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The Triad Challenge is a different type of tournament. Unlike the Tournament of Mystery, there will be no masks, no alternate identities. We are looking for 16 wrestlers to represent 16 federations in this tournament. 

The Triad Challenge is a take off a late 90s OWA PPV known as Endurance’s Evil Challenge. The difference is that there were four rounds in the EEC tournament and the final match was a standard wrestling match. Our take on this event, we have eliminated the third round which was a Fatal Fourway match. These events are available on Splat! Archives under the OWA.

If you participated in the Tournament of Mystery, you may sign up for the Triad Challenge, however, you will be placed on a waiting list. Our desire is to see 16 new competitors in this tournament, but if we do not fill up the 16 spots, then we will start filling in from the waiting list.

Round 1 of the tournament will see the 16 competitors paired in randomly into 8 teams to create four first round tag team matches. An important note for this round is that if a partner turns against or abandons his tag team partner, they will be eliminated from the tournament. Losing teams are eliminated from the tournament while the winning teams advance to the second round. 

Round 2 will see members of each team battle each other in a singles match which is the reason for the barring of turning on your opponent in the first round. Winners will advance to the finals. Losers are eliminated from the tournament.

Finals of the Triad Challenge will be an elimination style four way Last Person Standing match. This is something created specifically for this tournament and may be the first of this type of match. Object will be to incapacitate your opponents so they cannot answer a 10 count. If they fail to answer the 10 count, they are eliminated from the match and the tournament. The match will continue until only one person remains who will be declared the first Triad Challenge winner. 

This will be a booked tournament. Participation will be key. Since this is unlike the Mystery tournament where identities are concealed, all competitors will be followed by someone who will monitor promotion of the tournament on Twitter. It is also important to tell a great story throughout the tournament so when Twitter activity is close, the booker of the tournament will ultimately make the decision on who advances and wins the tournament. 

Whoever wins the Triad Challenge will receive a Multiuniversal Championship match at the next Splat PPV, Crime Spree.  

Results of the Triad Challenge will be written as opposed to video though this could be subject to change. 

Requirements for the tournament is to provide two promos. One for the first round tag team match and the second against your tag team partner. If further promos are needed beyond that, you will be contacted by @wearesplat with what is needed. 

If you are interested, use the signup sheet below to enter.