The sky is blue with a few lingering fluffy clouds as the title for the show is shown on the screen.

The camera pans down to take in the view of the city from up above as the credits start to introduce the actors in the show.


The camera dives down to street level as a female figure exits an apartment, puts a helmet on her head and hops on a motorcycle as we see a vanity plate with the name RITA on it.


She starts up the motorcycle and we see the brake light come on before she puts the bike into gear and zooms out into the street. 


She zooms down the street, weaving in and out of traffic as a few of the vehicles honk at her.


She punches down on the brake and leans as she turns a corner and then drives on.


She comes to a sudden stop as someone with a stop sign helps some school kids across the street.


Once the kids are across the street, her tires squeal as she zooms off again.


She turns into a corner where there is a public park as she enters the parking lot and eases the bike back into a parking space.

She puts the kickstand down and dismounts, removing her helmet which allows her long black hair to fall back around her shoulders as she sets the helmet on the bike.


We zoom over to the playground where two grown men are sitting on a picnic table. One is older, unkempt facial hair and weird looking goggles. He’s wearing jeans, a Ramones T-shirt and a black leather jacket. He motions towards the approaching woman and asks, “That her?”


The other man is much bigger, built very powerful. He has long blonde hair, almost like an 80s hair metal band member.  He’s wearing ripped jeans, a tank top that could only be worn to show off his large muscles. “That’s her.”

The older guy lets out a low whistle as he watches her come towards them. 

“Is this why we’re putting together a superhero team? To ogle girls?” asks the hair metal guy to which the first quickly responds, “No.” Then after a pause. “Well, maybe.”

The woman finally reaches them. She’s Korean, long black hair and wears black leather motorcycle pants, a Ramones T-shirt and a red leather jacket. She looks at the old man’s shirt,  “Nice shirt. What are you guys talking about?” she asks.

The hair metal answers. “Girls.”

The name “Thunderhead aka Scott Tucker” hits the screen.

She responds. “Figures.”

The name “Monstergirl aka Jinju “Rita” Choi” hits the screen.

Goggles adds, “Girls’ figures.”

The name “Off-Ramp aka George Sloan” hits the screen.

Monstergirl rolls her eyes as she looks at her phone, “Are those guys late or what?”

Thunderhead shrugs, “Beats me. I don’t have a watch.”

Off-Ramp jumps in, “They’re not late. This guy is a total pro.  Wait until you meet him. He’s one of a kind.”

Thunderhead narrows his eyes and leans in close, “Waitasecond.” He lowers his voice, “You mean to tell me you jumped us here early?  Damn. You’ve never been early for anything, George.”

Off-Ramp leaps to his feet and begins to yell, “Are you freakin’ kidding me?! You say my real name one more time and I’m gonna kill you!” he screams as he moves up on Thunderhead, getting nose to nose.

“Sorry…” is the response from Thunderhead.

“So, quit using my real name! This is the big time!”

Thunderhead shrugs, “I know! Your name is Off-Ramp.”

Monstergirl steps in and looks at Off-Ramp, “Just calm down.” Then turns to Thunderhead, “Thunderhead. That’s his name?”


“What’s your name?”


“What’s my name?”


“And you understand the words “secret identity” right?”


Off-Ramp just mutters under his breath and starts to walk away but changes his mind and turns around, “Look, Thunderhead. You’re a friend and I dig you but this guy — his name is Hard Drive — he’s extremely intense.”

Thunderhead interrupts, “Come on! It was an–”

But, Off-Ramp interrupts, “And he’s not going to let that sort of crap go down!!!” Now he storms off as Thunderhead could barely be heard saying, “And I thought I was nervous.”

“Ah, bite me.” is heard from off screen.

Scene changes to the inside of a vehicle. We can hear a male voice speaking as an older lady drives. “For years, I let things get in my way. Little things.”

The older woman turns to what appears to be an empty seat and answers, “Yes, I know.”

“I’d blow them out of proportion. Make a mountain out of a molehill. I’d be paralyzed in fear.”

“That’s not true, dear. You’re selling yourself short.”

“Is that a short joke?”

The camera finally zooms in on the passenger seat where a very tiny man sits. The name “Junior aka Benjamin Newton” hits the screen and fades as the older woman finally responds, “You know it’s not.”

