise.”

Jackson notices the boots he wore during the abductions, and as he walks by, he nudges a space heater in front of them, “Sure. Let’s take a look.”

Sarah notices the move but follows Jackson out to her car.

As she pops the hood, Jake is still wandering around the junkyard and starting to feel like he’s run into a dead end. He can’t find anything here that might indicate where those women are being kept.

After a bit, Jackson shakes his head, “I didn’t hear anything wrong. I’m sorry. If the sound comes back, feel free to bring the car back, and I’ll take another look, Detective Gibson.” 

Sarah turns off the car and steps out, and nods, “Well, it’s weird. I heard it as I was passing by and thought I’d stop. I appreciate you taking a look. Do I owe you anything for your time?”

Jackson shakes his head, “Nah. Didn’t find nothing, so really didn’t do anything.”

From the corner of her eye, she sees Jake. He motions for her to wrap it up, and he slips out of the junkyard. Sarah nods, “Thanks again. I’ll get going.”

She drives out of the junkyard and up the street, where she sees Jake sitting in a parking lot. She pulls up next to him, driver side to driver side, and rolls down her window. “Find anything?”

Jake shakes his head, “This whole case is frustrating.”

“I don’t want to remind you, but it isn’t your case anymore, Jake. I came along because of our history, but I can’t keep doing this. If they find out, you’ll be in a lot of trouble. Let us handle it. I promise we’ll find the bastard,” she tells him. She doesn’t wait for him to answer as she rolls up her window and drives out of the parking lot.  She wonders if she should have told him about the boots but decides it was probably best she didn’t. He would have done something stupid. 

As she sits at a stop sign, she thinks for a moment and then turns her car around and heads back to the junkyard.

“It was you, wasn’t it?” Eric asks from his hospital bed.

Tish looks up from her magazine, “What?”

“The bus girl,” Eric says as Tish sets the magazine down and walks over and sits next to him on the bed. “The girl who stopped the bus from going off the bridge.”

Tish looks a little embarrassed as she gives a sigh. 

A much younger Tish is walking along the bridge when she sees the bus coming to the bridge, and it’s out of control. Without even thinking, she grabs the bumper of the bus as he goes by her. Her feet slide along the pavement, leaving skidmarks as she tries to slow the bus down.

Finally, the bus comes to a stop just before running into the mother and her baby. Tish lets go of the bumper and dusts off her hands. She reaches up and covers her head with the hood of her jacket and turns, and starts to walk away from the scene before anyone notices her.

A close up of the bumper shows two sets of impressions left by her fingers as she held on tightly.  She gets around the corner and removes one of her shoes, and holds it up to her face. She sees that the soles of her shoes have been worn all the way through.

She sighs to herself, “Damn. Mom is going to kill me.”

“That was the first time. I never told anyone, even my mom,” she explains to him. “It was the first time I used my power to help someone else.”

Eric nods his head, giving a little chuckle, “I really thought you were a guardian angel sent down from my mother. I can’t believe it was you all this time.”

Tish scoffs, “I’m no guardian angel, that’s for sure.”

“You got that right,” Eric says.


Kal is standing in front of a mirror. 

We can only see the back of his head, but as the camera starts to pan around, we see his left eye is swollen shut, and his left cheek is puffy and red. 

He lets out a huff and turns and stalks out of the bathroom.

As he turns the corner, he sees Tish coming out of Eric’s room, and he quickly ducks behind the corner and waits for her to leave before stepping back out into the hallway.

Kal walks up to Eric’s door and looks inside before opening the door and stepping into the room.

Eric glances up at him, “You know, if you had stabbed her instead of me, I would have killed you already.”

Kal doesn’t answer him.

Eric shakes his head, “I’ve nothing more to say to you, so turn around and leave. I hope I never see you again.”

Kal doesn’t leave, but he asks, “What is your relationship with Tish Weathersphere?”

Eric looks at him, “What?”

“Where did you find her? Someone with her ability.”

“Get out of here!” yells Eric. “Get out now!”

Kal nods his head and slowly turns and walks to the door. He opens it up, takes one look back at Eric, and then steps out of the room and closes the door behind him.

Kal walks down the hall, and Tish is walking towards him. She tries to avoid him, but he calls out to her, “Miss Weathersphere.”

She stops and turns around, “What?”

Kal clears his throat, “I wanted to apologize on behalf of my associate. He acted on his own. It wasn’t my intention for you or Mr. Aames to be fatally injured.”  Kal reaches out a hand to offer a truce, but Tish doesn’t reach for it, so he pulls it back.

Kal nods his head, “You’ll have no further issues with myself or my associates,” he promises her. “We admit defeat.”

Tish nods her head, “I would prefer never to see you again.”

“It would be troublesome for my income and my associates’ income if this is made public,” he tells her.

Tish shrugs, “I don’t like rumors.”

“Then I can count on you to not let this get spread around?” he asks her.

Tish considers his request, “As long as there aren’t any other rumors spread about me, I’ll keep my mouth shut. But, if I hear anything, then I’ll come to find you.”

“I understand,” Kal says. “I’ll be on my way now.”  He starts to walk off but pauses, as if he can’t help himself, “You wouldn’t, by chance, be willing to come work for me?”

