The scene opens in the garage, Off Ramp has a duffle bag and is carrying it to his car. He spots Frostbite sitting by herself, “Hey.”

“I see you’re leaving,” Frostbite says.


“I understand why, but, I want to remind you that whatever you’re doing, it has a direct impact on my future here with this team,” Frostbite says.

Confused, Off Ramp just shrugs, “Um. Sure. Okay.”

Frostbite stands up and walks over to Off Ramp, “You and I have always had an understanding. We haven’t had to say it.”

Off Ramp starts to get uneasy as Frostbite approaches. “What are you talking about?”

Frostbite gets super close. “I’m talking about you taking me home.”

Off Ramp backs up, “What? You mean, to bed?”

There’s an awkward silence and then Frostbite says, “I mean to Canada.”

Everything gets super silent and Off Ramp mutters, “I thought you were…”

More silence.

“I wasn’t.”



A small English bulldog is seen walking down the sidewalk. It steps out into the street only to be narrowly missed by a speeding car as it runs across the street. It walks through a playground and then past a store and then it finally spots the Young Heroes HQ. It stops and stares at the building for a long moment.

Inside, Junior is on the coffee table as everyone is gathered around except for Off Ramp. “Look, in the tradition of other superhero teams, in the event our leader is not available, we have to elect a new leader.”


Thunderhead raises his hand. “I want to nominate Monstergirl then!” which causes Monstergirl to grin.

Frostbite speaks up, “Well, I feel that Bonfire would make the best leader.” This surprises Bonfire who then offers a sweet smile to Frostbite.


Zip Kid flies in, “We have to put this conversation on hold! The news is reporting that an entire preschool class has been kidnapped!”

Monstergirl shakes her head, “Nasty.”


Frostbite gets to her feet, “What are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

“Hold up, girl. How we getting there?” asks Monstergirl.

“Oh, Hard Drive is out. Off Ramp disappeared.” Bonfire adds.


“Not a problem. I can run and carry Bonfire on my back,” notes Frostbite. 

“That makes sense,” says Monstergirl. “Fine. I’ll meet ya there.”

“Wait a second, how are you getting there Monstergirl?” asks Bonfire.


“I’ll get there on my own. Don’t worry about it,” she snaps back.

“Sheesh. Fine!” The trio starts to leave when Monstergirl looks back, “Thunderhead, stay here with Zip Kid. We’ll be in touch if we need anything.”

“Sure. No problem.”


As the others leave, Junior doesn’t seem happy as he was not even mentioned.  It’s quiet in the room for a long moment. Zip Kid finally turns to Thunderhead. “Can we talk for a moment in another room?”

Surprised, Thunderhead nods. “Um. Sure. You don’t mind, Junior?”


Without waiting, Zip Kid flies out and Thunderhead follows, leaving Junior to himself. Several expressions cross his face before finally he screams out.

“HEY!!! What am I, chopped liver?!?”

“Do I got the plague or something? Do I smell funny? This seems like willful neglect to me! I’m getting tired of being left out of everything!”


He leaps down from the coffee table and begins to storm off, then stops. “Sure, I’d be happy to come to help look for some preschool children!”

He starts walking again and then stops and sighs, “Great. I even annoy myself.”


He turns around, “Why even bother being in a superhero team if I’m just gonna get left behind all the time. I’d be better off on my own. You know what? I’m fine being alone! As far as I’m concerned with little powers comes little responsibility!” he shakes his fist towards the sky.

Silence. Then he slumps forward, “Who’m I kidding? It’s not about me. I joined this team to serve others. Not myself. If they don’t want my help, it’s my job to suck it up and offer my help the next time.”

“No. That’s not true. It’s not my job to offer to help. It’s my job to help.”

We switch scenes to the police station as a crow lands on the ground and immediately morphs into Monstergirl. She walks around the corner and meets Frostbite and Bonfire as they walk into the station.

“It’s a very strange case. This is the third case of kidnapping in the last three weeks. No evidence. They come back with new clothes. They are fed. They come back with little birthday hats on their head. It’s crazy,” the detective in charge is talking to the three heroes.

Unbeknownst to them, Junior has used his tiny stature to sneak in and is listening. Another officer rushes in, “LT, the chief wanted me to let you know the preschool class has been released. They’re all here.”

As the team approaches the children, one of them has a note pinned to them. Frostbite reaches for it and opens it up. “This kook is calling herself the Birthday Girl.”

“That explains the hats,” adds Bonfire.

