Bloody Mary & Marissa Monet take on Andrea Chandler & Heidi Leick in the main event.

Scene opens up on a jammed packed Cow Palace in San Francisco, California. Washington. “Tom Sawyer” by RUSH starts blaring through the speakers. The fans erupt with a standing ovation, the camera zooms in on the east side of the ring, where a whole section of old school Grand Dragon fans are wearing dog masks and barking at the camera as it passes them by. This section is known as “THE DAWG POUND” and this is……..


Bishop: Wrestling fans, welcome to another edition of the Catfight!

Vonya: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehah! And Happy Halloween ya’ll!

Bishop: I’m Allen Bishop along with Color man Sam Mutt and Vonya. And we have an explosive evening of wrestling action, folks.

Mutt: No doubt, the GDWA locker rooms have an antsy feel to them. Something big is going down tonight, I guarantee that.

Bishop: Last week we crowned a new Western Heritage champion in the ‘Legend’ Micki Duran. This week, Duran, fresh off of her victory, will face “Kyoto Crippler” Keiko Mita in a non-title match up.

Mutt: And don’t cut that girl no slack…she’s wrestling like a champ! She could have taken a week off, instead, she’s honoring her contract and facing a very dangerous Crippler.

Vonya: And Duran has got to be careful! Mita has been calling out all of the rulebreakers in Grand Dragon. We could see an upset tonight!

Bishop: IN the Main Event, we have the World Title elimination match. The Syndicate of Andrea Chandler and Heidi Leick face the team of Bloody Mary and Marissa Monet….

Vonya: I see dissension everywhere…and with a World Title spot on the line, I just don’t know how ugly this match will become.

Mutt: I gotta agree with Vonya. This match won’t determine a whole lot other than who can survive. The first woman eliminated is gone from the tourney! This is gonna be a rule breaking paradise.

Bishop: Also on the card, we have the opening match up of Jennifer…

Mutt: Don’t call her “Jumping” Jennifer no more! Grier is a new woman…

Vonya: Yeah right! Been there done that! We’ll see if Grier can take on her mystery opponent…

Mutt: Officer May Order!

(Ringsiders behind the broadcast table pop at the mention of her name.)

Bishop: Well, I don’t think we’ll be seeing Officer Order tonight…

(Shot opens on the sold out Cow Palace, as the crowd begins mills about excitedly waiting for the second GDWA Cat Fight. The house lights go dark as a hush washes over the arena like the calm before the storm. A series of red and blue pyro flanking the entrance and ramp explode as a loud “HUAH !!!” comes over the PA. The Crowd Pops hard as they recognize the beginning of ‘Bad Boys’ by Inner Circle which begins to fill the arena. The pop gets even louder as red and blue spotlights shine down on the entrance way and louder still when they see the small figure of their favorite home town hero, Officer May Order step out of the entrance way. Order is dressed in her SFPD uniform, black motorcycle cop leather jacket and boots.

Mutt: I told you Bishop! Jen Grier faces the returning Officer May Order in San Francisco! How perfect! Grier was screwed.

Bishop: I can’t believe it.

(Spinning around she points out to the fans with both hands, as she walks down the ramp. Double O continues down to the ring, slapping hands and hugging kids along the way. )

Bishop: Former GDWA World Heavyweight Champion Officer May Order! This capacity crowd is on its feet as they welcome the hometown hero.

((We Want Order!–Clap-Clap-Clap–We Want Order!–Clap-Clap-Clap–))

Vonya: But if she’s wrestling Jen Grier right now, why is she taking up interview time? Where Whalen?!

Officer Order

(Once she get to the ring apron, Order turns around pointing out to the crowd and backflips into the ring, driving the POP even louder. The former World Champion rushes from post to post, getting each section to out POP the last by pointing out to them and cupping her ear. Once she has worked the crowd into a frenzy, Double O returns to the center of the ring, picks up a mike and waits till the noise dies down to a dull roar. )

Order: THANK YOU! Thank you all very much!! It’s great to be back inside the squared circle in San Francisco, California!

(May smiles at the cheap pop, drinking in the crowd. She seems to have a distant sad look in her eyes. )

Order: Let me tell you … there’s nothing like being in front of a Sold out Arena in your own Home Town! AND there’s nothing like being in front of the Greatest Fans in the World, the FANS OF THE GRAND DRAGON WRESTLING ALLIANCE!

(Again She smiles and nods at the cheap pop, which the crowd seems to eat up. The camera pans the audience lingering on a sigh which reads “PLEASE Come Back May – WE NEED YOU !” complete with a hand drawn picture of Officer Order, before switching back to the ring.)

Order: Now many of Fans have written to me asking when am I coming back to wrestle in the GDWA?

(The crowd begins to go wild, sensing something big coming. An ‘ORDER!’ chant begins to ripple across the arena, until Double O holds up her hand and shakes her head. )

Order: Well, I thought about it … and I talked about it … heck, I even dreamed about it. But it just wasn’t to be … The fact is that I’ve had more concussions then my friend here, STEVE YOUNG.

(Switch to a shot of former 49er Quarterback and future Hall of Famer, Steve Young sitting in the front row, next to a pair of kids in wheel chairs. All three wear ‘Forever Young Foundation’ t-shirts and Steve smiles and waves hello to the fans at home. When this shot is posted to the Dragon-Tron, the Cow Palace!!POPS HARD!! For another Hometown here. )

Order: And Just like Steve, I couldn’t find a doctor who would clear me to wrestle. So I had to make the toughest decision of my life … and I deiced that I had to RETIRE from the GDWA.

(The entire crowd seems to sigh in disbelief at the same moment, as Order simply nods her head. The camera switches to a close up of Double O, as we see tears welling up in her eyes. It is an emotional moment shared by fans around the arena and around the world, and for a moment it seems as if the entire Cow Palace will begin to cry.)

Order: Yes, I am OFFICIALLY Retired from Wrestling – at least until I’ve had some time to heal AND I can get a Doctors Clearance to wrestle again. As much as it hurts me, I know it’s what’s best for me in the long run. (A tear traces its way down Mays cheek as she continues)… I had a life Before Wrestling and God willing, I will have a life AFTER Wrestling. So as painful as it is, I must say good bye to the competition that I enjoyed for the past 7 years in the Grand Dragon . . . But I’m not willing to say Good Bye to All of You! Not quite yet … So I AM going to take some time off, time to heal up, time figure out what I want to do exactly… but I give you my word that I will be back in the GDWA!

(The crowd pops again as a chant of ‘ORDER! ORDER! ORDER!’ breaks out across the arena again. The shot opens up and we see Spud McKenzie climbing in to the ring next to Double O. May nods to him and then looks back into the camera)

Order: Till then … UNTIL THEN, I have only one question for you…

(Order and Fans P O P in unison: A R E Y O U R E A D Y!!)


(Fans scream: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Order: Then Let’s Get Rrrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrrrrumble!!!!

(At this point, Officer Order hands the mike over to Spud McKenzie and climbs out of the ring. Fans all around her reach out for a high five or a hug and May refuses no one. We all feel the love shared by this woman and the Fans. Rather than going to the back, Order climbs over the guard rail and takes a ringside seat next to Steve Young. Many small children rush up crowd around their hero as the camera switches back to the Ring.)

Bishop: WoW!

(Fans still popping and chanting: We Want Order!)

Vonya: Well, Samuel, it isn’t Officer Order facing Jen Grier.

Mutt: Who could it be? And the name isn’t “Samuel” my dear!

[Quick purple pyrotechnics shoot from the aisleway as Jen Grier steps out from behind the curtain. Dressed in her black Adidas breakaways and black and white top, she takes a few steps towards the entrance ramp. Behind her, the entrance ramp fills with a shower of yellow and purple sparks, as she makes her way to the ramp.]

Jennifer Grier vs. Sachie Yokoyama

Spud: Wrestling fans, our first contest tonight is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. Already at ringside, hailing from Coldwater, Michigan!

(Mixed cheers and boos as Jennifer Grier slips through the ropes and into the ring.)

Spud: She stands 5 feet 8 inches, 147 pounds, here is Jennifer Grier!

(Mixed cheers as Jennifer Grier nods at ringsiders and smiles.)

Bishop: Jen Grier is not receiving the ovations she drew in the past.

Vonya: Well after attacking Avery Amber Beckett last week, the fans are turning their backs on her.

Mutt: But who is her opponent?

(Camera split screens to a shot backstage. There is a black limousine parked outside of the Cow Palace.)

Bishop: That’s got to be her!

Mutt: But who is her?

Vonya: It’s the Dragon Trio! I bet ya

(The crowd grows restless while Jennifer Grier stands in the ring, waiting for her “mystery opponent”, the camera cut to the limo one last time. The limousine door opens and out pops Micki Duran.)

Mutt: Damn!

Bishop: Well fans, if that isn’t her opponent, I don’t understand the delay. I…

(The lights in the arena go out; its pitch black, and you can’t see anything. A few seconds later, a voice can be heard coming out of the darkness…)


(Break Stuff, by Limp Bizkit plays over the PA system. The lights come back on in the arena to reveal The Dangerous Queen” Sachie Yokoyama standing in the middle of the ring, she is dressed in her wrestling attire. Some of the fans boo” Sachie, but ringsiders pop wildly for her.)

Sachie: Sorry Rock, I didn’t mean to steal your line.

(The camera does a close-up of Sachie. The close-up shows mixed emotions on her face. She has a HUGE smile on her face but at the same time she is crying. The moment has caused her to be overwhelmed by emotion.)

Sachie: It has been a VERY LONG time since I have last stepped inside of the squared circle.” It has been a VERY LONG time since I have heard your boos and cheers. To be honest, it feels REALLY GOOD to hear both!

(Daisy Butterfly fans in the audience pop and cheer.)

