OWA Champion Amazon Woman defends her title against the Internet Champion; OWA Tag Team Titles are defended; Nightmare faces Ricky Blood in a champion vs. champion match; 8 person Lotto Match

“You okay, boss?” Dunk asks as he is stretching out before his match. “Perfect,” I respond as I nod in his direction and move back to my office. My fucking heart feels like it’s going to pound right out of my chest and I’m sweating like I’ve spent the last hour in a goddamned sauna. I sit down and lean back. I take a deep breath and I curse underneath it as I let it out. This pay-per-view is going to be the death of me.  

I’m not worried about it technically, the network sent over their best team to put on the production even if none of them have ever seen a fucking pro wrestling show in their life. At least every named graphic is spelled correctly, I made sure of that. As long as they don’t use the wrong name for the wrong wrestler, we should be okay. 

At least if this one goes well, we will make enough money for the next one. 

Let’s just hope this one goes well, and I don’t have a fucking heart attack before the end of the show.  

There’s a knock on his door and as he looks up and sees a familiar female wrestler in his door way, he gives her an odd glance. “We need to talk,” she says to him as she steps in and closes the door. 


The live crowd is in a frenzy as the fifth of five dark matches are nearing their conclusion. Denise Duncan just powerslammed the hell out of Heavy Metal. The metal head is nearing the end of his run in the OWA and this will put an exclamation point on his departure. The previous three matches saw Phantom defeat Sabin Figaro, Jason the Terrible defeat Dark Death, Anthony Hazard beat Italian Stud and Big Dawg Rich defeat TapeWorm Terrence who is also on his way out. Meanwhile in the ring, Duncan lifts up Metal and places him on the top turnbuckle and she climbs up for what looks to me a superplex, however as she falls back, she drops him right on his head for more of a brainbuster type move and with that she gets the three count and the referee raises her hand victorious as she gains her first victory in the OWA. Myers announces her as the winner, then adds that the pay-per-view portion of the show is about to begin. 

The production team is preparing to go live as the producer points to Ed Bagel to get his attention and gives him the countdown while the opening sequence of the show is finally broadcast on pay-per-view. Ed Bagel is at ringside sitting at a folding table along with the timekeeper of tonight’s show. “Welcome live on pay-per-view to Wintertime Massacre. This crowd is electric and have already enjoyed a few matches before we went live on the air and they are now ready for the main portion of the show! I’m Ed Bagel and I’ll be taking you step by step through tonight’s show. All matches are sanctioned by the OWA and the Maryland State Athletic Commission.” Ed runs down the remaining matches that will be seen on the live telecast before throwing it to the ring and to Myers Watterson. 

Champion vs. Champion: Ricky Blood vs. Nightmare 

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Wintertime Massacre!” The Meadowlands are mostly full, there are still some filing into the auditorium but everyone seems excited to be a part of the evening’s festivities. “Our first match on today’s card is a champion versus champion match and will unify the North American championship with the Tennessee State championship. Coming down the aisle, hailing from San Diego California, he is the brand new North American Champion. Please welcome Ricky Blood! Blood!” Ricky Blood comes through the makeshift curtain with the championship around his waist. The crowd goes nuts for his entrance and start to chant his name. As he makes his way to ringside, he stops where Ed Bagel is located and Ed rises to hold the mic as Blood addresses the crowd. 

“The Family plans on ruling the OWA.” The crowd picks up a “Family” chant. “Pretty Boy Monty, Devastator, Rocket and Phantom. As far as tag teams go Pretty Boy and Rocket or the team of Devastator and Phantom will capture the tag belts. Amazon Woman, Pretty Boy Monty is not done with you. He is the best Champion the OWA has ever seen. Pretty Boy Monty will take the belt from you. Now that I have the North American Championship, we are stronger than ever! We will always be watching each other’s backs. If someone tries to jump us they will suffer to the hands of The Family. To all the Champions don’t try to dodge us or you will be in a lot of pain.” Ricky wraps up his speech, “We will continue to dominate the OWA and there’s nothing you can do to stop us!” 

Ricky Blood slides into the ring and hops up in the middle, removing the belt from around his waist and holding it high in the air to the delight of the fans. “Ricky Blood with a word of warning to the other competitors. We haven’t seen much from the collective known as The Family since we have expanded, but they are putting the word out that they are still around and not to be taken lightly,” Ed explains as he sits back down at the ringside table. 

“And his opponent, he is the Tennessee State Champion. He comes to you by way of Parts Unknown. This is Nightmare! Nightmare!” Nightmare comes down the aisle and stops to threaten a few fans before he steps up into the ring. He removes his cape. His mask is completely black except for the large letter N that is stitched into each side of his mask in deep red. Myers announces, “Both titles are on the line, winner takes all. In addition, the winner of this match will also receive a championship match in our main event. One fall to a finish.” He finishes his introductions and moves to leave the ring, leaving the wrestlers to confer with the official before collects both titles and sends them back to their corners. The referee places the North American title over the Tennessee title and raises them both over his head before handing them off to Myers at ringside who places them on the announce table. The referee calls for the bell. 

Nightmare is jawing with some fans at ringside and when he turns back, Ricky blood is already there. He kicks the masked man in the gut, doubling him over and steps over him wrapping arm around his waist and lifts him up and falls backwards with a devastating piledriver! “Nightmare was not prepared in the least for this contest,” Ed says as Ricky Blood covers Nightmare and gets the pinfall. “Are you kidding me?” Ed exclaims as Myers announces, “Winner of the match in twelve seconds and the unified North American Champion, Ricky Blood!” 

Ed is still in sell mode here as he continues to commentate, “Ricky Blood just defeated long time Tennessee Champion, Nightmare in twelve second and he will come back at the end of the night and challenge Amazon Woman for the OWA Championship. You have got to be kidding me right now.” In the ring, Nightmare is starting to rise, glancing around trying to figure out what hit him as Ricky Blood stands on the second turnbuckle holding up both belts as the fans chant his name once again. “Hold on one second, coming to the ring,” the fans erupt louder as Amazon Woman steps through the curtain with her championship draped over her shoulder. “Amazon Woman is coming to the ring.” She steps into the ring as Nightmare is being helped from the ring. “Ricky Blood turns around and finally sees the champion.” Blood steps down looking surprised to see the champ already in the ring. He walks over to her and some words are exchanged between the two, though they don’t seem to be heated in the least and Amazon Woman offers a handshake, “She just wished Ricky Blood good luck tonight.” Blood shakes her hand and then she leaves the ring. “That match is coming in our main event. Before that however, we have the battle of the “Pretty Boy”s. Let’s see how we came to this point.” 

