Tournament for the vacant North American Championship

Bloody Mary

[In a dark empty studio a soft light shines on a silent figure of a woman standing with her hands on her hips. The figure has a title belt around her waist which gleams in the light. The figure has her head lowered. As the camera moves in from slightly above and to the front we see it is Bloody Mary dressed in her red wrestling outfit. An announcer’s voice can be heard.]

“The winner, and NEW New Wave Wrestling Women’s Champion! BLOODY MARY!!!!”

[Mary remains stoic as the camera takes shots of different angles, profile Of her face, close-up of the belt, full figure of Mary as she slowly starts to raise her face. The shots are intermingled with highlights of Amazons and Angels Royal Rumble showed in slightly blurred images, faded colors and at times crisp images as the action is described.] [Mary ducks her head too early for the back drop. Miyagi smoothly puts on the breaks and grabs Mary’s hair. Mary scoops both legs in a double-leg pick up and drops Miyagi on her back.]

TD: Big Iowa Heaven punch from Mary misses! Diamond with series of jabs and Mary blocks the right cross! Mandible claw! [Bloody Mary slaps the jaw claw hold onto Ashlyn Diamond, who starts flailing in pain.] And Miyagi with knife-edge chop to the throat of Mary! Roundhouse kick to the kidneys by Miyagi! Another to the head! Bloody Mary is out on her feet! Spinning sidewalk slam!

TD: Miyagi signals Diamond! Irish whip by Miyagi, backdrop and Mary goes up and over!

[Mary goes up and over Diamond but falls on the third rope, bouncing over and falling back through the ropes as she gets tangled up, ending up on the outside apron.]

JS: Not yet she ain’t. [Ashlyn drops into a quick baseball slide kick and sends Mary to the floor.]

AR: I don’t know about the way Mary went over. By the apron, Mary can be seen talking with the outside official, gesticulating wildly.] [Mary is at the side where the two other women are fighting. One of the officials is saying something in a firm tone to her. Mary nods, eyes locked on the other two women, as if waiting for something.]

TD: Diamond fighting back to a solid base. Both women still locked together, leaning hard into the ropes –

[As soon as both women are leaning hard, Mary takes a running leap under the third rope, clipping both of their legs out from under them. Miyagi and Diamond pinwheel over the third rope to the floor and Mary stands up in the ring!]

TD: — they both go over! Mary knocked them out, this can’t stand!

[Miyagi and Diamond look stunned as “Midnight Rider”, by the Allman Brothers, begins to play. The officials are talking to both women.]

TD: I don’t understand what happened.

“Big Tim”: Nina Miyagi an Ashlyn Diamond have been eliminated at sixty-two minutes, two seconds. The winner, and NEW New Wave Wrestling Women’s Champion! BLOODY MARY!!!!

[the crowd is a mix of boos and cheers, not everyone happy with what just transpired.] [We see Diamond backdrop Mary again. In slow motion it is clear that Mary lands on the top rope and falls back in and then through to the apron.]

TD: It’s a good call by the officials.

[Mary’s head is held high as the light shines on her she begins to smile and one last image is transposed.] [Amanda Reese slides under the bottom rope as the official presents the belt to Bloody Mary. The crowd gets higher pitched as the official steps behind Mary to put the belt on her. Amanda Reese stops him. Amanda Reese looks at the belt carefully. A long, slow look, while the crowd builds to a fever pitch. She then raises the belt up high. Reese lowers the belt and attaches it around Bloody Mary’s waist.] [Mary turns around and is suddenly face to face with Amanda Reese. She takes a step back. The two veteran wrestlers take a long, hard look at each other. Reese is taller, a couple of years younger, and still fresh. Mary is breathing hard, her body starting to register the abuse she just put it through. But she is the champion now, and doesn’t flinch in the face of Reese’s cold stare. Reese extends a hand out. The crowd is going nuts, not sure how to react, not sure what to expect. Mary takes Reese’s hand, and Reese raises Mary’s hand in victory.] [The light shines brighter on Mary as she suddenly raises both her hands in a victory pose, looks straight at the camera then looks above, as we hear the announcer.]

TD: It’s respect! Amanda Reese raising the hand of the New Wave Champion! Bloody Mary will go on to meet Yuri Kaio at “Double or Nothing” in April!

[The scene fades to black as we once again hear: “…and NEW New Wave Wrestling Women’s Champion! BLOODY MARY!!!!] [The camera cuts to outside the arena, where a long line of fans are slowly filing in through the north gate. Fans mug for the camera, screaming out support for their favorite WISE wrestlers… then scatter in a chaotic mob scene as a big black van drives through the crowd, blaring it’s horn. The van scatters security at the door and comes to a full stop inches in front of the north gate’s doors, blocking anyone from entering or exiting through the gate. Approximately eight women exit through the van’s sliding door… all dressed identically in black suits and bowties, wearing dark sunglasses and their hair neatly pulled back into buns on the tops of their heads. Stone-faced, the women fan out and form a human barricade between the crowd and the van, standing in a militant “at-ease” pose. The camera cuts back to the ringside broadcast team, who look at their monitors perplexed.]

Sam: Now what the hell is this all about? Another stunt of Sierra Browne’s?

Sonya: I don’t care who’s behind it…they’re creating a fire hazard by blocking those exits. Get security down there now!

Sam: Not to mention the fact that they’re holding up the slobs who just wanna get in here and grab a cold one.

Ed: Sonya, I just got word that arena security has been notified. Whatever the problem.. Welcome to the Tuesday Night Catfight!

Heather Chandler

[Camera pans the packed arena in Phoenix Arizona. There are signs everywhere, proclaiming or dissing various wrestlers in WISE. Suddenly, “December” by Collective Soul begins to play across the arena, as the crowd immediately jumps to their feet. Heather Chandler steps through the curtain and grins at the rabid crowd. She starts down towards the ring, clapping hands with fans as she goes. She makes her way inside the ring, picking up a mic.]

Heather: Phoenix! WISE is /in/ /the/ /house!/

[Crowd becomes rabid!]

Heather: I won’t keep you long tonight! I have a couple of announcements! First.. in two weeks, we’ll be in Colorado Springs, Colorado.. and a main event has been announced.. The Triple Threat: Andrea, Heidi and Brittany will take on Micki Duran as their partner.. they will be taking on Medusa Rage, Rose Knight and Bloody Mary. We are still looking for an additional member for that team, hopefully, we’ll have someone before the end of the night. And we have one final match to announce for Crime Spree and then the card will be booked! We are giving Shumira a couple of weeks to rest before she has to start defending her Extreme TV Title.. at the next Catfight, she’ll be defending the title against The Corporal. However, on May 15th in Baltimore MD..

Sam: My hometown!

Heather: .. if she manages to hold on to that title, she’ll be defending against Heidi Leick in an “In Your House” Match. Now, I know you’ve heard that term before.. however, this is the real ‘In Your House’ event, as WISE has managed to secure a home in Baltimore as the result of a foreclosure and the match between Heidi and Shumira will take place inside that house. The Extreme TV Title will be on the line and falls will count anywhere in the house. Extreme rules still apply. Other than a referee, only Heidi and Shumira will be allowed to the site.

[Lots of ‘oos’ and ‘ahs’ from the audience.]

Heather: And we have five more names for you for the big “Caged Fury” match. Here they are:

Micki Duran
Arielle Starr
Mystique Siren and

That’s it for announcements.. Crime Spree is set, so get a hold of your cable company and get it ordered! It only happens once a year.. the WISE girls are getting violent! Let’s get on with the SHOW!

[“December” begins again, as the camera pans over to the announce team.]

Ed: Incredible! An “In Your House” Match at Crime Spree! Shumira will battle Heidi Leick inside a real house!

Sam: Heather really is nuts!

Sonya: It’s really brilliant. With the theme of Crime Spree and some of the matches on the card, a normal Extreme TV Title match would just be… normal! However, Heather has taken an Extreme TV Title match and beefed it up, making it even more extreme!

Ed: Tonight! We have a North American Heritage Championship tournament. We will be starting that tournament right away.. so let’s go down to ringside for our first tourn.. what’s this?

Heidi Leick and Shumira Kishiro

[Heidi Leick is making her way to ringside. She carries a black bag with her.. she slowly steps into the ring.]

Heidi Leick: Ok.. Ok.. I know you ~all~ are just ~dying~ to know what I… the new ~FRANCHISE~ of WISE has come out here for…

[Crowd starts to boo.]

