Young Heroes in Love #2

Scene opens up with Thunderhead and Frostbite trying to hang Cleopatra’s sword on the wall. RYDEN LAUFFEYSON “How’s it look?” LEAH AGUERO “Is it even?”

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Young Heroes In Love #3

Recap from last week’s episode ending with Frostbite storming off. Bonfire catches up with her, “Please wait, Frostbite.” From behind, Thunderhead is confused, “How come

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Young Heroes in Love #4

YOUNG HEROES IN LOVE “HUNGRY! HORRIBLE!” cries out Grundomu as he stomps towards the heroes. “Monstergirl, armor up! Zip-Kid, grab Junior! Off Ramp, get ready

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A rag tag group of superpowered individuals decide to form a superpowered team. Will sex, lies and betrayal prevent them from becoming the team the city needs?