“Well from this point forward, I’m through worrying about the little things!”

“You’re one in a million, Ben.”

“I have a lot more perspective now.”

She pulls up to the curb and opens her door and Junior hops down from the car. He has to be six to eight inches tall. 

“Call me if you’re coming home late.”

He turns back, “I will, ma. Thanks.”

As she drives off, we move across the street to where a man and a woman are speaking. The man seems very serious about something as he’s heard saying, “It’s now or never, Bonfire! I’ve been more than patient.”  The name “Hard Drive aka Jeremy Horton” appears on the screen and fades away. He’s got short blonde hair and a very nice business suit. 

The woman on the other hand responds, “Can’t we talk it over? I mean, I’m here. I’m ready. I know my stuff.”  The name “Bonfire aka Annie Fletcher” hits the screen and fades. She’s got long red hair and wears a yellow, red and orange dress with red flats. 

Hard Drive gets into her face, “Talk is cheap! It’s time for action!”

She shakes her head, “Look, Hard Drive. Maybe I’m not used to being a team player. I feel like I’m a little out of my league here.”

He throws up his hands, “Tell that to Doomsday or the Joker or Bane! Tell it to the marines! Frankly, I don’t think you’re committed to this. Go back to your magazines and your word processor and read about us in the news, Bonfire.” He turns away from her and as we get a look at her again, she appears to be on fire. And angry.

“You’re out of time. I’ll be in touch. Maybe when I form another team…”

In slow cadence, she responds, “I just need some time, YOU CREEP!” she screams and she thrusts her hands forward as intense flames shoot out! She finally stops and we see a smouldering spot on the sidewalk.

“Hard Drive?” she asks slowly, worried.

“Up here!” She looks up and he’s floating a few feet above her in the air. “Great job, Bonfire! I knew you could do it!”

“If you two would prefer to be alone..” Junior asks as he walks around the corner which startles Bonfire, “I thought we were!”

Junior grins, “Bonfire, you didn’t reckon with the matchless surveillance powers of the one and only “Junior: Man of Several Inches” 

Hard Drive makes the introduction, “Junior. Bonfire. Bonfire. Junior.”

“Pleased to meet you, Junior.”

“Hiya! So, you control fire?” he asks her.

She leans down and he hops onto her hand, “And temperature to a degree. I’m very sensitive.”

“What a coincidence. I’m very insensitive.”

She smirks, “You’re also a little smart ass.”

Junior sticks his finger in the air then taps his nose, “The littlest.”

Hard Drive interrupts, “Listen, I want to thank you both for giving me your trust. It means a lot to me. I plan on giving this team everything I have, so ready or not, here comes some telekinesis. I can lift a lot more than the three of us, so don’t worry!”

“Lift?” asks Bonfire.

Junior asks, “So you’re really going to fly us?”

As they lift up into the air, Hard Drive responds, “You’ll love it.”  They fly off and we can hear Bonfire is in awe as she responds, “I already do.”

We watch them fly through the air and as they approach the park, Hard Drive lowers them towards the ground and he yells out, “Off-Ramp! How’s it going?” as they all land as Off-Ramp goes to meet them but it’s then we see Thunderhead has his eyes on Bonfire.

“Wow. Totally gorgeous…” he mutters under his breath, but it is heard by Monstergirl.

“I can see why Off-Ramp was so nervous about him.” she responds.

Thunderhead can’t seem to take his eyes off Bonfire as he responds, “I wasn’t talking about him.”  Off-Ramp leads the three over, “Hard Drive, allow me to introduce two more heroes who want to fight the good fight. This is Monstergirl and this is Thunderhead.”

Hard Drive approaches Monstergirl. “What is it you do?”

Off-Ramp smirks, “She can morph into this thing. Show them, Monstergirl.”

Suddenly, Monstergirl transforms into a monster with a large head and gnashing teeth, with spikes coming out of her skin.  As quickly as she changes, she changes back into her original form. 

Off-Ramp points to Thunderhead, “He has the power to turn his brain into solid rock.”

Thunderhead looks appalled at the joke, “What? You jerk!”” he turns to the others, “Seriously, my power is super strength.”

Junior, who is on Hard Drive’s shoulder looks surprised, “Really?”

