There’s a lengthy recap leading up to the conclusion of the last episode with Jackson’s capture of Sarah while she was snooping around his junkyard.

The group of men that Tish dismantled are all scattered in the hospital room. Kal is over in a corner looking at his damaged face in a handheld mirror.

Suddenly, one of the men jumps up and screams as he staggers towards Edgar, “I will avenge you!”

Kal screams, “Shut up! Sit down. You have no talent. We are going to have to find a new line of business to get into.”

“My face was my best feature,” he says as he gently touches his finger to the swollen parts of his cheeks. “It was always getting in my way.”

The others look at him like he’s lost his mind.

Jackson is inside his video room. He glances down at the piece of metal that Tish wrapped around him. He reaches into his pocket, pulls out a picture of her, and tapes it to his wall.

“Where is she?” Eric asks as he paces in his hospital room when Assistant Rob enters.

“You wanted to see me?” he asks.

Eric nods his head as he takes a seat on the bed. “Go ahead and transfer Tish to the development department.”

Rob seems confused, “I thought you wanted to wait until you were discharged?”

Smirking, Eric shakes his head, “Obviously, this means I’m being discharged tomorrow.”

Rob gets it now. “I’ll call her and let her know.” He starts to dial Tish when he pauses, “But, what team is she being assigned to?”

Eric looks up at Rob and then cracks a grin. “Transfer her to Ms. Cull’s team.”

Rob narrows his eyes, “Have you asked Ms. Cull?”

Eric seems surprised by the questions, “Isn’t this my company? When do I need permission to reassign an employee.”

Rob nods his head, “Right.” He starts to dial Tish when Eric interjects.

“Don’t tell Tish I’m being discharged tomorrow.”

Rob gives him a questioning look, but he shrugs and completes the call when nothing more follows.

Tish is packing some clothes into an overnight bag when Jessie walks in. “You’re going back to Eric’s?” Jessie asks.

Tish sighs and nods. “Yes, of course. It’s my job.”

Jessie picks up a tube of lotion and puts some on her hand, and begins to rub her hands together. “I’m one hundred percent in agreement with your grandmother. I think you and Eric would look great together.”

“Not you too,” Tish mutters under her breath. “Things are already out of control. I don’t need this added onto it.” She turns to Jessie, “I’ve gotta go. Stay inside. That criminal is still on the loose” As Jessie nods, Tish’s phone begins to ring.  She walks over and picks it up.

“Mr. Rob?” As she listens, suddenly, her demeanor completely changes. “What? Really? I am being transferred?” Jessie gets off the bed, hands over her mouth as she listens to the conversation. “Well, I appreciate the call, Mr. Rob. Goodbye!”

She hangs up the phone and turns to look at Jessie, and the two embrace and jump around the room excitedly.

Eric is sitting in his hospital room, “She should be calling me in about, 5, 4, 3, 2, now!”

His phone rings. He casually picks it up, “Hello?”

Mr. Aames! Thank you so much.”

Eric grins, “A promise is meant to be kept after all.”

I worked really hard. I promise to give it my all! What are you doing?”

“What am I doing? I’m waiting for you,” he tells her.

Okay. I’ll be right there. But, if I have to prepare for my first day at work, I’ll have to come home early in the morning and then go to work. Seems like a lot of extra driving around for me.”

Eric already knows where this conversation is going, and he doesn’t seem happy about it.

Perhaps it would be better for me to just rest at home tonight and come to work tomorrow. Jessie tells me it’s better to be rested on my first official day of work at the new department. But, if you insist, I’ll be right over.”

Jessie starts to protest, but Tish waves her off.

I’ll just be tired for work tomorrow.”

It’s okay.” This was not the thank you that Eric had expected. “Just stay at home and rest.”

Oh, I couldn’t do that,” Tish says, “I’ll head over right now.”

“No. No. Stay home and be rested for tomorrow.”

Tish grins on her end of the phone. Gotchu.

“I don’t know what all you have to prepare for, but you go right ahead. What is the worst that could happen? My side could burst open, and I bleed all over the floor.” Eric makes a lot of pained sounds as Tish’s grin slowly fades into an unhappy face. “Do what you want. I’m hanging up.”

Mr. Aames!” It’sEric’s turn to grin. “Yes?”

