Recap from last week’s episode ending with Frostbite storming off.

Bonfire catches up with her, “Please wait, Frostbite.”

From behind, Thunderhead is confused, “How come everytime she sneezes, you run after her…”


All of a sudden, Thunderhead lifts up and is thrown through the air and crashes into the wall, cracking it as he slides down to the floor.   Bonfire rushes over and checks on him. “Thunderhead, you okay?”

As she’s checking on him, Frostbite mutters under her breath, “What the hell does she see in him?”


Off Ramp is closeby and overhears, “What does that mean?”

“She’s all over him. I just don’t get it.”

Scowling, Off Ramp gets up in Frostbite’s face, “Tell me how you feel about me then? How about you keep your problems to yourself. If you got a problem, how about you just get over it and be the teammate we all need.”

Somewhere in the forest, two men are having a secret meeting when a shadow appears, “And what do we have here?”  The two men turn around and begin to scream and they run off as one of the dials 9-1-1 on his cell phone. 


We finally see that Scarecrow is the figure as he chases after the two, weiling a large knife. “No wait! I was just kidding. I wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

The two men stop running and turn around confused as the operator answers, “9-1-1, what is your emergency?”

As Scarecrow gets closer, the mouth of his mask turns up into a grin, “What are you listening to me for, of course I’m going to kill you.”  He raises the knife in the air as the other two rush off, the one dropping his phone as they sprint away and the Scarecrow just laughs. 


Back at the Young Heroes HQ, Hard Drive isn’t aware of the situation going on there yet as he rushes in, “We have a mission! Everyone into the car.”  It takes a moment for it to sink in and he gets impatient, “I said let’s go now!”

Soon, the car is portalling through the entrance to an old abandoned youth camp. As everyone gets out of the car, Hard Drive is giving instruction, “If you see the target, do not engage.” He starts to add something more when he suddenly says, “Oh no.”


Monstergirl says, “You did not say ‘oh no,” and as she finishes, a gas substance begins to fill the area and affects everyone on the team as a sinister voice is heard.

“Hahaha. Fresh meat. New heroes for the taking. This should be fun.”

Off Ramp is seen opening a tunnel and suddenly everyone begins to fly through it, but in reality he’s on the ground imagining the entire thing because of the gas as he lies on the ground screaming.


Suddenly, Bonfire shoots a massive amount of fire at Off Ramp, enough to sear all the flesh off his body, leaving only a charred skeleton as she screams.

Thunderhead’s hands begin to grow and grow until they are so abnormally large, he cannot lift them. 

Zip Kid is lying on the ground and slowly waking up. “What could do that to all of us?”  She lifts her head and looks up and her eyes go wide as she realizes she’s in the palm of a giant Devil. “Please, no.”


Frostbite is screaming loudly as she is suddenly unable to control herself. Ice encases her and then spreads out to encase the entire squad of Young Heroes, freezing them in an iceberg sized block of ice.


Monstergirl hears Frostbite screaming and rushes over, “Keep it together, Frostbite!” But as she does, she begins to melt into a puddle of brown goo as she starts to scream. 

Scarecrow takes off his hat and scratches his head. “Huh. I really need to get out more. This was way more fun than I thought it’d be.”


Junior climbs to his feet, coughing as he staggers a few steps. “I think I’m gonna be sick,” he utters and then he begins to shrink and shrink until he’s just a dot, as his clothes just cover him.


Hard Drive’s eyes go wide as he sees the scary image of his teammates moving on him. “Wait. What did.. What are you doing?” They all begin to merge together into a single form which is that of the Scarecrow. Hard Drive snaps out of it as the Scarecrow gets closer and just like that he takes a swing and punches Scarecrow right in the face, dropping the villain to the ground.

When we return the Heroes have gathered around, recovering from their ordeal having finally realized that they all were hallucinating. Crane is in handcuffs and being taken away. He turns to the Heroes with an evil grin, “I had fun. Perhaps we can do this again sometime.”