Heidi: Aww… all you ~meanies~ are huwtin my wittle fe~wings… *acting sad* NOT~! *laughs* No.. What I’ve come down here for.. is to show respect for the ~one~ woman who’s actually ~beaten~ me, yes…. I’m woman enough to admit it.. for a title ~I~ made.. a title that ~I~ created.. a belt that ~ I~ bought.. ooops,. I mean, that the former GDWA ~bought~ for me.. *giggles* and that was so selfishly ruined by Medusa ~ I wanna get another title shot cause last time I quit like the loser I really am and decided I couldn’t make it in real life outside of wrestling so I had to steal a belt from the one true Superstar of Wrestling.. Heidi Leick.. *giggles* and, then ruin it cause No one paid any attention to me~ Rage ** pulls the New WISE Extreme World Television Championship Belt out of the bag ** and What I’d LIKE to do now.. is present this NEW Belt, that WISE so ~graciously~ had made… to Shumira Kishiro.. SO Shumira, get your Dumber than Dumb ass down.. oops.. I was supposed to be nice tonight.. right? * confused * I mean.. Shumira why don’t you come down here so I can ~GIVE~ you the belt.. like it ~should~ have been given to you.. *Smiles Evilly*

[’50-Foot Queenie’ by PJ Harvey blasts over the speakers as Shumira walks toward the ring, a mic in her hand and the old belt thrown over her shoulder]

Shumira: “Ohhh ooh ohh. I love gifties!”

[She climbs into the ring and walks straight up to Heidi, grinning at her like a wolf. Shumira snatches the belt from Heidi’s hands and hands her back the old one (which looks like it’s been run over by a truck)]

Shumira: “Oh goodie-gee! A new belt for me?? Why…why you shouldn’t have!”

[Shumira looks at the shiney new belt, then back up at Heidi.]

Shumira: “Come to think of it… you prolly didn’t! Now let me tell you something right now, you hardcore hooligan. This spunky punk didn’t just fall off the proverbial turnip truck…I’ve been around the block a few times.” (She looks confused for a moment) “No wonder I’ve been so ill lately. I always did get car sick.” (she waves her hand in frustration.) “ANYWAY! That little voice in my head is tel.. no.. the other one. No, the OTHER.. yeah.. THAT one. Shaddup. Anyway, that voicey is telling me that You, Missy-Moo, are planning something dastardly…like, should I turn my back on you like so…” (Shumira turns around) “You’re gunna whap me in the noggin with that thar belt.” (She spins back around.) “Nononononono… none of that tom-foolery, lil missy! Ohno! I’m not gunna let you trick me.. I’m gunna beat you to the punch!”

[Shumira grins madly and Heidi steps back, her face a mix of annoyance and confusion.]

Shumira: “You wanna hit me in the head with a belt?? Huh??! Well… take THIS!!”

[Shumira whacks HERSELF in the forehead with the Extreme TV Belt. She staggers back, a little bit of blood trickling from her forehead. But she’s still grinning.]

Shumira: Nyah, nyeah! I beat you to it! Hahaha…what are you gunna do… whack me in back of the head??”

[Shumira flings the belt over herself, the strap slapping against the back of her head.]

Shumira: “Ow. See… you.. can’t hurt me. I already…hit..” (Shumira frowns and rubs her head) “God this was a crappy plan. Screw it…!”

[Shumira swings her belt at Heidi awkwardly, smacking her in the face with the leather part. Heidi stands there stunned, as Shumira does it again… Heidi backs to the ropes… Shumira goes after Heidi one more time.. swings and Heidi pulls down the ropes as Shumira charges with the belt.. tumbling out, and onto the floor.. Heidi backs up.. runs to the ropes.. somersault suicide plancha onto Shumira as she’s getting up.. the crowd goes wild with “That’s hardcore” Chants Heidi grabs Shumira and rolls her back in the ring.. Heidi follows… Shumira gets to her feet.. swings the belt that she’s ~still~ clutching at Heidi… Heidi ducks.. Kicks Shumira in the gut… turns.. ***DIAMOND CUTTER***… Heidi grabs the mic again ]

Heidi Leick: Shumira.. *smiling and laughing, kneeling down over Shumira* I’ll give you credit.. you sure have heart girl.. , and you may be crazy.. *evil giggle * but all the heart in the world can’t save you from me… and all the craziness you possess can’t pull your ass out of the fire you lit under me last time we met… you may have got ~LUCKY~.. that’s right I said ~LUCKY~… *crowd starts to boo louder , and Shumira starts to move a bit* You aren’t extreme. .and as far as I’m concerned,.. you aren’t the WISE Extreme World TV Champion.. I AM!…. *grabs the belt away from Shumira* No wait.. I can’t take the belt.. some pansy ass already did that.. didn’t she?… Ok.. Shumira.. looks like one more time.. that this is your lucky day.. as a measure of good faith.. and to show all the people what a ~wonderful~ person I am.. I’ll let you ~HOLD~ this belt.. hold it.. *smiles evilly* Till I’m good and ready to take it back.. “In Your House” at CRIME SPREE…

Shumira: (glaring up at Heidi with blood running down her face) Go… to hell…

[Heidi drops the belt on Shumira’s face and starts to kick Shumira in the side. Shumira makes no attempt to defend herself.]

Ed: This is simply disgusting.. officials are coming down to ringside.. they are pulling Heidi off of Shumira.. and now they are helping Shumira back to the locker room.. we are supposed to have a first match for the tournament.. let’s go down to ringside.

[Camera pans to the ring, where Christine Donahue stands waiting.]

Christine: Hello.. PHEONIX!

[Crowd *pops*.]

Christine: Is everyone ready for a night of the hottest sports entertainment in the world?

[Crowd pops louder.]

Christine: Is that the best you can do? Let me hear you!

[The crowd becomes deafening.]

Christine: That’s more like it.. people of Phoenix, Arizona.. let the SHOW BEGIN!


Sarah Summers vs. Medusa Rage

Christine: This match is scheduled for one fall.. and it is part of the first round of the North American Heritage Championship Tournament. Introducing first.. introducing first..

[ Big Wreck’s “That Song” starts up in its abrupt way. The fans react by hopping to their feet and cheering! ]

Sarah Summers

[The view cuts backstage where Shelley Marks is with ‘Ultima’ Sarah Summers. The pair are standing in front of a large WISE banner, and Sarah is in full wrestling attire, though she is wearing a red t-shirt with a large tiger printed in black taking up all of the front…]

Shelley: Sarah, you’re just moments away from your biggest opponent ever: The snake herself, Medusa Rage!

Sarah: Medusa, this match between us has been long over due. I didn’t Touch you or make any move after you while you were the Champ because I was waiting for May Order to have her rematch. She deserved it, and I wasn’t going to get in her way. But now, now that you’re lighter around the waist and May’s no longer an issue, there’s nothing stopping me. We’ve been dancing around each other long enough, Medusa. Tonight, you can’t slither out from the crowd and pearl harbor me like you have been doing lately. If you try it, I promise you I’ll grab you by you’re feet and twirl you over my head until your head snaps off!

Shelley: Medusa Rage is a tough wrestler, but you have to be thinking about the other matchup between Heidi Leick Jennifer Grier, both former friends of yours!

Sarah: /Former/ friends is right. I have nothing in common with either of those two now. An you know what, I’m hoping you win Jen. It’s way past due for you and me to be in the same ring together. Let’s see if you can put your money where your mouth is. I polished my boot up real nice so I can shove it down your throat and shut you up for good! [ Fade out… ] Christine: She weighs in at 198 pounds.. here is “Ultima”.. Sarah.. Summers!

[ Sarah emerges from the entrance and immediately starts down the aisle. With a jump in her step and a broad smile across her face, Sarah takes time to slap hands and high-five the fans along the aisle. Sarah is a white female in her mid twenties, with a smooth muscular build, and shoulder length auburn hair tied back in a ponytail with a black elastic. Sarah sports a red t-shirt with a tiger’s face covering the whole front of the shirt while on the back she has the word “Survive” surrounded by black tiger stripes. Her visible wrestling attire consists of dark gray, tight fitting cotton shorts peppered with red tiger stripes outlined in black, black boots, kneepads, and loose fitting wrist bands. Sarah playfully rubs the head of a little girl by the guard rail and then hops up onto the ring apron, where she dips in between the top and middle ropes and enters the ring. Positioning herself in the middle of the ring, Sarah grabs her shirt collar and rips the shirt apart, tearing it down the center. The crowd cheers wildly at the display as Sarah balls the torn shirt up and pitches it into the crowd. With the shirt off, we can see her dark gray sports bra which matches her shorts, stripes included. ]

Christine: And her opponent..

[The space-age sounds of the synthesizer perk up the crowd. Method Man’s “Judgement Day” blares through the arena.]

Christine: She weighs in at 168 pounds.. here is the former GDWA World Champion.. “The Snake”.. Medusa Rage!

