Tish runs into Eric’s home and takes hold of his arms, “Please help me. Sarah is still missing, and now they’ve taken Jessie. You’ve got to help me find them!”

Eric seems confused for a moment.

“You can find anyone, right?” asks Tish, tears streaming down her face.

“Jessie’s been taken?” asks Eric.

“Yes! Please. He said he’d kill her if I report this to the police. The only thing I need you to do is find him. I’ll take care of the rest.”

“If I do find them, what are you doing to do?” he asks.

She ignores the question, “His name is Jackson. He runs a junkyard. I was just there, and he’s not there. I couldn’t find Sarah. I couldn’t find Jessie.” Tish is trying to choke back the sobs.

Eric nods, “I’ll find them, but you have to take me with you when I do.”

“If something happens to her….”

He grabs her by the cheeks and lifts her gaze, “Look at me.” She keeps sobbing, so he yells, “Tish! We will find them. Don’t worry. He’s a collector. He won’t kill them. He would never do that. Okay? Don’t cry.”

Tish leans into him and just cries her heart out.

Jake is back at the precinct, talking to the chief.

“He was collecting a certain type of woman. They all had the same shape and build. Something happened to make him change that. We didn’t know he was listening, so when we focused on his original type, he changed it up on us.” Jake lays it all out for the chief, who drinks his coffee and nods his head.

“Right. Right.”

Jake continues, “Then Tish….”

“Who?” asks the chief.

Jake shakes his head, “What I mean is, he ran into some type of trouble. Because of that, he changed his pattern. His type. Now, there’s no type.”

The chief shakes his head, “I disagree. There’s still a type. We know that Gibson was looking into this case since I transferred over to Special Crimes. Suppose he found out she was looking into the case. He’d want to stop her. But where does Jessie come in?”

Jake knows the chief makes sense. He also knows the reason for Jessie’s capture.

The fly in the ointment.


“She is someway connected to this. What we don’t know is what his underlying motive is for these kidnappings,” Jake says. “You’re right. He just changed his type. Anyone who becomes a problem for him could be next.”

The chief nods, “And we have no idea who that might be.”

Tish is sitting on the couch, crying. Eric walks over to her and places something around her neck.

“Wear this at all times until all of this crazy shit is over with. Will you do that for me?” he asks her.

She reaches for the key-shaped pendant attached to the thin chain around her neck. She nods her head.

“I’m going to have someone drive you home. Sleep. Tomorrow, we’ll do whatever it takes to find this bastard.”

Without saying anything, Tish nods her head.

He doesn’t tell her that he will be up all night trying to find this freak.

Tish walks into her bedroom and closes the door behind her. She solemnly heads over and looks at the empty bed. Up until recently, Jessie had been there waiting for her when she came home.

As a tear trickles down her face, she turns around and sits on the edge of the bed.

Underneath the junkyard, Sarah lies awake on her bed inside her cell. She’s slept mostly when he’s around. When he’s not, she’s trying to figure out a way out of here.

She saw poor Jessie drug into here and has come to realize they’re here for bait. What that asshole wants is Tish.

She can hear Jessie and the other crying.

She’s gotta find a way out of here and get help.

“His name is Jackson Trask,” Jake reads from the record they’ve acquired finally. “Tries to enlist but was denied entry due to a poor psychological review. He was responsible for the death of a man when he set fire to a house when he was 15, sent to juvenile hall, and released when he was 18.”

The chief nods his head, “So, we have a grade A whackjob….”

One of the other officers interrupts the chief, “I don’t think you can call them “whackjobs” anymore.”

The chief turns to him, “You have a better word?”


“So, we have a whackjob. What else do we know?”

Jake speaks up, “His employee told us he flew to Illinois for some auto parts, but there’s no public or private airline that has a record of any flights made with his name on it.”

Chief nods, “Whackjob and a liar. So, the question is did he lie to his employee, or did the employee lie to us?”