Sachie: A LOT has changed, in my life, since you have all last seen me. I have lost a lot people that I really care about over the last year and a half: family, fans, and friends. But because this is neither the appropriate time nor the place, I will refrain from going into further detail. But what I would like to do is to issue an apology to ALL that I have hurt in the past. I would like to apologize for ALL of the hurtful things that I may have said AND for ALL of the hurtful things that I may have done.

I know that there are many who may not believe a word that I am saying, and due to my past actions. But at the same time I can honestly understand why. Hell, I don’t blame you! But as we all know, ACTIONS speak louder than words! This being true, I am going to show the world just how much Sachie Yokoyama HAS changed!

And its gonna to start right now with me kick’n Jennifer Grier’s ASS!

(Sachie throws down the microphone and attacks Grier.)


Bishop: Sachie Yokoyama is back in Grand Dragon, and she’s laying the smack down on Jen Grier!

(Fans all pop as Sachie nails away with right hand jabs.)

Bishop: Sachie in the far corner, and Irish Whips Jen Grier to the far ropes. Grier bouncing off and Sachie picks up a head of steam…..

Vonya: and Yokoyama with a DROPKICK to the right kneecap!

(Fans all pop as Grier twirls to the mat.)

Bishop: Yokoyama stomping on her hand, and now Yokoyama with a Single Leg pickup, and a STRONG kick to the right leg!

(Fans applaud as Yokoyama applies a Leg Bar.)

Bishop: Grier is grounded, and Yokoyama has taken this one to the mat.

Vonya: Sachie trying to take away Grier’s aerial attack…

Mutt: But look at Grier’s positioning. She simply scoots into the ropes and the ref wants a break. Real smart!

Bishop: Sachie with the break and Grier slow to her feet. She’s taking her time. Sachie waiting as Grier walks along the ropes, thinking. Trying to buy time.

Vonya: A collar and elbow tie up and Sachie with a side headlock. Grier slapping her back as Sachie whips her into the near ropes.

Bishop: Grier bouncing off and Sachie with a Roundhouse kick to the chest….AND A STRONG KICK TO THE BACK OF THE KNEE!!!

(Fans all pop!)

Bishop: Grier rolling for the ropes and Sachie stomping away. The ref wants another break and Grier stays on the mat.

(Dawg Pound applauds as Grier lays on the canvas, frustrated.)

Mutt: It’s not fair! Yokoyama knew Grier was her opponent, but Grier didn’t know who hers was.

Bishop: Grier nodding her head as Sachie grins and beckons her in. For those that don’t know, Sachie Yokoyama was the inaugural Western Heritage champion years ago.

Vonya: And a damn good one too! She had classic matches with that scourge Officer Order. She was a member of the ORIGINAL Dragon Trio of Daisy Butterfly and Charlotte La Mancha.

Bishop: Grier finally moving back in and Yokoyama feigning kicks to the head.

Mutt: Grier ducking and backing off, and Yokoyama definitely has the psychological advantage in this match.

Bishop: A tie up, but Grier thumbs the eye!

(Fans all boo as Grier fires away with hard right hands.)

Bishop: Grier trapping her up against the ropes, and referee Henry Gates wants a clean break. Sachie fighting to get free, and Grier backs off…

Mutt: But Sachie with hard right hands! Grier backpedaling and Sachie charges in…

Bishop: And Grier with a high back body block….

Mutt: And Sachie lands on her feet…


(Fans all boo as Grier stands over Yokoyama.)

Bishop: Jennifer stomping away on the head of her opponent, and now a pickup and a quick Snapmare Takeover…

Mutt: Grier measures Sachie and . . . _misses_ the Elbowdrop!

(Fans cheer as Sachie rolls out of the way.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Both women back up and Sachie with a Roundhouse…

Mutt: NO!

(Ringsiders pop as Grier ducks back into the near ropes.)

Bishop: Sachie with a Strong kick to the ribs, and now the head! And now Sachie with spinning kicks to the back of Grier’s right leg…

(Fans all pop as Grier waves her hands and shakes her head.)

Vonya: Sachie now, with a handful of Grier’s boot, dragging her to the middle of the ring.

Bishop: Grier flailing her arms, and Sachie twirls her around and SLAPS ON A WAISTLOCK FOR A SIDE SALTO!!!!

(Fans all pop as Yokoyama cradles the leg.)

Gates: 1………………………….2………………….no!

Mutt: A beautiful Suplex by Yokoyama, and now Grier is in trouble.

Bishop: Yokoyama with a single leg pickup and Grier immediately into the ropes.

Mutt: Yokoyama kicking away at the leg and Grier tags the ropes. The ref wants a break and Yokoyama desists.

Bishop: Yokoyama with a pickup and nailing away with Sushi Palm Strikes to the head! Grier is dazed, and Yokoyama with a Whip to the near ropes…

Mutt: Grier bouncing off, no!

(Fans boo as Jennifer Grier hooks the ropes.)

Bishop: Sachie Yokoyama missing the Dropkick!

(Fans boo as Jen Grier walks along the ropes, in a daze.)

Bishop: Sachie slow to her feet, and now moving in on a dazed Jen Grier. Grier backing into the corner and Yokoyama firing away with more Sushi Palm Strikes.

Vonya: Grier fighting her way out of the corner and Yokoyama with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip! Grier crawling to the far side, and pulls herself up by the top rope.

Mutt: Yokoyama with a head of steam and ….


(Fans pop as Sachie Yokoyama lands on the ring apron.)

Bishop: Grier staggering forward and Sachie Yokoyama climbing up the turnbuckles!!!

((Fans all stand as Yokoyama stands poised on the top turnbuckle.))

Bishop: Yokoyama flying off the top with a Lariat…..


(Dawg Pound barks as most fans boo!)

Bishop: Suplex by Jen Grier, and that was clutch!

Vonya: Miss Intensity with a lucky grab, and Yokoyama is down!

(Fans continue to boo as Jen Grier limps about.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Jen Grier with a pickup and a Bodyblow. Yokoyama unable to straighten up and Grier with a Reverse Neckbreaker!

(Fans continue to boo as Grier chokes the Japanese wrestler.)

Gates: 1………………..2…………..3………4…

Bishop: A break and another choke.

Gates: 1…………………2……….3…………..4….

Mutt: The referee pulling Grier off of her, and Yokoyama is gasping for air.

Bishop: Yokoyama has out wrestled Grier from the opening bell.

Vonya: But it’s been Grier’s luck, patience and aggressiveness that have kept her alive in this one.

Bishop: A pickup by Grier as she argues with the referee, and a frontface lock. Yokoyama nailing away with bodyblows, but Grier grinding down on the hold.

Mutt: And that’s been the smartest move all night. She’s wearing down Yokoyama, snatching the breath from her lungs.

Bishop: Yokoyama trying to maneuver into the ropes, but Grier with excellent positioning.

(Fans all stomping their feet, trying to rile up Sachie.)

Mutt: Jen Grier is 5 feet 8 147 pounds…Yokoyama is 5 feet 8 and 145 pounds. Evenly matched in terms of size and strength

Bishop: but Grier on that bad wheel being forced backwards. Yokoyama driving forward and Grier can’t hold her.

(Fans all stomping as Yokoyama fights against Grier.)

Bishop: Grier with an Arm hook and HIPTOSSES Yokoyama to the middle of the ring!

Mutt: Sachie is up and points directly at Grier!

(Fans all pop as Jen Grier begs off.)

Bishop: Sachie charges and nails away with a Roundhouse to the chest and a Dragon Screw Leg Whip Takedown!

(Fans all pop!)

Bishop: Grier crawling for the ropes and Sachie with a handful of tights!…she . . .

Vonya: Grier with a Standing Leg Grapevine and *connects* with a Side Russian Legsweep!

(Fans boo as Jen Grier drapes the arm.)

Gates: ……………………..1………………kick out!

((MAJOR POP as Sachie kicks out at one.))

Bishop: Grier slapping the canvas in frustration as Sachie gets up to her knees. Grier pounding away with fists as Sachie rises up to her feet.

Mutt: Grier backing off and Sachie against with those Sushi Palm Strikes. Grier weak on her knees, and Sachie with an Irish Whip to the far ropes.

Bishop: Grier stumbling forward as Sachie connects with a Kneelift to the midsection, a Double Arm Underhook….

((Fans all pop as Sachie looks out to the Dawg Pound.))


Gates: ……………………………1



(Fans all whistle as Jen Grier gets the arm up.)

Bishop: Sachie with a pickup and slaps on a Half Nelson! Sachie reaches across her body and *connects* with a Taz-Plex!!!

(Fans all screaming as Grier flops into the near ropes.)

Bishop: Grier is down, and Sachie drawing her thumb across her throat!!!!

(Fans all pop!)

Bishop: She’s going for the Northern Lights Bomb!

((Furious cheers as Jen Grier lays motionless on the canvas.))

Bishop: Sachie Yokoyama with a scoop and tucks the head….

Vonya: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!INSIDE CRADLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gates: 1…………………….2………………….3!


(Fans all boo as they hear “No More Tears” by Ozzy Osbourne.)

Bishop: She had the tights!

Mutt: She did not!

(Fans all cheer as Sachie Yokoyama stomps away on Jenifer Grier.)

Mutt: Oh damn.

(Fans all boo as the Dragon Trio storm the ring.)


(Fans all booing as Rachel stomps away on Sachie.)

Bishop: Marissa Monet raising Jen Grier’s hand, and if you had any doubts as to who the 3rd member of d-3 was…

(Fans all screaming as Marissa Monet slaps her hand around Sachie’s throat.)


Bishop: oh no! . . .

Vonya: Monet hoists her high up in the air…..


(Fans all booing as Sachie Yokoyama lays on the canvas, cringing.)


(Fans all boo as Rachel Nighthawk continues to pummel Sachie.)

Mutt: Ha! I get it now guys! Sachie was an original member of the ORIGINAL Dragon Trio and these gals are paying homage! That’s priceless.

Bishop: Sachie is hurt, and Jen Grier gets the win. I can’t believe this. Officer Order must be looking on in disgust.

