Rachel Edwards defends the Lightweight Championship against Hannah Blue

Rachel Edwards

[Scene opens backstage. The camera pans around, seeing a nice, decorative room, filled with various bouquets of flowers, many of them in vases. A well-lit mirror completely covers one of the enormous walls in this rather large room. A dressing room fit for a queen, or rather, a champion.] [Camera pans over to a chair, near the entrance to the room, and spots the WISE Lightweight Champion, Rachel “Ice” Edwards. Her hair is tied back, though it still looks gorgeous, and she’s in her full wrestling attire. In her right hand is a bottle of water, and draped across her lap is the shining gold title itself. A look of confidence is on her face, as she casually glances around the room. Her look, which quickly turns almost seductive, returns to the camera, and a halfhearted smile crosses her face.]

RE: You know, this locker room, it’s really very beautiful. I guess it’s one of the perks to being a champion in this great federation, the WISE. A room filled with flowers. Simply lovely.

[Her voice fades off softly as she glances around the room again. She sees something in the closet, causing her to smile. The camera can’t pick up what exactly she’s looking at.]

RE: In just a few short moments, I have a match. My first title defense. And, well, I’ll be honest. There are a few jitters. I mean, this is sure to be a tough match.

Hannah Blue. Believe it or not, I’ve been watching tapes of you. I’ve been keeping an eye on your style, and I think I’ve got the perfect game-plan. What is it? Well, sweetheart.

I’m going to leave that as a surprise.

Just come to the ring and give me a great match, and I’ll be happy.

[She takes a drink of her water.]

RE: Really, Hannah, I have a lot of respect for you. Honestly. You’ve got a lot of talent, and I haven’t a shadow of a doubt in my mind that you are going to give me a great match.

Unfortunately, dear, as I said earlier, I’m not quite ready to give this title up yet. You wouldn’t believe the popularity it’s gotten me. Before, I got no respect. People mocked me. I was just “another dumb valet trying to be a wrestler.”

[She chuckles to herself.]

RE: Guess I proved them wrong, didn’t I? Yes, I have a history as a manager. But when I step into the ring, I know every inch of that canvas, and how to use every inch of it to my advantage.

And now that I’m a champion, people see me in a whole new light. “She’s a champ now.” “She actually does have some skill.”

But still, there are those naysayers who refuse to believe that I have the talent. Refuse to believe that I have the ability. Refuse to believe that I have the will and the desire to hold a title. Refuse to believe that it was nothing more than a simple fluke.

[She sighs, and looks down, shaking her head sadly.]

RE: As much as I respect you, Hannah, you’re going to become an example. Nothing personal, dear, but I still have something to prove. Funny, the title brought me a load of popularity, but in the process, drew in a new crowd of doubters.

I guess that’s the sport, right? That’s what to expect.

I certainly wouldn’t know any different.

[She looks up, a hopeful look on her face.]

RE: By the way, Hannah. Congratulations on your alliance with Maggie McGuire. Something I was never able to do.

But Hannah dear, let’s keep this between us. One on one, woman against woman. Maggie, you have no place in this match. Our time will come soon enough. As a matter of fact.

It’ll come in less than a month.

When your turn comes, I’m all yours. But until then, let’s keep this from getting personal. I have a title defense that I will willingly make. Let Hannah have her own title shot. It’s her just due.

[All of a sudden, Rachel begins to chuckle to herself. She tries to stop, but it’s overcoming her. She looks away, slightly embarrassed.]

RE: I’m sorry, I was just remembering a joke I heard the other day. Maybe, down the road, I’ll tell it to you. Maybe after this match. Hannah, I’ll see you in the ring, dear. Best of luck to you.

[The WISE logo appears on the screen and fades out to a capacity crowd. The words “Live – Arco Arena – Sacramento CA” appear as the crowd goes into a frenzy. The camera pans past the crowd to the announce trio.]

Ed: I’m Ed Bagel, and joining me this week are Sam Mutt and Sonya Blade, and we are LIVE in the California capital, Sacramento in the Arco Arena and tonight, we have a spectacular card for you. Tonight, the NEW Lightweight Champion, Rachel Edwards will take on the number one contender, Hannah Blue.

Sam: That’s our main event? Egads. What a yawner.

Sonya: This is going to be a spectacular match. Both have an abundance of talent and I think it’ll show tonight.

Ed: I’m also told that we…

Heather Chandler

[“December” by Collective Soul begins to play across the arena, as the fans get to their feet. Heather Chandler steps through the curtain, and following behind is Spud McKenzie. They slowly make their way down to ringside and climb up into the ring. Christine Donahue reaches up and hands the mic to Heather.]

Heather: WISE is /in/ /the/ /house/, Sacramento!

[The crowd *POPS* loudly.]

Heather: Oh boy, do we have a lot to go over tonight! In regards to the North American Heritage Championship, which is still vacant. As part of his new duties, your Vice President in charge of Wrestling Operations, Spud McKenzie, has been placed in charge of that particular title. So I’ll turn that over to him at this time.

[Heather hands the mic to Spud and steps off into a corner.]

Spud: How’s everyone in Sacramento?!?

[Crowd pops again!]

Spud: I’m here to address the situation with the North American Heritage Championship. As you all know, special referee Daisy Butterfly declared the match a four way draw. Which is in her rights! However, she still has in her possession the title, which will need to be returned to us tonight. Because. Tonight. We will have a match to determine the new North American Heritage Champion. This match will pit the two competitors from the four way dance. Sarah Summers against Amanda Knight. The winner will become the North American Heritage Champion. However, the winner of that match will go on to face Andrea Chandler at Crime Spree in a “Rolling Casket” match. The winner will be the one who puts their opponent into a casket and rolls it out of the Arena. The North American Heritage Championship will be on the line in that match. We have a few more announcements, so I’ll turn this over to Heather.

[Heather steps up and takes the mic.]

Heather: Moving on. We have one Heather Leick running around with a title she’s calling the “WISE Extreme Television Championship.” Well, Ms. Leick. I’ve nothing against you personally, however, if you are going to claim to be a champion. Then you better start defending your title, so tonight. That “Extreme Television Championship” will be on the line in your match against Neko Daisuke.

[Crowd *pops*.]

Heather: Finally, WISE will be participating in the “Angels and Amazons” PPV later this month. Some of you may have heard that Sierra Browne will defend her WISE Universal Title against Heidi Leick. We’ll also a Lightweight Title match, as the champion, currently Rachel Edwards, will be taking on Maggie McGuire. As well as three of our own WISE girls, in a big 30 woman Royal Rumble. Bloody Mary, Miko Azai and Brittany Yorke will all be in that particular match. We are still working on finalizing a main event for “Crime Spree” as well as some of the other matches on the card, however it’s my pleasure to announce the first five names to be entered into the big Caged Fury cage match. Now, this has nothing to do with the order of entrance into the cage. These are the first five women to sign up:

Elizabeth Zavodsky
The Corporal
Neko Daisuke
Stephani Weathers
And Lady Luck.

Heather: There you have it! The first five to be announced for the big Caged Fury match. That’s all the announcements I have for you tonight, so let’s get ourselves out of here and get on to the action!

[The crowd cheers as Heather and Spuds leave the ring and head up the aisle. Camera moves back to the announce trio.]

Ed: Some BIG announcements from both Mr. McKenzie and Ms. Chandler. We will crown a North American Heritage Champion tonight! It’ll be Summers vs. Knight. And the winner moves on to Crime Spree to take on Andrea Chandler in a very interesting match.

Sam: A casket match that you roll out of the arena? This match will be a brutal one!

Sonya: Heather Chandler is making sure that Crime Spree lives up to its name.

Ed: Let’s go down to ringside and get things started with Christine Donahue!

[Camera pans down to the ring, where Christine Donahue stands in the center.]

Christine: Hello. Sacramento!

[Crowd *pops*.]

Christine: Is everyone ready for a night of the hottest sports entertainment in the world?

[Crowd pops louder.]

Christine: Is that the best you can do? Let me hear you!

[The crowd becomes deafening.]

Christine: That’s more like it. People of Sacramento California. Let the SHOW BEGIN!


Brittany Yorke vs. Pandora

Christine: This first match is scheduled for one fall and has a 20 minute time limit. Introducing first.

[“Heart shaped Box” by Nirvana BLASTS over the PA System]

Christine: Introducing, originally from Tokyo, Japan, now subsiding in Seattle, Washington. She weighs in tonight at 145 pounds. Here is PANDORA!!!

[Pandora enters the arena with a grim smile on her face. The wicked chords of Heart shaped box blast into high gear as Pandora makes her way to the ring. She is wearing a pair of very short cut off jean shorts, a black Jim Morrison T-shirt and a pair of black leather arm boot. Her hair is pulled up into a high pony tail and separated into hundreds of tiny braids. Pandora climbs into the ring and pulls her T-shirt off to reveal a black Nike sports bra. She throws the shirt to the audience as she warms up]

Christine: And her opponent.

[The opening strains to “Pomp and Circumstance” start up over the PA system.]

Brittany Yorke

[The scene opens to a dressing room, but not an ordinary dressing room at all! This one is _expensively_ furnished with an expensive leather couch along one wall, an antique coffee table, a huge walk-in closet taking up an entire wall and so forth and so on. In fact, there’s even a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Most likely a certain rich, British father is having a heart-attack about now after finding out what his “little girl” has gotten up to with his credit cards over here in the US of A. And speaking of that particular girl, the person in question is currently standing on a footstool, looking at herself in the mirror while trying on a revealing, royal-blue, _expensive_ looking evening gown while four seamstresses are bustling around her, making an alteration here or a little cut there. The woman is, of course, Brittany Yorke, and standing by the exit is her ever-present, ever-dignified elderly butler, Andrew. Brittany is a tall, powerfully muscled and quite beautiful brunette, and as she spots the camera she turns her head towards it.]

