We start with a recap of everything so far in this season, ending with Off Ramp and Frostbite having an altercation that ends with Off Ramp shoving Frostbite to the floor as Thunderhead is walking into the garage.

“I’m not sure what’s going on in here, but Frostbite just stay down and let this end right here.”

The look on Frostbite’s face says otherwise as she leaps to her feet and spears Off Ramp to the ground. She lays in a couple of punches to his face and then Off Ramp headbutts her right in the forehead. They struggle for a moment, then are suddenly lifted into the air. 

Thunderhead has them up off their feet, “I don’t care who started this but if you don’t cool it right now, I’m throwing the both of you right out of this bar!” This causes them to stop and look at Thunderhead.

“Sorry! Habit!”


Outside the Young Heroes HQ, Bonfire and Smokey are outside playing fetch again. Monstergirl walks out, “Looks like we have our first mascot! All dressed up and ready to go!”  Bonfire has made a cape to go with the mask for Smokey.

She walks over to Monstergirl, “I’m glad you’re here. We have something we need to talk about.” She doesn’t seem very happy. “Do you know how insulting you were to me yesterday?”

Monstergirl smirks, “It wasn’t THAT insulting.”

“Maybe not, but it was insulting,” Bonfire says. “Why do you do that? I try to be friends with you and you keep pushing me away.”

Monstergirl kneels down and pets Smokey, “I really wish I knew, Bonfire.”

Bonfire shakes her head, “You really have no idea what it means to lead this team.”

Angrily, Monstergirl gets to her feet and gets in Bonfire’s face, “Get out of my face, Bonfire. If you want to be a team leader, you’re going to have to fight me for it!”

“Are you out of your mind? What has gotten into you?” asks Bonfire.

“I don’t know but I’m telling you that I have to lead this team!”

Bonfire shakes her head, “No. You don’t. You don’t even know how to lead this team.”

As they are arguing a shadow rises up behind them, Bonfire is the first to notice as her eyes go wide, “Smokey?”

“You should listen to your friend, Monstergirl…” comes a voice.

Monstergirl turns around and her eyes also go wide, “Oh my god!”

Smokey is no longer a cute English bulldog but a giant scary monster, “You have no idea what you’re doing!”

Inside her house, Zip Kid is lying on the floor having been knocked back by the explosion. She has no idea how long she’s been out. But she can hear some cars coming up the road.  She immediately shrinks down and hides as she hears the car doors open.

“Looks like you got him, boss.”

“Go inside and see if the girl is in there. We can’t leave anyone to talk.”

The door creaks open and someone walks in, then another. The house is filled with guys with guns as they do a sweep and eventually report back to their boss that no one is here.

“We gotta find that girl.  C’mon.”

As the cars roar away from the house, Zip Kid considers, “I need to find someone I can trust.”  She flies away.

Back to Monstergirl and Bonfire, the nearly nine-foot hairy beast of a monster is moving in on them. “Why are you so surprised?”

“We gotta get out of here,” stammers Monstergirl.

“Wait for a second, that thing…” Bonfire seems almost mesmerized by it.

Monstergirl grabs her by the arm and starts to drag her inside, “Let’s go, Bonfire!”

“But…” Bonfire starts as she’s dragged inside.

Monstergirl is yelling for the team, “Guys! We have a problem!”

“What is going on, Monstergirl? Who was that?” asks Bonfire as she’s pulled into the building and into the main room where Off Ramp and Thunderhead are sitting on the couch. Thunderhead asks, “What kind of problem?”

Frostbite looks around, “Where’s Zip Kid? Junior? Anyone seen them?”

Bonfire finally pulls her arm free of Monstergirl’s grasp, “Monstergirl! Take one moment and explain what in the sam hell is going on here?”

But, before she can answer the door flies off its hinges and crashes into the room. 

“No, Bonfire. I can’t take a second to explain,” she says.

The beast sticks its head inside the doorway, “Monstergirl. Playtime is over. It’s time to go home.”

The beast squeezes into through the broken doorway and manages to grow even larger as everyone scrambles away from it.

Monstergirl screams, “Who are you?! What the hell are you talking about?!”

The beast’s giant head moves in and comes face to face with Monstergirl, “How interesting. You don’t know a thing, do you? Your whole entire life has been one big lie after another.”

