Jackson hops into his car and tries to start it up, but it won’t start.

Eric looks over at the fallen Tish and rushes over and pulls her into his arms. She embraces him and lets out a soft moan, and then slowly, her hand drops to the ground.

“Tish! Tish!” Eric says as he clings tighter.

Meanwhile, Jake has his weapon pointed at Jackson, who has finally gotten his car started and is considering whether or not to take a chance and drive off and risk getting shot.

Jackson puts the car into gear and revs the engine. As he’s about to let out the clutch, Jake fires. The bullet goes through the windshield and into Jackson’s shoulder. As he releases the clutch, his car darts towards Jake, who rolls to the side to avoid being hit, and Jackson drives off.

Jake spins around and kneels, firing off two shots at the vehicle as it drives off. Jake rushes over to his car and gets in to give chase.

Blood is running down Jackson’s arm as he flees the crime scene, and Jake is slowly gaining.

Jackson grimaces in pain as he tries to turn a sharp corner with Jake right on his tail. Jake inches closer, putting the pressure on but has to pull back as he sees Jackson swerve to avoid an oncoming car.

Jackson’s car crashes through the guardrail and goes over the side of the bank and down into the river below.

Jake pulls his car over, hops out of his car, and rushes over to the bank to see the last of the car, sink into the water.  He pulls out his flashlight and shines the light down into the dark ravine but sees no sign of Jackson as the camera pans back and fades to black.

Emergency personnel has arrived at the factory, and Jessie is being loaded into the back of an ambulance.

Meanwhile, at the crash site, patrol officers are searching the area for any sign of Jackson just to be certain he hadn’t jumped out of the car before it went into the water.

Jake watches as a crane pulls the car slowly out of the river. The driver’s door is open, and no one is in the driver’s seat.

“Goddammit!” yells the chief, “Where’s the body? Keep dragging the water until you find the body!” He turns and sees Jake staring out at the water, “Jake! Why do you look so glum? The case is closed. It’s over. You stopped the man from kidnapping any more women!”

As the chief turns to direct the officers in the search, Jake isn’t too sure that this case is over.  His phone chimes, and he sees a text from Eric, “I’m taking Tish.”

Parish walks into the house, where he finds grandma Sophie pacing in the living room. She sees him and says, “Finally off work?”

Parish nods, “Yeah. It’s been a long day. Why are you still up?”

Sophie shakes her head, “Tish went out some time ago. I feel as if something isn’t right. Something has happened.”

Parish places a hand on his grandmother’s shoulder, “Tish is very capable. I’m sure she’s fine.” He starts to head to his room, but Sophie can’t shake the feeling deep in her gut.

Eric has placed Tish on his couch and covered her with a blanket. He isn’t sure what’s going on with her or why she’s out like this, but he’ll sit with her until she wakes up. At least he knows she’s isn’t dead.

He walks over and picks up her phone, and finds the contact he’s looking for. When Sophie answers, she immediately begins to lecture Tish, “Do you know how worried I’ve been….”

“It’s Eric, ma’am.”

That makes things even worse for Sophie, “Why are you calling me with Tish’s phone?”

“I apologize for not calling sooner. Tish is with me. She’s sound asleep,” Eric tells her.

“Did something happen?”

Eric isn’t sure how much he should get into it, “Yes, but she’s safe now. I can try and wake her if you want to talk to her.”

“No. Let her sleep. If she’s with you, I know she’s in good hands,” Sophie tells him.

Parish is standing in the hallway, overhearing the phone conversation. He walks by and into the kitchen, grabs two beers, walks over, and sits down next to his grandmother.

“I take it you found out where Tish is?” he says to her, handing her one of the beers.

“She’s with Eric,” Sophie says as she pops open the beer.

Parish opens his beer, “Is there something going on between them?”

“One can only hope,” says Sophie as she takes a drink. “And what about you and Sarah?”

Parish shrugs, “I haven’t seen her since she’s been rescued. She has been busy with the case and trying to find Jessie.”

That thought just makes Sophie stew, “If I ever get my hands on that asshole, I’d crush him into mush.”

“Grandma. That’s gross,” Parish says.

The following morning, Eric wakes up in his chair a little stiff, but he immediately notices that Tish is not on the couch.