Hard Drive steps forward, “Pleased to meet you. These are two friends of mine.” He motions towards Bonfire, “This is Bonfire. She has pyrokinetic powers…” 

Bonfire interrupts, “And this is Junior, who can cause earthquakes.”

Thunderhead looks impressed, “Earthquakes? Really?”

Junior laughs, “Just emotional ones.”

Hard Drive adds, “No. No. They’re just kidding. Junior is our team’s espionage specialist.”

“Specialist sounds better than ‘sneaky little shit’”, Junior chimes in as he hops off Hard Drive and onto the picnic table. 

Thunderhead shakes his head and walks towards Bonfire, “Man, everyone’s a comedian! I didn’t think it was going to be this rough.”

Bonfire laughs, “Hey, if you can’t stand the heat…”

“Oh, I can stand the heat. It’s the wisecracks.” Thunderhead then looks at Bonfire and grins, “I mean, unless you’re talking about heat power and then that might get me too.”

Bonfire grins, “It might.”

“Well, this is six of our seven. Our final teammate needs some help getting here so we’re going to go pick her up.  Once we have everyone, we will get down to business. Off-Ramp, you ready?”

“Uhh. Not yet. I’ll need a few minutes to navigate. She’s pretty far north.”

“How long do you think it’ll take?”

Off-Ramp shrugs, “Couple of minutes. I’ve never been out there before, that’s why. Don’t worry, we will be out there before you know it.” 

Hard Drive grasps hands with Off-Ramp, “Terrific! I’m so glad you joined the team. You’re really very important to the effort!”

Off-Ramp looks a little confused but responds, “Uhh. Likewise, Hard Drive. Wouldn’t have been here if it weren’t for you. Just give me a second to find it.”

As Off-Ramp does his thing, Bonfire and Monstergirl are chatting, “So, you’re a shapeshifter?” Bonfire asks.

Defensively, Monstergirl quickly responds, “What? Where’d you hear that? No. I can armor up. Grow bony plates and spikes.”

“That’s wild. Enhanced strength?” she asks.

“I could probably bench a couple of tons.” Monstergirl answers.


Monstergirl leans in close as she looks over at Hard Drive,”What do you know about Hard Drive?”

Bonfire lifts her hand up to talk behind it, “Not much. I only know him as Hard Drive and I haven’t known him very long. He’s a really powerful telekinetic, that’s really all I know.” Her gaze shifts towards Thunderhead, “What do you know about Thunderhead?”

“What don’t I know?”

Bonfire grins, “Well, don’t tell me anything he wouldn’t want me to know. Don’t violate confidence or if you do, make it something good.”

Monstergirl thinks for a moment before responding as they both look over at him talking with Junior, “Okay. Thunderhead is the sweetest guy who was ever born. He has the biggest heart in the world. But, unlike me, being in a superhero team was never his dream.  He’s really a musician or he used to be.”

“With that hair, I can see that.”

“But he came down with a wicked case of super strength. Look at the size of his hands. They just started to grow, fingers too. He lost his control.”

“Oh no!”

“He can’t play anymore. So, he quit his band and became a bouncer to pay rent and when his old drinking buddy Off-Ramp approached him about the team, he decided to go with dream number two.”

Bonfire shakes her head, “All I’ve ever wanted to be was a superhero. I don’t know what I’d do if I ever lost my power. You know, like he lost his music.”

Monstergirl places an arm around Bonfire, “Just wait til you get to know him better. He may have lost his band, but he sure hasn’t lost his music.”

Off-Ramp finally shouts, “Alright folks. We’re good to go. My car is over here.”

Thunderhead looks surprised, “You brought ‘the car’? I didn’t realize how committed you were to this.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to my best friend,” as Off-Ramp dramatically pulls the cover off the car, “Roadshow!” It’s a very classic car, bright red. 

Bonfire squeals, “That is a beautiful vehicle!”

“You got that right, “ chimes in Off-Ramp. “Pile in folks and we will get underway!”

Bonfire is quick to scream, “Shotgun!”

As everyone climbs into the car, Off-Ramp turns the key to start it up, “Okay, next stop — Chicoutimi, Canada. About a dozen miles outside the Arctic Circle.”

Bonfire is putting on her seat belt, “Are you serious? We’ll be crammed in here for days! I didn’t even bring a change…”

Thunderhead leans in from the back seat, “Check it out. Off-Ramp is the king of the shortcut. He does it with time travel.”

