Virgo defends the WSCW TV Championship against Godiva Rage; Mr. America and a mystery opponent challenge Pretty Boy Monty and Stacks Coltrain; Shiva battles Fantasia and Davey Scott takes on Monica Brant

New Primal Rage opening sequence plays, with the cavemen in the audience and all looks fine until we see two large turkeys duking it out in the ring. The Shot continues to pan until the golden red sky it all we see and the stone lettering “Primal Rage: Thanksgiving Special” appears. The sequence shatters to the following scene: ]

Femme Fatale

(The scene is the living room of a large mansion. As the camera sweeps across the furniture, the decorations and the few servants, we realize this is the home of Traci Lane, leader of the Femme Fatales. As the camera takes in the luxury, someone comes into camera range. It is “Mistress” Monica Brant, dressed in traveling clothes. She looks around nervously.)

Monica: Hello. anyone home? Gus? Traci?

(Traci Lane comes into camera view from another room. She is dressed in casual street clothes that give her a naturally beautiful look. Her face is completely neutral. Rachel Ryan stands beside her, wearing faded jeans and a white crop-top, bearing a somber expression.)

Traci: Hullo, Monica. I’m glad you could make it.

Monica: Thank you for inviting me.

Traci: The rest of the Femmes are waiting. Follow me, please.

(They move off-camera, and the view opens on Traci’s study, wherein stands Mariko and “The Latin Lover,” Consuelo Salyards, watching as the trio enters the room. Traci closes the door behind them, and Monica moves off to one side.)

Traci: We’re here to talk about getting the Femmes back together, as a group. We’ve had some ups and downs lately, but I think we’re close to achieving closure on some issues. One of those issues is about Monica’s return to our ranks. I’d like to give her a chance to address us all about that, so we can talk about it.

Monica: (Monica is silent for what seems like a long time. She doesn’t meet anyone’s gaze. This is obviously the moment she’s been dreading.) Hello, everyone. You all know what Traci’s talking about. I think I’ve attacked or tried to attack everyone in this room. I’don’t want this to turn into a big therapy session. What started as me trying to prove something got out of hand. way out of hand. I don’t ask for forgiveness, I doubt I’ll get any. All I have to say is. I’m sorry.

Rachel: “Sorry?” Sorry for beating on most of us with purses and chairs and whatever the hell you could find? Pardon me for being skeptical.

Consuelo: No kidding. She clocked Gus with a chair so hard he got a concussion. And me–

Monica: All I asked for was some lousy respect, something none of you saw fit to give me!(She takes a deep breath.) I don’t have excuses. I lost my head during the matches, and I did a lot of stupid things. I know.

(Traci walks between the Femmes and Monica, and holds out her hand.)

Traci: Everyone. you all have valid points. Monica has done some regrettable things in the past several months. We’ve all suffered from those actions. But through this period — and you’ve all concurred with me on this — we all still considered her a Femme, if a wayward one. We’re a family, you realize. And occasionally, there will be prodigal sons and daughters. I call upon you all to reach deep inside yourselves and give her a second chance. You’d all want the same. Wouldn’t you?

(The Femmes are silent as they stand there, watching Monica, considering Traci’s words. Exhaling, Rachel uncrosses her arms, then walks over to Monica.)

Rachel: Kid. if you *ever* do something like that again, I reserve the right to kick your ass all the way back to Canada.

Monica: (Monica smiles a little) You might have to wait in line. I’d deserve a boot from everyone in the room.

Rachel: You’re damn right you will. (They embrace.) Welcome back.

(Consuelo and Mariko step forward as Rachel backs away. They crack smiles, then embrace her as well.)

Consuelo: What Rachel said goes triple for me, girl. Consider yourself on probation.

Mariko: Hai. It good you back, Monica. You not mess up again’

Monica: (Laughs) I’ll. do my best, Mariko-san. (Monica bows awkwardly)

(The doors to the study burst open, and in steps Gus, holding a shiny plastic car and a remote control.)

Gus: Traci! De car is broke again! It von’t go — Monica?

(Monica steps up to him, hands clasped before her, and smiles.)

Monica: Yeah. it’s me. May I? (She takes the car from him, and fiddles with the battery compartment. The wheels spin to life.) Your batteries were a little loose. That’s all.

(Gus takes the car back, then regards her warily.)

Gus: You hit me vit a chair.

Monica: Yeah. yes, Gus, I did. (She puts her hand on his shoulder.) I wish I could say it was an accident. I did something stupid. I’m. sorry.

(Gus looks at the other Femmes. Traci smiles and nods, and he looks back at her. Finally, he throws the car and remote aside and picks her up in a bearhug. Monica laughs and throws her arms around his neck.)

Monica: Thanks big guy. (Monica, for the first time since she entered the house, looks like she’s near tears.) I’m gonna try not to mess up again’

Gus: You better not.

Traci: Come on, everyone. Let’s have some lunch and do a little celebrating. It’s been too long since we’ve had everyone together.

Rachel: Sounds good to me.

(The group files out, Monica in Gustaffson’s arms, engaged in spirited conversation….)

Ed: Welcome to Prime Rage the Thanksgiving Special. We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday as we gear up for Christmas time and for WSCW that means “Deck The Halls” is just only about a month away. Joining me at ringside is Biff Franklin, and Biff. how was your turkey day?

Biff: Who needs it? It’s just a day where friend and family mooch food off of you then leave you alone to clean up the mess. Bah.

Ed: Certainly in the holiday spirit is the Femme Fatales as they have forgiven Monica Brant and have taken her back into their ranks.

Biff: What a bunch of sap that was. We’ll have to see if Monica can still cut it as a member back in good standing with the other Femme. s, or if this is an elaborate setup by Brant to finally take care of the Femmes once and for all.

Ed: On tap tonight, we have 4 outstanding matches but before we do. we’ve heard rumors about a former OWA superstar about to return to the folds of WSCW. let’s get that very big announcement right now.

(Shelly Marks is in the ring.)

Shelly: Well. over the last few days, we’ve been hearing a lot about the return of a former OWA superstar, making his way back into professional wrestling. I have to admit, up until about an hour and a half ago I had no idea who this person was, and given all the hype, I’m sure you’ll be just as, well, surprised as I was. With no further adieu, let’s bring him out. he is The Pride Of Trois-Rivi├¿res, Danny Bouchard!

Ed: Uh oh. are the censors ready?

Danny Bouchard

(The crowd is somewhat disappointed. Danny Bouchard swaggers out, clad in ratty brown jacket, white undershirt, black pants and loafers. His greasy black hair is slicked back, a cigarette dangles from his mouth, and he is carrying the fleur-de-lis that is the flag of Quebec. There is a rather hostile reaction. Danny enters the ring via the steps and props up his flag in the corner.)

Shelly: Mr. Bouchard–

(Danny snatches away the microphone.)

Bouchard: That’s enough outta you. Stupid hell.

(The crowd boos.)

Bouchard: And as for all you stupid, pathetic, worthless bumpkin inbred Yankee anglophone hell, shut up, because it is my turn to speak. You know, it’s been a good long while since I been able to come out here and talk to the fans like this, and you know what, it’s gonna to be taking me a few weeks to get used to the sight of you again’ I’m almost glad those [CENSORED] punks backstage didn’t have no beer or I’d have lost it by now, eh?