“Tish?” he calls out and gets off the chair, and heads upstairs.

Upstairs, Tish is sitting at the kitchen counter and in front of her is an apple and a glass. As if she were dreading the moment, she slowly picks up the apple and holds it over the glass, and begins to squeeze.

She struggles, pauses, and tries again, but she cannot squish the apple.

Eric walks in and stops, seeing her struggle with the apple. He walks towards her, and she sees him setting down the apple. “You’re awake?”

“I’m just glad you’re awake. Any word from Jessie?”

Tish nods, “She’s being treated at the hospital and then will go home after.”

Eric nods his head, “Good.” He hesitates before starting to ask, “Did you…?” He’s not even sure how to ask her if she’s lost her power. Finally, he just says, “You never listen to me. I told you not to go there alone, didn’t I?”

Tish nods, “I’m sorry. I’d like you to take me home now.”

Eric nods and walks around her, picking up the apple and slicing it up. He turns on his juicer and drops the apple slices into it as the fruit is turned into juice. Tish watches him do what she couldn’t with her bare hands. When the juicing is complete, he hands the glass to her, “An apple a day, isn’t that what you said?”

She looks down into the glass before reluctantly drinking it down.

Jake is sitting at his desk, trying to figure out exactly how to write up the report from the incident the night before. He types and erases and types and erases and then just stops when the chief walks into the room, “Any news on the body? Has it surfaced?”

Someone responds, “Haven’t heard anything, but I’ll call Sarah.”

The chief walks over to Jake, “Is that report finished?”

“I’m still working on it,” Jake explains.

“Speaking of which, I spoke to Jessie, and she said that Eric Aames showed up and rescued her. Something seems off about that, don’t you think?” Now that the chief knows the truth about Tish, he’s been skeptical of that report.

Jake nods, “I’ll take care of that.”

Sarah is at the site of the accident, overseeing them as they drag the ravine. Her phone rings, and she picks it up. “Gibson. No. Nothing yet. I’ll let you know.”

As she hangs up, she is starting to get a bad feeling about this.

Jessie is escorted into the Weathersphere home. Sophie is there to greet her, “You poor thing. You come inside, and we’ll get you nice and comfortable and make sure you’re taken care of.”

The two embrace and cry. Parish stands off, allowing the women to have their moment.

“You’re okay now. It must have been so scary,” Sophie continues to embrace Jessie.

A few minutes later, Jessie is sitting on the couch with Sophie right at her side. Parish brings her a glass of water.

“Your mother told me what happened. Why didn’t she tell me?” Sophie asks.

Jessie shakes her head, “He threatened her, he threatened Tish. If they told anyone, he said he would kill me.”

Parish interjects, “You really should be at the hospital.”

Jessie looks up at him and shakes her head, “I just want to go home.”

Outside, Eric pulls up to Tish’s house. He turns to her, “Take the day. Do what you need to do, and don’t worry about work.”

Tish nods her head and slides out of the car.  As he drives off, she watches him leave and then rushes into the house.

She bursts into her bedroom and immediately starts to bawl, which causes Jessie to bawl as the two embrace each other. After a long moment of hugging and crying, Tish pulls back, “You must have been so scared.”

Jessie chokes out, “I’m stronger than you think I am.”

Tish nods in agreement, “I know you are.” They hug again and continues to cry until Jessie pulls back.

“Are you okay?” she asks.

Tish nods her head, “I’m okay.”

Jessie isn’t so sure, “What happened at the site? What about your powers?”

Tish hasn’t said this to anyone, not out loud. Not even to herself.

“Jessie, I lost my power.”

Jessie’s eyes go wide, “What?”

“It’s what I wanted, right? To be normal?” Tish says to her. “But, it feels so strange to be without them.”

Jessie nods, “What do we do?”

Tish just shakes her head, “There’s nothing to be done. I’ll be okay. As long as you are okay, I’m okay.”

The two embrace again. This time it’s Tish who pulls back, “You should rest.”

Jessie shakes her head, “I’m going home. My mother has been so worried.”

“Next time, I’ll come to visit you,” Tish tells her. It’ll be a very long time before Jessie comes to visit, she’s certain.

“Thank you for coming for me, Tish,” Jessie says as the two hug each other again.

A squad car is outside to escort Jessie home. One more hug between friends and Jessie gets into the car, and it drives off.