Brittany: Darlings! There you are at last. How very fortunate that you should arrive just now. I’m just trying on one of my choices for entrance attire tonight. Isn’t it gorgeous? One of a kind, you know. Just like me one might say. And very much unlike dearest, little Pandora.

[Brittany pauses and looks at herself in the mirror again before once more returning her attention to the camera. The seamstresses keep on working through it all.]

Brittany: What was it the dear, little Goth-girl said? Oh yes, she carried the match. I believe that was it.

[A slight hint of amusement can be seen in Brittany’s eyes as she looks straight at the camera, and the beginnings of a smirk is tugging at the corner of her mouth.]

Brittany: Darling, I’m afraid you couldn’t even carry a tune, much less a match of any sort. You, dear, little girl, are a delusional child, obviously.

[There’s another pause.]

Brittany: Tell me, dear, what was the point of your tasteless, little display? To scare me? Come now, dear. You should know better than that. After all, while you were outside the ring in the tag team match, goldbricking just like all members of the lower classes, I stepped inside and disposed of another lesser person, providing you with a victory in which you naturally had no active part.

[Brittany shakes her head,]

Brittany: I, to use a vulgar term you seem so fond of, got my hands dirty on that common piece of trash, and I made sure she knew about it. Just take a look, dearie.

[Doing a double biceps pose Brittany flexes her muscles impressively, incidentally popping a seam somewhere, causing the seamstresses to scurry around to find the broken seam.]

Brittany: This is not a body one can get by letting _others_ do the hard work.

[Smirking she looks at the camera once more.]

Brittany: And I know perfectly well our little match won’t be a catfight, dear. I do not consider scratching and clawing a viable offense to be quite honest. No, I much rather prefer to inflict pain in other ways. And tonight, little Goth-girl, I won’t just defeat you. I rather think I’ll just break you in half. That would be so much more. Satisfying, don’t you agree? I do hope you don’t mind wheelchairs _too_ much, dear.

[Turning her attention back to the mirror a frown appears on her face. Looking down on one of the seamstresses she speaks.]

Brittany: No. This just will not do at all. Do find me something else to wear, won’t you?

[She steps off the stool and walks in behind a screen set up in a corner. After a few seconds the dress is draped over the top of the screen, and Andrew walks over towards it.]

Brittany: Andrew, would you please go and prepare things for my grand entrance? Oh, and do be a dear and throw this old thing in the rubbish bin on your way out, won’t you?

Andrew: Of course, Madame.

[The elderly man picks up the dress and proceeds to leave the room, while the four seamstresses look after him with looks of shock on their faces.]

S1: She. She. She’s throwing it in the garbage?

S2: But. That was an original Versace. And it’s never been worn outside of this fitting.

[The four of them look at each other, and then without a further word they react as one, all of them rushing out after Andrew as we fade to black.]

Christine: Ladies and gentlemen. Introducing, from London, England, accompanied to the ring by her butler, Andrew. She weighs in tonight at 198 pounds, here is “The British Bomb”. Brittany. Yorke!

[The curtains part and two young men with bodybuilder physiques wearing only black and gold trunks step out side by side. They are obviously carrying something on their shoulders. Something which looks like a platform of some sort. Stepping in pace to the music they move forward, revealing two more pairs of equally well-muscled, young men also supporting the platform, and following them, looking as dignified and quintessentially British as ever, is Andrew. However, more important is what we find on top of the platform, or rather, _who_! Brittany Yorke! The tall, beautiful and muscular brunette is sitting on it wearing a sparkling, sequined evening gown in a red, white and blue Union Jack (British flag) pattern. Raising a hand she waves “royally” to the crowd, making sure _all_ the attention is on her as she is carried to the ring. As they pass the broadcasters she turns towards them, then blows a kiss towards each of the two men before ordering the six men supporting her platform to carry on. Finally they make it to the ring, and Brittany stands up, waiting for Andrew to climb the stairs. Once he’s up on the apron he holds the ropes open for her as she steps off the platform and down onto the apron herself.] [Just like the last time Brittany raises both arms and does a little twirl in the ring, showing herself off to the crowd, then moves back to her corner where the dress is revealed to be of a tear-away style when she quickly removes it, then hands it to Andrew who quietly steps down from the apron and stands near the corner of the ring with a completely stone-faced look on his lined face. Beneath the dress Brittany is wearing a sports bra, mid-thigh length tights and wrestling boots, all of them black with gold detailing and “Yorke” scripted in golden, flowing letters down the right thigh.]

Ed: It looks like these former tag partners aren’t too fond of each other now.

Sam: I don’t think they liked each other in the first place. The fact that they tagged up was all Heather’s idea.

Sonya: Regardless, these two will be going at it now.


Ed: Brittany moving out to the center of the ring, while Pandora hesitates a bit. She moves in and they lock up. And Brittany with a powerful push that sends Pandora flying into the corner.

Sam: Double bicep pose by Brittany. She’s got the power.

Sonya: Pandora moving back in. Is she going to go for it again? NO! Spinning savate kick into the side of the head of Brittany, who staggers back.

Ed: Pandora off the ropes and nails Brittany with a flying forearm smash. And Brittany is sent over the top and out of the ring!

Sam: Andrew quickly moving over, and assisting Brittany to her feet. But watch Pandora.

Ed: She stair steps up the turnbuckles and somersault flops onto both Brittany and Andrew! The fans are to their feet. Pandora pushing a fan out of the way and she grabs a chair. She NAILS Brittany in the back.

Sonya: Pandora drops the chair and pulls up Brittany. Modified Springboard DDT off the ringsteps and onto the chair and Brittany has to be out of it!

Sam: Pandora sliding back into the ring. She waits for the ref to count out Brittany, who is slowly getting to her feet. She has been rocked!

Ed: Andrew, again, is helping Brittany back into the ring before the 10 count and Pandora quickly moves in. Whip into the rope. And a HOT SHOT! Cover by Pandora. One. Two. STRONG KICKOUT by the powerhouse, that sends Pandora through the bottom and second rope and to the floor.

Sonya: Pandora quickly to her feet. As she gets back up onto the ring apron and climbs the turnbuckle. Brittany is up. And Pandora with a launch. Across body block, but Pandora spins her around into a HUGE powerslam!

Sam: Brittany just planted Pandora with that power slam. She’s rather upset about being upstaged by Pandora. She pulls her up by the hair and pulls her into a short arm clothesline!

Sonya: Brittany is slowing things down. She lifts up Pandora into a fireman’s carry. NO! Into a DDT! And Brittany with another pose. She pulls up Pandora and locks in a full nelson. And then legsweeps her face first into the mat!

Ed: I think she could go for the pin at this point. But Brittany is having fun at Pandora’s expense.

Sam: Hey. Pandora embarrassed her. She cross body blocked her butler.

Sonya: Brittany has Pandora up! Shoulder breaker! And she holds on. And lifts Brittany up again. And another shoulder breaker. And still Brittany holds her up. INVERTED TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!

Ed: Brittany telling everyone that it’s over. She makes the cover. But doesn’t hook the leg. One. Two. Thr. SHOULDER UP! Pandora squeezes out at the last possible moment!

Sam: Lucky break by Goth Girl.

Sonya: I thought you liked Pandora.

Sam: I did.

Sonya: Brittany must have slipped you a $20.

Sam: HEY! What do you take me for.? It was a $50.

Ed: In the ring, Brittany with an Irish whip. Pandora ducks a clothesline. And springboards off with a flying leg lariat that takes Brittany off her feet!

Sonya: Pandora off the ropes, nails a neckbreaker. And a cover. One. Two. KICKOUT by Brittany. Pandora with an arm bar. NO! Brittany pulls her into a short arm clothesline!

Sam: Too much power in those arms.

Ed: Brittany locking in a full nelson! The referee is checking. WAIT! Brittany jerks Pandora up into the air and slams her to the mat! Cover! One. Two. Three!


Christine: Winner of the match, Brittany Yorke!

Sonya: Brittany with a win over Pandora. Who rolls out of the ring, and slowly leaves the ringside area. But in the ring, Brittany doing a pose down for this non-appreciative crowd.

Sam: Hey. The intelligent fans are applauding!

Ed: Brittany Yorke with an impressive win tonight at the Catfight here in Sacramento, and she’s milking it for all she’s worth. Hold on. There’s some commotion in the audience. A fan has just jumped the railing.

Sam: That’s no fan!

Sonya: Medusa Rage hitting the ring, with a chair. She levels Brittany Yorke in the back. And she nails her again! Brittany Yorke ‘pearl harbored’ by Medusa Rage!

Ed: Medusa heading out of here before reinforcements arrive. We have to take a break! We’ll be back!

Shumira Kishiro

Shumira is wandering around the back area of the arena, wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat. “Muuuuuffins!” she calls out. “Muuuuffypoo!” She opens the lid of a dumpster, “Muffy? No Muffy.” She looks frustrated.

She walks up to one of the crew who is carrying his lunch in a paper bag. Shumira snatches the bag and opens it. “Muffins! No Muffins. Crud.” She smacks the guy over the head with the bag and moves on.

“Well this is getting me nowhere.” She says, putting her hands on her hips. She sees a group of ring-crew standing by the TV truck. “Hey! You. You. Village People lookin’ guys!”

