Scene opens up with Thunderhead and Frostbite trying to hang Cleopatra’s sword on the wall.


“How’s it look?”


“Is it even?”

“Is it straight?”

“Is his end too high?”


Finally we draw back to see Bonfire is watching them, but not really watching them as her eyes seem to be somewhere other than on the sword. 

“Everything looks just fine to me…” she murmurs.

Thunderhead turns, “C’mon Bonfire!”


“Really, you’re not even paying attention!” snaps Frostbite as she continues to hold her end high.

She finally gets annoyed, “It looks fine! Can you two be any more anal?” Just then Hard Drive walks in and asks, “Hey! Our first trophy!”


“It will be if they finish hanging it up,” mutters Bonfire.

“What’s the problem?”

“Abbott and Costello over there are worried the team’s first official phallic symbol is crooked.”


Hard Drive leans over the back of the couch as he looks. “Well, you better make a call. They can’t hold it there forever.”

Thunderhead chimes in, “Speak for yourself. I can hold it all night.”

Frostbite hmms. “I think you’re right.” She releases her part of the sword and walks off, muttering, “Enjoy yourself.”


“What’s wrong with her?”

Hard Drive takes a bite of an apple, “Good question, but now that I think about it, you’re way off the mark. The sword should hang straight up and down.” He turns and walks off.


Thunderhead looks at the sword for a moment and then drops it so it hangs longways and grins. 

“There you go,” says Bonfire.



We return to Thunderhead and Bonfire and now that the sword is hung, they can take a little time for themselves.

“So, how ya doing?” asks Thunderhead. 


Bonfire is quick to respond, “Fine! Great! It’s all just so unreal. I can’t believe I’m really here. I don’t want to sound all geeky but this is really a dream come true for me. This place, the super powers.. And you. I just want to keep touching everything to make sure it’s real.”

A grin crosses Thunderhead’s face, “Well, go ahead.”


“Go ahead. Make sure I’m real.” 

Finally, Bonfire gets it and grabs Thunderhead by the neck and gives him a long kiss before breaking and adding, “Yep.  You’re real, alright.”

Off in another part of the HQ, Frostbite is letting off a little steam as she uses her powers to create ice sculptures.  Hard Drive happens to walk by and peeks in, “Difficulty adjusting?”

“To the climate? Nope. Adjusting just fine.”

“That’s not what I mean. Look, I know how you feel. I’ve been there. It may not mean much, but I do understand what you’re going through,” Hard Drive says as Frostbite stops spraying ice. “It’s not surprising you’d feel a little awkward.”

“You’re right.”

Hard Drive looks confused.

“That what you say doesn’t mean much to me. You should know this, Hard Drive. I don’t give a damn what you think or how you feel or why you’re worried or when. So the answer to your question is ‘no’ I’m not having trouble adjusting to the team.”

She goes back to spraying ice onto her sculpture as Hard Drive stands there for a moment. He turns to leave, stops and looks like he’s about to say something, then shakes his head and walks out.

In the living room, Monstergirl, Junior and Off Ramp are talking about Cleopatra when Junior comments, “She was surprisingly easy to defeat. I wonder if we were her first heroes. Has she faced any of the other hero teams before us?”

We go back to Frostbite who continues to add ice to her sculpture.

Bonfire walks in shortly adding, “Unless there’s a massive coverup, there’s no way the Justice League or any hero team faced a giant Egyptian Queen before.”

“How would you know that?” asks Monstergirl.

“I follow this stuff religiously. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do so I read papers, browse the Internet, find anything I can get my hands on to study to be a hero.”

Back to Frostbite who is pondering her creation in solitude.

“So who has the best costume?” asks Off Ramp.

“Green Lantern,” chimes in Junior.

Bonfire laughs, “Oh come on!  Flash has the best costume. Simple but makes a statement. Practical too.”

Monstergirl asks, “Didn’t he change it recently? It’s all shiny.”