`Course, by now, you stupid [CENSORED] are probably wondering where Danny Bouchard’s been, eh? Well, I’m gonna tell you where I been. You remember a while ago, when the OWA changed it’s name to the UCP? Yeah, Universal Cruiserhellweight Pro. Anybody ever wonder why they did that? Eh, Danny Bouchard knows why they did that. They was gunning to take out two people when they did that more than anyone else, because they knew pretty much everybody else would fall under the new weight limit real nice, eh? They wanted to take out two people, and one of them was the Giant hell-up, Gussy. You remember him, eh? Big tall bastard, [CENSORED] for brains? Well, it turns out people were starting to realize that behind the facade of the big man. Here’s a real [CENSORED] shocker. THE DUMB [CENSORED] COULDN. T WRESTLE! Not if his [CENSORED] useless life depended on it! So they had to ditch him right away, you know?

And the other guy they wanted to dump was. well, yours truly, Danny Bouchard! And do you terminal retards know why? Because they were afraid. Yeah, they were afraid that a big, mean, smoking, drinking, ugly French-Canadian son of a [CENSORED] was gonna go and take their precious OWA Title away from their politically correct, affirmative action, positive role model champion. In fact, they knew I would. It was a matter of time, you know? And I guess that just wouldn’t do, because next thing you know, I get. suspended. , suspended without a [CENSORED] contract!

But just a week or two ago, I get some UCP flunky knocking on my door in Trois-Rivi├¿res. And he tells me that the cruiserweight thing isn’t working, the federation in practically down the crapper, and that they’ve realized the main thing about their pathetic little federation–it ain’t [CENSORED] without the Pride From Trois-Rivieres! Yeah, That’s right, all a sudden they want Danny Bouchard back, so they can have. depth and. talent. in their roster! And you know, despite my better judgment, I say what the [CESNORED]. I’m not doing anything else, so why the [CENSORED] not?

So here I am. And now I see why they needed talent and depth. They seem to think they can replace one French-Canadian by a couple of British chicks or somethin’ ? I tell you what, if there’s one thing I hate more than a common anglophone, it’s a common British anglophone, running around goin’. arse and. blimey. , although it is better than talking like the Swedish Chef like some goofs I know. Or hey, get this, we’ll show MORE of Davey Scott. For Chrissakes, it was bad enough before. And then we got all the other wonderful people from before I left, like Virgo or Mr. America, who couldn’t strike enough fear into the federation to get the kind of treatment I did, whether That’s good or bad, I dunno. But you know what? I was beating all of them before I left, and now that I’m back, I’ll beat them all again! I don’t care what order, but I tell you what, this time they’re gonna have to let me at the title. Life is good for Danny Bouchard today, and the quality of the others. has been reduced drastically because of it, you know?

But it ain’t all easy for Danny Bouchard. No, the stupid [CENSORED] always wanting to make it difficult for me to do what they know I eventually will do, so they tell Danny Bouchard that now, we only wrestle in the Western United States. Yeah. pretty [CENSORED] convenient, eh? That means no shows in Quebec, the only place where people are smart enough to know who the real star round here is! Not even in Canada, where even with all the damn anglos, there’s still a couple intelligent francophones around! No, just in the United [CENSORED] States! Well, you know what??? I tell you what! [CENSORED] the Western States! Vive la Belle Province! Vive La Fi├¿rt├⌐ De Trois-Rivi├¿res! VIVE DANNY BOUCHARD!

(Danny throws down the microphone, grabs his flag, and leaves the ring, arguing with the fans on his way backstage.)

Shelly stands there with her mouth wide open, as the camera pans to Biff and Ed. Biff is laughing his head off behind his mic and Ed is just “looking. at him.]

Ed: Are you quite finished?

Biff continues to laugh…]

Ed looks at the camera…: Let’s go to ringside.

Fantasia vs. Shiva

Ring Announcer: Introducing first.

“Back In Black” by AC/DC blasts over the P.A. system]

Ring Announcer: From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada weighing in at 171 pounds-Fantasia!

Fantasia, oddly enough dressed in black, comes down to the ring looking determined. A white bandage is taped around her head.]

“Sweet Dreams” comes over the PA.]

Ring Announcer: And her opponent! Hailing from Newcastle, England here is Shiva!

Shiva walks down the aisle to boos from the crowd, but doesn’t really care at all. Shiva climbs into the ring and bounces off the ropes to test them.]

Ed: Here we are, as we approach another match. Folks, unlike last Fantasia entered the ring on Primal Rage, Davey Scott has been banned from commentary, due to what is written on our notice, conflict of interest, however, here we go. Fantasia sporting a bandage from her last encounter with Monica Brant. They lock up, and Shiva goes for a kneelift. wait, Fantasia steps to the side.

Biff: Fantasia has the right to step up her defense, considering last weeks showing. WOW! A little offense! A flying dropkick from Fantasia!

Ed: Both women have great athleticism, but only one will win tonight, and Fantasia throws Shiva out of the ring. it is mighty early for out of the ring work.

Biff: Like I said early, she has to step up defense. She joins her, and smashes Shiva’s head into the ringsteps, and then into the ringpost. wow, look at all that blood that coming out!

Ed: Yet it didn’t stop Fantasia from whipping Shiva into the guardrail. Fantasia goes for the Running Forearm Smash, but Shiva counters it with a duck-down move, now Fantasia is open! Both women enter the ring again’

Biff: Yea, and Shiva with the advantage. A slap. another slap! and a slap and Fantasia is down!

Ed: Shiva picking Fantasia for…another slap but wait, Fantasia reverse it to a front layout superplex! Shiva is down! Scorpion Deathlock on Shiva right at the moment and. the ref is checking. wait, Shiva reached the ropes!

Biff: With as many ropes this lady has, I wouldn’t be surprised. Fantasia throws Shiva to the ropes but it is a reversal and she bumps into the ref. that clumsy. Fantasia should acquire better balance!

Ed: Please, the last thing we need is female jokes around here. we got enough bad publicity from Davey Scott last week, which you can see is not here. Fantasia with a clothesline, and she is going for a Texas Cloverleaf but wait!

Biff: A rollup! and no ref to count. Shiva gets up for a headbutt, but Fantasia blocks it, and nails with a flying forearm, and cover but no ref, cause of the klutz we named “Fantasia”!

Ed: That klutz just did the Diamond Cutter on Shiva, and still no ref to count.

Biff: This is part of a scheme for a catfight. an all out catfight. better evacuate the kids. this may be Primal Rage, but some of these children are not so primal!

Ed: Will you cut it out! Fantasia whips Shiva to the ropes, and a shoulderblock! Good news, the ref is back up!

Biff: It is about time. we need some decency in this match, which Rachel Ryan did not show last week! She should of been forced to cover up a bit! What happen to all the decent wrestlers?

Ed: They up and died, now lets get on with the match? Fantasia to the ropes after a whip reversal, but Fantasia hits Shiva with an elbow! Shiva is currently losing a lot of blood, and might beat the yearly record for the most blood lost in the ring, which is currently possessed by America and Scott.

Biff: Fantasia with a powerbomb, and a count finally. one. two. kickout! I don’t think it is the blood lost, I think there is not enough oxygen going to that girls brain, I see strands of blonde coming out of that girl Shiva’s head.

Ed: No, I will not say it. Besides, Fantasia is adding to the mess of blood on the ring. Fantasia with a dropkick to the knee, but that didn’t make her stumble, cause Shiva just delivered a cold fist to Fantasia.

