A massive eight woman tag match as the Syndicate take on the team of Bloody Mary, Rose Knight, Sierra Browne and Daisy Butterfly.


[“December” from Collective Soul begins to play as the fans stand to their feet. They begin to cheer as Heather Chandler steps through the curtain and makes her way down to ringside. She seems to be in good spirits as she strolls down the aisle, towards the ring. She steps into the ring, where two podiums have been set up, both with the WISE logo across the front. She speaks into the mic of one of the podiums.]

Heather: Colorado Springs… ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?

[The fans *pop* loudly.]

Heather: Then let the games begin! Oh Daisy?


[“Superstition” by Stevie Wonder plays over the PA and the fans rise to a cheer. Daisy Butterfly steps out from behind the curtain and raises her arms up, staring coldly down the aisle. She’s dressed for business in a pinstriped business jacket, mini-skirt and heels. She walks briskly down the aisle and gets in the ring, locking eyes with Heather]

Heather: Now… you have my full attention. But I do want to address your… demands, were they? Let’s see if I have this correct… shall we?

[Heather looks down at her notes, as she reads.]

Heather: I’m to give up all of my stock in WISE? Is that correct? Perhaps you could enlighten me as to why I should do that?

Daisy: [yawns] Cause you’re falling into the promoter’s trap, girl. You say so right on the marquee. “Sports Entertainment”? What is that, Heather? “The Mighty Ducks”? I guess I can’t speak for all the girls in the back, but me, I consider myself an athlete. You’re turning my sport into a three-ring circus.

[Crowd hollers at the irony.]

Heather: I suppose you might not consider /yourself/ entertaining…

[Crowd ‘ooos’ at the shot.]

Heather: But I have a locker room full of athletes who damn well know how to entertain a crowd. Isn’t that right, Colorado Springs?!?

[Crowd pops!]

Heather: This isn’t the 60s the 70s or the 80s… this is 1999! I consider each competitor in WISE to be an athlete of the highest caliber… as well as an entertainer worthy of the highest esteem. We are /not/ just a sport… and we are not just entertainment… we are what this industry calls “Sports Entertainment.” Wrestling beats football for crying out loud. What does that say to you?

Daisy: It says to me that football should add outside interference to their games, ’cause the fans are bored with athleticism and fair play. Yeah Heather, you’re right. You do have a locker room full of entertainers. Maybe you can stretch a few into clown outfits for me…. my niece turns five in two weeks.


Heather: Next, I should remove Andrea from the NAH title match at Crime Spree? And why, do you suggest that?

Daisy: You and I both know that she doesn’t deserve that shot. I thought I made that clear at Grand Dragon Glory, and then you turn around and give her another shot? What does that do for morale in the back? Tell you that you just can’t get ahead unless you’re a Chandler or sleeping with one?

[Big “oooooooooooo” from the crowd.]

Heather: Again, we’re in the 90s. I have given Andrea no preferential treatment… in fact, the only reason Mr. McKenzie granted her shot was due to the fact that /you/ overturned your own ruling. Had you just not counted the three count on Heidi, then perhaps Andrea would not be the contender… but due to the nature of all that happened at Grand Dragon Glory… and in accordance to Mr. McKenzie’s wishes… Andrea will get a title shot. I offered no say in the decision and I did not pressure anyone to book that match. You see, Daisy, I don’t call /every/ shot around here. We do have a championship committee as well as a PR department, as well as a creative booking team. It’s the combined effort of all of this that determines who gets what title shots and who are featured in which matches.

Daisy: Two words for you, Heather…. Bloody Mary.

[Big pop!]

Daisy: Now, you know I’m no big fan of Bloody Mary’s. I mean, she’s suing me for no damn reason at all! She’s suing you! But she does have a point. She’s proven herself MORE than qualified for a shot at Sarah Summers at Crime Spree. She got a pin on Sierra Browne in 2 minutes!

[Chant of “Mary! Mary! Mary!”]

Daisy: Andrea…. well, she blew her chance. She shouldn’t get another shot until all qualified contenders have gotten theirs. Mary hasn’t gotten hers yet.

Heather: Now, Daisy… let me tell you one thing. Bloody Mary has earned herself a lot more than she’s gotten in the past. Which is why I granted her the Universal Title match at Crime Spree. You need to admit that I’m not Vince McMahon. These fans are not going to call me profane names and they know I’ve been on the up and up with everything going on here. I specifically hired Mr. McKenzie to take care of the NAH title situation, as well as any dealing with my cousin Andrea. Of course, as of last week, that’s sort of gone to hell, now hasn’t it? Thanks, Mary. So, there is no conflict of interest there at all. I have no say, whatsoever, in Andrea’s career here in WISE. Mr. McKenzie could have /fired/ Andrea and there’s nothing I could do about it. Before I offer you my proposition, I want to introduce Mr. McKenzie’s replacement. Please give a hot WISE welcome, to none other than… “Lioness”… Lilly Calder!

[Stepping down the aisle, a woman with a glowing golden mane of hair, frames a small heart-shaped face. Her green eyes scan the crowd as she raises both arms and waves to the fans. She moves towards the ring, sleek black dress pants barely whisper as she walks. She carries herself with an air of sophistication, in her white blouse and black bolero jacket. She steps up and into the ring, and walks over and stands next to Heather Chandler.]

Heather: She’ll be making a few announcements following our little debate here, but I wanted you to meet her before I offered you my proposal. Now, I know you are wanting to get back into the ring… I’m willing to throw you into the main event tonight, a four on four matchup. One team is still short a team member. Plus, I have a spot available in “Caged Fury.” You seem bent on pushing me out of my position here… so I’ll make you an offer.

[Heather reaches into her pocket and pulls out a ball. It has a big ‘1’ painted on it. She tosses it to Daisy.]

Heather: This is the ball that represent the number 1 entrant into the cage at Caged Fury. If you take this… enter #1 into the Cage… and you win, then I will turn over all my stocks to… Ms. Calder. I’ll leave the “Sports Entertainment” industry forever. What do you say? You go in #1 and win, and I’m gone. That’s the best I can offer… besides the fact that you’ll be up for WISE Universal Title match at Founder’s Day Tradition if you do win. Well?

[Daisy looks at the ball for a second, then cocks her arm back and is about to throw it into the crowd before stopping]

Daisy: I’ll take the match tonight. But, to be honest, Heather…. I don’t care whether you’re in charge or Carrot Top is. You’re right, Heather. You’re no Vince McMahon. You let me in the building tonight, you heard me out…. if you’re so dead-set on putting yourself out of business, I’ll take #1 in Caged Fury. I’m giving YOU an option now…. you don’t have to martyr yourself. You can go ahead and give me a random draw for Caged Fury and put nothing more on the line than the title shot. Or you can go ahead and make me number one and risk your own ruin. Either way, I’m leaving Crime Spree with trophies for my mantle. I’m that good.


Heather: Risk my own ruin? I don’t think so. Remember… you have to last, at least, one hour inside a cage with up to 30 other female wrestlers. You may be good, Daisy… but I honestly don’t think you’ll make it. I have no doubts about your ability… you will more than likely be Universal Champion one day… but don’t overestimate yourself. You’ll find yourself on your back. Take it or leave it. If you want in the match… if you want to prove that you still have what it takes and that you are not just some crazy bitch looking for undue attention, then give it your best shot. Will we see you at Crime Spree?

Daisy: Talking to me like that, you’ll be lucky if you don’t see me before…

[Big pop from the crowd]

Daisy: But, you’re doubting my rep. You’re doubting my skill. Girl, maybe you *don’t* know me…

[Chant of “Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!” starts up]

Daisy: I’m the IRONWOMAN. I’m the one who can stop the show on a dime. I was born to shock the world, girl. You think you’re trapping me with this number one bid, but I have news for you…

[Daisy makes a gun with her hand and points it at Heather’s forehead]

Daisy: …you’re the only one getting played here. I accept.

[Daisy pretends to shoot and the crowd roars]

Daisy: You want fireworks? You want excitement? You got it, baby. After I’m done with WISE tonight, things’ll *never ever* be the same. You asked for it, you got it…lord have mercy. Hit my music.

[“Superstition” by Stevie Wonder blasts through the PA. Daisy takes the number one ball and stuffs it down the front of her shirt as the fans pop, leaving ringside at a brisk and angered pace to a huge ovation.]

Heather: That leaves us with our usual announcements. Crime Spree has been booked, and I am looking forward to May 15th. We now know the following:

It’ll be Sierra Browne taking on Bloody Mary in a “Queen of the Hill” match for the WISE Universal Championship. North American Heritage Champion, Sarah Summers will be taking on Andrea Chandler in a “Rolling Coffin” match, with the title on the line. Shumira Kishiro will be battling Heidi Leick “In Your House” in a match that takes place inside a real house, and it’ll be for the Extreme Television Championship. The Light weight title will be on the line, as Rachel Edwards defends against Hannah Blue in a Parking Lot/Coal Miner’s Glove/Scavenger Hunt match. Plus, we’ll have Caged Fury, and we now know that Daisy Butterfly will be the number one girl inside the cage.

[The crowd pops at the announcement again.]

Heather: We do have a few other issues to resolve here, and for that, we hand over the mic to the NAH Title Coordinator, Lilly Calder.

[Heather hands the mic over to Lilly, nodding to Heather and then looking out to the crowd.]

Lilly: Hello… Colorado Springs!

[Crowd gives a pop for Lilly.]

Lilly: We had a situation last week, which resulted in my employment here with WISE and it needs to be addressed. We are talking about Bloody Mary’s lawsuit regarding the NAH title. We went back into court yesterday and presented new evidence and that decision has been overturned. Our NAH title matches will continue, starting this week. We will have a contender’s match for the NAH Title tonight. I have confirmed both Jennifer Grier and Hannah Blue are in the building, so we are booking a match between the two tonight, and the winner will go on to face Sarah Summers, two weeks from now in Philadelphia.

[Crowd cheers at the announcement, as Lilly hands the microphone back over to Heather.]

Heather: In two weeks, we will announce the complete line up for Caged Fury, as well as a mandatory title defense from Sierra Browne will also take place in two weeks. In fact, let’s just do the craziest thing I can think of. Let’s put the Universal, the Extreme TV and the Lightweight Champions all in the ring at the same time, with the Universal Championship on the line. Sierra vs. Shumira vs. Rachel Edwards. Of course, that being if Shumira can retain her title this evening. It’ll be a three way dance for the Universal Championship, in two weeks, in Philly!

[Crowd pops loudly at the announcement.]

Heather: That’s all the announcements we have for this evening, so let’s get this show on the road!

[‘December’ begins again as Heather and Lilly exit the ring and make their way out of the ring. The camera moves to the announce team, as they chatter quietly amongst themselves.]

Ed: Welcome to the Catfight! We’re in Colorado Springs and we are getting things off to a grand start tonight! Some MAJOR announcements regarding the cards for the next few weeks, right up until Crime Spree and I have to say that Sierra Browne vs. Shumira vs. Rachel intrigues me, to say the least.

Sam: That is going to be one hell of a match, but… what about all that crap Daisy was spewing first thing. I’ll tell you what, Daisy is damn lucky she still has a job!

Sonya: I’m not so sure I believe Daisy’s goody goody act or not. But she says we’re in for a surprise tonight, so we’ll have to wait and see what that could be. My hunch is that she’s going back to the Syndicate and Mary, Medusa and Rose had better keep their eyes open.

Ed: We have a number of matches for you this evening, so let’s get down to business and get on with our first match of the evening.

[The crowd turns to the aisleway looking in the direction of the locker room as New Order’s “True Faith” begins to play.]

Sam: What’s this?


[The lights in the arena dim as a greenish glow fills it by way of lights above the arena and spotlights circling the arena as the song plays. A woman emerges from the entrance portal dressed in a pair of black slacks, black high heels, and a white blouse. A mixed reaction goes through the arena as the woman looks on. Her blonde hair just an inch past her shoulders and her green eyes scanning the place. More boos come from the crowd as they soon recognize this to be “Confident” Jennifer Dial. Dial makes her way to the ring as the lyrics kick in. She climbs up the ringsteps and onto the ring apron. She pauses again before stepping into the ring. The lights in the arena come back on as she takes the mic from the ring announcer. Her music stops playing.]