You have my respect,” she says with a grin and hangs up the phone as Eric’s face falls.

Eric holds the phone to his ear as he lets out a breath with a look that says he can’t believe what just happened.  He pulls the phone away from his head and looks at the screen, seeing he was hung up on.

The following morning, Tish walks intoEric’s office. She’s startled when she sees him there.

“You got discharged already? Shouldn’t you still be in the hospital?” she asks him.

Eric considers her words and then responds with a lie, “I didn’t exactly get discharged. I broke out.”


“Never mind,” he tells her, quickly changing the subject. “Congratulations on joining the development team.

Tish gets all dreamy at the opportunity. She smiles at him, “Thank you.”

“Oh, right,” Eric says, walking over to his desk and picking up her new badge and handing it over to her.

She takes the badge and looks at it for a long time with a big grin on her face before putting the lanyard around her neck. “Thank you. So, which team do I get to join?”

Again, changing the subject, Eric tells her. “Work hard, or I’ll fire you.”

“I will! I will work hard! Where is my office?”

Eric points and Tish’s face falls in disappointment.

Eric has handcrafted a sign from construction paper, forming an arrow that points to her desk in his office. The arrow says, “Development Team.” Not reading the room, Eric gives her applause.

“I should have known,” she says under her breath. “It was too good to be true.”

Eric ignores it and continues, “I’m telling you that the development team has the most intelligent and outstanding employees within our entire company. If you join the department, they won’t think you earned it. So, your development team internship starts here.”

Tish seems distraught, “I won’t have co-workers, supervisors. I’ll eat alone. I’ll work alone. I’ll do everything alone. It was supposed to be a team.”

“That’s not true. You’ll have a senior manager,” Eric tells her.

Tish’s eyes light up. “Really?”

Erin nods his head, “Of course! He’s the smartest senior manager in our company!”

“You could have led with that.”

Eric ignores her again, “Just wait here. I’ll go get him.” Eric claps his hands. “Come in!” he yells.

Tish turns excitedly towards the door, waiting with anticipation.

Eric slowly walks towards the door, looking at it.

“Where is he?” asks Tish.

Eric turns around and faces her. “It’s me!”

Tish is neither impressed nor happy.

“Shall we introduce ourselves?” he asks her. He extends his hand, “I’m Eric Aames, the senior manager of the “Waiting to make it to the Development Department” Department.

She mutters, “I’m Tish Weather—”

Eric interrupts. “I know who you are. Let’s start the morning meeting.” He walks over and sits down on the couch.

Confused, Tish asks, “How can two people in a department have a meeting? Isn’t it more of a conversation than a meeting?”

“You know? You’re right. Let’s have a conversation!” He gets up and walks over, and hits a button on his phone.

Tish is confused for a moment, then Assistant Rob opens the door. “You called for me?”

Eric pats the couch, “Have a seat. We’re about to start the meeting.”


Distraught, Tish plops herself on another couch and just whines.

Down the hall, we see someone walking towards Eric’s office. All we see are her heels, walking with a purpose.

She walks up to the door and knocks with authority.

Inside the office, Rob is startled at the knock and says, “Come in.”

The door dramatically opens, and in walks Juanita Cull. Her hair blows back as she steps into the room. Tish can almost feel the power coming off the woman as she steps into the room and can’t help but rise to her feet.

Who is she?” she thinks to herself.

Juanita walks up to Eric and hands him a folder, “The data you requested for tomorrow’s meeting.”

Eric takes the folder and nods, “Thanks.” He begins to look through it while Tish is staring at Juanita. Juanita notices and gives her a “what the fuck” look before turning her attention back to Eric.

“Did the team leads check the graphics concept plan?” he asks her.

As if offended that he had to ask, “Of course,” Juanita scoffs as she looks again at Tish, who starts to feel very small around the woman. She’s not even sure why this woman is making her feel weak when she has the strength of a dozen men. Tish immediately looks away from the woman.

“Thanks. That’s all,” Eric tells her.

Juanita gives Tish another look before waving to the other two and heads out of the office.

As the door closes, Tish stammers as she asks, “Who was that woman?”

Rob takes a seat again, “She’s the leader of Development Team One. Her name is Juanita Cull.”

Tish looks back at the door as Eric sets the folder down. “Let’s do this meeting.”