Biff: About time she decided to switch to offense. A double underhook backbreaker, I hope Fantasia insurance will pay her for that and Shiva gives an atomic drop to Fantasia.

Ed: She goes for the bulldog headlock, but Fantasia blocks it and REVERSE DDT! THE COUNT! ONE TWO. KICKOUT! That was ever so close.

Biff: The janitor is not going to be happy, seeing as the ring is soaked with blood from them two bleeding all over it. Fantasia executes the Doctor Bomb, and goes for another Scorpion Deathlock!

Ed: Again, Shiva catches the ropes. you never know what might of happened if she remained in that hold! Fantasia with a flying fistdrop. Shiva gets up, and she is whipped to the ropes.

Biff: Fantasia tries a Asai Moonsault, but Shiva moves out of the way. however, Fantasia gets right up and…Dropkick to the knee! Shiva goes down with a lariat! Shiva is put on turnbuckle, and Fantasia goes for a top rope DDT but Shiva counters that with a front layout superplex!

Ed: Shiva goes for a kneelift, but Fantasia gets out of the way, but Shiva with a slap! Wait. I am getting something. the commissioner have been watching this match, and has officially declared this is the most blood lost in the Fall season and Shiva is still losing blood. why doesn’t the ref stop this match!?

Biff: Fantasia takes Shiva down with a backdrop driver. Fantasia tries to apply a chokeslam, but Shiva blocks it turning it into a powerslam! The count, 1…2…kickout! Shiva picks her up, and a double underhook piledriver!

Ed: Shiva whips Fantasia to the ropes, but she reverse it. Fantasia misses the elbow, and Shiva goes to the rebound, and Shiva goes for a clothesline but miss, however Shiva goes for another rebound and WOW! Fantasia with a powerful clothesline. enough to stumble Shiva back, and over the rope to the outside. what a momentum buildup!

Biff: Fantasia walks out, but Shiva gets up and knocks Fantasia into the ringpost. However, that wasn’t enough, Fantasia rocks Shiva head into the ringsteps, and throws her into the ring, and climbs back in!

Ed: Fantasia whips Shiva into the ropes, but Shiva hits her with an elbow! Shiva goes for an atomic drop, but it is blocked! Shiva whipped, but she reverse it.

Biff: !and Fantasia gets shoulderblocked! Shiva throws Fantasia out of the ring!

Ed: And Shiva using this to catch a breather. I hear the paramedics are waiting by the arena entrance for the match to end. they were called and from the way both these women are bleeding and beating each other. this is not going to be good!


Ed: At the count of 7, Fantasia re-enters the ring, and she barely made it in’ However, Shiva shows no mercy with an atomic drop!

Biff: However, Fantasia pulls off an European Uppercut, and goes for a Northern Lights suplex, the finish!

Ed: BUT She just got hit by Shiva! A Fist in Fantasia’s midsection! She whips Fantasia to the turnbuckle, and charges shoulder first to that corner! Fantasia is in a world of hurt! Shiva losing more blood! Better call the Guinness Book of Records. the most blood lost by a single wrestler! However none the less, Shiva run to the ropes, but she is met with a dropkick to the knee.

Biff: I think I see a bit of blood in there hair. that how messy the ring has gotten. we are going to have to take a break at the end of the match for quick clean up. there is just too much blood for further wrestling match!

Ed: Yes, we will take break after this match, but the match continues, Fantasia goes for a diving elbow smash, but Shiva gets out of the way! Shiva goes for a forearm to the back, but Fantasia sidesteps that!

Biff: Shiva goes for an enzuigiri to the face, but Fantasia counters it with a duck-down move, and Fantasia get a reverse DDT in! a Count…1…2. shoulder up!

Ed: Despite these two are bashed up, they still put on a good match up! Fantasia nails Shiva with a front-layout superplex. She whips Shiva to the ropes but it is reversed! However, they hit each other with a double clothesline! They are both down!

Biff: The ref is trying to check and count, they are slowly getting up. however, a double clothesline at this point just slows you down!

Ed: Finally they are both up! Fantasia with an odd burst of energy, just did a running forearm smash into Shiva! Fantasia runs into the rope, and hits Shiva with an elbow! Fantasia attempts to put Shiva on the turnbuckle but Shiva block, but Shiva got smashed with a Running Forearm! The count is on! 1…2…shoulderup and Fantasia is complaining about the slow count!

Biff: That is not a good idea, Fantasia. Shiva comes up from behind, and punches her. Shiva with an elbowsmash! Shiva with a chop, and Fantasia is thrown to the turnbuckle. Shiva with a punch to the midsection! Shiva is on fire!

Ed: She sure is! Shiva throws Fantasia to the other turnbuckle, and attempts to go shoulder first but no one home! Oooh that got to hurt!

Biff: Fantasia goes to the top, but Shiva throws her down to the mat! Shiva with a fist to the midsection! Shiva takes Fantasia down with a knee breaker. Shiva tries for the piledriver, but found being backdropped by Fantasia! BUT!! Shiva turns it into a sunset flip, and a cover, one. two. shoulder up!

Ed: WOW! So close! Shiva goes for a kneebreaker, but Fantasia blocks it. Fantasia with a backspin DDT, but countered with a belly-to-belly suplex! The count…1…2…thre. kickout! So close!

Biff: Shiva goes for an enzuigiri but Fantasia ducks! Fantasia tries a Running Forearm, but Shiva ducks in turn!

Ed: Fantasia is thrown to the ropes, but Fantasia hits Shiva with a pounding clothesline. enough to throw her over the ropes. again and Fantasia follows. again’

Biff: Fantasia just entered Shiva’s backyard, with a whip to the guardrail. Fantasia got to learn not to work in the outside. Shiva with double underhook backbreaker! Shiva with a forearm to back to the concrete, and from the looks of it, Fantasia is OUT COLD!

Ed: However, Shiva is obviously not convinced, as she goes for a piledriver but is backdropped! Fantasia with a flying forearm but Shiva ducks! Utoh they are now really going at it! Shiva with a slap and a kneelift! Another one. no wait, Fantasia counters with a sidestep. They continue to brawl!

Biff: Fantasia re-enters the ring, followed by Shiva. Fantasia is really bleeding now, and Shiva tries a chop but Fantasia whips her to the turnbuckle. Fantasia executes the Northern Lights Suplex and goes for the pin’ One, two, three.

Ed: Whoa! That was one intense match! Bloody too. here come the paramedic to treat the two women who are currently down and out. They are in no condition to move right at the moment. while we get the ring cleaned up, let’s go to this.

Announcer: The winner is Fantasia. Time of match: 15: 05

Stacks Coltrain & Pretty Boy Monty

(Inside a hospital room Stacks Coltrain is talking to Pretty Boy Monty, who is in bed with numerous IV’s and looks rather thin……)

Stacks: Monty, I told you that you could not lose all of that weight at one time, hell that mini afro you were growing weighed more than you do. I told you that you are a beautiful BALD-HEADED man, and Tyra would not be with you if you weren. t. Didn’t you notice she left you for Lil. Penny when you started growing your hair’ ‘

Monty: I know, I know, but the Commish told me that if I wanted to wrestle I needed to drop the weight and now look, (notices the Camera Crew followed by Elaine Bryant)

Elaine: Toodles Mr. Pretty One, looking a little thin (Winks at Stacks who laughs), But just thought I’d drop by to see how you were doing, and to let you know that you can put the weight back on, The UCP has been bought by the WSCW and all wrestlers can return to their “normal” weight. So what do you think about that?