When Tish walks back inside, Sophie is waiting. “Let’s talk.”

They are seated across from each other at the table, “It’s okay that you lost your powers, Tish. Do you know what your mother did first when she lost her power?”

Tish shakes her head.

“She lifted weights. She started light and then slowly progressed to heavier ones. She wasn’t going to let the loss of her power keep her down. She also pretended to be okay. That’s what you must do. Get back to living your life just like everyone else.”

What her grandmother was saying made sense to Tish, and she nodded her head. She takes in a deep breath, “I’ll do that. Thank you.”

Sophie reaches for Tish’s hands, “I know you’ve had it rough since your parents have passed, but I promise to take care of you from this moment forward.” Tish seems surprised. Sophie asks, “Do you know why I’ve always tried to take care of your brother more than you?”

Tish shakes her head, still very touched by her grandmother’s words.

“Because the females in our family inherit powers, the men were always so weak. Now that you no longer have your powers, I’ll be sure to take care of you too.”

“Grandma,” Tish says softly as the two embrace.

Meanwhile, around the corner, Parish is listening with a smile.

The next morning, Tish is at the bus station, ready to go to work. When the bus pulls up, someone rushes past her, knocking her to the ground. She pushes herself up and thinks to herself.

I’m not special anymore. From now on, I have to live my life like an ordinary person. I can’t out late at night by myself anymore. I can’t protect the ones I love. I can’t help others the way I used to. Tish Weathersphere is now an ordinary person.”

At the hospital, Parish is starting the long process of removing all of Edgar’s bandages.

The other hoodlums are also getting discharged, “Boss,” they say to him as he’s face down on the hospital bed. “We’re going to head out. You sure you’re okay?”

Edgar waves his hand, “Go, go,” he manages to mutter despite all his missing teeth. As the bandages start to come off, Edgar mutters under his breath, “Tish Weathersphere.”

Juanita is complaining to Rob about Tish when Tish walks out of Eric’s office, and Juanita squeals, having been startled. But then she immediately grabs Tish by the wrist and drags her down the hall, “Come with me.”

“I need ten boxes of printer paper,” Juanita snaps at the young woman. “Bring them right away.”

Tish is about to protest when she knows it’ll do no good. “I will.” She starts to walk out of the office when Juanita yells, “Why are you walking? Run! Run!” This throws Tish into a run as she rushes out of the office and leans against the wall. Juanita steps out of the office, sees her, and yells, “Run!” scaring Tish into a full-on run down the hall.

Juanita has experienced Tish’s power first hand, so when Eric walks down the hall, she rushes up to him, “Sir! I have something very surprising to show you.” She waves for him to follow and then stops and points at Rob and yells, “You too!”

Rob and Eric exchange glances, having no clue what this is about.

Juanita is still beckoning them to follow as she turns into the storage room. She points into the room, “Look at that.”

The two men look into the room, seeing Tish struggling to load boxes of paper onto a dolly. When Juanita finally sees, she looks at the two men and then back at Tish, “No way. What’s wrong with her?” She walks into the room and raises a hand to Tish, “Stop being coy.”

Rob finally walks in, “What’s wrong with you?” he asks Juanita. “This isn’t her job.” He walks over and picks up a couple of boxes as Eric walks in, grabs Tish by the hand, and leads her out of the room.

 Eric leads her outside, and they take a seat on a bench, “I told you to rest at home. Why are you here?” he asks her.

“Jessie went home. As much as I wanted to get a job here, I should at least work,” she explains.

Eric nods his head, “Jessie will be fine. That asshole is dead. It’s time to go back to acting like normal people.”

Tish nods, “I am normal people now.”

Eric realized how that came across, “I know. I didn’t mean it like that.” He leans over, asking, “Are you okay?”

“Can I tell you how I really feel?”

Eric nods.

She offers a weak smile, “I’m not okay. But, my grandmother said I’d get better soon.”

Eric kneels down, “All that matters is that you’re happy.”

Down but not out, Jackson has somehow survived the crash. He stumbles down a sidewalk, ducking between houses to avoid being seen. His picture has been plastered all over the media. Of course, they’ve assumed he’s dead, which can help, but he has to get out of town and regroup.