Junior shakes his head, “Time Travel? Get outta here.”

From the driver’s seat, Off-Ramp shakes his head, “Don’t listen to him. It’s definitely not time travel, but brace yourself. It’s gonna be very cold on the other side!”

As Off-Ramp drives forward, a portal opens up and he drives right through.

Scene is the wintery forest of Chicoutimi, Canada. Lots of trees. Lots of snow. A portal suddenly opens up and Roadshow pops through.  Inside, Bonfire has her hands on the dashboard, “Oh my god.”

“One jump? I had no clue you could open ramps so far away!” Thunderhead adds.

Off-Ramp brushes it off, “Just took a little scouting. A little sub-dimensional exploring.”

Junior gets all excited, “Really? You know about sub-d physics?”

Off-Ramp smirks, “Not a goddamn thing,” to which Junior’s excitement fades. 

“So now what?” chimes in Monstergirl.

“You say hello to me.” a voice is heard as the camera shifts attention to a female, blue skin. She wears a long fur jacket to keep warm. She has some hoop earrings in her ears. Her long blue hair hangs down around her shoulders. The name “Frostbite aka Frostbite” appears on the screen and then fades away. “Welcome to Canada! I’m Frostbite.”

Hard Drive approaches and the two shake hands, “Frostbite, this is Thunderhead, Monstergirl, Off-Ramp, Junior and Bonfire.” We see everyone on the team is huddled around Bonfire who is trying to keep everyone warm.

Frostbite nods to the others and turns back to Hard Drive, “You kept your word. I’m ready if you are.”


“Attractive group, but I imagine you must be cold.”

Hard Drive chuckles, “Not as cold as you.”

It’s then that Frostbite and Bonfire suddenly lock eyes as Frostbite responds, “Me? Cold? I don’t.. “

Bonfire and Frostbite stay there for a long awkward moment just looking at each other before Hard Drive starts to look annoyed and seems about to say something when Junior speaks. “Well now that we’re all here, what’s next?”

Hard Drive grins, “I was hoping you’d ask.”

Scene changes and our heroes are driving down a road when Off Ramp opens a portal and the heroes are transported into a garage where Off Ramp brings the car to a sudden stop. 

As everyone climbs out of the car, Thunderhead brings Junior off to the side, “So, Junior… you showed up with Bonfire and Hard Drive. Uh, are they.. Y’know.. Uh…”

“Getting it on?” Junior smirks before shaking his head, “I don’t think so.” Junior gets a stern look on his face and points to Thunderhead, “But you keep your big hands off-a her. She’s mine, do you hear me? Mine!”

There’s a tense moment before Junior grins, “I’m just messing with you. Go for it.”

A relieved Thunderhead exhales and then grins, “Great. Cool.”

As everyone walks into the building, Bonfire and Frostbite have wandered off together.  “This is pretty impressive for a headquarters, don’t you think?” Bonfire asks Frostbite.

“Yeah,” she says, then adds, “Now, tell me what you’re really thinking,” to Bonfire who stops, confused and turns to the blue skinned female.


Frostbite leans in close, placing a hand against the wall. “Come on. I know you felt it. Our powers are feeding off each other…”

Stammering, Bonfire struggles for a response, but only manages a “I don’t… I don’t…”

“Excuse me, Bonfire?” Hard Drive is standing in the doorway. “Can I see you for a moment?”

Bonfire ducks under Frostbite’s arm and follows Hard Drive into what looks like a break area with a fridge, tables and vending machines. “I’m not very good at this kind of thing so bear with me,” he starts to explain.

Bonfire looks at him curiously, “What is it?”

“I think Thunderhead is interested in you.”

A brief moment of shock flashes across Bonfire’s face and then it turns to a cross between anger and annoyance, “What business is that of yours?”

Hard Drive clears his throat and shrugs, “I just feel he would be a far better.. Partner… for you.”

Now she’s getting pissed, “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Frostbite is certainly chemically compatible for you, but physically, I think Thunderhead would be far more appropriate as a romantic interest.”

Bonfire steps closer to Hard Drive in a threatening manner, “Are you telling me who I should be dating? Who in the hell do you think you are?”