“You know who had the gutsiest costume? The original Flash!” Bonfire suggests as everyone nods in agreement.

“It’s the hat! It was great!” says Off Ramp.

A little late, Thunderhead adds, “Wait. He shined his costume? Like shoes?”

We peek back in on Frostbite. She’s still deep in thought about something.

Monstergirl is also thinking, “Wait a second. The Flash doesnt wear a hat.”

“The original Flash from the JSA back in the 40s. The first super hero group,” answers Bonfire.

“I thought JLA was the first.”

“Nah, JSA started 30 or 40 years earlier.”

“No way.”

Thunderhead finally speaks up, “You really know your stuff, Bonfire.”

“I love this stuff.”

Hard Drive’s voice is heard before he appears in the room, “We all do. That’s why we’re here.”

Back with Frostbite as she begins to blast ice one more time.

“But, I didn’t come to chat with you about other heroes. We may have a situation,” says Hard Drive. “Frostbite seems to be alienating herself from the team and I’m not sure why.” 

Junior nods, “Well, it’s a completely new experience for her, I’m sure.”

They all begin to walk down the hallway and when they get to the gym they all stop suddenly and then we see that the entire room is made of ice including a giant sculpture in the center of the room that looks like it has slides and jumps off of it. Almost like a tower.

Hard Drive clears his throat, “It’s nice to see that you’re getting comfortable enough around us that you feel inclined to.. Uh.. redecorate the gym.”

Frostbite glares over at Hard Drive. 

Bonfire can be heard whispering, “Do you see what I mean? That’s crazy.”

Hard Drive edges everyone out, “Don’t let us interrupt you, Frostbite. Carry on.”

Bonfire takes one more peek inside, “There’s a message on the wall. It’s a different temperature than the rest.” Her eyes open a little, “oh..”  Then a little more, “OH!” But we don’t get to see the message as Thunderhead’s voice is heard. 

“Hey! Who took the sword?!”

Everyone rushes out into the living room and sure enough the sword is missing from the wall. 

“I was afraid of this,” says Hard Drive. “Off Ramp, open a portal back to the military base and tell me…”

“Yeah yeah, if there’s any sign of our girl Cleo.” Off Ramp opens a portal. “Bad news is that she’s back at the base and has her sword. Must have found a way to teleport it.”

“No. Cleopatra. The sword. Everything is all ectoplasm. She merely had to summon it. Either way, I screwed up. I didn’t make sure the job was done. If anyone gets hurts…”

“It’s our responsibility,” corrects Bonfire.

“What’s with this mummy and the Army base?” asks Thunderhead.

Monstergirl shrugs, “We’ll just have to go make sure the job is done this time.”

Hard Drive plops himself down on the couch looking dejected. “You don’t understand. We may have help this time.”

“And the problem with that is?” asks Thunderhead.

As we come back from break, a portal opens and the Young Heroes car leaps through onto the Army base.  As they arrive, they notice something different this time as they gawk and stare.

There’s a teenage girl, dressed in a dark, tattered version of the Shazam costume is shooting electricity at the giant Cleopatra, “How about you get your asses over here and give me a hand!” She manages to leap out of the way just as Cleopatra brings her sword crashing into the ground. 

“Who is that?” asks Monstergirl as they all get out of the car. 

Monstergirl and Thunderhead are already on the job as they each take a running start and crash into Cleopatra sending her into a giant hole she’s created with her sword. 

Black Alice walks over and eyes Frostbite. Alice slowly transforms herself into a Black Alice version of Etrigan. “From one bitch to another, how about we ice down the corpse bride?”

Frostbite nods her head to the teenager and they walk off together. 

“What the hell was that?” Junior asks from on top of Bonfire’s shoulder. “That’s Black Alice. I don’t know that much about her except that she can mimic others powers.”

“So, she can..?”


As Black Alice and Frostbite moves in on Cleopatra who is slowly getting out of the hole she dug for herself, “You will pay for your treasonous actions against your queen! I am the true ruler of this place. I will make sure you are locked away for the remainder of your pathetic lives. I will ensure you have no peace. Not a single ounce of peace!”