[The crowd is hot, cheering and yelling as the curtains part and Medusa Rage strides out. She strides determinedly to the ring, her newly-shorn scalp so incongruous with the images we’ve seen of her in the past. She wears a black leather vest over a black halter top. The hard planes of her abdomen are exposed. She wears long, second-skin tights and hard-kickboxer’s shinguards and kneepads over knee-length black boots. Her face is the picture of determination. There is nothing beatific about it. Nothing at all friendly. This isn’t the same Medusa that the fans have come to know and love. She is something entirely different.]


Ed: Both Sarah Summers and Medusa Rage are scheduled to participate in the big Caged Fury match at Crime Spree. This could be a preview of that.. if they happen to meet in the ring. Of course, one of these girls could also be facing Andrea Chandler for the North American Heritage Championship in a Coffin Match.

Sam: I hope that Heather will pull the NAH Champion from Caged Fury, otherwise, we could see a gruesome ending at Crime Spree.. I wouldn’t mind that, as long as it was Sarah, but the other three, I’m kinda getting attached to..

Sonya: Medusa Rage is in the ring…and she wants a test of strength!?

[Fans look shocked as Sarah Summers stares at Medusa Rage.]

Sonya: Medusa raising her arm, and Sarah looks perplexed.

Sam: And I don’t understand this. Medusa must be playing some sort of mind game with her.

Ed: Sarah Summers raising both of her arms, and these two tie up with a Greco Roman knuckle lock…


[Fans cheer as she grits her teeth and shakes her head.]

Ed: Sarah Summers tightening up on the grip, and Medusa is hurting. She’s definitely the least powerful of the two.

Sonya: Medusa struggles back to her feet and stomps on Sarah’s foot, causing a break.

Sam: Sarah now nailing away with boots to the midsection. Medusa is cringing, and Sarah bearing down on her.

Sonya: Sarah shoving her into the ropes and charging. Medusa Rage bouncing off of the ropes and SARAH SUMMERS WITH A RUNNING LARIAT!!!!

[Fans pop as Medusa Rage twirls through the air.]

Ed: She’s dazed, and Sarah now with a pick up. A Front face lock and Sarah grabs the tights hoisting her up….

Sam: But Medusa Rage slaps on a quick facelock of her own . . . DDT!

Ed: Sarah can’t believe this! Sarah slow to her feet as Medusa comes back over. A hair pull pick up!

Sonya: But Sarah nails away with hard right hands to the head.

Sam: And now those famous jabs of hers, and Medusa is stunned up against the ropes. An Irish Whip to the far ropes and Medusa Rage is sent sailing.

Ed: Sarah Summers with a head of steam as Medusa bounces off and…


[Mixed cheers as Medusa Rage collapses to the canvas.]

Ed: The cover!

Ref: 1…………..2………….NO!

[Fans all groan as Medusa Rage kicks out.]

Ed: Summers moves forward, putting a collar and elbow tie up and Medusa with incredible strength throwing Summers to the mat! Wow! And now Medusa is kneeling over Summers, and pounding away with some terrific punches!!

Sam: Medusa is firing down into her with POWERFUL punches, and the ref forcing the break. Summers is down, and the ref is chastising Medusa for those clenched fists. Summers is rolling around as Medusa walks over and pulls Summers to her feet, slinging her into the ropes. Medusa grabs the rope, stopping herself from being thrown back to Summers.

Ed: Medusa with a pick up, and a handful of hair. She hustles over to the near corner, and rams Summers’ head into the turnbuckle!

[Fans gasp as they watch.]

Sam: Summers manages to twist around and fires with her some of her own punches, and Medusa is caught in the corner.

Ed: Medusa is stunned from those incredible jabs to the head. She’s stumbling out of the corner, and Summers with an Irish whip to the far side. Medusa bouncing off as Summers runs to the middle of the ring…

Sam: And Summers with a Big Splash, no! Medusa catching her in the air….

Ed: Cobra Kiss! That’s her version of a double fisherman neck driver.

[Medusa rises back up to her feet, and points out to the fans.]

Sam: Medusa now with a pick up and an Irish whip, right into a short arm clothesline! She just about took Summers’ head off!

Ed: No attempted pinfall as Medusa picks up Summers again. Medusa with an Irish whip to the near ropes as she picks up a head of steam….and Summers ducking the clothesline!

[Fans cheer as Summers runs to the far ropes.]

Sam: Medusa running into the ropes and firing off as Summers bounces off the far side, and a running over the shoulder power slam!

Ref: 1……………………………..2………….kick out.

[Fans cheer as Summers picks up Medusa.]

Ed: Summers with a front face lock, attempting a Suplex! Medusa blocking a counters with a vertical suplex of her own. Now flipping over on top of her for the cover.

Ref: 1………………………2……………………kick out!

[Fans cheer as Summers kicks out.]

Ed: Medusa taking her time with the pick up as she points out to the crowd. Medusa Irish whipping Summers to the far ropes but Summers with a reversal!!!!!

Sam: Summers grabs Medusa and throws her over the ropes!

[Huge crowd pop as Summers starts toward the turnbuckle.]

Ed: Medusa is stunned on the mat outside the ring, Summers climbs up the turnbuckle and drops down with a double axe handle!!! Now she’s going for a quick pick up. A front face lock and a belly to belly suplex!!!

Sam: Great confidence builder to go for that suplex. Summers pulls Medusa back to her feet and rolls her under the ropes and back into the ring near a turnbuckle.

Ed: Summers up high! She’s visibly still hurting from the barrage of attacks from Medusa earlier. Summers jumps……

[Fans all cheering as Summers flies through the air….]

Sam: Summers with an elbowdrop to the midsection!

Ref: 1……..2…….1/2!

[Fans all cheering as Summers heads for the near corner.]

Ed: Medusa close to getting upset. Summers climbing the turnbuckles…and gets up to her feet.

Sam: Medusa walking over to the corner, and catches her! Medusa grabs hold and tosses her off the top!!!

[Huge crowd pop as Medusa points out their way.]

Ed: Medusa with a pick up, and slaps her hand around Summers’ throat…oh no!

[Fans all screaming as Medusa points out to the crowd.]

Ed: Medusa hoisting Summers up in the air……..5 seconds……10 seconds…………and a chokeslam!

Sam: Man, did you see that?

Ed: Medusa walking back over to Summers, she goes for a pick up, and slaps Summers around the throat again!

Sam: Medusa hoisting Summers up in the air………chokeslam!

[The crowd erupts as Medusa kneels over Summers.]

Ed: Medusa rearing her palm back…and begins punching Summers in the head.

Sam: That’s it for Summers…it’s over!

Ed: No!!! Summers makes it to the ropes and the ref breaks them up. Medusa’s not too happy about that one and she pulls Summers to her feet, raises her arm and to nail her with another punch . . .

Sam: Summers catches her fist, flinging it back away from her face!

Ed: Summers Irish whips Medusa into the far ropes, bouncing herself off the near ropes and catches Medusa with a running lariat!

Sonya: Medusa is on the ground as Summers goes off the near rope and drops an ultimate elbow onto Medusa!

Sam: She covers!

Ref: 1…………2……….3!!!


Ed: Sarah sliding out of the ring, quickly as she gains the pinfall and Medusa Rage is /not/ happy at all. She is looking around the arena as the fans are cheering for Sarah Summers!

Sam: These fans are so fickle..

Ed: Before we go to our next match, let’s hear from Arielle Starr, who’ll be making her WISE debut in two weeks..

Arielle Starr

[The camera opens backstage in a well lit dressing room. “Alluring” Arielle Starr sits in a chair, in front of a huge vanity, applying lipstick to her full, pouty lips. She studies her flawless reflection in the mirror. Her long, honey blonde hair falls straight down her back and bangs lay neatly trimmed above her baby blue eyes. She puts the lipstick down and picks up a nearby brush and proceeds to brush her silky hair. She wears a long, pink, satin robe, tied at the waist with a matching sash.

Seated near her is her publicist Mimi Thorne. Mimi flips through a recent issue of Allure magazine. Mimi’s hair is cut in a short, black bob. Her face is heavily made up, but still attractive nonetheless. She wears an elegant, white, Chanel pants suit.]

Arielle: I like how Missy did my hair this time. It looks really nice. Remind me to thank her when I see her next.

[Mimi, engrossed in her magazine, just gives waves her hand slightly, in response.]

Arielle: Oh did I tell you that I have my first match soon?

[Mimi puts the magazine down and suddenly looks up.]

Mimi: I don’t believe this. One of the most beautiful women in the world and she insists on being a pro wrestler. Someone please help me.

[Arielle continues brushing her hair and smiles.]