(Fans all boo as Jen Grier leaves the ring and retrieves a chair.)


Bishop: And here comes Avery Beckett!!

(Fans cheer as Avery Beckett storms the ring with a chair.)

Bishop: Rachel Nighthawk turns around and…


Bishop: c h a i r s h o t !

(Fans pop as Beckett swipes at Marissa Monet.)

Bishop: Monet dips out to the ring apron, and Beckett pointing at her threateningly and…

(Fans all screaming as Jen Grier slithers back into the ring.)

Bishop: OH no! Beckett, turn around! Turn around!

((Furious boos as Jen Grier hammers her from behind.))


Bishop: What a coward! Jen Grier nailing her 2 weeks in a row…

Vonya: You want to play hero, find, but pay the price!

(Fans all screaming as Grier props up the chair.)

Bishop Dear God! No! Not another Piledriver!

Vonya: She could take her out of the sport! 2 weeks in a row and she won’t need an ambulance, she’ll need a hearse!

(Fans all screaming as she slaps Beckett’s head between her legs.)

Bishop: the referee threatening to disqualify Jennifer, and she kicks the chair away.

Mutt: The Dragon Trio leaving the ring, and Sachie Yokoyama is bending over Beckett.

(Fans all booing as Rachel slaps her on the back.)

Bishop: Fans, I’ve seen about enough. Can it get any worse?

Mutt: Well, we still have the Syndicate! Micki Duran has an acceptance speech to make.

Vonya: Well, it’s been fun chaps but it’s time for this Texican to run.

Bishop: Fans, Mike Whalen is waiting in the middle of the ring to talk to the new WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION Micki Duran.

Whalen: Ladies and gentlemen…please give a warm welcome to my guests at this time….

The Syndicate

(The lights go out. The crowd erupts, as most crowds do when the lights go out. There is a kind of hush that falls over the crowd as a note on the guitar rings out, then is followed by a slow lick. Fans of rock immediately recognize it as the opening to “Wherever I May Roam” by Metallica.)

Whalen: The NEW Western Heritage Champion….

(The crowd erupts, about half booing, about half cheering. The hardcores in the crowd begin chanting “Micki! Micki! Micki!”)

(A single red spotlight falls over the entranceway, then a lone figure steps out onto the platform. Her head is down, long black hair spilling down in front of her face. The gleam of the red light bounces off the face of the Western Heritage belt around her waist.)

(The drums kick in, and she is flanked by two larger women. They stand with their arms folded at her side, as she slowly raises one fist in salute to the crowd.)

(As the drums quicken into a full roar, bright red and white sparks fly from either side of the three, and flares whistle overhead as Micki Duran, Andrea Chandler, and Heidi Leick approach the ring. Micki leads the way, black steel-toed boots, jeans, and a black “Syndicate” half shirt giving off a casual vibe that the intensity of her face contradicts. Andrea is dressed in a box-cut leather jacket over a low-cut black sports bra, revealing her chiseled midsection and an ample amount of cleavage. Matching stretch pants mold to the powerful contours of her hips and legs, flaring slightly at the ankles. Her designer sunglasses reflect the fireworks and spotlights. Heidi’s got on a new, albeit torn & tattered, black “GDWA” Heidi Leick T Shirt, which reads in the front “99 Out of 100 People Agree..” and has a pic of Heidi Raising her Singapore cane… and on the back says ” Everyone wants to be just LEICK ME” it’s cut to the midriff, she’s also got on her cutoff denim shorts, black combat boots, a torn blue flannel shirt wrapped around her waist, knee & elbow pads & her wrists are taped … she’s got her trademark Singapore Cane in her right hand.. which she raises to the sky, over her head, as she walks around the ramp, staring at the fans.. and her long blonde hair hangs down wildly. Micki slides in under the bottom rope; Heidi and Andrea climb the stairs and enter the ring.)


(Micki climbs up to the second turnbuckle, unsnaps the belt, and holds it up to the crowd. Again, the reaction is mixed. She hops down and drapes the belt over her shoulder as she approaches Whalen.)

Whalen: Micki, congratulations on a fantastic performance last week in Tacoma!

Micki: (holding up her hand to Whalen) Shh. Shh. Do you hear that?

(She turns to Andrea and Heidi.)

Micki: Do you guys hear that? (Cupping a hand to her ear) Holy [censored]! Do you know what that sound is?

(Andrea and Heidi kind of shrug. Whalen is confused.)

Micki: That’s the sound of Holly Hotbody’s hopes and dreams shattering one by one!

(Andrea, Heidi, and Micki burst into laughter. Whalen frowns.)

Micki: Oh, Bishy…get a sense of humor, huh? Look, it’s not my fault the little bitch couldn’t even make it past one match. I mean, how many worse ass kickings have I taken backstage, and still made it down to win the match? It was an ENDURANCE challenge, jackass! If you weren’t tough enough to take the little roughing up I gave you backstage, you obviously would have never lasted through all five opponents. But, I do seem to remember you saying something about “kicking my ass.” Wasn’t that you who said you were going to kick my ass? Well, one of us is standing here with gold, and the other one of us is giving lap dances to the local dirtheads.

(Micki adjusts the belt on her shoulder.)

Micki: You know, in my twelve years in this sport, I have never had to make a tougher decision than the one I made a one week ago. See, over time, the GDWA has had new looks, new faces, new management, and a bucket load of new [censored]talk. I was in the ring last Tuesday, doing my thing, whippin’ that ass, when a thought occurred to me, and I had a damn tough decision to make. Should I or should I not cripple Avery Amber Beckett for the rest of her life? Most days, I’d have put the bitch in the hospital and not have thought twice, but she was showin’ me a little somethin’, and I have to say, you impressed me kid. And Micki Duran don’t impress easily. Given a little time and an attitude adjustment, one day, you’re gonna be runnin’ this fed.

(Micki grins.)

Micki: But not yet.

(She switches the belt to her other shoulder.)

Micki: Jenny Grier…oh, Jenny…..where you at, sweetheart? Still licking your wounds somewhere, wondering what in the hell you have to do to beat Micki Duran? That makes three for three, Jenny. How [censored]ing bad do you suck? You’d think, by now, you’d realize that you can’t [censored]ing beat me, you never could [censored]ing beat me, and you never in your wildest [censored]ing imaginations will ever come close to beating me. Matter of fact, from now on, if you even DREAM about me, you better wake up and apologize, or I might have to kick your ass AGAIN. Hell, I don’t know how many times I can legally whip the [censored] out of you before they declare it cruelty to animals and take my ass to jail.

(She grins.)

Micki: But I didn’t come out here to talk about Beckett, and I damn sure didn’t come out here to talk about Grier; I came to talk about wrestling. See, that is Micki Duran’s life. Twelve years I have devoted to this sport. Keiko Mita, you’re just first on a long list of people who are going to become a part of the Legend’s history. You got about thirty minutes, and then, it’s on like Donkey Kong. Once that bell rings, I will be thinking of you not as my equal, not as another human being, but rather like vermin that must be exterminated at all costs. I’m gonna break your ass down, and watch the mother [censored]ing tears roll down your face, and send you home cryin’ for your momma. ‘Cause you know, for the fans, I go all out.

(She winks.)

Micki: So Marissa, and Rachel, and Mary, and Holly, and Nikita, and every other jackass back there in the back who wishes they were standing where I’m standing, wearing the Western Heritage title, sittin’ pretty as the finest technical wrestler in the history of the sport, the most finely physically conditioned woman on the planet… well, I got two words for ya’….

(The fans all shout in unison, “SUCK IT!”)

Micki: Bitch, please. Y’all got the wrong show. My two words are “[Censored] you.” And if any one of you in the back has a problem with that, bring your ass down here and shut me up.

(Micki looks towards the back silently.)

Micki: Yup. That’s what I thought. Stick that in your bong and choke on it.

(Micki turns her back on Whalen as Andrea steps up to the mic.)

Bishop: Fans, we have to go to a commercial break, but when we come back we will here from Syndicate member Andrea Chandler.

Mutt: Ritch Bitch is in the HOUSE!

Bishop: Fans, we’re back from our commercial break and Andrea Chandler is ready to rap!

(The camera opens up inside of the ring with Andrea Chandler, Heidi Leick and WH Champion Micki Duran standing beside Mike Whalen.)

Andrea: I’ll be brief, because this moment isn’t about me — it’s about the newest, baddest, *greatest* Western Heritage champion in Grand Dragon history — Micki Duran. She took on a field of challengers both old and new, all either proven or with much to prove, and she bested them — every single one. She broke them down and destroyed them as only she can. And as usual, despite the best efforts of the GDWA hierarchy to set us up to fail, first blood has been scored — by the SYNDICATE. Face facts, you classless, worthless peons. The names change, the circumstances change, but the song remains the same — we RULE. So in the words of the greatest wrestler in the history of this business…whether you like it, or you don’t like it…LEARN TO LOVE IT…because it’s the best thing going today!!!

(A huge contingent of fans adds a “WHOOO!!!” to her sentence as she hands the mic over to Heidi, who hands it over to Whalen and mouths to him, “Your job is to HOLD the mic and ask questions moron… so HOLD it and ask away…” )

Whalen: Ms. Leick, sorry for insulting you. I’m sure you’re proud of your colleague, Ms. Micki Duran, who’s a fellow Syndicate member, for winning the GDWA Western Heritage Title…and I KNOW you want to talk about that. But I’d lay my last 5 bucks on the fact that you probably have something to say about tonight’s GDWA World Title Qualifier Tag Matchup where you and Andrea have to face Marissa Monet and Bloody Mary. Now, the news is that Marissa is a member of the New DRAGON TRIO, along with Rachel Nighthawk, whom, I may add, you laid out on the Catfight before you were taken away in cuffs…

(Micki snatches the mic from Whalen.)

Micki: This time ain’t about that match. This time is about *me.*

(Andrea puts her hand on Micki’s arm, and Micki sighs. She nods and shoves the mic back at Whalen. Heidi smiles.)