Johnny Stallion vs. Pretty Boy Monty 

There’s a brief video package that plays describing the conflict between Johnny Stallion and Pretty Boy Monty with a voiceover who states that when the match is over, only one will be allowed to use the name “Pretty Boy”. The scene shifts back to the ring. 

The bell rings and inside the ring, Myers Watterson is in the center holding his cue cards and his microphone. The referee is nearby as are the two wrestlers involved in this contest. “Ladies and gentlemen, this match is schedule for one fall. The stipulation is that the winner of the fall will retain exclusive rights to use the nickname “Pretty Boy” in the OWA with the loser forfeiting those rights. In the red corner, he comes to you from Tallahassee, Florida. He is a member of the community known as The Family. Here is Pretty Boy.. Monty! Monty!” No last name was ever given for Pretty Boy Monty. No quotations were ever used in his name, so perhaps his first name is Pretty and his last name is Monty. “And in the blue corner, he comes to you from Cheyenne Wyoming. Welcome to the ring, “Pretty Boy” Johnny Stallion!”  

As Myers finishes his introductions, the referee waits for each wrestler to look ready for a fight before he calls for the bell. “This match has a rather unique stipulation. Both Monty and Stallion came to the OWA using the moniker of “Pretty Boy” and it seems that over time, it’s become a bitter pill to swallow for the two competitors and they are willing to put it on the line in a one on one encounter,” explains Ed as the two slowly circle the ring.  

“One might think it’s a petty argument, however it has been their identity since the beginning of their careers and to lose that identity means starting over. The two finally lock up, no wait, Stallion grabs a leg and Monty falls back on the mat. A little flexing by Stallion and then he tells this capacity crowd that he’s the smarter of the two,” he does this by pointing to his head in a bit of an exaggerated manner. Monty sits up and then gets to his feet, shaking his head at Stallion. “Okay, this time they lock up for real and Monty pushes Stallion back into the corner. Monty attempts a hip toss, but Stallion grabs the ropes, blocking the move and then he gives Monty a huge push, sending the wrestler sprawling to the mat.” Stallion turns to the audience and lets them know that he has this one in the bag. “I’m the real “Pretty Boy!” he yells before turning back to the ring. “Monty knows it’s early in the match, so he isn’t quite as frustrated as one might think,” Ed says as Monty and Stallion lock up for a second time. 

“This time Stallion pushes Monty into the corner and he hip tosses Monty out of the corner but Monty lands on his feet,” Monty spins around and Stallion charges out of the corner, Monty ducks a clothesline and as Stallion comes off the ropes, “Back drop by Monty and Stallion leaps to his feet only to get nailed by a drop kick and Stallion rolls out to the floor to get a bit of a breather.” 

On the outside, Stallion slams his hands to the mat in frustration. The fans are giving him hell as he turns to tell them to shut up and Monty reaches over the top rope and grabs a handful of Stallion’s hair, pulling him up on the apron, “Monty suplexes Stallion into the ring. Cover, but only a two count and Stallion is begging off now.” Monty slowly approaches the pleading wrestler who appears to be praying for his life to be spared. As Monty gets closer, “Trip by Stallion and he has him cradled with his feet on the ropes!” The referee starts to count and after the second, notices the feet on the ropes and pushes Stallion over and begins to warn him about breaking the rules. 

Stallion gets to his feet and tries to talk himself out of this situation, turning around into a kick to the gut by Monty, “Sunset flip by Pretty Boy Monty,” as the referee falls to count, Monty puts his own feet on the second rope for leverage, this time the ref doesn’t see it and he counts Stallion out! 

“Monty’s feet were on the ropes, but as they say turnabout is fair play.” Ed with these words of wisdom as Myers announce the winner, “Winner of the match and exclusive owner of the name “Pretty Boy”, Pretty Boy Monty!” Monty has since rolled outside the ring and the referee has to reach through the ropes to raise his hand while Stallion looks on in shock that he has lost this match in such a fashion. “They say cheaters never win, but if both competitors are cheaters, someone’s bound to win. Stallion was certainly outsmarted on this one. Before we go to our next match, let’s hear some pre-recorded comments from the Femme Fatale.” 

Vignette: Femme Fatale 

As the tape begins, Traci and Denise sit in Lane’s plushy-decorated study, sipping a glass of Burgundy. A flaming log crackles in a nearby fireplace. A television monitor sits to Traci’s left. 

Traci looks at the camera, “Well, it had to happen, I suppose. Having the Black Widow as OWA Champion wouldn’t have been quite as customer-friendly as Steroid Woman, so they’ve taken key steps to ensure that I stay only a contender. Just when I think things are well under control, that freak of nature hits me with her running powerslam–but even so, with my foot on the ropes, the ref counts me out. Don’t believe me? Let’s see the film.” 

Traci hits the play button on the VCR, and the camera closes in. As Amazon Woman plants the powerslam and goes for the cover, Traci’s leg raises and slides over the bottom rope. The ref’s view of this is obscured by Amazon’s bulk, and he slaps the mat a third time as Traci kicks out.  

The view returns to Traci, who smiles slightly, “Amazon Woman, put down your hypodermic long enough to listen. You got lucky. VERY lucky. I was closing in and you know it. A blind referee may have cost me THAT match, but it won’t happen again. I want you. Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere. And I GUARANTEE that history won’t be repeated. I’ll plant you with my Widow’s Bite and have that belt to put over my mantle. And if you duck me,” Traci’s smile turns menacing, “You will regret it worse than any other decision you’ve made.” Traci nods toward Denise. “Now as I recall, the Femme Fatales have another situation to deal with: “The Family”. Ricky Blood and Big Dawg have a strange desire to be beaten to within an inch of their lives. I mean, why else would they issue a challenge to the deadliest duo in the OWA?” Traci turns to her friend. “Denise, explain to them exactly what they’re in for.” 

Denise give a little smirk as she begins, “Big Dawg — what kind of a name is that? Does that describe the way you look or the stench you give off? Ricky Blood. Is that supposed to intimidate someone? The two of you must either crazy or masochists. That’s the only possible explanation. The Black Widow and I are going to beat on you until your bones ache. All the Nuprin in the world won’t alleviate the pain from the beating you’re going to receive. I truly hope you get lots of bandages and splints for Christmas, boys. You’re going to need them.” 