The group of guys (who do kinda look like the Village People in a surreal sort of way) all look up. The guy in the hardhat and moustache growls, “Whaddaya want?” They all look like they are about to start a barroom brawl.

Shumira crosses her arms and tries to look stern (it doesn’t work). “I’m looking for Muffins! Where is she?”

“Dunno what you’re talking about.” the guy says, and then mutters under his breath, “crazy bitch.”

Shumira visibly snaps, the change in her expression and demeanor are so sudden and dramatic that she looks like a totally different person. She grabs the nearest object, a trash can and whacks the guy over the head with it, denting the can. The guy just looks at her. Then she notices the hard hat. “Gimme that!” she says, snatching the hat. She then whacks him over the head again, sending him flat on his back.

“Yaha!” she shouts, smashing the trashcan against the guy’s face, shattering his nose. “Okay, who’s next?” she growls.

She stops as a hand claps down on her shoulder, and suddenly she is ‘Shumira’ again. The group of guys look behind Shumira and all back away. Neko Daisuke stands there, glaring at them.

“What are you doing?” Neko says, spinning Shumira around. She glares down at Shumira, with a mixture of concern and frustration (like an older sister or parent would)

Shumira stares at Neko for several moments and then says quietly. “I’m looking for Muffins.”


“Because she is my friend!” Shumira says, puffing herself up.

“She’s a stuffed cat Shumira. What’s wrong with you?” Neko says, running her fingers across Shumira’s cheek.

Shumira looks at Neko, visibly hurt. “What do you care?? What does anybody care?? They took everything away from me and left me with a stuffed cat-head. And now they’ve taken that too! I just wanted to be accepted! I just wanted to belong. I’m sick of being alone and being hated. I’m so sick of being alone.”

She latches onto Neko and buries her face in Neko’s chest, sobbing. “I missed you.” Shumira says between sobs. Neko looks around, uncomfortable and embarrassed. Gently she pushes Shumira away.

“You need help, Shumie. Get help. Seriously.” Neko says, then turns and walks away.

Shumira watches Neko walk away, her eyes seemingly glued to Neko’s back. Absently she digs her fingernails into her arm, drawing blood from the long scratches. “I don’t want help. I just want.” she sighs, drops her head and walks slowly away.

Amanda Knight

Sonya: It’s not like Neko Daisuke has enough to worry about with an Extreme TV Title opportunity tonight against Heidi Leick. I mean.

[Suddenly, the first aggressive notes of Collective Soul’s “Heavy” start leaking through the speakers. The audience instantly turns towards the curtains, and is rewarded by the appearance of Lady Amanda Knight, half of the infamous Wild Knights. She smiles as she strolls down the ramp into the aisle, high-fiving and rubbing elbows (literally) with the crowd, which screams and cheers loudly- a testament to her popularity. Amanda emerges from the aisle and slides into the ring, standing up and brushing off her clothes. Tonight she’s dressed for a fight: leather top and tight-fitting pants with wrestling boots- all black. Her black leather jacket lies on top, chains dangling from the shoulders. She has her long blonde hair brushed neatly- as neat as it’ll get, at any rate. With mic in hand, Amanda glances about, her music faded and waiting for the crowd to quiet likewise. Despite the bright smile on her face, her blue eyes are intensely serious.]

Amanda: (raising her hand and waving) Sacramento! Is the Golden State ready tae get wild??

[An excellent ovation from the psyched-up California audience. Amanda steps up onto the bottom rope and turns her head from one side to the other, drawing even more cheers. Finally she hops down, and begins to pace.]

Amanda: Well, well, well, this is an interesting turn of events. A couple weeks ago, ye saw how the North American Heritage Championship was nearly disgraced by the furtive tactics of two o’ my opponents. Fortunately, this travesty was prevented by some conscientious officiating- how very rare in our sport. And now, it appears that I- as one o’ two who did not dishonor ourselves- am tae fight for that very belt tonight. (Rubs her chin) Ponderous, indeed. Oh well: who am I tae refuse a title shot?

[She stops, turning to the camera and lifting an eyebrow deviously.]

Amanda: Before we begin, I’d like tae thank the WISE higher-ups for allowing me this opportunity- ye won’t regret it. Also, to the woman without whom none o’ this would be possible: “Franchise,” WISE legend, ad nauseam. I’m talkin’ ’bout Daisy Butterfly.

[Good-sized response at the mention of Daisy’s name. Amanda smirks, but not out of fondness.]

Amanda: Now Daisy- I don’t know the motives behind what ye did, if there be any, but it’s given Amanda Knight another chance tae shine, and for that ye have my thanks. Some in this league would call ye the best, and why not? Ye’ve been here since the beginning. However, with reputation comes challenge- challenge from those who’re skeptical about reputations. Consider me such a skeptic. (Points at the camera) So Daisy Butterfly, be forewarned: I’m lookin’ tae find out whether ye’re worthy o’ that “legend” title or not. I lean towards “no,” but I’m sure ye’d love tae change my mind. (Smiles) I’ll be waiting for your answer.

[Applause, and lots of it. Chants of “Wild Knights! Wild Knights!” ring out through the arena.]

Amanda: Anyhow, the matter at hand: the North American Heritage belt, and “Ultima” Sarah Summers. For you, Sarah, I’ve got nothing but respect. Problem is, it’s not a lot o’ respect. Hopefully that should change tonight; win or lose- doesn’t matter. What matters is that ye give it all, because Amanda Knight doesn’t settle for second best. Good luck, Sarah: ye’ve got a golden opportunity in front o’ ye. Don’t blow it.

[She casually casts the mic aside; it lands on the floor with a *pop*. Slipping through the ropes, she hops down and starts walking back towards the entry ramp, high-fiving the cheering fans on her way.]

Ed: Lady Amanda Knight, with some thoughts on Daisy Butterfly and encouraging words for her opponent, Sarah Summers.

Sam: Maybe she thinks she can avoid a beating if she kisses up.

Sonya: Hardly. Amanda Knight doesn’t need to kiss up.

Ed: You’re absolutely right, Sonya. You can learn a thing or two from her example, Sam.

Sam: Don’t you start taking sides.

Ed: Sorry to interrupt, but we have reports that Daisy Butterfly is in the back. Let’s go to this feed now.

Daisy Butterfly

[Daisy Butterfly, with the North American Heritage belt and a microphone in tow. She’s dressed for action, wearing a white singlet and red knee-high padded boots. Her arms and legs look more toned than ever before. She’s walking through the back, surrounded by five or six women dressed in black gis; their hair pulled back smartly into ponytails and serious expressions etched on their faces.]

Daisy: WISE. School’s in session. Twenty-odd women in this league, and most of you don’t understand what it means to be a champion. Take notes, and hit the music.

[“Brick City Mashin'” by Redman plays, bringing the fans to their feet. The camera cuts back to Daisy and company walking through the backstage concourse.]

Daisy: This one’s dedicated to the Chandler family. This is what a champion is.

[Daisy drops the mic as she and her crew lap the camera.]

Sam: Is she coming out here?

Ed: It looks that way…

Sam: She should be arrested! That belt is property of WISE and Chandler entertainment, and she just stole it!

Sonya: I, for one, am happy that Daisy’s bringing back her old integrity and intensity.

[Red and white fountains explode at the mouth of the aisle, silhouetting Daisy and company as they stand right at the curtain. The fans roar, exploding as Daisy steps through the fireworks and points to the crowd. She walks briskly down the aisle, her judo team behind her respectfully. She hops on the apron, slowly surveying the crowd to a huge reaction. She steps into the ring and calls for a microphone; her team lining up against the apron, arms at their sides.]

Daisy: *leaning against the ropes casually, looking out in the crowd* Anyone miss me?

[A decent “Yes Miss Daisy!” pop from the crowd.]

Daisy: (looking around the crowd) What’s that? Who’s that a picture of?

[Camera gets a close-up of a little girl holding a weathered poster of Officer Order with the GDWA World Championship.]

Daisy: Young lady, that’s a role-model. That’s a real champion. You make me a promise right now that you’ll hang that up on your bedroom wall.

[Big babyface pop.]

Sam: Ugggh…

Sonya: Hey, Daisy’s just keeping it right!

Sam: I liked her better when she was tits and ass…

Ed & Sonya: SAM!!

Daisy: (continuing her monologue) A real champion is a fighter. Not a schemer. If you need to sell your soul for a title, you were never a champion in the first place…

Sam: <cough> hypocrite… <cough>

Daisy: Fans, bear with me. This one’s for the girls backstage. THIS… this is how you defend a title. Ring the bell.

[Daisy throws the mic out the ring and waves one of the judo team members into the ring.]


Ed: Daisy and her opponent shaking hands…

Sonya: A good show of sportsmanship there!

Sam: Like hell. Daisy just slipped her a twenty to make her look good.

Ed: The two backing off and circling each other…grabbing at each other’s hands…locking fingers…

Sonya: A test of strength! And Daisy’s backing her down! She’s got a more defined physique than ever before!

[Rising pop from the crowd.]

Sam: One thing… she does look good…

Ed: A knee to Daisy’s midsection and her opponent tosses Daisy with a Northern Lights Suplex! Daisy kips up and takes her down with a legsweep! She sits up…AND DAISY PEPPERS HER BACK WITH A SERIES OF QUICK KICKS!!!

[Big pop!]

Ed: Daisy pulling her to her feet…Irish whip…reversed… AND DAISY SPRINGBOARDS WITH A BACK ELBOW TO HER OPPONENT’S FACE!!