“What are you talking about?” she asks again.

The large mouth of the beast curls up into a grin, “Fine. If you want an answer. I’ll give you one. Just one. Ask me one question.”

“What…?” starts Bonfire, but Off Ramp shushes her as Monstergirl stands there dumbfounded.  She stares at the beast and then asks…

“Who… who am I?”

The beast lets out a chuckle, “The perfect question. The answer is you are a castaway, Monstergirl. From another world. You are a stranger here.”

“What? No way!” cries out Bonfire. “Are you guys Martians?”

Monstergirl clutches her stomach, “I’m gonna be sick…”

Bonfire’s question, however, causes the beast to roar in laughter, “Don’t make me laugh, Bonfire. Those ambulatory slime-creatures are barely sentient! I’m not even sure they qualify as a race, to be honest.”

The beast then uses one of its arms to produce a shiny, yet broken egg. “Recognize this, Monstergirl?”

She staggers back against the wall, holding her head and her stomach as she looks at the item. “Oh my god. I don’t remember it, but I recognize it. God, help me. It’s mine. I’m a goddamned alien.”

She tries to compose herself, “I can take this. I can handle it.” She takes a few deep breaths.

Suddenly, the beast roars and reaches out and clutches Monstergirl around the neck, “You better be able to take it! I’m telling you things are about to get very rough for you. We are Farfarmniflatch, Monstergirl. As I’m sure you have finally realized, we are the master race.”

“My name is Katarra and I am your sister! I’ve been sent here to kill you once and for all.”

Suddenly, the Young Heroes leap into action. Bonfire screams out, “You get off her!” and begins to blast fire at the beast.  Frostbite shoots ice projectiles at it. Thunderhead is grabbed by one of the beast’s hands.

“Someone give me a hand here?”

The scene opens up with a doorbell ringing. 

“Coming.” We see Junior’s mom from episode one in the middle of doing dishes. She sets the plate down and as she opens the door, Zip Kid is floating there looking very disheveled. 

“Is Ben home?”

Ma Newton ushers her inside, “Come just in and I’ll tell him you’re here. Are you okay? Need something to drink?”

“I’m okay, thank you.”

As Zip Kid flies into the house, Ben’s mother calls out, “Ben! Zip Kid is here!”

Junior is actually sitting on the floor with a newspaper spread out in front of him. When he hears her, he perks up, “What?”

Zip Kid flies down and lands next to him, “Hey, Junior.”

Junior leaps to his feet, “What a surprise!”

She looks a little nervous as she asks, “How’s it going?”

He is also nervous, “Good. And how are things with you?”

She sighs softly, “Not so great.”

“What are you doing here, Zip Kid?”

Suddenly, Zip Kid bursts out in tears, “I don’t know! I needed someone to talk to. Lou is dead! I have gangsters after me. I didn’t know what to do!”

All of this information hits Junior and he shakes his head, “Wait what? What happened?”

“Lou’s car blew up with him in it.”

“Oh my god.”

“Then these gangsters showed up and are looking for me. I think they killed Lou. I think he was involved with them somehow and now they want to kill me too.”

“I’ll do what I can…” he starts to say.

“I had to get out of there. I needed to talk to someone and the only person I knew that I trusted was you. I can leave if I’m going to be a bother and I didn’t want to intrude on you at home.”

He grabs her hands, “Don’t be silly. You don’t have to go. I’m happy to help. What can I do?”

“Can I have a hug?”

There’s a long pause and then she walks up to him and leans against him and he wraps his arms around her.

Back at the Young Heroes HQ, Katarra still has Monstergirl trapped, pressing her against the wall. “I need to know if you’re going to be an asset to our kind or a liability! This should only take a moment.”

Monstergirl is struggling and manages to cry out, “Bonfire! Blast her!”

While Katarra winces a little, she doesn’t release Monstergirl, “Do you not understand that I’m going to kill you? If you don’t defend yourself, you’re going to die. Are you prepared to die?”

Katarra pulls Monstergirl from the wall and just slams her into the ground causing the floor to split open as Monstergirl goes through it.  “Auuugh! Frostbite! Deep freeze or something!” she cries out!