“They got to be in on it together.”

Chief turns back to Jake, “You have proof?”

Jake shakes his head, “Just a hunch.”

The chief laughs. “Hunches won’t get us an arrest warrant.”

“I want to go check out the junkyard again,” Jake says.

The chief shakes his head, “We were all there last night and found nothing.

Jake shakes his head right back, “Something not right there. I have a….”

“Hunch?” finishes the chief. “Forget it. Head over and just keep an eye on him. Don’t do anything.”

Tish’s alarm goes off. She didn’t even get into her bed last night but fell asleep kneeling against it. She snaps awake and turns off the alarm. She slowly rises up to her feet and then rubs her face with her hands. She was hoping when she woke up this morning, the entire thing would be a dream, but it’s not.

It’s deadly real.

Eric also fell asleep in a very unconventional way as his head is on his desk, and he is startled away by his phone alarm.

He stretches back in his chair with a yawn. He takes a drink of his cold coffee and goes back to his computers, looking for this asshole who’s disrupted his life.

Tish has showered and changed clothes. She walks over and sits at her dresser. She can’t even look at herself in the mirror as she tries to hold it all together, but it threatens to spill out again.

She looks over at her phone and, with a shaking hand, reaches for it.

She replays the video that was sent to her again.

As she does, her eyes go wide, and something flashes in her brain.

With renewed interest, she rewinds it and holds the speaker of her phone up to her ear again.

Her eyes go even wider as she rewinds it again and listens.

She gets up and rushes out of her room.

Eric has continued his search from his office after a shower and a change of clothing.

There’s a knock on his door, and Rob walks in, “I have the notes for your meeting…” he says, pausing when he sees Tish isn’t at her desk. “Miss Weathersphere didn’t come to work today?”

Eyes focused on his work, Eric responds, “I told her to report directly to the development team today.”

“Should I try calling her?” Rob asks but Eric all but ignores him as he continues with his work. 

Rob has no clue what’s going on.

Tish is running down the road when her phone alerts her again. She stops running to read the text from Assistant Rob:

Don’t forget you have to present your game idea at 10 A.M. to the development team.”

Her game is the last thing she’s worried about at the moment. She starts running again and runs into the junkyard.

Everyone has gathered for the meeting as Eric walks in. Rob greets him, “She hasn’t arrived yet.”

Eric is already getting a bad feeling about this. “I’m sorry,” he announces, “We’ll reschedule this presentation. You can return to your offices.” He turns and walks out.

Tish runs into the junkyard and begins to look around.

Tish was listening to her cell phone in her room, replaying the video sent to her. In the background of the video, she could hear dogs barking, and then she recalled when she was there the night before, dogs were barking, and the sound was too similar to discount.

She sees Jackson’s sole employee doing some welding and walks over to him. When he sees her, he turns off the flame and stands up. “Still looking for your friend?” he asks her.

“Where is Jackson?” she asks.

The man shakes his head, “He’s not here. He’s not there.”

Angrily, she snaps, “Where the fuck is he?”

The man shrugs, “I don’t know. Maybe he’s with your friend?”

That wasn’t the answer she wanted to hear as she turns and begins to walk deeper into the junkyard and calling Jessie’s name. Two cars are parked nose to nose in her way, and she easily pushes one of them out of the way, kicks the other out of her way, and flips a third car over onto its top.

Jackson is watching her do these feats of strength on the video screen as he slowly rises from his chair.

“How can she do that?” he asks out loud.

Inside the jail cell, Sarah is the first to hear Tish’s yelling.  She slowly rises to her feet, “Jessie! Jessie!” she screams.

The only sound she hears is a groan.

“Tish is here!” Sarah yells out. “We’re down here!” she begins to yell back.

Tish no longer cares what others might think as she begins to flip cars out of her way instead of going around them. “Sarah! Jessie!”