Heidi: Yes, Yes… Micki and the title are what’s in the forefront here, but as always, The CREAM rises to the top… and as always…it winds up being about me… Queen Of Extreme, the Hardcore Bitch, Suicidal Legend and Ultra-Violent Icon… The LEGEND KILLER … FRANCHISE… and ORIGINATOR OF VIOLENCE!!!! Yes… I beat down the wenches with a little less force than they deserve, but that’s only because I wasn’t quite warmed up and they were almost a match for me… but my superior skill and talent saved the day… If I had five more minutes to warm up, I would have ended both their careers… But Alan… I know what you want to hear… So cool down your afterburners…. (Almost noncaring) And I’ll tell you what I ~really want to say~ when I’m damn good and ready… care to know why?

Whalen: I’ll bite. Why?

Heidi: Because I CAN… that’s why…You want to know WHY I can?

Whalen: Well, yes. I’d like to know wh…

Heidi: Because I’m the only god damned LEGEND KILLER in the GDWA… in fact, Mark my Words…. I’d have to say that I’m now a LIVING LEGEND… as well as your NEXT GDWA World Champion.

Whalen: A BOLD prediction! But Heidi, how so? And…(Confused) I thought it was Hero Killer?

Heidi: As for the Hero Killer… it seems someone else is stealing my schtick on that term.

Whalen: WOW! Now that’s what I call a bloody bare knuckle hit to the meat of the bag! But tell me: why are you a “Legend Killer” now?

(Micki & Andrea are getting a little perturbed with the situation of Heidi hogging the mic.)

Heidi: Now Alan… (Shaking her head in disbelief) Boy oh boy, I can see now that GD Dub did not hire you for your smarts… (Evil laugh) But if I have to explain… I will… I’m a legend killer… cause… # 1 I’ve killed Your GD Dub… *Legend*… Zaranna… (Giggles) Her flame was snuffed out… by THESE hands…

Whalen: Heidi, that’s just one instance…

Heidi: Shaddup….# 2… Another GD Dub “legend”… if you can call her that… Amanda Reese… ran through and laid to waste by ME… Heidi Leick… on my run towards my GD Dub Title before Glory Days

Whalen: Heidi, that’s all well and good, but that’s hardly evidence that…

Heidi: And # 3… (Cutting Whalen off) yet ~another~ GD Dub “legend”… Double O… whose career was laid to rest… again by my hands…?

(The Dawg Pound pops at the mention of Double O’s name. Andrea reacts to the crowd by going to the corner and screaming insults at them. Micki folds her arms over her chest, visibly angry.)

Whalen: Well, as much as you’d like to forget her, I’d say that the Dawg Pound hasn’t forgotten about Double O!!!

Heidi: Yeah…well, people haven’t forgotten about Monica Lewinsky either!

Whalen: (laughing) True. Well, as good as you are Heidi, and I admit you’re REALLY good, you have to admit that *that* feud was never fin…

(Heidi puts a hand over Whalen’s mouth.)

Heidi: Is she here? No… You know why? You’re looking at the reason…

Whalen: Well, if that is true, and that’s a big if, then that’s all chocolate and roses for you, Heidi…

Heidi: I Prefer Tequila and Beer… but go on…

Whalen: Ok, Legend Killer it is. But I ~really~ have to get back to the *current situation*: the elimination match tonight, where you and fellow Syndicate Member Andrea Chandler face off against Bloody Mary and Marissa Monet in a match that will most assuredly decide who’s the favorite to be the NEW GDWA World Champion.

Heidi: Yes… I know you ~all~ want to know about that… but you should already know… there’s nothing to it… I mean, after all, I ~am~ the odds on favorite to win it…

(Andrea puts her hands on her hips and looks at Heidi like she’s out of her mind.)

And… Wait… (Confused and looking angrily over at the announcer) Hold on a second… Whalen… Who ever said ~I~ was ~STILL~ in the ~SYNDICATE? ~

(Micki and Andrea back up a step, and stare at Heidi in disbelief as the crowd OOOHS….)

Whalen: Well, to be quite honest with you, you’re out here, right now, IN the ring with them… You came out with them last Tuesday Night. And you saved Andrea Chandler that night, when the Dragon Trio came out here and attacked her. I’d say those were telltale signs where your alliances lie…

Heidi: Andi…. yes I “saved her”(laughs evilly and looks over and Andrea) Almost Leick Christ ~saved~ humanity… wouldn’t you say? Yes, I laid myself out as the sacrifice yet again… the SAVIOR so to speak… didn’t I? So now it would appear you can add a NEW title to my introduction… I’m the SAVIOR of the Syndicate as well as GDWA…

(Crowd goes silent as Duran, Chandler and Whalen stare on in disbelief.)

But back to you Andi dear… (Looks at her) Oh my… Andi… She lives in her own world sometimes… (Talking about her as if she’s not there) Yes… I have to address you dear ( staring over at her, and smiling ), and our current SYNDICATE “situation” … on my own time… of course… tonight we TEAM up… vs Mary and Marissa.. You carry your end… and I’ll be sure to pick up whatever slack you leave behind and carry my own as well…. LEICK I always do~!

(Micki holds Andrea back from going towards Heidi.)

Thank you Micki… Oh, I almost forgot… congrats are Due to you Micki Hun….. Micki… congratulations for being the SECOND BEST Champion that GDWA has to offer…

(Micki drops the belt and starts to charge Heidi. Andrea grabs her around the waist and restrains her. There is absolute fury in Micki’s eyes.)

Calm down Andi and Micki dear…. there’s no insult intended… but if you’re both offended… Oh well… (Laughs) Ces’t La Vie… As for ~MY~ Title match coming up… fact # 1… I’ve already beaten Bloody Mary… look back at History… another of your “legends” bit the canvas, back on the mat , staring at the ceiling for the 1, 2, 3… LEICK I’ve said I’ve beaten her before and I know what it takes to beat her again… As for you Andrea Chandler… these are the questions that need to be answered… Tell me… Am I on her side? Is she on my side?

(Ponders a few seconds)

You Tell me… Mr. Whalen… What do you think? If you were me, and playing poker for money, would you leave your poker chips and cards on the table for Andrea Chandler to guard while you went to the bathroom?

Whalen: No offense ladies, but I wouldn’t even be at that poker table…

Heidi: Exactly the point I’m trying to make…

(Andrea looks at Heidi, in shock. Micki picks up her belt, glaring at Heidi. She is obviously one second away from charging over and putting a fist upside Heidi’s head.)

And now you know where we Stand Andrea… we’re partners sure… And the reason why I SAVED your ass is that I NEED you just ~LEICK~ you NEED me… to get to the finals…

Whalen: Well, *that’s* a true statement if ever I heard one.

Heidi: Which leaves us with Marissa Monet… and the only thing I have to say about her is…When it comes down to it…When the Smoke has cleared and the ashes have settled…Let the ~truth~ be told… “99 out of 100 people agree…


(Heidi looks stunned at the fans response to her catch line.. and then gets angry, looks around, almost in shock.. then a mean look comes over her face, and she storms out of the ring, and hurriedly leaps through the ropes,…obviously offended in some way… Micki Duran and Andrea Chandler stare at Heidi and the crowd in disbelief.)

Whalen: Hey. Where’s she going? I’d say that these fans, actually like that new phrase Heidi came up with on her T – Shirts, wouldn’t you say so Micki?

Micki: Whalen, shut your [censored]ing mouth, and shut it right now. Second best? (She stabs her finger out, pointing at Heidi as she retreats up the ramp.) I got your mother[censored]ing second best. And do you know what it’s LEICK? It’s LEICK getting a mother [censored]ing mudhole stomped in your ass and walked dry, you backstabbing little bitch! This is *MY* time! Micki Duran’s mother[censored]ing time! *I* am the Western Heritage Champion, and you ain’t [censored] without the Syndicate! Matter of fact, your ass is about to get dealt with!

(Micki charges across the ring, slides under the bottom rope, and goes barreling up the rampway as the fans rise to their feet, cheering. Andrea just watches her go in disbelief, then steps through the ropes and walks slowly up the ramp.)

Whalen: Dissention in the Syndicate ranks?!

Bishop: I don’t know? Thanks Mike!

Mutt: Dissention? I don’t buy it . . . at least not between Heidi and Andrea. But Micki and Heidi, you bet! Micki is a title holder and ought to have more mic time. . . Heidi is barking like she runs things around here.

Bishop: No doubt, this tag match tonight will be quite interesting.

Mutt: Hey, why did Vonya leave anyway?

Bishop: Vonya shall be commentating on our opening match ups every week.

Mutt: A quick easy buck while we call the tough match ups.

Bishop: Fans, we got word on Avery Beckett and Sachie Yokoyama. They are doing fine and have incurred no injuries.

Mutt: Lucky… next time Jen Grier and the Trio might take these babyfaces out of the sport! I can’t wait!

(Fans begin to stir as Spud McKenzie re-enters the ring.)

Mutt: In that last match with Yokoyama and Grier, we saw a lot of strategy and backpedaling. Yokoyama had all of the momentum but Grier was able to diffuse her assaults with smarts. You’ll probably see more effective use of wrestling on both parts in this match up.

Bishop: Well, it was Sachie’s first match back in the Major Leagues of wrestling, the GDWA, but it was obvious that Grier never even got her game plan going. Poor execution of strategy by Grier and Sachie showed a bit of ring rust.

Mutt: OH definitely. Sachie and Grier could go for a return bout and I think we’d see an entirely different match up….but let’s go to our next match for a second.

Bishop: Micki Duran vs. Keiko Mita?

Mutt: Yeah, this is gonna be a great one! Mita is a former WH Champ and arguably the greatest of all times. She’s an all a rounder who can do just about anything in that ring. What distinguishes her from a Yokoyama or a Grier is that, at least in years past, once she smelled blood…

Bishop: . . . once she smelled blood it was all over. But how good is she now? We’ve seen Duran. We know that she’s one of the greatest technical wrestlers in wrestling today.