Rob’s phone rings and he takes a look, “Oh, I need to take this call.” He gets up and walks out of the office.

Eric looks at Tish and snaps his fingers at her, and she turns from the door, looking at him and sitting back down.

“What kind of game are we going to develop?” he asks her.

Confused, she asks, Don’t we need to wait for Mr. Rob?”

Eric shakes his head, “If you leave without asking, you can’t come back.”

“What kind of crazy rule is that?” she asks.

Eric shrugs, “It’s a standard rule in most companies.”


“Let’s talk about the game you want to make.”

A few minutes later, Tish walks out of the office when she hears ‘tsk, tsk,’ which startles her, and she spins around to see Juanita standing around the corner. “Hey,” Juanita says. “Where are you going?”

Tish is immediately intimidated by the woman. “I was going to the bathroom.”

“Well, hold it.”

Tish blinks. “Okay…”

Juanita walks up to her, “Let’s have a chat, shall we?” Juanita chews her gum and walks by Tish and down the hall, expecting her to follow.

Tish stands there for a moment and then follows after the woman.

As they walk into the break room, Juanita removes the gum from her mouth and sets it on the counter.  Tish walks in but stops at the doorway, and Juanita stops walking and lets out a heavy sigh. “Close the damn door.”

This snaps Tish out of it, and she steps in and closes the door behind her.

As soon as the door closes, Juanita spins around and takes a couple of steps towards Tish, and stops, “You’re a rude little bitch, aren’t you?” Tish’s eyes go wide.

Juanita snaps her fingers, “Come closer to me.”

“Oh,” Tish responds as she takes a couple steps towards Juanita.

“Stop. Stand there.”

Tish stops walking and folds her hands in front of her.

Juanita lets the silence linger a moment before asking, “Just who the hell are you to be close to Mr. Aames? You’re not a secretary. I know them all. Do you think you’re special?”

Taken back, Tish can only ask, “What?” She then shakes her head, “I don’t think I’m special. He told me I had to do an internship before I go to the Development department.”

Juanita laughs out loud and begins to fan herself with her hand, “I’m at a loss for words.” She turns away from Tish and begins to laugh, “Internship, my ass.” She fans herself some more. “Hey.”

“Yes?” Tish starts to look even more uncomfortable than she had before.

Juanita turns around and begins to scream at her, “Answer me!”

Tish is startled, “What? What?”

Juanita begins to knock things off the counter and onto the floor as she screams out loud. She finally turns and points her finger at Tish, “I heard a rumor that you were the shadowy power behind Mr. Aames. That doesn’t mean shit to me, young lady.”

Tish’s mouth opens wide. “It’s nothing like that!” she tries to explain.

Aghast, Juanita looks at Tish, “How dare you talk back to me. What a rude child you are.” She steps towards Tish, causing Tish to take a few steps back. It almost looks like Juanita will slap Tish a few times, but she holds herself back.

As she calms herself, Juanita finally says, “Listen very carefully to what I’m about to say to you, missy. If you want to succeed in this company, in the developmental department, you need to be on my good side. Do you know why?”

Tish just waits.

“Because nothing passes through the development department unless I say so, that’s why! So, a word of advice. Don’t act out.”

All Tish can say to this overbearing woman is, “Okay….”

Juanita clears her throat, composes herself, and walks to the door, throwing it open and leaving the room.

Tish finally sighs, “What the hell was that?”

Then the door flies open again, and Juanita points at her. “And say the hell away from Mr. Aames.”  Juanita doesn’t wait for an answer but reaches over, picks up the gum she set on the counter, puts it back in her mouth, and walks out.

“She’s crazy,” Tish says under her breath as the door closes.

Jackson carries the body of Sarah Gibson down into his underground prison. She tries to fight him, and he throws her onto the bed. She’s blindfolded, and her hands are tied. He releases her gag. She immediately rolls onto the floor and tries to crawl away as best that she can with her hands tied.

“You shouldn’t have been snooping around on my property!” he yells at her.

She turns around onto her back and kicks him, almost in his groin.

He pauses, glares at her, reaches for a pipe, and hits her in the head with it, and everything goes black for Sarah as the other captives begin to weep out loud.

“This is the prototype plan.”

A folder is dropped on the table.

“This is the graphics concept plan.” It’s the voice of Juanita as she drops a second folder onto the table.