Jackson begins to get nervous as he watches Tish flipping, pushing, rolling, and just manhandling cars. “What is happening right now?” he asks himself.

Tish flips over another car and pushes a second. When she spots a door to the container moving back and forth. She starts towards it. She peeks inside and yells, “Jessie?”

When there’s no answer, she walks inside.

Eric sits heavily down in his chair and rubs at his eyes. It’s been a rough couple of days. He sighs just before his computer beeps an alert.

“100% Complete” flashes on the screen.

A blueprint appears on the screen, and that blueprint shows an underground bunker just underneath the junkyard. He immediately dials his phone.

The number you have dialed is not available at this time. If you’d like to leave a voicemail, wait until the sound of the beep.”

 He hangs up and pulls up an app on his phone. Whatever it is he’s tracking comes up on a map.

“Current location: Junkyard.”

“Shit,” he says and leaps to his feet.

Tish has gone deeper into the container, and it’s gotten darker. She finds a door on the other side and slowly pushes it over, and she sees some stairs that lead down.

She carefully begins to take the stairs down.

Jackson is one step ahead of her as he is already down there. After seeing what Tish can do, he’s not taking any chances. He knows exactly who she’s coming for.

Sarah rises to her feet and walks to the cell door, trying to figure out what’s going on.

Jackson opens up Jessie’s cell.

“You leave her alone!” yells Sarah.

Jessie opens her eyes and starts to sit up, wondering what’s going on.

He grabs her.

Tish is walking down a long corridor. The lights above barely put out any light and the light it does put out is a greenish color. Once in a while, a light will flicker off, making the hallway darker. She glances around, not knowing what to expect now that she’s down here.

She may be strong, but that doesn’t make this any less scary. However, damned if she isn’t going to try and rescue her friends.

“Jessie! Sarah!” she yells.

Jackson carries Jessie over his shoulder and out into the junkyard through another exit.

Tish’s mouth opens when she steps into Jackson’s lair. “What is this?” She takes the stairs down when she hears Sarah, “Over here!”

Tish hurries down and up to Sarah’s cell door. “Can you find a key,” Sarah asks.

Tish grabs the bars of the door, “Just step back. This could be dangerous.”

As Sarah moves back, Tish pulls the door right off the cell and tosses it aside. Sarah steps out, “I have no idea how you did that, but I’m not asking any questions. Can you help me get the others?”

One by one, Tish just pulls the doors right off the hinges and tosses them aside.

Tish turns to Sarah, “Get everyone outside, okay?”

Sarah nods and begins to lead the others out.

Jackson lays an unconscious Jessie on a car hood and picks up his phone.

“Blow it up,” he tells the person on the other end.  When there’s pushback, he yells, “I said to blow it all up! Just do it!”

He turns to Jessie, “Your friend will die today. Then it’ll be your turn.”

Tish begins looking in the rest of the cells, “Jessie! Jessie!”

She pulls off the remaining cell doors, but there’s no Jessie.

The junkyard employee reaches for the big tank and begins to spin the dial, releasing the gas.

He grabs some gas canisters and starts to dump the gas onto the cars, leading the gas towards the underground bunker.

Sarah exits the lair and immediately smells the gas. “Hurry! Don’t step in the gas,” she says as she looks down as sees the liquid everywhere.

As the ladies hurry away from the gas, Sarah turns her attention to the man with the lighter. He sees her and gets nervous, and it takes a few flicks, but the lighter finally lights, and he drops the lighter just as Sarah tackles him to the ground.

Everything goes boom!

The explosion knocks Tish off the stairs and back into the lair as she screams and lands hard.

Flaming debris begins to fall down into the lair, and she turns as a large flaming beam falls towards her.

Jake is driving towards the junkyard, though he was specifically told not to. As he rounds the corner, he sees the smoke rising up from within the walls of the junkyard.

“What’s that?”

He steps on the gas.