Alice and Frostbite just look at each other and begin to blast Cleopatra with ice, moving around the hole and freezing her completely inside.  Meanwhile, Bonfire is watching Frostbite and whatever Hard Drive had done to her is starting to wear off. 

Speaking of Hard Drive, as the duo finishes their deep freeze, he walks over. “It’s a brutal display, but I can’t deny that it got the job done. Seamless, to be honest. If she can’t dissipate, she can’t reform. But we can’t leave her here.”

Off Ramp walks over, “It’ll take a moment, but I can probably put her on the moon.” But Alice has already began to change again as this time, she becomes more of a punk rock version of Spectre and opens up a hold in time and space underneath the block of ice that now holds Cleopatra and the chunk of ice falls through and Alice closes the hole.

“You mean like that?” she asks as she smirks at Off Ramp.

“Yeah, like that,” he mutters under his breath. But it’s too late for her to hear as she has transformed back to her normal form and walks off.

Hard Drive looks over at Black Alice who is chatting up Frostbite and Thunderhead, he leans over to Monstergirl and Junior, “I’m going to ask her to join the team.”

Junior tries to chime in with, “She’s just a kid…”

With an evil gleam in her eye, Monstergirl interrupts, “That’s a great idea. Wait until everyone is watching though, so they can see how impressive of a leader you really are.”

As the new crews get closer to our heroes, Hard Drive walks over and offers a hand to Black Alice. With a smirk on her face, she reaches for the hand and slowly her skin goes back to a more normal tone. “Thanks for the assist.”

“I was in the neighborhood,” she remarks, pulling back her hand. “I should get going.” 

“If I could have a moment. We just recently formed the Young Heroes and feel that you would make a great addition to the team.” This causes Alice to stop smacking her gum as she looks around from one member of the team to the other.

“Yeah, well, gonna have to pass. Last thing I wanna do is spend my time hanging around some old people. Besides, I got homework.  I’ll see you around,” she says as she turns to go. She transforms into a version of Doctor Fate and begins to float into the air. “But you all enjoy your little old’s folk group.”

With that, she floats away.

As we look back on the heroes, everyone is staring at an embarrassed Hard Drive. Everyone has a sympathetic expression on their face. Everyone except Monstergirl who had hoped for this outcome. 

Hard Drive watches her fly away and screams, “You will regret this decision, young lady! Don’t you dare steal my power and fly away when I’m talking to you! You come back here right now!”  As he yells at the sky, everyone is slowly taking a step back from him. 

Hard Drive looks around and sees the news camera on and then looks at everyone else. 

Then suddenly…

He bursts into tears and runs off screaming, “Just leave me alone! Leave me alone, all of you!”


We see Hard Drive running off as everyone looks around with an embarrassed look on their faces. Everyone except Monstergirl who looks rather pleased with herself. 

Bonfire turns to the camera crews and stammers, “You see, what this was all about was…”

“I think I can explain what happened.”

A pink light flits around before getting closer to everyone. It’s actually a very tiny flying woman, dressed in pink. 

“I’m Zip-Kid! Please excuse Hard Drive’s outburst. He is suffering from a little PTSD. He lost his wife in a terrible accident. Her name was Cleopatra. So this was tremendously stressful on him, but he put his fears behind him and fought the good fight. It’s all just flooding back to him now.”

The reports murmur to each other and slowly starts to move away from the group. 

“Why didn’t he tell us that story?” asks Thunderhead. 

Monstergirl rolls her eyes, “It was a lie, you idiot. The flea girl..”


“Zip-Kid lied through her teeth.”

Junior speaks up next, asking, “Who the heck are you anyway?”

“Do you really know Hard Drive?” asks Frostbite.

“That was some quick thinking, Zip-Kid!” compliments Bonfire.

Off Ramp has had enough and yells, “Hold it!”