“Can we talk to the children?” asks Monstergirl.

The detective shakes his head, “They’re preschoolers. They aren’t going to be able to say much.”

Junior slips out and as he gets outside, “It seems to me that the Birthday Girl is picking groups that make it hard to identify her. What group of individuals would be even less able to identify her than preschoolers?”  After a moment a smile crosses his face.

Scene changes to the front of the School for the Blind and Junior slips in between the bars of the gate. He slips into the school and finds the dormitory. He finds a place to get comfortable and relaxes. He relaxes so much, he slowly falls asleep.

“Hear ye! Hear ye! Yinz gotta official invitation to a very special birthday party!” snaps Junior awake as he hears her, then he sees her as she pushes open the doors to the dorm bay! “It’s time for a party, everyone!” She tosses a few party favors in the air and they explode and suddenly, Junior feels very sleepy.

The Birthday Girl appears with an evil grin on her face.

The scene opens as Bonfire and Monstergirl are walking down a sidewalk in front of several businesses.

“Thanks for the company,” says Monstergirl as she turns to look at Bonfire.

“It’s not a problem at all. I think we should hang out like this more often. With Hard Drive gone, you and I have a lot to carry on our shoulders,” Bonfire responds.

Monstergirl looks ahead as they walk, “You’re right. It’s really up to us to lead this team now.”

“I’m glad to be in this with you, Monstergirl. You’re tough as nails and you’ve taught me a lot.”

“Don’t start with that, Bonfire. Everything I know about being a superhero, I learned from you,” responds Monstergirl.

Bonfire shrugs, “Just the history part. I mean, it’s kind of my specialty.”

“You got that right,” Monstergirl smirks.


Suddenly, Monstergirl gets a smug look on her face, “You’re an expert on the past, Bonfire. You know all there is to know about a lot of nobodies that don’t make a difference to anyone anymore.”

“What are you saying?”

Monstergirl turns and gets face to face with Bonfire, “My specialty is people. People, life, and the Young Heroes. I think we both know who should be the next team leader.” With that, Monstergirl turns and walks off, leaving Bonfire bewildered and then suddenly, angry as she torches up.

“I am SO excited that I can’t believe it! Everyone is here for my special day. Yinz are the bestest friends in the whole wide world! Look at those hats. You look hilarious! Tell me the truth, do I look as funny as you do with this hat on?”

The Birthday Girl leans in and looks at the kids all sitting in their chairs in front of a big table. One of the blind children raises his hand, “Miss. Please don’t hurt us. Can you just let us go back to the school?”

The Birthday Girl leans in really close, “Whattaya talkin’ about? No one is getting hurt today. It’s a birthday party! So, what do we want to do first? Sing songs? Blow up some balloons? Oh, I know what you all want to do…”

The Birthday Girl begins to dance around, “We want cake! We want cake! Everyone do it with me! We want cake!” None of the kids are joining in with her chant, so she slams her fist down aggressively on the table causing the blind children to jump in their seats. “I said, join me!” It causes one of the girls to start crying.

Birthday Girl covers her mouth in surprise, “On no! What have I done? I promise, I’ll be a good birthday girl from now on. Let’s all behave, shall we?”

Another of the children mutters, “This is not good.”

Birthday Girl points a finger at the kid, “You be quiet! You hear me? See what you made me do? You got me in trouble with my mom on my birthday!” Birthday Girl runs off into another room. 

The first boy speaks up not realizing Birthday Girl has left the room, “Miss, you know we can’t see anything, right?” When there is no response, he asks, “Is everyone okay?  Larry? Marcus? Esther?”

One by one they all acknowledge that they are okay. 

Junior appears, crawling up the back of one of the chairs and onto the older child’s shoulder and ‘psst’ in his ear. 

“Who’s there?” the child whispers. Junior hops onto the table, “I’m right here.”

“Why do you sound so funny?”

“Look, don’t ask so many questions. My name is Junior and I’m a superhero. I’m going to get you all out of here, do you understand?”

We change scenes outside of an apartment building. The English bulldog from before seems to have followed Monstergirl to this place as it watches her disappear inside.

“I’m thinking of finding a replacement for Hard Drive now that he’s locked up in the loony bin,”  Monstergirl says, as she sits on a couch.  

Her mother turns to look at her, “Is that something you can just decide?”

Looking annoyed, she turns to her mother, “I mean finding another member for the team, not necessarily another telepathic maniac.”