Traci nods to Denise and turns back to the camera, “And Ricky Blood is our new North American Champion. Congratulations are in order, I suppose–but only in that you’ve made our hit list. And Denise has something special she’d like to share with Mr. Blood.” 

Denise turns from Traci back to the camera with a death glare, “Ricky, you’ve got a chance to save yourself a lot of pain and agony. After Traci and I get through beating up you and Big Dawg, and you find out firsthand just how deadly I can be, you can just mail me that little old belt. No one will blame you. I mean, once I’ve got you up on the top rope and I drop you on your head, your career will be over. So be smart, Ricky.” 

The expression on both of their faces turn from serious to a more cheerful posture, as Traci begins to wind down the recording, “So, as the year winds to a close, I offer this: the Femme Fatales are here to dominate every facet of this league, and whether it’s Steroid Woman, or Ricky Blood, or that repulsive “Big Dawg”, we’re coming at you with everything we’ve got–which is more than you’ll EVER have. And Denise, what’s Santa leaving in your stocking this year?” she asks as she turns to ask Denise. 

Denise gives a little chuckle, “I’ve been a VERY good girl this year. I’m sure Santa will leave me something nice — if he knows what’s good for him. And for the Femme Fatales in the New Year? It’s going to be all Champagne and gold for us, and coal for the rest of the league.” The two lean in to clink their glasses of wine together as they say in unison, “Merry Christmas!” 

Interview: Amazon Woman 

When the recording is over, Ed Bagel is standing at ringside and next to him is the OWA Champion, Amazon Woman. She hasn’t yet dressed down for her match, wearing an OWA T-shirt with the sleeves cut off, along with blue jeans and boots on her feet. She looks a little disgruntled having heard the words of the Femme Fatale, Traci Lane in particular. Ed turns to her, “You just heard the words of the Femme Fatale. Traci Lane is disputing your victory over her last week. Amazon Woman.” 

The crowd is chanting “Amazon! Amazon!” and she pauses allowing those chants to be heard to the television audience. “Ed Bagel. We haven’t known each other that long, but I think we have developed a rapport, wouldn’t you say?” She’s certainly wearing her mask as she usually does to protect her identity. Ed nods his head at her questions, “I would say so, yes of course.”  

She nods her head, “Have you ever seen me duck a challenge in my career? I know you follows wrestling before you became the expert announcer that you currently are. Have you ever seen me duck an opponent?” Ed shakes his head, “I haven’t. Not once.” Amazon Woman reaches around and unhooks the OWA Championship belt that was around her waist and she hold it out towards the camera, “Traci Lane, tonight I have bigger fish to fry than you. Ricky Blood, the North American Champion has earned himself a title shot. You? I gave you a title shot because you challenged me and I never refuse a challenge. I didn’t give you a title shot because you earned it. You were a tough opponent and perhaps your foot was on the rope. That’s the way things go. Do you know how many matches I’ve lost because the referee wasn’t where he should have been? Plenty. But as for another title shot? There are others in line before you, but trust me, I will get back to you when you have earned your shot. You want to stoop to calling me names? You know exactly where I am, each and every night of the week.” She places the title over her shoulder and then points to the ring, “I’m in that ring day in and day out, fighting the best of the best and still coming out a the OWA Champion. All you have to do is come out and call me those names to my face and you’ll be drinking your next glass of wine out of a straw.” 

The crowd ‘ooos’ at the words of the champ, “As for Ricky Blood. Good luck tonight. I am not letting this title go without a fight. I hope you’re up for it.” She turns and waves to the crowd before heading up the aisle, and Ed takes the floor again. “Your OWA Champion, everyone. Amazon Woman. Let’s go to the ring.” 

Demon Knight vs. TigerLily 

 “This match is one fall with a fifteen minute time limit.” Myers begins after the ringing of the bell. “Introducing first, in the red corner. She hails from “wherever she damn well pleases.” She is a former OWA Champion, a former OWA Tag Team Champion. This is TigerLily!” The crowd is mixed in their reaction to the former tag team partner of Amazon Woman. TigerLily turned on Amazon Woman after she won the OWA Championship and had to vacate the Tag Team Championship which infuriated TigerLily which resulted in a white hot feud that raged on for months. However in recent weeks, TigerLily has softened her stance a little and the fans are trying to determine exactly where she stands. “And her opponent, coming to you from Parts Unknown. In the blue corner, this is Demon Knight! Knight!” As the fans boo the masked grappler, he turns and gives an unpleasant gesture before removing his cape and setting around the ringpost. “Demon Knight having a rough outing last week on OWA Championship Wrestling against Big Dawg Rich, but he has a chance to redeem himself in this match against a former OWA Champion.” Ed states as the two wrestlers walk to the center of the ring. 

The referee give them instruction. Instructions they have probably heard hundreds of times in their career, but if the two wrestlers are listening, they don’t give any indication as they just stare at each other as if wishing the worst that could happen to them. Referee directs them back to their corner and Demon Knight turns around, TigerLily reaches up and grabs the back of his mask and pulls him back, as he lands flat on his back and she goes for the cover, but the referee waves it off as he hasn’t called for the bell. Not that it matters because Knight has already kicked out and Lily reaches down and places her fingers into the eye holes of Knight’s mask and he screams out as Lily yells for the referee to ring the fucking bell. He obliges then begins to count, as Lily releases the mask and Knight rolls away from her and to the outside to try and catch a break, but she quickly goes out after him.  

She grabs his mask with both hands and slams his head into the ring apron as the referee leans through the ropes and yells at her to get it back into the ring. She flips him off as she slams Knight’s head into the ring again. Fortunately, the censors are working properly, ensuring the fans at home are not treated to Lily’s vulgarities. She rolls him back into the ring, yet keeps a hold of his head and she struggle with his mask, “TigerLily on a rampage here as she, what is it she’s trying to do.” The camera changes to a different view as Knight sits up and everyone sees that she has turned his mask around on his head so the eyeholes are in the side of his head. “Knight cannot see anything going on right now. He’s trying to fix his mask, and the referee is giving TigerLily a stern warning about her actions.”  