Arielle: You are so dramatic.

Mimi: (shrugs her shoulders) Hey, somebody’s gotta say it. So who’s the lucky girl? Or should I say the unlucky victim?

Arielle: Some girl named Mystique. I watched some of her tapes last night. She’s pretty good.

Mimi: You mean the girl with the annoying brother?

Arielle:(smiles) Annoying but cute. (Mimi rolls her eyes) I got to see some of her previous matches and she’s a pretty solid wrestler with a good bit of charisma. And get this, we’re both from California.

Mimi: Obviously she’s from a much rougher side. Can you say ghetto? This is a typical rich girl poor girl match up. Classic Betty and Veronica. Except I don’t think Betty was a gangbanger.

Arielle:(playfully slaps Mimi’s hand) You are so bad! You get me in so much trouble.

Mimi: Hey, that’s a publicist’s job. You’ve got that girl way outclassed in the ring and outside of the ring.

Arielle: (smiling) Thanks Mi. You are too kind. But I won’t take her lightly. I’ve learned that you should never underestimate your opponent. I’m going to be ready for her and I’m going to pin her shoulders to the mat. Mystique had better be ready for her second loss in WISE. Because no one and I mean no one is going to prevent me from reaching my goals. I don’t care who WISE sets in front of me, they’ll all go down in defeat. I won’t rest until championship gold rests around my waist. I don’t care if it’s Shimura, Edwards, or Sierra Browne.

[Arielle puts the hair brush down and turns to the camera.]

Arielle: So Mystique, when I beat you don’t take it personally. It’s just one of those things.(She smiles sweetly.)

[Suddenly the dressing room door opens and a handsome, young man sticks his head in.]

Young man: Ms. Starr, they’re ready for you now.

Arielle: Thank you, Warren.

[The young man leaves and Arielle stands up.]

Arielle: Well, time to go to work. Nelson is really fast so this shoot shouldn’t take long. Afterwards we can meet Melinda and go shopping. I need a new wrestling outfit to make my debut in. And it has to be sexy.

[Arielle then drops her robe and reveals a low-cut, pink negligee, that offers the camera a tantalizing view of her ample breasts. The negligee hugs every ounce of her sleek, curvaceous body. She puts her hands on her hips and poses, her face a vision of beauty and perfection. It is obvious how she got the nickname the “Blonde Bombshell”.]

Arielle: So, how do I look?

Mimi: (nods her approval) Every man’s fantasy. Knock ’em dead, girl.

[Arielle smiles and exits the dressing room as the camera fades to black.]

Heidi Leick vs. Jennifer Grier

Christine: This match is scheduled for one fall and is the second first round match in the North American Heritage Championship Tournament. Introducing first..

[“Little Crazy” by Fight begins to play across the arena.]

Heidi Leick

[ The Diamond Girl Heidi Leick is pacing back and forth in a disturbed state as Jerry Styles and the WISE camera crew enter the room… She’s wearing a Triple Threat T shirt, a pair of stone washed faded Levi’s 501 jeans with a hole in the left knee… her long blonde hair is a wild mane…she’s talking to herself as the crew enters the room.]

Heidi Leick: Heather and WISE Trying to pit Andrea and I against each other .. Hmm?.. It’ll never work… never…. we’re Triple Threat.. we’re friends..

Jerry Styles: Heidi.. are you OK? We can do this at another time..

Heidi Leick: NO!.. Styles.. I’m not Ok. and there’s no time like the present.. *giggles and smiles evilly* I know what they’re trying to do.. it’s a ~conspiracy~.. I tell you.. I know about it.. and they’re gonna come after me cause I know about it, but I’m ready for them.. No one is safe.. You can mess with me all you want.. but when you mess with my friends…

Jerry Styles: What in the world are you talking about?

Heidi Leick: The ~CONSPIRACY~ Styles!!.. There’s something wrong with the world today, the light bulb is getting dim, and it sure ain’t mine.. Tell me what you think about the situation.. complications.. aggravations.. it’s getting to me Styles..

Jerry Styles: I don’t get it… well then again, coming from you, I never get it…

Heidi Leick: It figures Styles.. you’re probably ~PART~ of the Conspiracy!… WISE has set me and Andrea up to go head to head for the North American Heritage title.. and that belt is ~already~ Andrea’s in my book.. SHE won it.. and if it wasn’t for one ~ I ~love~ the ~fans ~now~ ~so~ ~much~ it makes everyone wanna puke Driving Miss Daisy Butterfly..~ Andrea would be defending the title against no talent hacks like Medusa, Sarah, and Jennifer Grier, making them ~look~ good, instead of having to face ME for it…

Jerry Styles: But Heidi.. you haven’t beat Jennifer Grier, who’s your first round opponent, and then Medusa or Sarah for that title yet..

Heidi Leick: Leick.. there’s a doubt in your mind that I ~won’t~ come away with the title? Let’s See.. Jennifer Grier.. a woman who I once called friend… who turned her back on me in the past.. because she didn’t want to play second fiddle to ~ME~, the best athlete in WISE.. then the GDWA.. Jennifer Grier.. I know all your moves.. you’re sooo predictable.. and haven’t got the heart to last in a match against me.. yes.. you may be good enough to maybe beat Amanda Knight.. but who isn’t? Amanda Knight gave the title up when she was told she had to go up against ME and the Triple Threat a week before Crime Spree.. she didn’t want to face Andrea,.. and she DEFINITLY did not want to face me….

Jerry Styles: But even if you get past Jennifer Grier.. you still have Medusa and Sarah summers to worry about..

Heidi Leick: Who me?.. Worry? HA!… Medusa’s been whining to get in the ring with me so ~I~ can make her look good again… there’s no one else here in wise that can make that old wrinkly ass look good and carry her in a match except for me.. and Andrea, Brittany and Micki of course… Everyone ~knows~ it.. I was # 1 in the RSPWF Awards show as voted by my Peers… tied with Jessica Starbird.. a righteous competitor in her own right.. but one who nevertheless hasn’t faced ~a competitor~ LEICK ME… Medusa.. if you beat Sarah.. you’re going to get hurt girl… I have a ~personal~ reason for wanting you in that match.. and I’ll ~WELCOME~ your sorry ass into the damn ring~.. *smiles evilly, breathing harder* And Sarah Summers.. I outclass Sarah Summers,… the other ~traitor~ like Jennifer Grier.. on any given day of the week.. maybe they should lose some weight and fight Rachel Edwards for her title.. they’d have a better chance with the Anorexia Girls division..

Jerry Styles: So Heidi.. you’re telling me, ~hands down, without an doubt~ that you’re going to be the WISE North American Heritage Champion going into Crime Spree?

Heidi Leick: Of course…Styles.. and .. *giggles and raises the Triple Threat sign* I may have not ~one.. not ~two~ but ~THREE~ Belts by the time Crime Spree rolls around… The North American Heritage, The Extreme World TV, and the Universal..

Jerry Styles: But .. Heidi.. How?

Heidi Leick: You’re part of the Conspiracy Styles!!.. Why should I tell you! Now get out!!… OUT!!

[Pushes Styles out and slams the door.. then you hear wild screams from the room as Styles Cringes.]

Jerry Styles: There you have it.. as she’d like to believe.. your new NAH Title holder.. as well as Universal… and Extreme World TV.. and believer in the “Conspiracy Theory” here in WISE… *shakes his head in disbelief* I wonder.. just what ~will~ happen between Triple Threat members Andrea Chandler and Heidi Leick if forced to fight for the NAH title… Heidi took the pin last time.. I’m not so sure she or Andrea would do it ~this~ time around.. *thinks for a second* maybe there ~IS~ a conspiracy… but.. Who’s behind it? Heather Chandler? Medusa Rage? Sierra Browne? Daisy Butterfly?…. only time will tell… *the sounds of things being thrown into walls very loudly makes Styles jump* .. back to the action..
Christine: She weighs in at 135 pounds.. she is the former Extreme Television Champion.. here is “The Diamond Girl”.. Heidi Leick!

[Heidi steps past the curtain and heads down to the ring.. she has a few words with the fans as she steps by.. she slowly makes her way to the ring, and steps inside.]

Christine: And her opponent..

Ed: Jen is charging to the ring…wait! She’s pausing and reaching over the guardrail, yelling at a fan and motioning…

Sonya: What’s that she’s reaching for?

Mutt: A chair! Jen’s throwing a chair into the ring!

Sonya: And it just misses Heidi, landing a just past her.

Ed: Heidi’s grabbing the chair and bringing it up…

Sonya: But Jen stops her with a drop kick to the face!

Mutt: Aw man! The ref is throwing the chair out of the ring! What did he go and do that for? It was just getting interesting!