Sarah gives the man a punch right in the face, incapacitating him momentarily. She looks at the fire and screams out, “Tish!”

An overturned car is moving, and after a few moments, we see that Tish is pushing it out of the way. Sarah rushes over, and the two embrace. “Where’s Jessie?”

Sarah shakes her head, “Right before everything happened, he came and took her. He didn’t leave through the stairs, though. He went another way.”

“There’s another way out?” asks Tish.

Sarah nods.

The man is starting to wake. He gets to his feet and starts to run off when Jake grabs him, swings him face-first onto a car, and slaps some handcuffs on him. “You have the right to remain silent,” he tells the man and continues to Mirandize the man.

The other three girls are huddling up, crying as sirens begin to be heard in the background.

As Sarah walks towards Jake, Tish is still looking around for Jessie.

Soon the junkyard is filled with ambulances taking away the hostages. Sarah is being treated, but she refuses to get into an ambulance, “I’m a goddamned cop. I’m not going anywhere,” she says.

Tish watches from a distance and then pulls her hood up over her head and sneaks out of the area, not wanting to get all caught up in all of this. She’s got her own agenda.

Eric pulls up to the curb outside of the junkyard and sees Tish leaving.

She looks up and sees him, pausing her stride momentarily as he unfastens his seatbelt and steps out of the car.

He walks around to the passenger side and opens up the door, and waits.

It takes Tish a moment, but she finally decides to get into the car, and Eric closes the door when she gets in.

He walks around, silently climbs back into the driver’s seat, buckles his belt, and drives off.

Still at the junkyard, Sarah walks up to Jake. “Something you want to tell me about Tish?”

It doesn’t take Jake long to figure out what she’s talking about. “I only recently found out. How’d you find out?”

“Well, when someone comes in and rips cell doors right off the hinges, it tends to be something you notice,” she responds. “You really didn’t know?”

Jake shakes his head, “Like I said, I only just found out, and I’ve known her since grade school.”

“Shit,” Sarah says. “Being able to do something like that would have come in handy.”

More seriously, Jake asks, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’ve got a knot on the back of my head from where that asshole hit me from behind, but otherwise, I’m fine.”

The chief walks up, “Where’s Tish Weathersphere? I have questions.”

Jake seems surprised by the question and looks around, “She was here….”

“Find her.”

“Didn’t I say that I’d help you? I asked you to wait until I find something out,” Eric says with a hint of anger in his voice. He has pulled over to the side of the road, a good distance from the junkyard.

Tish shows a bit of remorse when she nods her head, “I’m sorry.”

“You rescued the hostages?” asks Eric.

For someone who rescued four lives, Tish doesn’t seem very proud of herself at the moment and doesn’t respond. She keeps her gaze down, unable to even look Eric in the face.

“And Jessie?” he asks.

Tish just shakes her head as tears begin to fall again.

Eric turns away from her, sighing heavily as he scratches his head in frustration. When he turns back to face her, he can see her crying silently, and that frustration fades away to compassion.

The Special Crimes forensics team is in the lair, snapping photos when the chief and Sarah come down the stairs, “What the hell is going on here? We were at this crime scene first! Pack up your shit and get out of our scene.”

The Special Crimes team leader, “The commissioner sent us down to work with you on this. You have a beef? Take it up with him.”

Jake peeks his head over the side, “Come up here, quick!”

Everyone scurries up the stairs. They enter a room where Jake has found Jackson’s video room. He has at least 12 monitors, covering all aspects of the junkyard.

“What is this?” asks the chief.

“He’s got everything covered. It’s why he knew everything going on,” Jake says.

Sarah shakes her head, “We’re dealing with an absolute crazy fuck.”

Jake’s attention is drawn to a photo which he reaches for and pulls it off the wall.

Tish Weathersphere.

By evening, the news of what happened at the junkyard was the top story on every newscast, newspaper, and news website.

The next morning, Tish is sitting across from Jake. He’s playing the video she received.