A third folder is dropped, “The graphics resource plan.” she turns to Eric, who is sitting on his couch. Across from him, Tish is sitting, and Rob is standing off to the side.

“All of these reports are awful. Denied. I refuse to approve such shoddy work. Read them and find out why and resubmit when they’re correct,” the overbearing woman says, turning to Tish.

“Okay,” is all she says.

Juanita turns to Eric, “Mr. Aames. May I borrow your intern? I feel like a few moments of mentoring will assist her in correcting the error of her ways.”

Rob tries to stop him, but Eric nods his head. “Certainly.”

Tish cringes as she gets to her feet and follows Juanita out of the office. When they are gone, Rob turns to Eric. “Why did you do that? She’s known to bully the new recruits.”

Eric just grins. “I want to see who really wins between the two.”

Juanita’s desk in her office is comically large, probably as large as her own ego. Tish walks into the office with a cup of coffee and places it in front of the woman. Juanita looks up at her, “One sugar, right? Not that fake stuff.”

Tish nods her head. “Just one sugar.”

Juanita picks up the cup as she smacks her gum and looks up at Tish, “You didn’t spit in here, did you?”

“I’d never do that.”

Juanita eyes her once more before bringing the cup to her lips. She carefully maneuvers the gum from her mouth to the edge of the cup and then spins it around and slowly takes a drink.

As Tish watches, Juanita spits it back into the cup. “My God, who taught you how to make a cup of coffee? I like my coffee sweet!”

“But you said only one spoonful of sugar,” protests Tish.

“So, now you’re talking back to me? Tablespoon! Not teaspoon!”

Tish is trying not to get angry. She closes her eyes for a moment then offers, “I’ll bring you a new coffee.”

“Forget the coffee,” snaps Juanita. She beckons her closer, “Come here.”

Tish pauses for a moment, not really wanted to get closer to the psycho woman, but she leans forward.

“Did you get a nose job?”

“No. I didn’t.”

“Don’t lie to me.”

“I’m not lying.”

Juanita shakes her head, “You’re not Mr. Aames’s type.”

Tish is starting to get angry, “Ms. Cull, this has nothing to do with my job here at Aamesoft.”

Juanita leaps to her feet and raises her hand as if to strike, “How’d you like a beating? How dare you tell me what I can or cannot talk about!” She finally scoffs, “It’d be too easy to beat you up. A little thing like you.”

Juanita pushes Tish by the forehead, “You’ve got that tiny little face.”

“Did you just put your hand on me?” asks Tish.

Juanita just smirks at her, “Of course I did. Just what are you doing to do about it?” She reaches for the cup of coffee and gives it a push. It slides to the front of the desk and falls to the floor. “Go clean that up.”

“I’m going back to my office,” Tish tells her and starts to leave.

Juanita laughs. “You’ll be back. Don’t you worry?” She plops down in her chair behind the desk as Tish walks around to the front of it, looking as if she’s going to pick up the spilled cup. When she pauses, Juanita asks, “What are you waiting for? Pick it up.”

Muttering under her breath, Tish leans down and grabs the cup. “That little…” she starts to say but then gets a better idea. She places her hands on the edge of the table and begins to push it towards Juanita.

As soon as the table reaches Juanita and begins to push her back against the wall, Juanita starts to shriek. “What’s happening?”

Tish pushes the heavy desk until it traps Juanita against the window behind her.

“What’s going on?!?” shrieks Juanita. “Tish! Tish! Tish!”

Tish finally stands up, looking innocent. She places the coffee cup in front of Juanita, who is still panicking, “Here’s your cup, ma’am.” She turns and walks out of the room, leaving Juanita trapped behind her desk, screaming.

“Save me! Somebody save me!”

Jake comes barging into the precinct and begins to look around.

The chief asks, “What are you looking for?”

“I don’t know. Somehow, the culprit is always one step ahead of us. I feel like he’s watching us somehow.” Jake walks over to the chief, “Remember how he came in here to give us some information? I think he may have hidden a microphone,” then, something comes to mind. “Or a camera.”

He starts to look a bit higher around the room.

The chief is starting to see what Jake’s saying. “Everyone look. Find it.”

The other officers begin to scour the office.

“Where would I put something if I wanted to see everything?” Jake asks out loud, but mostly to himself. “Where is a spot where I could see…” suddenly, he stops, and his eyes focus on the television. He slowly walks over to it.