Ed: Heidi is back on her feet, Jen and Heidi circling each other, slowly sizing each other up….a tie up.

Mutt: Heidi with a headbutt, Jen dropping back…

Sonya: Jen with a stomp to the top of Heidi’s foot! Both women backing up, Jen with a smile.

Ed: Heidi charging Jen with wild lefts and rights, Jen into the ropes…

[The fans boo as the ref interjects and forces a break]

Sonya: Heidi steps back, I think she’s turning away…

Mutt: No!!! She’s turning back with a smile herself as she begins hitting on Jen again. Grier clinging to the ropes. The ref physically forces them apart this time.

Sonya: Smart move by Jen.

Ed: Jen is slow off the ropes, Heidi is coming forward to meet her. Jen ducks, moves back, and Heidi twirls around and a hard right hand to the head!

Mutt: Leick pulling Grier to the center of the ring. A boot to the midsection before Heidi sends Jen to the far ropes with an Irish whip. Jen comes bounding off…

Sonya: Leick with a dropkick!

Ed: Heidi with a pick up and another Irish whip into the far corner. Jen hits hard!

Sonya: Heidi with a head of steam and Jen hits hard with a hard back elbow to the head!

Mutt: That’s gonna leave a mark…

Ed: Heidi stumbling back, Jen with a kneelift to the midsection before placing some strong kicks to the legs and a kick to the head.

[Fans boo as Heidi falls to the canvas]

Ed: Jen runs to the side rope, bouncing off and nailing with a spinning elbow drop to the left arm.

Mutt: Jen setting up Heidi for a move….

Sonya: But Heidi is pulling Jen by the back of the hair!

Ed: Heidi now has both hands pulling on Jen’s hair!

Mutt: Jen jams her foot back, catching Heidi in the knee.

Sonya: Heidi lets go, stumbling slightly as she backs away….

Ed: Jen with a hard right…Blocked!

[Fans POP as Heidi Leick blocks, a dangerous look on her face and a certain gleam in her eye.]

Sonya: Did you see what she just said? She said, “Here comes trouble!”

Mutt: Heidi with another handful of hair…

Sonya: She’s twirling Jen around, pushing her against the ropes…

Ed: Heidi with the Irish whip, Jen with the reversal….Jen ready for a take down….

Mutt: and Heidi Leick with a spin heel kick!

[Fans cheer as Heidi picks Jen up]

Ed: Front face lock….Vertical Suplex! Heidi going up top…

[The fans on their feet as Heidi climbs the ropes]

Ed: Heidi pointing to the crowd on the outside as she leaps off and …

Mutt: A Frog Splash!!!

Sonya: Leick hooks her leg for the cover…

Ref: 1….


Mutt: No!!!

[Fans pop as Jen gets the shoulder up]

Ed: Heidi with a pick up and Irish whips Jen to the far ropes…

Sonya: Jen with a reversal and Heidi is sent to the ropes, bounces off, and leapfrogs over Jen.

Mutt: But Jen connects with a spinning drop kick!

Ed: Jen quick up to her feet and a leg drop to the left arm. Now she’s got Leick in an arm scissors.

Sonya: Grier moves her calf across Leick’s, choking Leick….she doesn’t look like she’s going to let go!

Ref: 1…..2…..3…..4..

Sonya: Jen walking off….she’s climbing the turnbuckle and nails Heidi with a …..

Mutt: A missile drop kick!

Ed: Jen comes back and picks Heidi up, putting her neck on the bottom rope. Jen applies more pressure to the back of Heidi’s neck.

Mutt: Jen blows a kiss to a nearby fan outside the rings before pushing Heidi outside the ring.

Ed: Jen climbs the ropes, she leaps, moonsaulting off the ropes and landing on Heidi! She grabs Heidi by the hair, ramming her against the ring apron. Grier moves to get a better hold…

Mutt: But Heidi with a savat kick and a Side Russian Leg Sweep! Both women go down!

[Fans cheer as the ref begins his count]



Ed: Heidi starts halfway rolls into the ring before moving back to the outside…

Mutt: A pick up and Heidi rams Jen’s head into the guard railing.

Sonya: Heidi pulls Jen up, rolling her into the ring. She grabs the ropes, pulling herself up and into the ring.

Ed: Heidi with the pickup, shoving Jen into the near ropes. Heidi hooks Jen’s left arm around the top rope, bracing her leg against the ringpost for extra leverage as she pulls on the arm.

Ref: 1….2…..3….

Mutt: A break and Heidi with a hard elbow to the neck of Jen! And another! She grabs Jen by the neck….

Sonya: Jen kicks back, connecting with Heidi’s knee and Heidi goes down!

Ed: Jen with a thrust kick to Heidi’s chest and Heidi falls to the mat. She rolls outside the ring, but HERE COMES SHUMIRA!

[Shumira limps down to ringside, her ribs are taped. She has a chair and she NAILS Heidi across the forehead with it! She rolls Heidi back into the ring and takes off up the ramp.]

Sonya: Revenge is sweet!

Mutt: Jen stomps on Heidi’s chest and moves to the ropes…

Sonya: She climbs to the top and…

Ed: Jen is airborne with her Slipknot, a Shooting Star Press!!!

Ref 1…




[The crowd begins to boo!]

Ed: It’s Sarah and Jen in the finals! One or the other will be the North American Heritage Champion, later on tonight! First, let’s hear from a newcomer to WISE.. here is

Sonya: Hold on…we’re getting word there’s some sort of disturbance… can we get a camera to the north gate?

Daisy Butterfly

[Cut to a steady shot trucking in the north gate of the arena, where Daisy Butterfly has chained the doors shut and handcuffed herself to the chains. She’s surrounded by her judo team from the previous week, except now her judo team wears all-black and have shaved their heads. Daisy, however, has passed on the new look. She sees the camera approach and waves frantically at it in order to get it’s attention.]

Sonya: What the hell is she doing?

Sam: She’s gone off the deep end. Maybe syphilis finally caught up with her and she’s completely nuts…

Sonya: SAM!!

[Daisy speaks to the camera.]

Daisy: Heather Chandler…Miss Butterfly has two words for you and your blacklist: CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. Oh yeah, the truth’s finally coming out now that you can’t suppress it… WISE is trying to destroy Daisy Butterfly. Just because Daisy told you the truth about the Chandlers, the Syndicate and their plot to establish WISE as their vanity league…

[A fan tries to use the door and is cut off by the judo team.]

Daisy: (yelling at the fan) GET AWAY FROM THE DOOR!!! No one’s allowed in the arena!! Heather, I’m hitting you where it hurts… right in the pocketbook. This tripe you’re trying to pass off as athletics, it’s over. After I’ve said what I have to say, you’ll be ruined. Your whole family will be ruined. I have a list…

[Daisy looks down, frustrated, realizing that she can’t get into her pocket with handcuffs on.]

Daisy: Miss Lindsay, would you get the list for me?

[A judo team member reaches in Daisy’s pocket and unfolds a piece of paper, holding it up for Daisy to read.]

Daisy: (clearing her throat) Number one… Heather Chandler and Chandler Entertainment shall sell their share of WISE *BACK* to the regional promoters whom originally laid the foundation for this travesty of a federation. This includes the DPW, the ICW, the GDWA, SJPW and CherryBomb Pro in Japan. Rich and pompous is no way to run a wrestling federation.

Number two… WISE will admit their policy of nepotism and STRIP Andrea Chandler of her shot at the NAH title at Crime Spree ’99. I told you before she deserves no such shot, yet Cousin Heather has deemed her worthy simply because of blood ties…I’ve told you before that the Chandlers want me destroyed. The Wicked Witches of WISE have even gone so far as to summon their Winged Monkey Micki Duran back from OZ for the purpose of destroying me. You can’t destroy me, Micki. You never could beat me. I own your ass, and I own the rest of the Syndicate’s asses. Ask around, Duran…I made you relevant in the GDWA. You always were a little nobody who never could win the big ones when push came to shove. You and Andrea were spiraling off to Nowheresville when I made the two of you hot again. I was the Show behind the curtain, girl. You were always just Andrea’s girl-toy, you cheap whore. The only “legend” that the Kingpin ever brought to the ring was hype. That’s who you are. “The Hype” Micki Duran. You and your glass-jaw. Your own team can’t rely on you ’cause you’re always injured or AWOL…

[Camera cuts back to ringside.]

Sonya: She’s lost it. Seeing Daisy Butterfly, once “The Franchise,” on wit’s end like that is heartbreaking…

Sam: You know who Frances Farmer was?

Sonya: No, who?

Sam: Never mind…

Rose Knight vs. Jessica Steele

Ed: Let’s go to ringside.