“For the good of the team, I think you would agree.”

“I said who in the..” Bonfire starts but as she does there’s a sparkle in the eyes of Hard Drive that causes her to stutter out. Hard Drive asks again, “Wouldn’t you agree?”

As Bonfire seems to have befallen into a trance, she responds. “Yes, of course.”

The scene changes into the living room where everyone is either seated or standing as Hard Drive enters with Bonfire after him. “Well, here we are! I think that even as kids, each of us always hoped that one day our lives would lead here. We are all here for the same reason. We wanted to help, but we were too afraid to do it alone.”

“So we are no longer alone. We’ve made a commitment to serve others before ourselves. Sacrifice energy, effort and time to protect those around you. No matter the cost.”

“Promise to shield them with our bodies and souls without reward or even acknowledgement in total anonymity. Set yourself free. Because I’ll tell you something about freedom. Freedom isn’t infinite options and total control. Freedom is what happens after you’ve made the decision when there’s nothing left to do but act. That is when you’re really free.”

“Welcome to the Young Heroes!”

“Long may they kick ass!” Thunderhead yells as he holds up a fist!

A few moments later, they’ve mingled off. Junior is heard saying, “That was a hell of a speech,” to which Frostbite smirks, “You think so?”

Off-Ramp is sitting on one of the couches as he looks back and sees Thunderhead behind him. “Dude, just go ask her.”


“Just ask her.”

Thunderhead finally gets up the courage as he starts to walk over, we hear Hard Drive asking Bonfire, “Was there something you wanted to ask me?”

Bonfire looks confused for a moment as if there was something she wanted to say, but shakes her head. “I don’t think so…”

“Excuse me, Bonfire.”

She turns around to see Thunderhead as he stammers out, “I was wondering if you’d like to.. Uh.. go on patrol or…”

“I’d love to!” Bonfire responds with a smile. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room a scowl crosses the face of Frostbite as the two walk off together.

Hard Drive raises a glass, “Folks, I can feel it deep down in my bones. This is going to be the start of something big.”

The scene fades to a bit later in a bedroom. Rustling can be heard and we see two individuals underneath the covers of the bed.  As the scene pans back, we see a very expensive suit and a Ramones t-shirt and jeans thrown across the floor.

“We did it,” the voice of Hard Drive.

“We sure did,” the voice of Monstergirl

When we return from break, Thunderhead and Bonfire are out on patrol. They are scaling the rooftops from one building to another. Bonfire gets up on the edge and throws her hands up in the air, “It’s a beautiful night!”

Thunderhead seems less than assured as she teeters on the edge, “Yeah, beautiful. Are you sure you’re okay up there?”

“I’m sure! I’m pretty well balanced!” she grins in response. 

“I’ll say,” Thunderhead responds, “But I’m not!”

“Oh yes you are, take it from me!” she gives him a flirtatious grin. 

As they leap to another rooftop, Thunderhead says, “Well, if you fall, I won’t be able to swoop down and scoop you up and save you, you know?”

“I didn’t figure you for the swooping and saving type. Afraid of heights?” she asks.

“Me? Naaaah. No reason to be. It’s just that I don’t swoop. I fall,” he grins.

That comment intrigues Bonfire as she lands next to him after the next jump. “What do you mean ‘no reason to be?” 

“I mean, I wouldn’t get hurt if I fell. I just wouldn’t be able to save you.”

She pokes him in the chest, “For one, I don’t need your help…”

“I never said you did.”

“Second, why wouldn’t you get hurt? You got some sort of gravity powers?”

Thunderhead smirks, “No. I am just incredibly physically durable.”

“Mentally too,” Bonfire chimes back before turning back to Thunderhead and asking, “So, what you’re saying is that if you fell from up here and landed down there, you’d just walk away?”

“I mean, yeah. But it would suck. I just wouldn’t break anything.”

Bonfire gets up on the ledge and points down, “You could just jump all the way down to the street and you could land on your head and it wouldn’t hurt?”

Thunderhead laughs, “Of course it would hurt! It just wouldn’t do any damage!” 

“Do it.”


“Jump off the roof.”


“Because you can. If you really can…” her voice lingers, challenging.

“Of course I can!”

“How do you know if you haven’t done it before?”