There it is.

Jackson is amused as he watches the camera feed go out.

“You finally found it, you dumb bastards. Now they know I’m the guy. The game has finally begun.”

Jake is heading back into the office when several officers are rushing out. “What’s going on?”

The chief walks up behind him, “Sarah Gibson is missing.”

“Have they tried tracking her phone?” Jake asks, the look of panic spreading across his face.”

The chief nods, “According to the GPS, she’s halfway across the country.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.” Jake is trying to think of something, anything. Then it hits him, “She has a smartwatch. We can try and track it!”

It took seven people, plus Assistant Rob, to move the desk away from the window to free Juanita from her Tish-imposed prison. She immediately flies into Rob’s arm and hugs him, “I was scared for my life!”

Rob, feeling a bit uncomfortable, pats her on the back. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just forget it even happened.”

She pushes him away, “You’ll never know what it’s like if you haven’t experienced it.” She begins to cry again, “You know nothing!”

Rob grabs her by the wrist and snaps her to attention, “What about me? What do you know about me? You don’t know what I’ve been through!” he says loudly to her. “How dare you judge me! You have no idea what that woman put me through!”

He begins to cry now, and Juanita’s expression begins to soften.

“What you went through is incomparable to what I went through!” he says to her.

They both cry together.

Rob continues, “Do you know what it’s like to not be able to wear skinny jeans anymore?” He begins to tug at his pants, “I have to wear baggy pants now because of her!”

Juanita is shocked as she cries, “I had no idea. I’m so sorry,” she tells him.

Rob starts to walk away, and Juanita cries after him, “Where are you going?”

Rob grabs his backside and limps out of her office.

“This is what I hate about men! They say what they want and just leave!” Juanita yells after him.

Parish walks into the precinct as Jake is working on the computer, trying to get a trace on Sarah. He spots Parish and waves him over.

“You’re here about Sarah?” Jake asks.

Parish nods. “I haven’t heard from her. Is everything okay?”

Jake shakes his head, “She’s considered missing. When was the last time you heard from her.”

Parish reaches for his phone and looks at his call log, “It’s been a couple of days. I have been working in the ER this week. She was looking into the kidnapping case.”

That causes Jake to stop, “Wait, she told you that?”

“Yes. She wanted to go look at a few things. She said she had a lead.”

Jake’s mind is racing quickly now.

The junkyard.

Jake’s car screeches to a halt inside the junkyard as he barely turns the car off and leaps from the vehicle. He runs towards the main office and up the steps and barges inside, where Jackson is sitting, looking at his laptop.

He’d already seen the detective storm onto his property, so he gets to his feet just in time for Jake to connect with a fist to the face, knocking the suspect to the ground.

“Where is she?!” Jake demands.

Jackson grins up at Jake, “I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Jake reaches down, yanks Jackson up to his feet by his jacket, and throws him across the office. Jackson takes it all in stride as he turns to look up at the office, “You’re trespassing.” A small trickle of blood is coming from the corner of Jackson’s mouth.

Jake starts when a couple of other officers from his precinct storm into the office and grab Jake.

“Let me go! He has Sarah!” he screams as Jackson just looks up at him with a creepy grin.

“If he comes back here, I’m pressing charges,” Jackson says as he watches them drag the detective from his office.

The chief slams a newspaper on his desk, “Are you trying to get us all fired?” he yells at Jake.


“Don’t you ‘chief’ me!” yells the Chief. “You are benched! If you so much as look up the address to that junkyard in the phone book, I’ll have you fired! You are damned lucky he isn’t pressing charges!”

“He’s the guy! He has Sarah!”

The chief shakes his head, “You have no proof. You want to help, find me proof, but don’t you dare go near that junkyard.”

Another officer runs in, “We got a call about the smartwatch!”

Jake rushes over, “Did they find Sarah?”

The officer shakes his head, “It was dropped in someone’s luggage at the airport on a plane heading to Kansas.”

Jake places his hands on his head, “Goddammit!”

Moments later, the chief is on the phone with law enforcement in Kansas, “Thanks for tracking it down. We appreciate it.”  He hangs up the phone. “The elderly couple that had the watch had no clue it was even in their luggage. This lead is dead. We need something else.”