Christine: This match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first..

[Casino Music starts to play.]

Christine: She weighs in at 119 pounds.. she is accompanied to the ring by Vincent Vegas.. please welcome.. Lady Luck!

[Lady Luck, in a tuxedo, and Vincent Vegas walk through the curtain with a stack of $10 in hand. As they walk to the ring, they hand out a bill to each fan who reaches out to them. Lady Luck makes her way to ring. and tears away her tuxedo to reveal a two piece gold bikini, and bounces of the ropes to loosen up.]

Christine: And her opponent..

[The lights dim as the opening beats of “Dig Me Out” by Sleater-Kinney begin to pound.]

Christine: She weighs in at 118 pounds.. here is the “Wild Card”.. Rose Knight!

[The video wall flashes spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts in a mind-numbingly fast display before finally settling to a single ace that has each symbol on it (one in each corner). The card pulses to the music before two spotlights illuminate the entrance as the music peaks and Rose Knight steps out. The card is immediately replaced by the words ‘Wild Card’ then again by Rose Knight. Rose raises her arms and waves at the crowd before taking off at a run down the aisle and diving underneath the ropes in the classic Wild Knights maneuver. She then climbs the turnbuckles and raises her arms to the crowd.

Ed: Rose Knight ready for her WISE Debut.. Lady Luck is hot of a win over former WISE competitor, Jessica Steele..


Sam: There’s the bell.. what’s Rose up to now?

Sonya: She holds up a finger and turns around and MOONS Lady Luck who charges in and Rose moves out of the way, Luck into the corner, but she stops herself.. she turns around and is NAILS by three knife edge chops!

Ed: Those are some serious chops.. and Rose with a whip.. sending Luck into the far corner and Luck hits hard. Rose charges in and crushes Luck with a dropkick!

Sam: Rose back up to her feet.. she snaps Lady Luck over and clamps on a reverse chin lock.. Luck getting to her feet.

Sonya: Rose needs to keep things moving.. I think Lady Luck will have a hard time keeping Rose grounded.. but this move is probably not the best.. Luck pushing Rose into the ropes.. Luck NAILS her with a clothesline and Rose is down!

Ed: Luck pulls up Rose and locks in a belly to belly suplex.. and NAILS it! Cover by Luck! One.. two.. kickout! She pulls up Rose and whips her into the ropes.. tilt a whirl.. NO! Rose with a headscissors takedown!

Sonya: Rose with a dropkick! And another.. she quickly moves to the top and leaps off with a splash.. but Lady Luck rolls out of the way and Rose crashes into the mat!

Sam: That’ll reduce the chest size..

Sonya: Sam..

Sam: Hey.. we know that’s not a potential problem for you..

Sonya: Sam!

Ed: Lady Luck to her feet.. she climbs the turnbuckle.. Rose is slow to her feet.. Lady Luck with a hurricanrana off the top! She hooks the leg.. one.. two.. kickout by Rose.

Sam: Close one there.. Lady Luck with a springboard Asai moonsault.. and Rose brings up her knees! Rose hooks up Luck.. vertical suplex… NO! Facebuster suplex!

Sonya: She’s got the legs and locks in a Scorpion Deathlock! Referee is asking for a submission from Luck who screams out in pain! She’s trying to reach the ropes..

Ed: She grabs the ropes and the referee makes Rose break.. Lady Luck slow to her feet, and Rose NAILS her with a Rocker Dropper!

Sam: Rose to the top turnbuckle!

Sonya: Luck is getting to her feet.. Rose flies off and NAILS a flip neckbreaker! It’s the “Wild Card”! Cover! One.. two.. three!

Sam: It’s over!

Christine: Winner of the match.. “The Wild Card”.. Rose Knight!

Ed: Rose Knight with an impressive debut.. she’ll be featured in that big eight man tag team match.. hold on.. we’re going back outside, live..

[Camera cuts back to the north gate of the arena, just in time to see Daisy’s judo team pouring what appears to be gasoline on her.]

Daisy: Chandlers… I WILL MARTYR MYSELF before I let your injustices carry on one more day!! Keep me out of the arena, keep me from reffing your Universal Title matches… you can keep me from the WISE, but can you keep my blood off of your hands??

Daisy: Give me one shot at your golden gooses, Heather. One shot at your Cousin and “The Hype.” Any shot. I’ll show you what a real woman can do. Just one shot, Cousin Heather. Just one shot.

Heather Chandler

[Shelley Marks is seen catching up with Heather Chandler who is making her way to her limo.. Heather stops when Shelly catches up..]

Shelley: Ms. Chandler.. Daisy Butterfly is trying to run you out of the business. You heard her demands.. she wants you to sell all of your stock.. she wants you to pull Andrea from the NAH Title match at Crime Spree.. and she wants Andrea or Micki in a match. Your comments?

[Heather obviously looks frustrated.]

Heather: Miss Butterfly has obvious had one too many electro shocks.. but I’ll tell you one thing, Miss Butterfly.. You want a shot at someone.. you want to come out here and insult me? I’m not a wrestler.. but if you want a shot at someone.. then in two weeks, I’ll be in Colorado Springs…

Sam: WHOA!

Ed: You’ve got to be kidding.. this borders on Ric Fl..

Heather: I won’t fight you, Daisy.. but if you have something to get off your chest.. then I have a proposition for you.. I’ll give it to you next week. Show up here for a one on one debate with me, in the ring. You want a shot? I’ll give you your chance.. when you show up. Daisy.. show up.. or shut up.

[Heather angrily turns around and climbs into her limo and it drives away.]

Shelley: Heather wants Daisy in two weeks, in a debate! What does Heather have in store.. she said she had a proposition for Daisy.. what could it possibly be? I guess we’ll find out in Colorado Springs! Back to the announce team!

Ed: Heather Chandler was livid! Hopefully we’ll hear from Daisy before the end of the show. But let’s go to the ring.

Lisa Thomas vs. Maggie McGuire

Christine: This match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first..

[“You Played Yourself” begins to play across the arena.]

Christine: Being led to the ring by her manager, David Jones.. she weighs in at 215 pounds.. here is “Luscious” Lisa Thomas.

[David Jones emerges from behind the curtain, with Lisa Thomas in tow. He leads her down to the ring. David holds the ropes open for his charge, as she steps into the ring. The music from ‘Violet’ by Savage Garden starts…”If there’s a way that you could be everything you want to be, would you complain that it came to easy?” The crowd jumps to their feet, cheering.]

Christine: And her opponent..

Maggie McGuire and Hannah Blue

[Camera fades in

Maggie, dressed in some running shorts and a white tank top, is seen jogging along on of the pine tree lined roads on Fort Jackson. Hannah runs beside her, their steps falling in time with each other. The air is crisp this early in the morning as the rosy dawn shades the feathery clouds in various shades of pink.

Maggie looks over at Hannah, “Any insights on Lisa Thomas?… Think her leg has healed from the last match?” she queries as the round a corner, oblivious to the new recruits being reprimanded for looking at the attractive duo as they pass instead of keeping their eyes trained to the front.

With a thin sheen of perspiration rising slowly to the fore upon her ebony-hued lean and athletic frame, the ‘Midnight Angel’, wearing a pair of blue cycling shorts and a modest sports bra of a slightly lighter shade breaks from the practiced and rhythmic pattern of her breathing to answer her friend’s query.

“I don’t think that it has…Not fully, anyway,” Hannah answers, her eyes moving slightly to look at her friend, “What you should bear in mind, however, is be aware that she’ll be looking to protect it, if this fact is true. Personally speaking, I wouldn’t base your entire game plan on Lisa’s injury…” Miss Blue lets a semblance of her usual, trademark smile play its way across her lips, but this time a certain intangible air of mischieviousness accompanies it. “…I’d try to be more…unpredictable, than that!”

The same glimmer enters Maggie’s eyes, “Now do you honestly think that I’m going to count on it?” Their steps beat time with their breathing, “I’m just hoping I’m able to stay in the ring.” She grins as she looks over, “My luck she’d just pick me up and toss me over the top ring.” The women slow to a walk as they cross the five mile mark, “Top Sarge will be waiting for us in the gym. He’s got some video he wants us to watch before he shows us some new moves. Did I ever tell you it was Top Sarge who gave me the idea to call you about being partners?”

Unconsciously, the British girl’s expression takes on a slightly surprised aspect, at this news. In response, Hannah shakes her head slowly from side to side, as she catches her breath from her recent exertions. “No, I had no idea that Sarge suggested me as a tag partner for you. I’m flattered that he saw something in me and my ability that was worth “pursuing”, so to speak…It seems funny, I know, but discovering this fact only strengthens my determination to prove to myself that I have what it takes to be an accomplished and successful wrestler!”

