Promos from The Syndicate, Bloody Mary, Mystique, Arielle Starr and more.

Previously on Tuesday Night Catfight

Sam:  Summers with a pick up and Irish whips Jen into the near buckle. Jen staggering out and Sarah Summers gets in behind her…

Ed:  and slaps on a Full Nelson!

[Fans all on their feet in expectation as Grier screams out in pain.]

Ed:  Jen reaching for the ropes.  She’s reaching!

Sam:  Too much weight.  Too strong. This is over.

Ed:  Jen is so ring conscious, she tags the ropes….and the ref forcing a break.

Sonya:  Sarah breaking and now a high kick into the midsection of Jen who falls into the ropes.  Summers with a drop toe hold and another Full Nelson!

[Fans pop as Sarah Summers tightens up the hold.]

Sam:  This is it.  This has got to be it.

Sonya:  Jen can’t reach the ropes this time.  The ref moving in.  He’s asking the question!  He’s asking the question!

Ed: Jennifer Grier is holding on!

Sam: But she’s fading out fast!  Referee raises the hand..  once.. twice.. three!  NO!


Christine: Winner of the match.. and NEW North American Heritage Champion.. “Ultima”.. Sarah Summers!

Ed: Referee is helping Jen out of the ring.. Sarah just looks at Jen with disdain and grabs the NAH title and kisses it, then holds it high for all the fans to see!

Jennifer Grier

[The scene opens up in a small gym.  From the looks of it, nobody has graced themselves with their presence in quite a while.  As the cameras pan the area, they notice dust covering pretty much everything, as cobwebs line the walls, corners, and much of the equipment.  The silence is interrupted as Jennifer Grier walks into the door, gymbag over her shoulder.  Jen sets the bag down, as she looks around.]

Grier: (sarcastically) Now, THIS is the way WISE hooks me up.

[Jen turns to her left, as she sees a rat scurry across the ground. Without flinching, she watches as it runs right past her, and into a crack in the walls.  Jen paces around, as she notices a desk, with a hand written note on it.  A close up on the note reads:

“My work here is done.  This very important document has been left for many years, awaiting the next true champion to set up, and take pride in the great sport of Ladies Wrestling.  Please read what I have written, for it is sure to be a historical moment when my news spreads around our glorious league.”

Jen begins to smirk as she reads on.  As she gets to the end, she shakes her head.]

Grier: Glory and honor in the glorious league, eh?

[Jen takes the paper, and shreds it into many small pieces as she puts her boot up on a weight machine.  As she puts her weight on it, it moves, making a large creaking sound.  As she takes her boot away from the old machine, she glares into the camera.]

Grier: Sarah, talk away.  You beat me, bitch.  Let’s hear it.

[Jen picks up her bag, and walks back to the desk, setting it down.]

Jennifer Grier

Grier: I’ve got no excuse… we all win some along without losses.  We all take the ‘glory and honor’ with the ‘agony of defeat’, right?

[Jen glares into the camera.]

Grier: Whatever.  Take your big ass out of my face, get your final ‘putdowns’ and “I-told-you-so’s” out of the way, and get on your merry little title holding way.

[Jen kicks the table in frustration.]

Grier: Who was *I* to think the WISE would allow me to hold a strap, eh? I’m ONLY the #2 contender for the title.. only the #2 contender for the Cruiserweight Title.  Only one of the cornerstones of the WISE, GDWA, and whatever you want to call it.

[Jen shakes her head.]

Grier: Honor.  Glory.  Personal sacrifice.  I had it all.. what a damn JOKE.

[Jen pulls a nearby telephone towards her, and begins to dial a number.]

Grier: I should have done this a long damn time ago…

[The scene fades as Jen begins to talk into the phone.]

Tuesday Night Tease

[Scene opens inside the WISE Tease Studio.. the announce trio sit chatting with each other, as the lights come up, they turn and look at the camera.]

Ed: Welcome to Tuesday Night Tease.. I’m Ed Bagel, along with my colleagues, Sam Mutt and Sonya Blade.  We’re counting down the weeks until the biggest hardcore PPV in history.  Crime Spree has been eagerly anticipated since it’s announcement and we’re only about 6 weeks away from this historic event.

Sam: I cannot wait to be back in my home town!  Visit my homies and check out the chicks!  I’m a hero there, ya know.

Sonya: Oh please.

Ed: Last Tuesday, history was made as we crowned a NEW North American Heritage Champion!  Sarah Summers defeated Jennifer Grier to win that prestigious championship!  She now goes into Crime Spree to face Andrea Chandler in a ‘Rolling Coffin’ match.

Sam: I still can’t believe that Heather would make cousin Andrea fight in a casket match!  She could at least show a /little/ favoritism towards her relative!

Sonya: I’m very impressed so far with Heather’s leadership abilities. It seems to run in the Chandler clan.  Heather has developed a following her in WISE and even some of the girls in the locker room have shown their respect to Heather.

Ed: While that may be true, someone who has yet to give respect to Heather Chandler is one, Daisy Butterfly!  She nearly took over the broadcast last week with a stunt that kept some fans out of the arena. Daisy challenged Heather’s leadership abilities and wants her to step down from leadership of WISE.

Sonya: I have been impressed with Daisy as of late, however, I can’t say that I’m happy with what happened last week.

Ed: Well, Heather didn’t back down at all.  She will be facing Daisy in a one on one debate next week at the Catfight.  This will be /very/ interesting.  Hold on.. I’m getting a message.. we are going live..

Bloody Mary

[Scene is Bloody Mary and Ana Conda leaving a courtroom with a male and female in business attire now entering a press room.  The male dressed in a dark gray suit, the female in a navy business suit, both of them holding attaché cases. Mary in a black suit with slacks and white blouse, Ana in a navy blue skirt and white blouse all stand behind a dais as the male who appears forty-ish, well-tanned, black hair begins to speak to the small room of reporters.]

Male: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.  I have a brief announcement on behalf of my client, Bloody Mary.  My name is Earl Collingsworth. This is my associate, Barbara Hampton.  We are lawyers representing Bloody Mary and Wild West Management.  Late this morning we filed for a suit and injunction in reference to the North American Heritage Championship Title principally against WISE, Women’s International Sports Entertainment wrestling promotion of which Bloody Mary belongs. We also named in our suit the following individuals, Heather Chandler, Daisy Butterfly, Andrea Chandler, Amanda Knight, Sarah Summers and Heidi Leick.  This suit has been filed contending that Bloody Mary IS the rightful title holder of the NAH Title.  In reviewing tapes, transcripts, and most importantly rules of the last few title defenses we feel Mary has a compelling case in that she was wrongfully denied the title after winning her match against Amanda Knight via a technical countout.  In only one of the past matches were there stipulations determining the match to be won by pinfall.  None of the other matches had any stipulation as to how the match be won. Bloody Mary was declared the winner of the match for the title.  The title was we feel, erroneously retained by Amanda Knight.  Mary won in good faith and the title should be hers.  Heather Chandler and the officials at WISE were remiss in allowing this decision to stand.  We demand the title be returned to Bloody Mary and if not then the injunction we filed this morning will prohibit any NAH Title defense including the Rolling Coffin match to take place at The Crime Spree PPV, May 15th till a settlement has been reached regarding Mary and the NAH Title.