He’s put into a police car and taken away. Bonfire walks over and sits next to Off Ramp. “I’m so glad it was a dream. I don’t know what I would have done if I’d really…”

Off Ramp waves her off, “I’m still here. But that was a nightmare.”

Bonfire nods, “I’m just glad everyone is okay.”

Hard Drive raises his voice, “Let’s gather up and get back to headquarters. It’s been a crazy night. I’m exhausted. ”

Scene changes to a playground, Bonfire is swinging on one of two swings, obviously something on her mind. Monstergirl walks up, “Care if I join you?”

“Nah. Go right ahead.”

Monstergirl takes one of the other swings and the two go back and forth. “That was some crazy business,” comments Bonfire. 

“Are you okay?” Monstergirl asks.

“Even through all of this, I can’t stop thinking about Thunderhead,” she responds as she swings. 

“What?”  Monstergirl seems surprised. “I didn’t know it was that serious.”

“Sweaty hands, fast heartbeat, the whole shebang,” she says as she stops swinging.

Monstergirl looks confused, “But what about…”

Confused, Bonfire asks, “What about what?”

“What’s going on with you and Frostbite then?”

Continuing to look confused, Bonfire responds, “What about Frostbite? I have no clue what you’re talking about. All I can think about is Thunderhead.”

This also confuses Monstergirl, “I could have sworn…” she shakes it off, “Well, listen. There’s something you should know about me and Hard Drive.  I mean, it’s the same kinda deal. He’s always ready to go and I’m just having fun, but…”

“Wait. You and Hard Drive? That I don’t see.” Bonfire grins. 

Monstergirl stands, “We should go back.”

“I’m gonna stay here for a bit longer.”

“Suit yourself.”


Back at the HQ, Thunderhead is outside just leaning against the building when Bonfire walks up. “Thunderhead.’

Startled, Thunderhead jumps back, “Crap, Bonfire! You scared the shit out of me.”

She doesn’t even seem phased, “Meet me in the library in ten minutes.”

Scene fades to the library as the door slowly opens and Thunderhead slips inside. “Bonfire?”

Bonfire’s voice is heard, “Over here.”

Thunderhead moves towards the sound of the voice and as he walks around a row of books, he turns the corner and Bonfire is standing there in lingerie. Thunderhead’s eyes go wide, “Am I dreaming?”

Bonfire grins and approaches him, “Of course you are.”  She leans up and bites at his cheek, “See?”


She then kisses the spot where she bit, which then turns into a long kiss.  Bonfire breaks the kiss, turns around and swipes off of the books off a nearby table and then pushes Thunderhead down onto the table and climbs onto him. “Don’t you dare move.”

“I wouldn’t think about it.”

As the camera moves away from the two, clothing begins to fall to the floor on top of the scattered book. Then a condom rapper. 

Scene fades showing Bonfire exiting the library. She walks down the hallway and walks into her room and sits down in front of a mirror. She picks up a brush and begins to brush her hair as an evil grin crosses her face.

She begins to laugh as slowly, she’s no longer Bonfire as the face of Monstergirl appears in the mirror as she continues to cackle. 

It’s the next morning and we see the face of Thunderhead looking into the vending machine from the view of inside the vending machine looking out. Junior’s voice is heard, “I hate this.”

“You’re almost there!”

“This is the last time I’m doing this!”

“I thought I could count on you. And don’t even pretend you’re not into this.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking abou—” he stops as someone else walks into the room. We can  now see that Junior is inside the vending machine trying to steal a snack for Thunderhead. 

“This ought to be good. What’s this all about?” Bonfire asks.

“You told me the coast was clear!” Junior hops down and out the door of the vending machine and storms out as Thunderhead stands upright.

As Junior disappears, Thunderhead turns to Bonfire. “I’ve been hoping to see you this morning. I wanted to tell you I had a lot of fun last night.”

Confused, Bonfire nods, “Sure. I mean, what about last night?”

Thunderhead grins, “You know what I mean. Hopefully we can do it again, but I mean there’s no rush.”

