To Triad Challenge Competitors

First of all, I want to thank everyone for signing up and putting trust in me to guide your characters through this tournament. We are six days away and everything is coming together.

Thursday we will kick off with a pre-show. Thanks to 5BW for providing a preshow match for that portion of the show. The pre-show will serve to display all round 1 promos. There will also be a recap leading up to the Multiuniversal Championship match that will also be on the show.

For those who want to avoid spoilers on the night of the event, best unfollow Splat prior to 8pm. As each match goes live, there will be a tweet that follows and this will include every match leading up to the finale, as well as a congratulatory post shortly after the event.

The plan right now is for there to be a new match posted every 15 minutes(ish) for the first two rounds of the tournament. The Championship match will go on at the top of the start of the third hour. The finale will go on right after.

Judging was difficult. Not gonna lie. There were a handful of folks who didn’t get stuff turned in. I didn’t penalize their teammates for that as you will see when the card is posted. I picked what I felt were the best single promos for the first round in each match. Those teams moved on based on those results. I picked what I felt were the best of the two in the second round and those individuals moved on to the finale.

From there, it was ranking them in the order of first best to fourth best, I guess you could say. With the quality among those who turned in their stuff, whittling this thing down was a very daunting task and I assure you that just because someone was eliminated in the first round, doesn’t mean their stuff wasn’t good. It was a hard time judging. I won’t lie. I did end up getting some second opinions from folks not related to the tournament.

I did also have some outside help writing matches, so I will apologize in advance if there are any inconsistencies between matches with your characters. It was just impossible for me to write every match on this card, so I received quite a bit of assistance.

In the end, I hope everyone had fun interacting with folks you might not normally interact with, which was really my goal here. For everyone to have fun. Since this will be the last Splat PPV event with the inception of Dream Wrestle, I appreciate everyone sticking with it and giving their best. Hopefully, we go out on a high note with the Triad Challenge.

I am sure we will be using some of you again in other projects.