Not convinced, Monstergirl’s mom asks, “Either way, is that something you can decide for yourself? Shouldn’t it be a team decision?”

“What’s wrong with building up our team? I don’t need anyone’s approval for that, do I? Trust me mom, having a guy who can create force fields on the team was pretty useful,” she snaps back.

Her father has been sitting there listening, he reaches over and pats her on the shoulder, “Jinju…”

“Rita…” Monstergirl corrects.

“Rita,” he emphasizes, “You’re more than a daughter to us. We’re very proud of you.”

She actually blushes at the compliment, “Be real, dad.”

He laughs, “We just want you to know you’ll always be our hero, okay? No matter what.” The mood in the room suddenly gets serious.

“What’s going on here?”

Her mother sets down a laundry basket and joins them on the couch. “Honey, your father and I are…”

Monstergirl jumps off the couch, “Are you getting a divorce?”

“No. That’s not it at all,” her father says, “What we’re trying to say is that we aren’t your…”

“Oh my God.  I’m adopted, aren’t I?”

Her mother winces a little, “Not officially…”

Her father walks over and opens a little box on the mantle and pulls out a key, “Let’s go down to the basement. We can explain everything.”

Monstergirl shakes her head when it suddenly dawns on her, “I know what this is. This is my origin story, isn’t it?”

Her parents hold hands as her mother speaks, “It was so long ago. You were such a beautiful baby.”

“Rita, your mother and I, we aren’t your real parents.”

“Wait, am I…?”

“Yes. Yes, you are. It’s time for you to learn what we’ve been keeping from you all these years.”

“Listen up, kiddos! It’s time to play some games! How about Pin the Tail on the Donkey? Everyone put on their blindfolds!” Birthday Girl excitedly shrieks out. “Get it? Blindfolds!”

She leaps over to the table, “This is going to be the best birthday party ever! I am just so touched that yinz came all this way to celebrate this special day with me!”

“Lady. Are you crazy? You kidnapped us.”

Birthday Girl leans in close, “I thought Pin the Tail would be a fun game, but you guys aren’t even trying to have a good time.”

“We’re scared and this isn’t really that fun.”

Birthday Girl dramatically shoots her finger out to point at the blind girl before realizing she can’t see it anyway, “You’re not even trying!”

“Listen, Lady. We’re a bunch of blind kids. You really want us walking around here with pins?”

Junior peers around the corner as he watches everything unfold.

Birthday Girl starts to cry, “Fine! Fine! You don’t want to play games with me then no one gets any birthday cake!”

“We really don’t want any of your cake, miss.”

Birthday Girl walks around the table and leans in, putting her arm around the insolent boy, “Look, kid. You’re here. It’s a party. Believe me, you’re going to want some of this amazing birthday cake, so how about you and all your friends here just relax and have some fun?”

While she’s distracted, Junior makes a break for it, running across the floor, passing a box of balloons on the floor. He ducks behind the box and thinks, “What the hell am I going to do?”

His eyes draw up to a rolling table where there’s a birthday cake on top.  He spies a mop leaning up against a shelf and runs over and climbs the mop handle and leaps onto the shelf and looks around.  He walks past a tall bottle of cooking oil, a sack of potatoes, and a lighter. 

He turns his head and spots another box with the words, “Special Fun Birthday Candles” on it. 

He grins.

Back at Monstergirl’s parents’ house. 

“Are you kidding me right now?” Monstergirl shrieks out as her parents have already started the story.

“Do you know where this is, Young?”

“It was there.”

“It’s missing.”

Monstergirl is beside herself as she places a hand on her forehead, “So, you’re telling me that I came to Earth in a space egg and you lost it? Is this some sort of April fools thing? Because April was months ago.”

“Honey, look up on the shelf.”

“No, it has to be here.”

Monstergirl mutters, “My parents lost my space egg.”

Back at Birthday Girl’s hideout. Junior is hard at work as he rolls one of the potatoes into the microwave. He takes a knife and stabs it into the potato and closes the door. In another scene, he’s tying the balloons together. He climbs up the side of the cookie oil and removes the cap, then tips the oil off the shelf as it spills all over the floor. He ties the end of the long balloon string to the handle of the rolling cart with the cake on it. He ties the other end to a handle on a cabinet. And pushes the light and the special candle together.  He pauses and grins at his handy work then mutters, “Now, hopefully this works.”  He slides down the mop handle and runs into the other room, careful not to be seen by the Birthday Girl. 