Frostbite continues to try and freeze the beast to no avail. Katarra continues to hold down Monstergirl and turn her attention to Thunderhead, taking a big fist and preparing to slam it down onto him. 

The cold is starting to get to Katarra, “What’s this cold? It’s too cold!” Thunderhead rushes towards Frostbite, “Right here, Thunderhead!”

Thunderhead runs right into the frozen part of Katarra, blood spraying everywhere as he does and Katarra falls over onto her side.

Moments later, the five team members are standing looking at the frozen creature.

Bonfire asks, “What do we do now? Try and keep her frozen? Should we get the hell out of here? Keep hitting it? Call the Men in Black?”

Monstergirl is trying to think but she pauses and looks at Bonfire, “What would you do if you were leading this team? What would you say?”

Bonfire looks at everyone, “Get the hell out of here.”

Everyone runs for it, right out of Young Heroes HQ.

The team has collected themselves at a rail yard. There are train tracks leading in and out of the place. 

“Good a place as any to regroup. If she ends up following, ain’t no one else around right now. Look, I can go get help and be back in a flash.”

“No!” says Monstergirl, “Look, don’t run off. I should have brought someone in to replace Hard Drive. He was a big part of the power to this team.”  She looks around, “And where the hell is Junior and Zip Kid?  Dammit! I should have assumed command a while ago. We are not ready for this! We need more strength! We need more heroes! Someone with magic or something! I should have gotten rid of the dead weight!”

Thunderhead has heard enough, “Just stop and listen to yourself, Monstergirl. You sound just like a supervillain!”

That comment catches her by surprise as she staggers back as if she’d been hit. She places a hand on her head, “Oh my god. You’re right. What is wrong with me?”

“You’re nuts?” comments Thunderhead.

Bonfire finally speaks up, “She’s not nuts. She’s an alien. This is probably what comes naturally to her.”

“Oh, you don’t even know what kind of burden this lifts from me,” says Monstergirl.

Annoyed, Bonfire snaps, “Well, great. I’m glad your burden is lifted. Now are you going to help your sister take over the world or what?”

Monstergirl looks at Bonfire, “What? Why would I do something like that? Why would I help Katarra?”

Bonfire points her finger at Monstergirl, “Listen. What the hell are your powers anyway? You can turn into an armored monster. Apparently you can sprout wings and fly…”

“Who said that?”

Frostbite grins, “You can also shrink.”

Monstergirl becomes embarrassed and looks at Frostbite, “Oh my god. How did you know about that?”

Bonfire snickers, “Well, we kinda saw the whole sordid affair.”

Appalled, Monstergirl turns to Bonfire, “Well, I hope you enjoyed yourselves.”

“We kinda did,” interjects Frostbite.

“Enough!” screams Thunderhead. “I have no idea what the hell is going on here, but there’s a giant alien monster that wants to kill you and if we don’t get our shit together, she’s going to succeed. So, how about we get our act together and figure this out! Okay?”

He turns to Monstergirl, “While we still have time, Monstergirl, what exactly are your powers?”

She stammers, “I don’t know! I don’t know! I need help.” She turns to the others, “I order you to help me!” she demands.

“We’re in fucking trouble,” mutters Off Ramp.

“Monstergirl, you gotta relax. You’re starting to sound like a crazy woman again,” Thunderhead says.

“Look, I’ll be back in five minutes. Let me go find help,” Off Ramp starts, but Monstergirl shakes her head, “No! George! You can’t leave. I order you to stay!”

Bonfire is looking off into the distance, “Heads up. About 100 yards and moving very low to the ground and fast.”

“Get a grip, Rita. Remember, this thing wants YOU dead,” Thunderhead says. 

Everyone turns towards the direction Bonfire mentioned, “Wait a second. Standing here. All of a sudden. I get it. I understand my powers. This team. Everything.  It’s all about this. This very moment with you all. Watching each other’s back. This is going to be good.”

Off Ramp has had enough, “That’s it! I’m outta here!” He opens a portal and starts to go through.

“Off Ramp, wait!”

But he disappears.

Monstergirl finishes what she was trying to say, “You’re the reason she hasn’t come after us again.”

Bonfire yells, “I lost the creature! I think it changed its body temperature!”

“Wonderful,” says Thunderhead.

Meanwhile, coming up from the rear is Katarra.