JD: I am sure half of you are wondering what I am doing here. [pause] I stood under the old GDWA banner over a year and a half ago, but was pulled from their roster for two reasons: one, I didn’t have what it took to “cut it” as a wrestler. Two, I had more “important” things to do as a manager for another wrestler.

[Mixed reaction as the name wasn’t dropped, but anyone knowing Dial’s history knows who she’s talking about.]

JD: I took someone from great and made them greater. What sort of thanks do I get? [shakes her head] Not one iota of what I should have received. I am through with him. I am through with people like him. It was time that I actually stood on my own two feet and salvage what I have left of a wrestling career.

[A mixed pop, more cheers, from the crowd.]

JD: I experienced that all through what I would like to call a career. I stood her as a self-righteous woman. I ended up as just another worker for someone who takes advantage of people. _No more_!

[This time, the crowd gives a unanimous cheer.]

JD: It is time I took initiative with my life. It is time I took initiative with my career. I am tired of following orders when I am just a good a leader for myself if not better than anyone else.

[Another crowd pop.]

JD: I have returned to show the world that I am a capable wrestler. I have returned to show that I do not need guidance or a helping hand any longer. It is time I stood on my own two feet and showed exactly what my potential is! Crime Spree is right around the corner.

[Jennifer Dial smiles.]

JD: I am asking to be involved in Caged Fury. I _want_ a place in the match regardless of anything else. This is _my_ time! This is where I shall show the wrestling world that I am more than someone’s puppet. I shall show them what confidence and true faith can give you.

[Jennifer Dial pauses.]

JD: I shall see you at Crime Spree!

[She hands the mic back to the ring announcer as “True Faith” starts up once again. She climbs out to the ring apron and hops to the arena floor. She pauses for a moment and then heads back up the aisle.]

Ed: Jennifer Dial is /back!/

Sam: I’ll tell you what… I always wondered what happened to Dial, but she’s back and ready to rock at Crime Spree and she has thrown her hat in for Caged Fury.

Sonya: She looks ready for action.

Ed: Let’s get our first match started.

[Camera moves to the ring, as Christine Donahue stands waiting.]

Christine: Hello… Colorado Springs!

[Crowd *pops*.]

Christine: Is everyone ready for a night of the hottest sports entertainment in the world?

[Crowd pops louder.]

Christine: Is that the best you can do? Let me hear you!

[The crowd becomes deafening.]

Christine: That’s more like it… people of Colorado Springs, Colorado… let the SHOW BEGIN!


Christine: Your first match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first…

[‘Lucky Star’ by Madonna plays heralding the arrival of “Alluring” Arielle Starr.]


 [The scene opens and follows WISE reporter Shelley Marks as she races down a brightly lit corridor towards a closed door. Shelley wears a blue blazer with matching heels and skirt and carries a microphone in her right hand. Shelley turns toward the camera, excitement in her eyes.]

Shelley: Ladies and gentlemen, this is Shelley Marks for WISE. And we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of super model and world-class beauty, “Alluring” Arielle Starr. She makes her WISE wrestling debut tonight, against Mystique. And here she comes now!

[The door opens and “Alluring” Arielle Starr enters, followed closely by her personal stylist and make-up artist. They are trailed by an eager assemblage of photographers, who gladly snap pictures of the beautiful model. Arielle wears a pink, low-cut, tank top and form-fitting, khaki, Capri pants that accentuate her long, shapely legs and show off her sleek, sensuous body. White flats and matching, Gucci shades complete the ensemble. Her long, blonde hair falls down her back and she carries a white, Nike, sports bag over her right shoulder. Her make-up artist and stylist carry identical bags. The photographers calls out to Arielle as they continue to snap her picture. Shelley approaches the “Blonde Bombshell” as she poses for the clicking cameras.]

Shelley: Welcome to WISE, Arielle. It isn’t every day that we have a bona fide celebrity competing here. Everyone knows Arielle Starr, supermodel of the world. You’ve worked with almost every top designer and graced hundreds of magazine covers. There has been a lot of mainstream press coverage for this event, from Vogue magazine to Entertainment Tonight.

Arielle: (Turns to face Shelley and smiles) Thank you for the warm welcome. I would like to take the time to thank everyone affiliated with WISE for welcoming me with open arms. Heather Chandler has been very gracious and accommodating. She has made me feel at home here in WISE.

Shelley: Having you here has been a real coup for WISE. You not only bring a sense of glamour but you also bring many fans who may not normally come to see wrestling, or women’s wrestling for that matter.

Arielle: And I would like to thank all of the fans for their support. And for those fans who may have come just to see me, I hope that you stay for the entire card. WISE features some of the best wrestlers in the world. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

[The cameras continue to flash as the beautiful model continues her conversation. Arielle is almost oblivious to the cameras. She is accustomed to being photographed. Her attention remains on Shelley and the WISE camera.]

Shelley: Considering the status you have achieved in your modeling career, how do you think you will cope with being another new face, here in WISE?

Arielle: I told Heather that I wanted no special treatment. I want to be treated just like the other women here in WISE. I don’t want anyone playing favorites. I know that there are some women, in WISE, who enjoy using their wealth and status to their advantage, instead of using hard work and determination to get ahead. I’m not that type of person.

Shelley: (Her eyes light up, sensing an opportunity) Who could you mean?

Arielle: The fans know exactly who I’m talking about. There’s no need to name names. Besides, I’m still pretty new around here and I don’t believe that a “woman of the millennium” should talk bad about people that she hardly knows.

Shelley: (With a confused look on her face) “Woman of the millennium”?

Arielle: Yes. It’s the title of the new book that I am currently writing as well as my own personal motto. A “woman of the millennium” is a woman who is beautiful and sexy. She is also intelligent, stylish, classy, and sophisticated. I am a woman who embodies these important ideals and women like myself will be the role models for young girls entering the millennium. We are the women who are destroying stereotypes and creating new images of women. Not to sound conceited, but when was the last time you saw a woman wrestler as beautiful and sexy as myself? Never. There’s Sable but she couldn’t wrestle her way out of a paper bag.

Shelley: Do you see any “millennium women” in WISE?

Arielle: Of course. Every woman in WISE is a “woman of the millennium”, in her own way. But I am /the/ “woman of the millennium”. I create the standards for others to follow.

Shelley: Wow! Fashion model, author and wrestler! How do you do it all?

Arielle: It’s all a part of my motto. Being a strong, capable woman is being able to do it all and believing that you can achieve anything. In addition to modeling and my duties here in WISE, I also wrestle for Wildcats Wrestling. As you can see, my plate is pretty full. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Shelley: Going back to WISE, what do you think of the competition here?

Arielle: It’s some of the best that I’ve seen. I’ve just been sitting back observing, at the moment. There are some women here that I think are great competitors and already have my respect, like Maggie McGuire and Sarah Summers. And then there are some women I feel have no place in this fine promotion.

Shelley: Any words for your opponent for tonight, Mystique?

Arielle: (She removes her sunglasses. Her baby blue eyes are ablaze and her flawless f ace is serious. She looks straight at the camera with a steely gaze.) Mystique, you are a great wrestler that cannot be denied. And I’m sure that we’re going to have a great bout. We may even upstage the main event. But believe me, tonight you are going to be Starrstruck, sweetheart. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it. That’s a promise, not a threat.

Shelley: Wow. I can hardly wait. Good luck and thanks for your time.

Arielle: (turns to Shelley and is all smiles) No. Thank you, Shelley.

Christine: She weighs in at 125 pounds… please welcome to her debut… the dazzling… “Alluring”… Arielle… Starr!

[Arielle steps from behind the curtain, smiling and waving at the fans. The “blonde bombshell” wears a long, white robe, tied at the waist with a matching sash that covers her entire body. Her long, blonde hair, which is teased, frames her flawless face. The gorgeous model walks towards the ring, slapping as many of the fans hands as she can. She flirts with a couple of male audience members before entering the ring. She goes over to the ring announcer and motions for the microphone. Her music dies down, as she goes to speak.]

Arielle: How’s everybody doing out there tonight?!

[There are huge cheers from the fans. A couple are holding up copies of Arielle’s new swimsuit poster.]

Arielle: I want you fans to know that you guys are the greatest. And tonight I’m going to prove that I am the greatest wrestler in WISE. Tonight Mystique is going to be Starrstruck!

[The fans cheer even louder. There are even chants of “Arielle”.]

Arielle: But before she gets Starrstruck, it’s your turn. (She points out at the audience.) And I’m going to show you all the real reason you came tonight. Now hit my music!

[She hands the microphone back to the announcer as the fans begin cheering even louder. She begins to tug playfully on her robe as she walks around the ring, teasing each side of the arena. She then stands in the middle of the ring, does a spin, and rips off her robe for the approving audience. There are massive catcalls and whistles as the fans admire her awesome form. Arielle wears a tiny, blue, bra top that barely contains her plentiful cleavage. Matching hot pants give a view of her long, shapely legs. Blue boots and matching, kicking pads finish the ensemble. She rubs her hands across her flat stomach as she does a seductive bump and grind, as ‘Lucky Star’ plays over the speakers. The fans are in an uproar and the catcalls and whistles are almost deafening. She waves at the fans and blows them kisses as her music ends and she goes towards her corner.]

Christine: And her opponent…

[“Touch it” by Monifa begins to play over the PA system. The lights of the Colorado Springs Arena get turned off as purple spotlights run rapid around the arena.]


TO: Arielle Starr and the Participants in the Caged Fury Match

FROM: “The Mistress of Mystification” Mystique

[THE SCENE: 10:00 am. The camera opens to a long, bending road. It can then be seen that the camera man is in a car which is going down this long, flowing road. The car seems to be a 99′ Freelander from the Range Rovers series. The camera man sticks the camera outside the window and the color of the car seems to be black. In fact, the whole car seems to be black. Everything is, from the hub caps, to the interior. The camera man goes even farther as to sit on the window thing and go around the top of the car. On the top of the car and on the hood of the car, it seems to read “Best from West” with a picture of Westside Walavan. It suddenly starts to drizzle and the camera man reacts by getting back into the car and putting up the windows. The camera then zooms into the front where the driver of the car is none other than “The Mistress of Mystification” Mystique. She is wearing some black bicycle shorts with a short, skintight, “Mistress of Mystification” T-shirt. The road seems to be empty so Mystique is going around 100 mph. Suddenly, out of nowhere, police car sirens can be heard and the camera fades to black.] [The camera opens up again about 5 minutes later. The front window of on the driver’s side is open and Mystique seems to be talking to the police officer. The police man is a white man who is in his regular police attire. He has his helmet on with the visors and one hand around his gun. The camera then shows Mystique signing a dingy, white piece of paper and handing it back to the police man. She gives back the pen as well to the police man.]

Mystique: Thanks again officer. And, tell your son I said hi and hope he gets better real soon.

Police Officer: Thanks Ms. Mystique. My son is really going to enjoy this autograph. Thanks again and good bye!

[The police man then shakes hands with Mystique and then goes back to his car. Mystique then pushes the button to the window to get it back up. The smile of the former women’s champion quickly turns into a frown. As the police man leaves, the camera zooms in on Mystique giving the police officer the one-finger salute. Since the windows of the car are tinted, the police officer doesn’t see it. He waves again and leaves. Mystique begins to talk in an angry voice.]

Mystique – My god! I get a ticket for going a measly 100 mph an hour? That’s lunacy! Who am I going to hit in this stupid town? This is bull[censored]!!!

[With that, Mystique side swipes the camera and the scene fades to black.] [The scene opens up again to the same winding road. This time however, Mystique is calm and is seen bobbing her head to “Money ain’t a Thing” by JZ and JD. She turns the volume down finally and begins to speak still with her head to the front.]

Mystique: Ok…now that I’m calm, let me get right down to business. I’m in for one heck of a match this Tuesday Night on the Catfight. I gotta be honest here. At first, I was expecting a walk through the park in that, I was fighting a rookie, easy win for the “Mistress of Mystification.” But, after watching this girl, I could be in some serious trouble. If she can wrestle ANY way as good as she can talk, you fans are going to be treated to ONE HELL of a night! Ain’t that right camera boy?

Cameraman: That sure is Mystique. Let’s see, you’ve got the Extreme TV Title on the line, Heather Chandler going up against Daisy Butterfly, and that BIG 6 chick tag mat…

Mystique: Hey! I wasn’t talking about those matches fool! I’m talking about my match against Arielle Starr.