TigerLily climbs up onto the apron and then up to the second turnbuckle and strikes a pose briefly before jumping back into the ring. However, as she lands she immediately falls and grabs onto her ankle, screaming out. “TigerLily was certainly having fun with Demon Knight, but it looks like the fun and games are over.” Knight has fixed his mask and even with the mask on, the expression on his face can only show fans just how pissed he is at being embarrassed. “The referee is over near Lily asking if she wants to stop this match. She may very well have broken her ankle.” Demon Knight moves over and pushes the referee out of the way and reaches down and grabs that ankle, pulling TigerLily into the center of the ring. “He drops an elbow on her ankle, then gets up, and drops it again. He’s just punishing her now. The referee may need to consider stopping this match before something more permanent happens here.”  

Knight lays back and places that ankle against his knee and pulls back hard with both of his hands, bending that joint as TigerLily screams out in pain. Several blank spots are placed into the broadcast as the profanity laced tirade of TigerLily is heard throughout the audience as fans begin to boo the actions of the masked man. 

He releases the hold and stands up and places the flat of his foot on that ankle and puts all of his weight on it, causing yet another round of screams to come from the female athlete as she tries to scoot back away from the pain. “This match has certainly taken a dark turn here as Demon Knight works on that damaged ankle now.” It’s apparently that the damage inflicted on TigerLily’s ankle is weighing on her as she just falls back onto the mat. “She may have passed out here,” the referee is checking on her and he gets no response from her and he calls for the bell, but Knight continues to stand on that ankle.  

“Winner of the match in eleven minutes and five seconds by referee’s decision, Demon Knight!” Demon Knight finally steps off her ankle and he slides out of the ring. He grabs a chair from underneath Myers, causing the ring announcer to stand, and then snatches the mic from his hand as he slides back into the ring. With the mic in hand, he directs these comments to TigerLily who is starting to blink her eyes open. “I don’t care what you’ve done in this business, lady, but you sure as hell aren’t going to embarrass me. Nobody embarrasses me and gets away with it.” He drops the mic and takes that chair and places her leg in between it. He climbs onto the second turnbuckle and comes off with a stomp on that chair and immediately TigerLily’s eyes get wide as she screams out loud! The crowd is getting pissed as well as Demon Knight goes back to the turnbuckle, “If that ankle wasn’t broken now, it certainly is now and he’s going to do it again.” However there’s a slow ripple of cheers from the fans that grow louder and louder as Anthony Hazard runs from the back and slides under the ropes and stands, then attacks Demon Knight, sending him over the ropes and out onto the floor. 

Knight takes the tumble and stands, pointing at Hazard as he slowly moves to the back. The referee is waving for help as a stretcher is rolled down to ringside. “We hate to see this sort of thing here in the OWA. It’s bad enough when someone is hurt accidently, which is what initially happened. But when you intentionally harm someone or try to cripple someone, there’s no room for that in pro wrestling.” 

The paramedics are loading TigerLily gingerly onto the stretcher as she holds her head. The camera barely manages to pick up her telling them to get her the fuck out of here. “Obviously upset at this turn of events, understandingly so,” Ed comments as they slowly wheel her around the ring and up the ramp. Wrestlers for the next match are already making their way to ringside and Colt stops on his way down to speak with Hazard and shaking his hand before heading to the ring. “We do have to keep the show going here, but you can see some of the wrestlers taken back by what has happened here and I don’t doubt that Demon Knight will be on someone’s radar in the near future for his actions tonight.” The crowd has picked up a “Lily” chant that becomes loud increasing in volume until it’s practically deafening.  

“This capacity crowd giving their respect for the veteran here tonight. It certainly looks as if all of our competitors are in the ring, let’s take it to Myers Watterson.” The bell rings. 

8-Person Elimination Match 

 “The following event is an eight-person elimination match. Results of pinfall, submission, disqualification or countout will result in elimination from the match. The winner is the last person standing. Starting in the red corner and going around the ring let me introduce you to Rocket, Dangerous Dunk, “The Black Widow” Traci Lane, Colt, Gustaffson, Devastator, Cuban Rafter and “The Enforcer”. Winner of this match will get a special opportunity from the promoter at a future event.” The referee points to Rocket and Enforcer and they enter the ring and the bell rings. 

“Two wrestlers are in the ring at a time. I don’t expect to see any saves here as it would be to everyone’s benefit to let someone get eliminated,” remarks Ed as Rocket and Enforcer lock up in the ring. “Whip by Rocket and Enforcer comes off and is nailed right in the mouth with an elbow and Rocket reaches around and tags in Cuban Rafter. Those who have been watching OWA Championship Wrestling might not have seen Rafter before but he has been a part of the OWA for several months now and climbing up in the ranking.” Rafter kicks Enforcer in the gut and then wraps his arms around his waist and lifts him up and down with a gutwrench suplex. “The momentum of that slam propels Enforcer to the ropes and he tags in Dangerous Dunk, who had an excellent showing last month against the OWA Champion Amazon Woman. But as Dunk gets into the ring, Rafter is right there nailing him with a knee lift. Dunk tries to fight back with a punch to Rafter’s gut, but Rafter shrugs it off and drop a hard elbow shot to the back of Dunk’s head. Rafter lifts Dunk up onto the turnbuckle and then hits a superplex!” 

He moves over quickly and tags in Traci Lane who has Dunk set up for the Northern Lights Suplex, “She holds the bridge! And Dunk is out of there.” Referee helps remove Dunk from the ring, “Dangerous Dunk has been eliminated.” 

Rocket hurries in to try and catch Lane off guard but she ducks a clothesline and dropkicks Rocket right in the face. She whips Rocket into the ropes, he ducks a clothesline and come back taking her down with a clothesline of his own. “Lane is down Cover, but only a one count right there.” He pulls her up and whips her into the corner and charges in for a running splash, “Traci slips out of the way and Rocket crashes into the corner, Traci tags in Colt.”  

Colt hits a DDT but only gets a two count. He whips Rocket into the corner, “Traci Lane just pulled down that top rope and Rocket has fallen over the top rope and to the floor. Lane drops down to the floor and she runs Rocket into the ringpost! What a despicable act! Colt is trying to get out to help but the referee finally gets him back and he starts to count.” Colt slips under the rope and moves to make sure Rocket is okay as he points to Lane. The referee’s count is getting closer to ten and Colt finally decides he needs to get inside or get counted out and he slides under the rope at the nine count as the referee calls it. “Rocket has been eliminated by countout.” 