Maggie and Hannah reach the doors at the same time, each opening one and passing through. Many of the enlisted members call out hello and welcome to Maggie’s friend and partner as they recognize her and accept her as an adopted one of their own. Top Sarge comes out from the office and calls the two over, “Welcome to Fort Jackson, Miss Blue.” Top Sarge holds out his hand, “I trust Maggie is showing you around the area?”

Although somewhat intimidated, the Midnight Angel smiles widely, as she returns Sarge’s gesture of a handshake. “Please, if its okay, then call me Hannah. I’m very pleased to finally meet you…and yes, Maggie has been very kind in helping me find my bearings. Being raised in a very spiritual environment, the atmosphere here is a great deal more different than I am used to.”

A look of gruffness crosses his face, “If you have any problems with any of the members here, you just mention my name and that they will be dealing with me in the near future.” He winks as he looks at Maggie, “Not that I think the two of you can’t handle yourselves.”

He holds the door for the ladies, “I’ve found some old footage I want you both to see before I get you in the practice ring,” he says as he motions for them to sit and he switches off the light while pressing play on the video remote. Pictures of past tag team wrestler come on the screen as Top Sarge passes out a pad and pen to each. “I want you both to write down some of the moves you like or that you think you could pull off as a team. You both know your capabilities so be honest. Then make a second column of those moves you find to be of the highest caliber and we’ll see if I can’t help you learn them.”

Maggie’s smiles up at Top Sarge, “Back to school, sir?” she asks with a teasing lilt to her voice, “Hannah, I think the homework is going to be something like we’ve never experienced before.” Maggie watches the scenes flickering on the screen and starts making notes. Now feeling more at ease with herself, Hannah looks up from her scribblings and offers Maggie a good natured look. “When I was in school, I used to be terrible at homework”. Involuntarily, Hannah giggles to herself and then semi-whispers to herself. “I hope I don’t get graded on this!”

Top Sarge speaks in an even voice, “I’ve got the apparatus set up for you after this, Maggie. You’re going to be working on some strength building for your match with Lisa Thomas. If you keep her moving, you’ll have a chance of wearing her out and that may be to your advantage. However, you’ll need to be able to put some power behind your moves if you’re going to pull off a win.” He glances toward Hannah, “Don’t you agree, Hannah?” he asks.

Miss Blue nods her head enthusiastically in accordance, all the while keeping her attention trained upon the screen in front of her. “I agree, Sarge. If you’re the lighter fighter getting into the ring with a Heavyweight, then having a little extra snap in your moves can only be an asset.”

Maggie shakes her head as she laughs, “Why do I have this terrible feeling you two are going to be tag teaming on me during this training?” She looks from one to the other, “At least no one will be able to say I’m not ready for this match,” she says as her eyes sparkle. Top Sarge nods, “Oh, by the time I’m done with you, you’ll both be ready for your first tag team match believe me,” he says ominously.

The girls give each other a knowing look and return to their studies.

[Camera fades to black

Christine: She weighs in at 120 pounds.. she has never been pinned.. she is “The Firestar”.. Maggie.. McGuire!

[Maggie steps out wearing black wrestling boots, black fingerless gloves, black briefs, a sleeveless shirt-black at the bottom with flames rising from the blackness to reach up the shirt as the black lightens to a sheer black over the shoulders. Her coppery hair is pulled back into a French braid. Hannah enters beside her, looking out and joining Maggie in waving to the crowd before they start down the aisle, both slapping hands with the fans who reach across the guardrails as they make their way to the ring. The song continues as Maggie enters the ring, “I’ve got a dream to take you over, exploding like a super nova, I’m gonna crash into your world and that’s no lie.” She moves to her corner, standing on the ropes and waving once more as she flashes the crowd a smile before pulling against the ropes for a final stretch of her muscles.]

Ed: Hannah Blue at ringside, cheering on Maggie. Lisa Thomas has to be Maggie’s biggest opponent to date..

Sam: Hey.. Lisa Thomas is /everyone’s/ biggest opponent. No one is bigger than Lisa.

Sonya: Lisa Thomas could hand Maggie her first pinfall loss..


Ed: Maggie being cautious.. Lisa waiting for her in the ring.. they lock up and Lisa just THROWS Maggie into the corner..

Sam: What strength by the biggest girl in WISE..

Sonya: The bigger they are..

Sam: The harder they hurt you..

Ed: Maggie trying a different tactic.. she goes off the ropes and tries for a cross body block, but Lisa Thomas catches her.. and SLAMS her to the mat.. and Maggie rolling outside the ring..

Sonya: Hannah Blue whispering something to her.. Maggie nods and rolls back into the ring.. she glances cautiously at Lisa.. she goes off the ropes.. Lisa lifts her off the ground, but Maggie shifts in mid air and NAILS Lisa in the chops with a dropkick!

Sam: Whoa! Nice move! I’ll have to admit that.. Lisa is stunned. She moves in after Maggie who NAILS her in the jaw with a spin heel kick!

Ed: Lisa is seeing stars and Hannah is cheering at ringside. These fans are hot! Maggie with a catlike move to the top turnbuckle, comes off with a headscissors takedown and Lisa is on the mat! Maggie with a cover! One.. tw.. STRONG KICKOUT by Lisa Thomas.. Maggie almost ended up out of the ring.

Sonya: Lisa has some raw strength at her disposal. She sits up and Maggie hits Lisa with some kicks to the back.. Lisa getting up.. Maggie with a springboard and NAILS a bulldog! Cover! One.. two.. KICKOUT by Lisa!

Sam: Maggie is lightning fast… she’s to her feet.. she bounces off the ropes, but Lisa CATCHES her and POWERSLAMS her through the mat! OUCH!

Ed: Maggie holding her back as Lisa pulls her up by the hair.. Lisa with a gorilla press.. and she slams Maggie on her back again! You’ve got to be kidding me!

Sam: Looks like Lisa is not kidding anyone.. especially Maggie!

Sonya: Hannah slapping the mat, trying to get Maggie going.. Lisa Thomas with a double ax handle sledge to the back of Maggie and Maggie appears to be out! Hannah looks very concerned with her tag team partner.

Ed: Lisa Thomas bravely going to the top.. flying LEG DROP and Maggie rolls out of the way.. she’s up quick!

Sam: Hey! She was playing possum! How RUDE!

Sonya: Maggie NAILS Lisa with a springboard drop kick and Lisa is down! Maggie locks in the arms and NAILS a face first pile driver! Lisa slow to get up and Maggie NAILS her with a thrust kick!

Ed: Maggie going to the top.. SOMERSAULT LEG DROP hits the mark! Cover.. one.. two.. three.. NO! Lisa gets her foot on the rope! Referee breaks the hold..

Sam: She patting her forearm! Watch out, LISA!

Ed: Lisa slow to get to her feet.. Maggie with a SPRINGBOARD FLYING FOREARM that decimates Lisa Thomas.. she covers.. one.. two.. THREE!


Christine: Winner of this match.. “Firestar” Maggie McGuire!

Ed: Hold on! From the crowd, here comes Rachel Edwards! She’s got the Lightweight title and is coming after Hannah, who has no idea! Maggie spots her and motions to Hannah who ducks just in time to avoid being nailed by Rachel Edwards!

Sam: Hannah nailing Rachel, as Maggie stays inside the ring.. you know she wants a piece of Rachel too.. Hannah rolls Rachel inside the ring, and Rachel is up and tries to get out, but Maggie steps in front.. Rachel turns around and drops to her knees and begs off on Hannah.. Maggie steps from the ring..

[The fans are going rabid.. “Ice Queen” chants are drowning out the arena.]

Sonya: Hannah nails Rachel with a kick to the midsection.. she pulls her up and locks in a full nelson.. NO! Full nelson SUPLEX! Hannah is going to the top.. Triple Twist SPLASH!!! Cover?

Ed: Maggie rolls in and counts! One.. two.. three!

Sam: HEY! This wasn’t a match!

Ed: Maggie grabs the Lightweight title and hands it to Hannah who holds it high.. the crowd is wild! She thinks about trying it on.. but decides against it and throws it down on the hazy Rachel Edwards.

Sonya: Hannah vs. Rachel at Crime Spree.. it’s going to be a wild match! I..

[We hear a phone ring.]

Sam: Your mother calling, Sonya? Or perhaps your deadbeat ex-husband?

Sonya: Shut up, Sam. Hello?

[Fans pop when they hear who’s on the other end.]

Daisy Butterfly

Daisy (via telephone): Hello? Make sure this message gets to Heather Chandler. I’m tempted to turn the van around and settle this tonight, but Colorado Springs will do.