Cameraman: Oh…

Mystique: And don’t go and calling women chicks. That’s going to catch you a beat down from a group of BIG women, get what I’m saying?

Cameraman: Yes ma’am.

Mystique: Good…now, shut up and be quiet.

Cameraman: But, you were talkin’…

Mystique: I said shut up boy!

Cameraman: Ye…

Mystique: I said shut up!

[A gulp, taken in from the cameraman, is heard from the background. Mystique smiles and begins to speak.]

Mystique: Now…where was I? Ah yes…Arielle Starr. Babe, we’ve had the longest time to prepare for our match, seeing as though it was the first one announced for this huge Catfight. And, we’re on, possibly, the biggest Catfight ever in the WISE. Arielle, I seriously DO hope you have your seat belts on because I’m taking you on the ride of your life come Catfight. I think you already know that so I’m not going to beat around the bush here as I would with other competition. We both WELL know that we were going to take each other to the limit at Catfight, that’s a given. BUT, the only undecided factor is the most important…Who’s gonna come out of this on top? The answer about that is undecided now, but let me tell you something…whoever it is better be ready to jump WAY high in the standings. We both may be on the lower half of the roster, but after the committee see us in action, it won’t be long will it babe? I hope, after the match, we can be friends. Heck, we may even have to work together up in the Caged Fury Match to keep our heads above water, who knows? But Arielle, whatever happens happens, so right now, I’m wishing you good luck, and may the best chick win.

[The music on the radio changes as, almost simultaneously, Mystique’s face and countenance changes. She goes from a happy person to a mean, vicious, vengeful woman. She gives out of evil laugh as the cameraman dips further back into his seat. Mystique smiles in an evil way and begins to speak.]

Mystique: After my match with Arielle Starr…I’m going up against 29 other women in a HELLS MATCH.

Cameraman: What’s a hell match? [gulp] [Mystique’s face suddenly changes back to normal as she begins to speak in an undevilish way.]

Mystique: What better way to name that? I mean… look…. you’ve got 30 women in one ring who are all out to hurt the hell out of each other. The winner of the match will get a Universal Title Shot. Every single woman in that ring is going to try to take it to the other woman and it’s going to be every chick for herself. Sure, some of us might team up for maybe a minute or two, but after that, it’s going to be BOOM…straight to the back of the head! It’s going to be classic, I can guarantee you that.

Cameraman: What about the members of the match?

Mystique: Sure…. there are some awesome women in this match…no doubt about that. But, I have to say this, I’m going to win that Cage Match. I’m sorry to burst the bubble at Vegas and stuff, but Mystique, right now, guarantees a win at Caged Fury. All the other girls can say what they want when it comes to that match, but the fact still stands, Mystique is going to win that match. I’m probably the best out of all the underdogs in that match. In my first month of wrestling, I was selected as the RSPWF Number 43 Best Women’s Wrestler. That’s saying A HELL of a lot in just a short time. So ladies, on May the 15th…. Arielle Starr on Tuesday…





[One leg gets put out through the curtain and the men of the arena go crazy. “HUSH” can be heard through the PA system and then the music starts to play again. Mystique finally steps out and begins to walk down the aisle. She has on a robe with a picture of mist coming up around the whole rob. In the back, a faded outline of Mystique can be seen. Her hair is braided as she casually trots down the aisle. She does not even bother to high five the fans or anything. She finally gets to the edge of the ring apron, stops, and turns towards the crowd.] [She takes off her robe and it can be seen that see is wearing tight, blue, jean shorts on with holes at the thighs. She also has on a white sports bra. She takes the robe and throws it into the stands as a mad rush to get the hot commodity starts up. She then turns around, and calmly enters the ring.] [Mystique suddenly stops and then points to the entrance area as “Gimme Some Mo” by Busta Rhymes starts to play. The fans go crazy as Westside Walavan steps out. He is in his regular ring attire of black trunk, black kneepads, and black elbowpads. He walks down the aisle as if he is ready to fight or something. He finally makes it in the ring as he flexes for the fans and then stands behind Mystique. She gets the microphone and begins to speak.]


[The crowd cheers.]

Mystique: It seems that once again, Mystique has gotten herself into some tough competition. Westside, you would say so right?

Westside Walavan: Yeh…. Plus…. I think she’s kinda cute too.

[The crowd pops.]

Sam: Oh oh…. we could be heading into Melrose Place!

Mystique: I’m sorry Westside. After I take care of her…she’s not going to be ALL that cute!

[The crowd pops.]

Ed: It looks like there’s heat coming in!

Sam: I wouldn’t be so overconfident is I was Mystique. Look at Arielle Starr’s face! She can’t believe what she just heard and she is ready to fight!

Mystique: Now Arielle, hold on there and let me speak my piece…. PLEASE! You, you’re a rookie in this league and even if I haven’t been in as long as some of the people here, I still hold supremacy over you…remember that. And, when we get set to do battle in a couple of seconds , you are going to find out why I was ranked the number 47th Woman’s wrestler in only my 1st month of wrestling. You’re going to find out THAT I have the most talent out of all the women today and that I come from a family of winners so losing is out of the question.

Westside Walavan: That’s right! And Mimi Thorne, if I didn’t know that you were madly in love with me, I would have gotten mad at you calling me annoying.

Mystique: This is my time people…so chill!

Westside Walavan: Yes Mystique.

Mystique: Good…. now Arielle…. I’m not saying that you are a bad fighter and you don’t have the talent to be among the very best here in Women’s Wrestling. I’m just saying that you don’t have what it takes to beat me…not yet anyway. You’re lucky you’re facing me so early in your career. It won’t look as bad when I beat you in that ring. You see, I’m coming off a loss that I KNOW I should have won. Plus, I don’t like it when people think they’re better than me from where I’m from. Arielle, you might be from the good side of California but you’re about set to be brought down to the ghetto tonight my friend! After I’m done with you, I’m going after that “it’s that time of the month” publicist of yours. Tonight…. in this GREAT Colorado arena…




Ed: Both of these women are the same height although Mystique has the weight advantage by 55 pounds.

Sonya: Arielle and Mystique circling each other in the ring, and Mystique pressing Arielle down with a knock lock up!

Sam: But Arielle knocks Mystique off her feet by hooking her ankle behind Mystique’s knee and pulling forward.

[Fans cheer as both women get to their feet and square off again.]

Sam: Arielle showing some surprising presence of mind by doing that move, and not looking too bad down on that mat either.

Ed: Mystique with a punch, and now a side headlock takedown by the 180 pounder.

Sonya: Starr breaking the hold and countering with her own headlock, and Mystique up to her feet and a waist lock before shoving Starr into the far ropes.

Sam: Arielle bouncing off and Mystique just missing the clothesline. Arielle ducking and into the far ropes. She bounces off as Mystique turns around…. FLYING DROPKICK!

[Fans cheer as Mystique remains on her feet.]


[Fans on their feet as Mystique saunters into the near ropes.]

Sonya: Arielle slow to her feet as Mystique picks up a head of steam and…. CLIPS the back of Starr’s knee.

Ed: I guess that’s payback for Starr doing it to Mystique before. Mystique with a pick up and hoists up Arielle over her shoulder. Mystique with a POWERSLAM!

Ref: 1……….. …………………2…………………..kick out.

Sonya: And now Mystique with a quick pick up, and firing away with hard right hands to the head. Now a boot to the midsection, a scoop and bodyslam. The heavyweight is now going up top.

[Fans stand as Mystique climbs the turnbuckles.]

Sam: She’s taking an awfully long time. Mystique jumping off the top and…. Arielle rolling out of the way.

[The crowd gives a major cheer as she does a kip up to her feet.]

Ed: Arielle flying into the ropes as Mystique gets up to her feet. Arielle bouncing off but Mystique catches her for a high back body…no!

Sam: Arielle with a front face lock…Front Face DDT!

[Fans on their feet cheering as Arielle runs for the side ropes.]

Sonya: Mystique back up as Arielle bounces off…. BULLDOG!

(More cheers as Mystique runs to the side ropes.]

Ed: Mystique back up and Arielle with a FRANKENSTEINER!

Ref: ……………………1…………………..STRONG KICK OUT!

[Fans applaud as Mystique easily kicks out.]

Sonya: Arielle with a hair pull pick up and a standing dropkick right on the chin! Mystique is down, and now a side headlock by Arielle.

Sam: Arielle just isn’t strong enough. She needs to whip Mystique into the ropes. She needs to wear this gal down. As it is, she’s just too strong for the newcomer.

Ed: Mystique up to her feet, and Arielle backing into the ropes. The ref wants a break…oh no.

[Fans pop for these two newcomers]

Sonya: The fan seem to appreciate the exhibition being put on by these two newcomers to WISE. Starr nods with respect to Mystique before going for the spinning drop kick.

Ed: Mystique gets back to her feet and heads over to the near corner, and climbing up the buckles again. This is a mistake! She’s up to the second buckle as she measures Jen. She flies off….

Sam: And hits with a fistdrop! She grapevines the leg for the cover.

Ref: 1…………………………….2………………kick out.

(Fans cheer as Mystique gets up off the canvas.)

Ed: Mystique without a moment’s hesitation. A pick up and front face lock….no, INSIDE CRADLE by Mystique!

Ref: 1……………………………1/2!

[Fans *pop* as Arielle easily kicks out.]

Sam: Mystique pulls Starr up, raising her overhead for a POWERSLAM!

Sonya: Arielle is dazed from that powerslam. She’s groggy on that canvas as Mystique pulls her to her feet…oh no! Mystique climbs the ropes to the top turnbuckle.

Ed: Mystique up top as Arielle sprints into the near corner, jumps on the middle rope and…. and SHE MISSILE DROPKICKS MYSTIQUE IN THE MIDSECTION!

[Fans pop as Mystique falls to the mat.]

Sonya: Arielle quickly climbing the turnbuckles over Mystique, it looks like she’s going to drop down on Mystique’s head. Oh no!

Ed: Arielle pointing to all the fans at ringside as she gets ready to jump down!

[BIG TIME POP as Mystique manages to pull on the ropes causing Arielle to fall into the near corner.]

Ed: Starr back on her feet as Mystique manages to get herself free and collapses on the mat, clutching her midsection. Starr quickly climbs the ropes again, she’s like a monkey, flying up those buckles as she measures Mystique ….MISSILE DROP KICK FROM THE TOP ROPE!

Ref: 1………………………….2………………..shoulder up.

[Fans go wild as Mystique gets the shoulder up.]

Ed: Arielle with a pick up and Irish whips Mystique into the far ropes. Starr quickly runs to the near ropes as they near the middle of the ring…


[Fans cheer as Starr crashes into the mat.]

Sonya: Too smart and too strong. Mystique stomping away on Arielle, and now a hair pull pick up. Front face lock…. and hoists her up for a Snap Suplex.

Ref: 1…………………………….2………………kick out.

Ed: Starr kicking out weakly. Now Mystique with a pick up and she’s trying to hurry this thing up. She hoists up Arielle and body slams her hard to the canvas. And now she’s going for another pickup…

Sam: Mystique is going for a bearhug, she’s working on the ribs of Starr.

Sonya: Mystique with an overhead suplex and she goes for the cover!!

Ref: ……1……2……no!

Sam: Mystique can’t believe it, she’s maintaining her composure but she’s gaining a great deal of respect for her opponent as well. A pick up by Mystique and a bodyslam.

Ed: Mystique backing into the ropes, bouncing off with a head of steam and jumps up…..FISTDROP! Another cover…

Ref: 1…………………………….2………………..no!

Sam: Mystique with a pick up and Irish whips Arielle into the near buckle. Arielle staggering out and Mystique gets in behind her…

Ed: and slaps on a Sleep Hold!

[Fans all on their feet in expectation as struggles to get out of it/]

Ed: Arielle reaching for the ropes. She’s reaching!

Sam: Too much weight. Too strong. This is over.

Ed: Arielle is so ring conscious, she tags the ropes….and the ref forcing a break.

Sonya: Mystique breaking and now a high kick into the midsection of Arielle who falls into the ropes. Mystique with a pickup and a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!

[Fans pop as Mystique goes for the cover.]

Sam: This is it. This has got to be it.