Reporter: Asking a flurry of questions regarding why she filed suit, why is Andrea and Heidi named.  Why Sarah?

[Barbara Hampton, a woman appearing to be in her early to mid-thirties, beautiful face with high cheekbones, mild complexion, green eyes, brunette hair tied back in a bun, speaks.]

Barbara: The suit was filed as we said principally against WISE management with whom Heather Chandler is president.  Daisy Butterfly was named because of her actions as referee in a match that although didn’t involve Mary did set the tone for the dubious ownership of the title and Heather Chandler for upholding her decision.   Sarah and Amanda were named because of their match in naming a new titleholder for the belt after it was vacated. And Amanda again for holding onto the title in her match vs. Mary despite Mary being declared the winner.  Finally, Andrea and Heidi were named for Mary’s protection in claiming her rights to the title.  Mary feels that Andrea was the rightful owner of the title which her and Heidi may have devised the win against Sarah and Amanda but had the decision reversed.  It’s Andrea’s prerogative to file her own suit should she wish but that’s not our case or our concern.  I believe that concludes our announcement. Thank you for coming, we’ll keep you apprised as events occur.

[Reporters start asking Mary questions as Mary remains silent but stops before exiting and speaks.]

Bloody Mary: I know I usually end up speaking for myself but I think it’s prudent my lawyers do my talking for me.  I only want to add that it’s not my intention to hurt WISE or the fans with this and I hope its quickly resolved.  I only wanted to do what’s right and it’s stuck in my craw since Daisy reversed the decision against Andrea.  But that’s Andrea’s problem. It really bothered me when I won the match in good faith but was denied the title.  Nothing was stipulated as to how the title would change hands. We’ll see what WISE has to say before I lay any further comments or judgment. Thank you, bye!

[All leave as reporters continue to ask questions and take photos. Camera fades as the scene shifts back to the studio.]

Ed: What in the world?

Sam: A little ungrateful, isn’t she?

Sonya: Maybe she thinks what she’s doing is right, but I have a big problem with titles being decided outside the realm of wrestling. Titles should be determined in a wrestling match, not in a courtroom.

[All three jump as someone storms into the room. Spud McKenzie appears on the screen, dressed in a nice business suit.  He looks a little odd in it, and he also looks very pissed.]

Spud: I can’t believe she’s done this!  She names Heather in the suit, but that decision was mine and mine alone!  I’ll tell you what, I’m sick of all this crap. I’m sick of Mary and Andrea and Daisy and everyone!  Do you know how many times I was attacked as a ring announcer?  Do you?!?

[The three commentators lean back, not wanting to be in his way as he paces in front of the camera.]

Spud: Too many times!  I’m not a wrestler. I just announced the matches and now I just make matches!  Damn her!  *he stops and points at the camera* Damn /you/, Bloody Mary.  You can go to hell!

[Spud unties his tie and throws it to the ground.]

Spud: I hate this tie! I hate this coat! I hate these clothes! And I hate this job.  Ever since I was a kid, all I wanted was to be a wrestler, but I would never be big enough! So what do I get?  A thankless job announcing female wrestlers and I was DAMN good at it but the girls would abuse me and make me look like an idiot so when Heather offered me a position in the booking committee, I took it in an instant.  But this, this is TOO MUCH!  Forget it! I quit this [censored]] job.

[Spud storms out of the studio. All three commentators blink silently for a bit, and look at each other, but say nothing.]

Arielle Starr

[The scene opens at the Models Inc. gym. The room is brightly lit and the walls are littered with pictures of the women of Models Inc. There is a small wrestling ring in the center of the room as well as various pieces of exercise equipment. The camera focuses on “Alluring” Arielle Starr as she viciously attacks a punching bag with swift lefts and rights. The “Blonde Bombshell” wears a white, Nike sports bra and matching shorts, her fists covered by white tape. White socks and blue and white, Nike Air Max tennis shoes finish the look. Her long, blonde hair is tied in a ponytail that falls to the small of her back. Her flawless face is a mask of determination as she attacks the bag, her baby blue eyes ablaze. The camera moves behind her to show that a battered picture of Mystique is taped to the bag and is the focus of Arielle’s fury. Sweat glistens off of Arielle’s taut, sleek model’s body. But nothing disrupts her concentration as she feverishly attacks the bag.]

Arielle: (mumbling absently to herself) It’s nothing personal, Mystique. You were just unlucky. This could have happened to anyone. But it just so happened that you drew that unlucky number.

A voice from off-camera: Geez, how long have you been down here?

[The camera follows the voice and lands on the form of “Seductress” Savannah Blaze, one of Arielle’s fellow Models Inc. members. Savannah’s long red hair falls past her shoulder blades and she wears a formfitting, red cat suit that shows off her gorgeous body. She enters the gym and folds her arms across her chest, staring at Arielle.]

Arielle: (Her concentration never wavering from the bag) At least three hours now. Why?

[Savannah sits down on a nearby bench and crosses her long, shapely legs.]

Savannah: Just curious.

[Arielle stops her exercise and looks over at her friend. Arielle breathes heavily as sweat falls from her forehead. A few stray wisps of blonde hair frame her beautiful face. Savannah makes a face and throws a nearby towel to Arielle. Arielle catches it and proceeds to wipe the sweat from her face.]

Savannah: Here. You look icky. (Arielle just smiles and shakes her head.) I don’t get it. All of this training for some no-name.

Arielle: (still wiping her face) Mystique is not a no-name. And I’m not taking her lightly. Or any of the girls in WISE for that matter. Oh, I’ll beat her. But it will be through hard work and determination.

Savannah: (rolls her eyes) Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. So sayeth Saint Arielle.

[Arielle smiles at her friend and throws the towel at Savannah, barely missing her head.]

Arielle: I’m serious. The competition is pretty stiff and I have to be prepared.

Savannah: I know, I know. I was just joking. So, I hear that you will be at their PPV.

Arielle: (putting her hands on her hips) I’ll be in some match called Caged Fury. The winner gets a shot at the Universal title, held by one Sierra Browne.

Savannah: (her eyes grow wide) The same Sierra from the OLW?

Arielle: The one and only. This match sounds pretty wild but it shouldn’t be a problem. I handled myself pretty well in the Royal Rumble at Amazons and Angels. This match shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. The rules are just a little different.

Savannah: (a playful gleam in her green eyes) Didn’t you lose the Royal Rumble?