“… Right…” she slowly responds, no clue what he’s talking about. “I’m gonna head out,” she turns to leave.

“Wait! Can you do me a favor?”


“Loan me  60 cents?”

Scene changes to outside, sitting on a park bench is Frostbite and she’s obviously brooding over her circumstance. Bonfire walks onto the scene when she gets a little dizzy and leans against the park bench to steady herself.

“Are you okay?” Frostbite is immediately to her feet and at Bonfire’s side. “Just a little unsteady…  Are you okay? You don’t look so good yourself?”

“I was thinking back to what happened with Scarecrow. That was the most terrifying moment of my life.  I was out of control and destroying everyone around me.” She turns to look Bonfire in the eyes, “And all I could think of while I was suffocating in that ice…”


“All I could pray for…”

“Please don’t…”

“Was you.”  Frostbite walks over and takes Bonfire in her arms. “And I was screaming because I knew I was going to die without ever kissing you.” And by the time the words come out of her mouth, the two are face to face.

And then they kiss.


Scene opens with Bonfire and Frostbite in a montage of them kissing, having fun. Frostbite generates a snowball and throws it, hitting Bonfire in the forehead. She in turn shoots fire which is countered by Frostbite shooting ice. They close the distance and as their hands touch, steam rises between them. 

“Team meeting.” Hard Drive sends out a text. “Keep it together, you got this,” he mutters to himself under his breath.

He walks into the main room and everyone is there except Frostbite and Bonfire and they are all looking a big down. He clears his throat, “I know what we just experienced with Scarecrow was super freaky. It was horrible.I just want you to imagine how much more awful it would have been had he made it into town with that crazy gas. There could have been thousands tortured, perhaps even killed. But we stopped it.”

Monstergirl is the first to speak up, “You stopped him. You did it.”

Hard Drive shakes his head, “You’re wrong. I may have thrown that punch, but I wouldn’t have been able to without you all there.”

Abruptly, Off Ramp stands up. “I’m going for a walk,” he turns and walks out.

Hard Drive tries to stop him but Thunderhead shakes his head, “Hard Drive. He means it. He’ll be back.”

Hard Drive looks around, “Have you all seen Frostbite and Bonfire?”

That brings us back to the two who are getting very cozy with each other. They are sitting on the grass, Frostbite is behind Bonfire. Frostbite is using her hands to leave frost all over Bonfire’s shoulders and then it evaporates into steam. 

Bonfire bites gently at Frostbite’s fingers and more steam is sent into the air.  Bonfire laughs as Frostbite brushes her nose against her cheek, leaving a trail of ice that soon melts.

Meanwhile, on a bridge in the city, Off Ramp is standing there on the edge. He’s looking out over the water below when he suddenly leaps off.  As he gains speed during the fall, he opens a portal and dives through. Another portal opens over the bridge and he pops through and lands on his feet back on the bridge.

More with Frostbite and Bonfire on the beach. Bonfire traces her finger along Frostbite’s neck, leaving a small trail of fire along the way. Frostbite blows cold air on Bonfire’s fingers, causing more steam to evaporate into the air.

Zip Kid arrives home, growing back to normal size as she walks into the door. A man greets her, “I saw you on TV. You really gave that Scarecrow a wallop!”  He suddenly realizes she’s not okay. “What’s wrong, Stacy?”

She runs into his arms, “You don’t even know how scared I was. I have never been so terrified of anything in my life, Lou.” 

He hugs her close, “Oh, baby. It’s all good. Lou will keep you safe and sound, okay? I love you, baby. I’ve never let anything bad happen to you, have I?”


Lou smiles, “Because I love you, baby. And you love me.”

“I do, Lou. I do.”

He reaches down and tugs at her chin, drawing her attention up to his face, “This is nice. The way it outta be. The two of us together with no stupid ideas getting in the way.”


“That’s why I think you gotta pull the plug on all this superhero nonsense.”

“Wh- what?”

“You gotta stay away from the Young Heroes.”