He climbs up and gets the first boy’s attention, “Gonna need your help…”

The scene changes to in front of the Young Heroes HQ.

“Good boy! What a good dog!” Bonfire yells out as the English bulldog has retrieved a stick that was thrown.

Frostbite steps out of the HQ, “Hey there!”

Bonfire grins, “Hello, sexy.”

Frostbite nods towards the puppy, “And this is?”

“I’m not entirely sure, but he seems to like me.”

As Frostbite slowly leans down to pet him, the dog cowers back towards Bonfire, “Well, doesn’t seem to care for me too much. Where did you find him?” Frostbite stands up

“Just wandering around here. I guess I should take him to the pound,” she sighs, obviously not happy with that decision.

“What’s wrong? Why are you upset?”

Bonfire leans against the puppy who’s enjoying the attention, “It’s Monstergirl. She’s so aggressive. And for no reason.”

“I’m sure she has her reasons. I don’t think her behavior is by accident. To be honest, I’ve found her to be a very calculating person,” Frostbite responds.

“She can be so funny.  I know how much the Young Heroes mean to her, but her outlook on things is so different from mine.”

Frostbite considers, “Is that so wrong?”

Bonfire looks up at Frostbite, “I feel for her, it’s all about having power over the team. I don’t even think she realizes it.”

Back at the birthday party, the older kid is keeping Birthday Girl preoccupied as Junior runs back into the other room. He climbs up to the microwave and waits.

The kid clears his throat, “Miss, you said something about a birthday cake? We’re getting kind of hungry.”

Birthday Girl reaches over and ruffles the kid’s hair, knocking off his birthday hat. “Silly. You know you can’t have any cake until I open my presents. But there’s… just. One. Problem.

She stands and looks around the room, then shrieks, “I don’t see any presents!”

Meanwhile, Junior has hit the 30-second button on the microwave. He quickly turns and grabs a hold of the lighter and struggles to open up the lid. He glances up and sees the timer at 19 seconds and he grunts and grunts.

12 seconds.

He’s literally sweating now as he leans down and tries to pry the top of the lighter open with all of his strength.

4. 3. 2.

The top pops open.



Suddenly the microwave makes a loud banging sound as the knife pops inside it.

Birthday Girl turns her head quickly towards the sound and starts towards the room.

Junior pushes the candle under the rope made of balloons.  Birthday Girl enters the room and sees Junior on the shelf and goes for him. But is distracted by the candle and just can’t stop herself from smiling and closing her eyes for a moment then blows out the candle. 

She turns her angry eyes towards Junior. “What do we have here?”

What she doesn’t see is that the candle lights back up on its own and continues to burn through the rubber.

Junior makes another run for it.  As Birthday Girl reaches out to grab Junior, the rubber string breaks. Junior leaps for the handle of the mop and rides it all the way down to the floor. The rolling cart runs into the handle of the mop and sends the cake into the air. Birthday Girl sees the cake flying and takes a leap and lands on the floor catching it in her hand with a big smile on her face that she saved it. 

Unfortunately, she lands in the cooking oil and slides across the floor. She slides into a walk-in freezer. Junior rushes over to pull the door stop from the freezer door and it shuts with a giant slam.

The scene opens back up, the police are at Birthday Girl’s hideout and just finished taking Junior’s statement.

“I’m just thankful all the kids are okay.”

Junior starts to walk away when a reporter catches him, “Would you like to comment on what went on here?”

Junior pauses and thinks, “Nah. I’m good. Thanks.”

She shakes her head, “You’re a hero, Junior. You’re entitled to your time in the spotlight for what you’ve done here.”

Junior reconsiders as he leans into the microphone, which is larger than he is. “These kids were lucky that someone was looking out for them. You can call me a hero or whatever, but anyone would have done what I did here today. Please know that if you see something that is not right that you don’t just stand by and let it happen. Finally, I really owe everything I am to a great group of heroes called the Young Heroes.”

Later that day, Junior is walking into the HQ and waves to everyone, “Hey gang!”

Thunderhead is reading a newspaper, he glances up. “Oh, hey Junior.”

“Did you happen to see the news?”

Frostbite is standing around with a cup of coffee as she shrugs, “I missed it tonight.”

Bonfire shakes her head, “Not me. Something happen?”

Sighing and dejected, Junior just shakes his head, “Nah. Nothing.”

He starts to walk off when Bonfire says, “Junior?”

He turns around and Thunderhead is holding the newspaper towards him with the headline, “YOUNG HERO SAVES CHILDREN”. He grins wide, “You did great! You got us a headline!”