Arielle: (sticks out her tongue and takes a playful swipe at Savannah) Ha, ha. Very funny. You’re a regular Roseanne, with the body to match. (Savannah shoots Arielle a dirty look.) But seriously, I think this match is a great opportunity to get my name out there. Get the fans to notice Arielle Starr. And besides that, I’ll get a crack at Ms. Browne and take that lovely, Universal title from around her waist. I’m sure that she’s just looking for the right woman to take that heavy thing off of her hands.

Savannah: So who do you think is gonna take the PPV?

Arielle: Well, this new wrestler is going to win Caged Fury. Her name is Arielle Starr and she’s just fantastic. (Savannah rolls her eyes and Arielle smiles.)

Savannah: And don’t forget that she’s really, really modest.

Arielle: But seriously, I haven’t been here that long and I don’t really know these other girls too well so I can’t make any predictions. I’m still learning who’s who and what’s what.

Savannah: Fair enough. (Stands up and looks Arielle over.) Come on, let’s get you changed and out of those sweaty clothes. We are going shopping.

Arielle: (Her eyes growing wide, excitement in her voice) Why didn’t you say so before? Where are we going? Versace? Klein? Guess?

Savannah: None of the above. We’re going to the beach and we are going on a man hunt. John-Paul is out of town and I need a date for tonight.

Arielle: You are too much.

[Arielle smiles and shakes her head as she allows her fellow model to grab her by the hand and lead her out of the door, as the camera fades to black.]

Ed: Arielle Starr set to debut this week against Mystique, both who will be participating in Caged Fury at Crime Spree.

[Ed turns and looks at Sam and Sonya, who look a little down.]

Ed: Nothing to add?

Sam: I miss Spud already.

Sonya: He was a really good guy.  Nice family.  This is really a sad, sad shame.

Ed: Regardless, we do have a Tease to narrate. Are you going to join me?

[Sam stands.]

Sam: I think I’m going to take the day off. I really don’t feel up to doing this now.

[Sonya stands as well.]

Sonya: I think I’ll join you, Sam.  Maybe we can talk Spud into staying if we can catch up to him.

[Ed just sits there as the two leave him there alone.]

Ed: [censored.]

Rekka Sakura

[Open camera shot… the screen is pitch black. nothing is visible. Suddenly scaling backwards away from the viewer a word appears.]


[The shot changes to a shot of Rekka Sakura standing behind the old GDWA logo.  The look on her face is pure anger as she violently points a finger to the camera.]


[The screen goes black as the next word flashes on screen and pulls away.]


[The shot changes again. Rekka Sakura dives through the ropes at Miko Azai.  The shot changes again as Rekka planchas onto Micki Duran.  The shot switches for a last time as it shows Rekka hit her Russian legsweep/standing moonsault two hit combo.  Finally the screen goes black once more as the next word flashes by.]


[Shot is from 9/97 from Rekka’s first match with Micki Duran.  Duran is trapped in a Royal Octopus, just inches away from the ropes as Rekka pulls the hold tighter.]


[The image changes to Rekka Sakura standing before a wall with the WISE logo emblazoned on it.  Her arm are folded.  Her head facing the camera with the most serious of looks.]

Rekka: [evenly, calmly] One cannot live through past glories and fading memories.  One must evolve, ne? [Rekka closes her eyes for moment, in a state of thought.  She nods her head slowly as the eyes come open] The GDWA… they, the fans… they remember me.  [a thin smile parts her lips as she speaks again] They, the competition they definitely remember me… some even respected me.  [Rekka nods, her serious tone unchanging despite her thin sardonic smile] The Grand Dragon was like home to me. Great names… great memories… great battles… [Raises her right fist and nods] everything that makes puroresu great!! [Raises the fist and opens her hand] a fading memory comes home… GDWA… WISE… the name change is merely cosmetic.  I see the names, [the thin smile remains as he shakes her head] many names are familiar.  Names like [counts off the names with her right hand fingers] Chandler, Rage, Butterfly [her smile fades after that name, remembering a sense of betrayal… of innocence lost] Azai and Browne [the smile returns slightly.  Remembrance of what may have been her greatest match that she never won] memories that live inside me that I will never forget [pauses as she shuts her eyes, nodding yet again] yet must be put aside for the future.  [raises her head, eyes looking at the camera] the future of the new names… the ones I have yet to meet, the ones I have yet to face, the ones who have yet to make history and the ones who make it even as I speak.  This sport, this wrestling, this puroresu to me… is my life’s blood… thus I return to the bosom that helped shape me… I return to GDWA… I return to WISE… I return to the fans… I return… Rekka Sakura “The Burning Cherry Blossom”, the inheritor of the mantle of the “Fire Ninja” [a genuine smile comes across her face with that comment…] will burn brighter and hotter than ever before!! All my heart is for this wrestling… all my love for the fans… Rekka Sakura is back and soon the battle cry will be heard… [her face is beaming with a smile as she raises her fist to the camera] the battle cry of… [Rekka raises the fist into the air and lets out the jubilant cry] WILDFIRE!!

[Fade out on Rekka Sakura, her arms folded once more but her face… a mask of pure delight and joy… SHE IS BACK!!] [We come back to the studio, joining Ed is interviewer and talent scout for WISE, Shelley Marks.]

Ed: Shelly Marks has joined me in the absence of Sam and Sonya.  Any comments about the return of Rekka Sakura?

Shelley: I’ve been a student of the game of wrestling for years, and I’ll tell you what.  Rekka Sakura was one talent that was destined for a World Championship, but she faded away and now we have her returning. She appears to be fired up, but is she /really/ fired up or is she chasing a dream and will elude her forever?  I guess time will only tell.

Ed: We’re up for a Crime Spree update.

Crime Spree: Justifiable Homicide Update

Shelley: Welcome to your Crime Spree Update.  We will be coming to you LIVE on PPV on May 15th, 1999, when WISE brings you “Crime Spree: Justifiable Homicide”.  I’ll tell you now that the lineup for Crime Spree is now complete, with the exception of a few more names for Caged Fury.  Here’s the run down:

The MAIN EVENT for this hardcore event, will be a “Queen of the Hill” Cage match for the WISE Universal Championship.   Bloody Mary will be the challenger in that event, taking on current champion, Sierra Browne, or whoever else may be champion when May 15th rolls around.  The rules of the match are as follows:  The wrestlers will start out inside the double-ring enclosed cage.  This means the only way out is through the door.  Above the ring, the WISE Universal Title will be hanging.  The two wrestlers must fight their way outside of the cage, and climb the cage to the top where they can retrieve the belt.  That person will be the WISE Universal Champion.