Monstergirl walks into a room and Thunderhead is there drinking a beer looking somber. “You okay? Need to talk?”

He starts to shake his then sighs, “I don’t know. I thought Bonfire and I were getting along really well and now she’s run off with Frostbite. I felt there was something there. At least I thought so. Then one day, she just jumps me. It was totally unexpected. And then nothing. It’s like I failed some sort of test I didn’t even know about. I mean, I didn’t jump her…”

He stands up and drops his empty bottle in the trash, “Don’t listen to me. I’m just whining for no reason, I guess. I gotta move on, I guess.”  He walks out of the room leaving Monstergirl looking after him with almost a look of regret.

Back to Bonfire and Frostbite. They are in the water, Frostbite has frozen the water around them, but inside the water bubbles up like a hot tub, steam drawing out as the two continue to kiss.

Back at Heroes HQ, Hard Drive is speaking with Thunderhead, “You haven’t seen them?”

Thunderhead is on the couch reading a magazine, “Not since this morning.”

Hard Drive smacks his fist into his other hand and turns to run off, “I knew this would happen, dammit.”

Zip Kid flies into the scene, “What was that all about?”

“No clue,” as he stands up and stretches, “But I’m bored as hell. How about we go get a beer?”

Zip Kid looks at him for a moment, “I dunno if that’s such a good idea. I mean, we’re supposed to be role models and all.”

Disappointed, Thunderhead sighs, “Really? This sucks.”

Zip Kid bursts out laughing as she increases her size back to normal, “I’m just messing with ya. I’d like to get a beer!”

Thunderhead rolls his eyes, “Everyone’s a damn comedian.”

Zip Kid laughs.

They walk into the office where Hard Drive is and it’s oddly dark and he’s just sitting at his desk.  “Sorry to bother you, Hard Drive..”

“What is it, Thunderhead?”

“Zip Kid and I were gonna go have a beer. You wanna come?”

Hard Drive smiles, “I appreciate the offer, but I’m afraid I can’t. But, could you turn on the lights?”

Zip Kid flies over and pushes up the light switch. 

Thunderhead looks at Hard Drive, “Have you heard from them? Bonfire and Frostbite?”

Hard Drive shakes his head, “No.”


“Indeed. It certainly does.” He turns to Zip Kid, “Any thoughts on you joining the team?”

Zip Kid is suddenly uncomfortable. “I’m going to take a rain check on the beer, if you don’t mind.” She quickly flies out.

“Odd,” says Hard Drive.

Thunderhead turns and leaves the office, Hard Drive follows him out and they take a seat in the main room. “This sucks.”

“What is it?”

“I have a surefire way of not thinking about women. I can’t even use it.” Thunderhead says.

“I don’t understand.”

“When I got dumped, I would play my guitar. It almost always took my mind off things like this.  Now I got these giant freaking hands and I can’t even touch a guitar without breaking it.”

Hard Drive suddenly rises, “That reminds me!”  He rushes out of the room, leaving Thunderhead confused, but stops when Junior’s voice is heard over the intercom. “Attention! All Young Heroes come to the media room! Immediately!”

“What in the hell?” exclaims Thunderhead.  Hard Drive rushes away with Thunderhead on his heel. Zip Kid is already in the room with Junior, “I hadn’t left when I heard him.” She turns her attention to the screen. “Oh my god.”

Junior is pointing to the screen, eyes wide.

“Whoa,” says Thunderhead.

“Whoa,” says Hard Drive.

“It’s a monster!” exclaims Zip Kid

Monstergirl and Off Ramp are soon in after, just hearing that. “What kind of monster,” asks Monstergirl.

The other four exclaim in unison, “A giant monster.”

Off Ramp leans into the screen to get a better look, “How giant is a giant monster?  Oh.” He taps Hard Drive on the shoulder, “So, how do I ask this?  You’re not sending us to get eaten by that monster are you?”

We finally see that on the screen is a giant green monster. He has four arms and two feet.  He crushes homes as he walks through, “I am Grundomu! I hunt! I hunt!” the creature bellows. 