He’s able to wrap his shoulder up as he finds a vacant home above the ridgeline. He showered and found some clothes, and sitting on the porch, he opens a tablet he swiped along the way, and he closes in on a picture of Eric.

Later on, he begins to change his look. First cutting his hair.

“I heard. I talked to Jessie. She told me what happened,” Jake explains to Tish. He had called to tell her he was in the building and he wanted to see her.

“All the matters is that she’s alright. I’ll be alright too. You don’t need to worry,” Tish tells him.

Jake nods, “Well, I just wanted you to know if you needed to talk, just let me know.”

Jackson has cut his hair very short and put on a pair of glasses as he walks into the Aamessoft building. He walks up to the receptionist, “My name is David Johnson, and I am a reporter for the Gazette. I would like to know if Mr. Aames is available for a follow-up interview.”

“Let me check,” she tells him as she gets on the phone. Jackson was no idiot. He pulled up a recent interview by the actual David Johnson, so the name would check out. Seems Eric loves to talk up the company to the press as often as possible.

The receptionist hangs up the phone, “You can go up.” She hands him a visitor’s pass.

Bingo. Jackson accepts the pass and heads towards the row of elevators.

Having finished his conversation with Tish, Jake is just leaving the building when the two walk by each other.

Jake takes two steps, pauses, turns, and says, “Jackson Trask?”

Jackson turns to look at Jake and then rushes to take a swing, but Jake grabs him and flips him over onto his back.

The elevator opens up, and a young woman steps out, and Jackson grabs her. She screams as he takes hold of her badge and holds it against her neck as he slowly backs into the elevator.

Jake pauses, knowing the bastard will cut her neck if he tries anything and all he can do is watch the elevator door close.

Frustrated, Jake tries to call Eric.

Eric is in a board meeting when the words “Jackass Cop” appear on his phone. He immediately silences the call and continues to listen to the presenter.

When the elevator doors open, Jackson shoves the woman out as she sprawls across the floor, and he punches the button to close the elevator doors.

Eric’s phone lights up again, and he looks at it before sighing and answering it, excusing himself and walking out of the room. “Hello?” he says as he walks into the hallway.

Jackson Trask is in the building right now. Shut down all the exits!

Eric doesn’t look displeased with this information as he hangs up the phone and immediately makes another call.

“Shut down all the exits. No one can leave this building. Do it now!” he snaps as he begins to walk with a purpose.

Jake isn’t waiting for another elevator as he begins to climb the stairs.

Jackson gets off on one of the floors and walks into a room, and looks out one of the windows to the building across the street.

Jake rushes into one of the bathrooms, begins to look around, and then rushes out when he finds no one there.

Eric walks into the security room, where a guard is watching all the cameras.

“Show me the entrance a few moments ago,” he tells the guard. The guard rewinds the feed, and Eric verifies, “Jackson Trask,” muttering the name under his breath. “He’s alive.”

He picks up his phone and calls, “I need your help.”

When he finishes his call, he turns to the guard, “Make sure she is allowed in and no one else.”

Eric rushes out of the room.

Jake is going floor by floor, using the stairs, and then checking all of the rooms on the floor.

The building alarm begins to go off, startling Tish as she jumps in her seat and then places a hand over her heart. Then a female voice is heard over the loud system, “We have currently closed all the exits and turned on the safety alarms.

At this announcement, Tish’s eyes go wide.

Please report to the security team if you see anyone suspicious. Please make sure to stay safely inside the building.

Eric gets into an elevator and repeatedly punches the button until the door finally closes. He picks up his phone and dials.

Meanwhile, Jackson is in the stairwell, going up. A few floors down, Jake is trying to catch up, but he’s at least four floors below him. He picks up the pace.

Jackson looks over the rail when he hears the footsteps below him and picks up the pace.

When Eric bursts into his office, Rob and Tish are there.

“Are you okay?” he asks her first thing.

Tish nods her head, “Yes. What’s going on? It can’t be….”

“It’s that asshole. He survived somehow, and he’s in the building,” Eric says as he places a hand on her shoulder. A look of worry immediately crosses Tish’s face. If she only had her powers.

Suddenly a voice comes over the loud system. Laughter. Everyone looks up as Jackson’s voice is heard throughout the building.