We will have a “Parking Lot, Coal Miner’s Glove, Scavenger Hunt” match. A 20′ by 20′ section of the parking lot will be blocked off with automobiles of all shapes and sizes.  Inside one of these vehicles will be the Coal Miner’s Glove.  The object is to find the glove and KO your opponent.  I’m told that no pinfalls will count until after the glove is found.  Rachel Edwards will be defending her Lightweight title against Hannah Blue in this match.  You saw Blue pin Edwards last week on the Catfight in an unscheduled matchup.

Also on the card we will see “Caged Fury”.  Let’s go over the rules for that particular match.

1) Two rings are set up side by side, and a steel cage surrounds the entire setup.  There is about a 4 foot way around the ring so you can be out of the ring, and still be inside the cage.

2) Participating wrestlers draw numbers and they will enter the ring in consecutive order by their chosen numbers.  The wrestlers who draw numbers one and two must enter the cage first.  They’ll battle for a five-minute interval.  After that five-minute interval, a buzzer will sound and number 3 will enter the cage, and every two minutes thereafter, another wrestler will enter the cage.

3) Until all involved wrestlers enter the cage, there can be /no/ eliminations.  Once all have entered the cage, then the elimination process can begin.  Pinfall, submission or referee’s decision will determine an elimination.

4) The winner is the last person in the cage, and that winner will receive a shot at the WISE Champion during the August PPV, “Founder’s Day Tradition.”

We now have ten names drawn so far for “Caged Fury”.  Those names are:

Miko Azai

The Corporal

Neko Daisuke

Stephani Weathers

Lady Luck

Medusa Rage

Brittany Yorke

Rose Knight

Jennifer Grier

Micki Duran

Arielle Starr



and Pandora

The North American Heritage Championship has recently been vacated by the championship committee, however that title will be on the line in a “Rolling Casket” match.  This match will be decided by the competitor who puts their opponent into a casket and rolls the casket out of the arena doors.  As you saw at the top of the show, new NAH Champion, Sarah Summers will be taking on Andrea Chandler.

And Heather Chandler made /this/ incredible announcement regarding the Extreme TV Championship.  Shumira Kishiro will be taking on Heidi Leick in a rematch for that particular title.  However, this match will take place inside a house, this it’s being call the ‘In Your House’ match.

We’ll have more announcements for participants into Caged Fury next week during the Catfight.  Let’s hear from some of the major players to be part of Crime Spree, I’m referring to the Triple Threat.

The Syndicate

[Andrea Chandler, Micki Duran, and Brittany Yorke stand in a streamer-decorated room in her mansion, with multi-colored balloons festively strewn around them.  They stand a bit back from a closed doorway, Micki with her arms folded rather angrily.]

Micki:  You sure we’ve got to do this?

Andrea:  Absolutely!  When someone wins an award of this magnitude, the event should be properly commemorated.

Micki:  All we need is the kid getting a big head.

Brittany:  Well, I enjoy a good party.  I threw some -famous- socials back home.  Daddy didn’t approve, of course, but he’s just an old stick in the mud.

Andrea:  [Handing them bags of rice.]  Okay, everyone!  Places!

[Micki rolls her eyes, and moves to one side of the door, and Andrea and Brittany move opposite her.  A moment of silence ensues, after which “Pomp and Circumstance” begins to play; the door opens, and walking in is “Diamond Girl” Heidi Leick, clad in an elegant white evening gown, a bejeweled tiara on her blonde mane, and a ribbon reading “MISS RSPW-F 1998” wrapped around her.  A bouquet of roses is cradled in her arms. She smiles and moves into the room as they shower her with rice, Micki participating with little enthusiasm.  Heidi does the pageant-style “elbow-elbow-wrist-wrist” wave at them as she moves into their midst. The music slowly fades, and the girls applaud.]

Andrea:  Congratulations to our very own Diamond Girl, and winner of the RSPW-F award for best female wrestler of 1998!  The one and only Heidi Leick!

Micki:  Please.  That thing’s just a [censored]ing popularity contest.

Andrea:  Of course it is!  She’s been recognized by her peers, and it’s quite an achievement.

Brittany:  Wasn’t she a co-winner?  I thought some person named “Jessica Starbird” also won.

Andrea:  Starbird?  That two-bit flake must have stuffed the ballot box. My baby sister Alison beat her like she stole something from us.  [She hugs Heidi.]  Well, I think it’s time we heard from our winner.  Speech! Speech!

[Heidi giggles shyly, then turns to face the camera.]

Heidi:  Aww… all this.. for lil ol’ me? You girls ~shouldn’t~ have…Well.. I have One thing to say.. *smiles and looks around* ~It’s~ ~about~ ~damn~ ~time~.. *smiles evilly*  Well.. maybe I have ~more~ than just ~one~ thing to say.. I’d like to thank all the little people that made this possible!.. You know.. All my ~devoted~ fans..  the ~LEICKaHolics~.. *giggles and grins* Without all my  Leickaholics~.. you all know who you are.. there’s ~WAY~ too many to name in this short acceptance speech..  Leick I was saying.. Without all my Leick-a-holics… none of this would be possible… *holds up the trophy*  I mean.. The RSPW-F Award for # 1 Woman Wrestler of the Year.. Who woulda thought?.. Well , I mean.. ~I~ woulda thought so.. and all my ~fans~ woulda thought so.. so I guess I was just the ~logical~ ~unanimous~ choice!  The PEOPLE’S Choice.. I mean.. even ~I~ have to face it.. watching me on Tuesday Night Leick~fight is addictive! So me being # 1.. was just…inevitable.   Andrea:  And what do you have to say to the runners-up, like, oh, Sierra Browne?   Heidi:   She was a runner up? Oh, wait..  you are right, as always Andrea…she was.. *ponders for a second *  I do recall, that ~Sierra~ the Whole F’n Show .. NOT.. came in not second.. not third.. not even fourth…  but a measly 5th..  *holds up all five fingers* .. Now, I could go through all FIVE again, ’til I got to number One.. but Sierra would just say that ~that~ was her idea again..  when I used it in FWF and ASW long ago..  so lets skip to the chase.. I’m number ONE *holds up her middle finger*  and you’re NOT.. *looks at her middle finger* Oh, how ~uncouth~ of me..  *laughs evilly as she tucks her middle finger back in her fist* Sierra.. you can’t beat me in the awards show..  even in your ~scientific ~ match.. you couldn’t beat me without help, Hell, you can’t beat me in a ~fair~ fight in the ring, or…  ~out~ of it.. *smiles viciously*  You can’t beat ~any~ one of these women I’m here in the room with.. you’re a disgrace.. a farce.. a paper champion who’s time has come to an end.. and Sierra… Leick it or not… It’s true.. we all know it.. and Leick it or not.. *giggles*  ~I~ know you’re a member of Leick~a~holics Anonymous… You can’t get enough of me Sierra… and I’ll make sure you get all of me, and the rest of my friends you can handle.. and ~more~.. Before, during and after… Crime Spree.