Monty: (Face lights up) You mean I can eat real food now?

Elaine: Yes

Monty: I don’t have to wear those plastic suits anymore?

Stacks: Yes

Monty: I can become the Pretty One again?

Stacks and Elaine: Yes, hahahhaahaha

Monty: Now That’s what I am talking about, Now on to some real business. Davey Scott, I saw that match against Executioner, It looked to me as if someone gave up and then turns around to cheat to win’ Remember son, paybacks are a moth.. Secondly, Traci, I am coming back for the title, I am not sure what this new situation will do to the rankings or the opportunities to wrestle against you but I hope they accommodate both of us. Mr. America, Sorry I haven’t been able to “banter” with you lately, but as you can see I am a little “tied up” but no problem, we still have a little dance to do eh? And Taleis, You named all those who held the UCP/OWA title belt and you forgot to mention’ ‘Me. You will never forget who I am again, PUNK!!! A little nobody that comes into the fed, wins a few matches and thinks that he can disrespect one of the pillars of this fed, that is okay. My little party invite goes out to you too. As far as I am concerned The Crew is still the best stable in this fed, regardless of what it is called, and with this new venture, we will dominate the WSCW too. Oh, I have only just begun to gain my strength back, but soon, very soon, I will be back where I belong.

Stack: Whooooaaa, big fella, conserve your strength. UCP/OWA/WSCW. You haven’t heard from me for a looooonnnnngg time. I was busy. There were a few business things that had to be taken care of. But I am back, and Traci dear, it seems as if everyone is gunning for you. Still the top “chick” in the place. Good to see great things don’t change they only get better. But since I have been gone there have been some changes, a lot of new folks out and about, but the same ol “Potty” mouths are still around, Asian Invasion, Davey Scott, A. Hazard and so on. Cool. This is an open invitation to take anyone on. Challenges. bring em on, Hell I need the workout its been a long time since I have heard that 1. 2. 3. Hell, Elaine you better end this before I go on and on.

Elaine: We’ll folks there you have it, Stacks, The Matriarch of The Crew and The Crew’s manager, Pretty Boy Monty, are ready to come back to action….so long this is Elaine Bryant Reporting.

Ed: Well, next up we have Taleis taking on Asian Invasion. Both men trying to start a turn around this week after losing to the Cruiserweight and TV champion, respectively, last week.


Ed: Ummm. so, what do you think Taleis. chances are against the mouthpiece AI, Biff?

Biff: You ever wonder if it’s all worth it?

Ed:. What?

Biff: I mean, look at us. We sit here, night after night, commenting on these stupid matches, wondering who’s going to win’ I mean, did ya ever wonder if. I don’t know, we should be doing something better with our lives?

Ed: Uhhh. yeah, interesting idea, Biff. I think our ring announcer is on his way to the microphone now.

Biff: All we really are is two little dust mites, floating on a big ball of mud in the middle of nothingness. How can we deal with that?

Ed:. Ah! Here’s the announcer, let’s go up to him.

Taleis vs Asian Invasion

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! (The crowd falls silent in anticipation. The announcer quietly whispers “Cool” to himself.) Introducing first, in the red corner. Here is Taleis!

Taleis is in the WSCW locker rooms. He has his black and purple singlet on, but both shoulder straps are down, exposing the few scars he’s picked up during his wrestling career. Taleis is facing away from the camera, his head bowed. He raises his head, and turns around. Taleis grins suddenly, then begins to speak.]

Taleis: I haven’t got much to say, so I’ll make this brief. I haven’t been in this federation all that long compared to some other people, but I’ve seen it change a whole hell of a lot. First it was the OWA. then it became the UCP and now, it’s the WSCW. I didn’t much care for the OWA-UCP change, to be honest, but this one is great for me. I live not far away from the WSCW heaDQuarters up in Seattle, so I can drive over there and bitch to them in person instead of calling from home.

Taleis smirks.]

Taleis: Asian Invasion, you do a great deal of talking for somebody with your lack of anything remotely resembling wrestling ability. I’m trying to remember the last time you actually WON a match. [Taleis laughs.] I think it was back in May or so, when I was still wearing my mask. Anyway, Invasion, I’ve watched some of your tapes, and, in all honesty, you have the potential to be a good wrestler. your problem is that you spend too much time jawing at the crowd, the announcers, your opponent, the referee, whoever and then you either get your opponent ticked off at you, or you get the ref ticked off, or you turn around and get sucker punched or schoolboy. d or whatever. Invasion, turn your back on me for an instant, for ONE split second, and I’ll make you regret it for the two seconds you’ve got before my foot comes into contact with your too-often opened mouth.

Taleis pulls up his shoulder straps.]

Taleis: Invasion, I hope you managed to eke out a kick-ass dental plan the last time you renegotiated, because after I drive your head into that mat, you’re gonna need it.

Taleis heads out of the locker room.]

(Taleis comes to ringside, looking rather perturbed. He enters the ring and goes straight to the corner as a small section of fans wave “Taleis rocks!” signs.)

Ed: Seems like the Taleis fan club is here, tonight, Biff.

Biff: Of course they are. They’re getting paid, aren’t they?

Ed: Ahhh and here comes his opponent!

Announcer: And, his opponent. (His lips keep moving, but there’s no sound. We hear laughter over the sound system, and Asian Invasion comes through the curtains, carrying a mike.)

Asian Invasion: You know, I thought that Virgo was some kind of real champion, so much for that. Taking the cheap way out. Now I’m pissed, and poor Taleis has to put up with that, but That’s his problem. As for you Virgo, next time, you’re not gonna have a chance to use the cheap way out, and That’s The Way It Is.

(Asian drops the mike and walks to the ring. He slaps a few hands and winks at a few women.)

Biff: Are those our people or do they actually like Asian?

Ed: Biff! You know we don’t plant people in the audience. That’s that other federation.

Biff: Sure. whatever.

Ed: This match starting off and both Asian and Taleis glaring at each other before locking up. Seems like neither man is happy these days. (Waits for Biff to say something). Ummm, Taleis with a headlock on Asian, reversed and Asian with a quick legsweep! Both men to there feet and Asian thumbing his nose at Taleis.

Biff: (Monotone)And look, Taleis gets mad. He’s a house of fire. He attacks Asian with a whatever, then follows it up with something else. And then he drops down on his with an elbow, though it looks more like his upper arm, and then.

Ed: Taleis now with a pick-up and a toss to the ropes. powerslam from the T-man! Another dimension of Taleis being shown tonight. (Waits again.) And Taleis now tossing Asian out of the ring. A kick from Taleis and now a whip to the steel post! Asian hits hard and Taleis is letting is frustrations out on AI tonight.

Biff: Asian now wandering around, pretending to be hurt by that attack, even though he’s going to do an amazing come back in about two minutes.

Ed: BIFF!!

Biff: Hey, we already know what’s going to happen, Ed, so what’s the point?

Ed: Ahhh. Biff, are you mixing medication again? Heh, heh and Taleis tossing Asian into the guardrail and tossing him back into the ring. Makes it before the ten-count and goes after Asian again’ Slaps on an overhead armlock. Haven’t seen one of those in awhile, have we Biff? (Silence) And Asian going to his knees, and we might have an early end here.