Thunderhead looks at her, “Of course, I’ve done it before. Landed on my feet. Walked away. It sucked.”


“What do you mean ‘why?’  Because falling sucks! That’s it!”

“But you didn’t get injured. Besides, you’ll probably have to do it sooner or later.”

“I was hoping for later, but tell me… why do you want me to jump off the roof?”

Bonfire just smiles at him, so with a sigh he gets up on the ledge and falls.  On the way down, he mutters under his breath, “Women…”

He hands with a deafening THUD on the street below, cracking the pavement as he lands.

From atop the building, Bonfire is heard, “Hey Thunderhead? If you can still hear me… THAT WAS AWESOME!”


Back at the HQ, Monstergirl walks into a room where Hard Drive is already using his telekinetic powers to rearrange some gym equipment. 

“Hey, the gym is shaping up. The whole place looks great!” she says as she looks around.

“Thanks! It’s a bit sterile yet, but there’s plenty of time to make it feel like home.”

“Need a hand?” she asks.

“Please!” And just like that, Monstergirl morphs into her monster form and begins to help move equipment around. “I’m proud of you,” she says to Hard Drive.

“Don’t be. We have a lot of work ahead of us. This was the easy part.”

“True, first things first, what should we call the HQ?” she asks as she pulls a bench press machine from a box and carries it to a corner.

“That’s a great question! We will have to have a team vote!”

“I’ve put together a team training plan and a workout schedule.”

Hard Drive seems almost disinterested when he answers, “Did you? That’s nice.”

Monstergirl narrows her eyes, “I think we can be a real team in a couple of weeks.”

“Don’t you think you’re being a little conservative?”

“Not really. I don’t think we should go out in public until we are ready.”

Hard Drive smirks, “Neither do I.  But I think we’re ready now.” It’s here we see that Junior is peering at the two behind a box.

Monstergirl drops what she’s carrying and turns to Hard Drive, “We are NOT ready. We don’t even know everyone’s powers! We go into action like that and someone will get hurt!”

“No one will get hurt. Trust me, we’re badasses!”

Monstergirl snorts, shaking her head, “Don’t be cocky. You want us to function as a team, right?”  She reverts back to her human form as Hard Drive walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist and leans into her ear, “We are a team. It’ll be our opening night. Everyone will be nervous, but that nervousness will provide more for us than two weeks of training. It will be worth the risk.”

Monstergirl doesn’t seem all that impressed as she pulls away from him. Hard Drive starts to wander off, “Check in with Off Ramp. Have him monitor emergency channels for something we can help out with.”

As he walks out the door, Junior ducks back behind the box he was hiding behind as the scene changes to the garage and Thunderhead is walking in to find Off Ramp tinkering with his car.  “Dude.”

“Oh, hey,” Off Ramp responds while under the hood. “So?”


Off Ramp looks over at him with a look, “How did it go?”

“Dude, it went great! I mean, we didn’t find anything unusual. It was pretty deserted out there. We ate at Del’s. You know the one that used to be on the other side of the river…”

Finally, Off Ramp pulls himself out from under the hood. “I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Del’s. How did it go with Bonfire? What is she like?”

Thunderhead grins, “Oh, she’s pretty great!”

Scene changes to a dark room, but along the wall a red figure in the shape of Bonfire walks by and the door opens, “Frostbite?” she asks then sees her sitting on what appears to be a locker room bench. “What are you doing in the dark?”

“Is it dark? I didn’t notice. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with my senses, trying to read heat signatures.”


Frostbite smiles as she walks over and turns on the light, “I’ve always been able to do it, but never really felt I needed to. But it might be something I need for the team, so now I am practicing.”

Bonfire seems okay with that answer as she opens her locker and Frostbite leans in, “Tell me. Do you ever get the feeling we’re being watched?”

Bonfire seems a tad annoyed as she finally turns towards Frostbite, “Yeah. Right now. What do you want, Frostbite?”

Crossing her arms over her chest, Frostbite looks at Bonfire, “I want you to admit what’s happening. I feel we are experiencing something very unique here.”

Closing her locker door, Bonfire looks confused, “What are you talking about?”

As Frostbite leans against the locker, the metal begins to ice up around her. “It’s funny. For someone as gifted as you are to pretend that you don’t know. To pretend that you can’t feel what I’m feeling.” As the ice makes its way towards Bonfire it begins to immediately melt and drip down the locker. “Because I can definitely feel what you’re feeling.”