[The girls clap as Heidi smiles.  Just as they finish, the Kingpin strides through the door.  They turn to look at him as he crosses his broad arms. It is quite obvious that this is not the Kingpin of old. He is in the best shape he’s been in a long time, and looks as though he could step in the ring and do some damage once more.]

Kingpin: What in the hell is goin’ on here?  I’m gone for three months, and this is the bull[censored] I come back to?! You’re supposed to be training for that 8-woman match!  (Looks Heidi up and down.) Damn, girl!  You some kind of psycho prom queen or something?

Heidi: Well , isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black… Hmm?

Andrea: [Intervening]  Not at all, King!  Heidi just won a prestigious award, and I wanted to show her that the Syndicate takes care of its own.

Kingpin:  Uh-huh.  Well, you got thirty minutes for this [censored]ing [censored] and then it’s back to the damn gym.  Now where’s the cake?

Andrea:  [She nods toward a table.]  Right there!

[The Kingpin walks over and cuts off a corner piece, and pours a cup of punch.  The others get in line as he starts dispensing chow.]

Kingpin:  I see y’all even brought the cameras to this little suare. Wonderful. So while y’all are all standing around bonding and [censored], let me hear how you ladies are gonna deal with that 8-woman tag match. ‘Dre, you got Medusa?

Andrea:  Of course!  You know, it’s funny how someone who claims she’s through with me and has no further need to fight with me spends the bulk of her time attempting to run me down.  If she hadn’t been such a piss-poor champion, maybe she wouldn’t have such a chip on her shoulder.  [She takes a piece of cake, and starts digging in with a fork.]  Y’know, I’ve always said she isn’t that smart, and she tends to prove it in interviews.  For instance, she likes to point out that I never beat her.  But what’s the flip side of that?

Brittany:  That she never beat *you*, of course!

Andrea:  Exactly!  The best she can say is that our matches were a wash. [She shrugs.]  Whatever the case, she may claim to be through with me, but don’t be surprised if she makes a beeline for me at first opportunity.   Micki:  That pitiful ass trick. Lookin’ like a damn chemo patient with that “the bald and the beautiful” [censored]. Bitch, please.   Andrea:  Well, I think I speak for everybody here when I say that “Medusa” and “beautiful” just aren’t words that belong together.  [They laugh.] Frankly, I’m looking forward to locking up with her again.  She won’t sign my open contracts, so I have to wait for these kinds of opportunities.

Kingpin: That old dreadlocked Clydesdale’s been after a piece of Britt’s ass lately, too. She got you scared?

Brittany:  Oh, now -that’s- a good one.  Me afraid of that classless reprobate?  I think not!  I was born better, I was reared better, and in the final analysis, I’m just better period.  She and her entire family, including that cockney twit Godiva, are just more genetic drift.  [Britt turns deadly serious.]  She thinks that I’m just the “new kid on the block,” that I’m going to be easy prey because she believes I don’t have the same “stroke” in WISE that she has.  Well, I’ve got news for you: this sport isn’t about tenure, Rage.  It’s about getting it done inside a ring. And I may not lack a sense of humor like you do, but I don’t lack intensity, and obviously you wish to discover this for yourself. That’s fine.  I’ll flatten you and that ghastly bald head of yours and then we’ll see who’s more intense.

Kingpin: [He eyeballs Heidi carefully, still fully remembering their last encounter… where he maced her before she could stick him with a chairshot.]  Heidi, I want to hear you represent. You may be in with us, but you’ve still got something to prove — to ME.  Tell me what happens when you get in there with, say, Bloody Mary.

Heidi: Oh Kingy.. You need to calm down,  sit back and relax while ~I~ have my say..  See.. you’ve been away for ~quite~ a while.. and I’ve got ~all~ the little details like these things taken care of.. *giggles* Mary Mary, quite contrary… Maybe I gave her some cold cash, and Dusa and Rose have to be wary..  Speaking of Mary.. *stares evilly into the camera* IS it cash.. or is she bought off like only ~I~ know she can be? Hmm? Would Mary ~risk~ being injured, just a month before her last shot at the Universal Title for a long time? Hmmm? Medusa and Rose have to ask themselves that.. as for me.. I ~know~ the answer.. and I’m not telling.. Either way.. Mary’s going to hold up her end of the bargain.. ~if~ she wants ~me~ to hold up ~my~ end.. *smiles evilly* at Crime Spree… Mary’s always ~dreamed~ of being ~my~ friend.. Siding with me.. She’s got her chance.. Mary.. you want that title.. well.. you know what ~I~ want…  anyway.. you don’t have to worry about Mary… Like the movie was titled , I know there’s ~”Something~ about ~Mary”~ that everyone wants to know about..  could she be the Biggest Leick~a~holic in history? *smiles*  Is she bought off? I mean..  maybe we’ll leave her alone if she ~walks~ away.. maybe I’ll help ~make~ her the champion at Crime Spree if she just leaves Dusa and Rose… Or am I just bluffing? Only I and Mary know.. and no one else gets to find out… until the Catfight.. Why? cause I’m the Diamond Girl Heidi Leick.. that’s why.. and Diamonds.. just Leick me ..  are forever!!.. *flashes the Triple Threat sign*

Kingpin: Hmm….we gotta work on that Triple Threat thing…

Micki: [Shrugs.] No big deal. [censored] just gotta be that way sometimes, you know?

Kingpin: What way?

Micki:  Well, think about this: Medusa. Beat Her. Mary. Never fought her, but know her dry ass schtick inside and out. Rose Knight? Please. I took on Medusa with 104 degree fever and almost beat her. You think I’m worried about THIS little bitch? The only thing they got goin’ for them is this “Wild Card,” and I’ll tell you what: you ain’t seen how wild a card can be. Study my old matches. Think you got me figured out. I’m gonna come out, attack the legs, try to hit the figure four, right? Take you to the mat and work you over.  (Nods.) Mmm-hmm. You just keep believing that. You ain’t seen [censored] from Micki Duran like you’re gonna see come Colorado Springs. I’m gonna drag these trick ass tramps from Pueblo to Greeley, down through Boulder, across the Turnpike into downtown Denver, rake their asses over the foothills in Castle Rock, and stick ’em six feet under right in front of the Air Force Academy, side by side, and let them Focus on the Family of worms crawl in and out of their empty little heads. You hear them fans when Micki Duran hit the arena? You hear them chantin’ my name? I don’t hear that [censored] when Tall, Dark, and Scary hits the ring. Nobody’s chanting Mary’s name. And I see millions of signs that say, “Rose who?” So what do you think? Are they showing up to see some randomly thrown together collection of has-beens and never weres, or are they showing up to see what really is *STILL* the hottest ticket this joint has to offer? Let me spell it out for you: S-Y-N-D-I-C-A-T-E. Read ’em and weep, sisters.