Bonfire smiles, “I’m so proud of you!”

Frostbite can’t even help but crack a smile, “I kinda figured you had this in you. Nice work.”

Blushing, Junior turns to them, “Aww. Shucks.”

“Look out, evil! Here comes Bonfire and Smokey!”

Bonfire strikes a dramatic pose. We see that Smokey has been given a mask and he also strikes a dramatic pose.

Monstergirl walks by smirking, “If I was evil, I’d certainly watch out.”

Frostbite is leaning against the wall which has become rather frosty, “Me too.”

Surprised, Bonfire asks, “You think we make an intimidating duo?”

Smokey jumps up onto Thunderhead’s lap as he pets her, turning to look at Frostbite and they can barely contain their laughter, “Sure. That’s the point, right?”

They all burst out laughing and Bonfire crosses her arms across her chest, “Yes, we’re supposed to look intimidating.”  She flames up her hand and takes a swing at Thunderhead. “How dare you make fun of me!”

Off in the corner, Zip Kid and Junior are chatting about something. She obviously says goodbye and zips off and we see Monstergirl taking a keen interest in the two of them.


Scene switches to Frostbite and Bonfire making out in one of the rooms in the HQ. There are flames and ice creating pools of water all over the floor.  Junior is walking down the hallway when the flashing yellow and blue lights get his attention and he turns and is surprised to find them in this position. 

We watch Junior as these lights flicker across his face as more passionate sounds become apparent and get louder and he just can’t turn his eyes away from what he’s seeing when a large shadow comes up behind him.

He turns and is shocked to have been caught peeping by Monstergirl, except it seems she is also peeping.  She looks down at Junior then back into the room and a grin crosses her face.

As Junior and Monstergirl look at each other, they both slowly turn their attention back into the room. The shadow suddenly becomes much smaller.

“Junior…” comes Monstergirl’s voice.

He slowly turns his attention and his eyes widen when he sees her.

She has shrunk to his size.

“I didn’t know you could shri…” he starts, but she places a finger at his lips and shushes him. She leans in close.

“What are you doing, “Monsterg…”

Again, she shushes him and places her hands on either side of his face.

Then draws him in for a long, hot kiss.

He is hesitant at first, then finally gives in to his passion. 

We can still hear Frostbite and Bonfire, but Monstergirl and Junior duck behind a box in the same room, and clothing begins to fly from behind the box.

Zip Kid lands on the porch of her home which happens to be very dark. She reaches for the doorknob but it’s locked so she fishes out her keys and unlocks both of the locks and opens the door, letting it creak open in the dark.

“Lou…?” she calls out as she takes inside the dark house.

“Close the damn door and be quiet,” comes the male voice.

“What’s going on?” she asks, still standing in the doorway.

“I said close the goddamned door and get inside.”

She steps inside and closes the door and the room becomes completely dark. “What is going on with you, Lou? Always with these secrets and wanting me to quit the Young Heroes and now you’re hiding out here in the dark? What is going on?”

As she adjusts to the darkness, we finally see him sitting in a chair with a shotgun in his lap, “It doesn’t concern you. I’m taking care of it.”

“Is that a gun? You’re killing me here, Lou. I don’t know what you’ve gotten into but I can help you!”

He laughs under his breath, “What, with your little superhero powers? Give me a break.”

She walks up to his chair, looking down at him. “Do you even respect me a little bit? I love you and I don’t know why you’re saying these things to me right now.”

He jumps up, startling her, “What the hell are you talking about? Who in the hell have you been talking to? Those stupid superhero friends of yours? I don’t gotta sit here and listen to your shit anymore!”

She sits down and buries her face in her hands, “It’s not shit, Lou! These are my feelings. If you loved me even a little bit, you wouldn’t talk to me like this.”

He walks over and grabs her hair and makes her look at him, “Which one of those fucking loudmouths has been feeding you this shit? Which one has been talking to you behind my back? Where are my keys?”

She slaps his hand away from her and stands up, “Where are you going?”

He spots them on an end table and snatches them up, “I’m going down to that little clubhouse of yours and blow the whole lot of them to kingdom come. It’s that midget one, isn’t it? The one on the news? I’ll squish him between my fingers, that one!”  He storms out as she follows.

He opens the door of his car, tosses his rifle in, and climbs in.

She stays on the porch, “Why are you suddenly being crazy like this? Come back inside!”