Eric Aames. You call yourself a gamer, do you? Let’s play my game, shall we? If you can’t catch me in 15 minutes, I’m going to blow up this entire building.”

We see images of everyone in different offices inside the building looking up and beginning to panic.

Jake stops running and listens. Then under his breath, he says, “The studio.” And he begins to sprint.

Back in Eric’s office, Tish brings her hand up to cover her mouth as Jackson’s laughter continues to echo throughout the building.

Jake gets off the elevator and runs as the laughter continues.

Eric turns to Rob, “Under no circumstances are you to leave Tish alone, do you understand?”

Rob nods his head, “Yes, sir.”

Tish grabs Eric by the hand, “Be careful.”

Eric nods, “Don’t worry. Stay safe.” He gives her hand a squeeze and then runs out of the office.

As he runs into the hallway, he sets the timer on his watch and runs off.

Jake bursts into the studio to find two females tied up, but Jackson is nowhere to be found.

As they squeal through their taped mouths, Jake rushes over to untie them. Before he can finish, Eric bursts in, “Shit,” he says as he helps as well.

Eric turns on the microphone, “This is a real threat. Save whatever you’re working on to the server and evacuate. Security, if they don’t have an Aamessoft badge, detain anyone trying to leave.”

We see employees all over the building getting out of their chairs and moving towards the exit. The only one going against the traffic is Jackson, who moves deeper into the building.

Jake looks at Eric, “What’s your plan?”

Eric looks at Jake, “I’m going to catch that bastard. He came into my home, my house.”

As if just thinking about it, Jake asks, “Where is Tish?”

“My office.”

Jake starts to take off when Eric stops him and hands him something. Jake looks at it for a moment, confused, and then places the piece into his ear and then runs off.

We see the back of a woman as she’s let into the building by security and escorted to the elevator. As she turns around, we see that it’s Feather. She pushes a button, and the elevator doors close.

Rob is escorting Tish out of the office, “We better take the stairs instead of the elevator,” he suggests as he tries to find the safest way to get Tish out of the building after Eric’s order to evacuate.

Jackson runs up behind Rob and clocks him in the back of the head, sending him to the ground.  As Tish turns around, he places a cloth over her mouth, and she immediately fades.

He hoists her up over his shoulder and carries her off, leaving Rob lying on the ground.

Feather walks into the security room, “Move,” she tells the guard, who immediately relinquishes his seat. She sets her briefcase on the tabletop and pulls out her laptop, which she plugs into the security system.  She looks at the guard, “Shut down all the power to the building.”


“I know my brother gave you specific instructions to do as I ask, so shut off the goddamned power to this building.”

The guard immediately goes to comply.

Across the street, the workers have gathered, and they all gasp when the power goes out in the building.

Inside, Eric stops running, “Looks like my sister has arrived.”

Jake stops running momentarily as the power goes out.

Jackson stops walking as the power goes out.

He has a look of confusion on his face as if this wasn’t something he expected. “Shit.” He reaches into his pocket with Tish still over his shoulder and pulls out a pocket flashlight, and begins to shine it as he continues walking.

As Feather sits in front of the console, the emergency power kicks in as the screens light up. She begins to type on her computer. “Where are you, you son of a bitch?”

She places an earbud into her ear and asks, “Can you hear me?”

Eric walks through the building. He has an advantage over Jackson in that he knows this building inside and out. “I hear you.”

Jake is still looking as well. “I can hear you.”

Eric asks, “Any luck finding him?”

Feather continues to type as she looks up at the monitors, “Not yet. You’ve got more building that you have camera angles. Don’t worry, I’ll find him.”

Jackson has made his way back into the stairwell and heading up as he grabs the rail to help him carry Tish up the stairs.

He bursts onto the roof and drops Tish down onto a chair. Her eyes flutter open as she is still feeling the effects of the drug. Jackson pulls a chain out of a bag and begins to fasten her to a large pipe that runs air into the building.

He looks at his watch.

Eric also looks at his watch and sees there are 6:42 seconds left. “Fuck!” he screams and starts to run again when Feather’s voice comes over his earpiece. “The roof. He’s on the roof.

“Get out of the building, Feather. You’ve got six minutes. Then make that other call.”

Whatever you do, just hurry, Eric.”