Sonya: Arielle lying still as Mystique with the cover. The ref moving in.

Ed: The ref sliding into position and begins his count.

Ref.: 1……………….……..2……………………3!!!


Ed: Incredible match between these two! Mystique manages to pull off a win here, and a hard fought one at that!

Sonya: Both of these two put on a wonderful athletic performer!

Sam: Both wrestlers are still lying on the mat… they are wore out! Mystique slow to her feet, with the help of her brother, and Mimi Thorne is assisting Starr to her feet. Mystique walking over and extending her hand to Starr… She gonna suckerpunch her! Woo!

Sonya: Grow up, Sam.

Ed: Starr accepts the handshake and the fans are going wild! As they leave the ring, we have confirmed that Jennifer Dial will be inside Caged Fury at Crime Spree.


[“Judgement Day” gets the crowd hot as the curtains part and Medusa Rage strides down to ringside. She is dressed for battle, her eyes sharp and fiery as she climbs into the ring. She calls for the microphone.]

Medusa: Are you ready?

[Big crowd pop]

Medusa: You ready to see the fight of a lifetime?

[Big crowd pop]

Medusa: You ready to see Medusa Rage and Andrea Chandler hook it up one more time?

[Biggest pop]

Medusa: (smiling) Well, too damn bad. It ain’t gonna happen. I don’t know how often I have to tell you folks this, but you will never see me and Andrea Chandler in a ring again. I came back to WISE to settle some unfinished business. I came back because when I quit this promotion the last time I wasn’t quite finished. I felt there was more for me to do. I was still hot. I still cared. Well, you know what, folks? I don’t care. I can’t tell you that I’ve cared for a long time now. I really can’t. I’ve been around this block. I’ve said all my speeches. I’ve set out all my angles. I won my titles. I did what I needed to do. And it was maybe a couple days after I got back here that I realized. I don’t give a damn about this. I really don’t. Remember when I used to light up the ring with cunning strategies and killer interviews? When was the last time you saw me actually put some effort into this whole damn thing? I came to this profession to entertain you. I carefully analyze each and every one of my actions. And I always, always have a reason for everything I do. You’ve watched me throughout my tenure here run the gamut. You’ve seen the highs and you’ve seen the lows. And when I went back to my drawing room and sat down to determine exactly what it was that I was going to do next something struck me. I haven’t done a damn thing different since forever. It’s always been me and the Syndicate running in circles, talking smack and never doing anything. I can’t say this has been fun. It hasn’t. I can’t say it’s been pleasant. It hasn’t. I can’t even say it’s been worthwhile. Micki Duran is back. Yeah. More of the same. Brittany Yorke is filling in the Tiffany role well. The only one slightly different is Heidi Leick and even she’s not that interested in matching up with me. I could step into this ring and DDT Bloody Mary’s head through the mat. Lord knows she deserves it for that chair attack a while back. And believe me I plotted to do it. But I realized that I didn’t care about that program, either. The WISE has changed drastically since it was the GDWA. And I won’t lie and say that I fit right in. I’m pretty much a dinosaur. Well, when something is causing you more problems than it is solving them, it’s time to go. Do I give a damn about the cheap heat that the Syndicate gives me every week? Nope. Do I care about this upcoming Crime Spree? Not a bit of it. Fact is, I’m burnt out. Fact is, I’m fed up. Fact is, I made a hypocrite out of myself when I said I was ever coming back and I did. Fact is, I refuse to become Micki Duran and Daisy Butterfly. Fact is, effective right now, I am saying goodbye one more time.

[Boos rain down on Medusa. The crowd is hot against her. Garbage tossed in the ring. Medusa smiles, egging them on.]

Medusa: To hell with all you! Understand me? [Censored] you. [Censored] the wrestlers backstage and their pretty little handlers. [Censored] all of them. Medusa Rage doesn’t need you. Medusa Rage doesn’t give a damn about you. Medusa Rage doesn’t want to be in the WISE. She doesn’t want to wrestle any more. I’m finished with you. I’m finished with them. And effective right mother[Censored] now you will never see me in the ring again. I wish I could tell you it’s all been fun, but I can’t lie to you. It’s sucked. It’s been a colossal waste of time and energy. See you all in hell.

[Medusa gives the crowd a double, middle finger salute.]

Medusa: And, just because this is a business, and the matches must go on. Let me introduce to you my replacement in Caged Fury. A woman who actually does care about this game still. All the way from the Brook-down, BK to the fullest, my girl, Marissa Monet. Oooh? How’s that? Hugs and hisses, kids. I’m out.

[Medusa tosses down the microphone and strides out of the ring to hot boos. She is pelted with popcorn and beer. It doesn’t faze her. As she is halfway up the aisle Missy Elliot’s “The Rain” starts up. Marissa Monet steps through the curtains, striding to the ring. As she passes Medusa they do not acknowledge each other. As one disappears into disgrace for a second time, the other enters the ring to pick up the pieces of a shattered legend and a hateful mind.]


Marissa: (picking up the microphone) This isn’t the way it was supposed to be. [She looks back down the aisle.] But I know Medusa. And she’s probably the most intelligent and revolutionary talent there has been in the history of this promotion. But she’s gone so F her.

[Big crowd pop as Marissa gives the middle finger to Medusa as she walks out.]

Marissa: The Rage name was supposed to stand for honor right? Wrong. They’re outlaws. They play their own games. Medusa just showed you what she was really about. Now it’s up to me to entertain you like you should be entertained. It’s up to me to pick up the pieces and be the most electrifying entertainer in this promotion. Marissa Monet is in full and the double M promises you that this will be a match to remember! So, here is six feet five inches and 196lbs ready and willing to go to war for you. So, let’s get it on!

[“The Rain” begins again, as Marisa Monet exits the ring and heads up the aisle.]


[Scene opens to the back dressing room area as per usual, cameraman and a female reporter knocking on the door. Siren has her back to the camera, looking into the mirror as they walk in.]

Shelley: Miss…. er…. Siren, may we have a few words with you?

Siren (S): …

Shelley: Is that a yes or a no?

[Siren turns around to face the camera, eyes sparkling but still says nothing, turning back to reach for a paper to write on. She takes a pen and scribbles something on the sheet, handing it to the reporter. The reporter reads it with confusion, camera zooms in.]

“I will not waste my voice with you, but answer your questions like this. Not for long, a shower awaits.”

Shelley: What do you mean that you won’t waste your words on me?

[Siren writes some more and tears the paper off, handing it back on. Reporter reads.]

“I mean just that. Now hurry up, my attention wanes.”

Shelley: Well…. umm…. You’ve been entered into the Caged Fury at Crime Spree. What are your thoughts on that?

*scribble *scribble* “Clearly a poor choice of entrance matches that I could be involved in. Being a lightweight, a battle royal of sorts is not to my specialties. It’s so… barbaric.”

Shelley: So you don’t feel your chances are that good in Caged Fury?

*scribble* “I will not say that, but I can’t say my aspirations are to walk away with a win for it. If it happens that way, so mote it be. However…. I do plan to make myself noticed in the match, somehow. I would caution the other ladies to not turn their back on me for one second.”

Shelley: Why would you say that?

*scribble* “Just trust me on that. Anyone who wishes to have their body functioning properly after that night is out should be wary. One could succumb to a very nasty fate other WISE.”

Shelley: Umm…. okay. Have you any other…. umm…. words for us?

*scribble* “Just that, the time of reckoning is nigh. People will learn that one doesn’t need to jiggle their rears and shout into a microphone to get ahead in this business. And if this Miko Azai girl wishes to show that she can prance around like an idiot and play gymnastics, I’ll accept her contract. Nothing personal, but she’ll be a delightful start to make waves in.”

[To that, Siren looks behind again and points to the door, signifying that their time is up. Her eyes gaze at them, how such a little thing can carry a powerful glance, its uncertain, but the cameraman smartens up enough to start backing out the door, with the reporter in tow.]

Shelley: (As leaving the room) Siren. This is Shelley Marks for WISE.

[The door slams in their face.]

Ed: We have gotten word that Sierra Browne will be plugged into the main event tonight! It’ll be Mary, Daisy, Rose and Sierra vs. The Syndicate!

Sam: That match is one that /should/ be on PPV, and these fans are getting it free?

Sonya: This is going to be a great match! I can’t wait!

Ed: Let’s go to the ring!


Christine: This match is scheduled for one fall, with Extreme rules in effect and it is for the Extreme Television Championship. Introducing first…

[“The Star Spangled Banner” begins to play as the fans rise in their seats. The Corporal steps through the curtain, making her way down towards the ring.]

Christine: She weighs in at 165 pounds… here is “The Corporal”! And her opponent…


[The arena lights fade and green spotlights shine down on the entranceway. The theme from the old G.I. Joe cartoon begins to play.]


Shumira is standing into front of an image of a waving American flag. She is dressed in camouflaged army pants and a black sleeveless shirt. Her hair has been dyed camouflaged.

“Atten…HUT!” She says, doing her best Sgt. Slaughter impression. Even her jaw is jutted out. “Now listen up you maggots….tonight I have to go into battle against Corporal Punishment, or whatever her name is! And I can guarantee you this will be a day that will live…IN INFAMY!” She shakes her fist and looks intense to the point of parody. “Corporal Puke….you will not earn a purple heart, you will not get a promotion…when you go back home after this war, they’ll have to identify you by your dog-tags!”

“Now some of you slime might be asking, ‘what about Heidi?’, well all I have to say is if she wants to step into MY boot camp, she’ll find herself doing KP duty for a month!” Shumira pauses, looking slightly confused. She then points at the camera, her intensity renewed. “And thaaaat’s….an ORDER!”

She begins to march off. There is a crash off camera and the sound of Shumira shouting “AOW!”. Several lights and a ladder fall over. She walks back on camera, trying not to look embarrassed as she marches off in the other direction.

One of the camera crew begins to laugh. Shumira gets in his face and shouts “You find something humorous, hippie??”

“Oh… *snicker* no Ma’am.” she tries not to laugh.

“SIR!” she shouts in his face.

“No ma’am, Sir, ma’am. Yes Sir! Ma’am?”

Shumira juts her chin at the guy. “And don’t you forget it soldier!” She marches away, leaving confusion and bewilderment in her wake (as always).

[Several people dressed in full army uniforms start marching down the aisle. They are lead by Shumira, dressed in camouflage army pants and a black sleeveless shirt. Her hair has somehow been dyed camouflaged. She looks super-serious as she marches to the ring.]

Shumira: “Company…HAW!” (they all stop) “Right….FAEY!” (some turn left, some turn right, some just look confused) “Yew sorry swedes! What kinda soldiers are ya? Drop an gimme fifty!!”

[Most of the soldiers drop and start doing pushups sit-ups, etc. One of them gets on his knees and hands Shumira a fifty dollar bill. She blinks, stuffs the money in her pocket and proceeds to glare at her troops.]

Shumira: “Ahhhh…. okayokay! That’s enough! Quit it!”

[One of the soldiers shouts “INCOMING!” and dives under the ring, while another one starts shouting “Charlie in the trees! I gotcher back soldier!”, and another one shouts “Cobraaaaaa!” and begins attacking the others for no reason. The whole company falls into chaos and scatters.]

Shumira: (blinking) “Uh…. Yo Joe.”

[She climbs into the ring and starts doing heroic comic book poses.]

Sam: I think her head was what got hurt during her match with Heidi. She’s definitely not all there.

Ed: Whether she’s sane or not, if she gets past “The Corporal” tonight, she’ll be stepping into the ring for the Universal Championship in two weeks, with Rachel Edwards and the champ, Sierra Browne.


Sam: Shumira looks like she’s carrying enough supplies to feed an entire army in those pants of hers… every pocket it filled to the max.

Ed: This match is underway… Shumira gives Corporal a salute and the Corporal is not very happy at all with this. Corporal charges in and tackles Shumira to the ground and begins to pound on her head, with a series of right hands.

Sonya: Shumira mocked the military pride of Corporal and she’s paying for it now. Corporal pulling up Shumira and she whips her across the ring and NAILS her with a clothesline.

Ed: Shumira underestimated the fury of the Corporal. Corporal off the ropes… BACKDROP by Shumira sends Corporal to the floor! Shumira grins and slides out of the ring. This is where she’s most dangerous.