Mutt: And as we saw in the tournament, she has incredible strength and stamina for a woman of her size. She’s a tough gun, fully loaded.

Keiko Mita vs. Micki Duran

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is a non-title match up scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit.

(Fans all cheer as they hear the roar of Japanese Drums!)

Spud: Hailing from Kyoto, Japan! She stands 5 feet 4 weighing in at 145 pounds, here is the “Kyoto Crippler” Keiko Mita!

Bishop: Keiko Mita heading down the aisle and slapping hands with fans.

Mutt: And even though she looks focused, she faces a woman who is red hot! The hottest woman in wrestling, and I ain’t talking about her win/loss record.

Spud: And her opponent…

(Mixed cheers as fans hear “Fast as You Can” by Fiona Apple.)

Spud: Hailing from Lake Ponchatrain, Louisiana. She stands 5 feet 8 inches, weighs in tonight at 139 pounds, here is your Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance . . . WESTERN HERITAGE CHAMPION…

(Fans all boo as Micki Duran bursts through the ring curtain.)

Spud: “The Legend “Micki Duran!

Bishop: Duran heading down the aisle, and you’ve got to hand it to the champ. She endured Nikita Marx and got passed both Jen Grier and Avery Amber Beckett to win the championship…

Mutt: My question is whether or not the WH title is enough! Does she have her eyes on the World Title? She’s worn GDWA gold before but has never been to the big dance.

Bishop: Duran sliding into the ring, and here comes company!

(Fans all booing as Andrea Chandler and Heidi Leick stand near the ring curtain.)

Bishop: Referee William Andrews ordering them to come by ringside…

Mutt: Yeah, you can’t guard the ring entrance. It’s a fire hazard or something.

(Fans all whistle as Duran unstraps the WH title belt and hands it to Spud McKenzie.)

Bishop: Mita and Duran glancing at each other, it’s all business in that ring…

Mutt: The rest of the Syndicate is at ringside, and I gotta say, Mita is up against insurmountable odds.


Bishop: And here we go! Collar and elbow…no!

(Fans all boo as Micki Duran backs off.)

Bishop: Mita frowning as Duran walks about the ring.

Mutt: Duran playing mind games with Mita. She’s attempting to frustrate her.

Bishop: Duran ready to lock up…but backs off….

Mutt: Mita charging in and….

Bishop: And Duran with a Drop toe hold!

Mutt: Both women back up and Duran *NAILS* a Thrust Kick!

(Fans all booing as Keiko Mita’s head snaps back.)

Bishop: Mita dazed as Andrea Chandler slaps the ring apron in support of her friend.

Mutt: Mita is on the ground and Duran with a single leg pickup. Classic Micki as she twists the left knee, trying to take away Mita’s Martial Arts attack.

Bishop: Mita slapping the canvas, and now she twirls around and kicks the Legend away. Duran backs up abut Mita beats her to the punch.

Mutt: Collar and Elbow tie up and Duran with a side headlock, but Mita with a Wristlock counter and….

Bishop: Duran with an Eye Gouge!

(Fans all boo!)

Mutt: This ain’t gonna be no technically sound match up, I can see that already.

Bishop: Micki moving in with another handful of hair and running the Crippler’s face along the ring rope…come on ref!

(Fans booing as Keiko Mita clutches her face.)

Bishop: Micki with an Irish Whip and Mita is sent hurling into the far side. Mita bouncing off and Micki with a running Football Clip to the left knee!

(Mixed cheers as Keiko Mita spirals through the air and crashes to the canvas.)

Mutt: This is the Micki Duran of lore; methodical, focused and relentless. Keiko Mita came rushing after her at the beginning of this match and it has cost her!

Bishop: Duran with a Single Leg pickup, and applies a Legbar. And Duran is in no hurry.

Mutt: She’s gonna wear down the would be challenger. Because she knows that if Mita scores a victory here she is eligible for a title shot.

(Fans all stomp their feet as Keiko Mita slaps the canvas.)

Bishop: Mita shaking her head and Duran slaps her in the back of the head!

(Fans all boo!)

Mutt: Micki back up and stomping away on that knee. Damn, you’d think Micki had a grudge!

Bishop: Mita trying to find the ropes, as Micki picks her up. Another Irish Whip as Mita is sent to the far side. Mita bouncing off and Micki with a running High Back Body Drop….and Mita lands on her right foot.

Mutt: Both women twirling around and Mita with a Spinning Back Fist to the head!


Bishop: And now a Karate Chop!

(Fans pop: Whoooooooooooooo! as Micki Duran backs off.)

Mutt: Mita measures her again and *snaps* into her chest with a Karate Chop!

(Fans all pop Whoooooooooo!)

Bishop: Mita with another Backfist to the jaw, and now an Irish Whip to the far side, no, reversal! Mita hitting the far side as Micki charges her. Mita bouncing off and Micki….


(Fans all groan as Keiko Mita doubles over in pain.)

Spud: 5 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Mutt: A single leg pickup, and Duran pulls the leg over the bottom rope. Duran jumps up and…

Bishop: Misses the Buttdrop!!

(Fans all cheering as Keiko Mita crawls away.)

Mutt: Mita got lucky. She rolled away at the last second.

Bishop: Mita up to her knees, and shaking away the pain. Duran kicking away at Mita and she rolls into the ropes. The champion with a pickup now, and nails a forearm shot to the head.

Mutt: And Mita fires back with a jab, and now Backfist to the jaw!

Bishop: Duran is dazed, and Mita with a neck snapping HEADBUTT

(Fans all pop as Micki Duran hits the campus.)

Bishop: Mita trying to suck up the pain, applying a Reverse Chinlock on the prone Legend.

(Fans all applaud as the Syndicate slap the ring apron.)

Mutt: Mita is in serious trouble. In 5 minutes Duran has already dictated the pace and style of her match. Now Mita incredibly limited as to how she is going to wrestle.

Bishop: Duran with a Wrist-grab, and winding out of the Chinlock. Micki is so strong, but Mita with a Shortarm right into a high knee!

Mutt: Keiko Mita slaps on a frontface lock, but Duran fighting the Suplex attempt. Duran pushing Mita into the near ropes and the ref wants a break.

Bishop: Duran releasing and _misses_ the sucker punch!

Mutt: Mita with an elbowshot to the ribs, and now an Irish Whip to the far ropes….no….reversal!

Bishop: Keiko Mita running into the side ropes as Duran runs after her. Mita bouncing off and….


(Fans all cheering as Keiko Mita is slow to her feet.)

Mutt: She couldn’t hold the leg for the lateral press.

Bishop: Both women twirling up to their feet and MICKI DURAN CLIPPING THE LEG FROM BEHIND!


Bishop: A pickup by Duran and she applies a Waistlock. A shin-grab and she hoists up Mita’s left leg…..KNEEBREAKER!

(Fans all booing as Mita writhes in pain on the mat.)

Mutt: Micki Duran with a head of steam, hooks the leg, and tumbles forward for an Oklahoma Roll!!

Ref: 1…………………………2………………kick out.

((Fans all pop as Keiko Mita slips her shoulder up!)) Bishop: Mita is in trouble, she crawls toward the ropes as Duran stomps away on her.

Mutt: Mita into the ropes and the ref warning Duran. Mita up to her feet and Duran with more forearm shots to the head.

Bishop: And now Micki with an Irish Whip to the side ropes. Micki charging as Mita bounces off and….KEIKO MITA WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK!

(Fans all cheering as both women lay on the canvas.)

Ref: 1……………………2………………..3……..4….

Bishop: Mita slow to her feet, and now a pickup and Frontface lock. Hoists her up for a Vertical Suplex!!

(Fans all cheering!)

Mutt: Duran isn’t hurt, she’s dazed!

Bishop: Mita slow to her feet as she’s visibly limping, favoring that left leg. Mita crashing into the ropes, bouncing off and ++HITS++ the Lightning Elbow Drop!

(Fans pop as Keiko Mita drags Micki Duran toward the near corner.)

Spud: 10 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Duran fighting, and kicks away Mita’s hands. Duran slow to her feet and SHE’S MET WITH A HEAD *snapping* Karate Chop!

(Fans groan as Duran wobbles and backs off.)

Bishop: Micki in pain, Mita with rapid fire Headbutts to the face!

Mutt: Duran is dazed, and Mita with a quick Side Headlock takedown and right into a Chinlock.

(Fans applaud as Mita bears down on the hold.)

Bishop: Mita just now gaining her bearings, and the Syndicate is not too happy about this.

(Fans all whistle as Holly Hotbody saunters down the aisle.)

Mutt: Well you gotta figure that Mita’s inside game has kept her in this one. It’s taken all of Duran’s momentum away and now Mita can plan out the next stage of her attack.

Bishop: Holly Hotbody heading down to ringside and…HEIDI LEICK NAILING HER WITH THE SINGAPORE CANE!

(Fans all boo!)

Bishop: She wasn’t interfering!

Mutt: The message is real clear! Don’t mess with Syndicate business, Holly.

(Fans all booing while Keiko Mita points at Heidi Leick.)

Bishop: Duran the technician grabbing hair, trying to find a way out of the hold. Micki fighting her way up to her feet…and Mita with a Side Headlock into a Standing Switch…

Mutt: Belly to Back Suplex!

(Fans all cheering as Keiko Mita does a one legged Kip Up.)

Bishop: Keiko Mita climbing up the turnbuckles, and Micki Duran is slow to her feet. Heidi Leick climbing up to the ring apron…



Mutt: Mita is still down, and Heidi Leick is nearly unconscious. She didn’t even see it coming.

Bishop: Micki Duran sliding out of the ring, and now she’s nailing away on Mita.


Ref: 1…………………………….2…………..3…..!

Bishop: And Andrea Chandler cutting her off. Chandler and Sakura going at it in the aisle!