Everyone goes silent.

“First of all, thanks. I’m not sure what’s going on around here, but thanks,” he finally says.

Monstergirl asks, “Do you really know Hard Drive?”

Shrugging, Zip-Kid responds, “Never met him before in my life. I just saw you guys on TV and when I heard the monster came back, I figured you guys might show up again too and thought I could meetcha. So.. I’m Zip-Kid.” Zip-Kid could be five to six inches tall as she flutters around the group.

Monstergirl makes the introductions, “This is Thunderhead, Bonfire, Frostbite, Off-Ramp, Junior and I’m Monstergirl.”

Everyone says hello and Junior inquires, “Zip-Kid… Zip-Kid.. I don’t think I’ve heard of you before.”

“I’m brand new, just like you guys. I saw you on TV and flew right out my window to come see you!”

Junior grins, “Thanks for the save!”

“No prob! I just hope Hard Drive is okay!”

“Speaking of which.. You all stay here and I’ll go check on him,” Frostbite says as she starts to head off to find Hard Drive.

“I’ll go with you, the way he lost it, you shouldn’t go alone.” Bonfire interjects and starts to go with her. Thunderhead notices them leaving together and starts to follow, “I’ll go too!”

Bonfire stops him, “You stay here. We don’t want him to be overwhelmed.”

As they walk away, Bonfire whispers to Frostbite, “I got your note back there, Frostbite.”

Curious, Frostbite asks, “Note?”

Bonfire smirks, “The one in the ice. You painted a pretty clear picture of it above that ice sculpture. The thermal one only I could read.”

A chuckle comes from Frostbite as she continues to walk towards Hard Drive who they see is sitting all alone. “You saw that, did you?”

“Yes, and it was the filthiest thing I’ve ever seen, so yeah, you could say I got the message. And I’ll tell you one thing, Frostbite… I can’t stop thinking about you either. I can feel you, Frostbite. I can sense you. You may think you’re closed and cold, but you’re wrong. I can practically read what you’re thinking and yes, the answer to your question is yes.  I know you can read my mind too and I don’t give a damn.”

They walk a little further and as we see them getting closer to Hard Drive, Frostbite asks “So you’re ready to…?”

“Look, I’ve never felt anything like this. Like you. I don’t want to lose it. But right now, let’s concentrate on the problem at hand. Let me talk to Hard Drive alone, okay? Go tell the others we will be along in a sec.” Bonfire gives Frostbite a gentle push the other way. 

“Trust me, Frostbite, you and I have a lot of ground to cover,” she says as Frostbite walks off.   She approaches Hard Drive and asks, “Hard Drive, are you okay? Do you mind if I sit?”

He turns to her, angry with his eyes glowing, “I thought we were over this, Bonfire? I thought we had an understanding? It is essential to the team that you ignore your feelings for Frostbite. It can only hurt you in the end. Do not make me repeat myself.”  Bonfire’s eyes are already glazed over once again. 

Returning back to the team, Zip-Kid is explaining her powers as she flies over Off Ramp’s head. “… no idea where I get this energy. I won’t lie, I was normally a very lazy person. I think it works that the smaller I get the faster I can go.

Off Ramp nods his head, “Mmhmm.”

“I can also shoot rays!” she adds.

That has his attention as he snaps his head up, “You don’t say?!”

Zip Kid nods her head, “At first I thought my apartment was growing!” she laughs. “But then I realized it was me shrinking. It was the craziest thing!”

Thunderhead looks over and sees Bonfire coming their way with Hard Drive. “Here they come.”

“Hey Hard Drive.”

“Hey man, you all right?”

Hard Drive nods his head, “I’m fine. Ah. I don’t know what to say. I lost it in the heat of the moment.” He finally notices Zip Kid flying overhead. “But, here’s a question for you. Do I know you?”

She flies in front of his face and floats, “Ya do now!”

Scene changes back to Young Heroes HQ, Monstergirl and Bonfire are in the gym, “Wait one second, Bonfire. He totally lost it out there. He threw a tantrum.”