Scene returns to the garage where Off-Ramp is still tinkering with the car and Thunderhead is talking about Bonfire when Monstergirl walks in, “How’s she holding up?”

“She shows her age, but she did just spend some time in Northern Canada.”

Thunderhead chuckles, “Dude,  you just drove through a magic door! This car must get the BEST gas mileage on Earth.”

“Got that right! So guess who just got back from patrol with Bonfire.”

Monstergirl gets up on Thunderhead as he goes into a defensive posture, “Really, Thunderhead. You dog…”

“What? We just checked out the neighborhood. Got a little fresh air!” 

Monstergirl doesn’t seem convinced as she turns her attention back to Off Ramp. “If you’re done with the car, Hard Drive has some stuff he wants you to do. Check out STAR labs, monitor emergency channels, see if there’s anything out there for us to do.”

“He wants me to spy then.”

“Don’t waste your time on anything tedious. He wants something serious.”

Thunderhead cracks his knuckles, “Looking for trouble, huh? Well, I’m ready. I’m psyched to see what’s out there!”

A genuine smile crosses Monstergirl’s face, “I’m glad you’re here Thunderhead. Every superhero team needs a big doofy guy.”

“I know,” he responds as Monstergirl turns to walk back into the HQ. Off Ramp mutters, “She’s got a point.”

Back in the locker room, Junior peeks his head in. “Excuse me.”

Bonfire sees him and asks, “What’s up, Junior?”

“Uh, nothing really. I just saw.. Never mind.” He turns to leave.

“Wait a second. What’s on your mind, Junior?” she asks as Frostbite starts to look annoyed.

“Hard Drive and Monstergirl just met, right? I mean, Off Ramp introduced her to us, right?”

Frostbite smirks, “Yes. Will that be it?” She’s obviously upset at being interrupted. 

Bonfire walks over and leans down, “What’s bugging you, Junior?”

As he’s about to answer,  Hard Drive comes strolling in, “How was patrol?”

Bonfire grins, “It was really great!”

“Awesome. So, can I borrow Junior for a minute?” he asks.

“Please take him,” chimes in Frostbite.

Junior looks from Bonfire to Hard Drive and nods, “Sure. What do you need?”

Hard Drive scoops him up as Bonfire waves, “Well talk a bit later, Junior. Okay?” as Junior is carried off. 

As they walk down the hallway, Hard Drive asks, “You trust me, Junior?”

“Well, of course. You’re the one that put this all together,” is the response.

“You agree that as a team we need to trust each other?”

“Of course.”

“It would be a shame if you told me you trusted me, when you didn’t. It’s important to be able to take people at their word, right?”

As we take a closer look at Junior, he seems to be in that same trance that Bonfire had been in earlier, as Hard Drive asks again, “Wouldn’t you agree?”

Scene changes to Off Ramp sitting on the couch as he opens a small worm hole, “Let’s see what’s going on over at STAR Labs.”

As he watches his expression changes, “Well, that’s certainly trouble.”  He gets up and sprints down the hall running into Hard Drive and Junior as Hard Drive was finishing up, “I’m glad that we are on the same page again, Junior.”

Junior answers, “Me too.”

“We have trouble,” pants Off Ramp as Hard Drive lowers Junior to the ground, “Junior please run and get Monstergirl and the others.” He turns to Off Ramp. “Tell me.”

“They are calling it a major ectoplasmic manifestation.”

Hard Drive grins, “Big monster.”

“Exactly. Have they called the Justice League?”

“No answer.”


Scene changes to the garage where everyone has assembled. “All right team, it’s go time. This is what we’ve been waiting for our entire lives. The Justice League is off planet. We are all they have. Let’s load up!”

As everyone starts to load up into the car, Thunderhead asks, “Don’t we have to train up or something?”

Monstergirl shrugs, “I guess not.” As they get inside, a portal opens and Off Ramp drives them through and they appear on the other side on an old Army base. They are immediately confronted by helicopters and tanks rolling out. Entire buildings have been pushed over on their sides and Off Ramp slams on his brakes as the car comes to a stop and everyone gets out, stopping as they look up.