“Traci Lane has an evil grin on her face, looking very proud of her actions.” Colt is certainly pissed at her as he is jawing with her, not paying attention. “Gustaffson is in the ring and coming up behind Colt just pushes him hard into the corner.” The giant grabs him by the hair and takes him into the center of the ring and sets him up. “Piledriver! That’s gotta be it for Colt,” and Ed’s prediction comes true as the referee makes the three count. “Colt has been eliminated by pinfall.” “And we have five remaining in this unique eight person elimination match. Devastator is in for the first time in this match and he drops kicks Gustaffson in the back of the knee and the big guy goes down. Devastator climbing to the second turnbuckle and he leaps off with a stomp to the knee of the big guy.” He reaches over and tags in Cuban Rafter who grabs the legs of the seven footer, crossing the legs and rolling him into a Scorpion Deathlock. “Everyone looks like they were going to run in to break the pin, but they pause. Gus gives it up. The giant has been eliminated.”  

Devastator enters the ring and clobbers Rafter from behind with an axehandle smash before he can release the giant from his hold and Rafter hits the mat. Enforcer reaches down and tags himself in and he runs in but Devastator is waiting on him and takes him down with a clothesline. Devastator pulls him up, but Enforcer reaches up and rakes his eyes, then grabs a headlock, turns away from the ref and jams his thumb right into the masked man’s throat. “Enforcer playing dirty here as he pulls up Devastator and drills him with a piledriver. He covers but only gets a two count,” Ed says as the action continues in the ring. Enforcer reaches over and tags in Traci Lane. Lane comes in and begins to stomp all over Devastator. “Lane pulls up Devastator and holds him high before dropping back into a suplex. She tags back in Enforcer and then holds Devastator up and Enforcer takes to the second turnbuckle and flies off with a clothesline! Cover!” The referee counts out Devastator. “Devastator has been eliminated.” 

“We have seen half of these competitors eliminated as we are down to four, Lane, Enforcer, Colt and Figaro.” Rafter sneaks in behind Enforcer and rolls him up and gets pinned just that quickly. “A very quick pin there by Cuban Rafter and we are down to three. Enforcer is not happy about that one and it is letting every fan know on his way out of the ringside area.” Colt comes in and shoulderblocks Rafter down, then nails him with a high knee to the forehead. Colt is climbing the turnbuckle and comes off with a fistdrop, “But Rafter moves out of the way and Colt smashes his fist against the mat. Rafter quickly tags in Lane, who doesn’t seem happy about coming into this match now that there are only three wrestlers left.  

Lane grabs an arm of Colt and leaps over the top rope and to the floor, releasing his arm and he snaps back onto the mat. She quickly slides back into the ring, “She has him up and she hits him with a swinging neckbreaker! Cover, and Colt is eliminated.” The referee motions that Colt is gone, “Colt has been eliminated,” Myers’ voice is heard over the sound system. Ed pipes back in, “This leaves only Cuban Rafter and Traci Lane to win this match. Rafter knows the score as he runs in to try and catch Lane off guard but she flips him over with a hip toss and tries for an elbowdrop but Rafter rolls out of the way. Drop kick by Rafter, but Lane swats him aside and she reaches down to pull him to his feet, but he trips her and he’s going for the Scorpion Deathlock!” 

Lane struggles to avoid the move, but Rafter is able to flip her over and she cries out in pain. The referee is right there asking if she wants to give up, but she continues to shake her head. “Hold on a sec, Denise Duncan, the second member of the Femme Fatale has come to ringside. She’s slapping her hands on the mat as Lane slowly makes her way to the ropes and grabs the bottom one, forcing the referee to break the hold. “Lane is hurting here as Rafter releases her and then tries to pull her up. Hold on, Lane with a cradle!” Referee counts to two and Rafter shifts his weight, rolling them both over until Lane is pinned and the referee counts to three and the bell rings. “Rafter pinned Lane. Rafter wins the match!” Myers confirms that by announcing to the crowd, “Winner of the match, Cuban Rafter!” 

However, as quickly as Lane is pinned, Denise Duncan slides herself into the ring and nails Rafter with a clothesline. “The Femme Fatale certainly don’t seem to appreciate Rafter’s victory as Duncan helps up Lane as they both begin to put the boots to the fallen victor.” Lane moves to the turnbuckle and climbs up to the second rung as Duncan lifts up Rafter and brings him over to her teammate. “Duncan is handing off Rafter to Lane and.. You’ve got to be kidding me. Piledriver from the second turnbuckle.” As soon as Lane hits the move, wrestlers come from the back and the two Femme members hightail it to the back. Colt, Ricky Blood, Firefly and Exterminator charge the ring. “Here comes a host of wrestlers. None of whom are all that friendly with Rafter, but just can’t stand to see a two on one attack like this, especially after a hard fought victory. 

Interview: Josh Brown 

The camera moves away from the ring and the second camera focuses on Ed at ringside who isn’t alone. “Please welcome at this time, a newcomer to the OWA but certainly not a newcomer to professional wrestling. Here is Josh Brown.” 

Josh Brown is wearing jeans and a polo shirt, white in color and dress shoes on his feet. His black hair is slicked back as he nods to Ed, “Thanks, I’m glad to be here. I’ll make this brief as I know the fans aren’t here to hear wrestlers talk but to see wrestlers fight! But I’ll be making my debut soon. I promise you that you haven’t seen anyone with the skill and the talent that I have. I will destroy each opponent that’s placed before me. I am the greatest professional wrestler alive and soon everyone who will have to face me will fear my name. I’m going to start kicking ass and collecting titles, so all of you so-called champions, kiss those title belts goodbye.” Josh points to the entrance where the wrestlers come and go, “I’m going to take this federation by storm and that storm is called Josh Brown. I won’t leave anyone standing who crosses my path. Prepared to be destroyed!” Josh strikes a pose before he moves off camera, “Josh Brown will be competing soon in the rings of the OWA. He’s given everyone fair warning.” Ed has a little smirk on his face as he continues, “Let’s go to the ring.” 

OWA Tag Team Championship: FireFly/Exterminator vs. Fever/Threat 

“Ladies and gentlemen, this match is schedule for the best two out of three falls. It is for the OWA Tag Team Championship.” Myers begins as the crowd starts to get up for this match. “Introducing the challengers located in the red corner, welcome Major Threat and “The Disco Kid” Freddy Fever!” Despite his moniker, Freddy Fever is no kid. The middle aged man dresses out of the seventies with bell bottom wrestling tights, large multicolored feathered boa around his neck and his trademarked pink tinted sunglasses on his face. His long blond hair is pulled back into a ponytail. His tag team partner has chosen a more military look with his camouflaged trunks and military style combat boots.  