“Here is my attack!”

Katarra yells out as she smashes into the ground in between the members of the Young Heroes, causing them to scatter. The only one left standing was Thunderhead and he’s greeted with a giant fist to the face that sends him soaring through the air and crashing into an abandoned silo.

“You might ask yourself: At this size, how much body mass have I shifted to muscle and how much is reserved for dermal carapace?  If someone had talons, it might be beneficial!” Katarra yells, almost as if she were playing with the team.

“Is this the best you can do, Monstergirl? Observe. Decide. What is your counterattack?” the beast screams out as she takes a pallet and hurls it towards the heroes.

“Thunderhead! C’mon and man up. Don’t just lie there!” Monstergirl is still trying to order the team around before she’s nailed with one of the pallets and goes flying.

Thunderhead is extracting himself from the rubble of the silo.  Monstergirl gets to her feet, “Dammit. Where is Off Ramp? We gotta mix it up. Find a way to hit her where she least expects it!”  She charges back in only to be swatted away like a fly.

Katarra laughs, “You are unfocused, distracted, and predictable.”

“I can’t believe Off Ramp would just run away like that! This sucks!” cries out Monstergirl as she gets to her feet once more.

Bonfire shoots out some more fire, “There’s no way he ran out, Monstergirl. Despite all of your bullshit, you gotta believe that Off Ramp is coming back. Just trust him!”

We go back to Zip Kid and Junior who are soaring through the sky oblivious to what the team is going through right at this moment.  “Can I tell you something very important? Promise you won’t tell?” asks Zip Kid.

“Am I four? Of course, you can tell me anything.”

Junior is riding on Zip Kid’s back as they zoom away, “My secret identity is Stacy Taglia. I’m an assistant office manager from Parkhurst.”

Confused by this admission, Junior nods, “Oh. Well, okay. Sure. I’m Ben. It’s nice to meet you, Stacy. Though, I almost think that Zip Kid is the secret identity, right?”

Zip Kid shakes her head, “No. I don’t think so. Zip Kid is my public identity. The name most people know me as now. It’s really Stacy that’s the secret.”

Junior slowly nods his head, “Right. So, how exactly did you come to find out Lou was hanging around with gangsters?”

“After he died, I stopped in at the police station and was able to get into his files. It seems he had a record as long as your arm.  Well, maybe not your arm…”


“You know what I mean! He was doing tons of favors for gangsters! I can’t believe I was engaged to a criminal!”

She lands on top of a building as they move to the ledge. The cops are surrounding an old warehouse. 

Junior turns to her, “Look, Stacy, you made a mistake. All it really was, was bad luck. So, how did you know about this place?”

She sits down on the ledge of the building, her legs hanging over the edge. “I found a ledger hidden under a floorboard in the house. I turned it right over to the cops.”

“Oh, shit! Nicely done. I think, Zip Kid, whatever you think you may have been an accessory to, you’ve atoned. You’ve just taken down the mob.”

The cops are escorting a bunch of guys from the warehouse into squad cars, all in handcuffs.

“I guess I did.”

Junior grins, “You sure did.”

Suddenly a portal opens up behind them, “Goddamn it. When you’re that small, you’re fucking hard to find!” Out of the portal steps Off Ramp, “We’re in goddamned straights right now. Get off your ass and come with me.”


Katarra swipes at Monstergirl who manages to dodge her, “Can we talk for just one second! Just.. answer me one question!” asks Monstergirl.

Katarra laughs, “Wish I could. But don’t you see it? You’re corrupt. You’re not even worth the time it would take to reeducate you.”

Monstergirl shakes her head, “I never said I wanted to be reeducated. I’d rather you just leave me alone!”  She takes a hit and tumbles across the pavement. We now see that the other members of the Young Heroes are down as well. “What if I surrender?”

Katarra stops, “You call off your friends, I’ll tell you everything you want to know.”

“All I have to do is surrender? You’ll tell me everything?”

“Correct.” Katarra morphs into something more resembling a female human. “Dismiss your friends, I’ll explain everything.”

We look around and see that the other heroes have gotten to their feet. As we look at Monstergirl once more, there’s a gleam in her eye, “Guess again, sis!”  She suddenly morphs into an even scarier version of her monster self, growing a long skeleton tail that she whips around and smacks right into Katarra who flies across the way and crashes into a building.