Biff: No we.

Ed: And Asian with an elbow to the mid section! And another! Taleis releases the hold and Asian picks him up for an atomic drop! Great comeback by AI. And Asian tossing Taleis to the ropes. Missing an elbow, Taleis coming back. clothesline by Asian and Taleis to the mat. And Asian strutting for the fans.

Asian & Biff: That’s the way it’s done!

Ed: Biff.

Biff: See, he’s following the script.

Ed: BIFF! Umm and Asian going back after Taleis, who nails him with a standing dropkick. And Taleis back up and off the opposite ropes, Asian follows him in, back body drop! Asian to the outside!

Biff: That looked like it hurt, didn’t it?

Ed: And Taleis again following him to the outside. Pick up and Taleis. lifting Asian up for a press. no! Asian too heavy and both men down. The ref laying on the count.

Biff: They’ll make it back in’

Ed: (Through clenched teeth.) And Asian getting back to his feet, and picking up Taleis. a toss back into the ring and Asian gets back in’ Ummm. Taleis greeting him with punches and the two brawl in the ring. Asian gets the upper hand, and a pick-up into a bearhug! Asian has his arms locked around Taleis. midsection, and a slam to the mat! Taleis put down and Asian makes a cover.

Biff: And now we’ll see Taleis kick out.

Ed: 1. 2. Asian picks him up! And now a slap to Taleis. face and Asian drops him to the mat. AI up and posing for the fans, and they’re loving him here tonight.

Biff: Nice opportunity for Taleis to get back up, don’t you think? Maybe hell sucker punch Asian now.

Ed: And Asian back over to Taleis, a pick up from Asian and a. low blow from Taleis. Ref warning him but Taleis ignores it as he moves over to the prone Asian. STF by Taleis!

Biff: Wonder what we would have called that move if we had a garbage bag company sponsor instead of a motor oil company.

Ed: (Groan)

(The match continues as both men try to disable the other, fighting in the ring and brawling outside. Taleis applies a number of holds and locks, while Asian drops Taleis again and again with clotheslines and legsweeps. Both men have several near falls, only to pull their opponent up again.)

Ed: A devastating match here tonight folks.

Biff: Which neither man will feel in a few days, you’ll notice.

Ed: AND NOW. ahem, and now Taleis downed by another clothesline from Asian.

Biff: You’d think he’d figure out how to duck by now.

Ed: Asian posing again, though he’s a little wobbly. He and Taleis have been going at it for almost 20 minutes now. We’ve got to be close to the time limit.

Biff: Oh, gosh darn. I hope we don’t end up with a time limit draw.

Ed: (Almost at the point of tears.) Asian now with a pickup on Taleis. dragging him to the ropes and a blatant choke. The ref puts on the count and Asian lets go on four. And back to the choke! Ref pushes Asian away and warns him, and Asian warns the ref right back. Man, and hockey refs think they have it bad.

Biff: (Sarcasm to the extreme)And Taleis looks seriously hurt as he prepares to hit Asian with a sneaky left and connects. And now Taleis taking Asian down with an armdrag and back into a hammerlock. (Yawn)

Ed: Asian in pain from the hold, especially since that arm has been worked over for most of the match. Taleis trying to regain some energy here but we’re awfully close to the time limit.

Biff: Funny how you keep mentioning that.

Ed: And Asian trying to work his way to the ropes, he gets them easily. Taleis too close to the ropes for that maneuver. A pick up on Asian and a whip to the ropes. cross body block! 1. 2. kick out by Asian but not much behind it. You’ve got to wonder.

Biff: if either of these guys have the energy left to finish this match. Yeah, yeah, let’s just get on with it!

Ed: And Taleis picking up Asian. Flying Diamond Cutter from Taleis! And a pin! 1. 2.

Biff: kickout

Ed: 3!

Biff: 3?

Ed: 3!

Announcer: The time of the fall, 19 minutes, 55 seconds. Your winner, Taleis!

Ed: Well, how do you like that, Biff? Taleis won.

Biff: Well. I guess there are some surprises left in this job. You know. I suddenly feel a lot better. Hmmm. who’s next, Ed?

Ed: Well, next we’re going back to the control room.

Biff: Damn. So much for that.

Deck the Halls Report

Myers: Thanks Ed. This is your Deck The Halls report.

We already know that Mr. America earned a shot at the WSCW Championship at Halloween Horror and hell be facing Traci Lane for that title at “Deck The Halls”

The following matches have been signed for this event just this week:

As a result of the retirement of the North American Championship, Monica Brant who was scheduled to fight for that title has been put into a triple threat match and will take on Asian Invasion and current champion TV Champion Virgo with the title on the line.

“The Enforcer” Adam Sanchez will be taking on “The Enforcer” Rachel Ryan. Stipulations for this match are still being considered.

Also signed for “Deck The Halls”, is Fantasia taking on Shiva in a rematch from the match earlier tonight.

Now we have heard Virgo challenge Mr. America to a 5 on 5 cage/elimination match. We are still awaiting Mr. America’s reply to that, and we’ll hopefully have word on that this week.

That’s all the news I have for this week, back to Seattle!

Ed: Asian Invasion making his way up the aisle and here comes The Crew. down to ringside. Now we all know that Virgo and The Crew had a little falling out a few months ago. What’s this The Crew is beating Asian Invasion in the aisle. Uh oh looks like he is down for the count Monty taking the microphone.

The Crew

Monty: Well, we’ll Mr. Virgo probably thought that you wouldn’t see us again hahahaha, wrong. Let me tell you something young man, What you did is unforgivable. We brought you in trained you, broke bread with you and this is how you treat us. We’ll we got a surprise for you but. What better time than “Deck the Hall” to give you a present. As for Asian, Hell he runs his mouth a little too much anyways, if he wants payback I’ll give him his opportunity, but first things first. Mr. America and whatever your tag team partner is, Me and Stacks will gladly accept you challenge, Why not, I need the practice, we have a lot to make up for. so WSCW and the rest of the Western States wrestlers, Here we come, The Crew has been silent for a long time, but That’s about to change. (The Crew leaves followed by Monty and the Cheers of the Crowd)

Ed: We’ll now, that was mighty interesting……The Crew and Virgo something we have seen before. Monty and Stacks to take on Mr. America and his Mystery Partner later on in the card. Up next we have “Mistress” Monica Brant taking on Davey Scott. It was just last week that Scott ditched the title and threw it into the trash after beating Executioner for it.

Biff: I don’t know what he was thinking by doing that either. He’s going to have his hands full with a former North American Champion.

Ed: That’s true, and last week he upset Mr. America.

Biff: Yeah, but the guy is a lot of hot air to begin with. Anyhow, I think we’re ready for this match.

Ed: Let’s head to the ring announcer.

Davey Scott vs. Monica Brant

Ring Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first! Hailing from Flagstaff, Arizona!

Biff: I’ll be damned. He got it right this week.

Ring Announcer: And weighing in at 250lbs. Here is Davey Scott!

Davey Scott’s entrance music plays as the crowd boos. Davey Scott walks to the ring encouraging more boos from the crowd. He climbs into the ring and shouts to the crowd.]

Ed: Scott really getting a bad reaction from the fans here.

Biff: Yeah, but the only good fans are the ones that keep you cool in the summer.

Ring Announcer: His opponent! Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada! Representing the Femme Fatal
e. Here is the “Misty” Monica Brant!