Jake is beside himself.

The chief rises from his seat, “I’m done! Everyone, mount up! We’re going to search that junkyard from top to bottom!”

No one moves as they watch him jump around angrily.

“I’m going to nail this son of a bitch! That bastard isn’t going to kidnap another woman in my district! I’m going to nail his damn coffin closed! What are you all standing around for?”

The commission walks in, “Just where are you going?”

The chief immediately calms down, “Oh, it’s you, sir. We are about to head out.”

“Don’t you think you have disgraced this department enough on this case? I told you that this case was transferred to Special Crimes.” He turns to the others in the room, “If anyone leaves, you’ll lose your jobs. I will fire all of you. Leave, if you feel it’s what you must do, but you’ll do it as civilians.”

Jake is the first one to walk out of the door.

“Where are you going?” asks the commissioner.

Next, the chief is followed by the rest of the squad as they empty out their squad room.

The commissioner turns to the doorway and yells, “How dare you!”

A phone call from Jake and Tish is running down the street towards the junkyard.

The entire squad is at the junkyard with flashlights as they search the property in the dark.  No one seems close to finding where the women are hidden.

Tish runs onto the property and is stopped by Jake. “Did you find her? Sarah?” she asks him.

“We’re doing our jobs. Just, we might need your help. As soon as we know something, we will let you know. Just wait while we look.”

Tears begin to roll down Tish’s face, “If he’s so much as touched a hair on her head, I’ll tear him limb from limb!” She brushes past him and runs into the junkyard shouting Sarah’s name.

The chief notices one of the workers welding something and walks over, “Excuse me.” He shows him a picture of Sarah, “Have you seen this woman?”

The man turns off the welder and stands up, and looks at the photo. He shakes his head.

“You’ve never seen her before?”

Without speaking, the man just shakes his head.

Meanwhile, Tish is running through the rows of stacked junked cars, screaming for Sarah. Something causes her to stop.

“This is the smell.”

She turns and sees the chief asking the man who’s gone back to his welding, “Where did he hide all of them, women?!”

Another officer responds, “There’s no space here to hide the women.”

The chief shakes his head, “Do you think it would be obvious?”

Tish isn’t hanging around. She runs deeper into the vast space of the junkyard.

She pauses and looks around. She sees the solitary conex with cars all around it.

“Tish!” Jake yells after her. “We should head back. We’ve looked everywhere, and it’s dangerous here with him running around.”

Jake walks her towards the entrance of the junkyard, and Tish is beside herself. “What does he want with all of these women? Why Sarah?”

“That bastard is playing a game with us. He hid a camera in the squad room.”

Tish returns to her home and walks into her room, and sits down at her desk. As she does, something doesn’t seem right.

She yells out, “Jessie?”

She gets up and starts looking around and sees a note on her nightstand.


Feeling well enough to go home. Mom got me a ticket, so I’m going to the airport. I know you’re busy with work, so I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye.


Again, something doesn’t seem right with all of this. Tish hears her phone chime, and she picks it up and sees a message from Jessie.  She opens up her phone and finds a video.

It’s Jessie, but it looks like she’s in prison. There’s a bruise on her cheek, and she’s been crying.

Tish. I’m doing okay.

Tish covers her mouth with her hand, “Oh my god. Jessie!”

Suddenly, Jessie shakes her head and screams, “No matter what he says, don’t come here!

On the video, a hand reaches out and slaps Jessie across the face.

Tish begins to bawl.

The man with the mask comes onto the screen, “You want to save your friend, right? Don’t call the police. If you call the police, I’ll kill her.”

Jessie is weeping, “Don’t come. Don’t come.”

The man snatches her up, “Shut your mouth!”

He hugs Jessie to his side as he looks back at the camera, “Come find us on your own, or she will die.”

As the man begins to laugh at her through the camera, Tish becomes hysterical.

And then she runs out.

Eric answers his door to a frantic, sobbing Tish. Before he can say anything, she says to him, “Please help me.”



Jake Buckingham   SHAWN WARSTEIN
Tish Weathersphere   TERESA DUKE
Eric Aames   TAPP ADDAMS
Sarah Gibson   KATELYN STORM
Jessie   ADI GOLD
Parish Weathersphere  AJ JENKYNX
Juanita Cull  GLORIA LOPEZ


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