“Frostbite! Bonfire! Now!” Monstergirl yells.

They begin to blast the rubble with their fire and ice attack, but Katarra busts through the rubble back in her monster form, but as she does she’s hit directly with a shoulder attack from Monstergirl who sends her flying again.

Katarra leaps up and rushes back at them. She takes a swipe at Frostbite to begins to run. “You all are being very inconvenient! Let me complete my mission and I will be out of your hair!”

Frostbite barely avoids a large fist, “No can do. You need to learn a little respect for your siblings.”

Katarra is starting to get upset, “The frozen one is starting to damage me, so it’s time for you to die.”

Suddenly the ground opens up underneath Frostbite and she yells out as she falls in. As we look from the top down, we see a few very hungry superhero eating plants inside.

Frostbite sees them too and braces herself for death.

When we return from break, Frostbite has fallen into the abyss created by Katarra where, waiting to feast on her, are several carnivorous plants, mouths open, and waiting for their snack.  We hear Frostbite scream, then brace to be eaten when a portal opens up underneath her and she falls in.

The same portal opens up above ground and Frostbite tumbles to the ground. Waiting also is Off Ramp, Zip Kid, and Junior. 

“I told you I’d go find help,” Off Ramp quips as they join the other heroes.

Katarra starts to chuckle, then she starts to laugh outright. “Tell me you are joking? What type of help is this?” She turns to Off Ramp, “Stupid man. I am not afraid of your little holes in space! I can plug them up or stuff you in them if you try and get too clever.”

Off Ramp smirks, “I figured you’d say something like that. Arrogant bitch. I guess I’ll have to show you a new trick.”

“This is all you have, humans. Tricks. It’s time to crush you once and for all.”

Off Ramp mutters to the others, “Look, if you can weaken her, I can get rid of her. Gonna need you to hulk up Zip Kid.”

Zip Kid nods and suddenly begins to grow. 

Bonfire turns to Monstergirl, “Didn’t you say you could lift a couple of tons? That could sure come in handy right about now!”

Monstergirl transforms into her spikey creature. 

Off Ramp screams, “Just hit her!”

Zip Kid, Monstergirl, and Thunderhead rush in.  From a distance, Bonfire and Frostbite start up their fire and ice attack.  Katarra is starting to get overwhelmed.

Suddenly Off Ramp begins to glow as he holds out his arms, “Not just going to open up holes in space. I’m gonna open up holes in time, life, energy, reality, and space!”

Off Ramp suddenly opens up several portals at once, each one pulling at Katarra as she begins to scream out while being sucked towards the portals.

Monstergirl now sees what Off Ramp had in mind and she reaches out to try and stop Katarra from going into the hole. “No!”

She is able to grab her sister around the wrist, “Close the portal!”

Off Ramp shuts them down as Katarra morphs back into her more female human form, lying on the ground.  She glances up at Monstergirl, “That was impressive. I didn’t expect your friends to be able to defeat me.”

Frostbite walks up, “Don’t put those portals away just yet, Off Ramp. The moment she gets a chance, Katarra is gonna attack Monstergirl again.”

Katarra gets to her feet, “Incorrect, Frostbite. Monstergirl has passed her initiation.”

Angrily, Monstergirl snaps, “What are you talking about? When we were in trouble, I ran away with the team.”

Katarra shakes her head, “You let Bonfire think it was her decision, but you were entirely in command of this team.”

Off Ramp nods. “Your sister is right, Monstergirl. In the end, you inspired us all to stand by your side.”

“Correct. And it’s a wonderful thing that despite your interaction with these humans, you were not corrupted.”

Thunderhead leans towards Bonfire, “This is a trip.”

Bonfire nods, “No kidding.”

Katarra continues, “Farfarmniflatch are the masters of defense. Some can become very creative with their form. You might not understand this now, Monstergirl, but it’s quite impressive. But, what impressed me most is that I really didn’t get to see you at full strength. You beat me using very few of your powers.”

As everyone watches the exchange between the two aliens, Monstergirl asks, “So, now what?”

Katarra taps her chin, “Don’t get me wrong. I might not be trying to kill you any longer, that doesn’t mean I’m here to help you. The powers that be will decide your fate.”