Tish starts to raise her first, and Kal flinches, but she changes her mind. “You said you’d be on your way?”

Kal nods and walks by her, disappearing around the corner.

Sarah had fallen asleep outside of the junkyard as she kept an eye on the place. She stretches and then rubs at her eyes, “I should have brought back up,” she mutters to herself when she snaps to attention when she spots Jackson leaving the junkyard by car.

She ducks down, and when he passes, she starts up her car and begins to follow him.

Sarah tries to keep up with him, but he’s swerving in and out of traffic. “Does he know I’m following him?” she asks herself.

Jackson is absolutely aware as he watches her in the rearview, but this is precisely what he wants.  He makes a quick right the wrong way down a one-way street, and as Sarah tries to follow, a car enters the street and blocks her path. 

As Jackson disappears down the street with a grin on his face, Sarah slams her hand against the steering wheel.  She’s going to have to be more careful next time.

Jackson found a parking spot, grabbed a coffee, and he sits in his car. That cop that was following him was the same cop from last night. 

Those lips, they would be perfect on his bride, he thinks to himself as he begins to chuckle.

It’s late in the neighborhood, and in a familiar scene, a young woman is walking home with earbuds, listening to music, so she fails to see Jackson lingering by.

He reaches out and grabs her as she turns the corner.

Rob helps Eric with a robe. It seems that Rob brought a change of clothing from Eric’s place so Eric would feel more comfortable. “When should we schedule Tish’s Development department admission?”

Oh, right. That. Eric sits down now that he’s more comfortable and shakes his head, “Let’s wait until I get discharged.”

“Do you know when you’re getting discharged?” Rob asks.

Just then, Tish walks into the room and looks confused as she sees Rob in his own pajamas and robe, “Um, I’m sure the hospital puts you in a hospital gown for a reason.”

Rob inches away from Tish, “I’ll just be on my way…” he says warily as he backs towards the door.

Tish lifts her hand to wave goodbye, but Rob flinches and hurries out of the room.

“What’s with him?” she asks. She turns back to Eric, “Seriously, this isn’t a hotel. You can’t just wear what you want.”

“I’m not a fan of communal fashion,” Eric tells her. “Look, wearing a hospital gown isn’t gonna make me heal any faster.”

Tish is about to say something when the door opens up, and Jake walks in.  He walks over to the two, acknowledges Eric before turning to Tish, “You have to come to me to the police station.”


“There was another kidnapping last night.”

Eric pipes in, “Don’t go.”

Tish and Jake look at him, so he continues, “Stop involving yourself in that case.”

“I can’t just let a kidnapper continue to run loose,” says Tish.  “I’ll be back,” she says as she reaches for her jacket.

“I don’t want you to get hurt,” Eric says.

Tish stops at the door, turning to look back at him.

“Look, it’s fine that I got hurt. But, I don’t know what I’d do if you got hurt,” Eric tells her. 

Tish thinks about it for a brief moment and almost apologetically tells him, “I’ll be back.”  She opens and walks out of the room.

“Hey!” Eric calls after her, “God damn her…”

Jake looks down at him, “Tish is mine to protect,” he tells Eric and then storms out of the room.

Eric gets up and walks gingerly towards the door, “What did you say, you little punk? Get back here! That’s preposterous!”

Jake hurries to catch up to Tish.

“You saw everything, huh?” Tish asks him without looking at him as she continues to walk forward.

“What?” asks Jake.

“You saw me beat up all those people,” she says.

Jake stops walking, “What about it?”

Tish stops walking as well and looks up at him.

“Isn’t that why you’re his bodyguard?” Jake asks. “Look, there should be at least one thing you’re good at, right? If it’s being able to beat people up for a living, then so be it.”

Tish understands exactly what he means. 

Jake is mustering up the courage to actually talk to her, “Tish…”


“It’s always like this, hm?”

Now she’s confused, “What do you mean?”

“The timing is always off.”

They stand there looking awkwardly at each other until Tish speaks up, “Another woman? He took another woman?”

Jake nods, “We’re pretty sure it’s the same guy as all the others.”

“Is there any evidence at all?”

“That’s why I’m asking you to come with me,” Jake tells her. “I need a favor.”

Tish nods her head with a determined look on her face. 

A few moments later, she’s got headphones on and listening to a recording taken at the junkyard with Jackson.

Tish listens and flashes back to the times she bumped into the man whose voice she recognized. She pulls off the headphones, “It’s him!”

“Are you sure?” asks Jake.

Tish nods her head, “I’m sure!”

The lights have come down at the junkyard, and Sarah waits another hour or so before she slips from her car. She pulls a hood over her head as she slips into the yard and begins to look around.

She walks between a row of stacked cars and follows a trail around another when something catches her eye.

A large container sits with cars piled all around it, so it would be easy to miss the doors. Sarah walks a little closer and pulls one of the container doors open when she’s hit from behind, and she slumps to the ground. 

Jackson stands behind her with a crowbar in hand and a large grin on his face.



Jake Buckingham   SHAWN WARSTEIN
Tish Weathersphere   TERESA DUKE
Eric Aames   TAPP ADDAMS
Sarah Gibson   KATELYN STORM
Jessie   ADI GOLD
Parish Weathersphere  AJ JENKYNX  



Sophie Weathersphere  SIDNEY GREY


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