What is Dream?

Dream is not really an e-fed. If that’s what you’re hoping to find, you may be disappointed.

Dream is a collaborative story where we take everyone’s characters and give them an outlet to write their story and then each episode will result in a match or two as we tell these stories.

Dream is not meant to be competitive. If competition is what you want, you’re probably in the wrong spot.

Dream is not going to begin for a while. I want to complete all my promised projects first then devote myself exclusively to Dream which will become Splat’s main product.

So what exactly is Dream?

Let’s say you join a fed. You create a character and put them in the ring. What is their story? What separates them from someone else? Who are they outside of the ring? What brought them here? Why do they want to be a wrestler? This is the story that Dream wants to tell. Yes, there will be matches but the story doesn’t necessarily have to be about the match.

What if instead of creating a wrestling show, we create a show about people who dream of becoming wrestlers?

Instead of handlers, we are writers.

I will be responsible for putting these shows together. You are responsible for creating your character’s backstory. You are responsible for collaborating with other writers whose characters are also a part of this story. You may be given a direction by myself, if I see something potential in what you’re doing or I think something would make for a great story.

Imagine during the middle of a match, we flashback to an important moment in one of the competitors life to explain why they were able to come back and kick out of their opponents finisher, a scene that explains the drive to go on.

We can acknowledge that wrestling is about personas and that behind the scenes, we aren’t necessarily the personas we play in the ring.

Instead of everything being seen on camera for a wrestling crowd, we see moments away from the ring. Two handlers working together to create a story that will be told. As a handler, imagine molding your character not only in front of the camera, but behind the scenes as well.

I vision it being like that. Everyone writes something about their wrestler. They can submit solo efforts, or work with others to create a moment or a conflict. Perhaps the fed head secretly lets one of the handlers in on something that will happen down the road so they can start preparing the way.

I picture as a combination of a wrestling show mixed with CD pieces to create a drama.

It’s not something you can join and just expect things to happen. You have to want to write. You have to want to cooperate. It’s not about winning and losing. It’s about creating a story.

I feel in order for this to work, I would need writers instead of handlers. The world we create would have to live inside a bubble that does not acknowledge anything beyond the world being created. The characters being used should be new characters and exclusive to the story. They don’t have to be rookies, they can be veterans. But they should only exist in this world and are not used in other feds. Or, if they are used in other feds, we will not acknowledge that part of their life in this environment. As with other stories, characters would come and go. Because the story is self contained, there would be no need for Twitter, so I imagine using something like Discord or Google Docs to create and then myself as the gamesmaster would piece everything together into a story then place the result in the appropriate location on the forum.

This would in no way be something that could be competitive, but cooperative.

This would make a great vehicle for someone who loves to create CDs for their characters. I feel normal characters would work best. I’d want to avoid vampires and superheroes and the like, but let’s take a normal person who’s dream it is to become a wrestler, find out why and give them that chance.

It will be many months before the first episode of Dream is completed, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot start now. Create your character. Flesh out their background. Write their backstory. Don’t just write a bio. Write the story. You can do it in one document or over the course of many documents. But begin by telling us the history of your character and why they chose this path.

Everyone will get a private forum in which to create that is only seen by themselves and by me. There will also be public forums in which you can collaborate or if you have a solo venture that occurs in a public setting.

A couple of rules that would have to be in place:

Anything that happens in private setting is private. Even when it’s used in an episode, it’s not something the public would have knowledge of. Do not use someone’s private story or make it about your character without their permission.

If two characters post something in a public forum, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s open for all. If you see something and determine you may want to use that, then you need to address it with the director (myself)

As the director, I may steer particular characters in a specific direction. How your character reacts or responds is entirely up to you.

We have some time. I think this is an idea that could work with the right people involved. I would like to start with 10 characters. There will also be two characters, possibly more characters that are under my control. The promoter, the trainer and possibly other office staff or referees.

The forum is created. You can create your account on the forum now. Once created, create the outline of your character. Once approved, your private forum will be set up and this is for you to begin writing your backstory (or even part of your current story). Once the story begins, parts of your backstory will be used to explain your character and then writing will continue in present time.

It’s an idea.

I have no idea if it would work.

I take that back, I feel with the proper writers, it could really work.

I guess the question is if there are enough people who would want to try and make something like this work.

If you’d like to know more, these are the steps.

  1. DM @wearesplat on Twitter or on Splat’s Discord. If after discussing it you still want to participate, then we will provide the link to the forum.
  2. Register on the forum. 
  3. Once I activate you, you can create your character. It’s very basic. Name, age, physical description and what role you want to play.
  4. Then I’ll create your workspace so you can start writing. The more you write ahead of the start of the season, the more material we have to feature your character in the series.

How much you are featured during the show depends on how much you write. This is why we are looking for folks who want to write. Consider this similar to a television show where you will not only see what happens in the ring, but outside of the ring as well. We are looking for those willing to collaborate on scenes. 

Right now we have two spots left for trainees. We have ten spots available for already active wrestlers. One wrestler will begin the show as the champion of Dream. That determination will be made after everyone’s backstory is written. Until the show begins, you do have the option to swap roles if you decide and there are still spots open. 

The show will have seasons. After each season, inactive players will be dropped and we will make room for additional players similar to television shows that do the same. 

This will be an ongoing environment. The backstory is only part of what is needed. As shows air, then handlers will begin to craft responses to the episode for the next episode.  There will be a few weeks of a break between seasons to allow everyone to rest and recharge and to begin to craft the stories for the following season. 

Understand, this is not meant to be a competitive environment. It’s meant to be collaborative. It’s all about the story. And everyone’s story will be heard.

Anyone willing to write is welcome.