Sam: Shumira is pulling out a pair of handcuffs! She’s trying to handcuff Corporal to the guardrailing… I have no idea why’d she do that! There’s a struggle…

Sonya: Corporal trying to resist the handcuffs… OH! Corporal manages to handcuff Shumira, and Shumira is NOT a happy camper! Corporal grins now, as she picks up a chair and NAILS Shumira!

Ed: Shumira is helpless here… as she gets whacked again by the chair. Corporal to the apron and she comes off with a dropkick and Shumira goes over the guardrailing and to into the first row!

Sonya: But she’s still handcuffed! Corporal again going to the apron… she leaps off, but Shumira moves and Corporal cracks her jaw on the railing! Shumira is up and struggling with the railing as she pulls it free of the other pieces!

Sam: Shumira is going to have to fight this one with a piece of guardrailing attached to her! She’s picked up the guardrailing and jams it down on the leg of Corporal!

Ed: Great strength shown by Shumira as she uses that guardrailing to the best of her ability here. She is having some mobility problems here. Shumira stands the guardrailing up and looks around…

Sam: Now what’s she doing? She’s digging into her pockets… she pulls out a… what is that?

Sonya: Looks like a radio of some kind… perhaps a walkie talkie… she uses her free hand, kneeling next to Corporal and nails her in the head with that radio. Again and again, Shumira nails her.

Ed: Shumira picking up that guardrailing and tossing it into the ring… she reaches down and pulls Corporal by the hair, dragging her into the ring.

[The lights suddenly goes out.]

Sam: Mommy?

Sonya: What’s going on here? Are we still live?

[The lights come back on and standing in the ring, is EFW superstar…]

Ed: That’s Kieran Erotikka!

Sonya: And she has a chair… she NAILS Corporal with the chair and then she NAILS Shumira! Kieran pulls up Shumira by the hair and NAILS her with a hot shot across that guardrailing! Shumira is OUT!

Sam: Erotikka takes her chair and flees through the crowd! The referee is totally confused. This match is anything goes… the referee begins to count… one… two…

Sonya: Corporal slow to her feet… she’s finally up and sees Shumira down, sprawled across that guardrailing… Corporal going to the top… she’s going for a moonsault!

Ed: Corporal off the ropes and SHUMIRA MOVES! Corporal hits the railing! Shumira with a cover… one… two…….. THREE!


Christine: Winner of the match and STILL WISE Extreme Television Champion… Shumira… Kishiro!

Ed: It was a hard fought match, but the interference of Kieran Erotikka was totally unexpected… I didn’t even know she’d signed with WISE . Let’s hear from the Angel Fire Alliance.


Raindrops lightly fall on the ground outside the McGuire cabin, causing small, gentle ripples as they hit the surface of nearby Lake Murray. A cheerful fire casts a merry glow on the wooden panels of the surrounding walls as Hannah Blue and her partner Maggie McGuire sit, studying the moves of some of the other ladies of WISE. Her white tank top is tucked into a pair of sweat pants with WISE running up one leg.

She leans forward, resting her elbows on the floor as she stretches her legs into a V. After stretching for a few minutes she moves one slender leg in to rest against the other as she leans to touch the far toes, “Look at that move, Hannah” she says as she calls her friends attention to one of the infamous female wrestlers on the screen, “I wonder if I could learn that move,” Maggie says almost to herself. Maggie moves her coppery braid out of the way as she glances over to her Hannah who is using free weights, her voice a soft, southern drawl, “So what do you think of my little hideaway? My grandfather asked all of the grandkids to help built it but I was the only one who did so he gave it to me for my 21st birthday.” An impish grin crosses her lips at a memory, “You should have heard my cousin Roger complain. He was so mad because he thought he would get it since he was the oldest grandchild and a male at that.”

With not even the merest trace of perspiration covering the smooth curves of her ebony-hued countenance, the native of East Bourne in the UK, wearing a sleeveless white T-shirt and bicycle shorts of a raven shade, sets down the free weights and projects a beaming smile towards her friend. “This place is wonderful, Maggie. It’s a great retreat to escape the sometimes unreasonable pressures of the outside world and the perfect place to become at one with your own spirit…”

Hannah’s voice trails off into the air, but the good natured ambiance that exudes from her being is still very much prevalent. Accompanied by a whimsical sparkle in her bright, aquamarine eyes, the Midnight Angel continues to voice her thoughts. “…And as for Roger complaining, well…hasn’t he heard of the phrase, ‘you only get out of life what you put into it’? Gabriel told me long ago that the only things in your existence that are worth cherishing are the ones that you have to work the hardest for.”

Miss Blue’s facial expression then takes on a more wistful aspect, as the full realization of how much she misses her mentor sinks forever deeper into her soul. A soft, resigned chuckle is heard escaping from her lips. “He should know…the man has battled to countless Titles in his wrestling career. I swear, Maggie, he is the epitome of his ‘Era Of Defiance’ nickname. Away from the ring, however, he’s a gentleman, also. Someday, I hope that you’ll be able to meet him. I think that both you and Sarge would like him. “

“I’m sure we would,” Maggie agrees as she continues with her cool down exercises, “and I would love to meet him. Maybe he can come to one of your upcoming matches.” Maggie looks over, tilting her head slightly as a smile tugs at her blush rose tinted lips, “You know, I think you’re going to make a great showing at this next match. Win or lose, you’re in the best shape you’ve ever been and you’ve so much more….self-confidence, Hannah. The fans of WISE are going to be in for a very pleasant surprise.”

[Suddenly, the lightning quick opening of “Shame” by Stabbing Westward begins to blare throughout the arena.]

Sam: Huh? Who’s this?

Ed: I don’t know anybody with this music…


[Suddenly, as the guitars slow down in the song, Rachel “Ice” Edwards, WISE Lightweight Champion, steps out from the back, as the crowd erupts in a major heel pop.]

Sonya: Oh, it’s _her_.

Sam: Yeah! Rachel!

[Rachel slowly makes her way to the ring. She’s wearing tight fitting blue jeans and a white sports bra, perfectly accentuating her near flawless figure, and she flaunts her figure excessively, drawing catcalls from the men and jeers from the women, as she continues down the aisle. The WISE Lightweight Title is wrapped around her waist, and she has no problem showing that off either. She notices a sign that reads “Ice Queen” held by a ringside fan. Rachel walks over, takes the sign out of the fan’s hand, and tears it in half, before continuing down the aisle. She slowly makes her way around the ring, mocking the fans along the way, then makes her way over to the commentating table.]

Ed: The Lightweight Champion is making her way over to the broadcasting table…

[Rachel leans over the table seductively and plants a big kiss on the cheek of Sam Mutt. She slowly runs her hand along his cheek, then under his chin, before pulling her hand away and rolling into the ring.]

Sam: OH MY GOD!!! WOO HOO!!!

Sonya: Sam, try to have some self-dignity.


[Rachel pulls a microphone out of the back pocket of her jeans, and raises it to her lips enticingly.]

RE: How are all of you tonight?

[Mix of catcalls and boos.]

RE: I figured I’d come out here tonight and grace you all with my presence, though I’ve had the damnedest time trying to figure out why I should waste my time…

[Heel pop.]

RE: Oh, and as for the new music, oh, I just got tired of Nutshell. It put me to sleep for heaven’s sake. I thought a change would be nice.

[She pauses, looking around the arena, then shakes her head.]

RE: Anyway, so here I am, the Women’s International Sports Entertainment Lightweight Champion. I single handed put the legendary Officer Order on the shelf, I destroyed the pitiful Hannah Blue, and I _was_ going to put away Maggie McGuire at Amazons and Angels before the damn time limit bell rang…

Sonya: What a load of bull…

Sam: What are you talking about? That’s how I saw it!

RE: But after all of my total and complete dominance of the competition, I come out to calmly talk to Hannah about our upcoming match, and she and Maggie McGuire take it upon themselves to brutally attack the honorable and respectable Lightweight Champion for absolutely no reason at all! And these are the two you sick fans cheer for night after night?!? Those pitiful bitches?!?

Ed: Whoa!

Sam: Go Rachel!

RE: I would like for, I don’t know, maybe one of these days, for me to have an honest match, where you two don’t feel the need to double team me like you have been lately. But maybe that’s just wishful thinking…

Sonya: She sure has a strange way of twisting the truth.

Sam: What are you talking about? She only speaks the truth!

RE: So, anyway, somehow, Hannah Blue must have paid off Heather Chandler, because now the so called queen of WISE has decided to give Hannah another shot. What Heather, are you gonna pull Officer Order off the injured list so I can smack the hell out of her wrinkled <bleep> too?!?

Sam: Wow!

Ed: This is uncalled for.

RE: I don’t know, maybe it’s just because I’ve literally devastated the competition lately. Maybe the little witch is the most deserving challenger I have, despite the fact that I completely destroyed her last time we met…


“Fight Fire with Fire” by Kansas thunders across the arena as the fans stand and look at the entrance. Maggie McGuire and Hannah Blue, the Angel Fire Alliance, sprint towards the ring as the fans pop loudly in favor. Rachel scatters out of the ring just as Hannah and Maggie reach the ring and slide under the ropes, coming to their feet. Rachel has a hurt look on her face, which quickly turns to anger as she begins to whine.

RE: What are you doing out here?!? This is _my time, not yours! Remember, _I’m_ the champion, not you two! You two couldn’t cut it!

[Maggie picks up the mic so conveniently left by Rachel in her hasty departure. A smile comes to her lips as she looks at Rachel and hands Hannah the mic with a small flourishing bow at the waist. The British ‘Midnight Angel’, dressed in a short, cream colored T-shirt bearing the Angel Fire Alliance logo emblazoned across the chest, tight black leggings and gleaming white training shoes, pushes a stray wisp of her long, jet black locks from her ebony countenance, before beginning to speak. The tone of the words that flows forth and layers itself heavily upon the ambiance of expectation in the arena, accurately mimics the expression of intensity that infuses every aspect of Hannah’s smooth face.]

Hannah: “Let me just tell you something, Rachel…YOU MAKE ME SICK!”

[As the assembled fans threaten to cave in the walls of the building with the volume of their cheers, Miss Blue nods her head slowly up and down at the snarling form of the incredulous Lightweight Champion. Her fiery headed counterpart does a double take, a mischievous smile on her lips as she looks at her normally quiet and reserved partner.]

Hannah: “That’s right…To my way of thinking, you haven’t said one truthful word, since you stepped into this ring to impose yourself upon everybody’s time.”

[Instinctively, Hannah waves her hand in the direction of the ‘Firestar’.]

Hannah: “Do you really think that you had Maggie beaten at the Angels and Amazons Supercard?…Do you really suspect that I ‘paid off’ the powers-that-be to ensure my shot at the belt that you now tarnish with your reputation?…Well Edwards, guess what?…you’re wrong on both counts and at the Crime Spree: Justifiable Homicide PPV, this [Hannah points at herself] segment of the Angel Fire Alliance is going to beat all of the posturing hot air from your cold hearted body, and in doing so, she will hopefully also claim that amalgam of leather and gold that is unjustifiably wrapped around your waist…”

[Blue pauses and, for the first time, a semblance of a smile crosses her delicate lips.]

Hannah: “On May 15th, Rachel, with the guidance and inspiration that is forthcoming from Maggie, Top Sarge and all of the fans that graciously support me [a huge pop from the crowd rises into earshot, once more], I will be ready for the walk through the Hell that calls itself a ‘Parking Lot/Coal Miner’s Glove/Scavenger Hunt Match’, but the thing is…Will you be prepared?…For your sake, I hope that you are.”

[With the noise from the fans now at an unbelievable level, Hannah hands the microphone back to her esteemed counterpart and folds her arms, her bright blue eyes not leaving Edwards’ visage.] [Firestar, dressed in clothes matching her partners, takes the mic. She looks at her friend with a mischievous smile]

Maggie: Remind me never to make you mad, Hannah. I’d rather have you on my side.

[The golden glints are seen in her emerald eyes as she looks Rachel up and down.]

Maggie: “Rachel, what you did last week sealed your fate. You chose to try to attack Hannah from behind. You chose to make this a battle between us. Did you actually think I was going to stand by and watch you hit Hannah from behind? If you did it only goes to show you have no concept of the words loyalty and honor. I trust Hannah and she trusts me and we will never, and I do mean never, stand by while the other is in danger.”