[Big pop!]

Ed: And Daisy all over her with a half-camel clutch armbar!

Sam: Is that a move?

Sonya: It is now… Daisy’s always been the innovator of new holds.

Ed: The ref checking… and Daisy switching from a chinlock to a reverse headlock!

[Small pop as her opponent howls out.]

Sonya: We’re seeing Daisy going back to her hooker roots in this match…

Sam: Hooker?!? Come again?

Sonya: It’s an amateur term, Sam. Would you be more comfortable with “shooter”?

Sam: Depends on what a shooter would do for seventy-five bucks!

Ed: Daisy rising, putting a knee into her back… and she’s just stretching that poor girl’s neck! The ref checking… and Daisy’s yelling at him! Daisy’s telling her opponent not to tap out!

Sonya: That looks excruciatingly painful… you can see it on that girl’s face, but she’s trying to hold on…

[Crowd pops as Daisy’s opponent beats on the mat.]


[“Brick City Mashin” plays again.]

Ed: Daisy dropping the hold, looking down on her opponent disdainfully…

Christine: Your winner… MISS DAISY BUTTERFLY!!

[Big pop from the crowd.]

Sonya: I think Daisy expected more of a fight…

Sam: Well, that’s what you get when you just drag some barmaid in from off the street.

Ed: Daisy strapping that North American Heritage championship belt around her waist…

[Big pop!!]

Sam: And look at this! She’s making her judo team check on the girl she just stretched!

Ed: Daisy shaking her hand again, and the entourage is back down the aisle.

Sonya: I guess Daisy just drew her line in the sand.

Sam: And that thief still has the North American Heritage Championship. She should be arrested.

Ed: We’ll be back!

The Corporal

[The scene opens in the apartment of the Corporal. Portraits of famous American soldiers and women adorn the walls. From George Washington to Sally Ride, they’re all there. Several uniforms hang neatly in an open closet, and a general austerity pervades. The place is obviously well kept, in a neat orderly Military fashion. The Corporal sits on the couch in her normal ring attire of camouflage pants with combat boots and black T-shirt, dog tags hanging down onto her chest, with sunglasses on. She is sipping iced tea and watching a tape of the GDWA/WISE when Jennifer Grier comes on. Her face turns hard as she watches the tape, then she turns to face the camera.]

Corporal: Ms. Grier, need I point out to you that there IS one person in the WISE who stood up for you. One person who attempted to put Lady Tiger in her place after she screwed you over. ONE PERSON! And that person was me. Before you run around blaming the whole fed, you can blame yourself for not asking for help from your ally. C’mon Jen. I know you’re not military, but surely you understand the principle of combined force. It means that the two of us together are capable of more than each of us individually. I thought you were smart enough to accept that. I guess not.

[The Corporal pauses for a second to take a sip of her tea, then continues on.]

Corporal: You need to wake up, Jen. Accept the help that is offered and the two of us can begin the climb to the top together. Refuse it, and you’ll just receive more of the same. I can watch your back, Jen. But I’ll do it on my own terms. Teamwork. Partnership. And Respect. If you can work with that, so can I. You could do for me what Double O did for you. Help me to become a true WISE wrestler. One day the two of us could rule the tag team ranks here.

Jennifer Grier vs. Miko Azai

[Jen steps out of the curtain as “Jump” by Van Halen blares through the arena speakers. The arena erupts in boos and showers trash at Jen as her attire has changed. As she stands in the entranceway, she puts her hands on her shoulders as to proudly display her new shirt. On the front: “A WISE Way To Wrestle.” Jen does a twirl to show off the back of the shirt as it shows: “Kiss Corporate Ass!”

Jen continues down to the ring, as she slides in underneath the bottom rope. She stands up, she raises her hands to the crowd in mock appreciation as she grabs the microphone.]

Grier: We know EXACTLY why I’m out here, tonight, and I’m getting real tired of having to explain it to you jackasses every night! Sarah Summers, Lady Tiger, Hannah Blue, all three of you bitches, you listen up, and you listen good!

[The crowd boos once again as Jen begins to trash talk the WISE’s fan favorites.]

Grier: You three are a damn joke! Pulling the tights! Hannah, I’ll give you this. You got some moves, but that’s it? You want me to kiss your booty and tell you how much I respect you and how you want me to congratulate you on a match well won. Well, I’ll tell you ONE thing!

[Jen’s hands are blurred out as she flips off the aisle way.]

Grier: You ain’t getting NOTHING from me but a major butt-kicking next time I get my hands on you. Yeah, we SHOULD get a rematch, and we should do it now! Why don’t YOU come down here right now, with your ‘rightly earned Number One Contendership’? Come on, you two bit whore!

[The crowd boos as Jen paces the ring.]

Grier: How about YOU Tiger? Pretty quiet lately, wouldn’t you say? I guess that must because you KNOW I’m RIGHT? You think so? Go ahead, hobble, you damn cripple. I don’t why I was so excited about getting your attention a year ago. You aren’t nothing but a pretender! Led by an even BIGGER pretender! Come on down, Tiger!

[The crowd begins to shower trash into the ring, as Jen balances herself on the middle rope, microphone still in hand.]

Grier: And *YOU* Sarah! You think you’re bad? You want to punish me? Why don’t you back those words up, and get your ass down here now, you amazon bitch! I don’t WANT your pity. I don’t WANT your sympathy! But, there there’s something I’m going to get! And that’s YOUR ASS on a PLATTER, so bring your Chunky Soup loving butt down here NOW!

[Jen paces the ring, mumbling to herself. She looks around the ring, as she seems to not expect anyone to come down to ringside.]

Grier: *smiling* It looks like no one is woman enough to step in the ring with me? I don’t know WHY, considering the entire GDWA. WISE. Whatever, has something against me! Pull the tights! Put your foot on the ropes! It don’t matter, just get your ass down here so I can whoop it.

[The crowd stands as “You Played Yourself” begins to play. Jennifer turns and looks towards the entrance as Miko Azai steps through the curtain and walks down to the ring. As she slides into the ring, Jennifer is over her, putting the boots to her. She pulls off her T-shirt and wraps it around the throat of Miko and tries to choke her out.]

Sam: WHOA! Jennifer Grier is pissed!

Sonya: She has snapped and Miko Azai is her victim here. Do we have a match? We don’t have a referee yet.

Ed: Jennifer Grier kicking Miko out of the ring. A referee is hurrying down the aisle and is calling for the bell.


Sam: This fight is officially underway. And Jennifer Grier is outside the ring with Miko. She pulls the first section of guardrailing away from the fans and rams the head of Miko into it.

Sonya: The fans in that section are scattering as Jennifer whips Miko who hits the chairs and moves them back about four rows. Jennifer picks up a chair and NAILS Miko with it.

Ed: The referee is trying to get this back into the ring. He’s threatening to DQ Jennifer who pulls up Miko and whips her into the ringpost.

Sonya: Miko never had a chance in this match.

Sam: Sure she did. She coulda stayed in the back.

Ed: Jennifer finally rolling Miko into the ring, and she moves in after her. Jennifer pushes Miko into a corner and climbs to the second turnbuckle and begins a flurry of fist. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten!

Sonya: Jennifer with a cross whip. And she rushes in, but Miko NAILS her with a spinning leg lariat. Both women down. Jennifer has taken a lot out of Miko. Miko slowly up, as is Jennifer. But Miko NAILS a DDT!

Sam: Jennifer isn’t moving. And Miko goes to the top! MOOOOONSAULT! But Jennifer rolls out of the way! Miko kisses the mat!

Ed: Jennifer was playing possum there. And she’s quickly up and mounts the turnbuckle. SHOOOTING STAR PRESS! One. Two. Three!


Christine: Winner of the match. Jennifer Grier.

Ed: Jennifer sliding out of the ring, but she’s not finished. She grabs a chair and slides back into the ring and DRIVES the top of that chair into the neck of Miko!

Sonya: We’ve got trouble! Jennifer is trying to break the neck of Miko Azai! She nails it again. And the ring is suddenly crowded with officials trying to get Jennifer Grier out of there.

Ed: Let’s take a break and try to restore order.

[A cartoonish picture of a TV comes on screen, with the words “WISE Jeopardy” in the center.]

Voice-Over: It’s WISE PPVs for 500. The answer is: “A cage, a coffin and a house.”

[The familiar “Jeopardy” jingle plays for a bit, then the “DING” is heard.”

Voice-Over: For the answer, tune in May 15th for “CRIME SPREE 1999: Justifiable Homicide” only on PPV.

Jessica Steele

[“All About Me” By Mya slightly begins to blare throughout the arena as “The Cheerleader” Jessica Steele makes her way from backstage escorted by none other than her boyfriend and ICW super sensation, Christian “Spotlight” Madison. Madison trails along behind as a trademark smirk rises on the surface of his face. Steele is in a red and white cheerleading outfit with matching pon pons, she also wears her newly won ICW Trans-Atlantic championship over her shoulder. Madison heads up the steps as he holds the ropes for Miss Steele. Steele reaches through the ropes and grabs a mic as she begins to speak.]

Jessica: Well. Well. Well. Looks like the good Cheerleader here has signed yet another contract with one of the biggest organizations on the planet. I’ve already dominated the women’s division in ICW and now here’s my chance to prove myself to me, and to all the rest of the doubters out there. [Chuckles] As I took a look on the itinerary and saw that Heidi Leick was here and I just busted out in laughs. Because I’ve always wanted to take her on in a one on one competition. And here’s my chance. See, I see all these want to be champions around here, quite frankly they’re all full of it! Neither one of them have talent. Well not enough to impress me anyway. I am the ICW Trans-Atlantic champion and if I have to put it on the line here in GDWA then I’ll do whatever it takes. I’m a quick learner, and there’s nothing that you whores in GDWA can teach me that I don’t already know.