“The powers that be can go to hell!” yells Monstergirl.

Katarra laughs, “My sister is adorable! All grown up!”

“You shut up. Don’t say that!”

“You still deny the truth, Monstergirl?”

“Listen, Katarra! I’m not saying I’m not a Farfarmniflatch! I will be able to deal with that.” She points a finger at her sister, “What I’m saying is there’s no way in hell that I’m related to a lunatic like you.”

Katarra snickers, “That’s cute, sis.”

“Just get the hell out of here, Katarra,” Monstergirl says.

Wings sprout from the back of Katarra, “Fine. But when you’re ready to talk, I’ll be back.” With that, Katarra flaps her wings and takes off. The Young Heroes watch her disappear into the sky. 

Bonfire sees Monstergirl watching the sky and walks over, “Whatcha thinking?”

Monstergirl continues to stare at the sky, “Oh. Remember when Black Alice came to help us with Cleopatra? That day Hard Drive lost his mind and broke down?”

“How could I forget? That was awful.”

Monstergirl finally turns to look at Bonfire. “It was my fault. I told him to ask her. I knew she would reject him and he would look like a fool.”

Shocked, Bonfire asks, “Why?”

“It seemed like the right thing to do. Humiliate him. Force him to the side so I could take control of the team. Now I see why I did that.” Monstergirl explains, “Birds fly north. Salmon swim upstream. I surround myself with meta-humans. It’s kind of sick.”

Thunderhead walked up to the two near the end of this conversation, “I was standing there trying to follow what was going on. I just couldn’t get it. I was getting frustrated and feeling sorry for myself. We’re in the middle of a close encounter with an alien, an opportunity that might never happen again and all I could think about was myself.”

Bonfire and Monstergirl look at each other confused before Monstergirl turns back to Thunderhead. “You know I’m an alien, right?”

Surprise comes across Thunderhead’s face, “Oh, yeah…”

Meanwhile, Frostbite walks up behind Off Ramp, “Thanks for that.”

“You’d do the same for me.”

Frostbite nods, “I know you’re in a very confused state right now and I know you aren’t happy…”

Off Ramp shrugs, interrupting, “I’m happy enough.”

They are standing side by side, “Why do you insist on hiding your feelings?”

“The fuck? I’m not hiding my feelings, Frostbite.”

She continues, “It’s terrible for you. Feeling like you keep failing.”

Off Ramp has had enough. He throws up his hands and screams out, “Okay! Enough! I can’t… I can’t… I don’t know what I can’t, but I can’t!”

Frostbite places a gentle hand on his shoulder, “We should talk.”

Off Ramp calms down and sighs, “Fine. We’ll talk.”

Back at Young Heroes HQ, it seems that Frostbite, Thunderhead, and Off Ramp are having some sort of very deep conversation.

“Like, caramel. Stretchy and rubbery.”

Thunderhead shakes his head, “No. More like goop. Like jelly.”

Off Ramp rolls his eyes, “C’mon, it’s more grainy. Like clay.”

Frostbite nods, “But more liquid, like honey. Oh, shh. She’s coming.”

Bonfire and Monstergirl walk into the room together. “We have worked out the team leader situation. Bonfire will be the public leader, but I’ll take the lead in combat.”, Monstergirl says.

“What? You can’t take turns!” cries out Thunderhead. “Someone’s had to be in charge!”

Off Ramp nods, “He’s right. Two leaders? Not natural at all.”

Frostbite just bites her tongue, gets up to retrieve the mail that just came through the slot. 

Monstergirl and Bonfire turn to each other and both say, “Men.”

Frostbite speaks up, “Guess who got an invitation to visit the Governor?”

Bonfire walks over and reads the card over her shoulder, “That sounds like a pretty big deal. We should go.”

Thunderhead leaps up, “Hell yeah, we’re going.”

Frostbite turns to Thunderhead, “There’s a note here to bring your guitar. You got a guitar?”

Thunderhead nods, “Hard Drive got it for me. Wait. How did they know I had a guitar? Aww. Fuck it. If Fleetwood Mac can play for the president, then I can play for the governor.”

We see an image of the governor’s house.