There’s a moment when he pauses with his hand on the keys in the ignition as he stops and they stare at each other.

With a frown he turns the key in the ignition and the car suddenly explodes, knocking Zip Kid back into the house. 

Back at HQ, Junior and Monstergirl are underneath a sock lying on top of a boxing glove.

“They’re finally leaving,” Monstergirl murmurs under her breath as she lies there.

Junior is on his back with his hands behind his head and a smile on his face, “Good.”

She turns to look at him, “You seemed pleased with yourself. Enjoy that, did you?”

He turns his head just enough to look at her, “Are you serious right now? I haven’t been with a woman in two years, since I had my accident.”

“Wow. I didn’t realize. But now it all makes sense. Welcome back, then,” she grins as she gets up, taking the sock with her and walks off-screen. “You know, I was hoping you and Zip Kid would….”

Junior sits up and pulls on his shorts, “You and me both.”

She walks back onto the screen, clothing back on, “I hope I didn’t hit a nerve.”

He tugs on a shirt, “You’d think that after this long it wouldn’t bother me, but it does.”

She almost looks remorseful, “Sorry.”

“It’s not like I didn’t know she has a boyfriend. I’ve just been trying to avoid the topic I guess.”  He walks over to her, “Look, you have no idea what it felt like to be with a woman after so long.”

She shakes her head, “I didn’t do it for pity if that’s what you’re asking.”

He shakes his head, “To be honest, I don’t really care why you did it.”

A portal opens in the garage and Off Ramp’s car pops through as he slams on his breaks, then the portal closes. Frostbite enters the garage, “I thought I heard your car. Welcome back. Everything okay?”

Off Ramp shrugs, “Wasn’t as therapeutic as I thought it would be.”  He gets out of the car and pops open the hood.

Curious, Frostbite inquires, “Looking for something in particular?”

As he tinkers under the hood of his car, Off Ramp manages a shrug, “Seems that all I do is look for things that aren’t there.”

Frostbite starts to place her hands on the car but Off Ramp mutters, “How about you don’t do that.”

She smirks and then leans against a table, “How about you tell me what you’re looking to find and maybe I can point you in the right direction.”

“I doubt you can do that.”

“How about you look in the mirror?”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

There’s a chuckle that comes from Frostbite as she shakes her head. “You’ve been gone how long? It’s the craziest thing, there was a part of you that was left behind.  If I’m correct…”

“How about you don’t finish that sentence.”

“Part of me was with you all along.”

Angry, Off Ramp walks up to her, “Just what is it you’re trying to say right now? I ain’t afraid to hit a girl, no matter how many powers she got.”

“For the longest time, I thought Bonfire was supposed to be my soulmate, but while you were gone, I actually missed you.”

Off Ramp looks at her as they are face to face. He takes a step back and shoves his hands into the pocket of his jeans. “How nice for you. Is that all you got?”

Frostbite smirks as she watches him go, “That’s all. There’s something going on here that we weren’t expecting and I think you know it too.”

Off Ramp continues to the door, “I ain’t gotta clue what you yapping on about, Frostbite. I don’t got a clue and I don’t want one. Bonfire is a friend of mine and I ain’t about to do anything to hurt her.”

“Admit it. You’re attracted to me. I saw it as you were leaving. It’s been there this whole time. Jealousy.”

Off Ramp stops at the door and turns back to Frostbite, “You’re out of your goddamned mind. Are you serious right now?”

“Of course. Aren’t you?”

Angry, Off Ramp walks back towards Frostbite, “No. Look, Frostbite. You’re way out of line here. Just go back to your little frozen love nest with Bonfire and get your head out of your ass. You’re way off the mark.”

Off Ramp turns to go, but Frostbite gets a mischievous look on her face. Just before Off Ramp is out of reach, she reaches down and pinches him on the ass.

Frostbite continues to smirk as Off Ramp spins around, “I said get off!” He gives her a hard shove that knocks her to the ground just as Thunderhead walks into the garage. “What the hell?”

We see Frostbite on the ground, Off Ramp standing over her and Thunderhead behind them both as the words appear on the screen:



             FROSTBITE   Leah Aguero

            OFF RAMP   Alastair Frost

  MONSTER GIRL   Yuri Moon

               ZIP KID   Ellie Faith

                          BONFIRE   Danielle Anderson

             THUNDERHEAD   Ryden Lauffeyson

              JUNIOR   Remi Fontaine


     BIRTHDAY GIRL   Morgan Payne



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