They begin to confer with one another as the ring announcer continues, “And in the blue corner, they are the OWA Tag Team Champions of the World. This is FireFly and Exterminator!” FireFly wears a yellow and black mask and yellow and black striped tights. He pulls off his t-shirt and tosses it aside and then removes the title belt from around his waist. Exterminator is attired a little more simply speaking. We doesn’t wear a mask, but has his head shaved bald. He wears black trunks, black knee pads and black boots. He removes his belt and he hands it over to the referee who takes the belts and holds them high in the air, then hands them off to Myers at ringside before he calls for the bell.  

Fever walks over and just spits on FireFly who comes after Fever who quickly pats Major Threat on the back and says, “Go get ‘em,” and Major Threat just gives Fever a look that might say “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” and he steps back into the ring as FireFly tries to get to Fever with the referee pushing him back. “Fever making friends again. It’s a wonder he can keep a tag team partner,” Ed quips as Threat and FireFly lock up. Threat drops down to a knee and tosses FireFly over his shoulder with a fireman’s carry. Threat is up and tries to drop an elbow onto the fallen masked man, but FireFly rolls out of the way. “FireFly giving Threat a few stomps to the head. This is definitely a heated battle as Threat and Fever just annihilated the tag champs a few weeks ago following their championship win.” FireFly rushes over towards Fever to lay him a right, but Fever drops to the floor and obscenely gestures at FireFly when from behind Threat just crashes his body against FireFly sending him crumpling down in a heap in the corner and Threat begins to lay in stomp after stomp. “Fever finally getting back on the ring apron and Threat tags him in. Fever also begins to stomp on FireFly while the referee counts, Threat exits the ring.” 

Fever pulls up FireFly and raises him high and back down to the mat with a giant suplex, then drags him back to his corner and tags in Threat. “Threat with a Camel Clutch. He can finish off FireFly with this move.” Exterminator starts to come into the ring to break it up, but FireFly reaches and grabs the rope and the referee calls for the break. Fever can be heard yelling across the ring, “Stay out of the ring, cheater!” and that draws a chorus of boos from the crowd well aware of Fever’s history. 

Threat tags in Fever, “Quick tags by the challengers here, and that’s a great tag team strategy. FireFly desperately needs to make that tag right now. He’s been pummelled since the beginning of this match.” Fever pushes Fly back into his corner and drives a knee to the gut and then lets him fall to the mat as he climbs up onto the second turnbuckle and flies off with a double axehandle but the crowd erupts as FireFly nails Fever in the gut and he flips over onto his back. The crowd begins to cheer for the champions as FireFly starts to crawl towards his corner and Fever begins to crawl to stop him but to no avail as FireFly slaps hands with his partner and Exterminator leaps into the ring ready to fight. 

“Fever was trying to avoid that and he’s not ready for Exterminator.” Indeed, as Fever stays on his knees and pleads for mercy but will get none as Exterminator moves in and begins to nail Fever in the head several times with a punch. Threat comes in and Exterminator clotheslines him out to the floor. “Exterminator pulls up Fever and drops him right on his head with a devastating DDT and then clamps on the Head Vice!” Exterminator has both hands on Fever’s head and just squeezes as Fever reaches up trying to pry those hands off of his head and finally cannot handle the pain any longer and gives up, as the referee calls for the bell. “Winner of the first fall goes to the champions, FireFly and Exterminator,” announces Myers as Exterminator gives a high five to his partner. Threat rolls into the ring and pulls his partner back to his corner. “Unfortunately for the challengers, Fever has to start the next fall along with the man who just beat him.  

The referee is calling for the bell as the 30 second rest period has elapsed and Exterminator rushes over and pushes Threat off the ring apron, grabbing a hurting Fever and he drags him back into the middle of the ring and clamps on the Head Vice again, “Fever is in agony here and I think he’s about to give it up again, but no! Threat from behind, nailing Exterminator in the back.” The crowd pops however as Exterminator just frowns and turns around and begins to nail Major Threat with right hands, pushing him into the corner. “I don’t think that attack by Threat had any effect on Exterminator, but Freddy is getting to his feet.” Threat falls between the ropes and out to the floor and when Exterminator turns around a loud ‘pop’ is heard as Fever’s foot kicks Exterminator right in the chin. Exterminator’s eye roll back into his head and he falls to the mat and Fever desperately falls on him as the referee counts to three. “Freddy Fever’s Disco Kick is certainly no laughing matter. I’ve not seen anyone kick out after he hits that move,” Ed says as Myers nearly interrupts him. “Winner of the second fall, tying this up at one fall each, Major Threat and Freddy Fever.” 

“And that’s how quickly the tide can turn in a match like this,” Ed says, as he voice seems to gain an octave in the excitement of the match. Fever is crawling back to his corner as Exterminator just lies there on the mat and the referee is trying to make sure he’s okay to continue. “We’ve got another thirty second rest period and Exterminator is going to need every second.” FireFly is in checking on his partner, but the referee is motioning him back out of the ring and then he calls for the bell. 

“The third and deciding fall here as Fever reaches up and tags in Threat right off the bat. Is going to go for Exterminator, but FireFly enters the ring and attacks Threat but the referee is trying to get him out of the ring. Wait a second, what is Fever doing?” As the referee’s attention is drawn away from the action, Fever just tosses something to Threat. Threat places the object over his knuckles and as Exterminator staggers to his feet, Threat just clobbers him in the jaw. “Fever just tossed Threat some brass knuckles!” Exterminator’s bell was already rung from the Disco Kick and even more now with a loaded punch and as he falls, Threat cradles him just in time for the referee to turn around and give the three count. You’ve got to be kidding me! We have new tag team champions, but they certainly cheated to win them!”  

The referee hands over the belts to Fever and Threat as FireFly attends to his knocked-out partner. “Winner of the match and the new OWA Tag Team Champions, Freddy Fever and Major Threat!” The crowd is irate at this turn of events, booing the heel team mercilessly as they parade around the ring with their belts. “We have new tag team championship here in the OWA and they certainly cheated to get that win. But that’s not the last title match we have for tonight. We have one match left for the OWA Championship as the North American Champion Ricky Blood, who unified his title in the first match of the night will get his shot at the grand prize here in the OWA. All he has to do is beat the OWA Champion, Amazon Woman to get that prize.” The camera is on Ed at this point as behind him the tag champs are leaving the arena, and shortly after the referee and FireFly are helping Exterminator to the back. “Let’s take it down to the ring and to Myers Watterson for the official introduction of this main event match!” 