(Ringsiders pop as the brawl!)

Bishop: Duran whipping Mita into the guard railing, and Mita is cringing. Heidi Leick is pissed off, and she’s grabbing her Singapore cane!

Mutt: And Duran warning her not to get involved.

(The Dawg Pound points as another woman rushes down to ringside.)

Mutt: Radhi Ananda running down to ringside! Heidi Leick cuts her off and they are brawling at ringside!

((Fans all cheering as the referee looks on!))

Bishop: Micki rolling Mita back into the ring, and we have a riot at ringside.

Mutt: Duran is climbing the ring steps, and now climbing the turnbuckles?

(Fans all screaming as Duran climbs up top!)

Bishop: Keiko Mita slow to her feet, and MICKI DURAN comes flying off…

(Fans all screaming!!!!)

Mutt: F L Y I N G – D R O P K I C K !


Ref: 1…………………………


Kick out!

(Major Pop as Micki Duran slaps the canvas.)

Bishop: Duran smelling blood now, applying a Single Leg pickup and a Spinning Toe Hold…AND Mita with an Inside Cradle!

Ref: 1…………………….2……………!

(Major boos as Nikita Marx slinks down the aisle.)

Mutt: I smell trouble.

Bishop: Duran trying to end this one. A side headlock by Micki as she nears the far ropes, and Mita with a Waistlock hoist and


(Fans pop as the champion’s head bounds back against the canvas.)

Mutt: Oh damn!

Bishop: Duran clutching the back of her head, and Mita isn’t getting up.

(Fans all barking while Nikita Marx heads over to the time keeper’s table.)

Spud: 14 minutes have gone by in the 15 minute time limit.

Bishop: Holly Hotbody is just now getting up. She has blood running down her forehead as Heidi nailed her with that Singapore cane.

Bishop: The referee making the count, and Marx is fingering the WH belt…no, she grabs it!

Mutt: Duran up on one knee, and she’s pointing out at Nikita.

Bishop: And Nikita took exception to something, cause she is heading toward the ring and Duran hanging out of the middle ropes. She wants her belt back and….

Mutt: Nikita hands it toward her and . . . NAILS DURAN IN THE HEAD!

(Fans ALL POP!)

Bishop: The ref didn’t see it!

Mutt: Keiko Mita grabbing the referee and pointing at Nikita. And now Nikita heading up to the ring apron. And Mita must be an idiot…

Bishop: And Nikita nails Mita!


Bishop: Mita is busted open!

Mutt: and now Marx stomping away on Duran! Marx waiting on Duran to get up and she stands crouched halfway across the ring. Duran up to her feet and….

Bishop: R U S S I A N – S I C K L E – L A R I A T!

(Fans boo as Nikita Marx Fargo struts over Keiko Mita’s body.)

Bishop: Marx bends over and picks up the Western Heritage title belt. Dear God, what does she have planned?

Mutt: Chandler breaks off her fight with Sakura, she heard the bell! And now here comes Andrea Chandler!


Mutt: Chandler in the ring and Marx turns around….ANDREA CHANDLER WITH THE SPEAR!

(Mixed cheers as Nikita Marx hits the canvas.)

Bishop: And now here comes the Dragon Trio!!!! Oh my God!

(Fans all booing as Jen Grier, Rachel Nighthawk and Marissa Monet storm the ring.)

Mutt: All three women converging on Chandler, and Marx is exiting the ring.

Bishop: She’s got the belt!

(Fans all booing as the Dragon Trio stomp away on Chandler.)

Bishop: Marissa telling them to pull her up. And..oh dear!

(Fans all screaming as Marissa Monet slaps her hand around Andrea Chandler’s throat.)

Bishop: Rachel and Jen Grier containing Andrea Chandler, and Monet hoists her up……

(Fans all screaming!!!)

Bishop: HAND + OF + GOD + C*H*O*K*E*S*L*A*M!!!

(Mixed cheers as Chandler hits the canvas _h a r d_ !)

Bishop: Chandler is down, and Monet mocking her, flexing over her body!

Mutt: Duran and Mita slow to their feet, and Jen Grier with a Swinging Double Axe Handle! Duran is down! Mita is down!

(Fans all boo as Jen Grier stands over Micki Duran.)

Mutt: Rekka Sakura storming the ring, and Rachel Dropkicks her over the ropes!

Mutt: Fight! Gang Fight!!

Bishop: NO, it’s a war, a gang war reminiscent of years past.

Mutt: This is Gang Wars Part Deux!

Bishop: Radhi and Heidi are still brawling on the floor, but Holly Hotbody slides underneath the ropes….

Mutt: And Jen Grier drops a Double axe Handle to the back. And now she pounds away on the stripper babyface!

(Fans all boo as Grier beals her through the middle ropes.)

Mutt: Heidi and Radhi are brawling, unawares of the wreckage in the ring. D-3 is trying to run Grand Dragon.

Bishop: The Syndicate have been challenged for supremacy!

(Fans all boo as Rachel drops a Legdrop on the prone Keiko Mita.)

Mutt: Jen Grier stomping away on Micki Duran now, and we’ve got heels and faces strewn throughout the ring.

Bishop: Marissa Monet now, holding Andrea’s legs as Rachel backs into the near ropes, bouncing off and *connects* with a Legdrop!

Mutt: On the floor, Heidi Leick breaking away from Radhi Ananda. Radhi Ananda now, checking on Rekka Sakura and they are grabbing chairs!

(Mixed cheers as Heidi Leick storms the ring.)

Mutt: Heidi with that Singapore Cane, and she nails Jen Grier!!

(Fans pop: Ooooooooooooooooh!)

Bishop: Rachel scrambling and Heidi nails her in the back!

(Fans pop: Ooooooooooooooooh!)

Bishop: Monet and Rachel dive out of the ring, and Rekka and Radhi Ananda storm the ring.

(Fans all popping as the faces and heels stare down.)

Spud: Wrestling fans, due to a disqualification, this match has been ruled a DRAW.

(Mixed cheers as Heidi Leick raises Micki Duran to her feet.)

Mutt: Holly Hotbody is in the ring and she’s real pissed off!

((Fans all hop up and down as Micki Duran points at Holly Hotbody.))

Mutt: And Holly shoves Micki Duran!?!

Bishop: Heidi shoving her away past the referee, and Radhi Ananda egging her on!

Mutt: Mita pointing over at Heidi, and the former Dragon Trio of Mita, Rekka and Radhi are on the verge of getting it on with the Syndicate!

((Major pop as Andrea Chandler and Mita get face to face!))

Voice: Could you ladiiiiiiiiiiies, keep the noise down, darling?

(Everyone in the ring looks around as the woman continues.)

Voice: (in a singsong voice) Oh Micki … Micki Durannnnn! I have something for you!!

(Cameras sweep the crowd, stopping ‘Le Femme Nikita’ Nikita Marx who is standing in the stands near the exit, in the spotlight. The Dragon-Tron switches to a close up of her, in her right hand she holds the Western Heritage title high over her head, and in her other hand she hold a microphone. )

Nikita Marx

Nikita: (in her normal voice) Yes Darling … first you steal from me, and now …now I have stolen from you. Your friends in the Front Office are not able to protect you from me … they cannot make me give you THIS back. No! They can fine me, yes. They can ban me from wrestling, yes. They can lock me out of the Arena but they cannot get you your precious Western Heritage Title Back!

(Fans all boo while Micki Duran exits the ring.)

Nikita: IF you want THIS back, you must earn it – IF you can. What do you say to a match at next week’s Catfight to see who should wear THIS? If you win, it’s yours … if or should I say When you lose … well Darling, you will have proven that you never deserved it to begin with.

(Fans cheer as Micki Duran hops the ring barricade and heads into the stands.)

Nikita: Oh and one more thing … in the interest of fair play, why don’t we make it a HELL IN THE CELL match?

(The crowd *POPS* wildly at the thought of the two superstars going at it in the Cage, as Nikita nods her head in agreement.)

Nikita: So what do you say Micki? Are you woman enough to stand up to me in an Enclosed CAGE? I’ll see you there Darling, Ta Ta.

(And with that the spotlights go off and Nikita fades back in to the crowd with the WH Title still held high over her head.)

Bishop: Just chaos!

Mutt: Security just finished eating their donuts and they are down here at ringside. Man, how the hell did this get out of control so quickly?

Bishop: The Syndicate and the 4 fan favorites are leaving ringside, and I gotta say that the Dragon Trio has struck tonight!

Mutt: Well they just tried to take Andrea Chandler out of the tag match…and now they set up Duran so that she lost her belt.

Bishop: I’m sure Grand Dragon administration will retrieve the title.

Mutt: How the hell are they gonna do that? And another thing, d-3 ruined this great match Duran was about to win.

Bishop: Duran? Mita clearly had the momentum on her side.

Mutt: Well, if Holly Hotbody had kept her nose clean, none of this would have happened. She opened up the can of worms for Radhi, Rekka and d-3 to come down.

Bishop: You can’t blame this on her! Anyway, the match was ruled a draw fans and hopefully we will get a return match someday.

Mutt: Let’s break for a commercial while the administration sorts things out.

(The camera opens up in the GDWA front offices in Walnut Creek, California. A blonde haired woman with a brown business suit and skirt sits before the camera, relaxed, with her hands in her lap.)

Blade: Hello everyone! Sonya Blade here and welcome to another edition of the GDWA Hotline. You’ve waited long enough for it, and tonight, we have PAY PER VIEW INFORMATION!!!

The Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance presents their re-debut pay per view: G l o r y ~ d a y s!

Blade: We don’t know too much about the pay per view just yet, but let me announce that GLORY DAYS shall be presented Monday, December 11th at 7pm EST.

After tonight’s card we will be better able to inform you of the World title picture and a possible defense at the pay per view.

But keep this date in mind: December 11th at 7pm EST. More in the coming weeks.

That’s all for now, see ya on the next GDWA Update!