“And this is his office. Young Heroes, it is with great pleasure that I introduce the winner of the biggest landslide in the history of this great state and the new governor…

We finally go inside where an aide motions towards the back, “Governor Jeremy Horton.”

Stepping through is none other than Hard Drive, “Welcome, my friends!”

Bonfire can be heard, “Oh my god.”  She points, “It’s Hard Drive! Is this some sort of trap?”

Horton laughs. “It’s not a trap, Bonfire. My days of hidden identities and physical confrontation are over.”

Monstergirl hmphs, “If we all hit him at the same down, we might be able to take him down.”

“Monstergirl, please. Believe me when I say that I’m delighted to see every last one of you.”

Thunderhead walks up, “This isn’t funny. What did you do with the real Governor?”

Shocked, Horton shakes his head, “What? I am the Governor! Didn’t you hear that I won the election? It was the most decisive state election in the history of politics.”

“I doubt that,” mutters Off Ramp.

“Doubt what?” asks Horton.

Off Ramp gets up face to face with Horton. Security comes, but they are waved off. Off Ramp looks at him, “I doubt you did this fairly. Aren’t you supposed to be in some sort of mental institution? Are you supposed to be learning to cope with your sociopathic tendencies?”

Horton grins, “I was, actually, but I got to thinking. Why struggle blindly on my own to change the system from the outside? Why labor in anonymity when I could accomplish so much more from within? I found that once I started really considering my path on such a macro scale, my more excessive… quirks, shall we call them? They just faded away.”

Junior cries out, “Quirks?! Quirks?! That’s what you call the wholesale brainwashing of the entire state?”

Horton laughs dismissively, “I admit I used my powers to get elected, but I did it judiciously. To be fair, I really just coaxed. I never commanded one single vote.”  He pauses for a moment, “Let me put it like this. I didn’t do anything any other politician would have done if they had the opportunity.”

Bonfire walks up and pokes him in the chest, “That’s not an excuse. You can’t force people to do things you want them to do.”

Horton reaches up and brushes the hand from his chest gently, “You aren’t listening. I didn’t force anyone to do anything. Even if I could, I wouldn’t. I hold public office and I need to maintain trust with the public.”

She’s still not convinced, “Are you saying you’re not going to use your powers while you’re in office? That you promise never to “nudge” people who disagree with you?”

This causes the Governor to laugh, “I won’t promise any such thing. What I will promise is that my administration will run scrupulously without corruption and will be completely in touch with the needs of the people of this state.  I will unseat crooked judges, expose corruption, and do everything within my legal limits to ensure that the people of this state are cared for. How can that possibly be a bad thing?”

The Young Heroes just look at him for a long moment.

Horton throws his arms wide open, “Great! I knew you would understand. So, that’s why I invited you to this party! Let’s have a good time. Thunderhead! Did you bring your guitar? I’d love to hear you play.”

Thunderhead waves him off, “Dude, I ain’t playing for you. I thought I was coming to play for someone famous.”

The room starts to fill up with people as Bonfire turns to Off Ramp, “I need a drink.”

Surprised, Off Ramp turns to her, “I didn’t know you drank.”

“I don’t. But I’m pretty sure that if I did, I’d need one now.”

Off Ramp chuckles, “You’re right about that. If there ever was a time to start, it’s now.”

Monstergirl suddenly has a thought, “You know. I was thinking. Now that I know I’m an alien, it explains why I disguised myself as Bonfire and slept with Thunderhead.”

Bonfire spins around suddenly, “You did what?”

Thunderhead shakes his head, “That doesn’t explain it at all.  And eww.”  He turns to Bonfire, “Look, I hope you understand me giving you strange signals… I just thought…”

Bonfire waves him off, “Don’t sweat it. I was starting to think you’re crazy, but I’m starting to understand it all now.  Perhaps we can go on patrol when we get back?”

Junior is on Thunderhead’s shoulder and he turns to Monstergirl, “So, I missed the reveal that you were an alien!”

“Sorry about that.”

Junior smirks, “Kinda eww, really.”

Thunderhead laughs. “That’s what I said.”

“Screw you guys,” Monstergirl says and walks away.

Frostbite and Off Ramp have found a couch to sit on as someone walks by and offers them drinks and they each take one. It appears this conversation had already started.