Hard Drive turns to the others, “I don’t think we have a choice.”

Off Ramp shakes his head, “But he hunts! He’s the beast Grundomu and he hunts!”

Hard Drive slams his fist on the table, “We’re needed and we’re available. We have no choice.”

Junior who is on Hard Drive’s shoulder shakes his head, “I knew you’d say something like that.”

Monstergirl pipes in, “Where are Frostbite and Bonfire? Aren’t they back yet?”

“No. They’re not. They’re still AWOL,” responds Hard Drive.

“Where are they?” asks Off Ramp.

Hard Drive blurts out, “Look– for the last time, I don’t know where they are! If I knew where they were I’d go get them. Frankly, I was hoping one of you could tell me where they were!”

Junior leaps from Hard Drive’s shoulder to Thunderhead’s shoulder. Thunderhead asks, “So, what do we do? Go in half strength?”

Junior shakes his head, “More like two thirds strength.”

“I dunno, man. Frostbite is a kick ass fighter, and I bet a human flame would come in pretty handy in a fight against a giant monster.”

“I’m just saying that there’s only two of us missing and taking me out of the equation that leaves five out of seven which is over 70 percent…” responds Junior but Thunderhead cuts him off, “Whatever, dude. Do we go without Frostbite ‘n’ Bonfire?”

Hard Drive shakes his head, “We can’t wait. We will have to go without them. There’s no other way.  We’re leaving in ten minutes. I assume you can get us there, Off Ramp?”

Off Ramp starts to walk towards the garage, “Not a problem, but I’m not bringing the car to the Amazon. I’ll open the portal and we’ll walk through.”

Scene changes to said Amazon as the heroes are standing on a cliff that overlooks the jungle and talking to some local scientists that are explaining the situation.

“The monster is destroying the valley. It’s heartbreaking to watch. We’re trying to help restore wildlife here and it just walks through, destroying everything in its path.”

Hard Drive asks, “Conventional weapons are useless?”

“Not a dent, I’m afraid. He attacked the village yesterday and thankfully no lives were lost.” responds the scientist.

“Where did the monster come from? What is it doing here?” asks Hard Drive.

“Follow me,” and the heroes follow the scientists to a giant hole in the earth.

Monstergirl leans over, “Um, how far down does this hole go?”

The scientist looks at her, “About four miles. It moves very quickly underground.”

Zip Kid zooms by asking, “What it is with that monster? It can talk and it’s a giant, and now it has to burrow giant holes into the Earth? What gives?”

“To be honest, by the time we knew about the attack it was too late,” responds the scientists,” a few other scientists make their way over including one that looks very young, “This is Dr. Chube, Dr. Tzu, Dr. Palham and Dr. Renquist.”

Renquist quickly pipes in, “Hi!”

Dr. Pelham adds, “The monster seems to be learning what our defenses are. Once it realizes that we are powerless to stop him, he won’t hold back.”

“Hey!” interrupts Renquist, “Come on now! You can’t possibly derive learned behavior with any statistical accuracy from this small sampling of incidents!”

“We have to start somewhere!” exclaims Pelham.

“Well, duh,” responds Renquist.

Tzu interjects, “I don’t think the villages are his actual target.”

“OMG! Not this again! Don’t listen to this moron. He hasn’t had a relevant idea since the 70s!” cries out Renquist.

Tzu leans down and points a finger at Renquist, “The monster wants us to leave so he can destroy the rain forest!”

Renquist bursts out laughing, “Listen to the old kook. He’s certifiably crazy! Tzu, you are unhinged!”

“Back off, Renquist! If you’re so damned smart, why don’t you come up with an idea?” Tzu responds angrily. 

There’s a long pause as everyone turns to look at Renquist so just stands there awkwardly. He suddenly turns on his heels away from everyone and starts to walk away, “I don’t like you anymore,” he says. 

“Cute kid,” mutters Off Ramp.

“He’s the smartest teenager in the world,” notes Pelham.