(“Superbitch” by 2 Precious plays on the pa system, and the crowd waits. After a few seconds, the curtains part, and out comes a cloud of pinkish smoke. Through this comes “Mistress” Monica Brant. She is dressed in a black, form concealing long tights and top. Over this she wears long black leather gloves and boots. Completing the ensemble is her infamous purse. She stops and blows a kiss at Davey Scott from the ramp. She heads to the ring and climbs in.)

Ed: Monica Brant with her usual tactics as well. It was nice to see her reuniting with the Femmes, putting behind and ugly feud.

Biff: I wouldn’t mind being on the receiving end of a kiss she blew at me.

Ed: Biff, you need a date.

Biff: Are you offering Ed?

Ed: No.

Biff: I thought you weren. t.

Ed: There’s the bell and we’re underway. Brant and Scott lock up and Scott forces Brant back to the turnbuckle. The ref calls for the break and they do. Brant with a slap to Scott and Scott didn’t like that.

Biff: I don’t think you’d like a woman slapping you either. We have a lock up again and this time Scott forces Brant to the ropes. He whips Brant into the ropes and goes for a superkick. Brant ducks on the way back over! She comes off again and takes Scott to the mat with a shoulderblock. Brant brings Scott to his feet and takes him over with a belly-to-belly suplex! One, tw. Scott kicks out!

Ed: Scott back to his feet before Brant. Scott whips Brant into the turnbuckle with force! She stumbles out and Scott rebounds. He goes for a Frankensteiner, but Brant drops back and Hotshots Scott across the top rope! Great counter wrestling! Brant brings Scott up and she nails him with a vertical suplex!

Biff: Brant picks Scott up and goes for another suplex, but Scott blocks it! Scott reverses and nails Brant with a vertical suplex! Both wrestlers hit the mat. Scott to his feet and he nails Brant with a kneelift as she gets to her feet! Scott fires away with a punch to Brant. He truly doesn’t have any remorse about just hitting a woman either.

Ed: Scott now with another kneelift. He follows that up with a flying clothesline! Scott has Brant down on the mat and here comes Mr. America!!

Biff: I guess he believes in the what goes around, comes around policy.

Ed: Brant slides out of the ring as Scott’s attention was focused on America. Brant takes a breather and America looks at her and smirks. Brant climbs back into the ring at the count of five and Scott goes right after her!

Biff: Scott goes for a flying clothesline, but Brant ducks down! Scott hits the mat and Brant moves in and applies a cobra clutch! Scott fights to his feet and reaches the ropes. Brant breaks the hold. Scott walks out and Brant applies a bearhug! Scott gets to the ropes quickly again’

Ed: Brant whips Scott into the ropes, but he reverses it! Scott winds up and swings, but Brant ducks and slides through his legs! She gets to her feet, but is met with a punch! Scott with a kneelift and a crucifix. NO! Brant drops back with a Samoan Drop! Brant applies a figure-four leglock! That’s a good move because of Scott’s weak knee!

Biff: That’s true, but Scott was too close to the ropes. Brant releases the hold, but yanks Scott back to the middle of the ring and applies a kneelock submission. She pinches Scott’s cheek and Scott is furious!

Ed: Brant just taunting Scott here, and that may not be a good idea. Scott gets to the ropes and the hold is broken. Brant heads up top, but Scott to his feet and he shakes the ropes! Brant loses her footing and lands on the turnbuckle!

Biff: That’s gotta hurt! Scott climbs up. superplex! He pulls Brant to her feet! He lifts her up and Brant’s feet just nailed the ref! He hits the mat! Scott. SPINNING PILEDRIVER! He hit his finisher and he goes for the cover, but the ref is out!

Ed: America now up on the ring apron and he climbs to the top buckle! America off the top with a modified flying legdrop onto the back of Scott’s neck!

Biff: I was wondering when we’d see that.

Ed: America rolls out of the ring and walks back up the aisle! The ref starts to stir as Brant does too! Scott still on the mat, and Brant sees him. She gets to her feet. Scott to his and he throws a punch, but Brant catches his arm, she twists. FASHION STATEMENT! She’s got that Cobra Sleeper on! Scott slumps to the mat as she applies the hold!

Biff: The ref is back to his feet and he checks Scott’s arm. it falls once. twice and three times! Scott is out of it!

Ring Announcer: The winner of the match is the “Mistress” Monica Brant, in a time of 12 minutes and 17 seconds!

Ed: Brant rolls out of the ring and grabs her purse. She pulls out a T-shirt. She walks back towards Scott and puts the shirt on him.

Biff: Scott putting up hardly any struggle as he’s still a bit woozy.

Ed: The shirt says. “Never underestimate the power of a woman.”

Biff: That shirt would look better on Monica though.

Monica Brant exits the ring and walks back up the aisle. Davey Scott rolls out of the ring and sees the shirt. He takes it off wipes his nose with it and throws it into the crowd. Scott runs up after her and wraps the shirt around her neck and begins to choke her out, dragging her back towards the ring…]

Biff: Hey, at least he got a good use out of the shirt.

Ed: Davey rolls Brant back into the ring and he appears to be handcuffing her to the corner. he searching under the ring and he pulls out a whip. he takes a couple of cracks at her and here comes the Femmes. Lane, Ryan and Salyards hitting the ring and Davey is out of there.

Biff: Davey Scott just dishing a little justice of his own. Brant’s gone back to being a little sissy.

Ed: Security is here and trying to cut the handcuffs from Brant and look at the size of the welts on her legs. Let’s take this quick break.

Voiceover: It’s that time of the year again’the WSCW 1997 Year-End Achievement Awards.

Time for you to vote for your favorite WSCW Superstar in a number of categories.

You can do it now by calling the WSCW Superstar Hotline, or through the WSCW Web Site.

Make your vote count and support your favorite superstar.

Mr. America

“Highway to Hell” by AC/DC blasts through the arena. Lights flicker to the music as Mr. America walks down to the ring in street clothes. He grabs the mic off the table and climbs into the ring as the music stops.]

America: So, here I am and everyone wants to know what’s on my mind? Mr. gimmick man himself? Hell no, this is too good to waste air time on him. The “enforcer?” Heh, yeah right. I’m here to give Virgo the time of day again’ It seems the kid still has some sort of fetish that involves yours truly and he can’t get me out of his mind, no matter how hard he tries. I don’t see how That’s possible anyhow considering one thought is enough to occupy his mind. So, Virgo, you’ve got your SWF flunkies and halfwits here to try and best me on my own turf. Nah, it’s not going to work that way and I’ll tell ya why. I’ve assembled the cream of the crop here in the WSCW to take you on. Yeah, I wanted Underground originally, but then I thought to myself. This isn’t that important because it’s you and the other SWF throw backs here. Why bother the guys to deal with the boys? So, let’s take this one step at a time. The first man I chose, was someone who’s stood by me for awhile now. He’s the reason I took this match in the first place because I didn’t want to deal with the lame that I saw before me. He convinced me to do it because he saw the potential in chaos by taking out your team in a few mere minutes. I thought to myself and came to the conclusion he was right. I’d hope even you would know who this guy is. Taleis, come on down.

“Sweet Dreams” by Marilyn Manson play as Taleis makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos. Taleis smirks at the stands, then gives them the infamous. up yours. signal. He laughs, then continues down the aisle. Taleis enters the ring as Mr. America hands him the mic.]