“Fine. Is this what you want to hear, Frostbite? That I find you incredibly attractive? That I’d love to touch you and be touched by you? Well, I do. But, Bonfire is a friend of mine and I won’t hurt her. She’s in love with you.”

Frostbite takes a long drink of her beverage before responding, “Do you think so? I’m not sure. She loves the idea of us, but she doesn’t really love me. Not like that.”

Off Ramp finishes his drink. He looks into the empty glass. “Fuck this. I’m getting drunk.”

“If that’s what it takes,” smirks Frostbite.

Off Ramp turns to her, “Damn it. I can’t figure you out. Fickle. Artistic. And you’ve got these eyes that expose your soul. Perfect skin. Smart. Just what in the hell is your deal?”

Curious, Frostbite turns on the couch to face him, “You don’t know? We didn’t have this conversation before?”

“Fuck no, we didn’t have this conversation before.”

She points a thumb at herself, “I’m a snow elf.”

“Wait, what?”

“For real. My tribe migrated over to Canada from Scandinavia a very long time ago. We’re pretty unpredictable people.”

Off Ramp looks exhausted as he leans back on the couch, “And fucking persistent.”

Thunderhead and Bonfire walk over, Thunderhead is the first to speak, though he appears somewhat nervous, “Hey, Frostbite… Off Ramp.”

Frostbite looks up, “Bonfire. Thunderhead.”

Bonfire places her arm inside of Thunderhead symbolically, “We’re thinking of cutting out of here. You planning to stick around?”

Frostbite watches the two and knows. She turns to Off Ramp with a ‘see, I told you so’ look. She turns back to them, “Have fun, you two.”

Off Ramp nods, “We’re good. See you tomorrow.”

Up high on the chandelier, Zip Kid and Junior are sitting and watching everything unfold. “This has been a hell of a party, hm?” asks Zip Kid.

“Yep. You getting tired?”

She shakes her head, “Not really, you?”

He looks over at her, “I could sit here all night.”


               JEREMY HORTON   Chris Constantine Jr.


               ZIP KID   Ellie Faith

                          BONFIRE   Danielle Anderson

             THUNDERHEAD   Ryden Lauffeyson

              OFF RAMP   Alastair Frost

                     JUNIOR   Remi Fontaine

            FROSTBITE   Leah Aguero


                KATARRA  Harley Ortiz

       SMOKEY  Tank

ISIS  Atara Themis

As our six heroes leave Hard Drive’s party and climb down the long steps of the governor’s mansion a figure begins to float down from the sky and hovers a foot or so above the ground over what may be a small twister. All six heroes prepare to do battle.

“I do not come to harm. I come for assistance.”

She is a female, wearing a white outfit with a small white skirt. She has long brunette hair that is pulled back with a golden band. As she holds her arms out, the flash of a golden necklace adorns her that has a jade-colored amulet on it.  She moves closer to them.

Thunderhead narrows his eyes, “What do you want, lady?”

“We are in need of assistance from the Young Heroes. Everything will be lost if we do not succeed.”

Bonfire looks up at the lady, “What do you mean by that?”

“Our entire existence hangs in the balance.”

Junior finally pips in, “She’s saying if we don’t help, we could be wiped out.”


Monstergirl turns her head as she considers the woman, “We do what heroes do. Where do we go?”

“Unfortunately, I only need two. I’m afraid I cannot take you all. I need the one called Zip Kid and the one called Bonfire.”

Off Ramp shakes his head, “We come as a package deal, lady. You take us all, or you take us none… Or something like that.”

“It is imperative that Bonfire and Zip Kid come with me.”

Zip Kid flies over, “I’ll go. C’mon, Bonfire. I don’t want to ‘cease to exist’, so let’s go see what the fuss is all about.”

Bonfire starts down the steps and takes a couple of looks back before she joins the woman who helps her up onto the cyclone. “I shall return them to you after we are successful.”

Monstergirl runs down the stairs, “Wait for a second, who are you?”

The woman peers down from where she hovers with Bonfire, “I am called the mighty Isis.”

With that, Isis uses her cyclone to lift her and Bonfire up into the air and off into the distance with Zip Kid flying close behind.

We look over at the remaining heroes, as Off Ramp reaches up and scratches his head. “What the fuck just happened?”



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