[A wry chuckle bubbles forth from the redhead.]

Maggie: “Roll that footage from the last catfight, please.”

[The screen lights up with footage from the last catfight]

Ed: Maggie going to the top… SOMERSAULT LEG DROP hits the mark! Cover… one… two… three… NO! Lisa gets her foot on the rope! Referee breaks the hold…

Sam: She patting her forearm! Watch out, LISA!

Ed: Lisa slow to get to her feet… Maggie with a SPRINGBOARD FLYING FOREARM that decimates Lisa Thomas… she covers… one… two… THREE!


Christine: Winner of this match… “Firestar” Maggie McGuire!

Ed: Hold on! From the crowd, here comes Rachel Edwards! She’s got the Lightweight title and is coming after Hannah, who has no idea! Maggie spots her and motions to Hannah who ducks just in time to avoid being nailed by Rachel Edwards!

Sam: Hannah nailing Rachel, as Maggie stays inside the ring… you know she wants a piece of Rachel too… Hannah rolls Rachel inside the ring, and Rachel is up and tries to get out, but Maggie steps in front… Rachel turns around and drops to her knees and begs off on Hannah… Maggie steps from the ring…

[The fans are going rabid… “Ice Queen” chants are drowning out the arena.]

Sonya: Hannah nails Rachel with a kick to the midsection… she pulls her up and locks in a full nelson… NO! Full nelson SUPLEX! Hannah is going to the top… Triple Twist SPLASH!!! Cover?

Ed: Maggie rolls in and counts! One… two… three!

Sam: HEY! This wasn’t a match!

Ed: Maggie grabs the Lightweight title and hands it to Hannah who holds it high… the crowd is wild! She thinks about trying it on… but decides against it and throws it down on the hazy Rachel Edwards.

Sonya: Hannah vs. Rachel at Crime Spree… it’s going to be a wild match!

[The crowd pops as they watch the footage. Chants of “Ice Queen” start as the tape stops rolling]

Maggie: Sam was right, I did want a piece of you. But you see, I don’t attack someone when the odds are against them. And we, (she points to each of the duo in turn) we just don’t do sneak attacks. It’s not our style. We pride ourselves on being able to wrestle without needing to cheat….something you just haven’t figured out yet.

[oooo’s come from the crowd]

Maggie: You see Rachel, Hannah had you….she knows it, I know it, the fans know it….but most importantly…You know it. You know if I had a few more seconds I would have that belt and you know that Hannah took you…even though you came from behind and she wasn’t ready.

[Maggie moves to lean with her arms resting on the ropes as she points to Rachel]

Maggie: I’m going to make the fans a promise, right here and right now. Everybody knows what happens when you mix fire and ice, the ice melts. One way or another the “Ice Queen” is going to be melted by the “Angel Fire Alliance”

[Maggie throws the mic back to a stagehand as she moves to stand next to her partner, their arms raised over their heads as the crowd screams its approval]

Ed: War is declared by the Angel Fire Alliance against Rachel Edwards, and it begins at Crime Spree!


[Scene is Bloody Mary and Ana Conda watching the flash show on TV… Mary seems more tense and agitated than usual as she sinks back into the couch covering her face. She looks up to address the camera.]

Bloody Mary: Oh man, I didn’t mean for Spud McKenzie to quit. That stupid lawsuit. Sonya is right, maybe I should’ve left it in the ring. I…. I…. only wanted to do what I thought was right. I mean that decision was so unfair! I mean it wasn’t only for myself but for Andrea and everyone else screwed by stupid rules or lack of rules. Helping Andrea, that’s a laugh! What was I thinking? Andrea will probably countersue or something just for the fun of it. Ana, did you reach Spud, yet? I really want to talk to him.

Ana: No, Either the lines busy or he isn’t answering. Mary, you did right standing by your principals. Somebody has to look out for the rank and file.

[Mary is replaying the tape now to Heidi’s spiel.]

Bloody Mary: Oh great! Spud, Queen of the Hill, Yuri Kaio at VCW and now this again. As if I don’t have enough on my mind. Well, Heidi you’re not playing with my mind! I liked you when you were like me, crazy and on your own. But you signed a deal with the devil as far as I’m concerned. I warned you, stay outta my face! You made your decision, I made mine. And if you interfere with my plans. (Mary has a deathly intense look on her) No amount of money, no favors of any kind are gonna save you. And if I have to I’ll coerce at any cost one of the few women I know you’re afraid of, Candi Bratton, the only woman nearly as crazy as both of us and together we’ll stomp you six feet into the ground and that’s a promise. (Mary is trembling in anger)

Ana: C’mon, let’s go for a late night run, maybe hit the bag, down a couple cool ones. Go on, go change, let’s get your mind a rest. (Mary smiles comforted at Ana and leaves the couch as the camera fades.)


Christine: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a contender’s match for the North American Heritage Championship. Introducing first…

[Suddenly, the relative silence is disrupted, when the opening musical strains of Kansas’ “Fight Fire With Fire” erupts from the impressive PA system. A few seconds after this happening, the slim, ebony skinned figure of Hannah Blue, seconded by the athletic frame, copper-headed Maggie McGuire, strides purposefully into view and down the aisle.]

Christine: She is led to the ring by her tag team partner, Maggie McGuire… she weighs in at 128 pounds… here is one half of the ‘Angel Fire Alliance’… this is “The Midnight Angel’… Hannah BLUE!

[Like her tag team partner, Hannah’s shapely upper body is enshrouded within a baggy, sleeveless black t-shirt, and across its chest there does reside a slogan decorated in a capitalized red and orange font, which simply states: “ANGEL FIRE ALLIANCE”. Tight dark blue leggings, sky blue shinpads and boots adorn her lower extremities respectively. Hannah’s face is the absolute epitome of intensity and concentration yet, despite this [and although her piercing aquamarine eyes never leave the squared circle in front of her], she still moves to the metal barrier to her right to slap hands with the appreciative fans that loudly greet her arrival. During her ascent of the steel ring steps, Hannah whips off the aforementioned T-shirt to reveal a modest sports bra that is the same shade as her leggings.] [Without even looking where she is throwing it, the WISE fighter hurls the flimsy piece of cloth within her grip into the crowd. A wave of grabbing hands reach out in a hopeful effort to try and pluck the ‘discarded garment’ from its flight path, but are unsuccessful as it lands almost directly into the lap of a young boy in the second row. With a beaming smile now etched onto his face, the child returns his attention to the ring in which Miss Blue now stands. Hannah moves to a corner and waits for the arrival of her impromptu opponent.]

Christine: And her opponent…

[“Jump” from Van Halen fills the arena.]

Christine: She weighs in at 121 pounds… she is the number two contender for the WISE Universal Championship… here is “Jumpin'” Jennifer GRIER!

[Jen walks out from behind the curtain to a shower of boos. As she steps out, a beer can lands in front of her feet, eliciting cheers from the crowd. Jen picks up the can, as she looks in the direction that it was thrown from. In the crowd, there is a man, about 30 years of age, taunting her from behind the rails. Looking around, Jen smiles at the crowd, as she lures the man near the railing. Cautiously, he does so, as Jen goes to hand him the beer can back. As the man begins to take it, Jen throws it to the ground, and nails the railing directly in front of the guy, making him jump back in shock. Jen slowly climbs into the ring, chair in hand, and eye on the entranceway. She motions for a microphone.]

Grier: Yeah, yeah, yeah… whatever. This match is for a ‘shot’ at the title that little Miss Summers holds.

[The crowd jeers as the mentioning of Sarah Summers.]

Grier: The way I see it… that’s MY title you’re holding, Sarah. Don’t get used to wrapping that baby around your shoulder for too much longer… over two years… that’s how long I’ve been busting my ASS around here, and I’m not going to watch some cheap shot back stabber… yeah, I said back stabber…. come out and prance around with her attitude, and looks to take what is rightfully mine. You win the belt and you haven’t even made an appearance since. You’re going to have to show up sometime, and when you do…I’ll be waiting, Sarah.

[Jen paces the ring, tapping the ropes with the chair in hand.]

Grier: It’s SO easy just to turn on your friends, for the good of winning gold, isn’t it, Sarah? Your instant fame and fortune.

[Jen stops, and shakes her head.]

Grier: You know… some would say that *I* turned my back on my friends. That… *I* have the bad girl attitude. But, I ask you this? [turning to the crowd] I ask ALL of you this. Has there EVER been a women in this league who has been screwed over more than I? The handfuls of tights. The legs on the ropes… unseen chairshots…. you name it, and it’s … so…. ‘conveniently’ happened. What can a girl to do?

[Jen hesitates for a moment, as her face gets DEAD serious again.]

Grier: Oh, I’ll tell you what a girl’s to do.

[Jen turns to stare Hannah in the face.]

Grier: I’m going to whoop your ass.

[Jen drops the microphone, throws the chair out of the ring, and motions Hannah to ‘bring it on.]

*ding *ding*

Ed: Both women circling one another, Collar and elbow tie up and Blue with the weight advantage. Side headlock takedown.

Sonya: Both of these women are high flyers, either one could pull off a win here although I’ve heard Hannah has been putting in a lot of time with Maggie and Sarge on some workouts. We’ll see if there is any changes in her strategies.

Sam: That may be but Jen hasn’t forgotten her last loss to Hannah and she thinks it was Lady Tiger’s fault. My money is on her, she’ll be the more dangerous of the two. With all her mental hang-ups she’s worse than Norman Bates….or haven’t you seen that movie?

Sonya: Jen may have the inches but Hannah has the cooler of the heads tonight. It could either way, Sam.

Ed: Blue is moving in and another Collar and Elbow tie up. Grier is backing her into a corner…and the ref calls for a break.

Sam: Grier with a knee lift to the stomach. Go Jen! This is my kind of action!

Sonya: [looks disgusted] What is it with you and seeing women in pain, Sam?

Sam: Hey, you want the fame, you gotta pay the price. Besides, there’s just something about hearing a woman scream that makes everything just that much more exciting.

Ed: [in a voice resembles a low growl] I really don’t think our viewing audience wants to hear your preferences, Sam.

Sonya: Grier with some hard right jabs to the head and Blue is dazed. An Irish whip to the far corner and Grier is going to the side ropes.

Sam: Blue hits hard and Grier comes crashing in with a HARD reverse elbow to the head. A hip toss out of the corner and Grier is going into the side ropes.

Sonya: Grier bouncing off as Blue gets to her feet…dropkick!

Ed: A pickup and bodyslam, and now Grier is going to the top.

[Fans jump to their feet as she climbs the turnbuckles.]

Sam: Blue gets up to her feet, charging the near corner and …

Sonya: Grier comes flying off and slaps on a flying front face lock for a spinning DDT.

[LOUD crowd pop!]

Ed: Here’s the count 1… 2… kick out!

Sam: Both ladies are back to their feet.

Sonya: Both moving in again. Lock up…Grier Irish whips Blue into the ropes…

Ed: Leapfrog by Grier to the other side and she just about took Blue’s head off with a vicious clothesline.

Sam: She’s lifting Blue off the mat. That’s it, the match is over. Like Blue has a chance after that!

Sonya: That’s your opinion, Sam. And you know what they say about opinions.

Ed: Blue’s on her feet, though a little dazed. Grier sends Blue to the ropes again, setting up for another clothesline…

Sonya: But Hannah grabs the ropes, stopping herself!

Ed: Jen spins around and Hannah catches her with a Roundhouse kick to the head!

Sam: Where did THAT come from? She just sent Grier through the ropes and onto the floor.

Sonya: Hannah’s into the ropes, bounces off, and comes back with a head of steam Suicide Dive to the mats outside!

Ref: 1… 2… 3…

Ed: Both women look hurt. Grier is still on her back but Hannah is using the ring apron to pull herself back up. The ref is still counting.

Ref: 5…6…7…

Sonya: Hannah breaking the count by sliding herself back into the ring as Grier begins stirring on the floor.

Sam: I’ll have to admit, that was some pretty good work by Hannah. You know, if I wasn’t already taken by Rachel, Hannah would have my vote for a shot at the MBW belt.

Sonya: [a quizzical look on her face as she goes through her notes] MBW belt? I don’t show any new belts being listed in my notes….