Taleis: Thank you, thank you and fans, I thank YOU for the lovely welcome you have afforded me. [Taleis smirks, and the boos intensify.] Virgo, what you’re about to see is, quite simply, the greatest amount of pure concentrated talent in one place at one time in the WSCW. Hell, right now you’ve got what could easily be the best tag team in the federation’s history but anyway. Virgo, I don’t know what you could possibly be thinking. As I understand it, you’ve dragged four guys from what could very we’ll be, according to popular rumor, the BIGGEST piece of [bleep: promotion that you’ll ever find on God’s green earth.

Taleis snickers for a moment.]

Taleis: And now, you want to bring a bunch of bush league losers to face off against five of the biggest names in the WSCW? [Taleis laughs out loud.: Be my guest. When you find out who the rest of our teammates are, not only will you regret having signed this match, you’ll wake up in the morning cursing your parents for ever bringing you into this world. I’ve hope you got one hell of a medical insurance policy, Virgo. After Deck the Halls. you’re gonna need it.

Mr. America gets the mic back.]

Mr. America: That’s one, and next up is number two. I wouldn’t call this lady number two though because she’s proven she’s not. Who am I talking about? It’s simple. I’ve tussled with her twice before and we split the matches. She’s a former North American Champion as we’ll as a six-man champion. It’s the “Latin Lover” the ever lovely Consuelo Salyards!

Consuelo Salyards. entrance music plays as the fans cheer. Salyards walks to the ring and climbs in’ She smiles to the crowd. Mr. America goes to hand her the mic, but she shakes her head, no. Mr. America shrugs his shoulders.]

America: There’s number three. We have two left to go. So, who’s number four? If you had any sense, which you don’t, Virgo you’d have seen this one coming as well. I can’t really blame you for being blinded by stupidity though. It’s genetics and not your fault. This lady I haven’t faced in the ring yet, but That’s going to change real soon. I’ve had the utmost respect for her for awhile now and I’ll have it for some time to come. Virgo, welcome the lady you lost to. Welcome the three time champ, the franchise player of the WSCW herself, the “Black Widow” and refined Traci Lane!

(The opening strains of “Fire Woman” by The Cult begin with a slow picking and strumming of an electric guitar; the drums start pounding, the tempo increases, then with an explosion of sonic fury, the song kicks into high gear, chain-saw riffs juxtaposing with howling vocals to electrify the listener. A prismatic eruption of fireworks frames the entranceway as Traci “The Black Widow” Lane strides out to a deafening crowd pop, clad in a black pelvic leotard and matching crop-top bearing a red hourglass. The WSCW Title is firmly clipped to her waist. She waves to the fans as she strides down the aisle, then hops onto the apron and slips into the ring.)

Lane: I don’t wish to steal the show, Alex, so I’ll keep it brief. Virgo, I hope you’ve got a real dream team assembled, because otherwise, it’s going to be united we stand — and divided you’ll fall!!!

Mr. America gets the mic back.]

America: So, now we’re left with one person. I scoured the ranks on who to take, but I didn’t find anyone who could suit my needs. Donnie’s back in London taking care of business. I mean, he’s already got an international dynasty in the business world, but he keeps expanding. I didn’t want to bother the man when he has more important things to do than screw around with cannon fodder. I looked some more and found that Executioner may have been a good thing, but he and I don’t exactly see eye to eye. We can’t have any volatility on this team either. Scratch that idea. Who else? Monica? Perhaps, but we’ll get to her later on in the show. So, who was I left with? I had looked at the ranks and I wasn’t that impressed with my remaining options, that was until a couple of days ago. I caught a replay of the show and heard what the suit had to say. It intrigued me. It did that because he gave me the idea of who to get. So, now that you’re scratching your head wondering who would team with me. Let me give you a bit of background. This person is a former OWA champion. Heck.

Mr. America lowers the mic for a moment and then brings it back to his face.]

America: Even though I’m a master of linguistics and I’m the verbal king of the WSCW, not even my words can do this person justice. Enough with the flair and let the jaw dropping commence. get out here big guy.

The opening to “Killer of Giants” from Ozzy Osborne fades into the stadium. The curtains open and out walks the Giant Gustaffson. The entire arena goes crazy and hit their feet cheering as the other three members have their jaws drop. Mr. America smirks.]

Gus makes his way to the ring and enters it. Mr. America hands him the mic. Traci Lane and Consuelo Salyards embrace Gustaffson and celebrate a bit.

Gustaffson: Firgo, I hafen’t much to say but you’re dead vhen ve meet. Your ass is mine.

Mr. America gets the mic back.]

America: I guess you can call this one team of tossed salad talent. A mix thrown together meant for the win, but destined for success. Virgo, as the late and great Jim Croce put it. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t piss into the wind. You don’t take the mask off the. ol Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with him.

Mr. America points to Gus.]

America: Merry Christmas, Virgo, and I doubt you’ll have a good new year.

Mr. America almost drops the mic but brings it back to his face.]

America: Stacks, Monty, it’s good to see that you’re back in the land of the living. I was about to give up hope on the two of you, but you’ll see who my tag team partner is soon enough. Crew, you all have let the moment define you for far too long. My partner and I will show you how you’re suppose to define the moment.

Mr. America drops the mic and confers with his team. Mr. America props the ropes open as his team members leave. Mr. America exits the ring. The members walk back up the aisle.]

Ed: Gustaffson is back for a one time appearance in the WSCW and hell be on Mr. America’s team at “Deck The Halls”. And not only that, Mr. America’s opponent for that card, Traci Lane will also be on his team.

Biff: If that tag match runs before the Championship Match, I betcha America has something planned for Traci Lane. He’s not above stooping to put himself in an advantageous situation.

Ed: We’re ready for our next match. We’ll see Virgo defend the TV title against Godiva Rage. Last week Rage beat Mr. America and Virgo lost to Asian Invasion.

Biff: Yes, but Virgo kept the title. That’s what was important. He knows how to wrestle as a champion.

Ed: Let’s head to the ring for the introductions!

WSCW TV Championship: Virgo vs. Godiva Rage

Ring Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall, with a thirty minute time limit, and is for the WSCW TV Title! Introducing first! Hailing from London, England and weighing in at 136lbs. Here is Godiva Rage!

Godiva Rage’s entrance music plays as Godiva makes her way to the ring. She climbs into the ring.]

Ed: Rage has been on a roll as of late.

Biff: But can she keep it up tonight? She has to beat Virgo by pinfall or submission to win the title.

Ed: We have some comments from Virgo.

Virgo stands in the locker room, talking with Rigor and Mortis of Trinity.}

Virgo: “Tonight, I am going to show the WSCP what Trinity is all about. I am walking in the champ, and walking out the champ.”

Rigor: “I have no doubts you will. But how? You aren’t the Equalizer here, so you lack that chaotic edge that makes Trinity so special.”

Virgo: “You will see me taking the fight to new levels of intensity. I will pull out everything from the mat, to the kitchen sink, and everything in between. Tonight, the Television Champion is going censor crazy.”

Mortis: “Censor crazy? You are going to curse?”

Virgo: “Hell no. I am going to do acts of wanton violence, and blood filled destruction. I am going to bulldoze through the opposition, until victory is in my grasp, and then I will deliver the final blow. the dreaded Face Plant reverse choke slam.”