It’s Thunderhead who speaks first, “Well, I never thought I’d say this but that is the hottest ghost I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Frostbite gives Thunderhead a nudge, “Just shut up.”

“Well, she is!”

We finally see what he’s referring to as a tall brunette female is standing there dressed as if she’s out of ancient Egypt. She looks to stand eight or nine feet tall and in a loud bellowing voice she commands. “You all will bow to your queen, Cleopatra!” as she reaches up and swats a helicopter out of the air, sending it to the ground where it explodes immediately. Her other hand has a sword, which she uses to slice the top right off a nearby building. 

Hard Drive on the other hand is gawking, “Look at all the media! We’re going to be famous.”

“Loathsome and abhorrent! Wretched and forsaken! I will drive you to the ends of the Earth!” screams Cleopatra as soldiers are running for their lives. “How dare you attack your queen!”

Hard Drive climbs up onto the top of the car, “All right folks! The only mistake we can make now is hesitation! Do not think twice. Just act! Frostbite, I want you to go all out! Monstergirl, you and Thunderhead just dismantle her. Off Ramp, coordinate something unexpected with Bonfire.  She is up to no good. Do whatever it takes to take her down!”

Thunderhead turns to Hard Drive, “Maybe Junior should go in to recon?”

“I don’t like that idea,” retorts Junior.

“Neither do I! It’s time to let the world know that the Young Heroes have arrived!” Hard Drive turns to Monstergirl and murmurs, “Oh, and Monstergirl? Your little act of sabotage just backfired. This is exactly what I was looking for.” 

Monstergirl looks annoyed.

As the Young Heroes spring into action, a reporter can be overheard yelling into the camera, “I don’t recognize any of these heroes but it looks like they are on our side!”

As Frostbite freezes up one of Cleopatra’s legs, Thunderhead spears in with a dropkick that nearly topples the giant woman. “I will feed off the flesh of your beloved!” She bats at Thunderhead who tries for another attack and he’s sent face first into the dirt. 

Off Ramp opens a portal for Bonfire who blasts into it with fire. The portal opens up right in front of Cleopatra’s face and she’s hit with the flame as she screams angrily.

Monstergirl rushes over to check on Thunderhead who is already on his feet. “You alright?”

“I’m alright.” They combine their strength to pick up a giant rock and as they’re about to throw it, Hard Drive interrupts. “Let me try something.”

Hard Drive looks towards Cleopatra and his eyes begin to glow and soon she begins to glow before she explodes from the inside out as pieces of her fly around everywhere and her sword falls to the ground. 

We look over at the Young Heroes and they are all covered in parts of Cleopatra, except for Hard Drive who seems to have protected himself from it.

Bonfire grimaces, “Gross.” She shakes off some of the debris. 

Scene changes to a bit later, Hard Drive is being interviewed by the news crew. “We are called the Young Heroes. We are dedicated to the safety of the public.  We hope to uphold the tradition of heroes that have paved the way for heroes like us.”

Meanwhile, over near the car everyone is trying to get the bits off of them, but Bonfire finally grins, “Did you see the look on her face when I blasted her?”

“She never really stood a chance,” grins Off Ramp.

Later on back at the HQ, Monstergirl knocks on Hard Drive’s door, “Have a minute?”

“What’s on your mind,” he says as he gets up from his chair to meet her in the room.

“I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for doubting you. You knew all along what the team was capable of and had faith in them to succeed. I guess there’s still much for me to learn.”

Hard Drive walks over and they kiss, then embrace, she continues, “There’s so much I want you to share with me. I just hope you can put up with me.”

Hard Drive laughs, “Don’t be silly. We’re in this together. I’m happy to teach you everything I know.” 

As the camera focuses on Monstergirl, an evil glimmer crosses her eyes as she adds an evil grin to it as well. “Good.”

Meanwhile, outside the HQ, a small pink shiny light flutters around. It moves in on the window and peeks inside as our heroes are watching themselves on TV. 



                       HARD DRIVE   Chris Constantine Jr.


                          BONFIRE   Danielle Anderson

             THUNDERHEAD   Ryden Lauffeyson

              OFF RAMP   Alastair Frost

                     JUNIOR   Remi Fontaine

            FROSTBITE   Leah Aguero


                  CLEOPATRA  Kaitlynn Petrova


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