Feather doesn’t bother grabbing her stuff. The guard had left right after turning off the power. She immediately runs for the nearest stairs.

Jackson has wrapped the chain multiple times around Tish and the pipe. She struggles, trying to get free, “Go ahead. Break it. Break it like you bent that bar last time. You were able to throw cars with ease, but you can’t break these chains?” he taunts her knowing full well that she’s lost her power.

Tish begins to cry as she tries to free herself, but Jackson has had enough, and with a punch to the face, he knocks her out.

Jake runs into the hallway and finds Rob on the ground, “Rob! Wake up! Eric, Rob is down in the hallway. I think that freak has Tish.”

“Get Rob out of the building. I know where Tish is.”

Jake helps Rob up to his feet, and they move towards the exit.

Jackson talks to the unconscious Tish as he fastens the bomb to her, “You said you’d marry me, but you broke your promise. This is what happens when you break your promise.”

With a 5:00 timer, he turns it on.

He leans down face to face with her, “You die.”  He walks out the door to the AC room on the roof and secured the door with a chain and a padlock.

He starts towards the exit but ducks to the side when he sees Eric come through the door. “Tish!” Eric doesn’t see Jackson, and he walks right on by.

Jackson slips into the stairwell.

Jake hands Rob off to a guard at the exit and runs back into the building.

Eric comes across the chained door and tries to remove the chain with no luck. He begins to pound on the door, “Tish! Tish!”

Tish slowly comes to, the pounding on the door and the beeping of the bomb bringing her back to her sense. She looks down and sees 3:44 on the timer and then hears Eric at the door.

There’s a bomb,” she sobs as she tries to get him out of there. “You need to get away from here! It’s going to blow up in three minutes!”

On the other side of the door, Eric presses his ear against it and tells her, “I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here.” He tries to kick the door as he hears Tish crying on just the other side of it, but it doesn’t budge. He tries to ram his shoulder against it, but nothing moves.

Just leave!” he hears her cry out. “Please! Just leave!”

He grabs the chain and tries to pull it, but his hands slip, and he falls backward.

I’m telling you there’s a bomb! It’s going to explode! Don’t come in here!

Eric tries again, several times to ram the door open with his shoulder.

Jackson has made his way outside of the building and hides among the others watching from across the street. His eyes are wide in anticipation as he waits for that explosion to happen.

Exhausted, Eric collapses. His hands are bloody from pulling at the chain, and he’s certain that he’s dislocated his shoulder. He leans against the door. He can still hear Tish begging him to leave her. To save himself. “Please just leave!” she yells out to him through tears.

Tired, he responds, “Where would I go?”

Tish struggles again at her chains as the clock is now at 1:55 and continues to count down. “You have to leave. Please! Please leave!”

Eric shakes his head, “I’m not going to leave you alone. If I leave, I leave with you,” he tells her.

Tish begins to sob hard now, still struggling in her restraints. She begins to desperately look around for something, anything that can help her save Eric from being caught up in this explosion. She finds nothing, so again pleads with him, “Please… just go….”

Eric continues to lean against the door, “You never listen to me.”

“Oh my God, there isn’t much time. You have to go! Please go!” she cries to him.

“I’m never going to leave you alone. Never,” he tells her.

With thirty seconds left, she is sobbing uncontrollably, “Please leave! Please leave!”

Eric slowly rises to his feet and tries once more to ram the door with his shoulder, but it’s mostly a futile attempt.

Suddenly, Tish’s plea changes, “Please help me…” she cries out. “Please help me to save him!”

Suddenly, the dark sky brightens just a little.

Back in her home, the cabinet where she keeps her family record begins to glow.

Something feels different to her, and she stops crying. Light opens up over her, and she’s bathed in a glow.

With everything she can muster, she struggles against her binds, and they break away. The bomb drops onto the roof from her lap. She reaches down, picks it up, storms through the doors, breaking it off its hinges, and throws the bomb as hard as she can.

Eric gets up and runs after her, and together they watch the bomb explode in the air high above them.

Tish begins to cry again as she turns to Eric, who grabs her and draws her into a hug.

Jackson is astounded, confused as the explosion isn’t on top of the building but in the sky. Angry, he works his way through the crowd to get the hell out of there before he’s spotted.

He takes a shortcut through the alley when he hears a voice call to him, “You lost or something, amigo?”