He sets the phone down, anger in his mannerisms. After a stewing silent moment, he looks at Tish, “You should have told me. How could you have gone there by yourself?”

Sternly, she looks at him, “This is between him and me.”

“What are you saying? Between you and him?” Jake asks, “What does that even mean?”

“I have to do this on my own,” Tish tells him.

Jake shakes his head, “You need to stay out of this. We’re going to catch him.”

Tish isn’t having it. “He sent that video to me. He wants a showdown with me. You can’t tell me to stay out of this. I’m the one he wants.”

“That’s even more of a reason to stay the hell out of this, Tish! Goddamn.”

She stares into his eyes, “Try and stop me. If you continue to get involved or involve any other members of the police, he says he’d kill her.”

Jake takes a moment to try and calm this conversation down, “Listen. The police are already involved.”

“I’m asking you to back off,” Tish says. “As far as anyone knows, all the hostages have been rescued. Do not mention Jessie to the rest of the police. I’m begging you, Jake.” The anger has been replaced by pleading.


“He said he’d kill her if the police get involved….”

Jake stands up, walks over, grabs a napkin from the counter, and returns to sit down, handing it over to Tish. “I’ll keep the fact that Jessie is missing from the others. But, Jackson is already a wanted fugitive. I can’t stop that.”

“Thank you,” says Tish. “Please try and keep it a secret that I saved those hostages.”

Jake nods, “I will. Sarah will too. Let’s go.”

As the two stand up and walk out of the diner, they run into Eric, who was just coming inside.

Jake looks at Eric and turns to Tish, “I’ll get going.”


Jake walks out, leaving Tish with Eric.

Eric leads Tish into an empty office, dragging her by the hand.

She finally pulls her hand away, “What are you doing?” she asks.

“What exactly do I mean to you? I know I’m not a priority for you, and I know that this isn’t the best time. I know I’m not perfect, but I know that I have feelings for you.”

Tish already had a feeling, but she doesn’t answer him, so he continues to speak.

“I know I can’t or shouldn’t try and stop you when you’re heading right into a trap. What more haven’t you told me?”

Tish looks at him, “I told you this from the start. I am different.”

Eric yells, “I know you are different!” Then with a calmer tone, “I know it all too well. But I’m about to go insane. I can’t help but worry. The thought of you going out there alone to face that maniac scares the shit out of me.”

Tish shakes her head, “You don’t trust me? Then why did you bother to train me at all? You hired me to protect you. You know that something dangerous could happen.”

“I didn’t know THIS would happen!”

The two stare silently at each other for a moment, then Eric says, “I didn’t know I would fall in love with you.”

Tish clenches her fist.

“We can’t do this.”

Confused, Eric looks at her, “What?”

Tish has to muster up determination in her response, “I can’t afford to love anyone right now. I can’t afford to have people I care about in my life. Look what has happened. So, just let me continue to live my life as a monster. Continue to live your comfortable life. We are not suited for each other.”

She turns to walk away when he grabs her by the wrist, “What did you just say to me?”

“This is over,” she tells him. She snatches her hand from his grasp and stalks off.

“Tish!” he yells as she walks off.  She continues to walk around the corner when he hells her name again, “Tish!”  She’s around the corner, so he doesn’t see her stop.

All I’ve ever wanted was to live my life as a normal person, but I see that’s not possible,” she thinks to herself.

Eric leans against the window and thinks, “I can’t lose you, Tish Weathersphere.

Tish hasn’t moved as she turns her head back, “If you stay in my life, by my side, you’ll be in danger.” As a tear rolls down her cheek, she leaves the room.

“Are you telling me that Ms. Avenger is that strong? That everything those scumbag gang members said in here that day was true?”

The chief has interviewed all of the hostages, and they all spoke of a woman who ripped the cell doors right off the hinges. He brought Sarah in to ask her some questions.