OWA Championship: Amazon Woman vs. Ricky Blood 

The bell rings. “Ladies and gentleman, this match is one fall to a finish and it is for the OWA World Championship.” The crowd pops at the announcement and he continues, “Coming down the aisle, from San Diego California. He is the North American Champion, Ricky Blood!” Blood jogs down to the ring, only in his ring gear as he has already wrestled tonight. He slides into the ring and hops up with the championship belt around his waist, the crowd cheers as he removes it and holds it up for all to see. He hands it off to ringside because his title it not at stake. “And his opponent.” 

This causes the crowd to pop even louder as they anticipate the arrival of their hero, “Coming to the ring now, hailing from Parts Unknown. She is the current reigning and defending OWA Champion of the World. Welcome to the ring, “Amazon Woman!” The chants begin even before her name has finished being announced as “Amazon! Amazon!” begins to fill the ring and the masked wrestlers appears from behind the curtain. She raises the OWA Championship over her head, then drapes it over her shoulder as she heads to the ring, ready to go. Amazon rushes to the ring and slides in underneath the bottom rope before getting to her bare feet and moving to the corner to get up onto the second turnbuckle and acknowledge the cheers of the fans before she hops down and finally hands off her title to the referee.  

“The very popular champion here tonight going against the newly crowned unified North American Champion, Ricky Blood.” Amazon and Blood meet in the center with the referee holding the championship as he gives them the rules of the match, something they’ve heard man times. As the referee directs them back to their corner, Amazon Woman reaches out to shake Blood’s hand and he obliges much to the cheer of the fans. Ed’s voice is finally heard, “And this match is our main event. Hopefully that handshake will mean that this match will be free of rule breaking and dirty tactics. Again, only the OWA Championship is on the line here and due to the OWA’s long standing rule of a wrestler only being allowed to hold one championship at a time, if Blood were to win, he would have to relinquish the North American Championship and fulfill all of the bookings for the OWA Champion. And the referee calls for the bell and this match is underway.” 

As they meet in the center and lock up, Ricky smacks Amazon with a quick kick to the thigh, backing up the champion who shakes it off. “Ricky Blood starting things off quick here, but looks like it was only a warning shot to the champion.” They lock up again and Amazon drills Blood in the face with a forearm shot to the jaw and he staggers back now. “Amazon telling him that’s one each and Blood just grins. This is the first time Amazon Woman and Ricky Blood have wrestled each other.” They lock up again and Blood whips Amazon into the ropes and nails her coming off with a clothesline, knocking the champion down and he goes for a quick cover, but she kicks out almost immediately and kips up and grabs the arm of Blood and armdrags him over, then keeps a hole of the arm for an armbar. She twists on the arm as she presses a knee into his side, but Blood twists around, kips up, flips over and tosses her this time, only Amazon Woman flies in between the ropes and to the floor. “I’m almost sure that was coincidental, but anything is possible. What’s he going to try here?” 

Ricky Blood has scaled to the top turnbuckle, but Amazon is to her feet and sees him, so she slides back into the ring and Blood has no choice but to just hop down. Amazon waggles her finger back and forth telling him she isn’t going to fall for that and Blood just grins and shrugs as they get ready to tie up once again. “Another lock up here, and Amazon Woman pushes Blood into the corner and,” a loud smack echoes through the arena, “chop by Amazon Woman. And another. And one more for good measure.” Blood’s chest is turning a bright red as he stumbles out of the corner and Amazon Woman bounces off the ropes and grabs the back of his head and bulldogs him, face first into the mat and rolls him over, “Only a one count for the champ, as Blood is not done here. She clamps on the headlock and slowly they get to their feet. Blood pushes her off into the ropes and she comes back and neither budge. She runs into the ropes again and tries for another shoulder block, but he stands firm.” This time she tries again but as she starts towards the ropes, he grabs her shoulders and pulls her back hard and she crashes down onto her back and he covers for a quick one count, “Just one and that’s all. “ 

“Amazon Woman is up and against the ropes, Blood comes at her but she ducks and sends him over the top and to the floor.” Amazon steps out onto the ring apron and backs up to the corner and then runs and leaps off with a flying clothesline onto Ricky Blood on the concrete floor, sending them both crashing down. “That may have hurt both of them, but Blood took the brunt of the attack there. Amazon Woman may have hurt her knee as she’s flexing it a little before she gets to her feet trying to shake out that stinger.” Amazon reaches for Blood and pulls him up and rolls him back into the ring, then slides under the ring after him. “She’s going for the pinfall, but only a two count as Blood kicks out.” 

Amazon gets to her feet and begins to climb up onto the turnbuckle, making it all the way to the top a the crowd gets excited in anticipation for whatever move she may have planned here. She holds her balance as Blood slowly makes his way to his feet and she leaps off, but Blood hooks her and spins her into a powerslam, holding her for a pin, “Is this it?” Ed asks as the referee counts to two before she kicks out. Blood slowly pushes up and straddle her back, reaching around her chin and cupping his hands together and pulls back, “Chinlock by Ricky Blood as he pulls back hard on her chin and neck and the referee is asking if she wants to give it up and she’s shaking her head,” but fortunately she’s close to the ropes and she reaches out grabbing one with her hand and the referee forces Blood to release his hold.  

Blood gets to his feet and he bounds off the ropes and drops a knee to the back of her neck and a second one. “Amazon Woman holding the back of her neck now a it gets pounded on by the challenger. He pulls her up, perhaps a suplex, but NO, he drops her on her head instead using a brainbuster instead. Cover!” Referee counts to two and just before the three count, Amazon lifts her shoulder off the mat. “Ricky Blood is in shock that didn’t finish her off. He grabs her and pulls her up and whips her into the far turnbuckle and he runs across and leaps into the air for a Stinger Splash, but Amazon Woman slips out of the corner and Blood cracks his head on the ringpost!” 