[Steele pauses for a bit.]

Jessica: Then we have Mystique, if I recall correctly haven’t we met in ICW? I could’ve sworn we have. Oh yea that’s right. You are, and you got your ass kicked by Miss Jasmine. That’s where I remember ya’. Mystique, it won’t be too long before we hit the ring either my friend. I’ve seen and studied you while in action and you’re not so bad but it’d help if ya could lose a couple of pounds on the thighs and waist line. [Chuckles] I’d hate to see ya’ boyfriend when he sees ya at night, catch my drift? That WISE Universal championship will soon find it’s rightfully owner which will be of course. And as for the whore who holds it now. Live in fear girlfriend because Miss Steele here is out to. “_Steele_”. . . the. . . show!!

[“All About Me” begins to play again, as Steel and Madison exit the ring and make their way back up the aisle.]

Ed: Jessica Steele making her presence known here in WISE.

Sam: Though, I think she may have her ‘Mystique’s mixed up. We’ll have to wait and see.

Sonya: It’ll be interesting to see how this one develops.

Ed: Let’s go down to ringside for our next match.

WISE Extreme TV Championship: Heidi Leick vs. Neko Daisuke

Christine: This match is scheduled for one fall. It is for the Extreme Television Championship, with ‘extreme’ rules in effect. Introducing first.

[A distant male voice whispers ‘Do you believe in destiny?’ “Enchant me” by Faithful Dawn erupts over the arena sound system. The lights drop down to nearly black and twin purple spotlights focus on the entranceway.]

Neko Daisuke

Neko walks down the hall, past production personnel and equipment, past fellow wrestlers who eye her warily. Nobody smiles and says “Hi Neko”, nobody gives her a high five. Nobody wants to even match her gaze. A single blue eye, its sister long since stolen and its home covered by a black patch. She is tall, she is muscular, but not bulky like a man. With her black bodysuit she resembles more of a panther than anything else. Purple hair touches her shoulders but goes no further.

Neko speaks without looking at the camera. “Hardcore. Just what is hardcore? Is it taking chairshots to the head, or having pipes broken over your back? Is it being frog splashed through a table? Perhaps. But then again, anybody can do that.”

Neko looks at the camera as she continues to walk. “But to be truly hardcore, you have to be able to get up after all of that. I’ve taken shots and bumps that would send most people into retirement. I’ve had my eye torn from my head, I’ve had my arm shattered clean in half. I’ve taken television monitors to the head, I’ve been sliced by razor-wire and worse. And I’m still here. I’m still walking, I’m still fighting.”

“‘Why do it?’ You ask.” Neko grins. “Because it’s fun. And as I walk this long path down to ring to face a woman by the name of Heidi Leick, I am fully aware of my own vulnerability. I’m now five pounds lighter, my belt taken by another. The sting of that loss is still bitter in my mouth. But life goes on, and new opportunities arise.”

“You say I am your stepping stone Heidi, you say I’m an obstacle to your path to glory. Well, you were right about part of that. I am an obstacle, but a stepping stone I am not. I’ve heard a lot about you, about your legacy from the EFW. I’ve done everything you’ve done there, and more.”

Neko approaches the curtain. “Now we face each other in the ring for the first time. Only one of us will be walking away from that match.”

Neko steps through the curtain and disappears.

Christine: She weighs in at 156 pounds. Here is the former EFW Women’s Champion. Neko. Daisuke!

[Neko steps forward, holding her long katana tightly in her right hand. She watches the crowd with her single blue eye, her gaze sweeping them slowly. Suddenly she explodes into a flurry of movement, her blade spinning around her body gracefully, following the contours of her ever-moving curves. A lesser talent would be sliced to ribbons, but she remains untouched as her dance reaches its climax and she smacks the tip of the sword down against the ground with a KLANG just as sparks ignite around her and the lights come alive with a loud BANG.

The crowd erupts in cheers as several more explosions of fireworks shake the arena. Neko looks up slowly, grinning like a cat about to snap the spine of its crippled prey. She marches down to the ring, her walk an unsettling mix of deadly power and grace.]

Sam: Let’s go backstage, where The Diamond Girl Heidi Leick is standing by with comments on her Title Shot at Sierra Browne’s WISE Universal belt, at the Angels and Amazons Pay Per View. In just a few days

Sonya: Again? Geez. Do we have to?

Ed: Why are you always picking on her?

Heidi Leick

The Diamond Girl Heidi Leick and Jerry Styles are standing backstage by a WISE banner, Heidi has a belt over her shoulders and as the camera zooms in for a quick close-up, you can make out that it ~still~ has “GDWA Extreme World Television Champion” written on it. Heidi’s wearing her cutoff denim shorts, wrestling boots, and a cutoff at the midriff ECW “Triple Threat” T Shirt on.

Jerry Styles: Welcome WISE fans. I’m Jerry Styles, and once again I’m here with the Diamo. ::pauses and looks at Heidi :: I mean the GDWA Extreme World Television Champion, The Diamond Girl Heidi Leick. Heidi. in just a few moments, you take on Neko Daisuke. but what we really want to know, is about your upcoming WISE Universal Title Shot vs Sierra Browne at the Angels and Amazons Pay Per View Extravaganza.

Heidi Leick: Ok. :: smiles and waves at the camera::.

Jerry Styles: Well?

Heidi Leick: Well what?

Jerry Styles: Well. don’t you have any comments about Sierra Browne? About your title shot?

Heidi Leick: Styles. Sheesh. No dummy. it’s Sierra getting a SHOT at MY title. the only one that matters here in WISE.

Jerry Styles: Um, No Heidi. this match is for the WISE Universal Title.

Heidi Leick: Jerry. ::looks at him rather smugly and serious:: Why in the world would anyone want a Title that means nothing? I mean. LOOK at my belt. it’s so ~pretty~. and it’s MINE. ::giggles:: and you know. ~everyone~ who’s anyone in WISE wants it.

Jerry Styles: Wait. Now I’m confused.

Heidi Leick: And it shows. :: smiles and waves::

Jerry Styles: No. NO NO NO!. Heidi. Stop it. right now , I can’t take it anymore!. I Come out here and try and do my best to put up with you, Because NO one else will interview you. and deal with this crap you give me, and now, you’re trying , rather successfully I may add,. to drive me insane.

Heidi Leick: Jeezus Jerry. you’re like ~stressed out~ aren’t you? ::looks at him strangely :: I know that feeling. Want a pill Jerry? I have some that help. ::giggles:: the Doctors said to take them when someone annoys me.

Jerry Styles: No!. No pills. WHY ME!

Heidi Leick: Aww. Jerry. you’re stressed. whatever could have got you so uptight? ::giggles evilly:: I’ll finish my own interview. after all. I’m good enough to do this. ::smiles:: Yes, Neko, I’ll deal with you in a few moments. But for you Sierra. ::evil smile:: I have a nice surprise for when I defend MY Extreme TV title on Angels and Amazons against you. Geez. I don’t know why they let no talent hacks like you compete for such prestigious titles like mine. but I guess it’s all in a day’s work . isn’t it. ::laughs:: Oh, and Sierra. I’m going to make you earn every penny you’re due to be paid that night. and I’ll extract my payment. In blood,. sweat, . and beer. I’ll defend MY belt. and I’ll take that piece of tin around your waist . that is, if you’re WOMAN enough to put it up. and make it WORTH Something. Sure, you may have beat Bloody Mary for it. With a ~WHOLE~ lot of Help. But at Angels and Amazons. no amount of Help you can get will save your sorry butt. Sierra,. you’re over rated. out dated. and just damn lucky you MADE it this far in your career. go pray for a miracle. pray I get hurt beforehand. I’m the Queen of Extreme. and I’m gonna make you bleed. I’m the GDWA Extreme World Television Champion. I’ll beat you at Angels And Amazons. , and I’ll scar your pretty little face for life. Why? Because I can. Neko. Get ready. here I come.

Oh. I almost forgot ::flashes the Triple Threat Sign ( pinky, ring and Middle finger up, palm inward) Hi GIRLS!. this WIN’S For you!! ::giggles::

::shoves the mic back in Styles gut and proceeds down to the entrance as Her music starts to play ::

Sonia: Now the Diamond Ditz is calling Sierra a No talent Hack? I take it all back. . everything I said about it being an act. She MUST be crazy. on Drugs or both.

Ed: I thought it was the Drugs that made her sane?

Sam: Sane. Insane. Who knows for sure? We’ll See what happens now . as Heidi’s ready to take on “The Dragon” Neko Daisuke next on Catfight!

Christine: And her opponent.

[“Little Crazy” by Fight begins to play.]

Christine: Weighing in at 135 pounds. here is “The Diamond Girl” Heidi Leick!

[Heidi Leick walks out, cursing at the fans. threatening to hit some. arguing with others until she gets to the ring. She enters the ring wearing her cutoff blue Damage Inc.™ t-shirt, Daisy Duke Shorts, and her diamond blue wrestling. She enters the ring and immediately Neko Daisuke attacks her with a spin kick to the side of the head that sends Heidi to the floor.]

Ed: Here we go, Neko is taking this one before the bell even rings. regardless of Heidi’s opinion. my understanding is that the winner of this match will ‘officially’ be the Extreme Television Champion.