Sarah was hoping to avoid this interview as she didn’t want to get Tish in any trouble, but the hostages have taken this out of her hands. She just silently says, “Yes. It’s true.”

Confused, the chief just shakes his head, “God damn. How can this be true? She’s such a tiny thing! I thought they were all suffering some sort of Stockholm Syndrome something or other, but you’re telling me it’s true? Those hostage statements remind me of all those children’s statements from the bus. It sounds ludicrous. The hostages said she tore those doors right off the cell and threw it away like it was nothing. Why would I believe such a tall tale? You’re telling me it’s all true?”

Sarah just nods her head.

Jake opens the door to the office, “Sir,” he starts but sees Sarah there looking guilty. “What did you tell him.”

Sarah looks up at Jake, “He already knew. The hostages made their statements. He also knows about the bus incident.”

“Wait,” the chief says as he points to Jake, “You know she could do this? Close the damn door.”

Jake comes in and lets the door close. “I only recently found out. When the incident happened with the bus, I didn’t know. I found out after. But, chief, we can’t tell anyone.”

The chief just looks at him, “Well, no shit. You think people will believe me if I tell this story? I’ll be out of the force in record time. I don’t have a choice in the matter.”

“The thing is, chief, the suspect knows about her super strength,” Jake tells him.

The chief’s eyes go wide, “What?”

“He saw her on those monitors as she was on her way to rescue the hostages,” he tells his boss. “Also, when he attempted to kidnap Jessie, Tish beat the crap out of him. Tish told us he ran away when she screamed, but the truth is Tish thwarted the kidnap attempt.”

“I knew it was something like that!”

“That’s not the worst part,” Jake says. “Jackson kidnapped Jessie and sent a video to Tish.”

“What? Why am I only now hearing about this?”

“Sir, Tish requested that this be kept out of the press,” Jake explains. “The kidnapper is already provoking her and has threatened to kill Jessie.”

The chief just scratches the back of his head and says, “Shit. Fine. Nothing leaves this room. Not a word.”

“If you can recall anything about your time with him, it might help find the last hostage,” Jake tells one of the hostages. In fact, she was the first woman taken. The woman is still obviously in shock as she stares straight ahead as she lies on her hospital bed.

Without looking at the officer, the woman mumbles, “I’m not really sure….”

Jake nods his head. He had a feeling the women would be way too traumatized to be of help to the investigation. He starts to rise to his feet when she speaks again.

“There was one thing. Whenever he would leave the secret room, I could hear the sound of a music box.”

Jake stops and turns to look at her, “A music box?”


“Where did that woman go?” asks one of the victims.

Parish is sitting next to her hospital bed while another of the officers is taking her statement. Parish is treating her injuries while she makes her statement.

The officer seems confused, “Pardon?”

“The woman who rescued us.” This gets Parish’s attention. “After she rescued us, she just disappeared. It was like she was an angel.”

Still confused, the officer asks, “A woman?”

The woman nods her head, and Parish just acts like he doesn’t know anything, but this sounds all too familiar as he continues his work.

Jackson’s employee is sitting in an interrogation room, and the chief doesn’t seem very happy with him, “What you’re telling me is that you just followed orders? You only did what you were told?”

The chief holds up a baggie filled with syringes, “If you didn’t do what he said, he wouldn’t give you the drugs?”

The man is obviously not all there as all he says, over and over, is “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

“Hey!” the chief slaps his hand on the desk, causing the man to be startled. “Where is Jackson? Where is your boss? Where did he go after leaving the junkyard?”

The man just starts to laugh, “You will never catch him.”

“Stop wasting my time. My blood sugar is falling. Just answer my damn question!”

The man begins to bob his leg up and down. “I don’t know. I don’t know,” he says as he continues to laugh.

“Stop laughing, goddammit!”

Jake and Sarah are shown watching from behind the mirror.