Sam: That’s the Mutt’s Babe of the Week. One night with me is worth more that gold…so I give them leather. [He waggles his eyebrows at Sonya]

Sonya: You are absolutely disgusting, Sam.

Sam: How would you know? I’ve never invited you for a tour of my apartment…you’re probably just jealous.

Ed: Grier back in the ring as well. Blue grabs her by the arm and it’s another Irish whip… back drop coming up… NO!!! Leap frog by Grier and she goes over Blue, bouncing off the ropes herself and comes back but Blue ducks her spinning heel kick!

Sonya: There’s a kip up by Grier…

Ed: But it’s Blue with another roundhouse kick to the head!

Sam: There’s the cover by Blue.

Ref: 1… 2… kickout!!

Sonya: Hannah is up, going into the ropes and coming back for a snap leg drop… she connects! She kips up as the fans pop to their feet, screaming their approval.

Sam: Hannah is now picking Grier up. Blue with another Irish whip, Grier’s coming back and Blue with a missile dropkick!!! Right on target, couldn’t have done better myself.

Sonya: [rolling her eyes] Yeah right, Sam…There’s another cover.

Ref: 1… 2… NO!

Ed: Maggie starts the crowd chanting for Hannah…

[The crowd goes to its feet as they begin chanting Double A]

Sonya: In the ring, Blue has gone to the top rope again… and comes down with a Skytwister Press… but Grier gets her knees up and Blue is in a lot of pain now.

Sam: Grier is up and nails Blue with a series of rights and lefts… and Irish whips Blue… CLOTHESLINE by Grier and Blue is down! Grier pulls Blue up again…

Sonya: Another Irish whip… Blue with a springboard… and NAILS Grier with a dropkick to the face! Cover by Hannah Blue…

Ref: 1… 2… 3!!! [The ref moves over as Hannah stands and raises the Midnight Angel’s hand as the winner]


Ed: Hannah Blue wins this match! She’ll be facing Sarah Summers in two weeks for a chance at the title.

[Hannah falls to her knees, holding her head in her hands, overjoyed that she has managed to secure herself a shot at the NAH title. Maggie climbs into the ring as her friend stands and gives her a huge hug before raising Hannah’s hand to the cheering throng]

Sonya: Jen rolls out of the ring, looking dejected. She’s standing outside the ring, looking on as Hannah and Maggie celebrate, shaking her head.

Ed: Hey, that’s my specialty…I mend broken hearts. I’ll be her handyman!

Sonya: What about Rachel? Hmmm?

Sam: Rachel? She’s not here right now so when the cat’s away….

Sonya: [quickly interjecting] The RAT will play.

Sam: Exactly! [a smug look on his face which quickly changes] Did you mean something in particular by that comment?

Sonya: [simply laughs which causes Sam to turn to Ed]

Sam: Do you think she meant something in particular by that comment?

Ed: The Angel Fire Alliance are leaving the ring….wait! Jen Grier is coming up behind them with a chair, trying to hit Hannah Blue with the chair. Maggie gets between them and it looks like she’s trying to talk some sense into Jennifer.

Sonya: Jen’s lowering the chair and Maggie is turning away from her to talk to Hannah….

Sam: And she takes a nasty blow to the back for all her trouble. Like I said before, I used to think Maggie was cute…but it’s obvious the girl’s got no brains. Grier’s up for another shot when someone comes out of the crowd!!!

Ed: It’s the NAH champion “Ultima” Sarah Summers! She’s behind Grier grabbing the chair and Grier tries bringing it down for another blow.

Sonya: Jen whips around, fury in her eyes as she looks at Sarah. It’s a stare down between the two. Maggie is back on her feet, she’s got a hold of Hannah’s arms…it looks like she’s telling Hannah to let it go for now.

Ed: Hannah doesn’t look like she’s ready to let it go…but she’s nodding to Maggie and The Angel Fire Alliance is walking away, they’re leaving Sarah to deal with her one time friend.

Sonya: We’re going to a commercial break, we’ll be right back.

Sam: What? Now? This is just getting good!


Shelley: Welcome to your Crime Spree Update. We will be coming to you LIVE on PPV on May 15th, 1999, when WISE brings you “Crime Spree: Justifiable Homicide”. I’ll tell you now that the lineup for Crime Spree is now complete, with the exception of a few more names for Caged Fury. Here’s the run down:

The MAIN EVENT for this hardcore event, will be a “Queen of the Hill” Cage match for the WISE Universal Championship. Bloody Mary will be the challenger in that event, taking on current champion, Sierra Browne, or whoever else may be champion when May 15th rolls around. The rules of the match are as follows: The wrestlers will start out inside the double-ring enclosed cage. This means the only way out is through the door. Above the ring, the WISE Universal Title will be hanging. The two wrestlers must fight their way outside of the cage, and climb the cage to the top where they can retrieve the belt. That person will be the WISE Universal Champion.

We will have a “Parking Lot, Coal Miner’s Glove, Scavenger Hunt” match. A 20′ by 20′ section of the parking lot will be blocked off with automobiles of all shapes and sizes. Inside one of these vehicles will be the Coal Miner’s Glove. The object is to find the glove and KO your opponent. I’m told that no pinfalls will count until after the glove is found. Rachel Edwards will be defending her Lightweight title against Hannah Blue in this match. You saw Blue pin Edwards last week on the Catfight in an unscheduled matchup.

Also on the card we will see “Caged Fury”. Let’s go over the rules for that particular match.

1) Two rings are set up side by side, and a steel cage surrounds the entire setup. There is about a 4 foot way around the ring so you can be out of the ring, and still be inside the cage.

2) Participating wrestlers draw numbers and they will enter the ring in consecutive order by their chosen numbers. The wrestlers who draw numbers one and two must enter the cage first. They’ll battle for a five-minute interval. After that five-minute interval, a buzzer will sound and number 3 will enter the cage, and every two minutes thereafter, another wrestler will enter the cage.

3) Until all involved wrestlers enter the cage, there can be /no/ eliminations. Once all have entered the cage, then the elimination process can begin. Pinfall, submission or referee’s decision will determine an elimination.

4) The winner is the last person in the cage, and that winner will receive a shot at the WISE Champion during the August PPV, “Founder’s Day Tradition.”

Here are the names drawn so far for “Caged Fury”. Those names are:

Miko Azai The Corporal Neko Daisuke Stephani Weathers Lady Luck Brittany Yorke Rose Knight Jennifer Grier Micki Duran Arielle Starr Mystique Siren Marissa Monet replaces Medusa Rage and just announced, Jennifer Dial makes her return to WISE inside Caged Fury.

The North American Heritage Championship will be on the line in a “Rolling Casket” match. This match will be decided by the competitor who puts their opponent into a casket and rolls the casket out of the arena doors. As you saw at the top of the show, new NAH Champion, Sarah Summers will be taking on Andrea Chandler.

Shumira Kishiro will be taking on Heidi Leick in a rematch for the Extreme Television Championship. However, this match will take place inside a house, this it’s being call the ‘In Your House’ match.

That’s the lineup. In two weeks, we’ll have the remainder of the names for Caged Fury announced, so stay tuned for our main event, coming up NEXT!

Ed: What a line up for Crime Spree! Sonya Blade is in the ring for a special interview.

[The ring clear and the fans are in a near frenzy waiting for the next match. Then quietly Sonya Blade walks to center ring with a mic in hand. She slowly raises it to her mouth and begins]

Sonya Blade: [seriously] Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been nearly 4 months since we’ve seen my guest tonight. She’s one of those unique superstars that bring back the memories of those “Good Old Days” in the GDWA. Now she’s returned so let me say it first…. WELCOME BACK “BURNING CHERRY BLOSSOM” REKKA SAKURA!!


[The Arena ERUPTS into cheers at the just the sound of the name. The first notes of Ryokoo Takahashi’s “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” play and slowly Rekka Sakura steps out from behind the rampway curtain. The fans get louder upon seeing her. Rekka looks over the arena with a serious face. Dressed in red sweatpants and a white t-shirt she bows respectfully. The arena eats it up!! Slowly she walks to the ring, greeting the sea of hands before her, grasping them, shaking them. Finally she climbs upon the ring apron and steps through the ropes. Raising her right hand she waves with a smile to the fans who cheer her name mouthing silently “Domo…. domo…”]

Sonya: [smiling as Rekka shakes her hand warmly] Rekka let me…

[Sonya is cut off as the crowd, seemingly altogether chant]


Sonya: [blown away, but still smiling] Rekka it’s been awhile since we’ve seen you here. Four months have passed and the question that has to be asked is…. where have you been?

[Rekka nods slowly as the question is asked. Sonya holds the mic to Rekka’s mouth as she waits a response. Rekka closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, ready to speak. Her slowly open]

Rekka: [calmly, evenly…. almost serenely] First let em say….. [flashes a bright smile] IT’S GOOD TO BE HOME!! [The arena erupts once again as Rekka smiles and nods clapping her hands] You know Sonya Things change…. The Grand Dragon lives in my heart to this day, the spirit of the Grand Dragon beats within my breast. I know that change has taken the name of the Grand Dragon away but the soul of the Grand Dragon is in the body, heart and soul of ever y woman that ever competed there. WISE or not…. THE GRAND DRAGON LIVES!!

Arena Fans: GDWA!! GDWA!! GDWA!!

Rekka: [raising both her hands to quiet the crowd down] Now as to where I’ve been…. I took time off, I NEEDED time off. My back was a wreck, my neck was still in bad shape and my body as a while told me simply “GIVE IT A REST!!”. Well my body is just fine now and it’s time for this “Burning Cherry Blossom” to do what she does best…. WRESTLE!!

[The arena is still erupting, the chant for Rekka’s names goes on while others simply scream their lungs out]

Sonya Blade: Rekka you obviously feel very deeply about the old Grand Dragon which makes me wonder…. are there any old debts that need to paid?

Rekka: [pausing for a moment as she ponders the question. Finally a thin smile cracks her lips] Well looking over the roster I see many old friends and even more old foes. I see a woman I respect…. that’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T…. is the Universal Champion. I see Bloody Mary, I see that old “Rich Bitch” is still here and I see one of the people who wrecked my neck is back still being a nuisance. Am I gunning for any of them directly? [smiles as she shakes her head] Not particularly. No, I’m after EVERYONE!! From the bottom of the ratings all the way to Sierra Browne…. Rekka Sakura is after them all…. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!!

Sonya: [trying her best to speak over the still cheering fans] Well Rekka What about the other Dragon you cherish? Can we expect to see a New Dragon Trio?

Rekka: [taking the mic gently yet gripping tightly] The Dragon Trio never dies Sonya. Whether it’s just one of us in WISE or all 3 of us together, our spirits are united as one. Will there be a new Dragon Trio? [shrugs] Maybe…

Sonya Blade: [smiling wryly] OK…. then what about your first match back? Is there anyone you’d like to get it on with?

Rekka: Sonya, I live for the ring. I live to wrestle. Now I’m not going to be stupid and gun for the top spot right off the bat. If anyone remembers Rekka Sakura they’ll remember that she earned her ranking and reputation through hard work, hard wrestling and hard fought wins and even some hard fought losses. Now that I’m back it looks like the odds are stacked against me to succeed and I have to start from scratch again. Well you know what Sonya?

Sonya: What?

Rekka: [flashing her “come and get it smile”] That’s just fine with me!! 3 years ago no one, Not Denmark Vessey, not Sam Mutt…. heck not even you [looks right at Sonya] Thought I could survive in this business. Well…. [Rekka hands the mic to Sonya and steps forward, arm stretched out to her sides, her neck and head held high as she looks to the fans, who respond in kind…]


Rekka: [grabbing the dropped mic] I HAVE SURVIVED [raises her right hand and points to the camera, a determined , angry finger points as Rekka speaks through gritted teeth] AND I’M STILL SURVIVING…. REKKA SAKURA IS STILL HERE!!


[Rekka pumps her fist with the cheering, a look of sheer determination, of iron will is plastered across her face]

Rekka: [voice lowered, though VERY serious] So anyone who wants to get in the ring with this “Burning Cherry Blossom” best be ready to get burned because when it is all said and done, when you’re trying to figure out what hit you…. Rekka Sakura will still be here ready as she always is to give you another fistful of…

[Rekka lifts the mic up and holds it out as he arena erupts all at once]


Sonya: Ladies and Gentlemen…. REKKA SAKURA!!