Sam: She’s got the belt. she’s the champ.

Sonya: And very noticeable this week, is the absence of Frankie Starr, who we saw get unceremoniously fired last week by Heidi Leick.


Ed: There’s the bell and this match is officially underway. on the outside, Neko has taken the Extreme TV title off of Heidi and drives it into the forehead of the “Diamond Girl.”

Sam: No respect for a champion.

Sonya: Heidi has shown respect to anyone? Hardly. I would love to see Heidi get her tail kicked.

Ed: Neko has opened up a cut on the head of Heidi, who is bleeding generously now. She is laid out on the ground. Neko tosses the title to the ground, and pulls up Heidi. she whips Heidi into the steel steps!

Sam: Neko looking around. she finds a table nearby. she grabs Heidi by the hair and pulls her to her feet. she drapes Heidi across her shoulders, in a fireman’s carry. and DEATH VALLEY DRIVER through the table!

Sonya: Neko with a cover. ref counts. one. two. th. KICKOUT by Heidi! We almost had a new Extreme Television champion.

Ed: Neko quickly to her feet. she grabs a chair and climbs up onto the ring apron. Heidi slowly moving around. and trying to get to her feet. Neko off the apron NAILING Heidi with a vicious chairshot, and Heidi drops like a weight!

Sam: Neko putting the boots to Heidi. she stops and looks around.

Sonya: She pulls up Heidi and rams her into guardrailing and whips her. reversal by Heidi! And Neko hits the stairs, flips over and cracks her head on the guard railing.

Ed: Heidi trying to get the blood from out of her eyes. she moves in groggily after Neko. She picks up the ring bell and lifts it high, and brings it down on the back of Neko’s head!

Sonya: Heidi is moving really slow, but she does have the offense going for her. She picks up Neko. leads her over to the aisle and SNAP SUPLEXES her on the aisle way!

Sam: Heidi showing Neko how to be hardcore. She’s pulling part of the guard railing loose in the aisle way. she brings it over and drops it flat on top of Neko!

Sonya: Security rushing over. not wanting the crowd to get through. Heidi is wrapping the knee of Neko into that guardrailing. she’s looking around. she finds a chair. and brings it down onto that exposed knee.

Sam: And Neko cannot go anywhere! Her knee is trapped!

Ed: Heidi viciously nailing that knee with that chair. I wouldn’t be surprised if that knee shattered! Heidi with a cover on the guardrail. one. two. SHOULDER UP! Neko squeezes out at the last possible moment.

Sonya: Heidi is up. she heads back to the ring. no! She turns around and runs towards Neko. BIG SLASH ONTO THE GUARDRAILING. BUT NEKO MOVES AND HEIDI HITS THAT RAILING WITH HER ENTIRE BODY!

Sam: Calm down, Sonya. you might pull a vocal cord or something.

Ed: Neko trying to get to her feet, but she cannot put any weight onto that leg. She hobbles over and dumps Heidi’s prone body from atop the guardrailing and picks the railing piece up.

Sam: What’s she trying to do now?

Sonya: She stands the railing up, then limps over and pulls Heidi to her feet. HOT SHOT across the guardrailing by Neko!

Ed: Cover! One. two. three. NO! Kickout by Heidi! Heidi Leick barely manages to kick out. Neko up. she goes to the top of the aisle. she starts to run down the aisle.

Sonya: Her knee must be killing her.

Sam: What that?!?

Ed: Neko launches herself off the guardrailing and spins around with a KICK, but Heidi ducks the kick and Neko sprawls across the aisle way.

Sam: Heidi picking up the guardrailing. standing it on its end. Neko slowly getting to her feet. Heidi tosses the railing to Neko, who catches it.


Ed: Neko falls with the railing on top, and Heidi with a cover on top of the guardrailing! One. two. three!!


Christine: Winner of the match, and EXTREME TELEVISION CHAMPION. Heidi Leick!

Ed: HOLD ON! From the crowd. it’s Medusa RAGE! She grabs the Extreme TV Title and when Heidi looks around. she NAILS Heidi in the face with that belt. Medusa holding the title high and runs back through the crowd! Medusa has taken the title!

Crime Spree: Justifiable Homicide Update

[Scene opens in the WISE Studio. Shelly Marks sits behind the desk, with the “Crime Spree” logo behind her.]

Shelley: Welcome to your Crime Spree Update. We will be coming to you LIVE on PPV on May 15th, 1999, when WISE brings you “Crime Spree: Justifiable Homicide” where we know that we will see “Caged Fury”. Let’s go over the rules for that particular match.

1) Two rings are set up side by side, and a steel cage surrounds the entire setup. There is about a 4 foot way around the ring so you can be out of the ring, and still be inside the cage.

2) Participating wrestlers draw numbers and they will enter the ring in consecutive order by their chosen numbers. The wrestlers who draw numbers one and two must enter the cage first. They’ll battle for a five-minute interval. After that five-minute interval, a buzzer will sound and number 3 will enter the cage, and every two minutes thereafter, another wrestler will enter the cage.

3) Until all involved wrestlers enter the cage, there can be /no/ eliminations. Once all have entered the cage, then the elimination process can begin. Pinfall, submission or referee’s decision will determine an elimination.

4) The winner is the last person in the cage, and that winner will receive a shot at the WISE Champion during the August PPV, “Founder’s Day Tradition.”

As announced earlier, the first five names to be included in the match are:

Elizabeth Zavodsky
The Corporal
Neko Daisuke
Stephani Weathers
And Lady Luck

We also know that WISE Universal Champion, Sierra Browne will be defending her title against a, yet unnamed, opponent in a “Queen of the Hill” Cage match. We still are not sure what Heather Chandler is cooking up for this one, but we do know that she will be announcing the rules for this particular match in the next few weeks.

We just heard that the North American Heritage Championship will be on the line in a “Rolling Casket” match. The winner of tonight’s match between Amanda Knight and Sarah Summers will determine the NAH Champion. that champion will go on to face Andrea Chandler in this very unusual match during Crime Spree!

There will be other matches announced as the weeks go by, so stay tuned! Let’s go back to the arena for our North American Heritage Championship matchup.

WISE North American Championship: Sarah Summers vs. Amanda Knight

Christine: This match is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit, and it is for the vacant North American Heritage Championship!

[Crowd *pops*!]

Christine: Introducing first.

[The satisfying pseudo-industrial groove of Collective Soul’s “Heavy” starts blasting over the PA. The lights dim, and a checkered pattern begins to move across the curtains.]

Christine: She weighs in at 128 pounds. here is one half of the Wild Knights. here is Lady. Amanda. Knight!

[A thunderous ovation greets the Lady Amanda Knight as she enters the aisle, smiling her usual confident smile and looking radiant as ever. Strutting down the aisle, she slaps the hands which reach out to her, allowing herself to be petted (yes, petted) and enjoying herself rather a lot. Grooving still, Amanda runs and slides beneath the bottom rope, immediately scaling the closest turnbuckle and raising her fists with a blazing war cry, igniting the crowd’s emotions as she punches into the air.]

Christine: And her opponent.

[Big Wreck’s ‘That Song’ springs up to a strong cheer from the crowd.]

Christine: Weighing in at 198 pounds. here is “Ultima” Sarah Summers!

[Sarah strides through the entrance and sprints down the aisle as she slaps hands and high fives some of the fans. The muscular Summers is dressed in her dark gray cotton bra and shorts, both of which are patterned all over with red tiger stripes outlined in black, black boots, knee pads, and loose fitting wrist bands. Sarah’s shoulder length auburn hair is tied back in a ponytail. She climbs the ring steps and enters the ring.]

Ed: And we will finally crown a North American Heritage Champion here tonight in Sacramento and we are getting the match underway.

Sonya: It’s about time. This title has been vacant for so long, that whoever wins the title will be working their rear off to get it back to its respectable state.

Sam: I have /yet/ to see the title. I mean, Daisy must still have it. so these two may be wrestling for a phantom title.


Ed: Both wrestlers shake hands in the center of the ring, and we are on our way!

Sonya: Summers locking up and Knight knocks her down with a series of kicks to the back of the leg.

Ed: Summers quickly back to her feet, and Knight firing away with a hard right. Summers doubling back into the ropes, Knight Irish whipping her to the side ropes.

Sonya: Knight with a head of steam and a flying forearm to the jaw!

[Fans all moan as Summers crashes into the canvas again.]

Ed: Knight with another pick up and a scoops up Summers. Summers trying to slip down her back, and Knight with a head of steam and rams Summers back into the far turnbuckle!

Mutt: Summers hanging upside down from the top turnbuckle, and Knight nailing away with shots to the midsection.

Ed: Knight with right hand jabs to the ribs, and Summers is all out of breath. Knight snatching her up and tosses her down to the mat.

Mutt: Summers crawling for the side ropes, the ref calls for a break.

Sonya: The two come back together, and Sarah firing away with a hard right hand! Knight moves away as Sarah gets back to her feet.

Ed: Knight doubling over, and Summers slapping on a waist lock for a belly to belly suplex! Knight clutching her lower back, and Summers Irish whipping Knight into the far corner.

Sonya: And she hits hard! Knight stumbling out of the corner and Sarah with a military press.

[The crowd *pops* as Summers walks around with her.]

Ed: Look at that power. that control!

Mutt: and SLAM! Knight rolling to the outside in agony, but that’s not stopping Summers. She’s following right behind. Knight slides back into the ring with Summers right behind.