Bishop: We’ve got Spud McKenzie in the ring and it is time to settle the World Title picture!

Spud: Wrestling fans, our next contest is our Main Event!

((Fans all whistle as horns go off. Spotlights encircle the arena as Spud McKenzie is blows up on the Dragon-Tron.))

Bloody Mary/Marissa Monet vs. Andrea Chandler/Heidi Leick

Spud: It is a special, World Title tournament elimination match up scheduled for 1 fall with a 30 minute time limit.

[“Midnight Rider” by the Allman Bros. pumps over the PA system … smoke and pyrotechnics go off as the houselights go way down. The crowd pops as Bloody Mary steps between the curtains and walks down the aisle. She is dressed in her full-length black duster coat and hat. She takes her time, swaggering down to ringside with slow measured steps. The tall blonde wrestler eyes the crowd with casual disinterest. Next to her walks Ana Conda, dressed in her grey and black two-piece. The pair move almost to ringside and stop. Mary looks back, chewing her lip thoughtfully, waiting. She folds her arms and taps one finger on her forearm. The crowd waits and watches along with her.]

Spud: Led down the aisle by her personal trainer, Ana Conda. Hailing from Davenport, Iowa! She stands 5 feet 9 inches, weighing in tonight at 150 pounds, here is Bloody Mary.

Bishop: Bloody Mary is hungry for GDWA gold. She’s held championships in other promotions, but not in the Big Leagues of women’s wrestling.

Mutt: And she’s fierce. Angry tonight! Grand Dragon is trying to eliminate the weak from the strong in this one match.

(A ragged Dawg Pound chant goes up: Money! Money! Money!)

Bishop: The first woman to be pinned or otherwise eliminated from the match is gone from the World Title tourney.

(Mary waves her hand dismissively and turns back to the ring, a clear look of disgust on her face as she steps up to the ring.)

Spud: And her tag team partner!

[“Murderer” cuts in over the PA, Buju Banton plaintively wailing “Murderer! Your insides must be hollow!” Immediately it cuts into “Dead Wrong.” The beat kicks and the curtains part. Smoke pours out through the curtains. Spotlights swirl on the entrance. Marissa Monet stands silhouetted in the aisle. She keeps her head down and she is swaddled in a black leather duster coat, the twin to Bloody Mary’s and an identical hat! With a deep sigh, she walks down the aisle, refusing eye contact with any of the fans, batting away their outstretched hands. She climbs up onto the apron and steps over the top rope. She stares down the Syndicate and sticks out one fist to the side. Mary responds by tapping it with her own fist. For the first time Marissa smiles. It is a killer’s smile.]

Spud: Already in the ring, she stands 6 feet 6 inches tall… weighing in at 214 pounds, hailing from Brooklyn New York State, here is “Miss Millennium” Marissa Monet!

Bishop: Mary and Monet are in the ring, and they seem to be at a truce right now.

Mutt: And they better be! Given all of tonight’s festivities, the Syndicate will need to present a united front. They are beat up and worn. And I’m sure revenge is on the mind.

Spud: And their opponents…

[“Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood and the Destroyers screams out over the arena, classic slide guitar riffs resonating in the eardrums of the listeners as the lights dim. Flash bulbs begin firing as the curtains part, allowing dry ice fog to billow through into the aisle.]

Spud: Coming to the ring first. Standing five feet, eleven inches tall, and weighing in at 191 pounds. Hailing from Long Island, New York. The “Rich Bitch”..Andrea Chandler!

[The boos swell to a peak as Andrea Chandler strides out, clad in her studded black bodybuilder’s bikini and a box-cut leather jacket. A sheen of oil highlights her exposed curves and physique. Her designer sunglasses reflect the shower of silver sparks that erupt along the entranceway. She walks deliberately toward the ring, her hips swaying as she places one foot before the other, tousling her hair and pouting seductively as the fans voice their disapproval.]

Bishop: Andrea Chandler, worse for wear after that beat down by the Dragon Trio…

Mutt: And you gotta say that the Ritch Bitch is the underdog right now. Monet and Mary are in great shape.

[She ascends the steps and slips through the ropes, whereupon she hands her jacket to a ringside attendant.]

Bishop: Chandler glaring over at Monet, and for the first time in her career, she may be facing an adversary who is several steps ahead of her.

Mutt: But is that D-3 or Marissa Monet?

(Andrea grins broadly as the Dawg Pound all stand and give her a thumbs down. She looks over at them and kisses a finger, then turns and plants it squarely on her upraised ass.)

Bishop: And if you can believe it, she’s dissing the only contingent of fans that would willingly recognize her athletic talent.

Mutt: Well, she is a “Bitch” Bishop: A release and Chandler choking her again. Sakura: 1……………2………..3……4………5

Bishop: Andrea with a pickup and slaps on a Front face lock…and hoists her up…..

(Fans pop as Andrea Chandler walks around with her.)

Bishop: and lands the Vertical Suplex!

(Fans all whistle as Chandler quickly rises to her feet.)

Bishop: Monet is visibly upset as Chandler runs to the near ropes, bounces off … and _misses_ the Kneedrop!

(Fans pop as Mary rolls out of the way.)

Bishop: Both women back up and Mary nailing away with Iowa Heaven punches. Andrea is dazed, and now an Irish Whip to the far ropes.

(Fans pop as Mary tags Marissa Monet.)

Bishop: Andrea off the ropes and HOPS OVER Marissa Monet’s Drop toe Hold and NAILS BLOODY MARY WITH A DROPKICK?!

(Fans pop at Chandler’s athletic move.)

Mutt: Monet up to her feet and Chandler catches her with a head snapping European Uppercut! (Fans pop as Monet falls into the near ropes.)

Bishop: Rekka Sakura grabbing Mary by the arm, and forcing her out of the ring…..

Mutt: Meanwhile, Monet is standing tall, and crouching down, egging Andrea to dance! (Fans all applaud as Chandler nods her head.)

Bishop: Collar and Elbow tie up and Chandler, the quicker of the two, with a Side Headlock. Monet dropping to one knee, and the former World Heavyweight……!

Mutt: But Monet shoving her down to the mat! (Fans pop: Whoooooooooo! as Chandler rolls away.)

Mutt: Chandler hasn’t felt power like that since she faced Big Ma Porter several years ago.

Bishop: Chandler back up and another tie up, but Chandler with a quick high knee and stuns Monet with a Euro Uppercut.

Mutt: Monet backpedals and Chandler with an Irish Whip to the near ropes….no, reversal!

Bishop: Chandler off the ropes and Monet with a Big Boot…

Mutt: no! Chandler catches her foot, swivels her around and EXECUTS A BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!!!!

(Fans bark: WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! WooF! )

Bishop: Chandler immediately lunging into her corner for a tag, and Heidi is in the ring. Monet slow to her feet, and Andrea scoops her up and NAILS a Sidewalk S Lam…

Mutt: And Heidi with a head of steam….LEGDROP!

(The Dawg Pound applauds their team work!!)

Bishop: Heidi now, with payback in mind as she runs for the near ropes. Monet up to one knee and…


(Dawg Pound chants: SYN! SYN! SYN! SYN! SYN! SYN! )

Bishop: Heidi stomping away on Monet, and Mary itching to get back into this one. And now Heidi nailing away with quick Elbowdrops!

(Fans whistle as Monet crawls for the near ropes.)

Bishop: Andrea wants another tag, but Heidi isn’t done yet. A pickup and Heidi firing away with hard right hands….

Mutt: and Monet firing into Leick with Forearm shots to the head. Bloody Mary waiting in her corner as Monet whips Leick into the far corner…

Bishop: Leick sprinting out of it…and MONET WITH A MILITARY PRESS….

(Fans ALL POP as Bloody Mary climbs tags into the ring.)

Bishop: And slam!

Mutt: ….right over Bloody Mary’s knee! ((!!!big pop!!!))

Sakura: 1……………………2………………..KICK OUT!

Bishop: The referee ushering Monet out of the ring, and now Mary with a pickup and slaps on a Full Nelson…

Mutt: Dragon Suplex!!!

Sakura: 1……………………..2……………….rope!

(Fans all pop as Ana Conda slaps the canvas.)

Bishop: Mary with a side-waistlock pickup and a Backbreaker! And Andrea Chandler is disgusted by what she’s seeing. Andy is kicking the bottom rope and screaming at Mary.

Mutt: Meanwhile, Marissa Monet removing the top turnbuckle in the far corner, and Rekka Sakura is unawares.

(Ringsiders all stand as Bloody Mary picks up Heidi.)

Bishop: Mary with a hold of Heidi as she picks up a head of steam into the far corner. She pulls Heidi’s head back and…

Mutt: Blocked! And the Hardcore Queen grabs Mary’s head and…

(Dawg Pound barks as Mary’s head smashes into the exposed corner.)

Bishop: Dear God!

(Dawg Pound barks: BlooD! BlooD! BlooD! BlooD! BlooD! )

Spud: 15 minutes have gone by 20 minute time limit.

Bishop: Bloody Mary with blood streaming down her face.

Mutt: And now Heidi firing away with right hand jabs to the head. Mary backing off and Heidi getting caught up in the blood flow!!!!

(Major *POP* as Heidi rubs her hands in Mary’s face and licks her fingers.)

Mutt: Mary with weak Iowa Heaven punches, and Heidi with a boot to the midsection and a SPINNING HEEL KICK!

(Fans all whistle as Mary hits the canvas!)

Bishop: Mary pulling herself up by the top rope and Monet is frantic. Heidi Leick with a head of steam and…..

(Ringsiders pop: Woah! as Monet pulls down the top rope!)

Bishop: Both women go over the top!

(Ringsiders rush the barricade as both women hit hard.)

Mutt: Heidi Leick was gonna finish Mary off with a perhaps a Hurricanrana. That would explain her awkward positioning when she flew out of the ring.

Bishop: But as a consequence, both women are out on the floor.