An elderly man walks up to a table in the park. Two men play chess, and the elderly man skillfully pockets one of the chess players’ cell phones. He backs away from the table and heads across the street towards a pickup.

The window rolls down, and we see Jackson wearing sunglasses. The old man hands off the phone and gets a hundred dollars in return.

It doesn’t matter what Tish tries to do at work, her mind will not focus on anything but finding Jessie. She has no leads. No clues. No nothing.

Her phone lights up with a call from an unknown caller. She reaches for it and answers it, putting it to her ear.

You must be very strong,” the male voice on the other end says. “How did you escape the explosion?” Tish gets up and rushes out of the office, and heads into the break room.

“Where is Jessie? Is she safe?” she asks the man.

I guess you’ll have to find that out for yourself.”

Tish isn’t buying into his mind games, “Unless you’re a coward, face me. Stop taking it out on innocent people. Let her go, and I’ll come to you.”

Jackson laughs into the phone. “If I release your friend, will you marry me?”

“You bet,” Tish responds. “Just tell me where. Let’s do it right now.”

Let’s do it tonight,” Jackson suggests. “I’ll text you the location. Make sure you look pretty for me.” Jackson laughs again as he hangs up the phone.

Tish lowers the phone, “Don’t you worry about that,” she mutters under her breath.

The trio of the chief, Jake, and Sarah, are watching the employee through the mirror as the chief shakes his head, “That ass got this poor son of a bitch to do his bidding and all the while, keeping him all shot up with drugs.”

Jake sets down a slip of paper, “The drugs were traced back to a Mexican drug cartel.”

“Jackson kept him drugged and controlled him like a puppet,” Sarah says.

The chief finally looks at them, “Get me a warrant for the rest of Jackson. I have a feeling he’s going to be on the move tonight.”

They both say  “Roger,” and slip out of the room.

Tish walks into Eric’s office. He’s not there. She approaches his desk, pulls off a sticky note, jots down something and sticks it to a folder on his desk, and then walks out of the office.

Wherever Jessie is, she’s in a very dark place. There is so little light that all we can really see of her is a sliver of her face. But, we can hear her sobbing as she sits there in the dark while outside of the cabin. Jackson has gotten himself comfortable as he sits in a chair on the porch.

He can hear her crying inside, so he gets up and walks in. When the cabin door is open, light fills the room, and we see that Jessie is tied to a chair and gagged. She’s filthy dirty. 

Jackson walks over and kneels down in front of her. “You can shut your mouth, or I can shut it for you.”

Jessie’s eyes go wide as she tries to go silent.

Tish has gotten onto public transportation. She sits quietly on the bus, but her mind is going a hundred miles an hour.

Don’t worry, Jessie. Whatever happens, I’ll make sure to rescue you. Just stay alive until then.”

Eric walks into his office and glances over at Tish’s empty desk. He sighs and shakes his head, and walks over to his desk, taking a seat.

He glances down and sees the note that Tish left and grabs it.

I’m sorry. I’m taking the rest of the day off.”

Pained by the note, Eric leans back in his chair and worries.

Tish is sitting alone in her bedroom when an alert sounds on her phone. She quickly pulls up the text.

Come to the construction site on 217th Street. Don’t forget to look pretty.

Tish pulls up the news site to get a really good look at this guy’s face and then reaches back, pulls her hood up, and leaves her house.

Eric is pacing at his house, hoping to hear from Tish, when an alert happens on his computer.  He jumps up and rushes over to see that Tish is on the move, leaving her house.

He grabs his phone and rushes out of his house.

Jake’s phone rings, and when he looks and sees it’s from Eric, her smirks and considers whether or not to answer it. He decides to pick up.

I think something has happened to Tish.”

Jake’s demeanor changes, “What?”

I need you to come with me,” Eric says. “You’re the only police officer I trust.

“Where is she now?” asks Jake.

“Jessie!” Tish yells out as she approaches the construction site.