Sonya: Amanda into the side ropes as Sarah enters the ring. Knight bouncing off and Sarah with a lariat . . .she missed as Knight slides through her legs and nails her with a legs sweep from the back. Mutt: With that front of hers, I’m surprised she didn’t bounce right back up.

Sonya: Sam! Will you stop? Don’t you ever think of anything else?

Mutt: *chuckling* No. Why?

Sonya: Knight quick to her feet, and slaps on a waist lock for a Dragon Suplex.

Ed: Knight clutching her back as she gets to her feet. Summers off the ropes, but Knight catches her with a back body drop. Knight now with a single arm pick up and drops a leg drop onto the bicep.

Mutt: Knight slapping on an arm bar. Summers was working on Knight’s back so she could execute the Human Torture Rack but Knight is countering by working on Summers arms so Summers can’t pull it off. what a woman!

Ed: Summers gets out of the arm bar, she grabs Knight, spinning her around as she gets to her feet. Summers shoving Knight into the near corner, Summers with a head of steam and a clothesline to the back of Knight’s head!!

Sonya: And now Sarah hoisting up Amanda and dropping her down to the top turnbuckle. Amanda’s agility comes into play as she twists around and slaps on a wrist lock . . . she lifts herself up and drives a knee right on Sarah’s bicep!

Ed: Summers looks hurt as Knight moves out of the ring and onto the ring apron. Knight climbs the turnbuckles from the outside as Summers turns around Knight jumps off the top rope!

Sonya: But wait!!! Sarah has Amanda with a one handed military press!

Mutt: Knight was going for a flying arm drag takeover. Summers is moving in on Knight as she lays on the canvas,, cover. one. two. kickout by Knight. Knight trying to crawl away from her opponent but Summers slaps on a front face lock.

Sonya: And Amanda easily winds her way out of it, driving her shoulder into the arm of Sarah. Sarah firing away with hard right hands to the back of Amanda’s head. Amanda with an arm drag. Sarah up and CLOTHESLINE by Amanda!

Ed: Amanda pulls up Sarah and pushes her into the corner. and nails her with a series of punches and kicks, but Summers begins firing away with elbows to the head, Knight looks dazed.

Sonya: Amanda using a waist lock scissors submission and Sarah shaking her head as the ref questions her. Amanda is working on the arms and waist of Sarah.

Mutt: I shoulda checked on the strength of those legs. I’ll meet up with Amanda tonight and let our audience know just how powerful those legs are at our next meeting.

Ed: Summers is gasping for air. and now rapid fire back elbow shots to the head of Knight. Knight falling back onto the mat, easing up on the scissors as she falls.

Sonya: Sarah spinning around to face Amanda, kneeling over her to plant some jabs on Knights head. Amanda with a whip. reversal by Sarah.

Ed: Knight bouncing off and Summers with a tilt a whirl . . . Wait! Knight counters with an arm drag takedown into a cross arm scissors!

Mutt: Well obviously Summers wasn’t thinking. that’s a high impact maneuver and she wasn’t going to pull it off on the likes of Amanda Knight. Knight wearing down that left arm all evening.

Sonya: And Amanda with great execution! She’s got her legs perfectly across Sarah’s chest, and she wrenches down on that arm bar. The ref is asking again, Sarah’s shaking her head.

Ed: Summers, a determined look on her face, drags herself to the rope. she’s tagged them! Her presence of mind is amazing. the veteran knew just where she was and that she could make it to the ropes.

Sonya: Knight releasing, moving back.

Mutt: Summers gets to her feet, Knight moving in for a Russian leg sweep but No!

Ed: Summers manages to catch Knight by the shoulder, spinning her around. Summers nailing away with elbows to the ribs before slinging Knight to the side ropes. Knight bounces off and Summers catches her for a belly to belly suplex.

Sonya: Sarah with a pick up and an Irish whip to the far ropes. Summers with a full head of steam and nails a shoulder tackle but Knight with a shoulder block. Neither one moves.

[The fans *pop* as both begin trading punches and jabs.]

Mutt: And a quick lateral press by Knight.

Ref.: One. two. strong kick out by Summers!

Ed: It’s interesting to watch these two go move for move against each other. Knight with a pick up and a side head lock takedown!

Mutt: Great psychology! Disorient and frustrate your opinion, two thumbs up in my book!

Sonya: Sarah reaching for the ropes, Knight just managing to keep Summers in the middle of the ring.

Ed: Summers pumping her fist, trying to get the energy back into her system . . . and she’s getting to her feet! [The crowd goes crazy!!.] Knight grinding down on that side head lock but Summers is standing!

Sonya: Sarah nailing away with elbows to the ribs and Amanda is releasing and running into the side ropes. Amanda bouncing off and Sarah catches her for a T-bone suplex!

Ed: Knight gets slowly to her feet, Summers moves in to execute an Irish whip to the side ropes, Knight bounces off . . .Summers with a sidewalk slam!!! Cover! One. two. NEW CHAM. NO! Amanda gets her shoulder up!

[Fan on their feet cheering as Summers slowly gets back to her feet.]

Sonya: Sarah reaches under Amanda and presses her into the air!!!! What strength she is showing!

Ed: Knight spins out of the rack, landing on her feet. She’s got Summers in a waist lock, bringing her overhead for a Northern Lights suplex!!! One. two. three!!! NEW CHAMPION!


Christine: Winner of the match. and NEW North American Heritage Champion. Lady. Amanda. Knight!

Sam: Here we go! Look who’s coming.

[Daisy Butterfly, with the NAH title draped across her shoulders begins to walk to the ring. The referee helps Sarah from the ring, as Daisy enters the ring. She walks over to Amanda.]

Sam: Daisy’s gonna sock her.

Ed: I hope not.

Sonya: It would be a disgrace.

[Fans pop as Daisy reaches up and takes the NAH title and hands it across to Amanda, then reaches out her hand. Amanda takes the hand and smiles, as does Daisy, who raises Amanda’s hand and then exits the ring, heading up the aisle.]

Sam: *grumble*

Ed: Great display from Daisy Butterfly, and Amanda Knight is the new North American Heritage Champion! Hold on.

Sonya: Someone coming in from the audience. it’s Fionna O’Brien! She’s Amanda’s regular tag team partner and they are embracing in the ring, and celebrating with the fans!

Ed: Let’s take a quick break and we’ll be back for our MAIN EVENT!

When worlds collide. it becomes a battle of the fittest!

A multitude of federations merge for one weekend to give the world a wrestling extravaganza!

Angels and Amazons! Live on PPV!

March 21, 1999!

Sierra Browne

[The synth line tinkles over the PA system, warming up the crowd. The bass and snares kick in. The crowd begins to pop wildly as Puff Daddy’s remix of “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” begins to really pump. The curtains part and Sierra Browne, WISE champion, People’s champion, the Show, strides out, arms and title belt raised overhead as the crowd gives her a very hot response. She is dressed in gold tear-away pants with a gold hockey jersey over top decorated with black insets. Behind her, Indigo Browne films the champion’s entrance as she spins up into the ring, twirling for the crowd before dropping down into a one-legged crouch and throwing her arms out to the fans as pyrotechnics burst in the ring and lasers flash across the arena. The champion has made her entrance. She signals for the microphone and it is brought to her.]

Sierra: Wait for it. wait for it. do you hear that sound? Do you hear it? That’s the sound of the millions. (pause) and by God

Crowd: The millions!

Sierra: (smiling) of the Rock’s fans switching off Monday Night Raw to see the one and the only Show in wrestling. That’s me, Sierra Browne, the best thing going right here and right now. So let me get into character here and show you just how good my stick is.

[Sierra draws a deep breath, clearing her head. She shakes herself, loosening up. Finally, she is ready.]

Sierra: Some people think Sierra Browne is a flash in the pan.

[Some crowd pop]

Sierra: Some people think Sierra Browne is vulnerable to the power game because she went in fifteen seconds to a Bloody Mary clothesline.

[Big crowd pop.]

Sierra: Well, some people just will never get it. That match was made for television. And following that clunker of a match for the North American Heritage championship, the Show had to do something to entertain the masses. And the Show did just that. She made every one believe for just a split second that Bloody Mary was really going to take the belt. You can’t tell me I don’t perform for you.

[Big crowd reaction. Mixed cheers and boos. Sierra Sucks signs flash through the crowd.]

Sierra: Now, I took that big steroid muscle head and I put her down using what? Brains and raw talent. That over muscled, overconfident, overrated simpleton just couldn’t handle being taken down by the hands down best athlete. hands down most versatile wrestler. hands down cleverest superstar in the WISE. So, what do the people in the ivory towers of the WISE do for an encore? They stick me with Heidi Leick.

[Boos rain down at the mention of the name.]

Sierra: Are you folks with me in asking Heather Chandler just who is this (snickering) rudy poo?

[Some laughter in the crowd.]

Sierra: The Queen of the Extreme? The First Lady of Garbage Wrestling? The newest of Andrea Chandler’s merry band of carpet lickers and box eaters? That’s the best they can do?

[Sierra begins to tic and twitch, quirking her face into a psychotic grin.]

Sierra: Ah. giggle. isn’t it such a glorious day for bloodshed? Tee hee. [She fiddles with her hair.] I’m going to make you squeal like a pig you second-rate Calisto. [Insane laughter as she twists a thumbnail between her teeth.] I know, you’re the Extreme Television champion. hee, hee. my, what a pretty little belt. it’ll look so good draped across your coffin. [giggle] [Sierra shakes her head, snapping out of the role.]