Rigor: “Ah. In other words, you are going to Equalize the competition?”

Virgo: “Exactly. And now, gentlemen….I am off to defend my title!”

Mortis: “See you on the Flip Side.”

The scene cuts back to Ed and Biff.]

Biff: Virgo looks ready to keep his title.

Ed: Let’s see if he has it.

Ring Announcer: Her opponent! Hailing from Canada and weighing 250lbs. Here is the WSCW TV champion, VIRGO!

“Thunderstruck” by AC/DC plays as Virgo makes his way to the ring with the belt around his waist. He takes the belt off and climbs into the ring.]

Ed: Rage not wasting any time! She turns Virgo around and nails him with a belly-to-belly suplex and there’s the bell! Rage back up and whips Virgo into the ropes. She takes him down with a shoulderblock! Rage now with a jack-knife power bomb! She falls on Virgo for the cover! One, t. Virgo gets his shoulder up!

Biff: Rage to her feet and she runs into the ropes, and Virgo catches her with one hand. choke slam! Virgo grabs Rage’s arm and slaps on an armbar submission! He puts on the pressure and Rage not giving up. She reaches the ropes and Virgo breaks the hold. Virgo scoops Rage up and bodyslams her to the mat. Rage gets to her feet and Virgo hiptosses her over, and applies another armbar.

Ed: Classic text book wrestling by Virgo. Virgo releases the hold and brings Rage to her feet. He whips her into the ropes. Frankensteiner by Virgo and he rolls over for the cover! One, two, kickout by Rage! Virgo back to his feet and whips her into the ropes again’ Rage comes off with a shoulderblock and sends Virgo to the mat! Rage heads to the top buckle. flying shoulderblock!

Biff: Rage grabs Virgo’s legs and flips him over into a Boston Crab! She sits back and puts the pressure on, but the ropes are within reaching distance. Rage breaks the hold. She pulls Virgo to his feet, and Virgo with another hiptoss! He tosses Rage out of the ring! Virgo follows through the ropes. He goes for a Frankensteiner, but Rage counters with a power bomb! She follows it up with another power bomb! She throws Virgo into the ring and heads up top!

Ed: Virgo back to his feet and rebounds off the ropes! Rage hits the buckle and falls back outside the ring! Virgo goes through the ropes. a flying elbowdrop from the ring apron! He goes back to the ring apron. flying bodypress! Virgo tosses Rage back into the ring and clamps on that armbar submission again!

Biff: Rage is in the center of the ring and she’s fighting her way to the ropes, but Virgo is struggling to keep her back.

Ed: Rage is still reaching and she’s not giving up. Virgo is really working the arm over here. Rage finally gets her foot to the bottom rope and Virgo breaks the hold, but her arm has to be tender.

Biff: Virgo grabs Rage by the neck. another choke slam! He falls onto her for the cover! One, two, thr. Rage gets her shoulder up!

Ed: Rage not down yet. Virgo whips her into the ropes. Frankensteiner! He grabs her by the back of her neck. there’s the FACE PLANT! He hits that reverse choke slam! He covers! One, two, three. NO! Rage got her bottom foot across the rope! Virgo not happy in the least! He brings Rage back to her feet, and Rage with a thumb to the eye. Rage whips Virgo into the ropes, but Virgo reverses and sets up for a backdrop. Rage stops her momentum!

Biff: GUTWRENCH SUPLEX INTO A HOTSHOT! Rage just hit her finisher! She rolls Virgo into a cradle and puts her feet onto the ropes! One, two, three!!

Ed: We have a new TV champion!

Godiva Rage rolls out of the ring.]

Ring Announcer: The winner of the match, in a time of 17 minutes and 18 seconds, and NEW WSCW TV CHAMPION! GODIVA RAGE!

The ref gets the TV title and exits the ring. He hands it to Godiva Rage who holds it above her head. She walks back up the aisle as Virgo rolls out of the ring. He shakes his head in disgust at the ref and walks back up the aisle.]

Ed: Virgo not happy with the outcome of this match.

Biff: Godiva beat him at his own game. That’s all there was to it.

Ed: Undoubtedly, that means that it’ll be Godiva Rage taking on Asian Invasion and Monica Brant at Deck The Halls. Hopefully we’ll get some words from the new TV
Champion next week on the Gospel Truth. Let’s go down to ringside for that much anticipated tag team encounter.

Stacks Coltrain/Pretty Boy Monty vs. Mr. America/Traci Lane

The lights go out in the entire arena, lasers begin to flash all over the place, The O. Jays “For the Love of Money” play and a spotlight joins the lasers, it focuses on the entrance curtain and out walks Stacks Coltrain followed by Pretty Boy Monty. Stack has on a “Money” green one piece and Monty is in his trade mark red bottoms, with a “Nike” swoosh on the rear. The Crowd is going wild as Monty and Stacks High five their fans, each taking their time to get to the ring………]

Announcer: This match is one fall. it is a tag team match. First, coming down the aisle weighing in at a total combined weight of 460 pounds. representing “The Crew”. here is the team of Pretty Boy Monty and Stacks Coltrain! And their opponents!

“Highway to Hell” begins to play over the sound system and Mr. America walks up the aisle and stops about halfway and points to the curtain’the crowd pops loudly as Traci Lane peeks through the curtains and walks onto the walkway. they head down the aisle and enter the ring. ]

Ring announcer: Weighing in at a total combined weight of 469 pounds. the team of Mr. America! and the Western States Champion. “The Black Widow”! Traci Lane!!

Biff: Now, you see, America doesn’t want to wait for the PPV to put Traci out of commission, so he’s gonna suckerpunch her during this match and take her out of the picture. I’ve got no clue as to what Traci might be thinking in accepting the match under these circumstances. she can’t trust America.

Ed: I’m almost going to have to agree with you on that one. Looks like Traci will be starting out against Stacks Coltrain’there’s a lock up. body slam by Lane. Whip by Lane. reversal by Stacks. Stacks going for a spinebuster, but Lane nails her with a swinging neckbreaker.

Biff: Stacks has been in a rut as of late. hopefully this will get her out of it. the Crew needs a win here in order to considered an effective unit. Lane misses a dropkick. Stacks with a side suplex and a cover. one. kickout by the Champion.

Ed: Stacks with a whip. NO! Lane nails her with a short arm clothesline and then tags in Mr. America. America off the ropes, nails Coltrain with a flying forearm. America off the ropes again, but Stacks catches him with a spinebuster and she tags in Monty.

Biff: Monty and Stacks execute a nice double choke slam on America and Monty with the cover. one. two. kickout by America. Monty with a dragon suplex. one! kickout by America. Monty misses another lariat and America tags back in Lane. who is met with a dropkick to the knee by Monty.

Ed: Here comes America, but Stacks is there and clothesline him over the top rope and to the floor. Stacks with a dive through the ropes onto America and we’ve got a fight on the outside. Traci whips Monty into the turnbuckle and charges in, but Monty pulls the ref in his way and Lane nails the ref and he’s down.

Biff: We’ve got a real problem here now. America just whipped Stacks into the guardrailing. Monty with a clothesline. cover but no ref. Monty’s own fault there. Monty tosses Traci out of the ring and goes out after her.

Ed: Another referee is coming down to ringside and calling for the bell. this match is definitely out of control and we are out of time for this week. we’ll join you next week for The Gospel Truth. for everyone here at the WSCW, we’ll see you soon.

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