Sonya: Daisy, you’re agreeing to debating Heather?

Daisy (via telephone): Honestly, Sonya…I’m now taking bets on whether she’ll get in the ring and talk to me face-to-face or if she’s just a smokescreen for another poorly-planned Syndicate misadventure. But, YES. I’ll be there. Fair warning, Heather…I won’t be alone. If anything seems out of place — ANYTHING — I won’t hesitate to play my hand.

Sonya: Who’s coming with you?

Daisy (via telephone): Sonya, if I told you I wouldn’t have the upper-hand. Let’s just say…she’s one of the Bay Area’s Finest…

[Crowd roars. chants of “Order! Order! Order!” fill the arena.]

Daisy (via telephone): And Heather…I’m not looking for a “shot,” per se. I’m looking to shoot. See you in Colorado. <click>

Sonya: How about that? Daisy and Heather Chandler, next week! And Officer Order in Daisy’s corner?

Ed: She never said that.

Sam: She hinted. And dammit, just when I had new hope for Daisy, she goes back to being buddy-buddy with Double Oh-no.

Sonya: Keeping in mind that May Order lives and breathes justice, I think her presence will be an asset for both parties.

Ed: COULD be, Sonya. It’s all still hearsay.

[Crowd begins to boo, as Jennifer Grier storms the ring. She takes a mic.]

Jen: It’s time to put up or shut up, Sarah! Get your ass down here….NOW!

Ed: Sarah Summers is not wasting time.. she runs down the aisle and jumps up onto the ring apron.

Sam: Grier looking out to the fans…AND RUNS UP NAILING SUMMERS WITH A DROPKICK!

[Fans pop as Summers falls to the floor on the outside.]


WISE North American Championship: Sarah Summers vs. Jennifer Grier

Ed: Jen looking out to all the fans, as Summers gets up to her feet. She’s pissed off right now!

Sonya: And she should be. She was nailed by Grier from behind, what a coward.

Ed: Summers rolls into the ring, and Jen locks up, no! Jen slips through her legs and slaps Summers in the back of the head.

[Fans continue to cheer as Summers backs off and smiles.]

Sam: Summers with great composure as Jen tried to rattle her. You know Ed, this could be a great psychological match up between the two.

Ed: Summers moving back in, and a Collar and Elbow…no! Summers with a punch, and now a side headlock takedown by Summers…and paintbrush slapping by the 198 pound heavyweight.

Sam: And Summers talking to Grier. Whatever she’s saying, Grier isn’t taking it very well.

Sonya: Grier breaking the hold and countering with her own headlock, and Summers up to her feet and a waist lock before shoving Grier into the far ropes.

Sam: Jen bouncing off and Summers just missing the clothesline. Jen ducking and into the far ropes. She bounces off as Summers turns around…FLYING DROPKICK!

[Fans cheer as Summers remains on her feet.]


(Fans on their feet as Summers saunters into the near ropes.)

Sonya: Jen slow to her feet as Summers picks up a head of steam and…CLIPS the back of Jen’s knee.

Ed: Summers with a pick up and hoists up Jen over her shoulder. Summers with a POWERSLAM! One.. two.. KICKOUT!

Sonya: And now Summers with a quick pick up, and firing away with hard right hands to the head. Now a boot to the midsection, a scoop and bodyslam. The heavyweight is now going up top.

[Fans stand as Summers climbs the turnbuckles.]

Sam: She’s taking an awfully long time. Summers jumping off the top and . . . Jen rolling out of the way.

[Minor cheers as she does a kip up to her feet.]

Ed: Jen flying into the ropes as Summers gets up to her feet. Jen bouncing off but Summers catches her for a high back body…no!

Sam: Jen with a front face lock…Tornado DDT!

[Fans on their feet cheering as Jen runs for the side ropes.]

Sonya: Summers back up as Jen bounces off….BULLDOG!

[More cheers as Summers runs to the side ropes.]

Ed: Summers back up and Jen with a THESZ PRESS! One.. two.. STRONG KICKOUT

[Fans applaud as Summers easily kicks out.]

Sonya: Jen with a hair pull pick up and a standing dropkick right on the chin! Summers is down, and now a side headlock by Jen.

Sam: Jen just isn’t strong enough. She needs to whip Summers into the ropes. She needs to wear this gal down. As it is, she’s just too big and strong for the Lightweight.

Ed: Summers up to her feet, and Jen backing into the ropes. The ref wants a break…oh no.

[Fans boo as Grier nails Summers with a knee jerk low blow.]

Sonya: Grier denying everything to the ref as she slaps Summers before going for the spinning drop kick.

Ed: Summers gets back to her feet and heads over to the near corner, and climbing up the buckles again. This is a mistake! She’s up to the second buckle as she measures Jen. She flies off….

Sam: And hits with a the fistdrop! She grapevines the leg for the cover. One.. two.. th.. KICKOUT!

[Fans cheer as Summers get up off the canvas.]

Ed: No frustration. Summers with great poise. A pick up and front face lock….no, INSIDE CRADLE by Summers! One.. th.. KICKOUT by Jen.

[Fans moan as Jen easily kicks out.]

Sam: Summers pulls Grier up, going for a Piledriver.

Sonya: Jen is dazed from that Piledriver. She’s groggy on that canvas as Summers pulls her to her feet…oh no! Sarah climbs the ropes to the top turnbuckle.

Ed: Summers up top as Jen sprints into the near corner, jumps on the middle rope and …and SHE MISSILE DROPKICKS SUMMERS IN THE MIDSECTION!

[Fans pop as Summers hangs upside down from the top buckle.]

Sonya: She can hyper-extend a knee that way! Summers is in a world of hurt. Jen quickly climbing the turnbuckles over Summer, it looks like she’s going to drop down on Summer’s head. Oh no!

Ed: Jen pointing to all the fans at ringside as she gets ready to jump down!

[BIG TIME POP as Summers manages to pull on the ropes causing Jen to fall into the near corner.]

Ed: Grier back on her feet as Summers manages to get herself free and she collapses on the mat, clutching her knee. Grier quickly climbs the ropes again, she’s like a monkey, flying up those buckles as she measures Summers ….GUILLOTINE LEG DROP! One.. two.. th.. SHOULDER UP!

[Fans go wild as Sarah Summers gets the shoulder up.]

Ed: Jen with a pick up and Irish whips Summers into the far ropes. Grier quickly runs to the near ropes as they near the middle of the ring…


[Fans cheer as Grier crashes into the mat.]

Sonya: Too smart and too strong. Sarah stomping away on Jen, and now a hair pull pick up. Front face lock….and hoists her up for a Vertical Suplex. Cover.. One.. two.. KICKOUT!

Ed: The Lightweight kicking out weakly. Now Summers with a pick up and she’s trying to hurry this thing up. She hoists up Jen and body slams her hard to the canvas. And now she’s going for another pickup…

Sam: Summers is going for a bearhug, she’s working on the ribs of Grier.

Sonya: Sarah with an overhead suplex and she goes for the cover!! One.. two.. thre.. NO! Shoulder up!

Sam: Summers can’t believe it, but she’s maintaining her composure. A pick up by Summers and a bodyslam.

Ed: Summers backing into the ropes, bouncing off with a head of steam and jumps up… FISTDROP! Another cover… One.. two.. t.. KICKOUT!

Sam: Summers with a pick up and Irish whips Jen into the near buckle. Jen staggering out and Sarah Summers gets in behind her…

Ed: and slaps on a Full Nelson!

[Fans all on their feet in expectation as Grier screams out in pain.]

Ed: Jen reaching for the ropes. She’s reaching!

Sam: Too much weight. Too strong. This is over.

Ed: Jen is so ring conscious, she tags the ropes….and the ref forcing a break.

Sonya: Sarah breaking and now a high kick into the midsection of Jen who falls into the ropes. Summers with a drop toe hold and another Full Nelson!

[Fans pop as Sarah Summers tightens up the hold.]

Sam: This is it. This has got to be it.

Sonya: Jen can’t reach the ropes this time. The ref moving in. He’s asking the question! He’s asking the question!

Ed: Jennifer Grier is holding on!

Sam: But she’s fading out fast! Referee raises the hand.. once.. twice.. three! NO!


Christine: Winner of the match.. and NEW North American Heritage Champion.. “Ultima”.. Sarah Summers!

Ed: Referee is helping Jen out of the ring.. Sarah just looks at Jen with disdain and grabs the NAH title and kisses it, then holds it high for all the fans to see! We’re out of time for this week.. we’ll recap for you on the Tease! We’re outta here!

=============== [c]1999 WISE/Chandler Entertainment===============

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