Sierra: Heidi Leick, you’ve got to be joking. See, you’re really not that smart. Do you know why? Because the little stunt you pulled with Andrea Chandler really cost you. The WISE championship committee came to me and said I could pick the stipulations to the match. Well, what do you think I’m going to pick. Hmmm? Falls count anywhere? No. Last woman standing? I think we saw that last month or something right.


Sierra: (making a great show of thinking) Let’s see, I could suggest an empty arena, but then, that’s exactly what you were used to before you signed on in Sierra’s federation, right? So, that leaves you with just one option, really. How about. (snap). a scientific match. Wow, isn’t that going to be fun. A scientific matchup with none other than the new sheriff in town Daisy Butterfly as the special referee. How does that sound?

[Sierra cups her ear to the crowd.]

Sierra: It sounds like you’re on the wrong end of a three count, jackass. And the WISE championship stays around the waist of the greatest champion ever! Now, somebody play my outro. Time to go bone up on some bone bending. Indigo, you did get my close up, right?

[Indigo nods.]

Sierra: Then hit the music!

[“Baby I’m a Star!” plays over the PA system and Sierra bows before the audience before sweeping off, raising the title high above her head.]

Ed: Sierra Browne is ready for Angels & Amazons. and she’s ready for Heidi Leick!

Sam: My question is. who are they going to give her for Crime Spree. and what the hell is a “Queen of the Hill” Match?!?

Sonya: I have an idea. but I’m not entirely certain, so I’ll keep my mouth shut.

Ed: We are ready for our main event of the evening, so let’s go down to ringside.

WISE Lightweight Championship: Rachel Edwards vs. Hannah Blue

[The arena lights dim, except for a single spotlight set on the form of Christine Donahue, who stands in the center of the ring.]

Christine: Sacramento, California. it is now time for your TV main event. I’ve got only one question for you. Are you ready to tear the house down?!?

[Crowd *pops* for Christine.]

Christine: I’m afraid I can’t hear you. I need some NOISE!

[The crowd gets louder.]

Christine: C’mon Sacramento. MAKE MY EARS BLEED!!

[The crowd is almost deafening, as Christine grins from ear to ear.]

Christine: Then LET’S GET IT ON!

[The crowd continues to cheer, a pop is heard as ‘Intuition’ by Natalie Imbruglia writhes from the PA system.]

Christine: This match is scheduled for one fall or TV time remaining. It is for the WISE Lightweight Championship. Introducing. the challenger.

[The slim, ebony skinned figure of Hannah Blue strides purposefully into view and down the aisle. Her shapely upper body is enshrouded within a baggy, sleeveless black t-shirt, and across its chest there does reside a slogan decorated in a capitalized sky blue font, which simply states: “I’M A MIDNIGHT ANGEL”. Tight dark blue leggings and sky blue shin pads and boots adorn her lower extremities respectively. Hannah’s face is the absolute epitome of intensity and concentration. but despite this (and although her piercing aquamarine eyes never leave the squared circle in front of her), she still moves to the metal barrier to her right to slap hands with the appreciative fans that loudly greet her arrival. During her ascent of the steel ring steps, Hannah whips off the aforementioned T-shirt to reveal a modest sports bra that is the same shade as her leggings.]

Christine: She weighs in at 128 pounds. here is Hannah. Blue!

[Without even looking where she is throwing it, the GDWA athlete hurls the flimsy piece of cloth within her grip into the crowd. A wave of grabbing hands reach out in a hopeful effort to try and pluck the ‘discarded garment’ from its flight path, but are unsuccessful as it lands almost directly into the lap of a young boy in the second row. With a beaming smile now etched onto his face, the child returns his attention to the ring in which Miss Blue now stands. Hannah moves to a corner and waits.]

Christine: And introducing. the CHAMPION!

[The calm, mellow intro of Alice in Chains’ “Nutshell” fills the arena, and the crowd responds with a mixed reaction, through considerably more positive than negative. The lights go out, and a blue spotlight hits the entrance.]

Christine: She weighs in at 128 pounds. she is the current reigning. WISE Lightweight Champion! She is. Rachel. “Ice”. Edwards!

[Rachel “Ice” Edwards steps out, and those fans who are cheering get louder. She wears a flowing, silver, sequin-covered robe that reads “Ice” across the back in black, and a blue two-piece spandex outfit with “Ice” across the chest, also in black. The WISE Lightweight Title is strapped around her waist. She makes her way to the ring, giving a select few high-fives to fans among the aisle. She reaches the ring, and blue confetti begins to fall from the ceiling, while blue lasers flicker across the dark canvas. She climbs up onto the apron, then between the ropes into the ring. The music stops, the lights come up, and Rachel steps to the center of the ring. She looks over at Hannah Blue, and smiles. Hannah steps forwards and some words are exchanged, then Rachel offers her hand and Hannah accepts. Hannah turns to walk back to her corner.]

Sonya: What the.?

Ed: Rachel Edwards just NAILING Hannah Blue in the back of the head with the Lightweight Championship belt!

Sam: Haha! I love it!

Ed: Hannah clambers to her feet, but Rachel nails her again. and again Hannah goes down again! Rachel asking for a mic.

Rachel: You are so damn gullible, Hannah Blue. And so are the rest of you fans!

[Loud boos from the fans, and Rachel laughs before laying another couple of boots to the head of Hannah Blue.]

RE: Good match my [censored], you don’t even deserve to be in the same ring as me, Hannah Blue! Come on, get up!

[She starts to, but Rachel knocks her back down with another stomp.]

RE: Pathetic. I single handedly knocked the legendary Officer Order out of action, and you give me this pathetic bitch?!? Let’s get this damn thing over with.

[She throws the title to the referee, who hands it to the ringside attendant.]

Sonya: We could have a serious situation here. Hannah Blue is bleeding from the back of her head. Rachel Edwards stomping her in the head, as she tries to get up.

Sam: Rachel Edwards has been playing everyone for a fool. and now Hannah is going to pay.

Ed: Hannah rolls onto her back, and Rachel straddling her as she grabs her by the hair and repeatedly rams the back of her head into the mat. The referee is giving the count, and Rachel breaks after the four count, only to start again.

Sonya: Finally the referee grabs Rachel by the arm and pulls her from Hannah, and scolds her. Rachel pushes the ref, and the ref is threatening to DQ her. and Rachel backs off.

Ed: But while all this was going on. Hannah Blue has gotten to her feet and checked the back of her head and saw the blood. and Hannah Blue doesn’t look happy. Rachel turns back to Hannah and immediately puts her hands up, begging off.

Sonya: Hannah moving in. Rachel wanting to shake hands, but Hannah nails her in the gut with a kick to the midsection. and another and another, and the champion is doubled over.

Sam: Hannah with a side headlock, and a BULLDOG! Cover. one. KICKOUT by Rachel!

Ed: Hannah Blue on fire, as she delivers right hand after right hand to the forehead of Rachel! Hannah quickly up, and moving to the top turnbuckle. GUILLOTINE LEGDROP! Cover. one. two. KICKOUT by Rachel.

Sonya: Hannah pulls up Rachel, who jabs a thumb to her eye. Spinning Heel Kick sends Hannah to the mat. Rachel drops down the rubs the face of Hannah into the mat.

Sam: I love that move!

Ed: Rachel is talking with the ref, but has her leg draped across the throat of Hannah while she talks! Rachel Edwards is breaking every rule in the book!

Sonya: Rachel to her feet, as Hannah gasps for air. Rachel pulling Hannah to her feet. BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. cover. one. two. KICKOUT by Hannah Blue.

Ed: Rachel with another kick to the midsection and a legdrop! Rachel grabs Hannah by the hair and chokes her on the top rope. then rubs her face across it!

Sam: That’s another of my favorites! Rachel with a whip. SUPERKICK! She hit the “Ice Kick!” It’s over! Cover!. One. two. three. SHOULDER UP!

Sonya: YES! Hannah Blue squeaking out at a split second. Rachel slaps the mat as the fans start an “Ice Queen” chant! Rachel gets up and moves to the corner and starts to yell at the fans.

Ed: The champion is not at all appreciative of the fan’s opinion. but slowly Hannah Blue is to her feet. Hannah with a roll up! One. two. th. KICKOUT by Rachel!

Sam: NO!

Sonya: YES! Hannah with a second wind her as she NAILS Rachel with a right. and another right. and a ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE HEAD and Rachel is DOWN!

Ed: But she’s right back up again. Hannah springboards off the ropes and NAILS a dropkick! Rachel crashes into the corner. Hannah moves in and begins to pound Rachel’s head into the turnbuckle. one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten!

Sonya: And Rachel falls to the mat, and Hannah is fired up! Hannah shoots to the corner, running up the turnbuckles and falling onto Rachel with an elbowdrop!

Sam: Cover! One. two. thre. NO! Kickout by Rachel! Hannah Blue going to the top.

Sonya: Rachel is to her feet, she’s pulled something from her boot. it’s a chain!

Sam: I don’t see that.

Ed: Hannah leaps off. but Rachel nails her in the gut with a hard right hand, that was covered in that chain! Rachel picks up Hannah for a body slam. NO! She drives her straight into the mat! It’s the Freeze DDT! Cover. one. two. three!!


Christine: Winner of the match, and STILL WISE Lightweight Champion. Rachel “Ice” Edwards!

Ed: Ladies and Gentlemen. we are just a bit over, timewise. so we gotta get out of here! We’ll see you next week on the Tease!

[Camera pans back to the ring, as Rachel holds up the title! Fade out.]

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