Jackson’s voice comes over a loudspeaker, “So you came alone. No need to rush. I’ll be there shortly.” He laughs into the microphone.

Tish looks around, trying to see if she can find him. She runs around some stacked bags of cement when she spots Jessie tied up. But Jessie is placed underneath an elevator and is coming down towards her.

“Jessie!” Tish screams and runs towards her friend.

Better hurry and save your friend,” Jackson taunts her from a safe distance.

Tish runs over and gets underneath the elevator, and as it comes down, she raises her hands to stop it from crushing them.

Jackson’s laughter continues to come across the loudspeakers.

Tish finally gives a shove, and the elevator breaks away from the guide and flies across, and the masked man is ejected from it, and he lands on the pavement hard.

Tish removes the gag from Jessie and asks, “Are you alright?”

Jessie can only sob and cling to Tish.

Tish lifts her up and carries her out of the elevator shaft, and when Jessie can finally speak, she says, “That man….”

“What?” asks Tish.

“That man isn’t the real culprit!”

Tish can’t believe it. “Wait here,” she says, and she runs over to the man lying on the ground. She removes the mask and sees the man’s mouth is taped shut and bleeding from his head. “Mister! Mister!” she screams at him as she shakes him, but he’s unresponsive.

Suddenly, Jessie’s scream is heard, and Tish looks up to see Jackson has her again and holding a knife to her throat. “Tish, don’t come over here,” yells Jessie.

Tish stands up and immediately becomes disoriented. She feels weird, weak. She falls to the ground. Black smoke begins to form around her body.

Back at her house, a cupboard begins to light up. Inside, the family record begins to glow, and then the light goes out as similar black smoke appears around the book.

Tish stays there on the ground, unsure of what’s happening. She is completely confused as she tries to get to her feet but stumbles and falls back to the ground.

Jessie yells again, “Don’t come here.”

Jackson has heard enough, and he punches Jessie right in the face, knocking her out as she falls to the ground. He turns to Tish, “Go ahead. Beat me up like last time and save your friend.” He reaches down and picks up a heavy pipe.

Tish can finally make it to her feet, and she starts towards Jackson, who just laughs at her.

This was Jackson’s plan all the time. When he was pretending to be Jessie on her cell phone, Tish inadvertently gave away her secret. If she injures an innocent person, she will lose her powers.

After watching how she reacted, he knows now that she’s lost all her power. As she approaches, he holds out the pipe to her. “Go ahead. Take it like last time.”

She grabs it, but she can’t budge it at all.

He mocks her, “What’s wrong? Lose all your strength?”

He grabs her by the throat and begins to choke her, “You’re no fun anymore.”

Tish tries to escape his grasp, but her breath doesn’t come, and she finds herself fading out.

“Put her down!”

Eric runs onto the scene. “If you so much as harm her, I’ll fucking kill you.”

Jackson pushes Tish to the ground and runs at Eric, raising that pipe. Eric dodges the swing, grabs Jackson by the wrist, and flips him over onto his back.

Jackson is up quickly and kicks Eric, sending him down to the concrete.

The two battle back and forth, fairly even in fighting skill. Until Eric grabs him by the arm and armbars him. Jackson throws some dirt in Eric’s eyes and tries to run for his car, but a gunshot rings out, and Jackson stops.

Jake points the gun at Jackson, “Give me a damn reason.”

Eric brushes at his eyes and looks over at Tish, who hasn’t moved since being pushes to the ground. He scrambles over to her and holds her lifeless form in his arms, shaking her, trying to wake her up.

When she doesn’t respond, he cries out towards the sky, “No!”



Tish Weathersphere   TERESA DUKE
Jake Buckingham   SHAWN WARSTEIN
Eric Aames   TAPP ADDAMS
Sarah Gibson   KATELYN STORM
Jessie   ADI GOLD
Parish Weathersphere  AJ JENKYNX
Juanita Cull  GLORIA LOPEZ


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