“Why am I not surprised?” asks Off Ramp.

Dr. Pelham continues, “Despite Dr. Renquist’s conviction, we believe there’s enough data to plot a search route and I was hoping your team could head into the field for some reconnaissance.”

Thunderhead leans in, asking, “Is that kid really a doctor?”

“Oh yes. Graduated from Yale three years ago. With honors. Youngest metagenetic engineer on Earth. His paper on metacellular regeneration changed the way the whole field views itself. He’s fifteen. He read his paper to the department on his twelfth birthday. He’s nothing less than brilliant.” Pelham says, then adds. “I just hate getting on his bad side.”

Scene changes as the team is walking through the rain forest, Hard Drive has a map in front of him. As we join them, a conversation appears to be joined in progress.

“Superman or Shazam?”

Junior is riding on Thunderhead’s shoulder and responds, “Ouch. I’m gonna give the edge to Superman.”

“Nah, Big Cheese for me! Shazam or Martian Manhunter?”

Junior thinks for a moment, “If you’re talking abilities, Martian Manhunter. If you’re talking pure strength, then Shazam.”

Thunderhead taps his chin, “Okay, here’s a toughie. Who is stronger, Martian Manhunter or Wonder Woman?”

“Ha. I knew that one was coming. But I can’t answer it. If Bonfire was here, she’d know. I wish she was here.”

Suddenly, Thunderhead looks forlorn, “That makes two of us.”

Junior winces, “Sorry, pal.” He looks up, “So, we just gonna keep walking around the forest until we find him?

Off Ramp chimes in, “Um. Hard Drive?”

Hard Drive stops walking and turns back.

“I’m gonna hop back real quick and see if Frostbite and Bonfire have come back to HQ. Anyone need anything?” Off Ramp inquires.

“That’s a good idea. Hurry back. Please bring some more water with you.” Hard Drive notes.

Off Ramp nods and opens a portal. “Right. Hopefully they aren’t in any trouble.”

As he disappears into the portal, the team continue onward.  Soon it’s night time and they’ve set up camp complete with a fire. A bright light appears and soon Off Ramp is stepping back through a portal. “No sign,” he says as he drops some packs of water near the group. 

Thunderhead’s expression drops. 

Zip Kid notices and tries to change the topic, “You know, we’ve been in the jungle for a while now and we haven’t seen a single monkey. Not a one.”

Junior thinks about that, “There definitely should be monkeys in the rain forest. I wonder if Gromondu has run them all off?”

“That would be sad,” sighs Zip Kid.

There’s suddenly short buzzing sounds.

Zip Kid suddenly takes off in flight, zooming around Thunderhead, and we see he’s the reason for the short buzzing sound as he places two fingers close together and arcs of electricity jump from one finger to the next. Zip Kid lands on the ground near Monstergirl who has fallen asleep. Zip Kid grows back to normal size and tries to sleep.

Finally, Junior looks at Thunderhead, “Hey. Can you cut that out?”

Thunderhead looks up, then embarrassed. “Sorry, I didn’t realize.”

Suddenly the earth begins to shake.

“Um, anyone else hear that?” Monstergirl says as she wakes up.

Off Ramp adds, “I thought it was my imagination.”

Hard Drive holds up a hand, “Sssh.”

Everyone is up on their feet at this point, Junior shakes his head, “I don’t like this.”

Suddenly, ripping up through the earth, Grundomu appears.

“Great Grundomu! Gruesome! Hungry! Horrible!”

Dramatic music as Grundomu and our Heroes seemingly prepare for battle.



                       HARD DRIVE   Chris Constantine Jr.


               ZIP KID   Ellie Faith

                          BONFIRE   Danielle Anderson

             THUNDERHEAD   Ryden Lauffeyson

              OFF RAMP   Alastair Frost

                     JUNIOR   Remi Fontaine

            FROSTBITE   Leah Aguero


              SCARECROW  Derrick Vayden

       DR. RENQUIST   Tapp Adams

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