Bonfire looks a little uneasy as she responds, “Don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic? I wouldn’t call that a tantrum…”

“Yes, it was a tantrum. He freaked out like a little kid who couldn’t get his way!”

“I really think you’re overreacting to this, Monstergirl. It was a one time mistake and now you’re ready to impeach him as the team leader? That’s not how things work in these types of groups. We have to count on each other,” Bonfire explains. “Just think about this before you go saying something to the others.”

In another part of the building, Thunderhead is chatting with Junior as he pushes the button on the vending machine for a soda, “I mean, there’s no way that’s not fate! You should go for it! Seriously, what are the odds on something like that?”

Junior scratches his head, “ About a million to one. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen comes out of nowhere and she’s two inches shorter than me!”

Thunderhead grins, “Dude, this is your shot. If you don’t say something now,  you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”

In yet another part of the building, Off Ramp is chatting with Frostbite, “I realize it seems childish, but he put this team together. I think he deserves another chance.”

Monstergirl walks in, “I just keep going back there to our leader, blubbering like a baby in front of a teenage superhero.”

Frostbite’s attention is distracted as Monstergirl asks, “What do you think, Frostbite?”

We finally see that her eyes are on Bonfire as he responds, “I couldn’t care less about Hard Drive.”

“Well, I do care and I’m going to go talk to him,” Monstergirl says.

Off Ramp turns to Monstergirl, “And just what are you going to say? I lost respect for you because you embarrassed us in front of a teenager?  You’re out as leader and oh, by the way, can we still use your ATM card to fund the group? Gimme a break.”

Frostbite starts to walk over to Bonfire, but she’s got her eyes glued to Thunderhead as she walks over and places her hand on his shoulder and whispers something into his ear which causes Frostbite to immediately stop in her tracks and look dejected.

“Do what you want, but I’m going to give him a piece of my mind,” Monstergirl says as she storms out of the room.

She walked into the office where Hard Drive is offering a spot on the Heroes to Zip Kid who is hovering around, “Let me think on it. I have some personal things going on, but I promise I’ll give it strong consideration and get back to you, okay?”

Monstergirl clears her throat, “Hard Drive, can I talk with you for a moment?”

Zip Kid takes that cue and waves, fluttering out of the room and Monstergirl closes the door and turns the lock.

Hard Drive asks, “Um. What’s up Monstergirl?”

She leans against the door, “I just wanted to be sure you were good after…” she starts, then continues, “After the way Black Alice treated you back there.”

“Well, she did have a point. I probably shouldn’t have asked a teenager to join our group.”

Monstergirl slowly starts to walk over towards him, “The only point she has is her failing grade point average in high school. You were kind enough to offer her a spot on the team and she was an ungrateful bitch.”

She places a hand on his shoulder, “We don’t need that type around here.”

We switch back to the others as Zip Kid flies down and lands on the coffee table near Junior who asks, “So. Saw us on TV?”

“There’s always a superhero segment at the end of the news.”

“Are you enjoying being Zip Kid?”

She considers the question for a moment and nods, “I really like it. I’ve gained confidence that I never knew I had. Probably should have done it long ago.”

Junior is trying to play it cool in his nerdy sort of way, “So… gonna stick around the Heroes? I’m sure everyone would love to have you around…”

“That’s nice of you to say,” Zip Kid responds, “But my boyfriend wouldn’t really like that.” To which we see a look of horror on Junior’s face.

Off in the distance, we see Bonfire and Thunderhead making eyes with each other as Junior asks her, “Oh! Boyfriend. I see. Serious relationship?”

Zip Kid shrugs her shoulders, “Not really. We just enjoy hanging out together.”

“I see, so what part of this wouldn’t he like?”

Zip Kid looks forlorn as she thinks about that before responding, “The team part. I know it sounds bad,  but we have a great relationship. I’m a lucky girl.”