Each carrying baseball bats, Mikey and his crew walk towards him.

Jackson tries to go the other way, and he finds himself face to face with Kal, Edgar, and the rest of Kal’s gang.

“I believe the young man asked you a question,” Kal says as they step towards him. A phone call from Feather to both Mikey and Kal had them waiting for Jackson just in case he tried to escape.

Jackson holds up his hands, “Now, let’s talk this out.”

But there’s no talking it out as they converge on the man who has been terrorizing the city.

The crowd has dispersed, and the power has been restored to the Aamessoft building. Eric is sitting in an ambulance getting his bloody hands attended to. Tish has been given a clean bill of health. Jake is making a statement when he spots something across the street.

He breaks away from the others and walks over to find Jackson, duct-taped to a light pole. He’s obviously been worked over pretty well. He glances down the alley and sees the two gangs watching him from a distance. Mikey and Kal give each other a high five, and then one gang goes one way, and the other goes another. Jake just shakes his head and calls across the street, “Someone help this poor fucker out and make sure to read him his rights.”


“And that, everyone, is my presentation for A Fight For Good. Thank you.” Tish takes a bow as everyone around the boardroom claps at the end of her presentation. “Are there any questions?”

Rob raises his hand, “Can you go back a few slides.” As Tish flips back to a graphic of one of the heroes in her game called Captain Nutcracker.”

“Yes, that one. Why does he look so familiar?” There’s some snickering around the room as the caricature of Captain Nutcracker looks very much like Rob.

Without waiting for her to answer, Eric chimes in, “It was a great presentation. Let’s put it to a vote. All in favor of moving forward with Tish’s game concept, raise your hand.”

Most hands go up immediately, including Rob. The only holdout was Juanita, but reluctantly she raises her hand as she smacks on her gum. “Fine. I guess it isn’t a bad game idea.”

Tish smiles brightly.

“Concept passes. Let’s get this into production,” Eric says as everyone gathers their things and congratulates Tish on their way out of the room. Juanita is the last to pass by, “Your idea… isn’t too terribly horrible,” the older woman admits. “I suppose I could lend you a hand on fine-tuning it. Come see me later.”

Tish beams, “I will!”

In honor of Tish’s game being accepted for production, Sophie has put together a feast, and everyone was invited. Sarah and Parish are talking and holding hands over in a corner. Kal and Mikey are having a civilized conversation. Jake walks up and takes Tish by the elbow, and steers her away from the crowd.

 “Jackson Trask is going away for a very long time. He hasn’t spoken a word since we got him in custody, but with all the evidence we have, he’s done for,” Jake tells her. “I wanted you to know.”

Tish nods her head, “Thanks for letting me know.” She grins, “I heard about your promotion! Congrats!”

Jake smiles as he leans against the wall, “Thanks. But, the promotion comes with a condition. I am going to be moving to the west coast.” It wasn’t actually a condition of his promotion, but something he requested. With Sarah and Parish together, it certainly looks like Tish and Eric were going to be together, so now he felt a little out of place. He figured a change would do him good. “I’ll be leaving out at the end of the month.”

The two embrace. “I’m gonna miss having you around, Jake,” Tish tells him. “You be careful over there.”

The celebration continues as everyone enjoys each other’s company. Tish stands off to the side and just watches everything as she thinks to herself, “There was a time when I just wanted to be normal. But having lost and then regained my power, I realize that it’s part of who I am. I felt so empty without them. Just like each and every one of these people, I couldn’t imagine them not in my life. In all honestly, I feel like my life is perfect.” She smiles to herself, not realizing that she’s being watched.

Eric walks up next to her, “Can I have a moment of your time?”

Tish looks up at him and nods. “Of course.”

As Eric nervously leads her out the front door and onto the porch, we see that he’s clutching a ring box in his pocket.

We hear the laughter and music as the scene slowly fades to black.



Tish Weathersphere   TERESA DUKE
Eric Aames   TAPP ADDAMS
Jake Buckingham   SHAWN WARSTEIN
Sarah Gibson   KATELYN STORM
Jessie   ADI GOLD
Parish Weathersphere  AJ JENKYNX
Juanita Cull  GLORIA LOPEZ
Sophie Weathersphere  SIDNEY GREY

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