Sakura: 1………………….2……………..3……….4…

(Ringsiders click away with cameras as Heidi Leick clutches her ribs.)

Bishop: And Monet walking calmly across the ring apron and hops down to the floor.

Mutt: And Rekka Sakura immediately stopping the 6 foot giantess.

(Fans all screaming as Andrea Chandler hops down to the floor.)

Bishop: Mary is up and she’s climbing up to the ring apron, but Chandler cuts her off. Mary up on the ring apron and Chandler is on the floor, and Mary trying to kick her away.

Mutt: Andrea so strong, grabs both ankles and….hoists her up…

Bishop: ! ! ! ! ! S P I N E B U S T E R ! ! ! ! !

(Fans all groan as Mary is scooped up from the ring apron to the floor!)

Bishop: Bloody Mary is out!

(Fans all pop as Ana Conda Clotheslines Andrea Chandler!)

Mutt: And Monet is just stunned, it all happened so fast….

Bishop: Rekka Sakura breaking from Marissa, and now rushing over to break up the brawl. Ana Conda stomping away on Chandler, and Rekka with a Dropkick!!

(Fans all pop!)

Mutt: She can’t do that!

Bishop: Rekka Sakura is all business, and now, she’s ordering both Monet and Chandler onto the ring apron as she returns to the count.

Sakura: ….2………………….3………………..4….

(Fans all stomping their feet as Heidi Leick reaches for the ring apron.)

Mutt: Andrea Chandler stomping her feet as Heidi gropes for the ring apron.

Sakura: ……………6………………..7……………

Bishop: Mary is still out, and Heidi is up to her feet!

(Fans chant: ……………..8……………9………….10!)


(The fans all pop as Rekka Sakura points to both Chandler and Monet.)

Bishop: What does this mean? Sakura hasn’t made a ruling to Spud.

Mutt: Well, she wants Andrea and Monet in the ring, and the wounded Chandler must confront Marissa Monet all by herself! (The Dawg Pound applauds as both ladies encircle one another.)

Bishop: Collar and Elbow, no! Marissa with Kickboxing strikes to the ribs of Chandler. Andrea ducks the swipe at her head as she ducks through the ring ropes.

Mutt: They don’t have much time left, and Chandler is looking antsy.

Spud: 20 minutes have gone by in the 30 minute time limit.

Bishop: Rekka Sakura allowing for another tie up, and now Marissa with hard Kicks to the chest and rib area! Andrea backing off and Monet taking her time.

Mutt: Andrea slow to tie up and Monet with a Roundhouse Kick…

Bishop: To the head!

(Fans all groan as Chandler spins to the canvas.)

Bishop: Marissa immediately with a Double Leg pickup into a stepover toe hold and falls atop Andrea’s back for some kind of Crossface or something….

(Fans all stand as Andrea reaches for the ropes.)

Mutt: No, it’s a Cobra Clutch! Constrictor! Constrictor!

Bishop: That’s Medusa Rage’s old hold!

(Fans all screaming as Rekka Sakura slides into position.)

Bishop: She’s all up into Andrea Chandler’s face.

Mutt: And if she says I give just for a little bit, Chandler is done!

(Fans cheer as Andrea Chandler clutches at the hands in despair.)

Bishop: Monet trying to improve her ring positioning, and Chandler is waving her arms, trying to remain conscious!!

Mutt: But she’s be asleep in a minute.

Bishop: Hold on, Heidi Leick is up to her feet on the floor, and she’s got her Singapore Cane.

(The Dawg Pound applauds as Chandler taps the bottom ring rope.)


(Fans all boo as Rekka Sakura lays in the count.)

Bishop: Monet finally releasing, and Sakura pulling Monet by the hair!

(Fans all whistle as Monet stands up to her feet.)

Bishop: Rekka and Monet exchanging words as Monet picks up Chandler. She’s woozy and Monet nails away with another Martial Arts kick!

Mutt: Andrea flies into the near corner, and she’s in trouble. Marissa Monet now, measuring her and charges….


(Fans all cheer as Chandler grabs the bottom rope for support.)

Bishop: Monet was caught by surprise, and now, Monet is up to her feet!

Spud: 5 minutes remaining in the 30 minute time limit

Bishop: Monet with a Frontface lock, and forcing Andrea up to her feet. Marissa hoisting her up high….

(Ringsiders pop as Marissa Monet walks around with her.)

Mutt: G O U R D B U S T E R !

(Dawg Pound barks as Monet turns her over for the cover.)

Sakura: 1………………………2…………….no!

Mutt: She’s working on that injured neck and back of Andrea Chandler. She’s trying to execute the final blow to take her out.

Bishop: Marissa complaining about the count, and Rekka Sakura slaps her?!

(Fans all pop as Monet shakes her head.)

Bishop: Marissa feeling the time, hoisting up Andrea….

Mutt: And Chandler with a European Uppercut!

(Fans all groan as Monet’s head snaps back.)

Bishop: Chandler fighting for dear life as she actually pushes into Monet. Monet with forearms to the weakened back, and Chandler with a low blow!

(Mixed cheers as Andrea rubs her arm.)

Mutt: Ana Conda up on the ring apron, and she’s incensed!

Bishop: Vice President Kirby Leufroy is coming down to ringside, and Heidi is waving over to Chandler.

Mutt: Andrea pointing out to Ana Conda, and Rekka warning her…

Bishop: Andrea Chandler shoving Monet into the near ropes. .


(Fans boo as Marissa Monet stumbles, clutching her head.)

Bishop: Chandler with a pickup and a Gutwrench Suplex!! The cover.

(Fans all on their feet as the referee Rekka Sakura slides into position.)

Sakura: 1……………………..2…………………kick out!

Mutt: Andrea with a pickup and Monet with an Inside Cradle!?!?!

Sakura: 1………………………


Kick out! (Fans all applaud as Monet easily kicks out.)

Mutt: Time is fleeting, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing is called a draw.

Bishop: Andrea Chandler hoisting up the 6 foot giantess sideways and stumbles across the ring…..Backbreaker! Monet groaning as Andrea falls back into the near ropes, measures her and….NAILS the Kneedrop!

(Fans all whistle as Monet clutches her head.)

Spud: 60 seconds remain! 1 minute left!

Bishop: Chandler is desperate for a win. Chandler with a Double Leg pickup and Grapevines the legs….

(Fans all stand as Chandler tries to flip Monet over.)

Mutt: Dividend Scorpion Death Lock!

(Fans all Whistle as Marissa Monet shakes her head no.)

Mutt: Monet actually fighting out of it! She’s pushing up out of it and crawling toward the ring ropes…

Bishop: Andrea hasn’t inflicted enough damage to that back!

(Dawg Pound whistles as Monet hooks the ropes.)

Mutt: Andrea immediately releasing and stomps away on Monet. Monet slow to her feet and Andrea nailing away with Euro Uppercuts.

Bishop: Andrea with a Frontface lock, but Monet shoving Chandler to the mat!

Spud: 30 seconds!

Bishop: Chandler up to her feet, and Monet with a Drag Screw Leg Whip!

Mutt: But Chandler immediately into the ropes. Monet with a pickup and slaps Andrea’s head between her legs…

(Fans all pop as Andrea applies a Double Leg takedown.)

Bishop: Andrea clutching her back, and Monet up to her feet! Monet trying to apply a Standing Crossface, but Chandler counters with a facebuster!

Mutt: But Monet isn’t down, she staggers backwards and Chandler bends her over, arms between the legs.

(Fans all cheer as Chandler looks around the arena.)

Bishop: Pumphandle…..AND SLAM!

(Fans all pop as Andrea Chandler makes the cover.)

Spud: 10 seconds! Sakura: ………………………1


……………………………! ((Fans all screaming as Marissa slips the shoulder out.))

Bishop: Chandler arguing with Rekka Sakura, and she slaps Andrea! (Fans all pop!)

Bishop: Andy with a pickup and slaps on a Frontface lock…

Mutt: D D T ! (Fans all cheering as Rekka Sakura slides into position.)

Sakura: …………..1



(Fans all whistle as Andrea shakes her head.)

Bishop: Andrea can’t believe it!

Mutt: Andrea with a pickup and applies a Waistlock….

Bishop: But Monet Headbutts her! And now Monet with a Double Arm Underhook…TIGER DRIVER POWERBOMB! (Fans all stand as Monet quickly picks up Andrea Chandler.)

Mutt: Time! Time!

Bishop: Monet slapping her hands around the head of Chandler, and Andrea Waistlock….Belly to Belly Suplex!


(Fans all stand and applaud as Marissa Monet gets up to her knees.)

Bishop: Ana Conda called for a stretcher as Mary is being carried out of here.

Mutt: And Heidi Leick reaching into the ring for Chandler and pulls her out. Chandler is hurt, and Monet looks like she could go another 15 minutes.

Bishop: That’s because Chandler was attacked earlier. She’s got a neck injury.

Mutt: VP Leufroy looking on as Spud makes the call. Spud: Wrestling fans, at 30 minutes even, this match is ruled a draw!

(Fans chant: 5 more minutes! 5 more minutes!)

Bishop: The Syndicate is quickly leaving ringside and Marissa Monet standing tall in the ring.

(Ringsiders stand and applaud Andrea Chandler as she passes by.)

Bishop: Well, this thing is over. It has been a disastrous evening…

Mutt: With nothing accomplished! What has this match accomplished!

Bishop: Fans, we’ll see you next week. From all of us at Grand Dragon, we’ll see ya Tues day!

CREDITS A Furious Styles Production: Grand Dragon Wrestling Alliance

(As the cameras go off, Vice President Leufroy enters the ring and grabs a mic.)

Bishop: Our Vice President is in the ring?

Mutt: What could this be all about?

(Fans who were leaving return to their seats as Leufroy looks on.)

Leufroy: Next week, on the Catfight, we will have an announcement regarding the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE and that is a promise!

(Fans all pop!)

Bishop: WoW! Fans, see ya next week.

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