Junior just nods his head, “Sounds like he’s the lucky one. So, you’re just going to go it alone?”

“Now that you mention it, seems I have a lot to think about.”

Frostbite knocks on the open door into Hard Drive’s office, “Have a moment?” she asks.

Hard Drive puts down his cell phone, “Sure! Come on in, Frostbite.”

Frostbite leans on the desk, “I must confess that I’m a bit confused by you.”

That gets a curious glance from Hard Drive, “In what way?”

“I saw you out there disintegrating a giant ghost. How does that work, exactly?” she asks.

“So, I’m telekinetic. I can manipulate energy,” he starts.

“Like force fields?”

“Right. And I have power blasts. The big stuff I’m good at. It’s the tiny details I am not so great at. Ask me to use my powers to tie my shoes and I’d have a problem. It’s the story of my life. Good at the big picture but don’t sweat the…”

“Losing control? I noticed. Thanks for your time, Hard Drive.”  Frostbite says as she walks out the door.

Back in the other room, Zip Kid seems upset by something as she begins to grow back to normal size, “I can’t believe the first thing I did as a superhero is tell a lie to those reporters!”

Everyone is looking at Junior now who defensively responds, “All I was saying was that she shouldn’t feel guilty for covering our asses…” he looks at each face that seems to glare down at him. “What? Why are you all looking at me like that?”

Monstergirl is the first to explain, “Because you’re squeaking at us from the top of a coffee table.”

Frostbite adds, “If you wanted to comfort Zip Kid, how about growing to normal size?”

Junior’s face falls. He turns away from the others. “Because I can’t. This is my full size.”

Off Ramp is shocked, “No freaking way!”

Frostbite chokes as she realizes what he’s saying, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t know…”

“You can’t grow?” asks Off Ramp.




Monstergirl leans down, “You mean to tell me that you can’t grow or shrink. That this is as tall as you are and you have absolutely no powers?”

Junior looks back at them, “That’s about the size of it.”

Zip Kid leans down, “Then why risk it? You have no super powers to protect you. An action figure is taller than you. You could accidently get stepped on. Why?”

Junior turns to look at her, “What else would I do? Where else would I go?”

“How did this happen?”

“About a year and a half ago, I was working as a scientist and they were working on some classified experiments when I was sucked into the middle of it and shrunk. The company offered me millions of dollars in a settlement.” 

Frostbite leans up, smirking. “That’s the most ridiculous story I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Suddenly angry, Junior turns to Frostbite. “You know what? Fuck you. I quit.”  He leaps off the table and runs out of the room.

Everyone stands there for a moment watching her leave when Monstergirl turns to Frostbite and glares at her. Frostbite suddenly notices, “What?”

Monstergirl points towards where Junior left, “You get off your ass and go get him back!”

She throws up her hands, “Fine!” Frostbite goes after Junior, catching up to him easily. “Wait, Junior.”

“Drop dead, ice queen.”

“Please, just wait.”

“I don’t need you. I don’t need this team.”  He storms off and as they both turn the corner they stop suddenly.  Frostbite is the first to respond to what they’ve seen, “No…”

“Whoa,” says Junior. 

In the gym, Bonfire is sitting on Thunderhead’s lap and they were making out but at the intrusion they turn and see Junior and Frostbite looking at them and get a shocked look on their face.

Snow begins to swirl around Frostbite as tears well up in her eyes, she turns and walks off.”

Bonfire cries out, “Frostbite, wait!” She gets up and runs after her, leaving Thunderhead scratching his head.

Junior grins, “This should be good…”



                       HARD DRIVE   Chris Constantine Jr.


               ZIP KID   Ellie Faith

                          BONFIRE   Danielle Anderson

             THUNDERHEAD   Ryden Lauffeyson

              OFF RAMP   Alastair Frost

                     JUNIOR   Remi Fontaine

            FROSTBITE   Leah Aguero


                  CLEOPATRA  Kaitlynn Petrova

            BLACK ALICE   Lilith Meadows


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