Kingpin: So much for that “Syndicate is dead” bull[censored]. We’ll see you little bitches soon.

[The Kingpin strikes a pose, arms folded, as he is flanked by four gorgeous, extremely dangerous women. The Syndicate is DEFINITELY back in full effect.]

Shelley: So.. is it the Triple Threat, or the Syndicate?

Ed: Sounds like it’s the Syndicate returning to WISE.  And the Kingpin is back as well, and it looks like they are in full force and ready for next week’s 4 on 4 matchup against Medusa Rage, Rose Knight, Bloody Mary and an unnamed opponent.

Shelley: Do we have any idea who that may be?

Ed: With the number of new faces I’ve seen coming into the WISE offices this past week alone, who the hell knows?  I’ve been told that I’m not to say anything, but I can bet you that this next Catfight will be an incredible one.

Shelley: Speaking of surprises, what about Daisy Butterfly and Officer Order hooking up again?

Ed: Now, Daisy was very vague about that. She didn’t come out and say Officer Order, but, all the clues do lead there.

Shelley: Perhaps this next clip will answer all of our questions..


[Scene opens up to the San Francisco Bay Area skyline.  The bay bridge can be seen in the distance as dawn approaches.  The green of the Oakland hills waves in the distant west.  And the hood of a patrol car is just barely visible out of the corner of the camera lens.  ]

Voice:  Honestly, when you are a former WORLD Heavyweight Champion, there isn’t much that can lure you back into the sport…once you’ve retired, you become accustomed to a normal life.

[The woman is hidden; concealed by the awkward angle of the camera. The first ray of light peeks over the gray fog as the sound of mashed gravel is recorded by the microphone.  The woman is obviously pacing.]

Voice:  The din of thousands of fans remain with you even after you’ve hung up your boots….it’s difficult to give it all up, but once you do…what does a former World Champ have left to accomplish?  I’ve won all of the awards…rookie of the year, wrestler of the year… wrestled in other promotions… wrestled across seas and in Japan and all over the world…what’s left?

[The bulging fire raises itself high up into the sky.  It paces itself, calmly, yet radiates a might unparalleled in the great blue.]

Voice: what’s left?…The Syndicate. . .

[She stops pacing and settles atop the hood of the police car. Only a shoulder leans into the camera as her long black hair cascades down her back.]

Voice:  …The Syndicate…Yes, there’s one thing left…there’s business left unsettled…No Daisy, you won’t be alone. . . the “Bay Area’s Finest” is returning to the ring for the big dance, one more time!…and Colorado is a nice place to start.

[Morning has risen and the hills have come to life with the echo of the metropolitan hustle.  The car door opens as a gloved hand reaches into the gaze of the camera.]

Voice:  Micki… Andrea… (the gloved hand points now) don’t think  for a second we’re playing in the dark…this is the dawn of a new day…and if the pair of us have to get dirty…then we’ll do it…because someone has to bring order back to the WISE. . . so ladies of the Syndicate, if you mess around with us, theirs  gonna be consequences & repercussions. . . BELIEVE THAT!

[With that, the door slams and the motor fires up.  The camera fades as the patrol car fires off for the big city.]

Shelley: Now, you’re going to tell me that wasn’t Officer Order?

Ed: I think the surprise would be if it actually /was/ Officer Order.  I mean, how many times has this stunt been done in wrestling?  Tease the return of a great superstar, only to have it turn out to be someone else?  I’m not /that/ gullible.

Shelley: I’m still convinced it’s her.

Ed: Let’s hear from Mystique, who will try to get her first win here in WISE at the next Catfight.


TO: Andrea Chandler, Arielle Starr, Mimi Throne, and the participants in Caged Fury.

FROM: “The Best from the West” Westside Walavan and “The Mistress of Mystification” Mystique

[SCENE: A very lavishing hotel suite. Cameras zoom around and show the sunlight coming through the foyer window. The hotel room is divided into sections. Cameras show the bar part, or kitchen. Someone is bending down behind the wet bar part of it. They suddenly rise up and are holding two goblets, it’s shown to be none other than a true legend in wrestling, “The Best from the West” Westside Walavan. Westside Walavan is admiring the goblets and smiling. He is wearing a pair of khaki dress pants and a brown sweater vest over a cream colored shirt. His bald head seems to gleam with the reflection of goblet and he also has on a pair of black lace up boots.  Westside Walavan looks at the goblets once more and yells to someone in the other room…]


[Mystique suddenly runs into the view of the camera looking excited as is anything was that interesting. Mystique seems to be just out of the shower as her hair and body is covered in towels. She walks over to where Westside pulls two bottles of wine, one red and one white upon the counter. Westside laughs and begins to speak.]

Westside Walavan:  Ha…one of these wine bottles spoiled!

Mystique: [very displeased] Oh brother!

Westside Walavan:  What?!?!

Mystique: Never mind. [turns and notices camera] What federation is this guy from?

Westside Walavan:  He says he’s from the WISE.

Mystique: Oh yeh! Forgot about them. [turns back to camera] I bet you’re wondering why you haven’t heard from me yet about my upcoming match up with Arielle Starr huh?

Cameraman: That’s correct.

Mystique: Well…have a seat and I’ll spill my guts.

Cameraman: Yes ma’am.

[The cameraman acknowledges this and takes a seat on the plush sofa facing the bar. Mystique follows and takes a seat adjacent to the cameraman and sits down. She smiles and begins to speak.]

Mystique: I want you to know in advance… this isn’t a two way interview. I’m just going to speak and you’re gonna sit there and listen and occasionally nod or say “yes”…or…”no.” Hear me?

Cameraman: Not a problem ma’am.

Mystique: Good. Now, it seems that after my recent showing against Andrea Chandler, the WISE is finally taking notice of the type of competitor I am. They now see that I am among the very best in this league and they’re going to try to suck all they can from me. WAIT… before I continue… I’m gonna have to comment on my match with Andrea Chandler. To me, that was a blasphemy of justice. You see, I had that match won and because of that b*tch who was with Andrea Chandler, I lost the damn match. Well people, let me tell you something… That’s never going to happen again. I’m never going to make a mistake like that again that would make me lose such an important match. Andrea, trust me babe, I will get even with you inside the ring. Until I get my return match with you, you better have security around you where ever the hell you go! You may be near the top of the list when it comes to talent in this federation but I’m at the peak of that LIST! I’m the best thing this federation has going. I’m the most beautiful woman in this federation, I’m the strongest woman in this federation, I’m the smartest woman in this federation, and I sure as hell have the most ability out of anyone in this federation! When I finally get my chance at redemption against you…get ready to…




Mystique: Now, I really hate to say this but the same thing goes for you on April the 13th in Colorado Springs during the Catfight. I’m sorry doll but you made a HUGE mistake when you signed this match. If you really wanted to make your mark here in the WISE, you sure as hell should have waited UNTIL the high and anger I was getting from the Chandler match at least subsided. You see Arielle, I’m going to come into the Colorado Springs arena madder and more pumped up than a wet hen! You’ll be lucky if you even make it through the opening bell beating I’m going to give you. DAMN!!!