The camera pans in and Blood lays limp against the turnbuckle and as he slides down onto the mat, blood is seen trickling down his face now. “He’s busted open from that move.” Amazon Woman hasn’t noticed as of yet as she lies against the bottom rope and tries to catch her breath and her bearings or she may have realized how vulnerable Ricky Blood is at the moment. “She’s beginning to crawl over towards him and she covers him for a one.. Two.. thr.. NO! Blood kicks out!” She gets to her feet then pulls Blood up to his feet. She scoops him up, “I think she’s going to finish him off right here with her Running Powerslam.” But as she starts to run, he slips off her back and just tosses her over the top rope and she crashes to the floor in front of the announce table. “He just hurled her out of the ring and now he’s coming after her.” Ricky wipes the blood from his face with the back of his hand and pulls up Amazon by her arm and just whips her into the guardrailing. The crowd just ‘oos’ at that. He moves over and lifts her up and drops her throat first onto that guardrailing. “Amazon Woman clutching at her throat now as she tries to make space between her and Ricky Blood. She’s moving towards the ring, but Ricky just shoved her hard and she connects with the ringpost and just slumps to the ground. This match is getting more and more aggressive as time goes on and rightfully so. It is for the World Championship.” 

As Ricky pulls her up, the camera picks up that she has also been split open and blood is running down and soaking into her mask. “Surely they’ve been outside for longer than a ten count but the referee is certainly being lenient here with that count, perhaps not wanting to taint our first pay-per-view main event.” The camera can pick up the referee telling them to get it back into the ring. Ricky already had that thought in mind as he rolls her back inside and slides in after her, rolling her up for a pin, “But he only gets a two count,” says Ed as he is in complete heaven right now, sitting ringside for this match and his voice shows the excitement that it holds for him. “Just one second away from being the World Champion!”  

Both champions are a bloody mess as Ricky Blood turn and begins to scale the turnbuckle. Once on top, he leaps off and connects hard as his own head hits hers, “Headbutt from the top rope and neither wrestler is moving right now.” The referee is concerned as he begins to check on both wrestlers and then he begins to count, with the fans counting along with him.  




“Four” Still no movement from either wrestler. “We could have a double knockout here and that would be a shame for as hard as these two wrestlers have fought here tonight.” 



“Seven.” And by this time Amazon slowly turns onto her side and starts to push herself up. Meanwhile, Ricky Blood has rolls onto his back and is blinking his eyes open. 


Amazon Woman uses the ropes to get back to her feet and the referee stops counting, but she’s barely holding herself up. She takes a couple of unsteady steps and tries to drop an elbow but Ricky rolls to the side and she crashes back down to the mat. “Exhaustion is setting here in for both of these wrestlers and the brutality that they have distributed to one another is taking this to the next level,” observes Ed as Ricky Blood slowly gets to his feet. 

Ricky walks over to Amazon Woman’s head and reaches for her, but she grabs his head and pulls him over into a pinning cradle, but only gets a two count before he pushes away. They slowly get to their knees and Ricky takes a wild swing and nails Amazon with a punch, but she swings right back and Ricky falls back. She gets to her feet and struggles to pull him up onto his feet and she scoops him up into position for the running powerslam but staggers back into the corner. “What is she up to?” inquires Ed as she starts to climb backwards up to the second turnbuckle. “She’s going to powerslam him from the turnbuckle?” But just as Ed says that, Blood wiggles his feet and pushes her off as he sits on the top turnbuckle and when she turns around, he leaps off and clotheslines her, and when he does, she flips around and lands on her stomach. “He about tore her head off, this has to be it! We should have a new champion!” 

Ricky Blood slowly crawls over and drapes an arm across her stomach as the referee counts, “One.” 


“Three..” “No!” Ed interjects as Amazon Woman barely manages to slip her shoulder up into the air to avoid the loss. “You can’t get any closer than that without losing!” Ricky Blood lies there with a bewildered look on his face as he slowly turns around and looks at Amazon Woman like she’s some sort of indestructible machine. He slaps his hand on the mat as he gets up onto his knees, then pulls himself up to his feet. He steps towards the turnbuckle and starts to climb, first getting up on the second then all the way to the top, turning around just as Amazon Woman has gotten to her feet and turns towards him. Facing away from her, he leaps into the air, flipping backwards, “Moonsault by Ricky Blood, but oh my!” Oh my is right as Amazon manage to catch him, spin around and drive him down into the mat, “She caught him mid air and dropped him with a powerslam!” She’s already on top of him and she doesn’t move as the referee slides down and counts to three, his hand striking the mat each time and he turns to call for the bell. “Amazon Woman retains!” shouts Ed as the fans erupt and Myers’ voice makes it official. 

“Winner of the match and still OWA Champion of the World, Amazon Woman!” She slowly rolls off the challenger and they both lie in the ring breathing heavy. The referee reaches for her belt and drapes it across her then raises her hand to signal victory. “That was an incredible match and Ricky Blood has nothing to be ashamed of in defeat. He took her to the extreme limit tonight.” 

Both wrestlers are slowly getting up, still using the ropes to keep them upright. Amazon Woman takes a step towards Ricky and offers her hand. “Both wrestlers are a bloody mess here tonight and tomorrow when they wake up they will know they’ve been in a war,” just as Ed finishes that statement, Blood extends his hand and they shake as Amazon Woman raises Ricky Blood’s hand much to the delight of the crowd. Ricky exits the ring, Myers handing him his North American Championship as he heads to the back while Amazon Woman goes from one turnbuckle to the next and poses for the fans with her championship. 

“That’s all the time we have for tonight. Thank you for joining on our initial foray into pay-per-view and I’m told we will have an announcement soon for our second pay-per-view in just a couple of months so joining us every week for OWA Championship Wrestling for all of the details. For everyone here at the OWA, I’m Ed Bagel and we will see you next week.” 

As the credits roll for the pay per view, I met Amazon Woman as she came through the curtain and shook her hand, something I had already done for Ricky Blood. I was definitely pleased with the main event and the card as a whole. Something was missing, but I have a couple of ideas. There were wrestlers already in their civilian gear ready to head to the hotel and I thanks them for a job well done. They’ll see it in their paychecks. 

The fans have left, I was assured by arena staff they have everything taken care of. I reflected to earlier when TigerLily came up to me and hugged me tightly, as I thanked her for everything she did for the company. She had already explained she had to go and it wasn’t anyone’s business but hers, but she chose how to go out. Hopefully the rub she gave will stick to Demon Knight in the future and not wasted.  

It’ll be weeks, perhaps months before we get a pay-per-view number but it doesn’t matter. I am fucking pleased with the event and how hard everyone worked. Now on to the next one and the network wants another pay-per-view in February. I already know we need to do something more than just matches. We needed a concept. Every other wrestling companies are doing matches, I wanted something original. Something more. 

And I have been playing around with a few ideas.. 


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