[Rekka drops the mic and mounts the turnbuckle both fists raised over head]

Rekka: [to the fans] UKE…

Fans: REKKA!!

Rekka: UKE…

Fans: REKKA!!

Rekka: IKUYO…


[and the beat goes on]


[In front of the WISE logo stand two people, Lisa Thomas and David Jones.]

Lisa Thomas: Maggie McGuire you put a fast victory on the “The Real One” but the bottom line is you didn’t get the job done. You rank in the top 10 in the GDWA! You think you floating on top but you isn’t! The fans know that Lisa Thomas can’t be stop.

DJ: You is un-stoppable.

LT: You know David! I already laid out Lady Luck, Ma Porter I forced her pansy ass out of the GDWA and now Maggie McGuire you is next! You can hide behind Hannah Blue all you want but the bottom line is that I’m carrying you down to Luscious Lane and you’ll be hit with the strengthness of The Real One!

[The arena lights dim, except for a single spotlight set on the form of Christine Donahue, who stands in the center of the ring.]

Christine: Colorado Springs, Colorado… it is now time for your TV main event. I’ve got only one question for you…. Are you ready to tear the house down?!?

[Crowd *pops* for Christine.]

Christine: I’m afraid I can’t hear you… I need some NOISE!

[The crowd gets louder…]

Christine: C’mon Colorado Springs… MAKE MY EARS BLEED!!

[The crowd is almost deafening, as Christine grins from ear to ear.]

Christine: Then LET’S GET IT ON!

[Fireworks explode above the audience, as they pop loudly.]


Christine: This match is your MAIN EVENT! It’s scheduled for one fall and is a special eight woman tag team event! Introducing first…

[“Smack My Bitch Up” by Prodigy begins to play across the arena as the crowd is a mixture of boos and cheers!]

Christine: Begins led down the aisle by The Kingpin… they weigh in at a total combined weight of 607 pounds… here are… “The British Bombshell” Brittany Yorke! “The Diamond Girl” Heidi Leick… “The LEGEND” Micki Duran… and “The Rich Bitch” Andrea Chandler… they are collectively known as… THE SYNDICATE!

[There is a loud heel pop as the quintet steps through the curtain. They pause at the top of the ramp and slowly make their way down. The Kingpin climbs the steps and holds the ring ropes open for his ladies, and then Brittany holds the ropes as the Kingpin steps into the ring. They conference a bit amongst themselves as the music fades out.] [Orff’s masterpiece from Carmen Burina “O Fortuna” begins to play, making the crowd scratch its collective head. As the symphony reaches its crescendo the curtains fly apart and out stride two very determined looking wrestlers…. Bloody Mary, in her long trench coat with Ana Conda, and Rose Knight, the most petite of the wrestlers. They walk halfway down the aisle and stop, turning back as their partner steps through the curtains…. DAISY BUTTERFLY!!! …. The crowd pops wildly now as the hero of the GDWA strides down and joins her comrades. The three wrestlers smirk at the Syndicate and the spotlight focuses right in on them as the arena goes dark. “O Fortuna” reaches its blistering climax the pyrotechnics go off…. the lasers flash and the curtains fly apart. The Show has begun as Sierra Browne strides out to meet her compatriots, the WISE championship belt over her shoulder. Dalbello and Indigo follow in tow. The crowd is absolutely amazed at the legends of the sport which have united to form this team. They are completely amazed. Suddenly the foursome charges the ring, sliding in and chaos ensues!]


Ed: The referee is calling for the bell, but this one is out of control already! Sierra Browne is all over Micki Duran in one of the corners… nailing her with chops and kicks.

Sam: Rose Knight and Brittany Yorke are hooking it up, as the Kingpin exits the ring at the referee’s warning! Brittany powering Rose into the corner and nails her with a series of forearm shots, but Rose finally ducking under and pulling Brittany into the corner and NAILS her with a spin kick.

Sonya: Bloody Mary with a hugs clothesline that sends Andrea Chandler out of the ring. And Daisy Butterfly hammering on Heidi Leick in the corner. One by one the Syndicate members bail from the ring until only the team of Mary, Sierra, Daisy and Rose are left in the ring. High fives all around and some deliberation as the referee is trying to get this match within bounds.

Ed: Brittany Yorke climbs up onto the ring apron and motions for the other team to step back. The other team moves to the apron as they leave Rose Knight in the ring. Brittany stepping into the ring and I think this match is underway finally.

Sam: I have no idea how that referee thinks he’s gonna keep control of this contest.

Sonya: Brittany locking up with Rose Knight and she uses her power to toss Rose into the corner. Brittany flexes for Rose and the crowd, showing off her physical features. Brittany reaches over and tags in Andrea.

Ed: Rose tags in Daisy and this crowd goes WILD! Andrea and Daisy meet in the center of the ring… they are exchanging a few unpleasantness. Hold on… Sierra in the ring behind Andrea… Andrea giving Daisy a bit of a push… and Daisy pushing back… and Andrea trips over Sierra falling on her back.

Sonya: Andrea is up quickly and runs right into a right shot from Daisy, then from Sierra… in comes Micki, Heidi and Brittany, and here comes Mary and Rose… and again this match has turned chaotic!

Ed: Referee slowing gaining control as team members are ejected from the ring one by one, until only Daisy and Andrea are in the ring. Daisy with an armbar on Andrea. She pulls Andrea towards her corner and tags in Bloody Mary. Mary is in and drops an elbow across the extended arm and Andrea is in pain.

Sam: Mary whips Andrea into the corner… and Mary in after her… mounting the second turnbuckle and beginning to rain right hands to Andrea’s head, as the fans chant on.

Sonya: Mary drops and clotheslines Andrea for good measure… and Andrea is DOWN! She rolls over and tags in Micki Duran and the fans begin a “Sierra” chant! Micki isn’t too thrilled with that. Mary striding over and slaps the hand of Sierra Browne to the delight of these fans!

Ed: Sierra comes in and mocks Micki, who doesn’t take that all too well. She comes after Sierra, who nails her with a kick to the midsection and goes for the Sierra Slice, but Micki maneuvers out of position.

Sam: Micki’s no dummy. She’s not going to get suckered in that easily. Micki takes a swing at Sierra who ducks and clotheslines Micki. She armbars Micki and tags in Rose…

Sonya: Rose climbs to the top and comes off, driving a knee into the extended arm. Rose takes over the armbar, as Sierra exits the ring. Rose quickly tags in Daisy… Daisy comes off the top with ANOTHER knee to the extended arm. Daisy taking over the arm… and she tags in MARY!

Sam: Oh no!

Ed: Mary off the top with a knee to the arm and Micki Duran is in a heck of a lot of pain right now. That arm is hanging limp and Bloody Mary twists the arm bar… and she tags back in Sierra Browne!

Sonya: Sierra in… she bounces off the ropes… and again off the ropes and DROPKICKS the extended arm! Micki going over to try and tag, but Sierra cuts her off.

Sam: Sierra with a whip… but Micki reverses it… AND BRITTANY pulls down the top rope and Sierra falls out of the ring, and the Syndicate goes on the attack! It’s 3 on 1 outside the ring… HEY!

Sonya: Here comes Rose and Mary and there’s a brawl on the outside of the ring! Daisy enters the ring and attacks Micki! Waitasecond…

Ed: What’s going on… someone has entered the ring with a chair… that’s…

Sam: What the hell is SHE doing here?!?

Sonya: That’s Erykah Draper!!!!

Ed: Micki is nursing her arm a bit, as Erykah is pointing to Daisy! She’s swinging that chair… and she NAILS MICKI DURAN!!!

[Crowd *pops*]

Sam: WHAT?!?

Sonya: Daisy locks in the Butterfly Deathlock!! Micki Duran is /out of it/! The referee is checking… he sees that Micki is unconscious and rings the bell!!


Ed: The Kingpin can’t believe this… we have a brawl on the outside… as the Kingpin reaches in and pulls out Micki… Daisy Butterfly is in the ring and is joined by Erykah Draper!

Sam: I can’t believe she’s here.

Sonya: Officials are trying to clear ringside… this whole place is chaotic!

[Fans whistle and holler as Draper and Butterfly hug. Fans stomp and clap so loudly that the arena begins to shake. Daisy hands away the microphone as Erykah purses her lips. She brushes her long black hair out of her face as ringsiders pop.]

Draper: For the 9 of you who don’t know…my name is ‘Painmaker’ Erykah Draper, and I’m a PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER!

[Fans chant: STABLE! STABLE! STABLE! as Daisy leans up against the ropes and chuckles.]

Draper: Syndicate!!…There’s a moral to this story, and I suggest you follow my example…if your gonna crash someone else’s party, you might as well make yourself right at home!

[Fans pop as Erykah Draper unfolds the steel chair & eases herself down into the seat. She takes her time, running her fingers through her hair as Daisy points to a fan in the stands.]

Draper: A week ago, Erykah Draper was relaxing at one of her homes in San Francisco, watching these boobs on the tube talk about Sports Entertainment. They talked about championships & greatness like the two had anything to do with one another…Micki, Andrea, championships don’t make wrestlers great!…Great wrestlers make great champions!…so if you are calling yourself a ‘Legend’ or an ‘Icon’ or a ‘Superstar’…you’re really not worth a damn if you ain’t out beating the best competitors in the world day in and day out!…and that’s why Daisy B. called me. She said “Erykah, we need you back in the business.” I said “First of all bitch, don’t ever call me collect again…”

[Daisy falls back laughing as Erykah smirks dryly. Erykah glances around ringside as she takes a deep breath.]

Draper: And I said to her, “secondly, what do I have to prove to anybody! I’m a 2 time WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.” And Daisy said to me, “Yes, you’ve worn the gold, and you did it all by yourself God Bless You…but what about the business. Look what’s happened to Women’s Wrestling lately…What about the Syndicate…?”

[Fans clap as Erykah Draper rises from her seat and kicks aside the steel chair. She heads toward Daisy Butterfly while nodding.]

Draper: And damn it, she’s right. What about the Syndicate! What about those damn cartoon characters who think this is Sports Entertainment…Daisy! [Points at her] Daisy, I’m -not- coming to the WISE to become your tag team partner…. and I’m -not- coming to the WISE to become your body guard…

[MAJOR POP as Daisy and Erykah slap hands in agreement. Erykah points toward the locker room as she frowns.]

Draper: …someone has to bring order back to the WISE …someone has to bring the sport back to professional wrestling…and someone has to ‘Bring the Pain’ to an arena near you!…so ladies and gentlemen of the Syndicate, if you mess around with us, there’s gonna be consequences & repercussions . . . the two of us aren’t here to run the show…WE _ARE_ THE MOTHA FUX’N SHOW!!!

[***MAJOR POP*** as Daisy snatches the microphone]

Daisy: Excuse me, Miss Draper…but I think it’s time I come clean with the fans. I don’t know if it’s Parkinson’s disease, or Lou Gehrig’s disease…[imitating Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech] I do feel lucky, though-though…

[Pop from the fans]

Daisy: But all day long, my hand has been bothering me…

[Daisy holds her hand up]

Daisy: And these two fingers just wanna curl in like this…

[BIG swelling POP as Daisy makes the “Dirty Pair” hand-signal and flashes it to the crowd. Daisy smiles at the MAJOR POP it gets]

Daisy: Dear God, Erykah…I think we’ve found it!

[Draper nods and flashes the hand-sign to the crowd, to another HUGE pop!]

Daisy: [addressing the crowd] Boys and girls…I want you to think very hard about this. I’m giving you an option today…an option that could very well change the face of professional wrestling forever. Something so wicked, I can’t be held responsible for what comes next. “Painmaker” Erykah Draper can’t be held responsible for what comes next…

[Daisy and Draper look at each other and nod]

Daisy: [addressing the crowd] Boys and girls…If you wanna see this new Dirty Pair, say “Yes Miss Daisy!”

[*H*U*G*E* “YES MISS DAISY!” POP!! Daisy acts blown away as Draper smiles wickedly]

Daisy: Well…that’s that, then. Lord have mercy. Unleash the hounds.

[“Superstition” plays on the PA as Daisy lobs the microphone into the crowd.]

Ed: We’ll see you in Philly! Good night everyone!

=============== [c]1999 WISE /Chandler Entertainment===============

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