Westside Walavan:  [off in distance] What happened?

Cameraman: What’s wrong?

Mystique: I just remembered…I have to show respect towards Arielle Starr!

Cameraman: Why is that?

Westside Walavan:  Mystique showing respect?!?!

Mystique: You see…Arielle Starr…if you saw her interview on the last Catfight showed a lot of smarts for a young athlete and competitor. She showed respect towards her elder. She didn’t say one bad thing about me during that interview…and I give much love to her for that. Not many people have done that to me and that’s why I’ve lost twice in the Women’s Wrestling career. Once to the b*tch Andrea Chandler in a match I should have won and another match to the famous Miss Jasmine. I should have beaten her but because of technicality after technicality, I ended up losing that match. I’m getting a rematch at her in the VERY near future and believe you me, I’m not letting this opportunity go by. Arielle Starr, believe me, I have lots of respect for you and I’m going to watch out our whole match for you. I’m not letting you out of my sites for one second…that’s how much respect for your wrestling ability I have. I have a feeling that you’re one HELL of a wrestler so I can guarantee all of you that our match on Catfight if going to no doubt win in the WISE Poll for best match.

Westside Walavan:  [off in distance] Hey Mystique…after you’re done… send that guy over here. I got a few words for our Mimi Thorne.

Mystique: No problem Walavan! Now, where was I. Ah yes… Arielle Starr and I are going to be taking each other to the limit on Catfight and whoever wins this match… which will be me… is going to be setting themselves up for absolute super stardom here in the WISE. The other woman will still… most likely… make it big in the WISE but that person is going to have this match swarming over her head for her entire career here in the WISE. Because, when they look up at the rankings at the all great faces in the WISE roster, they will also see that name that beat them early on. Arielle… doll face… you may have all the talent in the world but that’s unfortunately still not going to be enough when you face me in the ring on the 13th. Good luck and may the best woman… which WILL be me…win…On April the 13th, in Colorado Springs, on Catfight…





Mystique: Now, go over to Westside and listen to him go on for a bit and then come back, got it?

Cameraman: No sweat.

[The cameraman gets up and walks over to Westside Walavan, who is still at the bar, trying to figure out which wine bottle has spoiled. Mystique laughs as Westside notices the camera and begins to speak as if nothing happened.]

Westside Walavan: I know I’m not currently enrolled in this federation so I’ll make it quick. Mimi Thorne… You offended me babe when you called me annoying. At least your client has taste enough for both of you… Thanks Arielle!

Mystique: [off in distance] HEY!

Westside Walavan: I mean!…Arielle…on the 13th…YOU’RE GOING DOWN!

Mystique: That’s better.

Westside Walavan: [gulp] As I was saying…Mimi…You better not plan on interfering in that match on Tuesday because I’m going to be watching Mystique’s back like a hawk. She’s my sister and I vowed to her after her match with Chandler when I wasn’t there, that I would take care of her and make sure that what happened to her that night would never happen again. Arielle… my sister if one tough cookie… as you already know. She may be beautiful and look very innocent, but I assure you…LOOKS CAN KILL. Be careful babe…when Mystique gets mad…you’d better call the SWAT cause nothing’s gonna take her down!

Mystique: [off in distance] Listen to him Arielle…he knows what he’s talking about.

Westside Walavan: Arielle…[whispering]…I think you’re cute too.

Mystique: WALAVAN!

Westside Walavan:  What?!?! Oh [censored]… she heard me… go back over there!

Cameraman: No prob. boss.

[The cameraman gets up AGAIN and goes over to Mystique. She smiles again and begins to speak.]

Mystique: After I beat Arielle on Catfight… I get to see her again on May the 15th when I go into a Steel Cage and go into a Women’s World War III. Now, is that not the dopest thing ever! I mean, true, the women in the cage that night are all out of the top ten in the WISE, but I can guarantee you, they’re all gonna be there soon! All of us have the talent to capture gold in the WISE and the winner of this Cage Match is DEFINITELY going to get a shot at some very soon following. There are some great athletes in this thing but not one of the other are “The Mistress of Mystification” like I am. Girls…you may have a lot going for you when you enter that ring on May the 15th but it’s all gonna come shattering down…believe you me…that’s a promise! WAIT…there is one top five wrestler in that cage and she just happens to be the number two ranked woman in the WISE…Jennifer Grier. Girl, I feel sorry for you in that cage. You’re the highest ranked woman in that thing and we’re all gonna come after you. I’m sorry doll, if you even MAKE it out of that cage, you’re lucky. Well…that’s it for now…I have to go work out and get JUST a little bit stronger for my match…See you all when I see ya!

[With that, the scene fades to black.]

Ed: Mystique is /ready/ for competition.  Her warm up match a few weeks ago against Andrea Chandler has only made her that much more eager to prove herself.

Sonya: I was impressed with Mystique during that match.  She gave Andrea all she could handle.  Not many newcomers would have been able to do that.  Depending on her draw, she could be a definite underdog, come Crime Spree and Caged Fury.

Ed: Missing from the upcoming PPV, is Maggie McGuire.  She has apparently not signed a contract for the card, including Caged Fury. However, her tag team partner is set to once again try to take the Lightweight Title from Rachel Edwards.  Let’s hear from Maggie McGuire and Hannah Blue.

Maggie McGuire & Hannah Blue

Maggie sits in the restaurant, the lighting adding glints of gold to her coppery hair.  She quietly reads over some jotted notes, her slim finger tracing down the line as a smile plays at her lips.  She’s too busy to notice the many appreciative glances which steal her way, taking in the cream colored blouse tucked smartly into a pair jeans which hug her slender form.  She reaches for her glass of water, taking a sip before setting the glass back as she hears her name.

To her, the voice is unmistakable. It is quiet and strangely melodious, yet loud enough to cut through the peripheral noise emanating from the other assembled patrons.  “Hey, Maggie!”  It is indeed Hannah Blue, with her long, jet black hair tied into a neat ponytail.  A spotless white blouse adorns her slim upper body while smart black slacks hugs the shapely curves of her lower extremities..

In one fluid motion she stands, embracing her friend, “Hannah!  How are you this afternoon?  I was just going over some notes Top Sarge left us before he had to head out.”  Gracefully she retakes her seat, “Here are some of the notes he felt we should work one,” she says as she points out the major issues.  She raises her eyes to meet Hannah’s, a proud smile flashing, “He said he couldn’t have been prouder of you than if you had been his own daughter, and I couldn’t have been if you were my own sister.  What you did took a lot of class, Hannah.”

“Thanks for the kind words, Maggie, and I’m just so flattered Sarge said such nice things. It means a lot to me when I realize that the two of you have so much faith in me. It’s great to finally have good friends… The genuine kind that I comfortably relate to and trust.” A somewhat wistful expression then moves to prominence upon her countenance, but the effect is only fleeting in its duration.  “However, I guess that our current WISE Lightweight Champion is NOT someone that is going to be respectful of both me and my ability until I finally manage to legitimately defeat her. Getting the victory over Edwards in an impromptu fight, was gratifying, but…”

Miss Blue allows the verbalization of her thoughts to trail off into the air. Smoothly and naturally filling  the gap in conversation, Maggie speaks. “I still can’t believe Rachel tried to jump you like that.  What could she have been thinking?”  The smile turns impish, “Girl, you must really have her nervous about meeting up with you.”

Instinctively, Hannah shrugs her shoulders in wholly uncommitted manner. The last thing that she wanted to do was appear to assume too much from the situation that had recently transpired. Her demeanor however, is still upbeat and positive.  “Well, she could be… but attempting to jump me from behind has only made me more focused in my intent and given me some new ideas on how to handle her in the upcoming  Justifiable Homicide PPV. With input and constructive criticism from both you and Sarge, I think that I stand a realistic chance of claiming my first Title in Pro Wrestling.”

Playfully, Hannah drops her voice to whisper and leans in towards her close friend.  “But if you tell anybody I said that, then I’ll vehemently deny it!”  Maggie laughs as she looks over at Hannah, setting her elbow on the table she rests her chin in her upturned palm, “Now would I do that to you?” she teases.  Her eyes take on a more serious note, “I think you have a great chance at a title.  Your moves are sharper and quicker than ever. And we’re coming together as a tag team also.  We did well against our the sparring team Top Sarge set up.”  The golden glints in her emerald eyes flash as she remembers, “I think those poor soldiers thought they were going to have an easy win against the two ‘little girls’, they certainly were surprised when we pulled off our finisher.”

The British girl nods her head in fond recollection of the aforementioned encounter, and her smile widens to an even greater degree.  “Well, because of my prior background in gymnastics, I must admit that I do enjoy my top rope escapades. This aspect, fused  with one of your incredible trademark spots, did make for quite a formidable move. I think that we should give any WISE combination a good run for their money, when the duo matches begin in earnest…IF we keep on practicing to our present level of intensity, of course.

Unbidden, a sudden thought hits her, and Hannah instantly decides to test Maggie’s reaction to her impulsive idea.  “After all, the ‘Angel Fire Alliance’ can’t afford to ease up now, can they?”  Maggie’s head turns slowly, “The Angel Fire Alliance?  Now would they be anyone I know?” she asks as she sits back in her chair.  At her friend’s nod a smile slowly broadens on her face, “You know, I like the sound of that. We need to celebrate, Hannah” as she passes her ebony friend a menu, “They have a terrific Caesar salad here.”

Ed: So much is happening around here, that it’s hard to keep up with everything!

Shelley: You got that right.  With the quitting of Spud McKenzie, to the lawsuit by Bloody Mary..

Ed: Maybe we shouldn’t go there.  No sense in having someone else storm in here and quitting.

Shelley: This next Catfight will be rather interesting, to say the least.  Daisy vs. Heather in a debate?  What could that be all about? Hm?

Ed: I have no idea, but I bet it revolves around Crime Spree.  We’re just about done for this week.  Before we go, we’ll hear from Bloody Mary.

Shelley: Hopefully, Sam and Sonya will be back in time for the Catfight, not that I mind being on television.

Ed: For everyone here at WISE.. have a great week, and we’ll see you in Colorado Springs next week!

Bloody Mary

[Scene is Bloody Mary just after taping a promo dressed in blue jeans & burgundy shirt.  She lies down a sports bag and her wrestling boots and settles on a stool.  She reaches down and lifts her New Wave Wrestling Championship belt and hoists it over her shoulder as she addresses the camera.]

Bloody Mary: (Looking at the belt) I’m so proud to have won this at Amazons and Angels Royal Rumble.  What a night that was!  I met women I’d only seen on TV and magazines, like the legendary Athena.  What a thrill, what fun! It really was more like a convention than a wrestling card.  And this, this is more than icing on a cake.  I’m already set to defend it against Yuri Kaio all too soon, next month.  I really don’t know that much about Yuri so my work is cut out for me with the match with Medusa, Rose Knight and our mystery partner vs. Triple Threat. Then on to Crime Spree.  “Queen of the Hill.”  Again for the coveted gold.  And I really want that gold.  I’ll want to keep this, but I want more.  I want it all! So much to do, so much to think about.  Things like why I’m in the four way match defending Amanda Knight and Amanda disappears!  Too confusing, I’m just there to partner up with my old friend Medusa and kick some Chandler butt and try to knock some sense into Heidi Leick!  That’ll be a job.  Then Yuri.  Then Sierra. My last shot at the gold I covet so much.  Oh Sierra, don’t worry I always put on a good show.  I make everyone look good.  Sierra, we’re friends, as much as wrestling competitors can be.  But little girl, let me tell you something in response to your last lecture.  One of my peeves is condescension.  I don’t like to be talked down to and certainly not from a person I got to know when her big sister Medusa asked me to help handle her when her career and little sis got to be too much for her. So as your former (ahem) babysitter, of sorts, don’t you be telling me how to make you look.  And don’t you be telling how it was you who made ME famous!  I sat back too long and watched you make a name for yourself when I could’ve been the one draped in gold. We both know that, don’t we?   Now the time has come for me to reap my rewards.  Let’s dispense with one last fib that I know the fans out there already know the truth to. One last piece of B.S. That 2 minute pin.  You just weren’t ready. I could feel it.  Instead of getting extreme on your ass that night I decided to show off for you and went more technical.  I can do that, you know, better than anyone thinks.  You just weren’t ready, plain and simple.  I scared the piss right out of you and you went for the tights. C’mon Sierra, that was Lotus’s type of move not yours.  You disappointed me, little girl.  But now for Queen of the Hill, its really quite simple.  We fight and fight like we’ve never fought before.  We climb, we knock each other back, we grab the gold, we seize the moment and the glory.  (pause) In May I start to collect the gold, former tri-titled champ, say hello to the future bi-titled champ.  Then in June I give you a rematch after we’re both healed and hopefully still call you friend. It’s still a ways away but May will be here sooner than we expect. Don’t worry Sierra, it WILL be the show of shows! I’m sure this won’t be the last time you hear about it from me, either. (Mary gets up and starts to leave then pauses) Oh and Heidi, one last thing, get outta my face, understand?

[Mary has an intense look as she mentions Heidi then walks off as the camera fades.]

=============== [c]1999 WISE/Chandler Entertainment===============

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